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4.4 M.L, 




3 1833 01101 5580 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 


'V'., ?> 

T i • EC 

r ■//-// 

1 8 6 2 xX, 


$ol)muimtt auti fnslif nitons of ifje £ 





/ ■ -A - 







:»1 W .•VSI.II>TG- , rO.Ts" STREET, BOSI'.ON. 

*J^r •'■'"' Entered .>v.'rd.n« to Ac: :f Congress, in ihc year 1-jOJ, by AsAUS, SisrraOS S Co., in the 
/% x'"*'- \ C'ork> Office of the District Cu.irt of the District of Massachusetts. 

««n .* ! ,., .fl i te -iuWili.- Wl ll i, ■ J w>»«.,^..» ■•«■ _- . , 

; c 

English, French and American Stationer, 


-1/55049 gU1 , 









ft. ■ ■■■■.■ 







N*3 gfB 



GC | 

B jL A N k: bo o k s 

pattern made to Order with the utmost dispatch, and warranted satisfactory. h:<nk-. Pu^ic Offices, Ii - 
Railroad, and Itanafucturmg Corporations, furmshel uriou the most <.■■-• rERMS 


3F* X 1^ 3^0 STATION. 

test sources, — fK-eign and domestic manufacture, — embracing superior Writing '.'■<■■ ! rawi . - 
0:T) se and School jr-atioHcry of every description. All articles for Engineers and Surveyors, 
Srf f"r the use of Schools. Blank-*,^ and Seal Presses, Ki jli ml ..• rican 
ck-c Kiiive.-?, Banker Cases, and Wallets. PRINTING — Bill-heads, Notes, I>rafts, Checks, Cardi, v... i . 
tted at short notice 

Ho. 110 Stale Sired, opposite Broad St., Boston. 

\j Jut XJ o !_> 1. C£ Ii X vv o. U . Li o 9 


T.fiOL r .SALc a.n;< retail dkm.iss i:> 


JN o . 

1 1 7 W a- s li in gton Street 


ST fe NICHOLS would call the attention of the New Englaad public to their unequalled facilities for Wj 

».g f^oirvd in their line. 

fa O O 3HC '€i 3E5 ±a X* iS 3E1. SI 

lit for their advantage to send us their orders, which will be promptly filled, and return made by t 
' i mk1 tmper « it Eat of Publications enables us to procure the fa aes ■ f « ther publishers upon the b< .1 ■ 
- ■■• i '' iat! !" !u..;.- to the country trade. 

Clergymen, Lawyers, Physicians. Teachers, School Committees, 

&***>!« a JsJrlng nnvtbin- in cu? line, are particularly dt-slted to rend us their orders, and to c*V a . ■ 
tha .-iv, Tho peeulia? ad-ranta-e which vve enjry in the unCon of a large Wholesale n-d Retail 5 
hi as apport unity for selection seldom offered, 


"117 V7» shin p_-t on St., Boston. 

H B H M A. N • S 

FUF : 

The Siibicriber c.Tpr-: for sale, at Wholesale Of Rett] 

CE '••'-;» 

: PI - "ACES, 

FOB ' 



Kv-.r - - "■' ■ " - ^ approvements, continue to maiut.-iii • • . 

... - _- a piicity of construction and j in 

. . -. '"' I .'Vj sni! a:: t hose other oualil •. ■.. ■■ b go to tu tupal 

r,'.,'j loi b-.-:iti;,g3n the best manner Piiv.-i'^j HweMins-J - 

,'| ^ ..• :^.-,^>' Seminaries, and other I uiUi.. /<.->.- ^iblic 01 ; 

■-'.... . ._ ',■•-"• feaown and appreciated that a long advertisement eettin 

~- -...-.. •:.. ', _> " calling the attention of the public co them, would be tapertiuc 

" ?5i S5^jj tioa is also incited to 

HMRi#er§ iirnvfi European easge, 

Erisate Eamilies, Kess.asxaats, and Hote:s. IL-y are simple iu construction, nud aaeily managed, tb 
: y,an--i finished in the 'best possible manner. Ail the beat generated is saved and made &va 

cioos, and roasting, b&kingi and broiling Ban be done to perfection. It will save fifty per < it. in 1 
; than any 4A>\ ••- rang< before the public. The subscriber is sole agent for Boston and vicinity, and oil-rs fox - 
, to cook for six persous or one- thousand, 
< so lor Bile Portable Fwrnaees; English, Parlor, and Chamber Grates ; Flat Heater Stoves : Chii mey T ops ■ 1 
' Ve*..ciu?ors ; Parlor, Opse, and Cooking Stoves; Ruuiforu Overs , and Heating and Oo( 

Kcw Marble BSocA, 336 & 338 Washington St., 

(Nearly opposite the Adam? Honse,) |J3 (^ c« 'T 1 q ->v^- 


fr f TO f€ f c^' #** : 


The only positively reliable- Safe, iov siU caiergencies. Hr3 bee 
tinted be^Ido the B^lsmanclor, aiid found superior. 

l>-*~= --_^f"^^ri' "-r.v. -■--., Remember, that, when the contents of a safe are burned, it "- the! •' 

] being conducted through the door and door- way. On the Marlaod I 

'■■' "^"y ~-~ : -""'-. ' ^ casing and couc«-nts of the Safe are tmirtiy surrounded h 

-->,"-■ '■'"*' material — the door and door- way being as proof against fire as the wa 

| : • .' i i is all that can be obtained by any contrivance, and which i- T 

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|j f*i "". \ H outside by cast-ir in plates and bolts, which, as they are con: 

|: |* ; - : ;" I ; 4i « v " rutans for conducting heat to them, when (.-xposed to lire, that couid be d-.-' . 

Safes built to order of any size, without extra cost 

■;, -A- ; ; KQUCE A?iD SILVER SAFE, 





Proprietors and Manufacturers, 



I Hardy & Eollins J Patent Circular Tin & Sheet Iron She 


P R E F A C E 

la collecting the information for the Register for 1S'V2, circular.- hare been sent to o - cor- 

respondents in every town in the State, from nearly every one of whom answers have been proi 
j received. 

j Masy other communications have also been received, bod: from puhlie institutions ai_d pri ■ 
[ individuals, with regard to changes to be made. 

It will be seen that some of the inform, itiou usually given in the hoc k h i been Cond< ... 

unimportant matter omitted. Ihjs .has been 4oa« to give space, within re» tl 

forthe very fall account o;f what is now, and has been for the past year, engrossing the public &t.t-r t 
more than any other subject ~jjerhaps mo-e than all others. We scarcely need say that we refer to the 
rebellion, which is now fast being suppressed, and the active part which Massa 
that suppression. 

The great amount of information which we are giving in these pages will hardly be appre< ' .• 
should be, we fear, unless we call attention to the fact that nearly ill the book is set in a much so 
type than usual, giving a great amount of reading to a very imall space. This is pari 
with regard to the Military Department. 

In our historical matter we have endeavored to be accurate, but to give a picture of the times, ra1 
than statistical information. In the regimental narratives we present the most accurate history p 
Mshed, of each of the three month-;' regiments, and each company, from theh leaving W - 
until their return ; and the outlines of the history of each of the Massachusetts regiment: now in the i 
field, fiom their formation until the first of January. 

In conipidiig the military information, wo have Veen aided by several gentlemen connected i ith 
branch of the public service, and in preparing the lists o: mi n\ < ■■•: of the ompanies have had fret 
cets to the rolls in the office of the Adjutant General. 

T-» Trr^r-are entirely accurate list.s of as ties ft$ra tfcoee roils wb» Strand to be imj 
not at ail surprising, when we consider that they were mad* up from reports of the several b 
dred different companies nowia tke-fielu, pfepesr* I by ,•>••• , ■, ■ of whom, of course, were ran 
to such busiuess, <?nd do not realise the importance at hav« • ( im< und residences full and cm 
asm written very plainly. Soldiers are, naturally rad proj ?ri; . thinking more of what shall be ' 
to perfect themselves and their comrades in the an of war, '.:. m in accurately recording their n 

To perfect the information, as far as possible^ without to •;■ much delay, we scut print,, [list I 
the orderly of each company, — except some of the most torn we could net, pes.-: 

obtained returns from in season, — and from near?/ all, rej ni 

very many important corrections, and also to note many changi i ( iftt haTe occurred since the regim 
left the State, such as killed, wounded, prisoner* and missis ; tttl#, prom -t-d, discharged, &c, i ;. 

As the result of the great amount of labor and care which his! »•- n bestowed on this work, tl e ~ 
Ushers feel warranted in saying that it is, doohth sa, I j ic: . ft and most accurate account of I 

Massachusetts military now in the fieJ I thai b&» ret beea offered to the public. 

The publishers renew their thanks to thews who have tssinU . • . the compilation of the work, 
would suggest that any person discovering asetrvr io the ■ •- < !! confer a favor by notifying th< 
it, that it may be corrected in future editions. 


Page. ; . 

Academies, Colleges, &c 109 Hampden County, Civ ; ! ' ' 

Advertiser pats follow 402 ProbaU G rt- 

Agriculture. Board of ■> -■ 113 Hampshire County, Civil Officers. ! 

Albany R.R. Route-, 43 J " 

Alms Houses, State 114 | History of the Rebellion 

Utorney General 17. Horse G ; 

Banks 81 to .86 Hospitals ia Massachusetts I 

Barnstable County. Civil Officers of 24 1 Index to Advertisements , 

Cork shire 
Boston and Le< 

Bristol County! 

■ ■.".■. :.d.<r, 1^2. 

sco G . I . A 
C : mmisskfi s r? 


Probate Court 24 Insurance Companies 

y, Civil Officers of 26 i Jailers, see County Officers. 

Probate 'Court ........... 26 Judiciary, Massachusetts 17 

ell Railroad.. 427 'Justices o/ the Peace, des try 

s t Railroad... .........425 cases, 25, 28,30, 31, 35, 37, 39,41, ■■' I 

. :.. i ee Railroad,.. ........ ...426 51, 57 

-: est r Railroad.... ........ ..,.429 festid f. the Peace^ 25, 21 I 

&-*»*«..». 81 42, 46,47,50, '52,58. 

Chll Officers 2;< Lawyers. ....01 to ft 

Probate Court 29 Lawyers in Boston 6 

...... ..,....,<„ 5 Loan Fund Associations 

Mass&eausetts-) ...420 Massachusetts, Executive Council ! 

ss ,. ..-.66 to 74 Legislature 

$».,.... , ,.....,..421! " ".Standi 

it, 1832 .*-..!,?...., 71 " Military Record 117 

;j> ■••66 to 74 " Population ol 

neyvsec Ad-.. De; ., pag< 21 " Representatives 

r ail the States and Territories, " Senators 

sireil's card on inside back cover. Masters in Chancery, see ' n . 

.'. r c ther States resident in Mass.19 Middlesex County, Civil Officers I 

ass .. i..-.: sets, residing in other 

ivil Officers, 25, 27, 29, 31, 32 
42, 46, 47, 50, 52, 58. 

L ni«4 
of fc 

1 i * 

4 1 , 

>m 11 

Probati . 

Military Record of M issachusetts 

Nantucket County, Civil Officers •'-' 

" ' Probate Court 

Mas?..., ...,.,.. 24 ; Newspapers and Peri • .' • ' '■'• 

....25, 29, "31, 32,45. 47, 50 .1 New York and Albany R. R. Route I 

t Court of US. for the I Norfolk County. Civil Officers 

.s's -.17 " Probate Courts I 

.2-5,27,29.31, 32. 36, 38, ! Notaries Public. 25, 23, 30,35, 37, 39, LI 
47, 50; 02, 58. ' I 49, 51, 57, GO. 

16! Old Colony and Fall River Railroad _■- 

..< euts ...116] Perkins Institute for the Blind — 

, 3.7. 39, 41, 45, 46, 49, 51, j physicians.... 

i Plummer Farm School 

13! Plymouth County, Civil Offi -c.-s... 

61 to 66 " Probate Courts. 

see County Officers. | Police Court- 

..21 to 61 ! Population of Massachusetts in 1860 [2 

I in Mass 17 Post Offices andP stmasters 

Probate Courts. 21. 26, 29, 31, 32, 36, 88, 40, 41. 

40. 47, 49, 52, ;:S. 
Public Administrators, 25, 27,29, 31, 32, 38, 40, 42, 
46,47, 50,52,58, 


Rebellion of 1861 

Representative Districts 

Representatives of Massachu 
115 1 Savings Banks 

....1 - 


> ■ ......17 

rtco 17 


s in Massachusetts 17 

*, 26, 29, 31, 32, 36, 3j>, 40,42, 

25. 2-9, 31, 32, 36, 33, 40, 41. 46, 



* r ... ■.- Courts... 

knklin Count*, C tvil Officers..*. 

, , '' '-' ! fcte Courts. 

■ Light Com? .«« 

■•'•-'<-:.: B k*J».S*^jUstfUS ... 

IS j School for Idiotic and F 

31 State A' » '-[ uses 

422 to 


.7.".'.' .'.'.'>' 
d FeeWe-Minded Youth... 112 







,..114 i 

Board oTi . --•■' it ire 

< [ n lu ill School for Girls , 

" Normal Schools 

" Prison 

" Reform Schools 

Suffolk Countv, Civil Officers 

" ' Probate Courts 

96 •' Senate of Massachusetts. 
7 : Sen ite Districts 




Sheriffs and Deputies, 24, 26, 28, 31, 32, 36, 37 38 
41, 4o, 49,02, -57, 58. 

Superior Court 17 

Supreme Judicial Court 17 

Teachers of High Schools 110 

Teachers of Grammar Schools Ill 


History of the Rebellion and Massackusotti .' 

Historical.. 1-7, Si tent, 

Puritanism versus ( uivalry 117 Eighth 

Development of the Coospira 

Tri il Justices, see J f the 

i. .'••■: to try criminal 

Town i I i . n n I ' . . : 

United Stai • 

War C! dm A • \ ■,-. Dep., page... 

inty Civil 01 

" Probate Co .rt.i 

President Lincoln's Inaugural. 

- Fort Sumter ' 

President's Proclamation 

Response o" the People 

Continuauc ■ o r the Rebellion. . . 

Ellsworth ..... 



S locum 





Massachusetts- Action 

Legislative \,-v,o 

Co\ •. iini/s Message, to Special ! 
Extra Session, Slay, 1861 

Coast Gua 

April •J-.«..: 

' ' 25 1 1 ■ 
" 2&th 

April in JiorttoD 

U Bost< 

Lnd vicinity . 
























H3 j 



145 ! 

,......M5 ; 

340 ! 

■ and \'r\: il 

" ' •;.,!' 

Thin: Bat'n of ; : 

.; '* Ol 
Boston L'tArtill 
fhree Yeai 1' Volunteers 

. - 

Chester Park, Cambridge, and Suffolk Bar 146 

May 1, the first Dead, the Old South, &c 147 

N- E. Association of Soldiers, 1812 147 

May 4 in Boston, Lawrence, &c 143 

Sunday at For: Warren ' !48 

The .Nurses 14? 

Tito Dead of Lowell 14S 

May 7, Individual, Town, and City-Action 148 

Donation Committee 14 ! j 

Mass, Soldiers' Fund Society \-i\) 

N. L. Women's Auxiliary Association 150 

Ladies Industrial Aid Association loi 

State Aid to Families of Volunteers 151 

Co;:- nissarv Goue nil's Department 152 

Three Mouths' S oiunteer^ 152 I 

Boston Cilj Aid to families of Volunteers. ... 152 

Surgeon G-eneral's Report 153 

Tovvn Action. J 153 

B iQgra ph teal 153 J 




Gill....' 150 

Lawrence.... 156 

Jiabo .157 

Wesselhoeft 157 

Grout 157 

Putnam 158 

Wfc&temore 159 

Hodges 159 

Bell. 100 

Military Action lul 

Three Months' Volunteers 103 

Third Regiment, Sketch of 163 | 

44 ,; Officers and Privates, . .164 j 

Fourth " Sketch of. 168 j 

" " O'Jieers and Privates .,.170 ! 

Fifth " Sketch of 175 

Officers and Privates. . . 182 ! 

First Uegim ot. 





Fie. enth 



Sketch of. 


h of 1 

Sketch oi" 

■ ■ h of 

of .... 


Thirteenth Regi of........ 

" " ' Officers nn'l Priral 

Fourteenth " - h of 

" " Ofti •••'•- and Prival 

Fifteenth " hof 

u a 1 Privates.. 

Sixteenth (i ; of 

" l: Officers an ' Pr 1 I 

Seventeenth "' Sketch of 

'* " ( :• e rs am I . 

Eighteenth " of 

%i ;i Offi sera and Pr ■ . - 

Nineteenth " ■ <■>' I 

(I t < (. 

Twentieth " - tch of 

" " Ofll •• rs ind Priv . 

Twenty-first " Sketch of 

" " Offic( irsand Prii 

Twenty-second '« Sketch of 

" " Officers ••>nJ Priva 

Twenty- third i; 51< of 

' '' " Officers and? 

Twenty-fourth " S : 'tch of 

" Oi : ■■• •- oi'i i I i ■ ; 

Twenty-fifth " Sketch >f 

* ,: " < ■. 

Twenty-sixth " Sketch of 

" " Qffici rBand Prh . - 

'isventv sev'tb " Sketch of 

U U , , cpa .,,.,j p r j,,.- 

Twenty-eighth " 51 tch of 

" " Officers and Pri 
Twenty-ninth " Sketch of 

;l " Officers and Priv rtes... 

.Tliirtieth " Sketch of 

' " ( 'fficersaud Pri- I - 

Thirty-first «* Sketch of 

" " Bcera and Priv . I 

First Battalion 

First ( ompany of Sharpshooters 

Second " " ' 

1: hardson Light Infantry 1 - 

First Mass. Light Battery 

Second " " 4> I 

rhird « u " 

Fourth " " " 

K;f>h ** " 

Heavy Artillery Company. 

First Regiment Cavalry — 

11 ' 



r" ' 


JANUARY. 186! 


f\t*t Qmrt.-r, 7th day, 6h. 2m. p.m. 
i . ■; •. ; i. i irti . ! ..- . '. ■ llo p.m. 
Qc rt'i -'• 1 day, Ih. 53ui. a.m. 

» . : '■!, ,,..,, j .th- Jay, lOh-. 6m. p.m. 

b. T. ; >•„ ci. h. . . 

1 Wed. 

7 30 4 38 

6 50 

2 Thur. 

7 iiO 4 39 

7 47 19 39 


7 30 t 40 

9 2 59 7 7 7 

< gat. 

7 30 4 10 

9 23 1 35 1 51 

5 8 UN. 

7 30 4 1 ! 

10 2 13 2 31 


'7 30 I 12 

li 20 2 4" 3 s 

' '■-' i 

24 1 15 4 40 


7 2 ' 1 45 

12! 5 10, 5 38 

! Fri. 

7 29 i 4'i 

2 4". 6 li 6 49 

1 1 Sat. 

l7 j'.f 4 41 

3 .4 735 8 9 

] SUN. 

7 29 1 4S 

4 23 8 43 9 9 

14 Du< J. 

i ■ I f ~ ; ; 

o IS 9.36! 9 59 
6 8102210 42 

'o w«d. 

7 27 4 51 

6 50 H 3 3122 

'! ax. 

- :;." J •- 

ri«* 1141! 

7 2 1.0. IS 

7 2 • 4 5 J 

8 7 00 052 

1 • :• ... Ji . 

7 l ~ - .'■; 

:> 7 i 9 1 26 

.. i Tu*.«. 

7 23.4 59 

U 23 22]. 2 40 

.' U-. !. 

7 "2 5 w 

worn 3 v 3 25 

- 1 Thur, 

7 22 5 1 

10. 3 53 4 22 

- i i'ri. 

7 215 S 

2 6; 5 37 5 44 

-.5 Sat. 

7 20 5 4 

3 14 6 29! 7 14 

..- SUN. 

7 20 5" £ 

4 2 6 7 5'-v 8 44 

7 19 ". 6 

5 2f» 9 15 9 47 

'-" Taes. 

7 18 5 

6 2*3 10 12 10 87 

.'-. W« ! . 

Tire. 9 

7 1 10 50 ii 21 

s Thur. 

7 10 5 10 


.:? Fri. 

;7 15 5 12i 

7 4 1 17 


MOON'S Pi' ' 

First Quarter, I 27m. v. a. 

in, Lith d ■ ■ Ob 22i 
Last Quarter, 21 .; 

New Moon, 28th daj , Ob. 5in. p.m. 

n ! 


ll Sat. 
2, SUN. 
3| '.Ion. 
4j I'ue3. 
5| v ed. 

6 Tlmr. 

7 Fri. 
81 Sat. 
9; SIN. 

10 lion. 

11 Tues. 
; ! 12i Wed. 

13 Thur 
I 14 Fri. 
! 15 Sat. 
I 10 SUN. 
j!.ll Mor. 
■■ ' 18! Tues. 
, j 10 Wed. 
'?■ Ohm. 
1 j 21 ! Fri. 
j 22, Sat. 
i I 231 SUN. 

24 Mon 
> ? 25' T«es. 
! i 26 Wed. 
! 27 Thur. 

28 Fri. 

1 iJ 

2 13 

3 i 
3 59 
i 49 

5 32 

b, ni I i. in. h. tr 

7 145 14 

7 135 ! - 
7 Ll 5 ifi 8 49 

7 to 5 18 9 13 

7 9:5 1! 

7 85 20 14 

7 5 5 :..: 
7 6i5 23 
7 5 5 25 

7 4|5 2G 
7 2 5 27 
7 1 5 20 5 
7 5 30 6 8 
6 5? 5 31 rises 
G 57 5 32; 7 2 
6 50 5 33 8 40 
6 51 5 34 9 20 
6 62 5 35 10 07 
', 51 5 3i !'. 50 
6 "'' 5 3S mora 
6 4S 5 40 
6 47 5 41 
47 5 42 
6 44 5 44' 
6 42 5 45 
6 4»5 40 
6 38 5 47 
6 37,5 43, 
i I 


2 16 

3 20 

4 IS 

5 6 

5 44 

6 15 

5 32 6 9 

■ Oi 724 

8 3 • 35 

9 8 9 50! 
9 5910 20 

I 4] 10 59 

II 18 11 37 
11 56 


47! 1 4 

1 2-2 1 41 

2 1 2 22 

2 46 3 10 

3 41 412 

4 531 5 33 

6 20 7 7 

7 40; 8 31 
9 1 9 32 
9 56 10 21 

10 4111 

11 li 1107 





Last ( 

■ • ' I 


• ' 


5 wed. 


3 - • 

9 SUN 

Ll , 

12 V, I. 

' 13 i Tbur. 

14 Fri. 

1 51 

17 Mnn. 


19 v.. ! 


21 I i. 

22 Sat. 

2 - 


27 Thui 

-- ' 

2 i 

30 - N 

! 31 Mon. 

- " 

r«il 1 

59 149 

2 4 2 

7 I 
18 6 3 


i 13 uionj 
! 14 8 
i 15 1 1 1 
i 17 2 13 


2 ." 
I 24 

I 25 7 40 

1 1 


4 17 



APRII-, 1862. 


. ; Iwl QtiartKr, 7th day, 7h. 2St». a m. 
-.; loon i 1th 'l.'v. 10h. l*m. A. v. 

HAY, 1862. 


First Quarter, 6th dav, 10b. 39m. p.M. 

1 *•— ^v-.^,-.- — y 

; Full Moon, 13fb day, 6b. 16m. p.m 

1 toptQimn 

, Se% Moon 

iOtb day, 0.0a, 54m. a.m. 
ch day, 100. xiuj. a.m. 


j First Quarter, 5th day, 9th. 
10 Ll Mi n, 12th lay, I 

I . : ...•■ 21 

l> • 9»yi .-' 

SCS ! Mooo 

lit^H tfiTSa. i 

1 p. 

I>1T3 Of 

BUN I Moon jHtGB W>T22. 1 


BOH v 

il * ..* ' '". 

-•** ^ r '-'; : «"'<'• 

Mom. Ere. | 



Rises. Sata.-j sets, j -Morn. Use. \ 

, Mo 

««k. V. .<•. i- :«. »- 1 '■ "- t.». 



h. n. h. m. b. T... b. m.l h. n:. j 


b". •.'. .-.. v. . .. 

i ' ■ 2' ■• ■ - 

13 2.' ! 

; 1 


4 54 6 5r> 9 :0 26! 12 

i 1 

SUN. i 25 7 29 10 27 1 

-'■ 'V ' 27 9 ; v 

'•. i 1 

i 2 


4 53 7 OjlO 20 0:. 1 16 j 

! 2 

Mon. 4 21 T 2 ■ 11 

: lir, 

'• 4 " O 2- 1 • 57 

1 19 1 07 

i 3 


4 52 7 1 11 12: ] 33 158 

, 3 

1 ues. 4 21 7 >y 11 :■ - 

i t ;>. 

• - ■ 2 li 41 

156 2 5 

1 4 


4 50 7 2 11 52i 2 14 234 


W< !. 1 20 7 31 11 '■• ■ 

I - ^' . 

2 . '74 * 2 56 

i 5 


4 40 7 3 mora! 2 54, 3 16 


Thur. 4 23 7 32 mi 

' - I V . 

5 34 6 01 •-! 

3 IS 3 45 

: 6 


4 48 7 4 28! 3 3D 4 5 


Fri. 4 ■!■'■ 7 S3 2 - - 

7 1 •■ : 2 1 15 

4 12 4 43 j 

i 7 


1 47 7 5 59j 4 31 5 6 

1 ' 

Sat. 4 22 7 1 

5 31 6 «>,3 i 53 

5 10 5 52 

I 8 


1 If) " 6 1 28 E 4J G15. 


SUN. 4 22 ' 34 1 2 : - 

i ; 1 6 ; : 1 2 SO 

G 2- 7 7 

! 9 


4 45 7 7 1 56 47 7 27 


Mon. 4 20 7 35 I £4 S 

i 1 : •:, r 

5 27 6 35 3 1 

7 40 S 15 : 


4 44 7 8 2 23 8 3 S 35 


Cues. 1 22 7 ■ '7 

5 2»5 G 3 i > 32 

S 52 8 ■- 

^ n 


4 43 7 2 51 9 7 9 03 


w\.j. i 22 7 36 8 2 

\l .'-.i'. 

24 6 07 4 

9 11 41 : 



4 42 7 1" 3 26 10 01024 


Thur. 4 22 7 07 rises 

'i 1 .-';\. 

5 23 3S 4 40 

1 ; '22 1022 



4 41 7 11 risen J10 43,11 12 


Fri. 4 22- 7 07 ' 7 

U Men 

b 21 6 39 ri^'s 

il r, u 6! 



4 40' 7 12 S 161136 


Sat I 227 - . ' 

: ,i t»* .. 

5 19 6 (0 8 31 

11 4^ 11 43 

• 15 


4 3-> 7 13 i' ■' 021 


SUN. !4 22 7 SS 10 :-l \ 1 

:• is*4. 

5 IS 6 -41 9 !? 

: 42 



4 3S 7 11 10 48 41 1 7 

, 16 

Men. 4 22 7 38 11 IS 1 

■'■ '!..:: 

5 16 5 4211 3 

I 4 -1 26 ; 

' 17 


4 37 7 15 11 33 130 154 


Tues. 4 22 7 3811 55 2 41 I 51 

:' - :i - 

5 14 40 morn 

1 49 2 13 



i 3617 16 morn 218 2 42 


Wed. 1 2! 7 

2 44 3 5 : 



4 3d 7 17 i) IS 3 3 31 


- " 

" 1 '. 0- 15 59 

33-li 4 4 

i 20 


4 35 7 10 o 56 358 4 26 


Fri. 4 237 89. 

a 10 6 47 i 1 ! 

i 07 5 11 

V':'. ,!. 

4 017V 1 24 1 " ' ■ 


: 2" 7 3! 1 7 ill 


r;, ... 

4 83 7 2 1 ; ' 6 7 • O 

22 >l v 1 237 30 1 37 

■ . 

5 ••; ij 49 '.'•'■ 

7 15 7 4 i • 


4 02 7 21 2 14 710 7 48 -j 

• :...i. . 


56 *i 3 12 

9 14 3 44 



4 31 7 2:: 2 3$ 317 8 47 


Tues. 4 24 7 4 . 

- >■ ; t 

5 3 8 52 O'j 

'J 9 34 



4 :'u7 23 3 5 919 9 32 


Wed. 4 24 7 4" •■ - 

! * t. 

5 26 53i 4 1 

9 54 10 15 : 

' 26 


4 20l7 21 3 35 9 52 1012 

26 Thur. 4 24 1 40' 4 B 

■' *1 NO 

6 1 t, ;,4 4 25 

10 33 10 51 | 



4 28 7 25 4 18 1030 1053 

27 ! .-'- 4 •-• 7 4 ■ 


4 ..i ..5 ; 55 

11 8 ill 2m 1 


4 2> 7 26 sets ll ll ll 29 

28 --'" 4 25 7 ■ 


4 5- (5 07 5 10 

11 4C 1159; 



■i 2i 7 27 8 23 11 57 

29 SUN ! •-■ " ' " 
, 00. Mon. 4 - 

.... HW. 

■t V; t', "h r 1- 
- ,r > 001 -ij 

! ' j 

: 30 


4 26 7 27 9 9 7 024 




4 26 7 281 9 52 1 41 691 


JULY, 1862. 


First Quarter, ith. day, 6fa, 6m, e ■ ><• 
Fall Mo i, 11th d 15 . c -ii 64m, mm 

Qn u ter, '.-'!! day, Oh. 29m. p.m. 

Moqu, 26th day, 4 v i. 21 m. p.m. 

AUGUST, 1862. 


First Quarter, 3d daj , Oh. 12m. a.m. 
Full Moon, 9th da r, 5b 9 1, p.m. 
Last Quarter, I7tb day, 5b. 3m. a. v. 
Sew Moon, 25th d ly, ih. 5 Sxu. a m. 


MOON1 ; <:: 


Pull M ■ • 



!>«./« 0/; SUN | Mann HtoB Wvr««. 


*eec. Bum. Srts.l let*. 

Mom. Era, 

b. m. b, Hi. > h. m. 

h- m. b. m. 


Fri. 4 52 7 20 9 51 

2 54 317 

: 2 

8j \ 1 53 7 18 127 

3 42 4 9 


SCX. ' 54 7 1711] 10 

. -1 

M '■■>.. 4 55 7 1( mo □ 

5 12 6 1- 

1 6 

Tues. 4 56 7 15 1 

6 54 7 30 


1 57 ," 14 1 2 

3 6 841 


Thur. 4 58:7 12 2 11 

914 9 V, 


Fri. 4 59 7 11 3 26 l'l 14 10 41 

: 9 

Sat. 5 7 10 ris 

11 7:11 30 

-I \ • 




1 7 

8 7 

7 151151! 

I 7 42 012 33 

! 8 910 54 1 IS 


4, 8 36 

3 9 3 

2 15 

1 9 33| 2 57 

1 55 

2 :'■ 
4 3 

4 56 

5 53 

6 52 

0(10 8 3 401 

!5 On 5810 48 4 28j 
5 10.6 57 11 33; 5 24 
5 11 6 55 : morn! 6 22 
15 12 6 54! 24i 7 22 
5 13 O 52! 1 20 8 211 8 43 
5.146 51 2 21 014 38 
15 15 15 40; 3 25,10 210 25 
5 10 6 48 4 30:10 47 11 7 
5 17 40: seta ,1120 1145 
618,6 44 1 6 59 I 5 

5 l-^,i^.; 26 25i 45 
5 20 ,1 ; 5S| 1 5 127 

:i 6 SO 8 Or 149 2 12 
Sat i5 22 3S| 9 10 2 30 : 3 
SUN. 15 23 36 531 3 20 3 5.5 








21 , 



1 . • 








31 .W 








5 466 


[ 17 5 


" • " 


t: ar. 



5 51 5 


5 52 5 


.j . - 5 

M m. 

• " ' 

] ■ 

'■ 5 6 5 





15 b ; 


101 i. • 

8 11 i 

1 mon 



3 1 : 

1 2 13' E 

3 1 


' •■ 

56 5 


51 7 


: ' 

" - 

45 9 5 1 

44 11 


NOVEMBER, 1862. 



Full Mood. 
Lh^c Quart' 

7^h day, 4h. 2: 
r, loii Jay, QY 

1 P.M. 

• . a a 
. Oiu. P-K. 


ji Full Moon, 0th day, Sh. 5m. a.m. 
I last Quarter. 1 Uh da> , lb. 26m. p m. ' 
! >;<-!•• Moon, 2*.-^ day, lh. 30m. p.m. 
1 trst Quarter, 28i b day, 5h. 18m. a.m. 


Full Moon, 6th day, 2h. 53m. a.m. 
Last Quarter L4th day, 5h. 49m. v 



'.. •... b. ra. Ij- m. h. 10. b. a» j 


We'. 5 57 5 42 uW 5 20 6 ! , 


Thur. 5 5-5 W 13 O:..! 7 6 i] 


v ■; - r>9 5 3- 1 *•'.; 7 38 3 9 :< 


Sat. :6 5 37i 2 32 8 37 9 3 11 


SUN. |6 15 351 3 4*i! 9 27 9 50 I j 

Mon. 6 2 5 33 4 461101310 35 !| 


Tu 'g. 6 3 5 32 5 51 10 56 11 16 , 


Wad. 4 5 30: rises! 11 35 11 54 j 


Thur. 5 2S 5; 014 


Fri. T 5 27 ^ 42 3 i 54 


Sat. '6 "So 25, 7 23 111 1 35 | 


SUN. 95 23 S 10. 1 57 2 13 


Mon. 6 10 5 22 9 2; 2 41 3 3|] 


Tuts. 16 126 20 9 SSj 3 20 3 51 M 

Wed. 13 5 1810 57 418 4 42 m 


Thur. 6 14 5 "17 11 58] 5 9 5 37;, 


Fri. 6 15 5 lolmoro! 6 4 jS32 ! 


Sat. 16 TO -5 14: 1 17 &--+-2S ! 


SUN. •• 175 12 2 6' 755 822 


Mon, l:i.5 11 3 13 848 9 13 


T.i.>. 6 20 5 S 1 22 9 38 10 2 

i bu ' • 22 ■> • - .-< i l i.i 11 .■ ' 

E'ri. 6 23 5 5 5 49 '* 3 ■ 


Sat. 6 24 5 3 .0 44 27 '■) 5:.; 


SUN. 20 5 2 7 40 1 21 1 49 


Mon. 27 5 8 55 2 17 2 45 , 


Tues 2^4 50 10 « 3 12 3 4«> \\ 


Wed 6 29 4 58 11 10 4 9 139 


'Tbur. 31 4 56 morn 5 9 5 40 


Fri. k 32 4 55, 251 till 6 41 I 

29 Safe. 

30 i SUN 





And Officers immediately connected ttiereurith — with places of residence. 




JOIIX A. ANDREW, - - -. of Boston Governor. 


JOHN NESSHTH, - - - - of Lowell, - - - Lieut«nint-Goi 


District L^Neheraiah Boynton .,., of Chelsi a. 

<< 2»— Gerry W. Cochrane..' of M< I 

" 3---Jnnirs if. Shute , ......ofSom I 

« 4.— Alfred Hitchcock. ., .of.Fi hbur 

" 5.— .Toe! Harden..... of W'illi.ini.- bull'. 

." C— James Ritchie of U ;1 

" 7.— Oakes Ames of Easton. 

'■' S. — Eleaser C Sherman ., of Flymoath. 


Albert 0. BiOvrfio, Jr., - -. - - - - .- - - - - - of Sj 


Lieutenant-Colonel Harrison Ritchie Boston. 

" " John W. Wethcrell. . . . , Worces 

u ** Henry Lee, Jr Br 

u " John Qtrincy Adams Quincy. 


Oliver Warner, - - - ofHSbrtl 

Charles ;W. Ldvett, Ut Clerk, - Boston. | Albert L. Feraald, 2d Clerk, - I 


Henry K. Oliver, - - - - - - - - - - - - - of Salem. 

IhtnM "SL Rogers, 1st Clefrk, - Broofclme. j Artemas Harmon, 2d Clerk, - Lawi 


I.f, i Reed, -----..---.---of AWngton. 
Julius L. Clarke, 1st Clerk, - Worcester. | Geo. Chirk, 2d Cleric, North Brid< 


Dv.'iirht Foster, ----._--.-.-.-- of Worcester. 

li'M-ry Virion, Clerk, ...... ...... Boston. 


VTlUiam Sehouler, of Lynn. 


William Brown, -------------- Boston. 


John H. Reed, - Boston. 


Charles Amory, ------- Boston. 


Elijah D. Brigham, ------ Boston. 


William J. Dale, - Boston. 

Mnismger s& iht Governor and Council, Joseph B. Spear, ------ 1. 

Compensation of the Executive and the Legislature. 

The aal.^ of the Governor is $3 5G<> s of the Lieutenant-Governor f-vo for the -•■.•>; .- . 

C . •>■';- itr. : in , a , tn ; Bt , . .:,... ..■ ■ 

'■' < „.••.; ..■< :,.-... ••-... The pav or' the C^un ■ ■ : •<.■"■ for tin ;■ • av 

'■'■'■ ' • ■ * I •■'.;-■>> -r.jiu; .usion, uutl .•*! tor every five miles' travel t'r'-n: their res] 

* I . ■ ■ :e a; each <••• i«iun. " 

1 ha . -'.: ueit - ■ t the Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, and Attorney- General ore severally $3,000 ; and of I 

The pa; ..;' Seqaton &n <( Representatives is »30C tor the r< .zuliir annual Bossion.and *1 forevi - 

* ■ ■• • ' ■■ m iheir respective p.'tM-e* of abode, once in each session. The President of the Senate £•-■ I 
to* Roust rectftvc ead» iac tor &e sessiuu. 



John H. Clifford, of New r >. V ■: !, 


First Suffolk, 
Second " 
Third " . 
Fourth « . 
Fifth " . 
First Essex, . 
Second " 
Third " 
Fourth ' ; 
Fifth " 

First Middlesex, . 
Second " . 
Third « . 
Fourth " . 
Fifth < : . 

Sixth i4 . 
C e n ttal Wore e s t c r, 
South-East ;i 
South-West " 
West " 

North-East " 
East « . 

West Hampden, . 

Hampshire, . 

Hampshire and Frank 
North Berkshire, , 
South " 

North Norfolk, 
East ••• 


North Bristol. 
'West " 
North rivmouch, , 
South -*< 
Middle « 
Cape, . 
Island, . 

Sti phen N. Stockwell, . 
J< hn C. Tucker, . 
Charles G. Loring, 
Alexander H. Twombly. 
Benjamin Dean, . 
William F. Johnson, 
William D. Northend 
Christopher Tompkins, 
Edwin B. George. 
John J. Babaon; 
E. O. Haven, 
John C. Dodge, 
John W. Bacon, . 
Walter Fessenden, 
Horace F. Wakefk F.I. 
Daniel S. Iii( ha-rdson, 
Hartley Williams, 
William R. Hill, . 
Rtr&a B. Dodge, . 
Henry Smith, 
Alva!; Crocker, 
Charles G. Stevens, 
Milton B. Whitney, 
James M. Thompson, 
Lewis Bodman, 
Whiting Griswold, 
G.IT. Gilbert, 
Thomas F. Plunkett, 
Orlo Burt, . 
William D. Swan, . 
Jonathan Wales, . 
Joseph Day, 
Chester!. Reed, . 
John 1 L Clifford, . 
Ezra P. Brownell, . 
\.\a nezer Gay, 
Joshua E. Crane, . 
James H. Mitchell, 
P. H. Libby, 
Charles Dillingham, 


1 )'- iston. 
' Boston. 
| Lynn. 
' Salem. 

! Groveland. 

Glou :ester. 
I Maiden. 

( tmbridge. 
! Natick. 
! Townsend. 
\ Reading. 

\ Worcester. 
I Sutton, 
j Charlton. 
I Templeton. 
i Fitchburg. 
; Clinton. 
I Westfield. 

Williamsbiu g. 



i Sandisfield. 
i Dorchester. 
1 Randolph. 


j New Bedford. 
; Westport. 
| Hingham. 
I B.ridgewater. 
! East Bridgevrater 
| Wellfleet. 
, Sandwich. 


Stephen N. Gifford, Clerk. 

Edward W. Clark, of Aubitmdale, Chaplain. 

John Morissej, Sergeant-at-arms to both branches of the General Court. 

James A. Leonard, of New Bedford, Doorkeeper. 

S. J. Metcalf, o£Medway, Assistant Doorkeeper. 

E. Herbert Clapp, of "Dorchester, Messenger. 

Benj. C. Dean, of Lowell, Page. 

Alexander B. Keves, Pane. 

HOUSE OF km • -.tivt:s. 


Alexander II. Bullock, of Worcester 


Suffolk Co ant/. 

Cornelias Doherty, of Boston. 
Alonzo M. Giles, of Boston. 
Austin Gove, of Boston. 
Josiah M. Head, of Boston. 
Hiram A. Stevens, of Boston. 
James L. Hanson, of Boston. 
John F. Flynn, o[ Boston. 
Robert I. Bur bank, of Boston. 
Cornelius Walker, of Boston, 
Edward Brown, of Boston. 
Harvey. Jewell, of Boston. 
Benjamin Stevens, of Boston. 
Peleg \V. Chandler, of Boston. 
Charles J. McCarthy, of Boston. 
James Riley, of Boston. 
John S. Tyler, of Boston. 
Eb a Cutler, of Boston. 
Chat-les W. Morris, of Boston. 
Dani< I G, Grafton, of Boston. 
Ansel LothrofJ:, of Boston. 
S siuel EL Gih\ ens, of Boston. 
Francis J. Parker, of Boston. 
George Eaton, of Boston. 
Hiram Emery, of Boston. 
Zibeon Southard, of Boston. 
Albert J. Wright, of Boston. 
Tracey P. Cheevei, of Chelsea. . 
Noble M. Perkins, of Chelsea. 

Esssx County. 
Patten Sargent, of Amesbury. 
Joseph Morrill, of Salisbury. 
George Foster, of Armorer. 
John Meaeom, of Beverly. 
Benjamin C. Putnam, of Wenham. 
James W. Putnam, of Dan-vers. 
Ebenezer Stanwood, of Essex.. 
Joseph P. Stickney, of Georgetown. 
John S. E. Rogers, of Gloucester. 
Danves S. Jcwett. of Gio le.-vr.ei 
Calvin Butriek, of Haver! ill 
Gilman Corning, of Haverhill. 
Samuel N. Baker, of Ipswich. 
Jo.&n : J. Doland, of La\ ren e. 
[larrisoo I). Clement, of Lawrence. 
Olivet Rarasdell, of Lynn. 
A.'s A. Breed, of Lvnn. 
Samuel Roads, of Marblehead. 
Henry Luscomb, jr., of Salem. 
Cyrus Williams, of Lawrence. 
Zachariah Graves, of Lynn. 
N ithan Adams, of Newbury. 
Caleb Gushing, of New bury port. 
Albert Currier, of Newburyport. 
Moses T. Stevens, of North Andove: 
Moses Pool, of Roekport. 
Samuel It. H.atfaawa«y, 01 Salem. 
James A. GiUis, of Salem. 
Stephen G. Wheatland, of Salem. 
Amos Howe Johnson, of Middieton. 
b. Webster King, of South Daiivers. 
Amos I. Witney, of Lynn. 

Middlesex County.. 
Amos Brown, of Charlestown.' 
Everett Torrey, of Charlestown. 
Abd E. Bridge, of Charlestown. 
Phiheas J. Stone, of Charlestown. 
, George O. Brastow, of S unertille. 

4. Cal b W ' 


6. . K . ; ii t Winn, of W 1 1 

7. Cbarle3 Be '.. of ' 
Hamlin R. Hat 

An q Hooker, of I 

8. Joseph Breck, of Brighl 

If en; , Bald rin, of Bi ton. 

9. F. M. St ne, of \ 
Josiah i 

10. George Heywood, of Co 

11. Charles M.Tyler, of .• 

12. S ■• !'h yer, of Hoi 

13. Benjamin Hoi 

1-i. James W. Clark, of I 

15. 0. W.A1 . i I ' rough. 

16. Ht an Wilder, of Sti n. 

17- Johj '■ let 'her, jr., of A. '■ton. 

18. V, flliara Henrj Sm i, ' \ 

19. Jtfhr R, Kimball, a ' 

■ . I 
\ (ftj .: . : I ■' 

21. Charles Ma iqg, ; I 

22. George P. Elliot, of Biilerica^ 

23. Paul Hill, of ' 

Samuel W. Stickney, of I 
Sewall G. Mack, of Lowell. 

24. Hapg-od Wright, of I. v. 
Josiah B. French, 'of Lowell. 
Edward F. Sherman, of 1 ov 11. 

2-5. C> rus Butterfield, of Tyngs 

26. David Porter, of Shii 

J. W. P. Abbott, of Westford. 

27. Abrara S. French, of Towusend. 

Worcester Connty. 

1. Nelson D. White, of Wiuchendon. 

2. Far well F. Fay, of V 1 . )l. 

3. Hudson Tolman, of Petersham. 

4. Arternas Lee, of Tern 

5. Ts ;rLy CoHester, of r. 

6. .-v v. • ."■' ■ i ■-,'.''■ ' 

Mansoo P. Haws, of L ster. 

Daniel Putnam, of Lunenburg. 

7. Isaac N. Stone, of Harvard, 
s. JaredM. Heard, of Clinton. 
9. Z a' dock W. Gates, of Rutland. 

10. J. Henry'Goddard, of Barre. 

11. Lucius J. Knowles, of Warren. 

12. Charles Adams, jr., of X. Brookfield. 

13. John D. Cogswell, of Leic 

M. William Mullig .-. . »f P .-.• n. 

15. Jonathan H. Nelson, ■ S i 

16. J. F. B. Marshall, of Westbow i 

17. Seth J. Ax tell, of Grafton. 
l^. Henry Shaw, of Up*on. 

19. Hen y 0. Lothrop, of Milford. 
C h tries F. Clallin, of Milfoi :. 

20. Will am T. Metcalf, of Mendon. 

21. William A-Northup, of 1 

22. Albert Butler, of Don 

23. Jacob Baker, of Dudley. 
2-i. Dexter Blood, of Charlton. 
2o. 11 ice Armsby, of 

M ise s Stone, of Oxford. 

26. Del .;. i v. i. »dd ird, of Worcester. 

27. Saranel Souther, of Worcester. 
2S. Joseph 1) Daniel-, of W 

29. John L. Murphy, of W r 

30, Alexander U. Bullock, of Wor -• • 



Hampshire County. 

1. Pan'! G. Littlefield, of Northampton. 
John T. Fitch, of Hatfield. 

2. Matthias Rice, of Weathampton. 

3. j bm C. Thompj .'"., of I '< .->!ien. 

4. Horace Cook, of Hadley. 

5. Joan R. Gushmsin, of Atuherst. 

6. Augustus Moody, of Enfield. 
Luther Holland, of Belchertown. 

Eampden County. 

1. William A- bobbins, of Holland. 

2. Stephen G. Newton, of Palmer. 

3. Joseph McGrc^ory, ot' Wilbraham. 

4. TheoJore S^ebbins, of Spisingfield. 

5. William L. Smith, of Springfield. 

6. Nathaniel Howard, of Springfield. 

7. Phineas Stedman, of Cr-icopee. 
Hezekiah Root, of Ludlow. 

8. Thomas II. Kelt, cf Hoiyoke. 

9. Reuben DeWitt, cf Agawam. 

10. Lewis Rufus Norton, of Westfield. 

11. Edward M. Taylor, cf Montgomery. 

Franklin County. 

1. Alfred R. Field, of Greenfield. 
Epuraiia II. Thompson, ofCuleraiue. 

2. Clark's T. Waiodtt, of Monroe. 

3. Emery Sherman, of Conway. 

4. Lucas W. Hannum, of Whately. 

5. Charles H. Field, of L-everett. 

6. Erastus F. Gunn, of Montague. 

7. Royal Whitt&ker, of New Salem. 

Berkshire County. 

1. Ke^es X)anforrh, of Wilnamstown. 

2. Henry Cartwrjght, of Adams. 
Edmund D. Foster, of Cheshire. 

3. Nathan G. Frown, of Pittsfield. 
W. H. Niehols, of Richmond. 

4. Sylvester S. Bnwen. of Peru. 

5. Jonathan E. Field, of Stockbridge. 

6. James Ballard, of Lee. 

7. Euseno Yoshurgh, of Gt. Harrington. 

8. Joshua M. Sears, of Sandisfkld. 

9. Seymour B. Dewey, of Egremont. 

Norbllr. Chanty. 
( ExcluUn:} Cohas-*;>i.) 

1. Eliphalet Stone, of Dedham. 

2. Everett C. Ban-field, of W, Roxbury. 

3. 9>hoai&3 Parson, of Brookiine. 

4. George Curtis, of Roxbury. 
William B. May, of Roxbury. 
Uriah T. Browne II, of Roxbury. 

5. Ebenezer Eaton, of Dorchester. 
Henry L. Pie re?, of Dorchester. 

6. Noah Cummings, of Quincy. 

7. Eits Penhiman, of Braintree. 

8. Oliver Loud, of Weymouth. 
Zachariah L. Bicknell, of V.'eyrnouth. 

9. George N. Johnson', of Randolph. 

10. Jesse" Holmes, of Stoughton. 

11. II. Augustus Lothrop, of Sharon. 


Samuel Cook, of M I 
William H. < Iway. 

Harvey B. ( 
Daniel J. Picki .-• :_•. of B 

Charles ' 

William D. Karl •, ol a- 


Chari.^ ]>. W'hiti . ' Mao 

Charles 1). Pool, of Eatton. 

James Brown, of TatlCtoa. 

i-.iia^ A .Morse, 

Charles R. Atwood, of Tanni 

Bro • o " .- 
William B. ).. 
Simeon Borden, of Fall B 
Henry I're.M, of I 
Christopher A. Church, of Wc 
Francis W. Mason, of Darti 
Henry Pierce, of New ;. 
Wm. Logan R tdn n, ol N. I 
Caleb L. Ellis, of New Bedford. 
Robert Gibbs, of > 
Nathaniel Gilbert, of New D 
Samuel L. Ward, oi l\ 
John D. Wilson, of Freet'n\n. 

Plymouth County. 
(Including Coh asset.) 
Genre C. h( , of Se.tuate. 
David Cain, of Hi' - 
Seth H. Vinall, of South Scituate. 
S r reuo Howe, of Marshfield. 
Henry B. Maglathlin, of Duxl 
Charles G. Davis, of Plyro 
Samuel 0. Whitmore, of Plyn 
Andrew J. Hadley, of Marioi . 
Austin J. Rol erts, of L 
Andrew J. Pi 

Simeon Perkins, of Bridgewater 
Lore:./;u D. Hervey, of North I 

Ezra Kingman, of E. Bridgewa 
Isaiah Jenkins, of Abii £ton. 
Otis W. Soule, of Abingt 
George F. S.- 1 of Ha 

Barnstable County. 
Asa E. Lovell, of Barnstible. 
Georse W. Doualdson, oi Fain 
Zcbedee Green, of Sandwii h. 
John K. Sears, of Yarmouth. 
Danforth S, Steel, of Harwich, 
Samuel Higgins, of Chatham. 
Sylvanus Smith, of Eastharu. 
Joseph P. Johnson, of P 
Benjamin Oliver, of Wellileet. 

Dukes County. 
Edgar Marchant, of Bdjartown. 

Nantucket County. 
EUsha Smith, of Nantucket. 
Andrew J. Morton, of Nantucket 



S. R< 
A C 

ibjnson, of Maiden, ! V rk. 
rafts, of Roxbury, Assistant 







James U 
Frc-ieric I 

Samuel Upham,of W 

of Marion, Door-k-.eptr. 
of Boston, Assistant Door- 


Harrison (i. <"is, <•*.' Worcester, M < 
A. Horaoc Alii u, of Springfield M 

N'orl ■ - • ' 


William Nye, Jr.,ol I 
Ut-urv i. Lowe, • :'■■•-, rt, -••• 
John" M. Uawley, oi Srin 
Charles Vf. Sh ; : ird.ofNortha mi u ii, r.. 
Charles S. Drew, of Worcester, 





Judiciary.— Mes &rs. Loring, of Suffolk, 
Griswold, of franklin, Bacon, of Middle- 

Probate and Chancery > — Messrs. Dodge, 
of Middlesex, Dean, of Suffolk, Gay, of 

Treasury. — Messi 5 . Crocker, of Wor- 
cester, Fessen len, of Middlesex, Bod- 
man, of Hampshire. 

Bills in the Third Heading. "^Messrs. 
Grisvrold, of Franklin, Jforthend, of J^s- 
sex. Whitney, of Hampden, Richardson, 
of Middlesex, Gay, of Plymouth., Wil- 
liams", of Worcester. 

Engrossed Bills, — Messrs. Bacon, of 
Middlesex, Seven--, of Worcester, Brown- 
ell, of Bristol, Thompson of Hampden, 
Mitchell, of Plymouth, Gilbert, of Hamp- 
shire and Franklin. 

Pnintinffi — Messm Sioefewelf; of Suf- 
folk, Hill, QrWotcester, Gep/rg*, of E& 

l^aoe cf Absence. — Messrs. Day, cf 
Norfolk, Crane, of Plymouth, Wales, of 


Accbitnis. — Messrs* Tucker, of Suffolk, 
-and Bijltngham, of Barnstable, of the 
Se/uzte. Messrs. Mason, of Dartmouth, 
i utnara, of Lunenburg, D therty, of Bos- 
ton, Butriek, of Haverhill, and Kimball, 
of Wofcafn, of the House, 

Agriculture. — Messrs. Burt, of Berk- 
shire, and Brown eU, of Bristol, of the 
NviJvi'. Messrs. Davis,, of Plymouth, 
Stone* of Dedham, Breek, of Brighton, 
Brooks, of Medford, and Stedman, of 
ChicoBee, of the House, 

Banks and Banking, — Messrs. Babson, 
of K-rx, and Twambiy, of -Suffolk-, of 
I . .'-"■ ■ ■■■,:. K) ■■>-•-■, Sharker, of Boston, 
--.'' ':;:; y, r>f Lowell, Glaiek, of Framing,- 
;. i.;i, dairy, of Medway, and Loud, of 
Weymouth, of the House. 

;\ Senate: Messrs 
1 -- ;.• :■>, of Low* 11 
mouth, Riley, of 1 
Somerset, of the 11 

}:■ '■(. ifllion, ~— Me 

ind Haven, 

•,f M 

Ri hardson, of Mid- 
tt, of Berkshire, of 
Leo, of Templeton, 
Whit more, of Ply- 
jston, and Hood, of 

its. Swan, of Norfolk, 
iles; s, of the Senate. 
Messrs. Albee, of Marlborough, Eaton, of 
Boston, Heard, of Clinton, Maglathlen, 
of Daxbury, and Tyler, of Nfttiek, of the % 

Federal Relations. — Messrs. Northend, 
of Essex, and Reed, of Bristol, of the 
S mte. Messrs. Chandler, of Boston, 
Field, of Stoekbridge, Pi'erce, of Borches- 
1 ■!. L*e, of Templeton, and Banfield, of 
v. est Eloxbury, of the Home. 

ins, of Es- 

* %, and 1./:-. of Barnstable, of the 
> .-.",-. .• -. . rs, Sears, of Yarmouth, 
Johnson, ot* Provincetown, Roads, of 
Marble head, Jewett, of Gloucester, and 
Cain, o1 Hingham, of the House. 

Library. — Messrs' George, of Essex, 
Swan, of Norfolk, and Babson, of Essex, 

of tJie Senate. M 
bridge, Go Id ird, of VV 
er, of Boston, of ' 

Franklin, of the Senate. M 
wrigjht, of Adi 
dover, Kinenian, of I 
Springfield, of 

> utile Affairs and Insurance. — 
Messrs. Lorii 

of Essex, of the Senate. '•'.- 
of Boston, Gilbert, of New B- 
Stickney, of Ge< • . n, cf 

all, of We»1 
of the Ho 

Militia. — Messrs. Thompson, of i . 
den, and Smith, of Wor wter, of the 
Semite. M< 

Brown, of Taunt,,-., Wright, of L 
Curtis, of Roxbury, and Dike, of S( 
ham, c the 1 

Pa isfies and 1' lit/ious So ' ' : . — 
Messrs. Stevens, of 'Worcester, and Ha- 
ven, of Middlesex, of (hi 
Sewall, of Medfielct, Sargent, of .' 
bury, Cutlet, of I . , Howe, of B 
field, and Armsby, of Millbory, of the 

Prisons. — Messrs. Dean, of -Sufi Ik, 
and Bay, of Norfolk, of the S 
Messrs. Stone, of Charlestc wrn, Brown, of 
Boston, Atwood, of Taunton, Put 
of Danvers, and Souther, of Woic 
of the House. 

Public- Charitable Institutions. — M 
Mitchell, of Plymouth^ and Tompl 
Essex, of the 'Senate. Messrs. Hooker, 
of Cambridge, Stevens, of Boston, Hill, 
of Lowell, May, 0^ Roxbury, and C 
well, of Leicester, of the House. 

Public Lands. — Messrs. Whiti zy, of 
Eampdtefi, and Croi of Worcester, 

of tht Senate. Messrs. Brastow, of S 
eivllie, Chcever, of Chelsea, Bfown, of 
Pittsfield, Cushman, of Amherst, and 
White, of Mansfield, of the B 

•Railways and Canals. — Messrs. 
of Bristol", and Dodge, of V 
the Senate. Messrs, Banfield, of • 
Roxbury, Morris, 0: Boston, Currii 
Newburyport, Field, of Greenfield, and 
-Daniels,' of Worcester, of '- N u . 

Rondo . nd Bridg ?.- M Jssrs. • 
ham, of Barnstable, and Dodge, of Wor- 
cester, of the Se.>u;te. Messrs. Littlefield, 
of Northampton. Gibbs, of New Be 
Mulligan, of Paxton, Taylor, of Mont- 
gomery, and Higgins, of Chatham, of tht 

State House. — Messrs. TwomUy, of 
Suffolk, and Wakefield, of Middlesex,©/ 
the Senate. Messrs. Lothrop, of Milford, 
Williams, of Lawrence, Pierce, of New 
Bedford, Wait, i i M ilden, and vxtelj, of 
Graft n, ofth ' 

T 0wn <;, — Messrs. Williams, of Worces- 
ter, and Crane, of Plymouth, oj the 
Senate. Messrs. Ward, of Fairharen, 
Hervey, of North Bridgewater, Elliot, ol 
Billerica, Cummings, of Quincy, and iol- 
man, of Petersham, of the House. 





Twenty-third Article, of -■< Amend' 
ments of the C nsiitut , c to the 

Right of Persona of Foreign U 
role. -—.Messrs. Hill, of Wo .- I .-,'[■■ ■ 
er, of Suffolk, and Libby, of Ban it 
of the Senate. Messrs. Currier, -of New- 
bttryport, Southard, of Boston, Bates, of 
Attleborough, Murphy, of Wor< iter, 
Roberts, of Lakeville, Waleott, of Mun- 
roe, and Coming, of Haverhill, of the 

Subject of the Service of Process on 
Volunti rs, the Eligibility of Memb 
Congress, and Proceedings foi Restraint 
of Insane Persons. — Messrs. Richardson, 
of Middlesex, Dean, of Suffolk, and Gay, 
of Plymouth, of the Senate. M essrs. Nor- 
ercss," of Fitchburg, Stone, of Waltham, 
Brown, of Taunton, Eat-On, •->' Dorchester, 
Gove, of Boston, Hannum, of v\ hately, 
.andCurtir. of E xbury, of the House. 

Subjeet of tht Trm an I Greenfield !■' il- 
rdad. — m 

Stevens, of Worcester, 
Babson, of Essex, and Brpwuell, of Bris- 
tol, of the Senate. Messrs. field, of 
Stockbridge, Wright, of Boston, Brown, 
of Charlestowrt. Church, of Westport, 
"Brastov-, of Somerville, Rogers, of Glou- 
cester, and Cashmau, of .Amherst, of the 

Subject of Establishing a Supervisory 
JBoird of Public Institutions, and a Board 
of Health and Vital 'Statistics.—- Messrs. 
Mitchell, of Plymouth, Tompkins, of Es- 
sex, and Wakefield, of Middlesex, of the 
Senate. Messrs. Parsons, of Broukline, 
Mason, of Dartmouth, Morse, of Taun- 
ton, Beard, of Waltham, Sewail, of Mcd- 
field, Walker, of Boston, -xr.a Elliot, of 
Bilkri a, of the House. 

Subjeetpf Criminal Costs, etc.. — Min- 
isterial Officers, — the Death Penalty, — 
Carrie. - nd Divorce. — Messrs. Bacon, 
of Middlesex, Swan, oi" NVrmlk, and 
J ohnson, of Pi^ex, of the Senate. JVJ essrs. 
Chandler, of Boston, pushing, of New- 
buryport, Davis, of Plymouth, Grafton, 
oi Boston,:!! Imes^of iStoughton, .^Iatha- 
way. of Salem, and Marehant,ot Edgar- 
town, of the House. 

Flcn 'age of Certain Lands on the Con- 
cord and Sudbury Riuers. — Messrs. 
Whitney, of Hampden, Burt, of Berk- 
shire, and Bodmnn, of ti ira| ■ ■';. r •. of t ' '■ 
Senate. Messrs. Jewell, of li -.ton, Lit- 
tkfle'.d, of Northampton, Stanwood, of 
Essex, Smith, of Na,otui v^t, Stone, of 
Oxford, Batterfield, of Tyngsborough, 
and Bollard, of Lee, of 

Preparation of Legist ttice Business, and 
Reform in Work and Pag of State Em- 
ployees. — Messrs. Williams, of Worcester, 
Gilbert, of Hampshire and Franklin, and 
Day, of Ntorfoik, of the Senate. Messrs. 
Qui., of Salem, I let :h< r, of Atton, 
Browceil, of Roxbury, Rice, of West- 

• :' D 


' ■ 

end, of • 

of B 


Senat I 

B ' • : t of Ft « 

wood, of < 

of Yarmouth. . 
R( ■ ' rig, ' ., ■ ' 
' . ' I . . 

Fall River, Moi 
Grei ' ' 

tliC II : 


HOI ■ ... 

J liciary. ■-■■ Me 
buryport, Jewell, of Bostoi . Gil . 
Salem, Noreross. of ] 
Waltham, Borden, of Pall River, Hey- 
wo d, of Concord. 

Prol - 

of Stoekbridge, Pouter, of Ai 
.Smith, of Springfield, Abbol . of Weat- 
i >rd. Wheatland, of S blardii 

! Cambridge, Baldwin, - 

Finance. — Me r« 
i ter. Parsons, of J 

II, ] . 

I bens, of B irgh, of Grt 

tin ton Moi m, of > a i ket. 

Hon . — Messrs. Church, of 
j port, Judkins, of Abin I 

i ofColeraiue Dewey, of Egr uont, Kelt, of 
Liolyoke, Sherman, of Conway, Pi . 
of Middleborough. 
j Bills in the 2 xj. — Messrs. 

| Adams, of North Br okiu Id, K 

t . Danvers, Johns )n, i t 
, McCarthj , i I 
! Whitaker, of New S 
■ Belchertown. 

Engrossed U '..--" - V ight, oi 

1 Boston, Stetson, of 11 son ..." 

i Sandisfield, Manning, of Re iding, Graves, 
I of Lynn, Metcalf, ot Mendon, McGi 
I of \\ 'il i 

! CO I - ■ ' '. 

| of Wi , Brei d, of Ly: n, 

j of Montague, Knowles, of Warren, Fiteh, 

i of Hatfield. ' 

Pay Roll.— Messrs. Lothrop. of Sharon, 
Loveli, of Barnstable, Sou 
' Norton, of Westfield, Pratt, i I 

Leave ofAbst tct — Messrs D 
! of 1 dlmouth, Moody, of Enfield, Northup, 
I of Blackstone, Adams, i 
' French, of Townsend. 

J ' . . Bulla igs. — > T es-r-=. CI 
wrence, Emery, of Boston, fl 
| of Shrewsbury, Newton, of Palmer, Smith, 
of Eastham. 


- . :. rs, " 

, • id lard, of Barre, De M 
A_: >- im, Marchant, of Edgartown, ; 
of Ha 



As established by Chap. 310, Acta of 1857. 

I,— The five Senatorial Distriw ts of the County of 8 I 

2. --The five Senatorial Distri :l i if the County of E sex. 

;..— The First, Second, b'ourtb, Fifth, and Sixth Senatorial Districts of (he County of 

Mid llesex, 
1. —Tito Flunk;:'! Senatori i District, th H m] hii and ! i 

Central, North-East, and North- We I 
5. — The two Senatorial Districts of the County of 

tricts of trie County of Berkshire, and t 
6»— The N<nth Norfolk Senatorial District, the Third W ■' ■.. 

Fast, South-East and South-"W est Districts of the • 
7. — The West and E ist Norfolk Senatorial Districts, and the thi 

of the County of Bristol. 
8.— The three Senatorial Districts of the County of Plymouth, the Cape District and 

the Island District. 


As established by Chap. 309, Acts of. 1857, with the number of legal voU r i in each district. 

\ Whole number of legal voters in the State on the 1st of May, 1 . . Averag< 

ratio for each district in the State, 5,2S2.] 

[ , Suffolk County— Five Senators. 

j [Average Eatip, 4,949.] 

FitM r'i^riet.'-Chvl^o., North Chelsea, Winthrop, and Ward No. 2, Boston. Legal 

| voters, 3,983. 

{ Second 'District. — Wards Nos. 1, 3. and 5, Boston. Legal voters, 5,371. 

Third Distmcit --Wards Nos. 4, 6, and 7, Boston. Legal vot si i •"• 2 
Fowth District. — Wards Nos. 8, 9, and 10, Boston. Legal voters, 5,1 

| Fifth jQwfi*rf.MS«xda Nos. 11 and 12, Boston. Legal voters, 4,420. 

E Essex County— Five Senators, 

[Average ratio, 5,593.] 
First District. — Lv.nn, Lynnrleld, Marblehead, Nahaat, Saugus, and Sv sot Le/al 

I voters, 5,681. ' 

Second District. — Salem, Danvers, Hamilton, Middleton, South Daiucrs, Top 
I and Wenham. Legal voters, 5,657. 

I Third District. — Lawrence, Andover, Boxford, Haverhill, Methuen, and North An : 

Legal voters, 5,633. 
Fourth District. — Newbnryport, Amesbury, Bradford, • Georgetown, Gi veland, Ne- - 
I bury, Salisb&ry, and West Newbury. Legal voters, 5,430. 

Fifth District, — Beverly, Ess>ex, Gloucester, Ipswich, Manchester, Rockport, and Row- 
ley. Legal voters, 5,565. 

Kicid'esex County-Six Senators. 
[ [Average ratio, 5,709.] 

First District. — Charlestowu, Sbmervilie, Melrose, and Maiden. Legal voters, 5,741. 
Seehid District.— Cambridge, Waltham, West Cambridge, Water4own, and Brighton. 
\. . il voters, 5,981. 

Thif t D ■••■; f.->rAshland, Framingham, Holliston, Hopkinton, Narlck, Not ton, Sher- 
| bom, S i Ibury, Wayiand, and Weston. Legal voters, 5,764. 

Fourth l> ttru i.~ Acton, Ashby, Boxborough, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Concord, Bum 
\ Grot< : i, Lincoln, Littleton, Marlborough. Pepperell, Shirley, Stow, Tuwnsend, 

borough, and Westford. Legal voters, s,357. 
Fifth District.— Bedford, Billerica, Burlington, Lexington, Medford, North Reading, 
Reading, South Leading, Stoneham, Wilmington, Winchester, and "\\ oburn. Legal 
voters, o,7$6. 
Sixth J 'Strict. —Lowell, Dracut, and Tewksbury. Legal voters, 5,629. 

Worcester County— Six Senators. 
[Average ratio, 4,942 ] 
Central District. — Worcester, Kolden, Paxton, and Rutland. Legal voters, 4,883. 
Sottth~F(Uit £>i«incfe*--Blackstone, Douglas, Mendon, Milford, Northl ridge, Sutton, and 

Uxhridge. Legal voters, 4,793. 
SouthrVf'esi District—Anaum, Brookfieid, Charlton, Dudley, Leicester, Oxford, South- 
bridge, Spencer, Stuxbridge, Warren, Webster, and West Brookfieid. Legal voUrs, 

IVe . District.— AthoL Barre, Dana, Hardwick, Hi 

Br okfjeld, OakSarh, Petersham, Phillipston, E yalston, Tcmpleto , i 

don. Legal voters, 4,903. 
S'orth-East District.— Ashburnham, Fitchburg, Gardner, Harvard, Lancaster, L 

ster. Lunenburg, Princeton, Sterling, and Westminster. Legal voters, 5,217. 
Ba :. District^— Berlin, Bolton, Boylston, Clinton, Grafton, Military, Northb 

Shrewsbury, Squthborough, Upton, Westborough, and West Boylston. Legal 

*oter$, 4,913. 



Hampden County— Two Senators. 
[Average c 
Western Diitrict.— Holycke, Agawam, Southwi ■ , | 

Springfield, Chester, Montg . ... 

yaterS, 5,156. 
.. -. > District— laxigmendov?, S , Monson, Wales, h 

P Im r, and Wiibraham. Legal i I rs, 5,246. 

Hampshire and Counties— Three Benaton. 

[Average ratio, 4 
Bampshire District.— Chesterfield, Cuminington, Eastharnpto I . ; •- 

field, Huntington, Middlefield, Norths 

ton, Westhampt >n, Williamsburg, and Worthington 
Franklin District. —Ashfiehl, Bernardston, 

Deerfield, Gill, Greenfield, Hawley, Heath, Leyden, Monroe, Northfield, B 

Shelburne, and Whately. Legal voters, : 
Hampshire and Franklin District. — Amherst, Belchertown, I .-. G 

wich, P.elham, Pzescott, Ware, Erving, Lcv< ett, 

Shutesbury,. Sunderland, Warwick, and.Wendell. Les 

Berkshire County— Two Senators. 
[Average ratio, 4,882.] 
North District.— Adams, Cheshire, Clarksburg, Dalton, Florida, Hancock, Hii 
New. Askford, Lanesborough, Peru, Pittsfield, Savoy, Williamsl 
I^egal voters, 4,907. 
Soi-'fh District. — AYford, Becket, Bgremont, Great Barrington, ] - . L Moi 

Mount Washingt >n, Ni w Marlborough, Otis, Richmond, Sai 
Stockbridge, Tmiigham, Washington, and West Stockbridge. Leg . 4,8-37. 

Sorfoik County (without Cohasset)— Three Senators. 
[Average ratio, 5,824.] 
Worth District. — Roxbury, Brookline, Dorchester, and W. Roxbury. Legale srs 
East- District. — Braintree, Milton^ Quincy, Randolph, Stoughton, and Weyi 

Le.p;al voters, 5,819. 
West District. — Bellingharn, Cantor', Dedham, Dover. Foxborough, Franklin, Medfield, 
Medway, Needharn, Sharon, Walpoie, and Wrentham. Legal voters, o.ouO. 

Bristol County (except Fairhaven)— Three Benatore, 
[Average ratio, 5.531.1 
North District. — Attieborough, Easton, Raynham, Mansfield, Norton, and Taun 

Lep:ai voters, .5,615. 
South District. — New Bedford ana Dartmouth. Legal voter-, 5,696. 
West District. — Berkley, Dighton, Fall River, Freetown, Pawtucket, Rehobctb, Bee- 
konk, Somerset, Swanzey, and Westport. Legal voters, 5,440. 

Plymouth County (with Fairhaven and Cohasset)— Three Senators. 
[Average ratio, 5,198.] 
\, '.--: bmgttift, Cohasset', Hanover, Hinsrham, Hull, No th Bi 
. and Soii tb Scituate. Legal voter-s, 5,557. 

fctf^Biridgevvaie'r, Carver, Fairhaven, Lakeville, Mattapoiset, Marion, Mid- 
dleborough, Rochester, and Wareham. Legal voters, 4,968. 
MiiUll Dish U:.-~ Dux-bury, J'.. »t Bridgewater, Halifax 1' nson, K; 

Pt-'.nhroke, Biynvouth/Plyinpton, and West Bxidgewate'r. i- gal voters 

Barnstable, Nantucket, and Dukes Counties— Two Senators. 

[Average ratio, 5,248.] 

Cape Disirict.-rBxevrster, Chatham, Dennis, Eastham, Harwich, Orleans, Provincetxwn, 

Truro, Wellfleet, and Yarmouth.- Legai voters, 5,2.59. 
Isiand District.— Barmta-ble, Falmouth ..Sandwich, Edgartown, Chftntiark, Tisbnry, and 
Nantucket. Legalvoters, 3,2o8. 

As established by the County Commissioners of the several Coum ■ ' t l m Suffolk, 
and the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Boston, for the County of Suffolk, pur- 
suant to the*21st-Art. of Amendments of' the Constitution, and I hap. 308 oft! 
of 1857 ; with the number of Leiral voters in each District, . o 1 

of IS57,) and the numbei of Representatives to which said dis ricta are respectively 
entitled. Number of Representatives, 240. Number of voters to each Rei - 
the. 8S0\. 








Suffolk County. 

Boston Ttii Wtrd. 

Voters. K 














Boston Bth Ward. 

1.. Boston 1st Ward. 1,709 2 9. Boston 9th Ward. 

2. Boston 2d Ward. 1,916 3 I 10. Boston 10th Ward. 

3. Boston 3d Ward. 1,755 2 11. Boston 11th Ward. 

4. 'Boston 4th Ward. 1,961 2 12. Boston 12th Ward 

5. Boston 5th Ward. 1,907 2 13. Chelsea, North Chelaea,Wintnrop 

6. BortOn 6th WaTd. 

Total, 24,745 « 


Essex County. 

A ot •■-. B 



[ulitston, Sherborru 
.sida .: ■!, Honkinton. 






i-Jtowe, Sudbury, Way-land 
A can, Boxborough, Littleton,! 

Carlisle. \ 

Burlington, Bedford, Lexington. 
Wi burn. 

- : i. Ur-ndhVsr, Mei*«s*, Sione&am. 1,G96 
: -';:':. , North Reading. 855 

V. rlmwigtOn, Tew.fcshury. Billerica. 779 
Lowell 1st Ward, 2d Ward, ) 

Rtti Ward. / 

Lo - ,-n 3d Ward, 4th Waul,] 

i h M ,rl, f 

Pi ;1 iWtWd, Dracut, Tyngs- I 

borough. " I 

Shirley-, Groton, Dunstable, / 

IVestford, Peppered. J 

Towosend, Asiibvi 





1 ,590 

Worcester County. 

Asnbunikam, Wincfaendoxi. 
Athol, Royalston. 
Dana, Petersham, Phil lips ton. 
Pempleton, Hubbardston. 
Gardner* Westminster. 
FJtcbbHEg, Leominster, Ster-) 

liflg, Lunenburg. / 

Harvard, Bolton, Bejrlin. 
Clinton, Lancaster. 
Princeton, Rutland, Oakham. 
S irr-. 1 , Hard wick. 
Warren, West Brookrleld. \ 

Saw Briintree. f 

N rth Brw ktield, Broofcfield. 
I ■■■ ■■,; i. -;h ncer. 
West Bnylston, Hoiden, Paxton. 
Shrewsbury. Nortbborough. f 

Boylston. J 

West! nrotigh, Socthborough. 

N<«n Abridge, Upton. 

Atnesbuiy, Salisbury, New- I 

bury port 6th Ward. / 


Beverly, Wenham, Tonsfield. 

Essex, Manchester. 819 

." orjptowD, Groveland. 791 

Gloucester. 1,748 

Haverhill. 1,795 

Ipswich, Hamilton 63,7 

Lawrence 3d Ward, 4th Ward. 837 

Lawrence 1st vVard,2d Ward, ) 01 , 

Gtii Ward. / 

Lynn2d Ward,5th War.'. 934 
[.'• un 1st Ward,Gth Wafd,7thWard. 902 

Marblehead, Salem 5th Ward. 1,8.53 

M ithuen, Lawn net 5th Ward. 731 

Xahant, Lynn 4th Ward. 829 
Newbury, W. Newbury, Rowley. 983 
Newburjpprt 1st Warded Ward. 700 

Newbury port 3d Ward, 4th ) i nafl 

Ward', 5th Ward, | ' ° 
Bradford, North Andover, Boxford. 695 

Rockport. 819 

Salem 1st Ward, 3d Ward. 953 

Sa-ienj 2d Ward, 4th Ward,! , -o.-, 

6th Ward. i 1 »° 33 

s.t gy$, Lvnufield, Mjddleton. 790 

Strain ttarivem. 1,023 

^wasnpscot, Lynn 3d Ward. 916 i 

Total, 27"^'>J 35 
Middlesex County. 

C-hairlestown 1st Ward. ■ 1,067 1 

CharkstowriSd Ward, 3d Ward. 2,344 3 

Soraerville, '966 1 

.Maiden. 904 1 

.Med ford. 839 1 

West Cambridge, Winchester. - 854 1 

Cambridge. 3,161 3 

N iv : >n, Brighton, 1,819 2 

V\ stertown, Walt-ham. 1,760 2 
Concord, Lincoln, Weston. 

■. Mendoo. 
1 22. \\ • ■! t.-r, Douglas. 

I ' ty. 
24. < 

•j:".. Oxford, i^-.r ] 

36. \' irn, Wora iter Btl 

27. W\ ■■ . 

28. V\ orceab r 3d VV ti 

29. Wor 

30. Worcester 7th Ward. 

K'.-.mpahir: Cox 

1. Easthampton,Hatfi< 

ampton ton. 5 

2. Chi stei field, Hi ,; ; •: :., j 


3. Cummingtun, Gosh< u, Mi 1 i 

dleileld, Plainfield, \\'ortii- y 



2 699 






1 ■■ 

ington. I 

Hadipy, South Hadley. 
Amberrit, Granbj . Pel 
B( Ichertow u, Enfield, Gn n / 

Wich, f^scoti, Wart.-. j 


Hampden. County. 
Brimfield, Monson, Holland, ) 


V\ i! :'.':i!:":'-. Loncn 
Springfield 1st Ward, 2 I Ward. 
Springfi '.I 3d War 
Springfield 5tli Ward, I I 

Ward, 7th Ward, 8th Ward, j 
Chicopee, Ludlow. 
Holyoke, West Spring 
Agawam, Southwick, Granville. 
Chester, Blandford, Tolland,) 

Montgomery, Russi !!. j 

■ ■ I, 
Frankiiu County. 

field, Gill, Leyden, Sli I 

burne. J 

BuckIand,Charlemont,Heath, { 

Monroe, Rowe. ) 

Ashfield, Conway, Haw ! . . 
Deerfteld, Whately. 
Leverett, Shutesbury, Sunder- \ 

land, Wendell. ) 

Erviug, Montague, N'orthf 
New Salem, Orange, Warwick. 

Eerkshiro County. 
Hancock, Lanesborough, New j 

Ashford, Williamstown. i 
Adams, Clip--::.- •.< I i rg, 

Florida, S i >oy \ 

Pittsrield, Dalton, Richmond. 
Becfeet, Hinsdalc,Peru,Wash- I 

ington, W indsor. \ 

Lenox, Stockbridge, West / 

Stockbridge. \ 

Lee, Tyringham. 
Great Barrington, Alford, Moutew 
New Marlborough, Saudis- ) 

field, Otis. \ 

Sheffield, Mount Washington, ) 

Egrcuiont. | 

Norfolk County. 

(Except Cohtwet.) 
West !:.i\bury. 
Brail tree. 
R i id ilph. 

Canton, Milton, Walpolc Sharon 
Foxborough,W rentiiam, Medway 
Franklin, Bellinjrham. 
Need ham, Medrteld, 1) >ver, 








. :." 1 






1 .--, 1 


■ 1 



; -7 


7,401 • 





- " 
931 1 

;.: .' 2 

. c 'l 1 





9.764 1 

Total, 17,474 20 


ErLstol County. 

f.' itrlet. 

1. ; iw tucket, At tleborough. 

2. Mansfield, Norton. 

3. I'. <-~v>n. Raynham. 
•1. Taunton. 

5. Rehoboth, Seekonk. 

6. HJghSun, S i uer»et, Sw anzoy. 

7. Fa'l River. 
6. WesfOOTJt. 
S. Dartmouth. 

10. New Bedford 1st Ward, 2d Ward. 

11. New Bedford 3d War !, 4^r, > 

Ward,nthWard, 6th Ward. ) 

12. Berkley, Freetown, Fairhavcn. 

Plymouth County. 

(toclodiiig Goflaaset.) 

1. Hull, Cohssset, Scituate, 

2. Hingham. 

3. South Scituate, Hanover. 

4. Marehfteld, Pembroke. 

5. Duxbury, Kingston, 

6. Plymouth, Carver. 


1 1 





2 5 1 -, 






! ■ 










1 ,59 J 














.. \. ar t'T-i, •' 

( U 

9. Midi j 

II. East l: : . 

1 -. \ igton. 
i;i. Ha 

Barnstable County. 

!• Bar! ■ - „, o 

mouth. j MM •' 

C. Yarm >uth, Dennis, Hart* icb, / 

| '-'■ 

3. Bn ■ ?ter, Orlea is, F.astJiam. 

4. Wellneet, Truro, I rovim • • >wu. '.. 

Total, 7,r7'j 9 

Dukea County. 
1. Edgarti n i , 

. . Nantucket County. 

1. Nantucket. i.vjj •;• 

x>y an ai 
eleven folic 
and siibseq 

District 1. 

All of BArnstable,Dukes and Nantucket coun- 
ties ; the city of New Bedford and towns of Dart- 
mouth ami Fairhaven, in Bristol county; the 
tori ttsof Carver, Kingston, Plymouth, Plympton, 
Rochester, and WarehaiB. in Plymouth county. 
District 2. 

The towns of AtUebo.rough, Berkley, Dighton, 
Easton. Fail River, Freetown, Mansfield, Nor- 
ton, Pawtucket, Raynham, Rehoboth, Seekonk, 
Somerset, Swanzey, Taunton, and Westport, 
in the cairuty oi Bristol - and the towns ol 
Abiugton, Bridgewater, Duxbury, -East Bridge 
water, Halifax, Hanover, Hanson, Hinghani, 
Hull, Marshrield, Middteboroiigh, North Bridge- 
crater, Pembroke, Scituate, South Scituate, and 
West Bfidgewater, in the county of Plymouth ; 
nnxl the town of Cohassetj in the county of Nor- 

District ?,. 

The bints sf v. H i] 

Randolph, SL 
Roxbury, We 
county oi Not 



and Wat 

IV, il. 


■:■:•. Btaintree, C 
•: r,:Poxbt>rough, t rank 
ltOn,Needba?n, Q'j incy, 
i'gfiton, Walpolejj West 
rid Wrentham, in the 
he tow n^ of Blackstone, 
h ■■:■. , I pton, and L :■ ■ 
if Worcester , and the 
llistou, Newton, Sher- 
in the count} of Mid - 


Lof tke Legislature passed April 22, 1852, the State wa into the 

wii*g districts ?)i- the purpose of electing representatives to the thirty-tb 
Cent Congresses of the United States. 

don, Medford, Melrose, )' 
South R jading, Stoi i :.-, .. ■: v. . 
Cambridge, Wilmin ton, , and V\ 

barn, in the county of Mid 11 
District 3. 

The city of Lowell, and the towns of Acton, 
Ash y, Ashland, Bedford, Billcrica, Boj 
on::!), Carlisle, Chelmsford, Concord, T ' 

: am, Groton, .. 
Lii coin, Littleton 
perell, Shirley, Stow, S idl nrj 
Townsend, T> ngs . i . 

and IVeston, in tho count) of Mid ll 
the towns of 1) rlii . II j * c .... . {■ rv Lunen- 

burg, N'orthborough. Southborough, and V. •.-••- 
b trough, in the conn > of W< r.-es:er. 
District 9. 

Th^ towns of Ash! 
Boylston, Brookl , . Charl CI i i D 
las, Dudley, Fitch! urg, Gai 
den, "Tin - ■■ i u . L 

j field, Oakham, i >>for ' •' ■•••• , . :• ■ 

j land, Shrewsbury, Southbridge, Spenci r, 

; ling, Sturbrid; , 

i West :... 1st . . ■ 

| ! the city of t\ orcester,in Hie a 

j ceater. 

District 10. 
j The towns of Athol,Dana, Hardwick, I 
I ham, Phillipston, Royalston, Warren, 
I West Brookrii Id, in t! f W 

| and Erving, Lcverett, Montague, New 
I Northlield, Oi Shu ■-' ry, S 

; Warwick, Wendell, and V. Ii county 

of Franklin; and Amherst, Belchcrtnwn, East- 
| hampton, \. . Id, '.;■ inbv . Cree iv 
' Hatricl I, Northampton, I'clha n, Prescott 
'■ Had ley, and the co :■:•. of f] 

and Briinhcld, Chicopee, Holland, Holyoke, 
\ Liinsmeadow, Ludlow, Nhmsou, Palmer, S 
' field, Wales, West Spring ield, a;id S\ il i 
in the county of Hampden. 

In. trict 11. 
The towns of Ashlield, Bernardston, Bo 
Charlemout, Colerainc, Conway, Deertield.Gill, 

el I, llawley, > : ath i- ' . '< 
R . . . ... 

and Chesterfield, Ctttin i . ton 
field N !■•'■ I, d n. Weal- 

ham pton, Williams 
ii:.- e< atyof H 

ter, Granville, Montsomery, Ru^ell 
Tolland, and tha count) ... 
dt-n ; and tho several towr.s in the c 
[ Berkshire. 

District 4. 
Th» city of Roxbury, and the town of Brook 
Ur>e, in the county of Norfolk; ;t.:d the wards 
tmntboted seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, and 
twelve, in the city ot liostuu, in the county of 

District 5. 
The wards numbered ono, two, three, four, 
five, and six, in the city of Boston, and the 
towns of Chelsea and North Chelsea, and Win- 
throp, in the county of Suffolk : and the city of 
Cambridge, in the cO&nty of Middlesex, 


The cities Of Lynn, Newhurypnrt, an 1 Salem, 
and the towns of Amesbury, Beverly, Essex, 
('•■ >rgf town, Gloucester, (>ro; eland, Hamilton, 
[« sm i. : . '■[- -. hi ster, Mai >! •.:■ • I, N'< wbur 
Rock ■■!-:. Rowley, Salisbury, WenWam, and 
We*< %..vbury,in the count) of Essex. 
District 7. 

Tfce towns of Andover, Boxford, Bradford, 
Danvers, Haverhill, Lawrence, Lynnfield , Me- 
thuen, Middle ton, Saugus, and TopsfieSd, in the 
county of Essex; and the city of Charlestown, 
and the towns of Burlington, Lexington, Mai- 







Nathan Clifford, Circuit Judge. 
Peleg Sprague, District Judge. 
Kichard H. Dana, Jr., District Attorney, 
Thornton K. Lothrop, Asst. Dia. Attorney. 
Ellis W. Morton, 2d Asst. Di&t. Attorney. 
John S. Keyes, Marshal. 
Frederick Warren, Deputy Marshal. 
Henry W. Fuller, Clerk Circuit Court, 
Seth E. Sprague, Clerk District Court. 

[Offices of all the above arc at the United States 
Court ii'.'use, HO Tietaont Si., Boston.] 

C&mmissi&ners of the Circuit Court cf 
the United Sts tes, for the first Circuit, and 
1 > Ls t r : c t of Massachusetts : Geo, T. Cur- 
£is, Lknjaniih F. Haliet.t, Edward G. Lor- 
i:.:-, Gaa3. Levi Woodbury, Elias Merwin, 
Charles P. Curtis. Jr., Caleb Wm. spring, 
Van S, Dexter, Henry L. Hallett, Geo. 
D. Guild, and Charles W. Tuttle, cf Bos- 
ton; Reuben A. Chapman and Wm. L. 
Smith, of Springfield; Austin S. Cush- 
roan, Oliver Preseott, of New Bedford. 

Circuit Courts, hodden 15th of May and 
l'5th of October, in each year, 

Disttiet Courts, holderi at Boston, 3d 
Tuesday in March ; 4th Tuesday in June ; 
2d Tuesday in Sept.; and 1st Tuesday ia 
DecV,; and Special Courts are holden 
usually on each-Friday, and on other days 
at the discretion of the Judge. 

Geo. T. Biuelow, Boston, Chief Justice. 


A. I)e we v, Northampton, "i 
a Metcalf, Boston, 

I «uc K rK. Hoar, Concord, 
lv£iS&. A. Chapman, Springfield, ) ■ 
Salary of the Chief Justice, #4,500, and cf 

each As sojeiate, 54,000. 
D-vigM roster, of Worcester, Attorney 

General Salary, £2,500, aud #1,000 

Clerk hire. 
George C. Wilde, Boston, Clerk for ike 
^ Commonwealth-. 

George W. Nichols, Boston, Asst. Cler 7 -. 
Charles Allen* Boston, Reporter.. Salary, 

£300, and proceeds of Reports. 


At Boston, 1st Wed. Jan. of each year, 
which term may be adjourned from time 
to time to such places and times as may 
I-- moSt conducive to the dispatch of busi- 
ness and the interests of the public; and 
ail $a#s*rons of law, whether arising upon 
appeal, exception, or otherwise, and from 
whichever court, shall be therein entered 
and dctermin i, if the same arise in cither 
of the following counties: Essex, SutFolk, 
Middlesex, Norfolk, Plymouth, Bristol, 
Barnstable, Dukes, or Nantucket. 

For Berkshire County, at Lenox, 2d 

For Bristol County, at Taunton, 4th 
Tues. Oct. 

For the Counties of Hampshire and 
Franklin, alternately at Greenfield and 

Northampton, b . ini ins at G 
1861, Mon. af. 2d Tues. Sept. 

For Hampden Court/, at 
3d Mon. af. 1st Tues. Sept. 

For Hampshire County, at Noil 
ton, 2d Mon. af. 1st Tues. Sept. 

For Worcester County, at Wor< 
4th Tues. af. 1st Tues. Sept. 


For the Counties of Bai 
Dukes, at Barnstable, 1st Ti 

Berkshire Co., at Lei 

Bristol Co., at Taunton, 3d J ucs. 
at New Bedford 2d Tues. Nov. 

Essex Co., at Salem, 1st Tues. April, 
and 1st Tues. Nov. 

Franklm Co., at Greenfield, 2 1 To. ' - 

Hampden Co., atSpr'gfield, Ith Tu.Apr. 

Hampshire Co., at Northampton, 3d 
Tues. April. 

Middlesex Co., at Lowell, 3d Tue i. .:.•-.. 
and Cambridge, 3d Tues. Oct. 

Nantucket Co., at Nantucket, 1st Tues. 

Norfolk Co., at Dedham, To Tut-. 

Plymouth Co., at Plymouth, 2d Tu. May. 

Suffolk Co., at Boston, 1st Tu. Oct • ^p. 

Worcester Co., at Worcester, 2d Tu. Ap # 


Charles Allen, Gh. Justice. 8 ik .-' ' 
Julius Rockwell, Otis P. Loi ', 

Morton, Jr., Ezra Wilkin 
Vose, Seth Ames, Thorn • ■ Ri ss< 11, 
P. Putnam, Lincoln F. Bri^ham, A 
ate Justices. Salary, £3,500 each. 


Barnstable Co., at Barnst il le, on 1 ues. 
next after 1st Mod. Apr., and UtTu. S< pt. 

Berkshire Co., at Lenox, 4th M in 
June, and Oct. (Civil), 1st Mon. Jan. and 
July (Criminal). 

Bristol Co., at Ti cmton, 2d Mon. March 
and Sept.; at New Bedford, 2d Mon. June 
and Dec. 

Duke's Co., at Eugartown, on last Mon. 
May and Sept. 

Essex Co., at Salem, 1st Mon. June and 
Dec. (Civil), 4th Mon. Jan. (Criminal); 
at Lawrence, 1st. Mon. March (Civil), 2d 
Mon. Oct. (Criminal) ; at Netfburypoit, 
1st Mon. Sept. (Civil), 2d Moi . . 

Franklin Co., at Greenfield, 3d Mon. 
Mar. and 2d Mon. Aug. and Nov. 

Hampden Co., at Sprii I , 2d 31on. 
Mar. and June, and 1st Mon. :. I 
31 Mon. May and lit Mon. Dec. (Crim- 

Hampshire Co., at Northampton, 3d 
Mon. Feb., 1st Mon. June, 3d Moo. Oct., 



(Cwil); Cd Men. Jure and 3d Mon. Dec., 

Middlesex Co., at Lowell, 2d Mon.Mar. 
and 1st Mun, Sept. (Civil), and 3d Mon. 
Cot (Criminal); at Concor.], lit Mm. 
June (Civil), 4th Mon. June (Critti 
at Cambridge, 2d Mo t. Dec. f Civil), and 
2d Mon. L\n. (Criminal). 

Norfolk Co., at Dedham, 4th Mon. Ap. 
and 3d Mon. Sept. and Dec. 

Nantucket Co., at Nantucket, 1st Mon. 
June and Oct. 

Plymouth Co., at Plymouth, 2d Mon. 
Feb. and June, and 3d Mon. Oct. 

Suffolk Co., at Boston, 1st Tue9. Jan., 
Apr., July, and Oct. ( Civil), and 1st Mon. 
every month (for Criminal Business). 

Worcester Co., at Worcester, 1st Mou. 
March, Mon. next af. 4th Mon. Aug. and 
2d Mon. Dee. (Civil), 3d Mon. Jan. 2d 
Mon. May, and 3d Mou. Oct. (Criminal); 
at Fitchburg, 2d Mon. June and Nov., 
(Civil), and 2d Mon. Aug. (Criminal). 


[Elected by the several a&triets for terms of three 
ygara, endicg J^mury, 1 ':.\j 

TTortlisrn District — Middlesex County, 

Isaac:.;. Morse, of Lowell. Salary, £1,500 

Eastern District.. — Essex County, Al- 
fred A. Abbott, of South Danvcrs. Sal- 
ary, £1,500. 

Southern District.— 'Bristol, Barnstable, 
Dukes, and Nantucket Counties. Geor 
Marston, of Barnstable. Salary, $1,200. 

South- Eastern District. — Norfolk an 4 
Plymouth Counties, Beni. W. Harris, 
Bast Bridgewater. Salary, 51,000. 

Middle. District.— -Worcester County, P. 
Emery Aldrich, of Worcester. Salary, 

Western District. — Hampden and Berk- 
shire Counties, Edward B. Gillett, of 
Wfestfield. Salary, £1,200, 

North- Western District.-— Hampshire 
and Franklin Counties, Daniel W. Alvord, 
of Greenfield. Salary, gSOO. 

Si-ffulk County.— Geo. P. Sanger, of 
Btfs&m. Salary, £3,000. Augustus O. 
Brewster, of Boston (appointed by Go'fer- 
nor and Council), Assistant Attorney. 
Salary, $1,800. 



Joel Bacon, Standing Justice. Charles 
Marsh, Henry P. Phillips, Special Justices. 


John Gray Rogers, Scbeus C. Maine, 
Geo. D.Weils, Jttaiiees. Salary, $2,500 

Edwin Wright, Special Justice, 

Seth Tobey, Ok <*k. Salary, £2,000. 

Wm. Knapp, Assistant Clerk. Salary, 
&l,Sl)0. Jacob Home'-, Id Assistant Clerk. 
Salary, $L'/J0. Samuel O. Knapp, od 
Assistant Clerk, Salary, £1,000. Wm. 
T. Connolly, ith Assistant Clerk, Salary, 


John S. Badd, Scanuin-j Justice. Salary, 
$1,500. George W. Livermore, Henry W. 
Mu^.^ey, Special Justices. 

Court Bit;> for trial of criminal case;; 

dnily at 9, A.M.; :' tT , : -. 

Thursday, at 10, A.M. 

police COURT ok chelsea. 

Harnlett Bfirte , Standing Justice, 

tus ]:■ 


1 '•'■' . :k. 

Mortimer D. V . j u ^- 

tlCe - S ■■■■;. - ■ I '..:! ('. C«rtl . 

ney Ch 


__ Louis Lapham, Standi .' 
Ford.iS? .^> , . .. 
ard, Clerk. 


Joshua P. Ti isl , Standing Jut ice. Cy- 
rus Siory, Jr., Special Ju 

roLicE co;.i.r or k.'.yekjull. 
William Taggarr, Stat d /■-, Justit 
by fees. Ednmad Kimbali, Spea:. , 
tica. Paid by fee-. 


^ Wm. St< •..•.- -, Standing Justice. Salary, 
$1,800. Daniel Saunders, Jr., Si 
lit •-. Henry L. Sherman, Clerk. S 


^Issac C. lyes, $ ■ '. g J\ 
}}, Waiung, Special Justice. Paid by Kes. 


Nathan Crosby, Standing Ju . -. 
ary, $'2,200. George Stevi as, .\ 
iice. Samuel P. Hadiey, Jr., ( 

folic:; COURT OF LYNX. 

Thomas B. Newhall, Standing Ji^stice. 
James 11. Newhall, Special Justice. 


Robert C. 1 itn in, Standing J 
Salary, #1,200. ft n ■ W. Crapo, E 
Anthony, Special* .a 

Porter, Clerk. Salary, Ok'.O, and I 



Step':. en VV. Marstdn, Standing J\ 

Salary, $800. John Cook, John N. . 
Special Justices. Edward W. KanJ, ( \< rk. 
Salary, §350. 


PhineasL. Page, Standing Just ict G 
S.Willis, James li. Dunham, Special Ju»- 
tiei ■;. 


Peter S. v, h ;elock, Standing J 
Salary, £1,500, Joshua Seaver, •, Special Justices. A. 1. Cummiugs, 


J03. G. Waters, Standing Ji 
Andrews, Wm. C. Prescott, S 
tices. Samuel i'. Andrews, C 


Jas. H. Morton, Standing Justice. Sal- 
ary, $1,500. Chas. A. Wincheater, Special 




Samuel R. Townsend, Stan lin, J\ 
Bcdj. R. Dean, Special Justice. Janus P. 
Bilis, Clerk. 


John H. Buckley, Stan ting Justice. Ai - 
drew M. Smith, Specu I Justice. 


Win. N. Di v ' - J John 

V.'. v. etherell, Win. W. I .' Ju$. 

tica. C'iark Jiilsrin , Clerk. 


Resident in MassacTittsetts, appointed by other States to take testimony to be used rod 
Acknowledgments of Deeds to be recorded in said States. 


Boston, Chas. B. F. Adams, Gco.T. An- 
gell, Ivers J. Austin, Edward Buck, Benj. 
I). Currier, Alfred E, Giles, John P. Hen- 
ley, Abraham Jackson, Otis G. Randall. 

$it>ckbridge t 3axi&. h. Field; Wsstfield, 
X.T.Leonard; ;io;v:^ViT. J. fcHr.^ Hill. 

Boston, Chas. lb F. Adams, Geo. T. Am- 
gell, B. F. C. Cressey, Benj. H. Currier, 
L. S. Curtis, M. Dyer, Jr., John C. Park, 
Oils G. Randall, Paul P. Todd. 


Boston, Cb. B. F. Adams, Gco.T. Angell, 
Sam'i \V. Bates, Robert!. Buxbank, Benj, 
H. Carrier, Jno. W. Draper, Edw'dFiske, 
George S. Male, Oiis G. Randall, Geo. E. 
Rice, Daniel Sharp, Hales W. Suter. 

Lowell, Win. A. Richardson ; Raxbitry, 
A. I. Cumraings; Nantucket, E. M. Gard- 
ner; N. Bedford, E, T. Alien; Newoury- 
yort, John Cook ; Ware. Benj. F. God'; 
Sfrfcfa, J. B. F. Osgood, Steph, P.Webb; 

Wcstjield, N. T. Leonard; SFom-'.Yr, J. 

Henry Fill. 


/;-),'*>;, Chas, B. F. Adams, George T. 
Aftge!}, fvers J. Austin, John A. Bolles, 
Geo. M. Browne, Edward Buck, Robert I. 
Burbank, Ti toy P. Cheever, Linus M. 
Child, D. II. Coolidge, 13 .rj. Ii. Currier, 
S S. Curtis, Charles Demcnd, Thomas A. 
Dexter, Mictrh Dyer, Jr., Alfred B. Ely, 
Gi or je S. Hale, Geo. 11. Hastings, Wm. 
Hobos, Jr., John S, Holmes, Charles G. 
Johns ■::, )). P. Kimball, Joseph Nicker- 
son, Charles Clutter, Silas F.PIympton, 
Benjamin Pond, John P. Putnam, Otis G. 
Randall, Daniel Sharp, Wm. H. L. Smith, 
Hates \Y. Suter, D. M. B. Thaxter, J as. 
B. Thayer, J. Wingate Thornton, Paul P. 
Todd, Bdwiri Wright. 

Hingkatn, Eberieaer Gay ; Laurence, B. 
Bordman ; Lowell, Jonathan Ladd ; West- 
fald t N.T. Leonard , Worcester, Ti.os. W, 
Fox, J, Henry Hill, A. &. Randall, E. B. 
Stoddard ; Springfield, A. N. Merrick, O. 
A. Seamaus. 


Boston, Chas, B. F. Adams, George T. 
Ahceil, Benj. EI. Currier, Otis G. Randall. 

Wcstjfield, N. T. Leonard ; Worcester, J. 
lUnr* Hill 


Boston, Chas. B. F. Adams, Gc . '• 
pell, Ivers J. Austin, Caust n I i 
Benj. II. Currier, Thos. A. D 
eis E. Parker, Otis Ci. Randall, \ 
H. L. Smith. 

Roxl ury, A. I. Cu nrain • i ; H 
N. T. Leonard; iro/revf*. i , J . Henr; 


Bos ion, C h as . B . F. A d ams, G< . T. An- 
pell, Prescott Big . . 
H. Currier, San ael s. I ■ . . . 
Dexter, J. W. Gregory, Otis G. R 

Westfield, N. T. Leonard. 


Boston, Cha;;. B. F. Adams, Geor 
Angell, Ivers J. .' 
Francis A. Brooks, Benj. H. I 
fred B. Ely, Wm. Hobbs, Jr., A 
Jackson, Alonzo V.Lynde, Geo 
bury, John T. Paine, Francis \Y. 1 

j Benj. Fond, Otis G.Randall. 

[ Brighton, Henry Baldwin : Dalt 
F. Bennett ; Gi. Harrington, Bud:. • P 1- 

! mer; Northampton, Harvey K 

I Thorndike, Gam iliel C( Bins; •• 
P. Pin@ree, Rol wt S. Rant ml ; JFi 
teh, Franklin Hall, J. Henry Hill, I 
B. Stoddard ; LowelL Jona. Ladd ; 
_/. : ('.',-;'. Norman 'J'. Leo; ai I ; ii 
Alonzo V. Lynde ; Spritw/ield, G*< 


Boston, Chas. B. F. Adams, • 
An ;ell, Ivers J. Austin, I 
Samuel W. Ba es, John A. Bolles, I 
Buck, Benj. H.Ci rrii r, S« mnel S. I - 
Alfred B. Ely, Levi Gray, Geo. S. : 
Wm. Hobbs," Jr., Nathan Morse, Otis G. 
Randall, J. Wingate Thornton, Paul P. 

Brighton, Henty Baldwin ; N. B 
W. YV. Crapo ; Roxbury, A. I. Cun n 

Worcester, Franklin Hall, J. Hens 

Bljjah B Stoddard ; Lt ". 

)'• estfield, N. T. Leonard ; Salem, i 
P. Pingree. 

Boston, Chas. B. F. Adams, George T. 
Angell, Ivers J. Austin, Joshua D 
Samuel W. Bates, Causten Browne , 
I. Burbank, Ja 3 . M. Chase, Da. 



Coolidge, Benj. H. Currier, Sam'l S. C r- 

tis, Geo. S. Harris, Chasl C. Liobbs, '- 
Hobos, Jr., 1). P. Kimbull, Chas.W. Mor- 
ris. Edward K. Phillips, Benjamin Pond, 
Otis G. Randall, Augustus Russ, 
W. Suter, James D. 'i hayer, Warren Til- 
ton, Paul P. Todd, Ambrose Wellington. 
Canton, Samuel B. Noyes; Vkarl •■ - i .>, 
Duncan Bradford; Greenfield, Aim. Brain- 
ard; Lowell, Robert IJ.Caverly, Jonathan 
Ladd ; Northampton, H. Kirklarid ; Jf'o/-- 
cester, Franklin Hall, J. Henry Hill, Eli- 
jah B. Stoddard; Wesifield, N. T.Leon- 
ard; $&m, J. B. F. Osgood, R, S. Ran- 
toul; Springfield, 0. A. Seamans, George 


Boston, Chas. B. F. Adams, Geo.T. An- 
gell, Benj. H. Currier, Samuel S. Curtis, 
Otis G. Randall, Paul P. Todd, Ambrose 

Worcester, J. Henry Hill. 


Boston, Chas. B. F. Adams, Geo. T. An- 
gell, F.d\vard Buqk, Benj. H. Currier, Al- 
fred B-, Ely, Thomas S. Harlow, Benjamin 
Pond, Otis G. Randall, Daniel Sharp, J. 
Win gate Thornton, 

Worcester, A. G. Randall, 


Boston, Chas, B. F. Adams, John h. An- 
drews, George T. Angell, George E. Bet- 
ton, Edward Buck, Benj. H. Currier, Sam- 
uel S- Curtis, Willhm Dehou, Alfred B. 
Ely, Wni. Hillard, Nathan Morse, Charles 
C. Nutter, Frederick 0. Prince, Otis G. 
Randall, David Roberts, George P. San- 
ger, Wia, II. L. Smith, J. Win gate Thorn- 

Wesifield, ~K. T.Leonard. 

Worccs£er t J, Henry Hill. 


Boston, John S. Abbott, Wm. A, Abbott, 
Okas. B. F. Adam*, Augustus 0. ATler», 

P. Anw.!..l. Tver, J. Au:stm v GhaS I. V I U- hi- 
con, Henry Baldwin, Everett C. Banfield, 
Moses Bates, Samuel W. Bat-?, A, F. 
Bloch, Edward Biake, John A. Bolles, 
Francis A. Brooks, Wm. Locke Brown, 
Edwatd Buck, Robert I. Bur bank, Wil- 
liam L. Burt, Charles P. Chandler, Peieg 
W. Chandler, Samuel G. Clarke. A. B. 
Co tin, D. H. pooJidgft Asa CoVroli, B, 
F. C. Cressey, Benj. H. Currier, Samuel S. 
Curtis. Edward A. D ma, Charles Demond, 
Thomas A. Dexter, John C. Dodge, El- 
bridge G. Dudley, A. Eastman, Charli s M. 
Ellis, Alfred B. Ely, John W. Emerson, 
Augustus H. Fiske.John M. Flake, Alfred 
E. Giles, John E. M. Gilley, Levi Gray, 
Geo. S. Hale, Franklin Hall, Thomas S. 
Harkw, S. Rowland Hart. Francis B. 
Have*, Henry \V. Haynes, H. L. Hazel- 
tou, C. Cushiftg Ilohbs, Edward F. 
Hodges, Abraham Jackson, Harvey Jew- 
ell, Albion K. P. Joy, Chauncy P, 
J idd, Jacob Q. Kcttelle, IV P. Kim- 
ba I, S. I. Kim'. a. I, Geo. IP Kingsbury, 
.). H. K nsman, William Kuapp, Al mzo 
V. Lyude, S.cbeus C. Maine, G. F. Mc ; 
Leila. i. Jvren.i.ih L. Newton, Joseph Nick- 
erson, Chuiea C. Nutter, Thomas F. Nut- 

ter, Edraun I ' I 

run Pond, i 
(;. Randall, W. ' 

■ | 

- ; . • . . 


. ■ •■ .. . 
James D.Thomson, Samuel L. L'l 
dike, J. Wingate '1 hOrnton, Pa . 
Alex. C. Wa* 

Hiram Welli ' 

Paul Will ird, Wn . C. Williamsi :., Ho- 
ratio M. Wil 

Abington, F. P. Rowland . 
Wm. M. Walker; B hto .. !' •■ 
win; Cambridge, H. W. Paine; Ch 
toxrn, A. 0. H . I . 

hew ; Hi . im, I 

B. Boardmai 

Robert B. Caverly, S. A. Brown, B 
Lawrence, Willi: m.A. Rich irdson ; 
buryport, Edn u ■. . : Sn ; -':i ; V 
P.. H. Chilson ; North Bridoi 
nas R. i'erkins ; '. ing, Cbaui 
Judd ; Salem, Jatrus W Perry, 
P. Pingree ; So . , I 

C. Perkins; ;'■ s , William ( 3 " 
Salem, Dauiel Weed; Springfield, ' 
IL Morton; > , Jona. E. 
r-- >:•'/ . ;, A . B. C i 6 ., Alonzo V. L 
Wesifield, N. T. J ■ . i ' ; I 

Elijah F. Hall, Jnl., V . -csicr, 

Thos. W. Fox, Isaac P.m.-, J. Henry Hill. 
A. G. Randall, Elijah B. Stodc 


Boston, Chas. B. F. Adams, Geor] r J . 
Angell, Joshua D. B ill, Benj. H. C 
Alfred B. Ely, Augustus H.Fis ■, 
Griggs, William Hobbs, Jr., Abi 
Ja< kson, Otis G. Randall. 

Salem, Stephen H. Phillips, Th 
P. Pingree; Wesifield, N. T. Leoi . 
Worcester, J. Henry Hill, A. G. i: 


'Boston, Chas. B. F. Adams, Geor 
| Angell, iv- : . ' • A . . . 

! E;U:ru But*, Dn-vid H.-Co 

H. Currier, Samuel S. Curtis, W il 
i Davis Alfred B. Ely, il. L. H 
; \> illi u Ll ' .'.'•• 

bard. Henry A. Johnson, Ja 
telle, D. P. Kimball, Geo. H.. bLi j 
Marcus Morton, Jr., Timothj Pi 
Otis G. Randall, Daniel Sharp, Hal 
Suter, James B. 1 baj -r. Paul P. 

Amherst, Lucius B twood; Cam 
G. W. Livermore; Canton, Sam; A'- Bedford, Wm. W. Ci 
Salem, Wm. C. Endicott ; .\ 
George Walker ; Loicell,- Jonathan I 
Wm. A. Richards m . .v i - -- / e, . 
E. Field; S^otcf, Edwin Whi1 
n '.'Id, ■ N. T.Leonard; I Vorcester, Th 
W. Fox, J. Henry Hill, Elijah B. Stod- 


Boston, Chas ! i'. Adams, Geo. T. 
.. • . 11, Benj. 11. C 
■ ■ 
B. Otis, Benj. Pond, Otis G. R; 
Paul P. Tod 1, Ambrose Wellin I 

Lovr:!, Jonathan Ladd; Worcester, J. 
Henry Hill. 




Boston, Chas. B. F. Adams, George T. 
Angell, Benj. 11. Currier, Abraham Jack- 
son. f >t'' G. Randall. 

Westfield, N, T, Leonard. 


£osfo/j, Chas. B. F. Adams, George T. 
Angell. Ivera J. Austin. Horatio Bigelow, 
Benj. H. Currier, Samuel S. Curtis, Alfred 
E. Giles, Abraham Jackson, Henry A. 
Johnson, Edmund B. Otis, Otis G. Ran- 
dall, Daniel Sharp, Channcey Smith. 

New Bedford, R.-C. Pitman; Wesffteld, 
N . T. Leonard ; Worcester, Franklin Hall, 
3. lien r j Hill. 

Boston, Chas. B. F. Adams, George T. 
Angell, Benj. H. Currier, Otis G. Randall. 


Boston, Chas.B, F. Adams, Sumner Al- 
bee, George T. Aageli, Ivors J. Austin, 
Uaao 0. Barnes;, Samuel W. Bates, Geo. 
E. Betton, A. F. Bbc'a, John A. Bolles, 
David Bryant, Robert I. Burbank, James 
M. Chase, Joseph M. Churchill, Samuel 
G. Clarke'. A. B. Coffin, David- H. Coo- 
lidge, Benj. H. Currier, Samuel S.Curtis, 
Isaac J. Cutter, Chas. C. Dame, Edward 
A. Dana, Thomas A. Dexter, Nathan T. 
Dowi Elbridge G. Dudley r Mafk F. Dunck- 
lee, Micah Dyer, Jr., Alfred B. Ely, John 
W. Emerson, H. B. For;. old, W. A. 
Field, Augustus H. Fiske, H. F. French, 
J. E. M, Gilley, Wm. H. Haile, George 
S. Hale, Francis B. Hayes, Henry W. 
Haynes, Horace L. Eazelton, John P. 
Healey, A. C. Kersey, C. Cushing Kobbs, 
Win. Kohhs, Jr.. Nathaniel D. Hubbard, 
Horace G. Hatching, Harvey Jewell. Al- 
bion K. P. Joy, D. P. Kimball, S. I. Kim- 
ball, J. B. Kinsman, Geo. P. Lawrence, 
Alonzo V. Lynde, B. C. Moulton, Henry 
W. Muzzey, Stephen G. Nash, Joseph 
Nickersi n, John Noble, A. F. L. Norris, 
Hi-.-.. P. Nuit<?r, Henry M. Parker. Ben. 
tenia Pond, E. Sewall Price, Otis G. 
R'iudall, A. A. Rannsy, Williams Rog- 
vm, James W. Rollins, Daniel Sharp, 
Frank H. Shorey, William H. L. Smith, 
George 8^ Sullivan, D. M. B. Thaxter, 

- ii. Thayer, James D. Thomson, 
Samuel L.Thorndike, J. Win gate Thorn- 
ton, Pan! p. Todd, Charles- W. Tuttle, 
Ambrose Wellington, Samuel Wells, Jr., 
Alex. S. Wheeler. 

Charlestottnii J. Q. A.- Griffin; Clin- 
ton, Charles G. Stevens; Cambridge 
(E. ), J. It. Tvler ; Filchburff,T. K.Ware; 
Haverhill, John J. Marsh, H. N. Merrill; 

ence, Nathaniel Ambrose, B. Board- 
man; Lowell, Ithamar W. Beard, A. R. 
Brown, Jonathan Ladd, Samuel Law- 
rence, A. F. L. Norris, Wm. A. Rich- 
■ •■ I son, W. P. Webster: Lynn, Isaac 
Brown ; Nantucket, E. M. Gardner; Neto- 
buryport* C. O. Morse, Edmund Smith ; 

I ', fioroa i P. Pin gree, .St phen H. 

» ^ilUjis, Dan Weed; South Danvers, 
Benj. C. Perkins ; SprinqfLeld, A. N. Mer- 
rick, George Walker; Stoneham, A. B. 
Coffin, A. V. Lynde; Westficld, N. T. 
Leoaard; Weymouth, Elijah F. Hall; 
Wmehendon, L. W. Pierce; Worcester* 

Isaac Davis, . . Fox, J. }'■ ■•. 

Hill, A. G, Randall, Elijah I 
Fred. A. Townjend. 


B atot Cha B. P. ' 

: . John A. Bo H. Currier, 

D. P. Kimball, Geo. \V. Phillips. Otis G. 
Randall, Paul P. ] 

Lowell, Jona. Ladd; U 
Leonard; Worcester, J. He nrj Bill. 


a B . r 

;; iton, C 
Angell, Benj. H. Currier, Otis C. I 


Boston, Chas. B. F. Adams, Geo. 1 . 
Angell, Edward Avery, Wm. L. 
Benj. H. Currier, S imuel 8. Curtis, 
Demon d, Asa French, Geoi 
Thornton K. Lotl ror\ 3 W.. Pal- 

frey, Otis G. Randall, Davi 
W rn. H. L. Smith. 

Atilebor ough, J. B. Sanford ; 1 
/>-, , Edward Avery, Asa French; Deer- 
field, S. R. Phillips; Da/ton, Charl 
Bennett; Fa# fl >n Borden, 

V, .i.C. Greene; Gt B i r ton, I 
met ; Grt-j-^. v. 7 , Almon I in i i I ; 2 
Georg'e J. Tucker ; L ", I ob't B. Cav- 
exly,_W. A. Richardsoi ; \ mt 
M. Bunker ; A 7 * - B ••' ' • '. C. M , Stete ., 
E. T. Allen, Chas. T. Bonner; / 
ampton, Samuel Wells; South D 
Beni. C. Perkins; Salem, Jos. B. F. 
poo 1, Thos. P. Pin^re . J< 
W. Bond, Augustus L. Soule, Geo. '• 
or; Taunton, John S. Brayton ; F.'-i*- 
_/i£iW, N. T. Leonard; WilUamttoum, Dan- 
'iel Dewey; K'orawter, J. Henry Hill, 
Elijah B. Stoddard. 


Boston, Chas. B.-F. Adams, G<- 
.'. Bgcll, Evers J. Austin, David H. ( - 
: iil.:^ Benj. H. Currii . ! Curtis, 

| --Otis G. Randall, J. NVingate Thornton. 

Rozbury, A. I. Cummings ; IF 
i N.T. Leonard; Worcester^ J. Hem 


Boston, Chas. B. F. Adam<, George T. 
Angell, Ivors J. Austin, Hem 
Joshua D. Ball, Samuel W. Kites, John 
A. Bolles, E Iward Rue ;, Ro erl I. 
bank, Frederick W. Choate, Joa 
Churchill, Benj. H. Currier, S imuel S. 
Curtis, CI arles Demond, Elbridge G. Dud- 
lev, Alfred B. Ely, Cleaient ii. Hill, Vv"m. 
Hobbs, Jr., Edward F. Hodges, Henry 

A. Johnson, D. P. Kimball, Aloi 

. Henry W. Muzzey, Edmund B. 
Otis, Francis' ^V r . Palfrey, Francis E. 
Parker, Henry M. Parker, Benja'n I >a ', 
S inruel M. Q iin< y, Otis . 
Daniel Sharp, Hales W. Suter, James B. 
Tl ■ r. Paul P. Tod!. 

; Gt. B :•'- 

B. I :. . t , ,'. l '•■, J m ;•• in J idd ; A'. 
Bedford, Wm. W. Crapo ; Suit \ Si 

■H. Phillips, Robert S. Rantoul; > 
field, A. X. Merrick. Geo. Walker; S 
hrid ■ , Ji - i. E. Fiel ! ; Stoneh mi, A. \ . 
Lynde ; Westfield, N. T. Leonard; 
cester, J. Henry Eiill, Elijah B. StoJJurd. 




Bosinr., Chas. B. F. Adams, George T. 
Angell, Ilenj. U. Currier, Otis G. RandalL 


Boston, Chas. B. F. Adam3, George T. 
Angell, Ivers J. Austin, Joshua D. Ball, 
John A. Bolles, Edward Buck, Robert 1. 
Bur;»;>nk, James M. Chase, Benjamin II. 
Currier, Samuel 6. Curtis, Charles F. 
Dana, Thomas A. Dexter, Chas. Demond, 
Edward F. Hodges, D. P. Kimball, : .- 
cus Morton, Jr., Charles C. NTutter, Fred- 
erick 0. Prince; Otis G.Randall, Red- 
field Proctor, S. M. Quincy, James W. 
Rollins, Hales W. Suter, J. Wingate 
Thornton, Paul P. T i Id. 

Bridgewater, Williams "Latham; 67. 
Barrington, B. Palmer; Lynn, Jeremiah 
C. Stickney; Northampton, Hajnes If. 
Chilson ; Roxbury, A. I. Curamings ; >S~- 
lem, Robert S. Rantbul ; Springfield, &i j. 
Walker; West field, N. T. Leonard] Wot* 
cater, J. Henry Hill. 


Boston, Chas. B. F. Ad tins, Is ic Araes, 
George T. Angell, Ivers J. Austin, Chas. 
II. Paeon, Elihu C. Baker, Hew? 
win, John A. Bolles, Causten Browne, 
Edward Buck, J. P. Converse, Benjamin 
H. Currier, Samuel S. Curtis, William S. 
Dexter. George Griggs, Thomas S. liar- 
low, William Hilliard, William Hobbs, 
Jr., Abraham Jackson, Walter H.Jud- 
son, James M. Keith, D. P. Kimball, Da- 
vid Perkirfs, Edward S. Rand, Otis G. 
Randall. David Roberts, Daniel S 
Lemuel Shaw, Hales W. Suter, James P. 
Thayer, Paul P. Todd. 

BrigJtton, Henry Baldwin; A-fieboro\ 
J. B. Sauford; Fall River, F.A. Boomer, 
Wm, C. Greene; Lawrence, Benjamin 
Bordman; New Bedford, R. C. Piti n; 

, ir; ^ 

A. X. Mej 

las. H. Mor- 
tfon, John S. 

ton, Otis A. Seamans : Jkiw 

Br&vtoa, G. Li/.r Wili to; Nesj ?«, 

N. T. L:;-i:;.rd ; *r",r-v.; -., , < 1 a : - W. 
Fox, J. Henry Hill, A. G. Randall, EJ jah 
B. Stoddard. 


J^'on, Chas. B. F. Adams, George T. 
Angell, Samuel W. Bate*. Benjamin H. 


il S. Curt 

j homas A. 

Dexter, Alfred B. Ely, George Griggs, 
William Hilliard, OtisG. Randall. 

Springfield, Ja«. ii. Morton ; Westfc* 'd, 
N. T. Leonard; Worcester, J. : .itnry Hill. 


Boston, Charles 13. F. Adams, George T. 
Angell, Ivers J. .Austin, George T. Bige- 
low, Causten Browne, Benjamin H. Cur- 
rier, Edmund B. Otis, Otis G. Randall, 
J. Win-ate Thornton*. 

lloxbttry, A. I. Cdrnrnirrgjs^ Salem, 
Thomas P. Pingree; Westjield, >'. T. 
Leonard ; Worcester, J. Henry £ I III. 
rsx ws, 

Boston, Charles !>• F. Adams, George T. 
Angell, William Aspinwall, Benjamin F. 
C. Cressoy, Benjamin H. .Currier, Samuel 
S. Curtis, Edward Fuske, George S. Hale, 
Edward fc\ Hodges, I) P.ivimball, Daniel 
S. Moulton, Otis G. Randall. 

fl t "■■ 'd, :<. j WmeuUr. 

J. Henry Hill. 

i I k B. 

. c 

il F. 

i , 
Boston, Charles D , < rgeT. 

Samuel W. Bates, 

I • .'. Ely, "■■ 

Field, A. LI. Finite, G< rrrge S. Hale, . 
cis B. Hayes, Will 

F. Hodges, Josi a W. Hubbard, Hei 
Huti bin ;, H . . ■ ' 
D. P. Kimball, 1 

Morse, Benjamin : )ctor, 

S. M. Quii ey. Otis G. Randall, Ambrose 
A. Rannev, Nath'l Ri 
ce) 8 it A . : . n ! 
v. . Suter, D. M B. 'j haxtrr, J. V. . 
Thornton, Pa 1 P. 
field, Hiram Welli 

/. owetl, A. P. 1.. 
Wiiliai . P. Websl 

M. Stets ■ . ; ,'\, . }..' Smith ; 

Pavkvcket, W. W. Sa ^Ste- 

phen 11. Phillips, j P. Ping 

Sprinrj/ield, A. N. Merrick, O. A. Sea- 
mans ; Stockbridge, Jonathaii E. Field ; 
Stoncham, A. B. Coffin ; Wey\ 
jab P. Hall; Winchendon, L. W. Pierce ; 
'IP . J< r, Tl os. W. Fox, J. Henry D 
A. G. Randall, Elijah P. Stodaard. 


Boston, Charles B. F. Adams, George T. 
Angell, Elihu C.Baker, Joseph M.Ch 
ill, J. R. Coolidge, Benjamin H. Currier, 
Samuel S. Curtis, George 3. Hale, W . ; - 
liam Hobbs, Jr., A. Jackson, Edmund B. 
Oiis, Benjamin Pond, Otis G. P.. 

W-ettfn d, N. T. Li a.axd; U'c. 
P. P. Aldrieh, A. G. Ii 


}' i '• n Charl • B. i- . - ' -\ G • r : , p T. 
An H, 1 'j -• •• H. C Lrrier, Otis G. 
Randal!, Olive; Stevens. 


./: ijfon, Charles B. F. Adams, George T. 
Ai •■ ' I, Ivers J. A stin, Joshua D. 
Is A. Brooks, Causten Browne 
ert I. Burbank, R 

H. Currier, Samuel S. Curti , George S. 
Harris, Francis B. IP\ r -<, Nathani 1 D. 
Hubbard, Henry A. Johnson, D I 
ball, Alonzo V. Lynde, Fran is £. Parker, 
Silas F. Plimpton, Benjamin Bon 
(}. Rand ••. A ig istus Russ, Daniel S 
James B. Thayer, Alexander C. Wash- 
burn . s ml i sc Wellingti n. 

... B. Isoyes ; ! 
Ch -d i F. Bennett ; D ' , S nth R. 
Pj <:- , :, , Jon ithan L ... '■ 

. P. C. 
Pits i ' ■ ■' 

Samuel Well* ; \ A. N. Mer- 

rick : ■ •' ■ 

A. \'. Lynde ; West/ 
i. Leon ird; IF. r iter, J. Henry Hill, 
Elijah B. Stoddard. 



Resident tn other States, who have been appointed by the Governor of Ma 
to take testimony and depositions to be read in t] 

administer Oaths, and to take the Acknowfi Dei . I •■ ; . [ ■ • 

and all instruments under seal, to be recorded in s^id Commi i 
[NoTE.—T^fi term for xohich these Commissio their office in 


alaeama. None. 


Mhrysviiie, W. B.Latham ,j r . 
Petaluma, Wm. D. Bliss. 
San Francisco, Ales. Boyd. 

" G. J. Brenham. 

" Joseph Grant. 

" Henry Haight. 

" George T. Knox. 

" Clinton Palmer. 

" Fred. I. Thibault. 

*' Hfetory J. Wrtte. 
Stockton, P. 0. Andrew. 

" John If. Webster. 
Hartford, Kdw'd Goodman. 

•' Win, Hammers ley. 

" Charles J. Hoadley. 

" Charles T.Preston. 

" Charles Whittlesey. 
Middletown, Jona. Barnes. 
New -I{aven v A. L. Bishop. 

44 Seth I). Osborne. 

<! FraiicisWaylandJr. 
North Canaan, Miles T. 

Norwich, Levi H. Goddard, 
Walcrhury, C. II. Carter. 
Windsor Lvc&S; Henry E. 


Wilmington,\V. B.Wiggins. 


Wa sh inaton , Chas. E reret t. 
*• J.S. Holiingshead. j 

" T nomas B Ki"~. 
" Charles DeSeluine. 




Frank EL Miller. 
' ' W.W.Montg 3 m try . 
Savannah, John A. Staley. 


Chicago, Chas. N. Holden. 
" Bhliip A. Home. 
if Robert C. -Wright. 


lndianapoU$ t Vfm.Y. V?i\ej. 

row a. None. 


X*str*niror^, D. J. Brewer. 

l¥&ban*?e, Sam'l R. Weed. 


uAtiSwrn, Nahum Morrill. 
Augusta, James L. Child. 
Bttngor, John E. Gc .' Yey. 

Bain, John Ii. Kimball. 
Brunswick, Wm. G. Barro w s 
East port, WinslOw I 
Machias, Chas. W. Porter. 
Portland, Aaron B. Holden. 

" O'Donnell. 

" Henry Willis. 


Baltimore, K. II. Burgess. 
" James B. Lath ter. 
'/ Jabez I). Pratt. 

Allegan, Elisha B. Bassett. 
Detroit,Wtn. J. Waterman. 
Minnesota, None. 

'Grenada, S. N". Pearson. 


SY. Louis, Sam 'I N. Aldrich. 
" Robert H. Buck. 
" Lucien Eaton; 
" Joel G. Harper. 
" 0. Henry Pratt. 
'* Francis \V. Rawle. 


Charlestown, Edmund H. 

Concord, Wm. E. Chandler. 

" Wm. F. C jodtfin. 
paver, Chas. W. Woodman 
.':'>•< rr, Chas, S. Comer. 
Kll,.:, Francis A. Faulkner. 
Laconia, Wm. A. Blain. 
New Ipswich, John Preston. 
Pelham, Moody Hobbs. 

Camden, J as. M. Cassady. 
Jersey City, Geo. W.Cassady. 
Newark, Isaac M. Andruss. 

,; Staats S. Morns. 

*•' Isaac M. Tucker. 


.», Beni. F. 


• a -i. ■<,-,* . i,. i aomasson* 


New Orleans, Jas. Graham. 
M Salter II. Peters. • 
" Daniel I. Ricardo. 
Win. Shannon. 



Fe, G. H. Child. 


Albany, Robert J. Hilton. 

» John M. Read. 
Brooklyn, Gordon L. Ford. 

" Levis Hurst. 
i\ r . ForA, Tha hi rM.Adams 

*' John Bi - II 

" Edward Bis* 11. 

" John L i ■■'■ raladci 
■ " E: A. Carpei i r. 

" Edwin F. Corey. 

" Chas. N. Emerson. 

" Win. Emerson, Jr. 

»« Wm.'' J. A. 'Fuller. 

" Win. Furniss. 

u James W. F 
" 1 ranch A. H 

" D< vf r A . 1 1 

" James II H 

" Franci . Hill 

" M< 

" Wasl : ; 

" ( 

" Nones. 

11 Wm. C. F 

" Thomas S;.dler. 

" Daniel Seixas. 

" Henry A. i tile r. 

" Tbos. L. Tl 

" Win. R. L. SVard. 

** Geo. Woo 

" Wm.,H. Woodman. 
Troy, Charles L. A 



Cincinnati, S. S. Carpentei 

" Alex. IF M 


Portland, Edw.W.McGraw. 
p :nnsyi.vania. 

Aia, Wm.V.Archci 

" John Bir.ns. 

" Arthui M. Burton. 

" Theodore D. R md. 

" Joshnj Sperirg. 

" Sam'l L. Pi 

« Hugh W. Tener. 

" Geo. C. Thoi - i 

" William R.W 
Piitsb •;■ ■ ■'. I . Bli ■ 
Scranton, Ii. W". Derby. 


2?eicpuri, Wm.G.Ka 
Providence, Chas. F. hio* - 
" Wingate Hayes. 

" Henry Martin. 


Charleston, Sam'l J. Hull. 
" Moses P. Stacy. 


Memphis, Jas. E. Temple. 
Texas. None. 
UTAH. None. 


Springfield, W. G. Vearic 
viitoi.'.iA. None. 
M : Us .'.'.William A. I: 
. Jno. 15. 1). ( 
wi II. 
» S " 

11 Sim* oh N . Small. 
" William H. Stark- 
weather., Daniel Tyler. 




Ban h Coir m issioners. 
J. Frederick Marsh, cf Boston; George 
Walker, of Springfield ; Wm. D.Forbes, 

of Fall River. 

Insurance Commissioners. 
George \V. Sargent, of Lav,-; 
Elizur Wright, of Boston. Salary, #1,500 

Commissioners of pilots. 
Office, 41 State street, Boston. 
John Williams, of Weston; John W. 
Emery, of Provineeicwn; Albert Q, 
Browne, of Salem. 

Commissioners on Boston Back Baxj. 
Edward C. Purdy, of SomerviHe; 
Franklin H;-vcit, Gfcas. Kale, of Boston. 

Appraisers of Back Beiij Land. 
George S, Boutvvell, of Grown ; J. I. 

»xl ■ . Joi 


Commit i cot erning Alien ' 

and Si its Paupers. 
The ; .;.• Auditor I 

if Al }' 
gers in Bo | . 

Hcjucj 1 • 

Ofhce. of Superintend* Pas- 

rs, 59 Long wharf, Bo 

Commissioners on Plan for . 
School. ' 

Rejoice Nev ton, of \ . T. P. 

Plunkett, oi Pittsfield; Charlea O. Davis, 
of Plymouth. 


Incorporated, June 2, 1085. 

Shihe Tow 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency, 

Register of Probate and Insolvency, 

Clerk of the Courts, 

Register of De.ds > .. 

Cou n iy Treasurer, . 

f ?i>:r?'\rs cf W& use of Correction ^-«. ) 


Sheriff, ............ 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Barnstable, Luther Hinckley, Theodore 
F. Bassett, Ansel D. Lothrop. 

Brewster, S. Clark. 

tennis, Isaiah Nickerson, Jr. 

Falmouth, Crocker II. Bearse. 

Orleans, Alexander Kenrick. 

Provineetawn, Robert Kuowles^ 

Sandwich, Eara.T. Pone. 

Wellfcet, Lot Hall. 

Yarmouth, Edward Thaeher. 

Barnstable^ Lothrop Hinckley. 

Proline?!' ten, MarK G. Smith. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Barnstable, 2d Tu. pi .Ian., Feb., 
Mar , Aug., Sep., and Dec, and 3d Tues. 
of May and June. 

At Brewster, Tu, nest after 3d Mon. 
of A P . 

At Dennis, Th. next after 2d Tu. in Oct. 

At Faimouth t 2d V\ edae*.next after is*. 
Mon. of Nor. 


Joseph "•>!. Day, Ban 

Jonathan Higgins, 

Frederick \V. Crocker, Ban 

Frederick Sen der, B m 

Gor'nam Ilaliet I- > -nstable. 

Lothrop I) fia ,.i i: 

C. 3 r..\ Bar 

Charles Bursley, Barn 

Ch .:.-,■ C. }•- r;e Cotuit Poi . 

I At ft ■'• 3d Mon. of Ap., ..' ' T - r 

1 last Mon, or" Oct. 

At Orient -. Wednes. next after 3 I 
cf Ap., and on Tues. next aftei last J 
of Oct. 

At Provincetown, Fri. ne? 
Mon. of Ap., and on Th. next after last 
Mon. of Oct. 

At Sandwich, 2d To. aftei thefirst Mon. 
of Ncv. 

At Truro, Th. next after the 3d Mon. 
of Ap. 

At IVeUjteel, Wednc j. next after the last 
Mon. of :. 

County Commissioners. 

Josepl H 
Gould, t Uh; John \Y. Davis, 


Special Commissioners, Joshua C. 
Howes, Dennis; Daniel Paine, . 

Tim* ■ c ' \betina.— A* 
Tu. of Ap*. and 2d Tu. of Ocl - 


Commissioners of Wi ael s. 

Barnstable, Thomas Harris. 

Chatham, Josiah Hardy, Jr. 

Eastham, Abijah Mayo. 

Falmouth, Sylvester Bourne, Thomag 
G. Davis. 

Harwich, Anthony Kelley. 

Orleans, Daniel Comings, George W. 

provincetotcn, Isaiah Gifford. 

Sandwich, Azariah Wing. 

Truro, Asa Sellew. 

Wellfleet, Wm. Cleverly, Isaiah Hatch, 
Robert H. JLiolbrook, Thomas Holbrook, 
John N< wcomb. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Barnstable, Frederick W. Crocker. 
Wellfleet, Simeon Atwood, Jr. 

Public Administrator, 

Truro, Solomon Davis. 

Masters in Chancery, 
Barnstable, Frederick W. Crocker. 
Orleans, Jonathan Biggins. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Barnstable, Ebenezer Bacon, Frederick 
W. Crocker, Joseph M. Day, George 
Marston, Nyrnphas Marston, Rufus S, 
Pope, Frederick Scudder. 

tin utter, George Cqpeland, Winslow 
L. Knowles, Jeremiah Mayo. 

Dennis, Obed Baker, 2d, James Berry, 
Josiah Nickerson, Jr. 

Falmouth, Samuel P. Bourne, Frederick 
Davis, George W. Donaldson, William 
Nye, Jr. ■ 

Harwich, Nathaniel Doane, Jr., An- 
thony Kelley, Nathaniel Robbins. 

$andwich, E. Stowell Whittemore. 

Truro, Solomon Davis. 

WeUfieet, Simeon Atwood, Jr., Thomas 

Justices of the Pence. 

'•'. rhutiv.-i J::?/icis of </*<? Pzaee find C--i irv; :..'■';.■ ';/- 
tvnted (,-j to.*? star*, and Justices of (He 7't ;c and 
i^tcrum throughout the Commonwealth, dcs-i'jnaied by 

Barnstable, *Ebenezer Bacon, Zenas D. 
Basseu, Charles C. Bearse, Charles II. 
Bonier, David Bursiey, -Frederick W. 
Crocker, Waiter Crocker, fjoseph M. 
Day, Set':; Hallett, Nathaniel Hinckley, 
Seth P. Hoi way, Ferdinand G. Kelley, 
■George A. King, Ansel Lewis, Elijah 
Lewis, 2d, George Lovell, James N. Lov- 
ell, Freeman Marchant, *George Mars- 
ton, fCharles Marston, *Nymphas Mars- 
ton, Frederick Parker, Sylvanus B. Phin- 
ncv, Rufus S Pope, Frederick Scudder, 
Jjhn P. Washburn^ Ephraim N. Wins- 
low, A.s.i Young. 

Brevcster, S. Clark, *Gebrge Copeland, 
Solomon Freeman, -Samuel H. Gould, 
David Mayo, Jeremiah Mayo, Anthony 

Chatham, John W. Atwood, Nathan P. 
Brown ill Elij th \T 4 Carpenter, Samuel 
Doane, ' > i i ibrid^e, Jr., Jo.siah Mayo, 
Joshua Nickers )n, Zoeth Niekcrson, War- 
reft Rogers, . Teacher Ryder, Nathaniel 
Snow, Ephraim Taylor, Joseph Young, 
Samuel H. Young. 

Dermis, Jo.eph. K. Baker, Jr., Obed 

Baker, 2d, Jona. Bangs, •Jarae* 
James Chase, Jr., 
Seth Crowell, Joseph 1 

mer. Joshua C. J! 
! . ■ 
W. N'i kerson, Vai inua B. 
Alfred Swift, Mar 

Scolly G. Usher, 2 . .. ■ shua 

P. Wixon. 

Eastliam, Myriok 
Bar nab i Freem; i . ' 
Reuben Nickt rson, Jr. 

Falnu .... 

' > ■ ■ ■ , 
Nyrnphas Davis, 

Georg • ">'•'. D . 

Join. « r. Font b, Henry . . . • 

A.N) . ' 

inson, G t - W. i wift, 
Dean Winslow. 

Harwich, Isaiah Baker, Joseph ( 
ry, Obed Brooks, Sidnej Br 
Chase, Whitman Chase, hi Crowell, 

Ephraim Doane, 1 tl 
Valentine Doane, Jr., Smni 
William Field, SI 
Lothrop, America Nickerson, Ji 
Fain", Nathaniel Robbins, Edward 
ley, Danforth S. Steele, Nathan 
wood, Cyrus Weeks. 

Orleans, Leander Crosby, *John I 
Nathaniel Freem i - 
Alex. Merrick, Alfred Kenrick, fJohn 

Provincetotcn, Albion S. Dudley, J 
W. Emery, Nathan D. Free 
Gifford, Si m ■-'. Giffi rd, Benj.F. U 
inson, Enos Ni tkersoi , Godfrey P. 

Sandwich, Benjamin Bourne, C 
Dillingham, Simeon J ..• . 
N. Ellis, Edward W. Ewer, Char 1 
Hall, Joseph B. Hall, Solomon C. I 
land, Ebenezer ><ye, Zenas Nj >, 1 
Pope, John W. P r 'pe, Asa Raymond, * I . 
Stowell Whi, fSolomon i ; .^ : ", Sai u 1 Dyer, 
Allen Him • . 5 i - 1 Hopkii 
seph L. McPonihl, Basaiel 
ediah Shedd. 

Wellfleet, Reuben Are;.. E ! • » : 

Jr.. t oliins S. Col 
thaniel H.Diil, Ebenezer Fr< i mai . I 
as Holbrook, Caleb Lomb ird John 
comb, Thomas N. Stone, Nathaniel P. 

Yarmouth, William Andersen, Alexan- 
dc Baxter, J.imcs B. ( 
Drew, David G. Eldredge, P • ■■ D. 
Farris, George A. King, John I 
Braddock Matthews, Amos 0;is, St 
Scars, Charles F. Swift, Eli 
Charles Tiiacher. 

Trial Justices. 
Barnstable, Ebenezer Bacon. 
Dennis, Marshall S. Onderwood. 

/■', ■ tut '., G ;or£ e VV. D i ildson. 
Harwich, Cyrus Weeks. 
Pn '. ■ t, Albion S. Dudley. 

S . .' ■■ ' . E. Sto\ ell Wuittem i f. 
- WelllL /, John W. Davis. 
Yarinouthj James B. Crocker. 

Notaries Public. 

: , Zenas I). Basaett, C 

Lovell, George Marston. 



Breirster, Freeman Foster. 
Chatham, Elijah W. Carpenter, [saiah 
Harding, Isaiah Lewis, Ryder, 

Dennis, Obed Baker, 2d. 

F tiham, Michael Collins, Elijah K. 

Ftilmouth; Christopher G. Be use, Fred- 
erick Davis, John C. Parker. 

Hdnoich, Anthony Keilev, Neheraiah 
D. Kelley, William If. Underwood, Cyrus 

Orleans, Alexander Kenxick, John Ken* 

Provincetoici, Thomas Hilliard, Thomas 
Lothrop, Godfrey Ryder. 

Sandicich, Charles Southac, E. Stowell 

Truro, Solomon Davis. 

Welljleet, Thomas Holbrook. 

Yarmouth, James B. Crocker, William 
P. Davis, Cieor^e A. King. 

!'■ ".. ' idle, David Bui 
Luther Hinckley, Asa i'oui z. . 

J > 'mis, Joshua v. i • 

l tm, Joshua Cole. 

Falmouth, Geor \ 

Hartoich, Amase 

Proeincetoion, Philip ' ' ■ '.., J. i 

San lunch, Isaac k. C 

Truro, Dani< I Paine. 

Well/% ', Thoi 1 i . ii .''/rook. 

Treasurer Marshpee . - rj Herring 

Fond Jn I 
Charles Marston, Bai hie. 

Agent Provinc i L 
Joshua E. Bowlcy, Provincetovm. 


incorporated, April 21, 1701. 
Smihb Town... ..*. Lbkox. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency, 

Register of Probate and Insolvency, 

Clerk of the Courts, , 

Register of Deeds (North District),,....... 

Register of Deeds (Middle Dislriet), 

Register of Deeds (South District), 

Cbunty Treasurer, 



Overseers, of House of Correction } . . 

Deputy Sheriff:}. 

Adams, Win- G. Farnswqrth. 

Adams (North), William Hodskin, John 
Holden, Josiah Q. Robinson, 2d. 

Egremont, John M. Joiner. 

Great Harrington, Harvey Holmes. 

Himdah, J. M. Tuttle. 

Laneshp.rough, J. Vv T . Newton. 

Lee, A. 1L Pease. 

Lenox, Phineas Cone. 

Monterey, John G. Mansur. 

New Marlboro', Henry N. Adams. 

Piitsjield, Sidney Jones, Daniel Chap- 

Sandisfield, W. W. Langdon. 

Sheffield, Geo. B. Cook. 

Staemridge, John Crosby, Jr. 

"-. ! bridge, George A. Cobb. 

James T. Robinson, Adams. 

Andrew J . Waterman,. ]'■ 

Henry W. Taft, Lenox. 

Richard Whitney, Lanesborough. 

Major S. Wilson, Lenox. 

Isaac Seeley, Gt. Bar 

George J. Tucker, Lenox. 

Henry W. Taft Lenox. 

George J. Tucker, U ■■<<■' 

Graham A. Boot S 


John R. Bulkley. 
Daniel C 

Deputy Sheriff in Hampden County. 

Chester Factories, Chas. W. Knox. 
Deputy Sheriff iu Franklin County. 

Char I mo at, Samuel Potter. 

Lenox, Phineas Cone. 

Sessions of Probate Courts. 

At Adams, Wed. next after the 2d Tu. 
of Jan. and Oct., and Wed. next after 4: ; » 
Tu. in Ap. and July. 

At Great Barri/iafon, Wed. next aOr 
1st Tu. in Feb. and May, on Wed. next 
after 3d Tu. in July, and ui\ Wed. next 
after 2d Tu. in Nov. 

At Lanesborough, 2d Tu. in Jan. and 
Oct. and 4th Tu. in Ap. and July. 

At Lenox, 1st Tu.of Jan., Feb., Mar h, 
Ap., May, June, Sept., Oct . ._•., and 

3d Tu. in July, and 2d Tu. of Nov. 

S< .dons of Courts or Insolvency. 
At Lenox, 1st Wed. of every month. 

County Commissioners. 

Daniel Upton, South \dams ; Calvin 
P. Lapham, Hancock; Wilbur C. Lang? 
don, Monterey. 

Special Commissioners, Alvah B. Fair- 
field, Florida . One vacancy . 

• ■' 



Times of Meetings. — At Lenox, 1st Tu. 
m Jan., Ap., July and Sept. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Adam*, Shepurd Thayer. 
Hinsdale, Albertus Richards. 

Public Administrator. 
Stockbridje, William Whitney. 

Masters In Chancery. 
Adams, Henry J. Bliss. 
Great Barrr*ngUit%, Justin Dewey, Jr. 
■Lee, John Bran ning. 

Coraitussibners to Qualify Civil 

Adams (North), Wm. E. Brayton, Jar- 
vis N. Dunham, Isaac Holman, Benj. F. 
Robinson; (South), Edwin F. Jenks. 

Dal'on, Zenas M. Crane, Greaville D. 

Great Barrlngfon, Billings Palmer, In- 
cji'.^p Stravner, Ralph Tavlor. 

Lan£sboro\ Win. T. Filley, Stoddard 

i^.wj:, Henry W. Xait, Goo. J. Tucker, 
William S. Tucker. 

New Marlboro', Noah Gibaon. 

Ptitsfteld, Calvin Martin-. 

Sandhfiehl, Orlo Bart. 

Shc/Ti^M, Edward F. Ensicrn. 

Stocl'brifye, lienry J. Dunham, Charles 
M. Owen. 

Wiltictrmtmon, Daniel Dewey/Henry L. 

Justices of the; Peace. 

[Including Justices of the Peace and Q'lorum. desirj- 
<•■:•< ■ l ':; a', and Justice* throughout the Common- 
wealth, 'lei gnaie ' by -« f.] 

Adams, MurkF. Adams. David R. Alien, 
Sam'l H. Almy, Peter Blackinton, Henry 
J. Bliss, Levi L. Brown, Al nond B. Cole, 
Hiram T. Crandall, Stowell E. Dean?, 
Daniel Dunham, JarvisN. Dunham, Wil- 
lU'u G. Farnsworth, * Daniel Jenks, fEd- 
••.ii F. Jenks, Charles Marsh, George 
Millard, fWm. C Plunkett, Abiathar W. 
?■« stoBK Willard S. Ray, Amos W. Rku- 
ardson, David Richmond, H. Tvler, Wm. 
H. Tyler, M. Daniel Upton. 

>-''-■ ( North U Lansing Allen, Oliver 
Arnold, Bidweli A. Babbitt, Joel Bacon, 
William S. Biackinton, Shut-ae! W. Bray- 
tots, Thomas A. Brayton, * William E. 
Brayton, Salmon Burtingarne, ttler.ry L. 
Dawes, Elihu S. Hawkes, Nehemiah 
Hodge, *Isaac Holman, Sam'l Montague, 
George W. Nottingham, *ilenry P. Phil- 
lips, William P. Porter, Arnold G. Potter, 
•Benjamin F. Robinson, tJumes T. Rob- 
inson. Thomas Robinson, Charles D. San- 
ford. Franklin O. Sayies, Shenard Thayer, 
Abi 1 Wetherbee, *Ezra D. Wuitaker. 

Atford, Reuben C. Fitch, fEzra C. 

Becket, Kendall Baird, Gaius Carter, 
V- irk P. Qarrer, William S Huntington, 
Charles O. Perkins, Timothy Snow. 

Cheshire, Stephen Chapman, Joshua M. 

( la, b.Sjrp, Waterman Brown, Eli T. 
Clark, Eleazer lvcukum, Richard Shat- 

/' ition, Charles F. Bennett, Grove W. 
Br (• h, Ajphens Brown, John C. Chase, 
William K. Cleveland, Zenas M. Crane, 

H^nry Fern-, Almond C. MOTie, Franklin 
Weston, Grenville D. V 

Egremont, Joseph A. i' • jamin.Nathan 
Benjamin, Henry 1 . ' 

.loyner, ' lai 

"I, I 


Florid '., N •)« .;■! P. Brow ., A'.-. 
Fairfield, Isr iel Whitcoi 

Great Barrington Phi:: .i Chapin, Ju*- 
tin 1 lewey, Jr.. Juliu . • Gi !- 

dings, Rodney Hill, W 
beck, Seth Norton, 1 
Jor>.n Price, Calvin R ) 
Willi im Selkirk, 

inner, *Ralph Taylor, ■!■ 
er, *Tnotnas Twining, Francis Wl 
Ed ■• trd I'. Woo Iworth. 

Hancock, Calvin P. Lapham. Ja:>on 

Hinsdale, Theodore Barrows, C 
J. Kittredae, Albertu Richards, ■ 
Rockwell, *Mi!o St. well. 

Lanesboroxurh, WflUai i T.J 
A. Fuller, Wm. G. Harding, S' 
Ilubbell, Ezra li. bherrn in, Rich'd Whit- 

Uee, Lewis Be^eh, John Brani : :. ; 
1". V. iok, Willi: m T. Fish, Hai • 
field, Wm. P. Hamblin, Albeit M. 11 -'■ lc, 
Al'-:. mder Hydi , . • 
George H. i'iie'ip i i ^\'. Shores, 

Henry Smith, .-. i I 11 Wilcox. 

Lenox, fHenry \\". Bishop. Solomon 
Cole, James Collins, Th 
Se Igwick, William E. Sedgi 
W. Taft, ^George J. Tucker, 
Tucker, Andrew J. Waterman, Major S. 

Monterey, R. N. Couch, Egbert B. Gar- 
field, Wilbur C. Lancdon, John Wheeler. 
Mount Washington, Gilbert Race. 
New Ashford, I'. Harmon, Elihu Ingra- 
New Marlborough, Edwin Adams, Jar- 
i vis ;;. Collar, fNoah Gibson, Jas. Hyde, 
■ Nehemiah Palmer, Levi J.. S I . - 
' Smith, Augustus 'fur i S. Un- 

; -'■ cwo >d, AmmiWaraer, 'i - i Q W i n 
! Blias Wright. 

| Otis, Almson Crittenden, El mi P. N r- 
1 tow, Samuel H.. Norton, Norman • 
t land. . 

Peru, Ebenezer Haskell, Benjamtn t. 
i Pierce. Elisha Rockwell. 

Pittsjield, Robert W. Adam, Joi 
J Alien, Phi. .cas Allen, Thos. G. Atw d, 
! John V. Barker, Samuel W. Bo\ 
\ Henry S. Briggs, Peter Brig 
! Bush, Benjamin Chickering, fHenry 
| Chickerintr, fHenry H. Childs, Samuel A. 
Churchill, Henry Colt, James D. Colt, 
i fThomasColt, Benjamin A. Coman, Wm. 
i B. Cooley, fBenjamin ii. Curtis. J »m< - 
\ H.Dunham, Lorenzo H. Gamwell, John 
C. Goodridue, William G. Harding, Saml. 
E. Howe, fHenrjl Hubbard, Jared Inger- 
' soil, Norman L "J< hn 
fEiisign H. Kellogg, Walter - 

It. Lanckton, Cah , i Ed- 

•v trd A. N ••• toi . J n S. N 
L. Page, Thomas P. Pingree, Jr.. 
dire Pomer(»y, Andrew Potter, •Tl 
Plunkett, William R. Plunkett, | 
Rockwell, Edwin F. Sandys, Weslej 1 
Shepardson, Jos. E. A. Smith, S 
Squire, Daniel Steams, *Thos. B. Sti 



John A. Walker, Wm. M. Walker, Abel 

West, John C. West, Geo. S. Willis. 

Richmond, William Bacou, Henry B. 

Sandisftetd, B^w'gn I). D Wen, Orlo 
Burt, Jos. H. Norton, Ssim. C. Parsons, 
Wm. IJ. I'arsons, Heary >i. Seal -, Jo shua 
M. bears, Uriel Smith, Lyman Webster, 
Edward C. Wolcott. 

Savoy, Alon>:o M. Bowker, Bradish Dun- 
ham, Joseph B. Ingraham, Leonard Mc- 
Culloch, George W. Sh°rman, Harmon 
Snow, Robert Sturfrevant, Jr. 

Sheffield, Emmons Arnold, James Brad- 
ford, Sheldon Chapin, Ira Cnrtiss, Wm, 
Dailcy, Elijah S. Demimr, *Edward F. 
Ensign, Henry H. Hoadley, Silas H. Kel- 
logg, Oliver Peck, John Scovill, Gilbert 
Smith, Tillinghast B. Strong, Leonard 

Stockbridge, Philip Barnes, Erastus 
Burghardt, Henry M. Burrall, E. W. B. 
Canning, Henry J. Dunham, ^Jonathan 
K. Field, fJohn Z. Goodrich, *Sarauel 
Jones, Jabez Lane, fCharles M. Owen, 
Marfan Warner, 

Tyringham, Solomon Garfield, Eli G. 
Hale, Timothy D. Thatcher. 

Washington, Simpson Bell, Samuel O. 
B rap k e r , J a n i ? b M . C h a p e 1 , P h i 1 i p F, a m e s . 

West Stockbridgp., Lyman Bristol, Henry 
JE. Fitch, Christopher C. French, George 
G. Fosket, George Vv. KnifBn, William 
C: Spauldin?. 

Wittiamstown, John M. Cole, Eeyes 
Danforth, *Baoiel Dewey, James A. Sl- 
dridge, Stephen H'osford, Newcomb Love, 
Benjamin F. Mills, Thomas C. Phelps, 
*Henry L.Sabin, Augustus Starkweather, 
William Torrey. 

Windsor, Ellison Axtell. Andrew J, 
Babbitt, Salmon Capen, Elisha Gardner, 
Norman Miner, Keuben Pierce, Philo 

Trial Justice^. 

Becket, William S. H ■• tington. 
Chi hire, Edgar M. \\ 


Lenox, VVrn. S. i uc 

I, S imuel ' . '■ 
Stockbridge, Henry J. Dunl am. 
West Stockbridge f Wia. C. Spauldl 

Notaries Public. 

Adams (North), Henrj J. BHm, Charles 
II. Ingall , Wiili im M tin, ■ 
Wm. P. Porter. (South), Franklin O. 
Sayles Jarvia N. D u h 

Great Barrinqton, Beth Norton, Isaac- 
Seeley, Billings Palmer,Isaac B. Prindle, 
Thomas Twii ii •. 

Tkinesborough, Wm. T. Filley. 

Lee, Norman \V. Shores, Wm. Taylor, 
Marshall Wilcox. 

Lenox, Thomas Post, Henry W.Taft. 

Pittsfield, James Buel, James D. ( 

Stockbridge, Daniel R. Williams, Jona. 

E. Field. 

West Stockbridge, Henry E. Fitch. 


Adams, N. S. Babbitt, John E 

Isaac Holman, Horace M. Holmes, Bcnj. 

F. Robinson. 

Dalton, Samuel J. Parker. 

Great Barrington, Harvey Holmes. 

Lee, Abial H. Pease, Edwin Siurgis. 

New Ashford Phinehas Harmon. 

Pittsfit Id, Jared Ingers ill, Sj dm y Joues, 
Walter Tracy. 

Sanc'is fi-j.'/J, ErastUS Rice. 

Sheffield, Geo. Ii. Cooke. 

Stockbridge, Daniel B. Fenn, Thomas 

Williamstoum, J. R. Bulk ley. 


Incorporated, June 2, 16S5. 
Cottnty Towns Tavnton and New Bedfohd. 


Judqe of Probate and Imohency, 

Register of Probate a ud Insolvency, 

Clerk of Courts 

Register of Deeds (North District). 

Register of Deeds (Snath District), 

Con >dy Treasurer, 

Overseers of House of Correction, .... 

S&eriJT,.... .«... 

Deputy Sheriffs. 
Aitleboromh, Elijah R. Head, James W. 
Dartmouth, Wm. Barker, Jr. 


i Edmund H. Bennett, Taunton. 

John Daggett AitUhoroitgh. 

John S. Brayton, Taunton. 

, Joseph Wilbar, Taunton. 

Charles C. Say er, New Bedford. 

George M. Woodward,*. Ta i 

Jas. 1). Thompson, New B 

Timothy Ingr&ham,.. 4. *V • I 

George II. Babbitt, . Taunton. 

Kastoiu Henry D. Go ward. 
Fall liner, James Yv'ixon, Samuel R. 
Fair haven, Albert Liscomb. 



Freetown, Guilford Hathaway. 

Mansfield, Conrad Spraker. 

Hew Bedford, John Buy lies, Charles 1). 
Burt, George K. Hurlhut, Elias Teny, 
Horatio N\ Kimball, iJitvid. Wood. 

Morton, Cyril Sweet. 

Somerset, Geo. P. M. Forrester. 

Svcnmey, James Barney. 

Taunton, Isaac G. Carrier, Henry F. 
Cobb, Orren M. Ingalls, Sylvester Make- 
peace, Elias A. Morse, Petei C. Thayer. 
We&tport, Ferry G. BrowiuU. 

Isaac G. Carrier, Taunton; Chas. D. 
Burt, New Bedford. 

Sessions of Probate Co-arts, 

At Attleborough, 1st Tu. of May, 

At Fall River, 1st Fr. after 1st Tu. of 
Apr. July, and 1st Tu. of Oct. 

At New Bedford, 1st Tu. of Feb. and 
Dec,, and 1st Fr. after 1st Tu. of May, 
and last Tu. of Aug. 

At Norton, 1st Tu. of July. 

At Pawhtcket, IstTu. of April. 

At Rx'kohoth, 1st Tu. of Sort. 

At S-M konk, Is: Fr. after 1st 1 v.. of Sept. 

At Taunton, l^t Tttesdays of Jan., 
March, June, and 1st Fr. after 1st Tu. in 

Sessions of Court of Insolvency. 

At j.V'.&' Bedford, 3d Wednec,. of eyery 

At Taunton, 1st Wednes. In every rno. 

At. Pali River and Paictucket\ at such 
times as business may require. 

County Commissioners. 

John Baylies, New Bedford; Guilford 
White, Eailon; Horatio N. Gunn, Fall 

Special Commissioners, Elbridge G. 
Morton, FairJmsen ; Perry Davis, West- 

Times of Meeting. — At Taunton, on the 
4th Tuesdays in March and Sept. 

Coruin doners of *Wm$M&; 
rjuriiric.dh; ThtTSi Almy, Prince Sears. 
Fairharen, Job Almy. 

Cbmxaissioners of Insolvency. 
Fall River., Simeon Borden. 
S'eie Bedford, Chas. T. Bonney. 
PaicLMc/cet, W. W. Biodgett. 

Public Administrators. 
Freetown, Ebeuezer W. Peirce. 
New Bedford, \\'m. W. Crapo, Richard 
A. Peirce. 

Taunton, John S. Bray ton-. 
Westpprl, Nathan C. 6 town ell.. 

Masters in Chancery. 
New Bedford, Edwin L. Barney* 
Tawiton, G. Edgar Williams. 

Commissioners "to Qualify Civil 

Aeushnet, Martin L. Eidridge. . 

Fust ••■• Anson Gilniore, Seba Howard. 

Fa U i r ■ .-, Jn ,iah C^ Bl tis toll, Jarai s 
Ford, Poster Hooper, Phincas W. Leland. 

Freetown, Ebenezer W. Peirce. 

New Bedford, Rodney French, Ell Has- 
kell, Thomas M. James, Wru. H. Taylor, 
J"..'\>: D. Thompson, Joh. S. Tillinghast. 

Pa-rtucket, Apollog Cttthman, Alvin O. 

Taunton, George II. J: Lbbitt, Jol 
Bray ton, Sam'l Cro 

Horatio Pratt, J o s •• i > : : \ . . .• \\. 


Justices of tho Pnce. 

■ , I,- >. 
a •. and Ju He> i throujhsvi the < 
wealth, designated by a u] 

Ac ■■ net, C yrua E. ( .■:.'..•.! . 
Mai tin L Eldi i I ■■•, H< rvey B. I 
Abiel P. Robinson, Jon*, s Robinson. 
Wo »d. 

Attleborough, Thomas A. Bard 
kiel Bates, N. II. Blii 

Barvey Claflin Joseph 
W. Capron, John D 
gett, Lyman NV. D . I 

Dean, Lorenzo Draper, I 
Samuel M. Holman, - 
Hartford Ide, «Elisha G May, Henry 
Rice, *Gcorge B. Richards, Edn 
Richards, Horatio N. i' 

B. Sanford, Timothy A. Stanley, •Godfrey 

Berkley, Wm. Bal 
Abit I B. Crane, Jal J 
French, Walter D. Nichols. 

Dartmouth, Benjamin S. Anthony 
Barker, Jr., F. D. Bartl tt, Elisl 
Crapo, William W. Gifford, John 
Francis W. Mason, Nat! 
Calvin K. Turner, '_' 1, Hi] Whalon. 

Dighton, William Cobb. Leonard 
ing, Alfred W. Paul, Joseph Pitts, ' ia- 
than Pratt, John P. W 

Easfon, Oak es Ann:. rrpws, 

John Carr, Henry G. I 
more, Tisdale Harlow, Sel iHowar 

C. Lilley, Harrison T. M 

Retch, John II. Swain, •;■ Iford White. 

Fairhaven, Lemuel S. Aiken, I 
T. Allen, John A. liawtt, Daniel J. Lewis, 
Elbridge G. Morton, Alfred Nye, Horace 
Scott, ^Nathaniel S. Spooher, Geo. ii. 
Taber, John Terry. 

Fall Rivet, David Anthony, J I 
Ashley, William 11. Ashley, Alvai - 
lard, 3 Tlczekiah Battelle, Josiah C. Bl is- 
dell, Frederick A. Boomer, ^Nathaniel B. 
Borden, -f— : ^- ,0, - Bordei 
Brown, Janies Buffinton, Samuel A 
Richmond Da vol, I .Morton 

Eddy, 'James Ford, Charles S. Gifford, 
Stephen B. Gifford, William K Gordon, 
Chester W. Green, Wm C. Greene, I 
tio N.Gunn, Guilford H. Hathaway , C has. 
J. Holmes, * Foster 11 ■• r, Loui i 
ham, *Phineas W. Leland, August 
Leonard, Ebenezer Luther, Jas. M. Mor- 
ton, Thos. T. Potter, John P. Slade, 
Weston, Jr., Benj. F. Winslow, "Eliab 
Wil -.-:, Stephen C. Wrightii Jton. 

F; ioxen, Bradford Braley, Samuel R. 
Brown, Gideon P. Hathaway, C. A. Mor- 
ton, Thomas G. Nichols, Ebene/cr W. 
Peirce, Lteuel Wash 

Mansfield, Stimpson Austin, Willi 
Bates, "Jacob A. Blake, N >' 
Walter A. Crowley, I 1 1 i I W. Dean, C .:- 
win Deane, Thomas M. George, H 
Hall, Elijah Hodges, James E. I 
Ch .-. Pratt, Erastws M. Pied, Wm. 
inson, John Rogers, Schuyler Sh 
Isaac Stearns, Charles P. White. 


Nein Bedford, f John A. P. /UIen,H 
Almy, Williai H. Allen, Ed 
thony, Abraham Barker, N ithan i' 
ffidwin L, Barney, Ch irles Jl. i 
Charles T. Bonney, Satn'l Bonney, A', n- 
&oi., Bord< i), George A. Bouri 
Bourne, Jr., Charles D. Burl : la C 
Cyrus W. Chapman, Fred, rick I . I 
t-John H. Clifford, Willi tin S. Col 
H.Collins, James B. Congdon, Tin 
D. Cook, Joseph W. Corn- 11, William VV. 
Crapo, Ausjtin S. Cushman* John Davis, 
Joseph, F. Dearborn, Ezra K. Delano, Jos. 
C. Delanc*,Tilson B. Deuba , Tristram 
R. Dennison, George H. DnnbaT, Henry 
A.Edwards, *Thomas D. Eliot, Jireh L. 
Ferguson, Chas. B. H. Fessenden, 
ney French, Joshua W. Fro?', Nathan B. 
Gilford, David It. Greene, Thomas A. 
Greene, fJos. Grinnell, Albert D. Hatch, 
Luther G. He win.--,, San ford S. Horton, 
Moses G. Howe, ^Abraham H. Howland, 
fGeorge Rowland, Jr.,Peleg C. Howland, 
Geo. It. Huriburt, Seth H. Ingalls, Thos. 
M.James, Ephraim Kempton, Mar i -A 
Kempton, Josetih C. Rent, Horatio >i. 
Kimball, Warren T. dd, iUv,). Lh ' . 
Adam Mackie, Thomas Mandell, Ed- 
ward Milliken, Edward Munro, Wiliard 
Nye, Henry S. Packard, Albert, II. Paul- 
ding, William Phillips, Abner J. Phip] , 
fRichard A. Pierce, *Francis L.Porter, 
*Jaeob L. Porter, *Qliver Prescott, Ri ; 'i 
C, Pitman, Isaiah C. Ray, Isaac M. Rich- 
ardson, Geo. B. Richmond, Dai iel Rick- 
etson, Merrill Robinson, Jr., -i B? mj v in 
Rodman, Win. J Roteh, Benjamin LA..:: 
Sayer, Charles C. Sayer, Edward 3: 1 . S!..i- 
cum, Gideon B. Spooner, 2d, *paul 
Spooner, Silas Stetson, Thos. M. V A-: ■ . 
Daniel Sullivan, Isaac C. Taber, William 
C. Taber, Edwin P. Taylor, William li. 
Taylor, Etias Terry. *James I). Thomp- 
son, Eiisha Thornton, Jr., ^Joseph S. 
Tillinghast, Chas. W. Underwood, Hiram 
Van. Campen, Ambrose Vincent, Borden 

Norton, John Arnold, Daniel S. Cobb, 
George B. Crane, John Crane, Leonard 
Hodges, Royal P. rUbdges, ^Cromwell 
Leonard, Eddy Lincoln. Harrison T. Lin- 
coln, Zei'o Kelly, Lysander O. Make- 
pence, Lemuel Ferry. Thomas T. Rock- 
wood, + LabaTi M. Vv'heaton. 

Pcnctucktt, *Wm. \V. Blodgett, *Apol- 
ios Cushman, Claudius B. ^arnsworth, 
f Johnson Gardner, Wellington Kent, 
George Mason, Alvih O. Read, Samuel 
Shove, Charles W, Thrasher. 

'Baynftani, Samuel Junes, Enoch King, 
Charles Robinson, Godfrey Robinson, Na- 
than W. Shaw, *Sarauel Wilbur, *Seth D, 

Rehoboih, James Blandih?, George W. 
Bliss, George H. Carpenter/ Danforth G. 
Horton, Lemuel Morse, Lewi., Pierce, 
Menries R. Randall, Elij At J. Sanford, 
Cyrus M. Wheaton. 

heckonk, ZeAn-i W. Bourne, Tristrnra 
Burgess, Raymond H. Burr. Davis Car- 
penter, William Ide, Andre** N. Medbury, 
Viall Medbury, Robert M. Pierce. 

Somerset, Philip Bowers, John 1). Cart- 
wrAht, William P. Hood, Joseph Marble, 
Leonard C. Pierce, Avt-ry P. Slade, Jona- 
than B. Slade, Daniel Wilbur 

Suta n, Mason 1 

I . ' > .'..-.< -. I 
son, fj.jhu Mason, Wm Mil 



H. -Babbitt, +1 H 

William] e« Bier, Jami • t 

t, Benj C . • - C. S. 

, Geo i A. Ci : ., 

' I r, A i.;. .•■ Ci •'k< r, 

F. Dean, Sauiiu I A. Dean 
Ellis, Henrv II. Vox, (A .i . 

L G el D. G 

Timothy ( ; • 
Andrew H. U til. I 

Jr., Charles i . Johns >■.'■. 
Samuel B. King, : 
Lincoln, Theod >r< 1,. ! . 

J. Loth >p, v. m 17 1 i. . :■ . . 

-■ orton, Jos pi M. I Hi . ! 

Stephen Pierce, .. 

I ■ >'■ ■'.... . ■ 

Chas. A.. Reed, I 

Reed, Elijah M. Hi i mon I, i 

Robinson, Ira Sai i 

John F. Sanford, Silas Shep .- 

A ro it, Willi ira B. S 

• ey, J emui 1 'J'. Talbot. Pel I . 
i ■ tyer, Scabury 'J hay< r, 
Townsend Joseph R. Wheeler, : 

B. Wh ehv right, Joseph Wil 
F. ~\\ : >ar, *B nj-nnin F. \ i 

E. Williams* Henry Williams, Sydney 
Williams, Geor< • Wal . i . 
Woodward, James Woodward. 

West-port, Israel Allen, N itl an C. 
Browneli, Chri L Church, Goo. 

H. Gilford, Perry G. Lawton. 

Notaries Public. 
Attleboromjh, John Daggett, G( 
Mi :. irds, Joseph B. Sanford, G 
Wheelo :1c. 

t istt r. J ': i 1 1 . Sfl -liu. 

1 ■: -.'■-• n f h ■:;:: A. .' ' 

Fall River, Alvan S. Ballard, Josiah C. 
V'.> ':■ '. r Si on U >i !•:::, F. A. I- 
William ih Br; , ■, i. ' ei l C. 
Benjamin E irl, M rton Eddy, Charles J. 
Holmes, Louis Laph tm, '\' ..<.•>. T. - 
Ch; rles P. Stickney, Thos. Weston, Jr. 
Eliab Williams, Benj. F. Winslow. 

Fr- ttoicn, V.i. i.' ■ i V. 1 i iree. 

New Bed £dn nd 1 All d, 

F. Burt, John II. I 

Austin S.Cusbman, Thomas Dawes Kliot, 
Moses G. Howe, Edward Munroe, 
};. Paulding, Richard A. Pi< i 

C, Pitman, Isaiah C. Kay, Thorn s NF 
St • i, Edwin }'. Taylor, Jas. 

Wm. H. Taylor, Frederie A. AVasl 
Borden Wood. 

Paxctucket, Wm W, Blodgett, fi 
C \i^\ . ian, • B.l . sworth. 

Tattnton, John S. Bi > ton, Jas. I 
J.-.-'-i }'. Filis, !'•. F. Presbrey, 
;.:.-. . '• illi :. », George M. Woo I 

Westport, Nathan C. Brownell. 
Trial Justices. 

. ; »rc ugh, Henry Rice. 
Dartmouth, Nathaniel l\> 

ttcr, Jr. 


Boston, Albort A. Rotch. 
Fa 'rh Vceto, Fohii A. Ha ■•<. . 
Freetown, Ebenezer W, Peirce. 
Mansfield, Erastus M. Reed. 
Paic'tucket. Isaac Shove. 
Uchoboih, Gyrus M. Whe iton. 
Somerset, Wm* P. Hood. 
.SV.r-crc-y, Win. Mitchell. 
\V<:3tport, Geo. II. Gitford. 

AtHeborough, Lemuel Bishop, Jon: 
Berkley, Bphraim French. 
Dartmouth, Benjamin S. Anthony. 

Easton, Ti id le H.rlnw. 
F«W /Aw, 111 •. oi. 

7 >- vtoum, Bb< nez >r NV. Peirce. 
Mansfield, Charl !'. W 

Etussell. £ 

-• " '■ - I • nara. 

Raynham, Seth J). S\ 

Rehoboth, v. ■ ■ Lake. 

Somerset, I • (■». 

Swanzey, 1 I Gardner. 

rawnfon, George H Babbitt. Petei C 

Westport, Israel Allen. 


Incorporated, 36S3. 
Shirk Town, » Edqa btowk. 

Judge of Probate and Insolvency,. .-«..,.. 
Register of Probate and Insolvency ....... 

C^/A of Conns, , 

Megtsier of Deeds, .,..........,„..,. 

County Treasurer, ............... 

merif, .................... 

Deputy Sheriffs,..-.** \ 

Jailer, . .- 

Sessions of 3?robate Court, 
At Edgartown, 3d Mon. of Jan. and July, 

and 1st Mon. of June and Dec. 

At Ti&bury, §d Mon. of April, and 1st 
Mon. of March and Sept. 

At W,h Tisbury, 3d Mon. of Oct. 

Cou nty Cbmmi ssi one rs. 

Benj. Davis. Bdportoicn.; The?. Hi 
Lsn'&ert, Ckilmark; Rod. \Y. Crocker, 

Special Com nisrioners.— Austin Smith, 
Qhilmark ; Trist. Cleveland, Edgartown. 

Times of Mt etiny. — At Edgartown, Wed, 
aest a:*.^r 3d Mon. in May, and Wed. next 
after 2d Mon. in Nov. 

Commissioner of Iiisolvefacy.- 
Bdgartawi, David Davis. 

Pnbiic Administrators. 
Edga rtown, Samuel G. Vincent. 
Tisbury, I nomas Bradley. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 

Edgartdtcn, Williara P. Ghadwiek, Ira 
Darrow, Charles F. Dunham, E. G. 

Chitmark, Thomas H. Lambert, Eph- 
rftim Mayhew, Jr. 

Tisbury, Gustavua D. Smith. 

Commission ere to Qualify Civil 

Edgartown^ David Davis, Theo. G. May- 
hewj./oseph T. Pease. 
Ttmury, Thomas Bradley. 


Theodore G. May hew, Edg 

Hehrcn Vincen ».,.,■ ' 

Richard L. Pease, j 

Josiah II. Smith, ; 

Barnard C. Mai chant £ 

Iaiah D. Pease, . 

Thomas H. Lambert, CI 

Jonathan Luce, '1 

Samuel S. Daggett, Ed 

Justices of the Peace. 

[Including Justi ■ tfi J- •- and ! 
noted by a *, and Justices i . 
vocalth, designated by a f.J 

Chitmark, Samuel Flanders, Smith 
May hew, Wm, B. May hew. 

Edgartoum, Henry A. Coffin, Sirson P. 
Cotan, +David Davis, Joseph Du 
I habod N. Luce, Barnard C. A e 
fHarxis* fa A May] •■••■. John > 
fTheodore G. Mayhew, Archil 
Shaw Morris, Samuel Osborne, Jr.. Jei 

miah Pease, *J< 

ih T. P< 


L. Pease, fLeavitt Thaxter 
Vincent, Hebron Vincei 

'Tisbury, Barti't Allen, Wm. F. Durgin, 
John Holmes, William C. Luce, Alfred 
Norton, EUakim Norton, Wm.S. Vincent. 

v I Justices. 
Edgartown, Jeremiah Pease. 
Tisbury, Eiiakim Norton. 

Notaries Public. 

Chilmark, Samuel Flanders, John W. 

Edgartoion, Sirson P. Cotlin, Ir.i Dar- 
row, David Davis, Charles P. Du 
Tarlton C. Luce, John Mayhew, . ; 
A . I ."■,» , Theo. G. May b Nc ri i, 

Supply B. Norton, Jos. T. Pease. 

Tis ,•..•••/, John Holmes, Wm. G 
Henry P. Worth. 

Edgartown, Francis Adlington. £ 
Samuel G. Vincent. 

Tisbury, John Holmes, Jr. 




2bo ■ poi ..' j io, 1043 

SSJJRH TOTpfS,, Nu^ck-v, rt, 2 • ! .• < ••;,:],. 


Judge of Probate end Insolvency, George F. Choate j ./. 

Regi&terof Probate and Insolvency, Abner C. Goodell 

Clerk of Courts...... , Asahel Huntingt »n, 

Reg-inter of Deeds, Ephraira Brown 

County Treasurer, Allen W.Dodge, //. , 

r Ebenezer B Currier ;.. 

Overseers of House of Correction,.* / James Kimball Salem 

(Abram D. Wait, y. 

Sheriff'* ■ ' •• James Cary, La 

Deputy Sheriffs. 

Amesbury, John Howell. 

Amesbury (West), Jbsiah W. Sargent. 

Andoxer, Samuel G. Bean. 

T/anvers, Charles II. Adams. 

Ess,ejc, E,:ra Perkins, Jr. 

Georgetown, Otis Thompson, George TV. 
Boy p. ton. 

Gloucester, George Lane. 

Groveland, Elijah Clark. 

Haverhill, Jacob How., Phineas E. 

Ipswich, Joseph Spil'er. 

Lawrence, Bailey Bartlttt, Leonard 

Lynn, Charles Merritt. 

Marblehead, John Dixey, 

Mcthuen, Chas. E. Gross. 

Nciobicryport, John Akerman, Wooster 

Rockport, Henry Dennis. 

Salem, Daniel Potter. 

Smith. Dancers, Stephen Upton, 

J liters, 
pswich, John 1). Cxosa;Neicliuryporf, 
m, Ebenezer D. Kira- 
g's Cary. 

County Commissioners. 

John Akerman 
ball ; Lawrence, J. 

Masters of Houses of Correction, 

2p>icic.-!, John D. Cross. 
Laicrence, James Cary. 

Sessions of Probate Court, 

At Ghucestvr, 2d Tit. in Ap. and Oct. 

At Haverhill, 3d Tu. in May and Nov. 

At Ipswich, 3d Tu. in Mar. and Sept. 

At Lawrence, 2d Tu. in Jan. Feb. Mar. 
Ju. Sept. Nov. and Dec. 

At Newburyport, 3d Tu. in Ju. Jr. Oct 
and Dee. 

At Salem 1st every month. 

Sessions of Court of Insolvency. 

AiSalem, on the 2d and ith Mon. of 
each mouth. 

At Li-rrencc, on Probate Court day-, in 

At Neicburypcrt, on Probate Court days 
iu afternoon. 

Ebenezer B. Currier, Lawrence: Jai 
Kimball, Salem; dibxam D « . 


&j - 'al Cor .,:/. 
i ynn ; .', Appleton, '. ■ 

Time and Place of Meeting- : I ! 
on the 2dTu. of. . 

Salem, on the 2d Tu. of Jy. 

Newburyport, on the 2d Tu. of Oct. 

On the 4th Tu. of 1) • .. at :■ 
buryport, Ipswic/l, or Lawrence, as the 
Courl may determine at the term next 

At Laicrev.ce, on the last Tu. of Aug. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Latorence, Perlcy S. Ch .<e. 
Newburyport, Era,, S. C. Dame. 
Salem, VV'm. G. Choate. 

Public Administrators. 
Andocer, George Foster. 
Danvers, William P. I, bai 

• v " '--''.'. ■ "'. Edmund fci i itfe, 
SateM, Michael Uarfcton. 

Masj ara in Ciwmcary. 
iNewburyport, Eben !•'. Stone. 
Salem, Geo. 1 . Choate, Y\'m. G. Choate 
Dan Weed. 

Commissioners ot Wrecks. 
Gloucester, Dan. Robinson, Isaac Story. 
Ipswich, Theodore Andrews, St< 

Lynn, Joseph A. Lloyd. 
'■' uhant, Henry Dunham, 
Newburvport, Edmund Smith. 
Rockjtort, Wm. H. Bradley. 
Su?j m/m o ,' : , J o h n Chapni a a . 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

--' ■' >r : George Foster, Nathan V. . 
Hazeu, Samuel Merrill. 

Beverly, Frederick W. Choate, J 

Gloucester, Chas. P. Thompson, Joshua 
P. Trask, J >hn S. We!, her. 

Haverhill, James IE Duncan, Jamei 
Gale, William Taggart. 



Tpwrich, Alfred Kimball, Charles Kim- 


Lawrence, George K. Howe, Nathani 1 

Lyn i, William Bassett, Atoop V 1 I , 
Jeremiah C. Stiekney. 

ifarblehead, George Wilson,. Joseph P. 

Worth Andorer, George Hodges. 

"Newbury, Daniel Adams, Daniel Lunt. 

Heacburyport, John Cook, Moses Pet- 
tingill, John Poi ter. 

&*&m, John * h&i nan, &sahel Hunt 
fegton, Alfred Kimball, Chas. Kimball, 
Joseph B. F. Osgood, Dan Weed, Geo. 
Wheatland, Henry Whipple. 

Justices of the Peace. 

"•j.-'v'm-.j ./.. ■• ■« 0/ the Peace an I Qu rum, det- 
t..' _•■.'' • by 'a>. ami justices throughout the Common- 
er : :'i, designated by a tJ 

iirttesfosyy^Lowell Bagley, David Batch- 
elder Win. 0. Binney, Elijah Chase, 
rJoshaaT " 
Jo*, Gal. 

Amos CurrJer,Johri IN ans, 
Uia-Ki H. Ea&kell, Joseph 
Merrill, "Jobs A Morse, Win. Nichols, 
Driai A> A Patten;, Frederick Sargent., 
j na. B. Sargent, Palter: Sargent, David 
M, Fewksbury, A/or G. Woodman. 

Andovcr, fAmos Abbott, Asa A. Ab- 
bott, Nathan Abbott, 2d. fJohn Aiken, 
James, Bailey, Isaac O. Blunt, Jedediah 
Burt, Isaac Carruth, William Checkering, 
*i'iot»ari Clark, F. Cogswell, Samuel T. 
Cooper, *Sani'l Farrar, John Flint, *Gco. 
Poorer, Moses Foster; Jr., Enoch Frye, 
3d, Abraham J. Gould, Samuel Gray, 
•Nathan W, Hazeh, John B. Jenkins, 
Samuel Merrill, Wi'llard Pike, Geo. H. 

Bsverhj, Hooper A. Appleton, f John 
I. Biker, Frederick W-Choate, Zachariah 
Cole, Charles Davis. Joseph G. Dodge, 
John A. Green. Josiah A. Haskell, Henry 
P. rlerrick, James Hill, -E. E. Luuimus, 
Thomas A. Morgan, Joseph E. Ober, 
Iphh Potter, Samuel Porter, Thom as Ste- 
phens, Joseph D.Suek. KichM P. Waters, 
mhx P: Webber, Jr. 

UoTfwi, Benj, S. Barnes, N. Bodwell, 
'<-u: N. Cle-aveland,:Moses Dorman, Wm. 
it. Kim) all, George Perley, Enoch Wood. 
A id ford, fGeorge Cogswell, William 
, Walter Goodell, Benj.Greenleaf, 
:letine, *Geo. Johnson, »Edmund 
Leverett Kimball, Horatio Pearl. 
•$, brael W. Andrews, James D. 
arrison Gray, Ebenezer Hunt, 
;-od, Arthur A. Putnam, John 
...,am, Philemon Putnam, ltufus 
Putnam, George Tapley, W. P. Upham, 
Wm. L. Weston. 

Eiscz, Aaron L. Burnham, Ebenezer 
Buraham, Neheraiah Burnham, fBavid 
Cfee*ie t Ezra Perkins, Jr., Oliver H. P. 

GeoraetavHi, -{-Jeremiah P. Jones, Caleb 
tefcney, Moses Tenner, Jr., Richard 
1 ennov, 

(tyiucester, John J. Be »son, Joseph. S. 
B it u r, !.osi ; h B! iod, Edward Burnham, 
Peary Center, Bcr.j. H. Corliss. Alex. P. 
Davis, Jas. Davis, George L. Ford, A!- 
den FuUar, Theophilus Herrick, John W. 
M»*e, Alfred Bresson, Leonard J. Pressor, 
i'itfaaj, Benjaiain li. Smith, Isaa^ P. 

Ah,, tia; 
BU>ck, ! 
Geo Gss 
A. i'uen 

Smith, Cyrn« Stor>, Jr., Motel Tarr, 
Charles ]'. Th( . »Jo QUI I'. Trask, 

•John S. Webber. 

Grovclan /, William B. ,\ u I;. 

G eorge, G < 
M. Hop! 

Ladd, *Nath I Ladd, 
Parker. Peter Parker, J 1 ob v. . I 
Charles Q. S a vary, f Jeremiah 

Jfur/.i'' ,>i, Zen 1 .\i A : • 
Dodge, Nathaniel A- ' 
Patch, Paul A Paten, Dai i. I 
Haverhill, John A. Appl 
Brick. Lt, I' ■ Cald- 

i well, Samuel Carlton. Elbridg 
; Geo. W., Thomae N. 
1 D. S. Chas( , .1 - te Clement, '. 
: ricr, f James II. Duncan, John K. : 
! brook, Nathaniel M. 1 
I Emerson, Moses G. J. Emery, Daniel F. 
I Fitts, Edward •'. Prothii ;ham, James 
I Gale, Simeon George, E. •' . M. »■ 
J drew W. Hammoud, William 11. I 
! fNathaniel S. He 
j Ensign S. Hunkii , '■ A 

; dison B. Jaquesj ■' il 
j Johnson, * Alfred Kittredge. John Jatnea 
; Marsh, Henry N. Merrill, i.mses .Merrill. 
John B. Nichols, Nathan I '• 
P. Russell, Oliver H. R 
SafFord, Benj. E. Saw; ■, Ri Stuart, 

William Taggart, I 

Robert G. Walker, D. Waldo Webster, 
Thomas West. Thomas II. West, S . I 
White, Moses Wingate. 

Ipswich, Theodore Androws, J 
Baker, Stephen Baker, Wesl 
y ' Josiah Caldwell, *Aaron G ■ 11, Gil- 
bert Conant, John D. ( 
ley, George Haskell, Alfred . 
! Kimball, fChark-s Kimball, George ii. 
i IiOrd, Nathaniel L. ^lanrir<>, Frederick 
j Mitchell, *John A. New:: ar:, *Al 
j D. Wait, Ira Wore "er, Asahel H. Wilds. 
Lmrrence, Nathaniel Arobi -• . Jai 
K. Barker, Benjamin Borrlman, 1 
D. Cabot, Alonzo C. Chad 
S. Chase, Albert P. Clark, • - 
Clarke, John E. C, . 
Colby, Joseph N. Gage, Wilr.ur 1 . 
Arteinasi Hammond, *Nathan V'. HLar- 
mon, Michael D. Ear: 
James D. Herri A, John C. i 
bert E. Hood, I.-: aard Hoyt, Vn i liam D. 
Joplin, George S. >iLrrdi. William >ir.r5; , 
Christopher G. Nevrton. Joseph N irris, 
Thomas A. Parsons, John Rodman Rol- 
lins, George K. Rowe, John l'. Sa 
Daniel Saunders, Dani , J... 

Edgar J. Sherman, E;;ry E. Sherman. 
Ivari Stevens, Jam^s H. Stevens,W 
Stevens, *Charles S. Storrow, John K. 
Tarbox, George A.Walton, Albert W.-r- 
ren, Benjamir F. Watson, *Nath 
White, Nathaniel G. White, Nab 
Wihon, Thoma3 Wright, WiUuia IE P. 

Lynn, Daniel Alley, i A A. B. ! 
Gustavus Andrews, David Austin, J 
Babb,*Daniel C. Baker.Ezra 
liam Bassett, Jeremiah C. A 
John Batchelder, Abijah E. Blood, An- 
drews Ikeed. Hiram N. Breed. Joseph 
Breed, '2d, *Isaac Brown, Augustus C 
Can>v, ^Oliver B. Cooiidge. Peter E Cox, 
Joseph Darapney, *Edward S. Davjs, ben- 



jam in V. French, *Joteph Haines, John 
Hilton , Edward W. Hinks, William How- 
land, Ephraim A. Ingalls, Nathaniel In- 
galls, VVilliam F. Johnson, Benjamin ii. 

Jones, Lewis Jossely.n, Georye v . JKcen 
Josiah F. Kimball, Itufua Kimball, James 
S. Lewis, Valentine Meader, Charles Mer- 
ritt, Benjamin Madge, Ezra W. Mudg , 
Asa T. Newhall, Edward Newhall, Henry 
Newhall, James It. Newhall, Joseph J'. 
Newhall, *Thomas 15. Newhall, Henry C. 
Oliver, Isaiah H. Parrott, Eben Parsons, 
Jr., Francis Pan on, fDean Peabody, Wil- 
liam L. Peabody, Daniel Ferley, Edward 
K. Phillips, Amos Rhodes, Robert' M. 
Richardson, James M. Sargent, Joseph 
N. Saundersou, fWilliam Schonler, John 
L. Shorey, Charles Henry Stickney, Jere- 
miah C. Stickney, Cyrus M. Stimpson, 
Amos P.Tapley, Philip F. Tapiey, Wilder 
S. Thurston, Cyrus M. Tracy, Leonard B. 
Usher, Roland G. libber, John P. Wood- 

Lyntifielid, John Dan forth, Jr., Andrew 
Mansfield, Josiah Newhall, Join: Perkins. 

Manchester, Joseph Hooper, David K 
Kimball, John Lee, John Price, 

%tarblehead, Samuel Bowdoin, Glover 
B rough ton, John Dixey, *Wiliiam Fabena, 
Thomas Foss, John Gilley, Henry G. Gray, 
J aines Gregory, Jonathan 11. Orne, Henry 
F. Pitman, fFrederick Robinson, Joseph 
H. Robinson, John Sparhawk, Joseph P. 
Turner, George Wilson.. 

Metkuen, Stephen Barker, Isaac B. 
Cobb, G?ny W. Cochrane, John Davis, 
Jnsiah Dearborn, Jacob Emerson, Jr., 
John M. Grosvcnor, Joseph Howe, J. 
Brown Lord, E. P. G. Marsh, Charles 

Middicton, Amos Batchelder, Eben S. 

Xahant, John Q,. Hammond, Welcome 
W. Johnson. 

Neirhury, *Daniel Adams, David S. 
Caldwell, Joshua Coffin, George P. Dan- 


v., l 

tt c ; ■-.-. uamei 
ii'M.t, Uantei -Noyc:>, jjcniamin Pearson, 
Stet'el Poor, Hereon D, Rogers, VPii- 
liam M, Rogers, Martin Root, Paul Tit- 

M&dna^port % *Jobn Akerman, Isaac If. 
Boardrna!'", * Joseph Ii. Bragdon, William 
H. Brewster, David F. Brown, John P. 
Brown, Thomas W. Burn ham, Henry W. 
Chapman, Frederick J. Cofiin, *George J. 
L. Colby, Jeremiah Colman, Charles Conk, 
*Iohn Cook, John fipoiabs, William P. 
Currier, fCaleb Cashing, William Gush- 
ing, Charles C. Dame, * William P>avis, 
Nathaniel Foster, Henry Frothingham, 
Joseph G.Gernsh,, Major Goodwin, Dan- 
iel Granger, Nathaniel Greely, George 
Greehleaf, Joshua Hale, Josiah L. Hale, 
Moses E. Hale, George W. Pill, Nathan- 
iel Hills, Philip K. Hills, James Hodgdon, 
Stephen S. Hodge, Jacob ft of ton, George 
W. Jackman, Jr., Eleazer Johnson, Har- 
rison G. Johnson, "Caleb Lamson, Mica- 
jah Lunt, «Stephen W. Marston,; David 
j. Merrill, Andrew W, Miltimore, Amos 
W. Mooney, C. 0. Morse, Edward 8. 
Moseley, Nathan A. Moulton, Amos 
Noyes, Daiiiel A. W. Perkins, Ezra Per- 
kins, Jr, •Motes PettingelU *Samuel 
Phillip: :, fD^niel P„ Pike, John N. Pike, 

| Jobi h W. C. Pike, John Port* * 
S. Rand, Edward W. Rant . ♦ I 

t Eben b\ Stone, J 
liam Stone, Mark Sj 

y, D ivid ■ 

- , ' f -'"'' At i : -\rker, 

George W. Berrian, Danii 
George L. Davis, George Hi 
M. Hubbard, P lac (J. boring, Henry Oa- 

C (j '" : . P U A. Phelps, H< on J.i ■■ 

Rockpoii, Jos< ph Barth •', Eben LI 

Manning, Alfred Parsons,] 
6ona, Jr., William Pool. 

'■!/, E. Smith, Edward Tod 1, Joseph 
S. Tod I. v 

Salem, Nathaniel K. Allen, Andrew B. 
Almon, *George Andrews, Joseph An- 
drews, *Sarnuel P. Andrei s, ... m Ar- 
cher, Jr., Charles H. Bates, Sidney C. 
Bancroft, Benjamin Barstow, John Ber- 
tram, Robert Brookhouse, Ephraim 
Brown, George P. Brown, +Al'vrt G. 
Browne, ^Benjamin P. Bzawne, J. Yin- 
cent Browne, Jol ■ I . 
B. Rut trick, 'Joseph S. < ibi t, N illiam 
Calley, Michael Carleton, John Chad wick, 
fJohn Chapman, George P. Chover, 
fGeorge F. Choate, William G. Ch 
William S. Cleveland, Joseph Cloul 
Humphrey Cook, Francis Cox, Gcoi • 
Curwen, Joseph A. Dalton, Henry I 
♦■George H. Devereux, Humphrey Dev'e- 
reux, John T. Devereux, John S. Driver, 
John Dwyer John D. Eaton, Char] 
Endicott, William C Endicott, Johi G. 
Felt, fCaleb Foote, William H. Foster, 
John Frazer-, James A. Gillis, Abner C. 
Goodell, Jr.. Benjamin A. Gray, Henry 
B. Groves, Leonard 1'.. Harrii gton, Mark 
Haske'li, William P. Hay ward, Moses 
Hill, Edward Hodges, Thorndike D. 
Hodges, tAsaiul Huntington, *Horace 
IngersoLl, ^Stephen B. i\>s : Jr., 
Jewett, Alfred Kimball, Charles Kimball, 
j Charles A. Ivirriball, David B P 

#Eben W, Kin. bill, James ICiraba . I d- 
ward P. *Ct '■:/: :, - 1 >s \ih .'. I avitl 
thauiei J. Lord, fOtis P. Lord, George B. 
Poring. William Mack, Samuel Mackin- 
tire, Mjcajah B. Mansfield John Maaury, 
Wi .:■!'. Maynes, James McGeary, Wil- 
liam S. Messervy, *Ephraim P. 'Miller, 
George L. Newcomb, Gilbert G. Newhall, 
David Nichols, John H. Ni< hols, Thomas 
Nichols, Jr., f William D. Northend, Wil- 
liam > .nrthey, tllcr.ry K. Oliver, Charles 
S. Osgood, fjoseph B. P. Osgood, Jere- 
miah Page, William W. Palmer, George 

A. Parker, John Brooks Parker, William 

B. Parker, Ira J. Patch, Edward H. Pay- 
son, Francis Peabody, George Peabody. 
Jt ■:■■. B. Peabody, Robert Peele, .' 
Perkins, Albert C. Perkins, Daniel Per- 
kins, f Jonathan C. Perkins, Jonathan 
Perleyi Jr., Jairus W. Perry, fStej 
Phillips, VVillard P. Phillips, David Pin- 
gree, Ihomaa P. Pingree, Daniel Potter, 
'•'/. ;\'.'..-.-n C. Prescott, Ch t 
David Putnam, Perley Putnam, M ses D. 
P in 1 Pi. Ii tbert S. Kantoul, *. 
erts, *Augustus D. Rogers, Stratton W. 
Robinson, James Ropes, Charles v 
•■Nathaniel Jsilsbre, Edmund Smith, Go. 
H. Smith, Henry B. Smith, Robert Smith, 




F.dtjrard Rtitopsoa, James C. Stimpsor,, 
["nomas M. Stimpson, Augustus Story, 
Gilbert L. Streeter, Chatties E. Symonds, 
John 1). Sj monds, Nathaniel 1). Symonds, 
J. Hardy To.vne, Charles V . U,phara, 
George Upton, Abbott Walker, Eben N. 
WaStbn, *Joseph G. Waters, William D. 
Waters, Benjamin Webb, ^Stephen P. 
Webb, *Dau Weed, Nathaniel Weston, 
•George Wheatland, Henry Wheatland, 
Stephen G. Wheatland, *Henry Whipple, 
John Whipple, Henry L. Williams, Jona- 
than P. Worcester, Isaac Wyrnan. 

>ur\; t 1 a 

J.Clark, Cvrus Des 

born, Jr., Benjamin Evans, Reuben Evans, 
Streeter Evans, Benjamin E. Fifleld, Elias 
French, Josiah B. Gale, Moses K.Pike, 
Moses True, Jr., George Turner, Daniel 

Sai<?;*i*, WUliam W. BoardmaH, George 
W. Fairbanks, Harmon Hall, George II. 
Hull, Benjamin F. Newhall, Wilbur F. 
Newhall, *John T. Paine, Elijah P. Rob- 
inaonj George H. Stfeetset. 

South Dtmvers, +Alfr,>d A. Abbott, Lewis 
Ailea, Sidney C. Banercjft, ^Robert 6, 
])>.''!■: is, Warren M. Jacobs, James P. 
King, Sanutei A. Lord, George Osborh, 
George A. Osborn, Miles Osbom, Kendall 
Osborn, Joseph Osgood, John B. Feabody, 
Benjamin C. Perkins, Israel Perkins, 
Pitch Poole, Leonard Poole, Eben S. Poor, 
Nathan H. Poor, Moses Preston, *John 
W. Proctor, Thomas M. Stimpson, Wil- 
liam Sutton, Stephen "Upton, John G. 
Waicott, William Waicott, Hiram O. 

Steampscott, Philander Holden, Augus- 
tini S. Peabody, Samuel C. Pitman, Wal- 
do Thompson. 

Topsfiefd, Joseph W. Batchelder, An- 
drew Gould, Zaccheus Gould, Charles H. 
Holmes, Samuel S. MeKenzie, *Royal A. 
Merriarn, Augustine S. Peabody, Richard 
Phillips, Jr., Benjamin Poole. 

Wt nhxm, Joseph Cook, Andrew Dodge, 
Francis SI. Dodge, *Ediaund Kimball, 
Benj unin C. Putnam. 

ii eft h'eiifbufy, John Applefcon, Isaac 
H. Boyd, John C. Carr, Benjamin Ed- 
ward*, Jr., Eliphalet Emery, George Em- 
t- r y, N",: emiah F. Emery, William Merrill, 
Joseph N-weli, Samuel Newell, Thomas 
S. Ordway, lie:!. Perley Poore, *Dean 
Robinson, Samuel Rogers. 

Trial Justices. 

Amt&bury, William C, Biniiey. 

Andqver, Samuel Merrill. 

Beverly, James Hill. 

J)a7irers, Israel W. Andrews. 

Esses, David Choate', 

Georgetown, Orlando B. Tenney. 

Grove/and, Jeremiah SporTcrd, 

fystcich, Joseph Parley. 

M*rbl/head, William Fabe-ns. 

kteJkuen, Jacob Emerson, Jr. 

AVi/i ml, John Q. Hammond. 

II kport, George D, Hale."' 

iHtitbury, George Turner. 

Saw?,*, Elijah P. Robinson. 

Srtuth Banters, Benjamin C. Perkins; 

West .\tubury, Nebvmiah F. Emery. 

Notaries Publio. 

Andover, Henry W. Abbott, - 

'. George !• tel Merrill. 

!■ verly, r'red«ri ... W. Cboatr, 
Pill. S u iuel Porter. 

D\ iters, Ki I ird Hood, 8 

■ '■ r, Joseph 8. Barber, E 
Burnh im, James D • , ■-, (• urles A 
son, Joshua P. Tn 

rhiU, James Gale, Win, !. | 
John James Marsh, William Tagg&rt. 

/ 04 ■> rn - , JUtij imin Bot Ira 

in lers, Natbanii I G, White, 'i 

/. •, nn, Andrews Breed, Edward S. I 
Philip C. Knapp, James R. N 
Ham Rowland, Amos Rhodes, Cyrus M. 

Marblehead, Samuel Bowden, William 
Fabens, James Gregory. 

M ihuen, George 1 

tfe cburyport, Isaac 1 , | . 

H. Bragdon, John T. Bi n Cu 

iel Foster, Sam 
N. Pike, John Porter, Edward \V. I 

Salem, George Andrews, Samuel I 
drews, Joseph Cloutman, William (.'. E 
dicctt, Daniel P. Fitz, Edward . 
Gayle, Nathaniel J Holden, Epl r 
Miller, Joseph B. P. Osgood, Wil 
Prescott, David Roberts, Thomas M. 
Stimpson, Joseph G. Waters, Stephen P 
We! >, Dan Weed, Stephen G. V 
land. Jonathan F. Worcester. 

Salisbury, Thomas J. Clark, George 

South Dcnvcrs, Alfred A. Abb it! 
jamin C.Perkins, Thomas M. Stimpson, 

West Newbury, John C. Carr, 


Amesbury, William Pecker. 

Andover, Joseph Rice, 

Bevei-ty, William Thonadifce, 

Bradford, William Cog well, Rorati 

Danvers, Richard Hood. 

Essex, Caleb Cogswell. 

Georgetown, Hiram Harriman, Joseph 
PM'tiekney. - - 

Grovelahd, Nathaniel II. Grin th. 

Jpiivic/i, Theodore Andrew*. 

Lawrence, Julius H. ?>Io;se, — special, 
William D. Lamb. 

Lynn, Hiram N. Breed, Plumer Chcs- 
ley, James Stone. 

Marblehead, Samuel Bowden, James 

Jsahant, John Q. Hammond, 

Xeicb'-ry, George W. Adams. 

Neiobtiryport. "John Cook, Woos'.er 

JRockport, Jamrs Manning. 

Salem, Eben N. Walton. 

Salisbury, Elias French,- George T 

South Danvers, Stephen Upton,Wilh* ra 

Swamp •: : ', Sam tel C. Pitman. 

West Xetcbttty, John Appleton, G 




Incorporatodj June 24 

Sums Tov.v, 

1 'ii :.ij. 


Judge of Probatjeand Insolvency, Charles Mattooi 

Register of Probate and Insolvency Charles J. J. Ingeraoll 

Vterk of Courts, ,.. George Grennell 

Register of Deeds, Ilu rnphrey Ste^ ens, 

County Treasurer, . Duni'l Ii. Newton 

Lewis Merriam, 

Rufus Howland, q 

Sheriff, • ... Samuel H. Reed, Qn 

Deputy Sheriffs* 
Ashfield, John Sprague. 

Overseers of House of Correct.' 

1 ■ 


Gkarhffiorit, Samuel Potter. 
Coleraine, O. C. Weather!: ead. 
Conway, Wm. C. Qc.m:^r}\, 
Greenfield, Lorenzo D. Joslym 
Montague, Isaac Chrnery. 
fforth New Salem, Wm. Whitteruore 
Northficld, Elisha Alexander. 
Grange, Wilson Wheeler. 
Shelbutne (Falls), Orrin P. Paine. 
Shntesbury, Henry Pierce. 

Deputies in H:\mpp. hire County 
Amherst, Frederick A. Pslrner. 

Nort/ia/nuton, Ansel Wright. 

Deputy Jailer and Master of Hoi 

of Correction. 
Seth C. Smith, Greenfield. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Charlemont, 4th Tu. in May. 
At Conway, 3d Tu. in May. 
At Greenfield, 1st Tu. of e 

Commissioner.' to Qnnlify Civil 


•':- n Lr.'e,, i: | 


except Novemner. 

At Locke s Village, Siii^eshiirh 
Tn. of July. 

At Nor infield, on the 2a Tu. 
sad September. 

r..t Orange, I'd Tu. In March ■:,■ 

At Sheiburt>r Fetf-U, on the 2t 
Feb. and 4th Tu. of October. 


on 2d 
, May 


Tu. cf 

Sessions of Court of Insolvency, 

At Greenfield, on the first Monday in 
each month. 

County Commissioners. 

Ansel L. Tyler, Charlemont ; Horace 
Hunt. New Salem; Alfred it. Field, 
Greer, field. 

Special Commissioners, Nelson Burrows, 
Gill ; It. N. Oakman, Montague. 

Times of Meeting. — At Greenfield, 1st 
Tu. in March and Sept., and 2d Tu. in 
June and Dec. 

Commissioners of In.'jolv'jucy. 
Greenfield, Almon Brainard. 

<v . Salem, Georg< 
,S' h-:ibu7ne, Z c b u 1 o p. 

Masters in Chancery. 
UremJitU, Almon Brainard, Samuel 0. 
Lamb, Charles Allen. 

I Greenfield, Cha ! . D*, i | a,-. 

I Alvord, AJrnoi 

I Davis, Geoi ;e .. -.,;:. Whit .,- .. 
wok, Chas. J. J.Ingersoll, Chat] - : - 
i toon. 

Grange, Davis God. 
Hiram Woodward. 
Sunderland, Horace W. Taft. 

OL-vtice^ of the Peace. 

[In ludjng Justi •$ ,■ >J . . . , . 

• -j a* . and J . 

tcealin, dax'jn . of.] 

Ashfield, Lot Bassett, Wait Bement, 
S«as Blake Cha-s. H. Day, Alvin 
Henry S. l\ .. ;'< ter Sande 

Bernard, ion, Sila< \~ Bi 
W. Cushman, William Dwight, . 
rerry, Timothy" K. Horton, Samuel J. 
Lyons, Zebina C. Newcomb, John San- 
derson, Daniel W. Temple. 

Buckland, Samuel L. Bardwell, Eze- 
ktcl D. Ben >nt, 3 S. I 

- ' - • -i VIj ; ii rd, V> ... Sfeei ..., .' 
Tr :•.',-. 

Charlemont, Stephen Kates. Isaac 
v ' Kawkes, Hart Leavitt, R 
Leavitt, Alexander P. Max ' . • 
H. Taylor, A. L. Tyler, * E n • 

Cohrai'v:, Ethan D. Griswold, Hugh B. 
Miller, Calvin W. Shattuck, Ephi . 
Thompson, John Wi! u 

Conway, Henry W. Billings, Chester 
Bradford, Horace] C';. :1 !, 
•Asa Howland-, Frederick E. 1' 
Austin Rice, Barziilai W Wii - it. 

Deerfie Id , I s a a c A bercrombie, James C . 
Arms, Wm. 1'. Bati D iter ( 
C\ | is Clapp, Asa P. Coolcy, I 
Hawkes, Rol rt M. Pease, S 
Phillips, Ransom N. Porter, Joaat 
Saxton, Christi ph< r A . Stebbins, Edward 
W. Stebbins, 

n ill ■'' ■' r., A mas Williams, Ei 
Willi ■ m . Jol i \\ 

Er, • .. .v. Albee, Uenrj H. 

Holt';), S. ii. Woodward. 

Gill, Nelson Barrows, JosiuU 1). Can- 
ning, Roswell Field, Jonathans. P 

Greenfield, David Aiken, f Char lea A 
•Darnel \V. Alvurd, George \\ . Bartlett, 



* Umbn Bfatnard, David N. Carpenter, 
Cbftstet C. Conant, fGeorge T. Davis, 
James C. Davifl, * Wendell T. D tvis, ' m 
Kliott, Alfre I R. Field, Richard E. Field, 
ffieor^i G ei nell, J am is ->. Grenn< ll, 
Whiting Griswold, Rufus Howland, Chas. 
J. J. J ii uersuJ. Samuel O.Lamb, Theo. 
Leonard, fCharles Mattoon, Lewis Mer- 
riam, Daniel H. Newton, Harvey C. New- 
ton, Lucius Ninas, fAnsel Phelps, *Sam'l 
II. Reed, Frederick G. Smith, Humphrey 
Stevens, Anson K. Warner, *Wm. B. 
Washburn. Alfred Wells. Noah S. Wells, 
Win. Wilson, Hopkins Woods. 

Hatoley, Samuel Hall, B. P/rsons Mans- 
field, B. Ellsworth Smith, John Vincent. 

Heath, Aaron Dickinson. 

Everett, Luther Dudley, Alden C. Field, 
Zebina Field, Francis Frary, Elijah In- 
gram, Timothy B. Hie?. 

Leyden. Fernando W. Carlton, George 
Chitds, *Kli Wing Packer. 

Monror, Hosca G. Ballon. 

Montague, Philander Boutwell, Sanford 
Gbddard, Harrison F Root, Joseph H. 
Root, Augusfevs L. 'I a Tc, S. C. Wells. 

Mews SafeM, Beriah W. Fay, William 
T. Freeman, Samuel Giles, Alpheus Har- 
din:*, Franklin R. Flaskell, Geo. W. Hovr, 
Daulei W. Hou.ght.on, Horace Hunt, 
Jabez Sawyer, William Smith, Clark 

Northfmkl, Elisha Alexander, Elijah E. 
Belding, Richard Col ton, Samuel W\ But- 
ton, Simeon A. Field, Timothy Field, 
fHugh W, Green, Samuel Lane, Charles 
Osgood, Albert C. Parsons, Charles Pome- 
rov, Joseph Young. 

Orange, Hillel Baker, Otis Brooks, 
Ettfas 1). Chase, Levi Gage, Jr., Davis 
Goddard, Rodney Hunt, Philip Martin, 
Caleb May, fEd'win Stone, Admiral A. 
Ward, John R, Whipple, Hiram Wood- 
ward, Phi'brook Worriek, 

liowe, Humphrey Gould. 
■ Shelburne, Samuel D. BardweJI, Charles 
M. Pimeaii, S. T. Field, Zcbulon W 
n^d.Piinv Fi-V, Hubert S: Greenkaf, 
L J. liawkes, Carter Hotchkiss, Elam 
K*ilogg, Ebenezer G. Lamson, Arthur 

Shuffshurv. Hardin Hemmenway, Henry 
Pierce, Samuel II. StowelL 

'■■■<' ■• i, Charles Cooky, ll 
Graves, Avery I). Hut, hard,' I 

Lyman 1 1!. .race Lyn 

• k Kowe, Emm >na H,\ 
Wm. 1 jell, * r \ . '•., N'a 

H , 
bury, Sam uel W. Spooner, CI 
Nat ; iniel Ik Stevens, Jaraei Stockwell 

King, ^Daniel Wilder. 

Whntc'v, Josiah Allis, CI 
well, 2d, James M. Cr fi i,Sa .. 
Justin E. Si nth, CI tries D. Stock , 

Samuel B. White. 

Trial Justices. 

Charlemont, Fred f ck \N '■■ 
Goleram .Hugh] MjIIpt 
Conwi '. Fre Lerick E. Patrick. 
Greenfield, Wendell T. Davis. 
"Montague, San ford Goddard. 
Norihfield, Saram ! Lane. 
Orange, i 1 i - am v, oodward. 
Shelburne, Zebulon W, Fii Id. 
Sunderland, Horace Lj . 

Notaries Public. 

Comca>/ , . He n - y \ V*. Billings. 

Dcerficld, Robert M. Pease, Sroii 
Phillips, Joan Wilson. 

Greenfield, William H. Allen, C 
K. Grermell, Samuel 0. Lamb, 

Shelburne, Samuel F. Field, E, S. Fr in 
eis, Arthur Maxwell. 


Bernardston, Samuel J. Lyons. 

Buckland, Wm. Sherwin. 

Charlemont, Samuel Potter. 

Colerame, Thomas R. McGee. 

Comcny, Asa Rowland. 

Deerfield, Isasc Abercrombie, Moses 

Gill, Roswcll Purjpl'e. 

SremfoM, - Special— '■". ' ' 

tforihfield, Richard Colton, Simeon A. 

Shelburne, 1 . B. Montague. 

Sunderlmid, Erastus Pomeroy. 

Wendell, Samuel Brewer. 


Incorporated, February 20, 1S12. 
Shire Town,,. Springfield. 

#«%« of Predate cold Insolvency, ..... 
R'<:ur*r of r&tafe and tnsdhency.^.. 
Clerk of Court* _ 

Omrtcer* <ef Rous? of Correctic 


John Wells, 

William S. SI urtlefF, 

.... v.-.--. 

George B. Moms, 

.... Spi ■'• ■ 

Jurors I . Russell, 

. v -' ■ ■ . 

ClJ 'He* ti. Ladd 

.... Spn 

William Stowe, 

... . s 

John W. Hunt, 

.... Spn 

.... Spi 

Frederick B ash, 

. . . . v 



Deputy Sheritra. 

Brirnfeld, F. E. Cook. 

Chicopee, John S. Robbins, 

Chicovee ( Fallt), Morris Norton. 

Huntington, Camden li. B abcoek. 

Holt/oki , Thomas IE Wellington. 

Lmilow, Edmand Bliss. 

Palmer, Lyman S. Hills. 

Palmer (Thorndike ), Geo. Moores. 

Sgr'witk-ld, Henry Clark, Warren 13. 
Shaw.. A. M. Bradley, 

Tolland, Samuel Hamilton. 

Wales, Adams Stewart. 

WestjietH, Tiaiothy M. Coolcv, L. B. 

West Spritiafield, Hiram M. Smith. 

WilbraJ,r,n, S. C. Colt on. 

South Wilbraham, L. V. Chaifee. 

Frederick Bush, Springfield. 

Sessions of Probate Courta. 

At Honsun, '2d Tu. of .Jane. 

Ac Palmer. 2d Tu. of Sept. 

At Steringfeid., 1st Tu. of Jan., F '.., 
Mai\, April. June, July, Nov., and -ith. 
Tu. of April, A , •!.-;. and Sept. 

At )Veztfl*:hl 3d Tu. Mar., June, Sept;, 
•\n<i Dec. 

Sessiorrs of Court of Insolvenc3r, 

At Springfield, 2d and 4th Sat. of each 

County Commissioners. 

Nelson I). Parks, Russell; Henry Ful- 
ler, Westfield; Benning Leavitt, Chicopee. 

Special Commissioners, Charles Wright, 
Aaaicam ; Cyrus Prink, Holyoke. 

Times of Meeting, — At Sprinnfield, 2d 
Tu. of April, and Ut Tu- of Oct.", and ith 
lu. of June and Dec. 

Masters in Chancery. 
Sprinqfield, Ambrose N. Merrick. 
Westfield, Wiiiiam G. Bates. 

CbirirnisSiouers f Insolvency. 
Sprini:ti'da, Jame* \\, Morton., J i?n«" K. 
Mclntire', Oliver B. Morris. 

Public A dmiui.stratoj. . 
Palmer, James G. Allen. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Palmer, James G. Allen, Luther B. 
Bliss, Gorden M. Fisk. 

Sprinojield, Erasmus 1). BeaeK, Gpo. 
BIBs, Richard Bliss, Wm. B. Caihouc, Jas. 
W. Crooks, Ambrose X. Merrick, George 
B. Morris, Olivei B. Morris, Wm.S. Shutt- 
le tf, Justice Willard. 

Westfield, William G. Bates, James 
Fowler, Norman T. Leonard. 

Wilbraham, Salomon C. Spelraan. 

Justices of the Peace. 

tnchidim ,*.//,-,. tines a/ the !'■ ".■■' un'ii Qm rum, desiff- 
«£»'« I by *'; I'., !./■!.'!-•, s thrt/ugAuut tne I'ovimon- 

Aghteain, James H. Ferre, Wm. H. 

i^iske,- Alfred Flower, Samuel Flower, 
Enoch Lcon.i.rd. Newbury Norton, Sam'l 
Palmer, Wm. F. Woicott, Charles C. 
Wright _ 

Blandford, Samuel A. Bartholomew, 
Lyman Gu,bs, James Hinsdale, James C. 

Hinsdale, Franklin 0. Knox, \. m. U 
Lewis, Eli Pease, David P. R 

Brimfield, Parsons el R. 

Brown, "Henry V. Pro rn,(iei .C. Homan, 
Francis D. L tan Noyrtl. 

./, C. H.Ba 
John J. ' look, Cheney i , | 

Kyle, YE. iE I,. thro;).' 
ards, David Smith, ♦T. K. D' Wolff. 

Ch copee, Sylvanus A', ms, J n i . 
stow, Robi :• E. Bemis, Ez< kiel I 
Pliny Cadwell, Edwin 0. Carter, 'l i 
W. Ca • ■ . :■ ■ W. I 
man, Lester Di< kii 
Josiah B. Fuller, 
Geo. H.Knapp, Loman h 
Pendlei I A. J 

Sherman, Jami 3 M. Smith, 
Siearns, Warren Smith, ' 
lor, fJohn Wells, Moniraer D. Whitaker. 

Granville, fRufus H. Barlow, *. 
Goodwin, jElijah Seymour, William 

Holland, Ferdinand L. Barley, John 
Wallis, William A. Webber. 

Holyoke, Mosee W. I 
Crafts, Cyrus Brink, Stephen H i 
Lester Newell, Wm. B. C. l\ 
mon B. Smith, Dorter Underwood, 

Longmeadow, Gsd O. Bliss, I'. I 
11. Burnham, Abel li. Calkins, Di 
Chandler, Stephen T. Colton, fclenry J. 

Ludlow, Charles A'den, C ■. - 
John P. Hubbard, t Libert T . 
M. Smith. 

Monson, f John M.Brewster,Jr.,Sl 
Converse, Win. N. Flynt, *Austin 
Dauiel D. Moodv, Hiram Newton, John 
Newton, Ira G. Potter,Nels ui F. , 
Samuel Shaw, Francis S. Smith, John W. 
Smith, Walter Smith. 

Montgomery, C.Augustus Allyn, Lewis 
T. Ailyu, Barijah 11. Kagwin, YV 

Palmer, James G. Allen, *=Luther B 
Bliss, Gam died Collins-, - ■ '- : . t'i^k, 

DanT Granger, Ljinan S. IliHs, ... i; - 
brook, Franklin Morgan, Abraham R. 
Murdock. Albert F. Nichols, Dei i si 
TifFany, John Ward. 

Hussell, Adonbam J.Bradley, N 
D. Parks. 

Soafhwiek, Am-asa Hoi comb, Rin^ford 
W. Kellogg, Jo»eph W. Rockwell, Carmi 
S hu r tlerf . 

Spfinpfo. 'rf,Henry Ah s "■ ' r, Jr., David 
Amos. Frederic Ashley, fGeo. Ashmun, 
William K. Baker, Frederick A. l^rrton^ 
*Erasmus D. Beach, Stephen C. Bemis, 
William L. Bemis, Richard Bl ■ ■• 
Bliss, *Ephraim W. Bond, Walter H. 
Bowd in, Samuel Bowles, Milton Bradley, 
Wm. Bridgman, Jenks .' J rick 

Burt, Frederick Bush, I ; Butler, 

fWilliam lb Calhoun, Frank 
Iain, Chester W. Chapin, li , •■■ y Chapio, 
*Reubi n A. Ch ■: man,! . . 
Win. Conn »r, Jr., *J mie - 
Benjaniiu Day, Samuel S. 
Dickiu . Edmund Fi 
Fuller, Jit::iv Gr;tv, Sohn 
1a stus Hayes, Rog( r B. ID 
St phen S. Holmes, *Josiah H 
f Charles Howard, Nathaniel H 


.;• •.': ■-■) W, Hnnt, Joseph Ingraham, Horace 
C. Lee, Charles R. Ladd, *Nehemiah A. 
Leonard, Samuel Leonard, James E. 
Mclntire, *Arnbrose N. Merrick. fJohn 
Mills, Willkm E. M-ontagi ■■, i: 
Mnore, tfHenry Morris, George B, Morris, 
*C)!i\.'.-r B. Morris, Richard' 1>. Morris, 
fcjames H. Morton, Harvey K. Mosclpy, 
Simeon Newell, Horatio S. Noves, Ed- 
mund Palmer, Andrew J. Pluinmer, 
Joseph C. Pynehon, #Caleb Rice, Wm. 
Rice, James E. Russell, -"Otis A. Soamans, 
Stephen E. Seymour, Warren L. Shaw, 
William S. ShurtlelT, Heman Smith, Hcrry 
Smith, *Wiliiam L. Smith, Augustus L. 
Soule, John M, Stebbins, Theo. Stebbins, 
rWilliam Stowe, James M. Thompson, 
♦Eliphalet Trask, PhilosB. Tyler, Luther 
Upton, Henry Vose, George Walker, 
Tirnothv M, Walker, Gideon Wells, jJohn 
Well-.. ^Justice Willard, Charles A. Win- 

Totlrlnd, Hiram C. Brown, Fowler T. 
Moore, Philander F. Twining, 

Walts, AbSaffesn Gardner, Elijah Shaw, 
J-.:,:: ■•-■< J ;';i. 

Weitfefd, Jehiel Abbott, Joseph Arnold, 
Asa Barr, fWm. G. Bates, Wm. V. Bell, 
Franklin Bliss, tPatrick H. Boies, *Ly- 
man DimmoGk, fJames Fowler, Samuel 
Fowkr, *Henry Fuller, Comfort Gibbs, 
fEd.ward B, Gillette. Hirjtn Harrison, 
*Norrnan T, Leonard, *Henry B. Lewi?, 
Leister Loomis, David Moseley, Asa P. 
Rand, Jasper Pv. Rand, WillardL. Robin- 
son, Sil is Root, Asa B. Whitman, Milton 
.13. Whitney. Lucius Wright. 

West Springfield, Aaron Bagg, Richard 
Beebe, Homer" Ely, Wm. C. Hatch, Isaac 
B. Loweil, Edward Parsons, Henry White, 
Lester William's. 

Wilbraham, Samuel Beebe, Marcius 
Cady, Carson K. Cone, Lorenzo M, Han- 
cock, Dennis [ynowlton, Joseph McGregor, 
John M. Merrick, Wm. W, Merrick, Johu 

B. y l orns, Loren C. I 

Sessions, Solomon C. Spelmao, v. 

P. Spelman, Charts M. Wiilard. 

Trial •'■■ • 
1" idford, .)■ :.. 

{ hi tti r Fat ! i .; :e . 

Granville, Jan es M. I 
ITolyoke, V, . B. C. 
Palmer, Jan '.. .' 
Thorndike, Gan al I Col ds, 
Westfield, Samuel Fowler, Milton B. 
Whitnej . 

Wilbraham, Solomon C. Spelman, 

Notaries Public. 

Chit >e, George M. Stearns, John 

Holyoke, Stephi n 1 Lester 1 

ell, Charles W. Ranlett, Porter Under- 

Monson, John N< 

Palmer. James G. ' 

Springfield, Ephvaim V.'. Bond, Ji 
Comstock, James W. Gcaoks, Wm C. 
Ide, Henry S. Lee, :' ' 

Mai sh, Jam< s II, Moi ton, Otis A 
mans, Stephen E. Seym 
Soule, John M. Sti 
James M. Thompson, Henry Vosi . 
Walker, S. B. Woolworth. 

Westfield, Henry Fuller, Edward B. 
Gillette, Henry B. Lewi;, a- i P. J 
Homer 13. Steven--, Milton '.'>. Whitney. 

Wilbraham, L. Y. Chaffee, 

BHmfield, Akin Jam -. 
Chester, Herman S. Lucas. 
Holyoke, Alp:'.'.'; 
Palmer, Elias Tinner. 
Springfield, E ijal Biake, Willi 
Breck. Harvey Ch 

Westfield, James Holland. 


Incorporated, May 7, 1662. 
Shirk Town, Nouthamfiox. 


Jtulje of Probate and Insolvency,. Samuel F. Lyman, Northampton. 

Regii ter of Probate and Insolvency Luke Lyman, V 

Clerk of Courts Samuel Well--, A I 

Register of Deeds, Harvey Kirkhnd. N tha 

Coutitejf Treasurer,... Henry S. Gere, A 

( Samuel Wells, v ' 

Otmeers of Howe qf Correction, J Horace 1. Ilodjes ff i 

t Daniel Kingsley, North impton. 

Sheriff', ... Henry A. Longley A' rth - 

Deputy Sheriff. 
Amherst, Frederick A. Palmer. 
Belchertoten, Samuel W. Longley. 
Enfield, Henry M. Potter. 
Hadley, Euos E. Cook. 

Hatfield, Lemuel S. Blis«. 
Huntington, Harvey ii. Hillings. 
Northampt </i, Ansel Wright, G.- 
Wriuht, George L. 5 
Plainjkld, Leonard CanipbelL 



Preseott, Eli W. Caapln. 
South lladley, Samuel N. Miller. 
Ware, Samuel H. Phelps; 
Willamtburgh, Luther Loomis. 

Wort : \jgt '.>., &d**ard C. Perter. 

Deputies in Hampden County. 
Chester, Oamden H. Babcock. 
Chicopee, John 8. Robbins. 
Holyoke, Thomas H. Wcllinj ton. 
Palme/-, Lyman S. Hills, Geo. Morris. 

Deputy in Franklin County. 
Greenfield, Lorenzo 1). Joslyn. 

Jailer and Master of House of 

The Sheriff. 

Sessions of Probate Court. 

At Amherst, 2d Tit. in Jan. and Aug. 

At BekkertOKn, 2d Tu, in May and Oct. 

At Chesterfield, '3d Tn. in May and Oct. 

At Northampton, 1st Tuesday of every 

Beasioas of Court, of insolvency. 

At &wbh&mpion, 2.1 "Wed»esd&3 of every 

County Cominisaioners. 

Elisha H. Brewster, Worthing ton; JSnoch 
li. Lyman, XorlhampiGn; Wm. C. Eaton, 

Special Commissioners. — Charles Adams, 
Amherst ; Justin Thayer, Northampton. 

Times of Meeting. — At Northampton, 
1st Tu. in March, April, Sept., and Dec, 
and Tuesday next after second Monday of 
Juue, annually. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Enfield, Epaphras Clark. 

Northampton, Horace I. Hodges. 

Southampton, Elisha Edwards. 

Public Administrators. 
Hndleu, Ephraim Smith. 
Northmmp <-//, Samuel L, Parsons. 
ft'ere, Otis L .:,<>. 

S£a«tere in Cns-.ncory. 
Belc/tvriown, Samuel W. E. Goddard. 

Commission era to Qualify Civil 

Amherxt, t-thamar Coukey, Ithamar F. 
Con key. 

Belchertoun, Cabin Bridgman. 

Enfield, Epaphras Clark, Josiah B. 

Noi 'hanir'o?'. Haynea 11. Chiteon, Har- 
vey Kirkland, Simuel Weils, Oliver War- 
ner, Eliphalet Williams. 

Ware, Francis De Witt, George H. 

Justices of the Peace. 

[Including Justin i nf the Vean 

ted In a *; n« I Ju*i*ct* (■'. 
vealth, duignah d nu u t.j 

Amherst, Lucius Bol 
Bridgman, Geotge Bun 
Clark, tilhamar Conk 
Conker John K. Cu 
Dickiiiso) , Wiitirtm A. 

and Qtutrvm, clevrpia- 
wghovt the. (Jommon- 

:wood, Ilenrv A. 

il aa, Jr.. Simeon 

■y, flthamar F. 

shinau, fEdw tr i 
Dickinson, Seth 
Fish, Albin P. Howe, Abner G. Mosman, 
F. A. Palmer, *J. Oramel Peck, Henry 
B. f'rin-e, Ferdinand Robinson. Mvrick 
N. Spear, Luke Sweetser, Jared F. West- 

Belchertoxon, Leonard Barrett, '■ 

a, J u ei !i. 
Dickinson, IV . 

W. Lor-:, v. D ini I Ph. . \ ■ 
David Rice, 

Chesterfield, Bancr 

Edw irds, Oraorj M. Pearl, »] 

Cummington, I • Ba1 
Brown, Ri 

Nathan Oreutt, William Packard. Wil- 
liam Ri li i 

Easihampto-n, Wi 
Clark, Ebeuezer Ferry, I . . 

son, i ■ Lemuel P. 

Lyman, Sam'l Will 

Enfield, *Epaphras Chik, I 
Pope, Charles Rich rda, Joseph Root, 
David Smith. 

Goshen, Hiram Barrus, Calvin A. 
ard, Luther St 

Granby, Christoph r C. Aldrich, 
ney Ayers, i hiio Cha] i , I 
Ferry, Giles F. M 

Greervcirh,, Stephen Loughs, > - 
P. Vaughn, Cullei ' rncr, J no. V, i - 

Had!--, G :■, ' m. 5 

Simon F. Cooley, David S. <". wles ' 
EL Hitchcock, Sti , 

E. Lamson, John A. Morton, El azei 
Porter, James B. P< rter, E] hi um Sn 
Jos. Smith, 1 .'■■>■- 
bridge, Parsons West, Perez S. Will ti . 

/ atjit '.', William P. Allis, Samuel H. 
Dickinson, William II . Die! ':■ s on, i 
W. Field, David D. < , Ephraim L. 

Hastings, George W. Hubbard, Re 
Hubbard, Siias G. Hubbard, Jas. Morton, 
Moses Morton. 

Huntington, fAlfred M. Copeland, Aa- 
ron P. Ditnmick I I B. Fuller, 
*Francis Harwo< d, Charles H. Kirkland, 
Washington Stevens, Lucien B. Williams, 
Elijah N. Woods. 

Middlefield, Joh L-. Bell I -in C. 
Bidwell, Joel Ha ' ion V. Root. 

Northampton, Wm. Allen, Jr , fOsmyn 
Baker, James Banks, Benjamin Barrett, 
J. Hunt Butler, Haynes H. Chilaon, 
•Chauncey Clark, John Ciark, •Charles 
Delano, fCharles A. Dewey, fCharlea \i. 
Forbes, Bela Gardner, * tior^ce I. H( 
Benjamin S. Johnson, Harvey Kirkland, 
Henry A. Longley, Luke Lyman, fSam'l 

F. Lyman, En >s !'.r- ns,*A. 1 

•Wm, H. Prince, George L. Shaw, Chas. 
Smith, Milo J. Smith, *Samuel T. Spauld- 
ing, Hiiam Sti I »iui . ' H. Si Idard, 
Abijah W. Thayer, Wra. E. Turner, 
i Oliver Warner, Jonathan L. Wei's, 
•Samuel W< : Josiah 1>. Whitney, 

*Eliphalet Williams, Zenas Wright. 

Pelham, David Al rcrombie, Calvin D. 
Eaton. Horace Gray, Ausel A. Rankin. 

Plainfield, Albert Dyer, Samui 
Lincoln, Jason Richards, David S 
George Vini . 

Prescott, Eli W - I arlea liodg- 

kins, Edward A. 'I 

Southampton^ Elisha Edwards, Elisha 
A. Edwards, Jonathan N. Judd, Samuel 
Lyman, William M. Maxwell. 

South Hadley, Obadiah P. Ingraham, 

Middlesex county. 


Gilbert A. Smith, G. Morgan Smith, 
David Turner, Warren L. Waterman. 

Ware, fFrancis Dc Witt, William C. 
Kat.m, George H. Gilbert, Lewis N. Gil- 
\„ : . [ra P. Gould, WiUiaiu S. B ; : - 
kins, William Hvde, Otis Lane, S 
H.*Phelps, QxrinSage, Addison Sanford, 
Charles A. Stevens. 

Weiihumpton, Anson Chapman, Jo«l 
Cook, Thomas B. Davenport, A!n:on B. 
Ludden, Enoch II. Lyman, William E. 

Williamsburgh, Sam'l K. .Baker, Lewis 
Rodman. Harmon H. Chrpp, Stephen M. 
Ctoshy, John B. Gleason, Daniel E. Mor- 
ton, Addison H. White. 

Worthington, John Adams, William A. 
Bates, Elisha H. Brewster, Edward C. 
Porter, Ethan C. Ring. 

Trial Justices. 

Amherst, Albion P. Howe. 
BekharU lo-n, Franklin Dickinson. 
Enfield, Ep^phras Clark. 
Httniimiton, EU'iab, IS. Woods. 

Northampton, Horace 1. I 
Perry Peck. 

Ware, Francis De Witt. 
Worthington, Blisha II. Brewster. 

Notaries Publio. 

Amherst, Ithamar F. Conjcey, I 

h ertou n . Wright Br id groan. 

Chesterfield, Dm 

Enfield, Epaphras Clark. 

Huntington, Alfred M. Copeland. 

Northampton, Charles Del no, Jam en 
Hibben, Harvey Kii ■ Peek, 

Samuel T. Spaulding, Abijah W. i 
Wm. E. Turner, Jonathan L. . 
Josiah D. Whitney. 

Ware, Wm. S. Hyde, Otis Lane. 


Amherst, Solomon K. Eastman. 
Greenwich, Stephen Douglas. 
Hadley, Eleazer Port- r. 
Northampton, Ansel Wright. 
South Hadley, Wm. Lester. 
Ware, David W. Miner. 


Incorporated, May 10, 1643. 
Shire Towns, Cambridge, Coxcord and Loy.'kll. 

Judge of Probate and Insolvency, ......... 

Register of Probate and Insolvency, 

A sni Cant " " ... 

Clerk of the Co arcs, 

Assistant " , 

Register of Deeds (South District), 

•' , ' -rnf fjecb ( \\crth])irtnct),....„. 
County Treasurer, 

Cherseert Of House of Correction,. ... ... < 


Deputy Sheriffs. 

Brighton, Benjamin Fobes. 

CufrJtridge (&ort), Bosea Jewell. 

Cambridge (East), Samuel W. Richard- 
son, Luther L. Parker. 

Charlestoum, John B. Dearborn. 

Concord, John B. Moore, Moses Frich- 

framinaham, Joseph G. Bannister. 

Gwton, £. S. Clark,- Andrew Robbins. 

Hot kintun, Jonathan Whittemore. 

L :'.c:u, h iwin L. Shed,. James Hopkins, 
Jeiierson i> lecroft. 

Marlborcmgh, Edward H. Gay. 

-' ': r< ie, J i>hn \l. C Ui k. 

He t!jia, John T. White. 

Naitck, Ephraim li. Brigham. 

Reading, Daniel B. Lovejoy. 

Sbxicliam, Hazen Whiicher. 

Tmcmend, B. F. Lewis. 


Wm. A. Richardson , LoiceU. 

Joseph H. Tyler, (East) Can bridge. 

Isaac F. Jones, (East) Co. 

Benj. F. Ham, Naliek. 

Marshall Preston, hexing '.on. 

Caleb Hayden, (East) Caml 

Asahel B. Wrigfrtr, Lowell. 

Amos Stone,... Charleslotcn. 

Samuel Chandler, Lei 

James M. Usher, Mi 

Rice,. Ni wton. 

Charles Kimball , Lowali 

Waltham, Eben W. Fiake. 
Woburn, Horace Collamore. 

Cambridge, Charles J. Adams. 
Concord, Samuel Staples, 
Lowell, Charles Kimball, 

Master of House of Correction. 
Cambridge^ Charles J. Adams. 

Sessions of the Probate Court. 

At Cambridge, 2d 'in. of each month 
except July, and -Uh Tu. of Jan., Feb., 
Mar., Ap., Aug., Nov., and Dec. 

At Concord, 1st Tu. cf Jan. Mar. May, 
and Oct. 

At Framingham, 4th Tu. of June and 

At Groton, 4th Tu. of May and Sept. 

At Loicell, 1st Tu. of Feb., Ap., June. 
September and December. 




vd Qttnrv 

ion! Ut4 C 

ibirludi ) J . ■ • 

na ted oj i " , a 

v-alif., u . ' • ... : 

Acfon, Robert ChsrSn, Ebenezer Davis, 

Wrnthrop E. Faulkner, Aides V r, 

Andrew Hapgood, Samuel Hosmer, Geo, 

s Taylor. Zoheth Taylor, 

•■ W ■ 

, : Burr, Lei nard b rench, 

Bci.j. IV. Seamans, Francis W. Wright. 

Stt • ben Wym in. 

Ashland, Andrew A!!ard. William F. 
ElKs, KUas Groat, Benjamin Homer, 
Horace Parker, William Searer. 

Sessions bf the Court oi' Insolvency. 

At Lowell, It Tu. of Feb., Ap 
Sept., and Dec; ad d en the 1st Wed. of 

Jan.. Mar., M >v, Oct., and Nov. 

A' Cm . \ 1st Tu, of 
uid Oct. 

At Cambri 'ge\ 2 i and 4th W< I. of eaeh 
month exce] and on oth 

every week by special assignment and 

County Commissione 
Leonard Hi ntress, Tenth wry ; I 

J. Coll: as, Xticton; Joseph li. Waitt, 

Special Coin nissionera. — Wm.Ha 

Framingham ; John Fletcher, Acton, 

Tl:ucs and Pit -<s of Meeting. — At Cam- \ 

bridge, 1st Lu. of Tan.: at Com 

Tu. of June ; r,t Lo cell, 1st Tu. of Sept. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
Sopkinton, Lucius H. Wakefield. 
WeUikam, Josiah Rutter- 

P ubl ; o A d m in i s t r af 
i i . - i Bradf i ". 

Ccnebftf, Xathan Brooks. 
Framitigftam, Mosses Edgell. 
Lotcell, Jonathan Ladd. 

Masters in Chancery. 
Cambridge (East), Joseph H. Ty] r. 
Charlestovm, Chr.rlf s Robinson, Jr. 
Lowell, Arthur P. Bonney, VVffliain S. 

Maiden, William S. Stearns. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Cambridge, Isaac F. Jones, Bi I \ 

Ckarlestotcn, Bickford Pulsifer, Jr., 
Thos. Sumner, Charles Thompson, Geo. 
Washington Warr i . 

Concord, Jsathan Brooks, George Hey- 

Fran [na n S. Adams, Ghas. 

...'.■■■..'" ' . .. 

Grot' a, Benj. P. Dix, Walter Shattuck. 

Hoi kinton, > I s Mirick. 

L well, Alpheus R. Brown, N it) an 
Crosby, John W> Graves, S. W". Stic :ney. 

Newto -. Horaco R. \\'c: v .- r,':. 

Pepperell, Christopher IV: Bellows, John 
Wat sou. 

Eeaci.:q, Alfred A. Prescott. 

Shirks, J -rues O. Parker, Ja: 

Sionehasi, Dexter Bueknsra, Geo 
Dike, Alonzo V. Lycde. 

Justices cf the Peace. 

BedJ ,Tboa> 



tei B. • 

' L. Ju ... 

Jir ': .'-n H. 


I Hart. •Ctr.-. Heard, 

more, I , 

Bar': , \ - 

A. Brewer, Charle B. '..■ . ■- 

rrage, * Ephraim But- 
trick, V. ar 1 Ch idw ck, Hem 
berlain, Moses CI 
W. Cook. Levi 

Ban-;. ::..;. 
■vis. Epes S. Dixw . '. 
John C. Fa . , ,] 

L. Fen 

Charles . . muel H. J • . *Jas. 

D. Gr< »n, Samuel S G 
Greene, Hate t R. Harding 
den, > • . Jos. A. H 

, Henry O.-H ...... 

He re, Chas. H. fl 

Justii *Isaa F. Jones, Che j- 

ter W . • . . 

-'■'•• - ' 

I. Moi . . id P. Muzz< ;. 
rr W. ] Lucius R. Page, f Joel 

Parker,* V'rn. Parmenter, F. 

Benj. Pi. • . ;.. i. 

ward Ri Ison, J mes P. Richardson, 

* Ezra K 

- . ' ■ •. ' 

D. Saw 
Stevens. Henry Thayer I aayer, 

- ' . 
fEmory Washburn, I Benj. 

"W. Whiti . ■ ■ y, Vv'm. L. 

Whitm v, I .. mas .'. '■ - Chas. 

Willi mi Wyman. 
t7er . _ F. Buren. 

Charleston , Edwin F. 
Adams. Henry D. A 

F v -.r.<:ze{ hi:;ikei . . H ■ •- 

ekiah C. Bickford, :J. Bigelow, 

Jos I 

Bi ■ I -. .'•. 

' . .. - 

G ■- ■ '. I per, Samu . . I i i 

. : _' . Is 
Denvir, Thomas M. Devens, Thos. I 
i :. :...- C. 1 art a - 

Jav , j i iss, he. ry t. I i 

. . i i • . r d Fro t b in g- 

i . 

: I ■ . 


C. ila; 

Hooper, Jamc« . - Hoi 

Hutcains, 'jcor^e 11. Jacobs, G rge P. 
Kettell, Seth W. Lewis, Joseph Lovctt, 


Stephen H. Lynde, Eliab F. Mackintire, 
Anthony S. Morss, Geo. 15. Neal, William 
Peirce, William W. Peirce, John W. pct- 
tingili; Charles Poole, * Bi< kfor '■ Pulsifer, 
Jr.'. J-amex H. Raw : , W ■ ■ n P md, !■ .'- 
ward Kiddle, Charles Robinson, J ., Tim- 
o-thy.T. Sawyer, William' S. Stearns, Ami a 
Stone, *Phineas J. Stone, •' Thomas Sum- 
ner, *Endijc T. Swift, fAb'h am R. Thomp- 
son »"fCharlea Thompson, Edward Thorn- 
dike, Charles A. Tweed, *G. Washii 
Warren, Wm.W. Wheildon, Fan! Willard, 
Sidney A. Willard, Daniel Williams, Ed- 
win Woodman. 

Chelmsford, Benj. Adams, *ioe! Adams, 
J. T. K. Adams, Nathan B. Edwards, J. 
R. Fletcher, Ziba Gay, Jr., Samuel P. 
Hadfey, J on tthafc J.Hbyt, *Eli J'. Parker, 
Samuel Parker, Dawson Pollard, Joseph 
Reed, Christopher Roby, Alpheus Spauld- 
ing, Eli P. Webster. 

C&ncord, George M. Brooks, f Nathan 
Brooks, fSimon Brown, John M. Cheney, 
Charles B, Davis, Jacob B. Farmer, *Geo. 
Ek-ywoo^i ^ws« R. Hour, John S. 
I'.-.j-. •;, Jos.* •:•'■: Ueyuolehs, Dan'i . ;: ': ,ttucl , 

Dracut, *Jriferson Bancroft, Asa Clem- 
ent, Abei Ccburn, George W. Cohurn, 
Joseph B. V. Cqburn, Ira Hall, Isaac 
Hblden, Theo. Parker, Henry Richard- 
son, Atkinson C. Varnum. 

Dunstable, Allen Cummlngs, Benjamin 
French, James S. allow. 

Framing-ham, *Coiman S. Adams, Al- 
bert Ballard, James W. Brown, Alexander 
Clark, Jewell Clark, Moses Edgell, fCon- 
Ktantine C. Esty, Charles Fiske, Charles 
J. Frost, Joseph Fuller, Jonathan Green- 
wood, Otis F. Hastings, * William Hast- 
ings, Benjamin K. Haven, Theo. C.Hurd, 
•Abiel S. Lewis, fWm. G. Lewis, Frank- 
lin Manson, Warren Nixon, Elijah Puffer, 
H.enrv Richardson, Ebenzei Stone, fChas. 
R. Train, John AVenzell, Francis C. Whis- 
lor. . Cb. irles S. Wbitmore. 

Groftw, Jonathan S. Adams, Abraham 
Aaidrew*, E Dana Bancroft, \V. X, Bar* 
nurA j'-'eorge S. BbtffWeH, Samuel S. 
iiayrms. Edward A. Kelly, John M. Port- 
'-., Abel 'Prescott, *SamueI W. Rowe, 
Bradfo; I Russell*, GeorgeShattuek, Wal- 
ler Sb&uuek, Levi Shenvin, John Spauid- 
i»g, Jr., S Imon Whitney. 

HolUxtan, Benjamin F. Batchelder, Lu- 
ther Bellows, Ehas Bullard, John Claflin, 
Elijah F. Dewing,-Amasa Forristali, Ab- 
ac* Johnson George E. Johnson, *Alden 
Leland, Clark Littlefield, Eliel Littlefield, 
Samuel Payson, Abel Pond, Samuel P. 
Snathj Orrin Thomson, Geo. M. Wood- 

llapkihton, Uriah Bow.ker, Nathan P. 
Col-urn, Saaruel D, Davenport, Daniel 
games, John A. Pitch, Clement Meserve, 
Srla,-; Shriek, Henry L. Parker, Augus- 
tas Pfaipps, Lucius H. Wakefield, Albert 

Lexington, *Szm\ie\ Chandler, William 
Chandler, baac N. Damon, fCb as. Hud- 
* ■''-, ■'■'■■ tr?i all Preston, tlatnmon Reed, 
Simon W, Robinson, Sylvanus W. Smith. 

Lincoln. James L.Chapin, Wro. Foster, 
fEdward F. Hodges. 

Uttletok Daniel Boiler, Peter C. Ed- 
fcfarda, Jonathan Hariwell. Shattuck Hart- 

well, Jos. A. [larwood, Jai • 

m Kimball, John F. Robbini, Sam. 

Si ith. 

/ ■ well, Julias Abl »t, Juim. i C. A I 
*Ed An a. Al • i 

John Avery, J imi I Arer, James 
II. Ik Ayer, *Jeffei ; Ban< roft, . 
F. Battl is, George W. i' n, Uh n 
Beard. John Bennett, Charl< 
del!, Harrison (-. Blaisdell, And'w ; 
Arthur P. Bonney, Erasti sBoj 
R. Boynton, Artemus 1 . Bi toka 
pheus L. Brown, *Samuel A. I 
Ethan Burnap, Walter B , 

min F. Butler, Ahner W, Buti 
A. Buttrick, Joseph L. ( 
ert B. Caverly, Jo.^'.ai. 
Child, Jcremi'ah Clark, Jas, S. Coll 
Jami s (A ok, * Homer A. I 
Cocper, *Horatio G. F. Corli 
Cowley, Alanson Crane, ■'Nathan Ci 
Jo.^lma W. Daniels, Robins Dinsi 
Erastus Douglass, Alpha B. Farr, James 
K. Fellows, Luther J. Fletcher, J in 
Francis, Abram French, Cyril A 
Josiah B. French, A bner I ■ ■ 
H. Fuller, *Willium S. Gar< . P 
J. Garrett, Noah F. Gates, Gustavus A. 
Gerry, tJob^ A. Goodwin, *Isi 
Goodhue, ♦•John W. Graves, *Sarauel P. 
Hadley, Jr., Peter Hagaerty, Philip Har- 
dy, 1 aul Hills, Eliphalet i!. ; ! , Frederic 
Holton, James Hopkhis, B . o-e llo\^ard, 
Hocum Hosford, Charles F. Howe, J 
M.Flowe, Lorenzo G. Howe.tElisha 
ington, Daniel Hurd, San uel l£. Hi 
son, Andrew F. Jewett, Jeremiah. P. Jew- 
ett, Joseph J. Judkins, Jonathan Ken- 
dall, * Joseph B. Keyes, Charles Ki 
J. Chellis Kimball, John F. Kimball, Wil- 
liam Kittredge, fChaoncey L. K 
*John A. Knowles, Jonath m Ladd, Wil- 
liam Lamson, Jr., David G., Bick- 
ford Lang, Cyrus Latham, Ambrose Law- 
rence, Samuel Lawrence, Ja*. Lf. 
*Sewall 0. Mack, James J, Maj 
bert Mallard, John F. Manahan, Si 
Mansur, Jo hua N. >J irshall, John A 
McAlvin, Jol n H. M'c 
Evov. John F. McEvoy, Darius Merriam, 
Joshua Merrill Ban 1 N. 1 
S. Morse, William G. >lorse, John Nes- 
mith, Oedin Nichols, Arthur F. L Norri 
William North, Francis H. Nourse, Wil- 
liam F. Osgood, *Ephraim Ik Patch, r.»- 
siah G. Peabody, Timothy Pearson, 
Perkins, Albert' B. Plimpton, Pet' r 
ers, Samuel C. Pratt, Thomas W. Pressey, 
Abel Richardson, Daniel S. Richardson, 
George F. Richardson, -;-Wm. A. Rieh- 
ardson, Augustus B. Roby, Jo :. 1A IA •- 
ers, William Salmon, James Sai.ds, Ben- 
jamin C. Sargeant, Stephen P. Sargent, 
George P. Sawtell, Geerye F. . v " 
Edwin L. Shed, Luihtr A. SI 
war>l F. Sherman, Sidney Spalding, A. 
J. Stackpole, *Ge.orge Stev< i 
W. Stickuey, Holland Streeter, "Charles 
A. 1 . Swan, Joshua Swan, - l'i.c>. H. 
Sweetser, Philip V. Tl mas, A' 
Tilton, Joseph 'Alum, Edw. I'm. k. . 
P. Tukey, Artemas S. ly! r, Bi 
Walker, Sam. A. Waters, bdw, F NA 
•William P. Webster, Jona. \Vctk- 
A. Welch, *Tappan Wentworth 
*M. Whipple, Abei Whitney, Frederick A. 



Whitney, Charles M. Williams, Hubbai \ 
Wilson, John WiUoughby, Andrew C. 
Weight, Asahel B. Wright, Hi 
Wright, John Wright, Walter V. i 

M ■■■'■■, Elisha C- Converse, ( '■■•■ 
Copeiaiid, Solomon Corey, Geo. 
Jam,e.s H. DUj T'A'ri'.;nn ,J. Eame . 
short) L. Pall, Loren L. Fuller, Joseph 
Gerrish, ■{•Gilbert Haven, Benjamin G. 
Hill, Azro I). Lamson, Charles Lewis, 
Almon It. Meek, Manson L. Mills, Al- 
bert F. Sargent, William S. Si 
Charles S. Tenney, Henry P. Turner, 
Joseph A. Wait, Joshua Webster. 

Marlboro 1 , Obadiab W. Albee, Lambext 
Bigekw, John Chipman, James It. Hock- 
ray, Jr., John M. Fat well, Aiexandei C. 
Frllou, Willi, \ r xi B. Gale, Isaac Hayden; 
Elbridge Howe, James T. Joslyn, Hoijis 
Loring, George E. Manson, Stephen 
Morse, George S. Rawson, Benjamin F. 
Underbill, Lewis Wilkios, Jabez S. With- 
erbee, William H. Wood. 

iWe^e^-j-EHhuC. Baker, Charles Cald- 
well, James 0, Cuetia, Alexandei ( h - ;, 
Joseph P. Hall, '! ! imwS. Harlow, Jnhn 
Vv, >[ftst!ii'.-;s, L>tnj. V . I-Eayes, Asa; Law, 
*Johii Spartcii, Francis J. Tay, Jas. M. 

Melrose, Wiliam Bogle, Jonathan Coch- 
ran, Samuel 0. Dearborn, William J. 
Farnsworlh, tH^nicl W. Gooch, Ell ci Ige 
Greene, Philip B. Holmes, Caleb Howard, 
Edward II. Knights, *Alonzo V. Lynde, 
Jeremiah Martin, Moses Parker, Horatio 
N. Perkins John Shekoti. 

Natickf John W. Bacon, Henry Coggin, 

E. F. Hewing, Moses Eames, Stedman 
Hartwell, Walter X. Mason, Edwin C. 
Morse, Ashur Parlin, Elijah Perry, John 
J. Perry, Nathaniel Smith, George L. 
Sawin, George 11. Stone, Edward P. Tra- j 
Tis, Edward 'Walcntt, f Henry Wilson. 

Neieton, Geo. E. Alien, Joseph K. Ba- j 
con, F. W. Bacon, Joseph Barnev, John ; 
C. (Jhaftiu, Samuel Chisra, Wm/CIafiin, 
Edward J. C dims, *Set'n Davis, J. Wiley 
Edm u - ; -. Hen. 1- uiler, Watson G ■•■•- . rd. 
David K, ftitcheocie, Edwin Holrnah, ! 
Ezra C. Hutchins, Horatio N. Hyde, Jas, ! 

F. C. Eyde, S m\u i Jennison. J:'., Duslin j 
Lancey, VVillard Marev, John C. Potior, j 
Jas. W.Rice, Marshall S. Rice, Thomas | 
Rice, Adolphnsfsniith, Henry C. Stephens, 
Adin B. Underwood, Joseph Walker, 

* Andrew 11. Ward, Andrew H. Ward, Jr., 
Wni. War^', Horace It. Wetherell, Loring 
Wheeler, Henry B. Williams, Ebene-zer 

North Reading, Joel A. Abbott, Samuel 
P. Breed, Charles F. Flint, Daniel Flint, 
F. F. Hoot. 

FejtpertU, -Christopher. W, Bellows, L. 
W. biake, Sumner Carter, Chan. Crosby, 
Sara. Farrar, Arnold Hutchinson, Augus- 
tus S. Shattuek, Samu-el, P. Shattuck, 
Charles Tarbell, Samuel Tucker. 

llea-Juirj, Jona. Baldwin, John Batch- 
elder, Ja*. S. Campbell, Horatio N, Gate, 
Amos Cummin :s, Jr.. St< , hen Foste - 
Abiel H< Wen, Cl auncey P. Judd, Still- 
man E. Parker, Daniel Pratt, Nathan P. 
Pratt, Alfred A. Prescott, Thomas Rich- 
ardson, Thomas Sweetser, Caleb Wake- 
field, Horace P. Wakefield, William I. 
Wightman, LOrain F. Wright. 

SI > Butler, Ai 


' ■. J. -' ' . ' 

Peter Tarbell, 

Bai j 

nett.'i iilman F. I I ! ■ • ••• 0. Br - • 

t • •-, John H. Bi !.. 

] ' mn m, Asa Fiske, J . ( 

H. )Iu . ■ ,i!, ( harli s S. J • 

' : dI ard, .'( I -. ( . . . . | 

Norris, Alfred W. ] . I 

mond, Moses H. I •■ •■ r»t, John J 

Sawyer, fJas. M. SI ate, Henry A. I 

Francis I'uft -, I ihn E. 

1'yler, Bt nj. Wo dward. 

Scutf, Reading, John B. Atwell, L 
Beebe, James 0. I iwi II, W ill 
Brown, Lilley Eat 

1 Lwi rd M insfi . .' j 

I - •■ r, Ja.s. M. Swe< '.-••r, PauJ H. 

Edward ."« . ' 

L. B. Wi h ., ■ . . -. 

Stoneham, *Dexter Bucknai i 
Bucknara, Da\ i I H. Burnh i 
Cowdrj , ^ ; • J '.!::, fl ieoi W. ] 
Lvm •; Dike, Amasa Farri r, Ira Gerrv, 
J. : Parkej Gc Id, Wm. li. H 
zo V. Lynde, i a iu< I Tii ... 

Slow, Henn ' \! ,,;,;• h Hale, Cass. 
Tower, Joel Wal ... -Vhitn ;y. 

Sut bi >u. ■• ihel Baleolm, Chria . | 
P. Cutler, Prurv Fairbank?, Benja n 
Richardson, Ephraim Stone, Charles 
'! ! ■■■•■:.. m, 

Teicksbury, J on a than Brown, I • 
Huntress, fThomas J. Marsh, Horatio 
C. Merriam, Elijah M. Reed, William K >, r - 
ers, • Benjamin F. Spaulding, Saaiucl 
Th irnpson. 

Totem nd } \ - ih Ball, EzraBlood, 7 >^n- 
iel L. Brown, George Green, Sai 
:'.!;■. Stillmar Elaynes, S 
ksn%, •''■■ Hi ry S, 1 «vi Stearin . 
j- redi ! ; ,- .'v. Wortrc 

Tyngsboro >', Francis Brinley, Timothy 

Waltham, Calvin Chirk, Daniel Emer- 
son, Eben W. Fiske, Panic! Frenel . G ;o 
W. Frost, Nahum Hardy, Edward !.. Hi . 
Ebeuezej Hobbs, Wm. Hobbs, Wm. H. 
Keith, Daniel A. Kimball, Jarvis Lewis, 
G f>. W. Lyman, Arad Moore, James 
Moore, Chauncey Newh ill. Frai is P. H. 
Rogers, Josiah Rutter, Fred. M. Stone, 
Samuel B. Whitney. 

Watertotrn, 'Charles Bemis, Isaac V. 
Bemis, Seth Bemis, •Tyler Bigelow, Jo- 
seph Crafts, Geo. Frazer, Abner Fren h, 
John It. Goodrich, Hiram tiosmer, } 'j- 
vid T. Huckins, Wm. 11. Ingraham, Tim- 
othy Jaehson, Jesse A. Loeke, Sa 
Richardson, Isaac Robbms, V. m. M I 
( aarles Wilkii s. 

Waylan I, I' id L. Child, James S. 
Draper, David I 

Jones, fEdw ird- Msllen, Svlvcster Reeves, 
Jr., Hei ;. « i lit. 

West ( 'ambrt i v, S irnuel Put;- 
Addison Hill, Albert S. In ;al , '-'■ 
ton Jefferson Lane, John Osborn, Jesse 
P. Patte«», *Jas. Ruesell. 



WettfoHL, Ephraira Abbot, John W. 
P. Abbot, Ephraim A. Harwdod, Joseph 
Hildreth, Trueworthy Be v.- i, Luther Pres- 
eott, Solomon Richardson. 

>''. ;.,, | - ■• i,.i ,... ; . Bigeloi r , Jo] n L, 
Courgas, Nathan Hagar, Edwin Hobbs, i 
laa ic Jones., Benj. Pit i •. 

Wilmington, Henry Blanchard, William 
H. Carter, Lemuel C. Eaines, 

Winchester, Cvrus Bancroft. fJohn A. 
Belles, Oliver R", Clark, Abraham B. Cof- 
fin, Loxing Emerson, Josiah Hovey, Wil- 
liam Ingalls. Nathaniel A. Richardson, 
Samuel S, Richards n, Charles Ru sell, 
Josiah F. Stone, Benj. F. Thompson, Ed- 
win A. Wadleigh, Joseph 0. Williams, 

Woburn, Bow.en Buckman, Edward W, 
Champney, Charles Cfaoate, Horace Colla- 
more, "Joshua P. Converse, Martin L. 
Converse, Parker L. Converse, John Cuni- 
mings, Jr., John G. Flagg, Edwin Fuller, 
As-!:f'i Good'e'H, Wffl, T. Grammar, Ed- 
ward D. Hayden, A. H.Haywood, John 
Johnson, Joshua E. Littlefield, Stephen 
N-iohoia, Austin H. Perkins, Albert L. 
■«i«ihardi.on, A.bmh Thompson, Cyrus 
'Fhts-aapso*, ^Leonard Thompson, Samuel 
F, Thompson, Lewis L. Whitney, Moses 
F. Winn, Chas. C. Woodman, Nathan 

.Trial justices. 

As 'i'vkJ, William. Seaver. 

Brighton, Henry Baldwin. 

Charlesi<xwn, Win. C-Farhsworth, Cnas. 
Robinson, Jr. 

Chelmsford, Nathan B. Edwards. 

Got tord, Richard Barrett, Joseph Rey- 

Framingham; t Colman S. Adams. 

Groton, Samuel W. Rowe, 

Holliston, Orrin Thompson. 

Hopkinton, Samuel D. Davenport. 

Lexington, Samuel Chandler, 

Maiden, Ben]. G. Hill. 

Marlborough, Obadiah W. Albee. 

Medfi rd, Benj. F. Ha) es. 

NaticJc, Edwin C, Morse. 

tV«irto« v James F. (A Hyde. 

Sfiitieg, Andrew J. C lough". 

§ emto; Francis Tufts. " 

hauth Reading, Edward A. Upton. 

Toicitsend, Daniel L. Brown. 

If-ti/tham, Josiah Butter. 

H extford, Bather Prescott. 

WVwcAesfer, Abraham B. Coffin. 

fte&Krn, Parker L. . 

Notaries Public, 

Brighton, Chas. Heard, Bela S. Fiske, 
Titos. J, Nccdham. 

Cambridge, Franklin Hall, John S. 
kadd, George W. Livermore. Lorenzo 
Watett, George F. McLellau, Benj. W. 

Charle&town, Duncan Bradford, J. Q. 
A. Grit-in, William Peirce, Thomas Sum- 


. Cm ', i B 

Groton, A i B. I 

Tlolliston, I . I 

Hopkinton, Brnry I, 


LoxoeU, Edwin A. Alger. John A.] 
, Jamee G. < 
•i Hosford, David I.-. 
Knowles, 1- : c S. M • r, Samuel W. 
Stickney, Abel V 

Maiden, Benjamin G. ] , Albert F 

• Irose, Samuel 0. Dearborn, Walter 
Littlefield, Jr. 

Natick, Geo. H. Stone. 

Newton, Andrev B. Cobb, Samuel J. :.- 
t, Jr. 

Reading, Horace P. Wakefield. 

Shirley, Andrew J. Cloi 

South Reading, James 0. Bosvrell, Win. 
L. Brown, Henry I 

To icnsend, Edward Ordway, James N. 

Waltham, Josiah Beard. 

West Camh 'idge 

Woburn, Alpha 1 . L'-l 

. ,.. Coronea's. 

ylcfcm, Luther Conant, Winthroo E 

Brighton, Isaac G. Br n 

Cambridge, Nathan . . , hraim 


Cambridge (East), Chas. J. Adams. 

Carlisle, Jonas Parker. 

Charleston, John B, Dearborn, Soth 
W. Bcwis, Thoma 

Chelmsford, John Bai tlett. 

Concord, John B. Moore. 

Dunstable, George P. Wright. 

Framingham, Joseph G. Bannister, 
Henry Cowles, Wm. G. Lewis, Allsti n W. 
Whitney, H. Richai I m. 

Groton, Abel Farns worth, As;-. S. Law- 

Hopkinton. Silas Mirick, 

Littleton, s, m , " - • ■ 

Lowell, Josiah 13. I'd cum, Thomas W. 
Pressor, Joel Spalding. — Special, Jer- 
emiah P. Jewett, EdwixV L. Shed. 

Marlboro*, Levi F. VVhitmore. 

Medford, John T. Wh I 

Melrose, Jonathan Cocl ran. 

Natick, Alexander Coo 

Newton, Adolphus Smith, Henry M. 

Pepperell, Isaac Boynton, Luther Tar- 
bell, 2d. 

Somerville, John C. Magoun, 

Smith Reading, James U. Boswell, Dan- 
iel Norcross. 

JGBrViam, Ebon W. FBke, Wm, Hobbs. 

Wayland, William Heard, 2d. 

Wesiford. Solomon Richardson. 

W6burn t John Nelson, Thomas J. Por- 




Ineorpoi afced, 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency, 

Register of Probate and Insolvency ; 

To\m and County Treasurer, 

Clerk of the Cow is, 

Register of "Deeds, . , 


Jailer and Master of House of Correction, . 
Sessions of Probate Court, 
lioldea 1st Tu. of every month. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 
Nantucket, Wm. Barney, George W. 
Coflin, Philip H. Folger, Gee. Myriek E. 
"W. Gardner, Samuel B. Swain. 

Public Administrator. 
Nantucket, Geo. Cobb. 

Commissioner of Insolvency. 
Nantucket, Ceo. Cobb. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

James M. Bunker, George Cobb, 

Timothy Hussey. 

Notaries Public. 
Wm. Barney, James M. Bunker, Geo. 
Cebb, Caleb Ctisoman, Philip II. Folger, 

June E 


Edward SI. G tr.d • r, 

William B irney 

George Cobb,..,... 

. Nai tucket. 

' ■ ■ ' 

George Cobb, 

Asa G, Bunker ' 

Uriah Gardner, , V 

Benjamin Ray, \ 

I Edward M Gardner, Alfred Mac,, 
Mitchell, Audrey J. Morton. 


Elisha M. Eiin '■'<■), Geo. Brown. 

Jns&icos of t he I 

[IneJitdiHQ J . ■ - ••' < . I ■. 
si:; • •>'■•■> ':•,''■ 
. a f.] 

Nantucket, #Wm. Barney, * h 
Barrett, As.» G. Bunker, *Jame M 
Bunker, *Geo. Cobb, Win. C 
Eaton, 20. EKgha P. Fearing, *Phili Ii. 
Folger, Wm. C. Folger, \\ 
Gardner, Tim 'thy i 1 issey, .'■ I! 
Tbos. Macy, *Joseph Mill h 
Mitel ell ' • B. Mitchell 

Morton, *Paul West, Au drew 

Trial J uslice. 
Nantucket, Jas. M. Bunker. 


Incorporated, March. 26, 1/93. 

(HIRE TOW N, .,,....... , DeDHAM. 


Judge of Prolate and Insolvency, 

Register ef Probate and Insolvency, 

Assistant Register of Probate and InsoL. 

Clerk of Courts, . . , 

Register of Deeds, 

County Treasurer, 

Overseers of House of Co-rrection, . . 

SAmjf, . 

Deputy Sheriff*. 
Canton, RufusG. W tod. 
Dedham, Augustus B, Endico'.i. 
Dorchester, John Robie. 
Foxboro*, John Littlefiold. 
TJtedn uy {West ), Valentine R. Coombs. 
Milton, John P. Bfadlee. 


. Geo, White Qutncy 

,. Jonathan H. Cobb. D 

, . Jonathan Cobb, Dt dham . 

,. Earn W. Sampson, Dedham. 

«.Enos Foord,. ....... D 

,. Chauncey C. Churchill T) 

( (.hau::cey C. Churchill Dedham. 

< Henry 0. Ilildreth, Dedham. 

( Ebphalet Stone /") 

.. John W. Thomas l> . 

Quiney, Seth Adams, Washingl 
; French. 

Ra idiilph, John i\ Jordan. 
j.u. ■ ••'. Bradford S. F«rriiiuton. 
Weymouth, Geo. W. W.UU*, Jr. 
Wrentham, Jot.u B. Ingalhs. 



BessionB of Prob ite Court. 

At Dedham, 1st Tu. of each month. 

At Med way, 3d Tu. of Feb. June, and 

At Q'nn-y, 4th Tu. of Feb. M *jr, -'■ g., 
?.nd "So ;. 

At Roxhiyy, every Sat,, except the 3d, 
4th, and oth Sat. of July, and 1st and 2d 
Sat. of Aug. 

At Wrentham, 3d Tu. of May, Any., 
and Nov. 

Sessions of Court of Insolvency. 

At Dedham, 3d Thar, of every month 
except July. 

At Roxbury, 1st Thur of every month 
except Aug. 

County Commissioners. 

Nathaniel P. Safford, Dorchester} Lucas 
Pond, Wn nthum ; Chas. Endicott, Canton, 

Special Commissioners. — Goo. W, Gay, 
Sharon ; Asa B. Wales, Weymouth. 

Ti.nes of Meeting. — At Dedhutm, 3d 
Tu. of April, 4th Tu. of June and Sept., 
and last Wed. of Dec. 

Cornmuss-ioners of In?olvrn^y. 
Meil»:aij, Warren Loves ing. 
Randolph., Neheraiab C, Perry. 

Public Administrator. 
Dedha>»., Ira Cleveland. 

Masters in Chancery. 

Dedham, Alex. C. "Washburn, Erastus 
Wort hi;,. -on. 

Roxbury, Geo, A. W. Chamberlain, 
Johu W.'May. 

Commissioners of "Wrecks. 
Cohas*ii, Joseph II. Smith, Loring 
Bates, Warren Bates, Jr. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Ifraintree, Naaman L. White. 
Dedham, Chimney C. Churchill, Jona- 
than H. Cobb, Ei,ra W. Sampson, Ed- 
mund Thomas. 
SVorth Bri:!;/cico.f-T, Jonas R. Pe*Mnss 
Roxbury, Aria! I. Cunvmincs, Robt. W. 
^oHneux, Jonathan P. Robinson. 

Weymouth, Noah Fifield, Appleton 

linnthcm, Harvey E. Clap, Daniel 
A. Cook. 

Justices of the Peace. 

[r»r!:nu-.j Justice* of the Peace a,-, i Quorum, des- 
ignated b'tti ', and Justices c\rvwj > iout the Cwnmon- 
u**iih,iit*i(ffi •■ - bjia t.J 

BeUinghdm, Elias Cook, Nathan A. 
Cook, Save! Metcalf, Horace Roekwood, 
Jerold 0. Wiicox. 

Rrainlree, John B. Arnold, David II. 
Bates, Samuel A- Bates, Jas. M. Cutting, 
Charles II. Dow, Benj, Dyer, Joseph R. 
Fraafier, A^n French, Samuel D. Hayden, 
Kliaa Hayward, Charles S. Hobart, Fran- 
cis A. Hobart, David Hoi brook, Joel E. 
Holbriook, John Kimball, Warren Mans- 
field, Mverdo Mason, Alva Morrison, Bry- 
■ ant Newcamb, Edward Potter, Caleb 
Stetson, Ebenerer F. K. Thayer, W'm. L. 
Walker, Asa Wellington, Naaman L. 
White, Jonathan Wild. 

Brookline, Chas. E. AMm??, William 
Asv.inv,all, B. P. Baker, Jam^h tfartlett, 

David H.Daniels, Jprathmecl JHv 
Elijah C. Emerson, Harrison I ■ , 

G« irge E. Hersey, J' 

■ Parsons, Chas. ] 

Steam •. Jr., John :-'. J urner, ! 
Walker, J. Sullivan Warren, I 
J. Williams, P"r;.cL Willi tins, l 
in g ton. 

Canton, * Ellis Ames, Frank 
Oliver S. Chapman, fCharlei I 
Chas. H. French, t'l'hos. French, V, :l!iam 

i Id, S Lmui I b. N 
Snepard, Jas. T. Sui • •• r, Kli I I V I , 

Cohaaci, Solomon .1. b , 
Doane, Martin Lincoln, John Q. a. 
Lothroo, Aaron Pratt, Edwar< 

Dedham, Fisher Ami K'r, 

James Ball, Charles J. Capen, Chauncey 
C. Churchill, *ira Clevrlar t, 
Cobb, ^Jonathan H. Cobb, 
burn, John Cox, Jr., Joseph Day, 
Ellis, Colburn Ellis, Merrill D. Ellis, 
Augustus B. Endicott, J ls. F< - : , i .- 
€7.rr¥. G ky,,WillardQay, Moses !:. Gu Id 
Henry 0, Hild* ■{]., ;.; . tin j; ; ■ 
Mautin Marsh, Geo. II. Moj roe, Cm 
(}, Morse, Tims Motley, Geo. Ne • 
Henry W. Kichards, *Ez .. W, San 
Xhos. Shervrin, Demy H.WrSigoi 
Henry F. Spear, John N. Stevens, Eli- 
phalet Stuuc, Mirick P. Sumner, i> a W. 
Taft, *Edmund Thomas, W. I 
as, Hezekiah Turner, fKzia Wilkinson, 
Erasti s Worthingtou. 

Dorch '.tier, ■■' Edmund J. Baker. 1 
J. Bisphaxri, Luthei Briggs, Jr., W 
B. Brooke, *George ^i. Browne, . v 
Capen, Thomas W. Capen, Josi 
Carter, Nathaniel R. Childs, -fAsrph 
Churchill, Pbenezer Ciarp. Jr., .'< I 2 C 
Clark, t^^ 03C ' 3 ti. Cobb, Nathani 
Coffin, *Abel Cushing, John W. )■ 
Ehenezer Eaton, Isaac Field, Oliver Hall, 
Gustavus E. Haynes, Chas. Howe, Henry 
Humphreys, Edward Jarvis, Jonn E. 
J-oites, Ed yard Ki r : ^, Wm P. LeaTitt, 
fSamuel I". Loud, Henry Lyman, i .•■■i->- 
rflos D. Srtller, Thomas M M 
Frederic Nichols, Aurora W. 01 
fJohn H. W. Page, Lewis Pierce, Sam'l 
B. Pierce, John W. Porter, Robt. K 
•Kathaniel F. Satlbrd, J. M. R. Si ry, 
J.-aac ^.- en, Wm. D. Swan, ^ illi 
Temple, fEdmund P. Tiieston, b'i 
L.Tileston, Eben Tolman, Jas. ii.Uphatu, 
^Robert Vose, Robert Vose, Jr., " m .j- 
shall P. Wilder, Seth Willi i 
"Withington, Geo. Woodman. 

Dovrr, Sherman Battellc, Hiram W. 
Jones, Calvin Richards. 

Foxboro', Warren Bird, James Cape»i. 
*James E. Carpenter, John Gary, Otis 
Gary, John M. Everett, Alfred F les, 
Freedom Guild, Henry Hobart, Alfred 
Hodges, Robert W. Kcer, John Little 
tie' 1, John Q. Lynch. 

Franklin, Peter Adame, Pa 
Adams Dai.iels, Albert E Daniels, Waldo 
Daniels, Herman C. Fwher, \' 
, Willis Fisln r, Jas. M. r ■■ 
Manoah Leavitt, Nv'm. Metcalf, Geo. W. 
Nason, Stephen W. Richardson, Erastua 
Roc k wood, Alpheus A. Russique, ^aul B. 
8cott, Horatio Stockbridge, Jr. 

Hedjield, Jonathan P. Bishop, Isaac 



Fiske, Charles Hamant, Walter Jamea, 
John P. Jones. Chas C. Sewall. 

Medicai/, William Li. Boyd, *Arteraas 
Brown, Wm. II. Cary, Charles II. 
tMllton 51. Fisher, Chas. H Fitts. A, ■ 
M. I-. fuller, Alpha us C. Grant, fWi i . 
Lovering, Horatio Mason, *Lmhei M t- 
calf, Clark Partridge, ^Joseph :.. Rich- 
ardson, John S. Smith, Wm. li. Temple. 

Milton, Samuel Adams. Josiah Babcock, 
Samuel Babcock, John D. Bradlee, Chas. 
Breck, Chas. M. S. Churchill, Jos. McK. 
Churchill, Frederick A. Bustis, + !■'<■' t:t 
15. Forbes, Lyman B. Hanaford, Amor 
Rollings worth, Jason W. Houghton, 
fc'Nathah C. Martin, Geo. Penniraan, 
Edward L. Pierce, Jason Heed, I ■ nben 
A. Richards, James M. Rabbins, *Nath'l 
F. Safford, Ebenezer G. Tucker, Elijah 
Tucker, George Vose. llobert S. Watson, 
Josiah Webb, Seth D. Whitney. 

Needham, Geo, K. Daniell, William C. 
ISayrs, .Solomon Flag?, Charles C. Green- 
wood, Geo. beamings, Benj. G. Kimball, 
fAUemas Newhall, Chas. Rice, Reuben 
Wavo, f'E'dgar K. Whitai 
Winch, Joseph W. Wright. 

G. u in cy, ■} C h ar les Fi a n cis A 
Q. Adams, Seth Adams, Lemm I B: ickett, 
Josiah Brigham, Elbridge Ciapp, Thomas 
Curtis, ^oah Cumminss, *Wm. B. Dug- 
gan, George L. Gill, *John >i. (aourgas., 
Qhas. A. liouiar.d, Chas. Marsh, George 
Marsh, Stephen Morse, Jr., * William S. 
Morton, Israel W. Munrpe, William S. 
Fane:', Whitcorhb Porter, Joseph W; 
Robertson, Samuel Thomas, Jr., Thomas 
C. Webb, fGeorge White, William F. 
Whitney, Isaiah G. Whiton 

Randolph^ Hiram C. Aiden, Horatio B. 
Alden, Jr., Eleazer Beal, J. Whit" ] 
cher, Seth Belehex, Abel B. Berry, 
miab C. Berry, Araasa Clark, *Ab 
Gushing, Alexander E. Dubois, Zen 
French. Benl. Holmes. Fred. Howar 






rci, Jor 
ores M: 

T. J 

--.'-a.. Barnabas 
S< ;;;. :•. ■: ... 2d, 
Emu's Thayer, 




cbn\b, J 
Bacon, '. 
John C. 
F. Bros 
H. Chadw 
P. Clark, 
Clarke, W 
S 1 1 

^Bradford 1 

ii Turrie'r, Sb'tH 

Wales, Epfaraim 

les. Jacob 'Whlt- 



NeN in 
Wm. I 

, Ch 

D. ( 

i- Allen, John Backup, W-ur. 
Bartlett, Morrill P. berry, 

, Joseph N". Brewer, Enu;i 
Chas. W. Bryant, Joseph 

fBenj. F. Cop; land, i aac 

Theodore Clarke, John J. 

A. Crafts, *Ariai I. Curo- 
E- I). Currier, G r o. Curtis, 

, Menses Ii. Dav, Charles K. 

s. Eilis, John f. Ellis, Wm. 

.ford S. Farrihgton, John 
Gaston, Chas B. Gr mt, 

fray, James Guild, John 

and 51. Hunt, William R. 


j B. Kett. 
jshury, W 

aid. Sarni 


Wra. S. King, 
Raymond Lee, 
Litth John W. 
i ■ McL LUKhlin, 


i. i'. Usgcod, Jefanmeel C. Pratt, Allen 
Puunan, fChandier R; Ransom, Wm. J. 
Reynolds, IJaraes Ruehie, Alvin M. 
Rpbbins, •Jonathan P. Itobfnsoh, Joshua 
Scaler, William Seavex, Roland C. Shaw, 

Sai n ! A. Shurtl Sii 

John S. SI iei er, I' iin< i B. 6m th, Jr.] 
zei VV. Si 

. T\ itl F. Train, 

Jos. W. 1 •: :k( r, Sili . John 

: I W 

Is i < ■ ' | .<•■.. }\.W 

■ ■■ I ••, 

SI iron. Amaaa D. B nford W. 

ins, Josiah Johnson, O (Wil- 

li . Mann. 

Samuel C Lucius 

Alh - P. I 
1 i ' '■• s A. Fu nch, Lemuel Gaj . .. 
Holmes, ClrtTord Keith, Albert T. P 
Francis C. Sumner, Jamps : 
I ■:■■ , Gcorsre T: I t, Jr., 

Eben \\\ TolrnaD, Charl LJpbam, >a- 
thaniel Wales. 

Walpole, Samuel Allen, Jr., fFrancia 
W. Bird, Nathaniel Bird, Edmui 
Clap, Truman Clarke, Elori o N. God- 
bold, Smith Gray, James G ..] .---horn, 
I aim :-r M or« v, Bai • ■ 

r. "i : ■: . ,. irati \S I 

West Iioxbicri/, Jonathan Am ory, ♦Ar- 
thur W. Austin,- Evei t! ( . I 
scph H, Billing ;. S tmuel D. Bra 
George Brown, Judson Chapin, *Linua 
B. Combs, Cornelius Cowing, Abij 
Draper, Geoi 1 -.■ [kn ■■:. John M. Fos- 
seiiden., i. •:-',-• M. rrhs, Francis C. 
Head, Leonard P. Holden, Samuel Jack- 
-'■■■■-, William Maccarty, Thomas Motlfy, 
J;., Alexis Poole, Thoma P. Proctor, 
Edward Richards, George li. ilusstll, 

Horace B. Sai 

: M.Sargent, 

Robert Seaver. Christoi h« r M. W 
Fr incia M. Weld, fStei hen M, Weldi 
Michael Whittemore, M ses Williams, 
G W idman. 

Weyn ■.'', vi " rren W. Barker, ] 
l: tt< s, 3d. James L. Br , Elias S, Beals, 
L •,• 1 Bicknell,Z. UBi ' Silas B:n- 
i ': :. . as J. Burrill Elenxy I 

• fjij ih i . [fail, A i.-r ; -,. it, Uaac 
- s. .' • . •; A . Albert Hum- 
phrey, fjames Hump! r v, Atherton N. 
L; iint, Ebea< act A. h . ., I .•:■.- 

- J':i.t.;. ]'■ ' ' . • • . Ja. ,.) 

i.''i;J, John W. Loud, Abuer W. Paine, 
E ra G. Pratt, *Al* ii Raymond, Josiah 
S. Reed, Quincy L. Reed, Elias Richards, 
Andrcv ••■:. rman, Cofi . is Tirrell, Ncr- 
b ' ' ■■- Cirrcil, James 1 . . '. en Vin- 

ling, Jr., Asa B. V 
CmisW? .;... Amos S. White, BeDJ. 
f. White, Oran White. 

Wmiihan^ Hir.-v •'.. Clap, ^Viiliam 
W. Cowell, John A. Craig, Preston Diy, 
Calvin Fisher, Jr.. - . ' iher, Joseph 
B. Gerauld, *Hand< I Pond, Charles J. 
K n •'>•.!'!, Caleb W,Sayles, Samuel Warner, 

Trial Justices. 

Bi K ookline, Charles E, At bott. 

(','■'•■■, r \. ■ I Pi. N )' - . 

Uedham, Eras.tus V . ton 
Foj ■• ■■. '-.A • Kales. 
Fwihkiin, Erastus Rorkwood. 
Mi ' ' '• Charles 11 . i ' 
Mi'lton, Charles M. S. Churehill. 
■JNwdttam, George K. Daniel. 



Quirunf, John Quirt cy A Jams. 
Rundolph, Abel B. Berry. 
Stow/hton, Albert Dickertnan. 
Wait Roxburu, Thomas 1*. Proctor. 
\Veyiha>uih i James Humphrey. 
Wrentham, Samuel Warner, Jr. 

Notaries Public. 

Braintree, Samuel D. Harden. 

Brookline, William Aspinwall. 

Canton. Francis W. Deane. 

Coha&set, James C. Do&ne. 

Dedham, Waldo Colburn, Lewis H. 

Dorchester, Williams B. Brooks, Asaph 

Fozbarough, Henry Hobart. 

Milton, Joseph McK. Churchill, Nathan 
C. Martin. 

Quincy, Israel W. Munroe, James E 

Randolph, Eleazer Deal, Royal W. Tur- 

Ro.rbun/, Joshna Seaver, Joseph W. 
Tucker, William. Whiting. 1st. 

Wtijmouiti, Elijah V. B ill. A 

Wrentham, Samuel Warner, Jr. 


hellinphnm, NFathan Burr. 

'Braintree, Jonathan I r- nch. 

Can fun, Kufus ( . V 

Cohasset, John Q. A. Lothrop. 

Dedham, M illiara i 1 M inn. 

Dorchester, Robei t v 

Franklin, George W. Kaeoa, Saul B. 

Med field, Nathan Jr. 

Meatoay, Valentine R. Coo 

Milton, John D. Bra 

Ncedham, George Jennings. 

Quincy, Lewis Bass 

Randolph, John T. Jon . 

Roxbury, Special, Ira Allen. 

Stoughton, Lemuel Gaj 

Weymouth, Silas Binney, George W. 
White, Jr., Edward C. Craig. 


Incorporated, June 2, 1GS5. 
Shire Town, • Plymouth. 


Judge of Probate and In solvency, 

Register of Probate and Insolvency,., .... 

Clerk of Courts, 

Regi tier o f Deeds, ...» 

County Treasurer, 

Overseers of House of Correction,... .... •! 


Deputy Sheriffs. 
4hington, Josiah Gus.hman.. 
Bridgeieafcr, Philip D. Kir.gman. 
Carver, Benjamin Ransom, Jr. 
Duxhury, William J. Alden. 
East Bridge icat-er, Franklin Keith. 
Hanover, Robert K- Studiey. . 
flingham, Gridley F. lU-rsey. 
Kingston, Spencer Cushmau. 
"Marion, Daniel Hall. 
Middleborough, Milton Alden. 
North Bridgetoater, Otis Haywafd. 
Plymouth, John Atwood, Jr.', John Per- 
Rochester, Robert C. Randal!. 
Scituate, J. O. Cole.- 

Jailor and Master of House of 
Plymouth, James Bates. 

Sessions of Probate Courts. 
At Minglan, '2d M«h. of Jan. 
At Bridfjifteafer, last Tu. oi" Feb. 
At Ea*.t Bridgetoater, 1st Tu. of Ap., 

3»»»1 . at.J Oct. 

Wrn. JL Wood,. • Middleborough, 

Daniel E. Damon, Plymouth . 

William H. Whitman Ph 

William S. Russell, Pit 

William. R. Sever, Ph 

William H. Whitman, /'■'_. 

Samuel R. Doten, Plyn h. 

Ps.iiel JL. D'aflsbrt, Plymtm ' . 

James Bates, Plymouth. 

| At Hanover, last Mon. of Sept. 
) At. Uinqham, 1st Tu. in Mar., and last 
Tu. of A12. 

At Middleborough, 1st Tu. of May, Aug.. 
and la>t Tu. of Oct. 

At North Bridgetoater, last Tu. in Jul) 

At Plymouth, 3d Mon. of Jan., Feb.. 
arid May, 2d Mo i. in A.p. and Aug., an I 
1st Mon. in Dec. 

At Scituate, 1st Tu. of June, and List 
Tu of Nov. 

At Wdreham, Wed. next after 1st Tu. 
of May and Sow 

Sessions of Insolvency Court. 

At Plymouth, 2d Mon. in Dee., and Is 
Mon. in every otrur month. 

County Commissioners. 

Charles \\. Paine, Halifax ; .'..:i:p< R iv 
gles", Rochester; William P. ( 
Special Commissioner, James C. Ellis. 
Times of Meeting. — At Plymox 
j Tu. in Mar., 1st Tu. in Aug. and Jan. 



Commissioners of Wreck3. 

Dlixbwy, Eiisha Holmes. 

Hull, Nehem'iab Ripley, Jr. 

Marsh field, Otis Baker', George H.Hall, 
Martin Lean, Wales Rogers. 

Plymouth, Josiah J). Baxter, Barnabas 
II. Holmes. 

Scituate, John Damon, William J. New- 
comb, Perry L. Barker, John Tilden, Jr. 

Commissioners oi Insolvency. 
Hanover, Perez Simmons. 
Middleborough, William H. Wood. 
Plymouth, John J. Russell. 

Public Administrator. 

Duxbury, Samuel Stetson. 

Master in. Chancery. 
East Bridgewater, Welcome Young. 

Commissioners to Qualify Civil 

Abington, Isaac Hersey, Jesse 33. Keith. 

BndgetodteY, Joshua E. Crane, Abra- 
ham Washburn, 2d. 

jbuxbury, Samuel Stetson, Gershora B. 
We? ton. 

East Bridgewater, Benjamin W. Harris, 
Welcome Young. 

Hingkam, Amos Bates, Ebenezer Gay, 
Solomon Lincoln. 

Mictii'cbcrcv.jh, Everett Robinson, Eliab 

North Bridgewater, Franklin Ames, 
George W. Bryant, Eliab Whitman, 

Plymouth, Moses Bates, Jacob If. Lour' 1 , 
William R. Sever, William H. Whitman. 

Rochester, Joseph Haskell, Theophiius 
K;ng, James Rubles. 

Scituate, John Beal, Elijah Jenkins. 

South Scituate, Anson Iiobbins, Samuel 
A. Turner. 

Wareham, Seth Miller, Jr. 

West Bridgewater, Austin Packard. 

Justices of the Peace, 


Peace and 
■- througha*- 

Abington, Jona. Arnold, Jr., Nathaniel 
U«al, Charles Bears?, William P. Corthel'l, 
Albert 13. Henry Dunbar, Cyrus A. 
Dyer, James Ford, J-.ccr^ {;,. Harris, Oli- 
ver G. Heaiy, Isaac Hersey, Benjamin 
Hobart, Charles W. Rowland, Freeman 
P. Howland, Nathaniel T. Hurt, Zenas 
Jenkin*, Jesse E. Keith, Asa Miiiett, j 
Mk'ah Nash, Holland W, Noyes, James I 
Noyes, (ieorge W. Pratt. George W» Reed, ! 
fLevi Reed, Samuel Reed, Jr., William 
L. Reed, Franklin Smith, Bela Thaxter, I 
Horace C. Tot man, Spencer Vinmg, Jared j 
Whitman, John D. Wurmell. 

Bndgeu-aur, Solomon Alden, Horace 
Ames, George Basket:, Samuel Breek, 
Dion Bryant, George Chipman, Joshua E. j 
Crane, Thomas Cusfarnan, John Edson, 
Levi L. Goodspeed,*Artemas Hale. Caleb ) 
Hobart, Mitchell Hooper, Elbridge Keith, 
Lafayette Keith, Thomas M. Keith, Lewis I 
{}. Lane, ^Williams Latham, Franklin j 
J . !i, Samuel Leonard, *Xahum Stetson, 
EIU Washburn. 

Career, Joseph Barrows, Thomas Ham- 
mond, Paine M. C. Jones', -j-Jesse Mur- 
doch, William Savery, \v r i!iiaui S. Save*/, 

Henry Sherman, Lot Shurtleff, Thomas 
Sou t h wi 

Duxbury, Benjamin .' 
Boylsi i mdler, Natl 

■ " • . 
John Holmes, Aaron 
Loring, I B. " ; lin, G 


Stetson, Joshua W. S ift, Jos< ; I . 
Wadsw irth, fGershom B. Weaton. 

East Btidgeicater, .j I • b, Jr., 

Joseph -Chamberlain, Rob rt Curtis, B*n- 
iamii W. Harris, Aaron li ibnrt, •! .- . Wil- 
li in E, Ji well, liufus A. Littlefh Id, • - 
1 r ■ tt. John Peed, *Welcome Young. 

Halifax, I homas Hoi i i i, Ed ■ i 
glee, Cyrus Morton. Charles 11. I 
Ira L. Sturtevant, Dexter C. Tbo 
Ephraim B. Thompson, Zadock Thomp- 

Hanover, Perez Simmons, Alexander 
Wood, Henry A. Wood. 

Hanson, Isaiah Brarce, Barak Osborn, 
Joseph Smith, Thomas Si 

llingham, Quincy Bicknell, *Edwnrd 

Gazoeau. Henry C ush'i 


P. Dyer, 

D a vid Fearin g , Ha w k es Fearing, Jr.. £ r> 
enezer Gay, Henry Hersey, Henry E. 
Hersoy, James L. Hunt, James S. Lewis, 
♦Solomon Lincoln, Thomas Loring, Caleb 
P.. Marsh, Charles X. Mar-!.., Charles W. 
Sej ra< ur, Jo >h B. Thaxter, Jr. 

Hull, Kebert Gould, Jr. 

KuigUon, Frederic C. Adams, Joseph S. 
Beal, Alden S. Bradford, Philander Cobb, 
Job W. Drew, (.curiae Faunce, James 
F< '■ r, AJexan lei Holmes, Joseph A. 
13 rii . j. a., ;eph 5 tetsi a. 

Lakeville, Thos. Doggett, Reuben Haf- 
ford, Ap.ollos H askins, Abizier T. Harvey, 
Job P. Nelson, Job Peiice, Eleazer Rich- 
mood, Warren H. Southworth, Harrison 
Staples, Asa T. Win slow. Jirah Wins low. 

Marion, Daniel Hall, Joseph S. Puce, H. Swift, Bartholomew* W. Taber. 

Marshjield, Ji hn Baker, William Fames, 
Jo .:■ '■: i ■ * !,•!'' i v PJeteh, fFfm 
( ■■ , ' ■■ ' I ■ lips, :h Weston, 
Nathaniel K Whitirtgi, Amittai B. Hammond, 
W< nlbi '••■ It. Hi we, Nahum Leonard^ 
J r., 'J lion as Nelson. 

•'•'•" rrmigh, Andrew L. Alden, Icha- 

bod F. Alwood, John Bennett, Stiiknan 
Benson, Jonathan Cobb, James G. Cush- 
man, Thomas Diijaett, Joshua Eddy, 
Paul Hat haw iy, Sylvanus Hii ' li ■ , Na- 
than King, Seth Miller, John Q. Morton, 
Noah C. Perkins, Ebenezer Pickens "fa- 
red Pratt, 2d, Wilson C. Rider, Everett 
Robinson, Augustus H. Soule, Earle 
Sproat, Horatio N. Thomas, Andrew L. 
Tinkham, Eliab Ward, Phil nder Wash- 
burn, Andrew West ri, William B. White, 
Alfred Wood, Jr., Benjamin P. Wood, 
Cornelius B. Wood, Joshua Wood, George 
W. Wood, William II. Wood. 

North Bri water, * Franklin Ames, 
George W. Bryant, George Clark, Daniel 
Crocker, Lsaa Fames, Nelson J. Foss, 
Francis M.Frei , Char) s Gurney, Surn- 
iv . A. Haywai .', Hiram Jernegan, Nathan 
Jones, Aria B. Keith, Bela Keith, Frank- 
lin Keith, Edwin H. Kingman, Isaac 
Kingman, Charles Lincoln, Perez Mar- 
shall, Mauley Packard, Ellis Packard, 


Horatio E. Pain?, * Jonas R. Perkins, 
Galen E. Pratt, Loring W. Puffer, Isaac 
K. Snell, Dennis Snow, Edward So ith- 
worth, Jr., Chandler Sprague, Algernon 

S. Sylvester, Rufus L.Thacher,tJ lathari 
White, *Eliab Whitman. 

Pembroke] Morrill Allen, George C. Bar- 
ker, * Martin Bryant, Joseph Cobb, Fran- 
cis Collamore, *Horace Collamore, George 

F. Hatch, Lewis McLaughlin, John Old- 
Laru, '2d, Ambrose Parrk*, Thomas Turner, 
James II. Whitman. 

Plymouth, John Atwood, Jr., Gustavus 
D. bates, *Moses Bates, William Bishop, 
Lemuel Bradford, George Bramhall, Chas. 
O. Churchill, Nathaniel Clark, William 
Clark, James Cox, Daniel E. Damon, Al- 
len Dan forth, f William S. Dauforth,Chas, 

G. Davis, William T. Dr.vis, Charles C. 
Doten, Samuel H. Doten, Charles H. 
Drew, Nathan Dunham, George G. Dyer, 
♦Gustavus Gilbert, Timothy Gordon, John 
T. Half, fPobert B. Kali, Benjamin Hath- 
away, Isaac L. Hedge, Thomas Hedge, 
Amasa Holmes, Barnabas EL Holmes, 
Henry B. Holmes, Charles II. Howiand, 
Ezra Leach, Thomas Loring, Jacob H. 
Loud, Leander Lovell, Joseph Lucas, 
Albert ;3Viaspu,. fJohn Moiri&sey, John 
Perkins, Thomas Pierce, Jr., Daniel J. 
Robbins, * Andrew L. Russell, John J. 
Russell, William S. Russell, Thomas 13. 
Sears, William R, Sever, fEleazer C, 
Sherman, Isaac N. Stoddard, ''William 
Thomas, Ezekiel C. Turner, *Winslow 
Warren, * William H. Whitman, Oliver 
T. Woo.!. 

Pl'jmpton, Zenas Bryant, Isaiah Church- 
ill, Zenas Cushman, Josiah S. Hammond, 
Zicchcus Parker, Martin Perkins, Isaiah 
S. Ripley, Wra. H. Soule, Isaac Wright. 

Rochester* Joseph W. Church, Thomas 
Ellis, Charles Hooper, Theophilus King, 
James H. Look, Israel F. Nkkerson, John 
W. i'hipps, George Pierce, James Rug- 
gle ", William Sears, 

Scituate, George M. Alien, George H. 
i'au;., >Jo\m m^i Reuben' Curtis, Ed- 
Ward James, Elijah Jenkins, Ezekiel 
Jones, George C. Lee, Dexter Merritt, 
Shadra h B. Merritt, Elias R. Mungo, 
Caleb W. Protrty. 

South Scituate, Henry J.Curtis, Eben- 
Wer T. Fogg, David R.Ford, Elisha Ja- 
cobs, John Jones, *Anson Robbins, Hor- 
ace P. Stevens, Samuel Tolnian, Samuel 
Tolman, Jr., George II. Torrey, Samuel 
A. Turner, William Turner, Lemuel C. 

H m ham, Willi Benjamin P. 

», Stephen Ellis, Albi rt S. H 
way, Joseph P. 11 ivd n, D ■ 
*Seth Miller, Jr., •, , ;,. . 

G. Sprout. *J 
!■. Tobey. 

I) ■ liridgewateTt ' 

Joi ithan Cdpcland, D 
Fobes, Abiel Packard, Austin Packard, 
Elijah Smith. 

Trial Justices. 
Abington, Isaac II. i 
East Bridgeioater, Jo e\ i Chaml i 

Hanover, Perez Simmons. 

Hingham, James S. I. 

Marshfield, William E re 

Mia fleborough, El . . 'kens. 

Nortl Bridgeioater, Geo ge W. Bryant. 

Plymouth, Albert Ms • 

Wareham, William R ■ 

V/eil Bridgewater, Austin Packard. 

Kafearies Public. 

Abimjion, Isaac Kersey, Jesse B. Keith. 
Bridgeioater, Samuel Breek. 
Duzbury, Samuel Steti 
East Bridgeioater, Welcome You'. 
'Bingham, Henry C. H irding. 
Marshfteld, Luthei Hutch. . 

Middleborough, Eliab Ward, Everett 

North Bridgeioater, George W. Bryant, 
Jonas II. Perkins. 

Plymouth, Moses Bates, William S. 
■ Danforth, Gustavus Gilbert, Jacob H. 
Loud. John J. Russell. 

Scituate, John Beal. 

Wareham, William Bates. 


Bridgeioater, Philip D. Kingman. 

Carvr (.fsprth), Benjamin Ransom. 

Phixhimj, Jonathan V. Gross. 

JMnson, Melzae Spra ; 

Marshfield, Luther Hatch, Wales Tilden. 

Middhboroiighi Joseph Jackson. 

JS'orth Bridgeioater, Benjamin A. Pack- 
ard, T.l: omas Wales. 

Plymouth, Eph.raim Holmes. 

Plympton, Abiel Washburn. 

Rochester, David Lewis. 

Scituate, John Beal. 

South Scituate, Josiah dishing. 

Wa<-eha::i, William S. Fearing, Abisha 




Incorporated, May 10. U 13. 

Bhiee Tov, 



Jwlgc of Pro' ate and TtuolKene.y 1 

Register of Probate and Insolvency ', ....... 

.45s7 Register of Pro- ate end Insolvency, . . 

C/er/t of Supreme Court, ...... 

Assistant Clerk Supreme Court, .... 

Clerk of Superior Coin t 

Assistant Clerk Superior Court, 

Cleric of Superior Court, criminal business, 

Register of Deeds, « 

County Treasurer, 

Gommontoealth's Attorney, 

Assistant " •' 

Sh erijf, .;• . . 

Deputy Sheriffs, 

William P. Baker. 30 Court Square, ■ 
Bcnj. F. Bayley, 7 Court -Square. 
Geo. W. Loud, Municipal Court. 
Aionzo F. SEeale, 3 State. 
Erastus W. Sanborn, Niles' Building. 

Master of House of Correction. 
Charles Bobbins, South Boston. 

Sessions of Probate Courts. 
At the Probate Office In Boston, ef-.r/ 
Monday in each month, except July. 

Masters in Chancery. 
Boston, John Codman, Wm, Hilliard, 
William J. Hubbard, John Lowell, Chas. 
C. Nutter. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 
.t.M:!-i'-u. Horace II, Goo.lidg©, H, &tjri 
Crandall, George W. Smalley. 


Isaac Ames Boston. 

William C, Brown, Boston. 

S. L. Thorndike, /,v,. ■,.,,, 

George C. Wilde, / 

George W. Nichols, ' 

Joseph Wiliard, i 

Joseph A. Wiliard, B ton. 

Francis II. Underwood, I 

James Rice, Boston. 

Frederick U, Tracy Boston. 

George P. Sangei Boston. 

Augustus 0. Brewster, ):o>fon. 

John M. dark, Office ii Ct. House, Boston. 


Boston, Fraitfii 
Clark, Lorenzo S. 

Ik Parker, Josep! 

j Adams Joseph U. 
j Adams Paul 
j Adams Simeon P. 
i Ager Solomon 

Aibee Sumner 
i Albree John 
j Aii. n Augustus O. 
j Allen Benjamin L. 

•Allen Charles E. 
1 Alien Charles J. F. 

Commission era to Qualify Civil 

Boston. Moses Bates, John P. Big< low, 
John A, Belles, Nehemiah Brown, Albert 
L. Fernald, Charles 13. Hall, William G. 
Harris. Charles W. Lovett. 

Chelsea, Hosea llsley, Jacob Mitchell. 

Justices ci the Peace in Boston. 

{Including Justices of the Peace and Quorum, desig- 
tpatc.d l:]j a *. and Jtiftic*» throughout t.'ii tknnmon- 
(/:■ alcii, designated by a ♦ .) 

Abbot Andrew 
Abbott Abiel 
t Abbott 'J osiah G. 
Adams Albert W. 
Adams Uvin 
Adorns Chas. B. F. 
Adams Cm.-*. F., Jr 
Adams Cnarlas 1. 
Ada ins Geo. \V. 

Adams Geo. Z. 

A Lien J ames W. 
Allen Joseph H. 
Allen Macon B. 
Allen Samuel A. 
Allen Stillnran B. 
Alh a Wm. W. 
Amee Josiah L. C. 
Ames Fisher 
fAnies Isaac 
Ames P. Adams 
Amor) James S. 
Amoxy Jonathan 
Aniory Thomas C. 
A mory William 
AmosThoa. C, Jr. 
Ander >on Wm. S. 
Andrew John A. 
Ai feew- H • • 11. 
An Ire •' i ■) ohn L. 
An hews •■ imuel 
Arfdrows VY 
Andrews Wm. T. 
Andros MiUon 
An li us Itich. S. S. 
Angell George T. 
Apoltonio Mich. A. 
Apple ton J. Warren 
Appleton Willi tm 
Appleton Wm. C. 
Armington 11. E. 
Arnold Char) 
Atwood Charles 
*Au tin Ivors J. 
f A us tin Jame3 T. 
Austin Milton 
Avery Edward 
Ayer Phineas 
Babcock John B. 
Bacon Chai les H. 
B icon i fa ■■ 
Bacon Jacob 
l)\k> < Ezra II. Jr. 
i , • k e -' J .. ■• i 
B&'.u r James ".. 
Baker Walter W. 
Baker William W. 
B ilch Francis V. 
Balch Joseph W. 

Baldwin Aaron 
Baldwin HH/ur 
Baldwin James F. 
Ball Jo: is 
Ball Joshua I). 

Ballard James M. 
Ballard John 
Ballard Joseph 
Bancroft Gi 
Banfield Everett C. 
Bangs Edward 
Barbour John N. 
Barker James M. 
Barker Lemuel M. 
Barker Wm. It. 
* B irnes Isaac 0. 
E irnieoat William 
B - ' .' -,• than F. 
Barrows HoraCte G. 

' it lett Sidney 
Bartlett Sidney, Jr. 
i BartU tt Theodore 
Bartli fet Willi 
Bassett Elisha 
Bates Beiij. E. 
Bates Ives G. 
Bat ps John 
Bates J. Franklin 
Bates Ji'.s ph L. 
' ites Moses 
Bates Samuel W. 
Bates William 
1' \'i r Thompson 
Bayley Benj. F. 
Bayley Henry E. 
Beal Bi nj in 
Beal James H. 
Beal T'hachl r 
!k :N James II. 

• Willi; m 
i. ..;, William, Jr. 
Beck Lewis 

James M. 
Bern is George 
Berret Joseph H. 
Berry Nehemiab'C. 


r o 

Betton Geo. E. 
Bigelow Abram O. 
Bigelow Edwin M. 
Bigelow George F. 
t'Bigelow Georgt T. 
Bigelow Horatio 
BiJrelow II. D. P. 
tBigelow John P. 
Bigelow Prescott 
Bigelow Timothy 
Binnev John 
Birr! George "W. 
Bishop Joel P. 
Bishop Robert R. 
Blagden George 
Blaisdcll William 
Blake Charles F. 
Blake Edward 
Blake Ge >rge Baty 
Blake James G. 
Blake Joseph H. D. 
Blake Pyttsort 
Bkkc William 
BTauchard Gso.D.B. 
Blanch. ml Thomas 
Bkney U.-.-ry 
B lis land Thomas 
Bloch Abraham F. 
Blodget* Caleb 
Biodgett Luther 
Boardman A' on. W. 
Boardman Edwin A. 
•Bolt Edward I). 
Bolles Matthew 
Bonney Pelt, im 
!;■ wditeh Jona. I. 
Bowditch William 
Bowen John 
Bowen Stephen 
Bowker Albert 
Boyd Francis 
Bradbury Samuel A. 
Bradford Joseph R. 
Bradford Rufus B. 
Bradford Wm. B. 
Bradish Levi J. 
Bradlee John T. 
Iii**ttw ftrtiafi 

* Bratiiee Jos 

ah P. 

Bt! ;1! 'i 


ih i I . 

iir.i tf. a 

■. G. ' 

'. w. 


G a r J 












ter Ai 

icr. 0. 




Bri jgB 









n Elij 

ah D. 


m Jos 

■ ?ph L. 

• Uriah 

am '-V 




*ad 11 

an'l D. 






T-> A. 

B rooks 



Brow n 

F. [wa 


Br -v. ,'i 

Jer< : 





W m , 








Browne Albert G. 

Browne Cau 3ten 

Browne Edward T. 
j Browne Ephraim 
• Browne Ot org< .' ' , 
! Bryant Charles V, . 
; Bryant David 
j Bryant G, J. F. 
I Bryant John D. 
I Bryant Napoleon B. 
I Buck Edward 

Bui tin oh Thomas 

Buliard Francis 

Bullock Wm. W. 

fBurbank Robert I. 
j Burditt Benj. A. 
i Burgess Charles S, 

Burke Albert G. 

Burr Samuel 0. 

fBurt William L. 

Butler Eber II. 
j Butler Franklin J. 
j Butler John Henry 
' Butler Peter 
I Butters William 
I Cabot Henry 
! CaldweH Charles 
I Cakow Wiiiiam H. 

Campbell Isaac T. 
j Capen John 
j Carney Andrew 
j Carpenter Geo. 0. 
j Carruth Francis S. 

Carruth Nathan 

Gary Isaac 

Cury Nathan C. 

Case Albert. 

Cazneau Andrew 

Chamberlain Mellen 

Chamberlin David 
j Champlin Henry L. 
! Chandler Charles P. 

fChnndler Peleg W. 

Chandler Theo p. P. 

Chapman D. R. 

Chaornan Goo. V . 

Chapmati (no. U. 
j Chase Caleb 

Chase M. 
; Checver lva 
'Chcever James 
[Cheever Tracy P. 

Cheney Edward M. 
> Chicktring Thos. E. 

Child George H. 
\ Child Linus JVC. 
i Chi;man Geo. W. 
j Choate Chas, F. 
I fChoate Rufiks 
I Clapp Joshua W. 

Claop Wm. W., Jr. 
! Clark Albe C, 
j Clark "Benj. C. 
| Clark Benj. C, Jr. 
i Clark Calvin W. 
: *Clark Henry 
j Clark James 

Clark John 

i "Clark John M, 

Clark Joseph F. 

' Cleveland i''.i kins 

I fCobb Moses 0. 

I Cobb Samuel T. 

j Coburn Daniel J. 
! in 

: C< dman Robert 

, Coffin Gi . W. 

I Colburn Jeremiah 
Cole Charles D. 

) Collamore Geo. W. 

j Collani 
Comer Geo. NT, 
Conle> Charles C. 

! Darracott Franklin 
1 D irrai ott G 
: Davenport Henry 
I Davis Ad A\ 


Davis ' ' 
I Davis Heim A. 

f)..vis Hei ry C. 
, *Uavis Jei 

Davis Joshu . W. 
\ Davis M irk 
. Davis '! in ithy 
! Davis Willi '. ;• j 

Converse James W. | Dawes Henry 

Converse Josl 
Cook Charles E. 
♦Cooke Josiah P. 
Coolidge Au .... J 
Coolidge David II 

Day Albert 
I Dean Benj. 
Dean G rge W. 

j Dean ': 

m WTUh in 

| Clark Randolpt 
| Clark Robert F. 
Clarke Thos. W. 
I *Ciary Henry I). 


Coolidge Horace II. i Deraond Charles 
Coolidge Joseph i Dennie G< ■. 
Coolidge Joseph R. Dennie J 
Cooper Samuel j Denny Daniel 

Cbpeland Elish i Denlij H< nry G. 

Cooeland Geo, W, { D ■ . am 

Cutting C: as, U. T; 

Cott veil Asa Derby George S. 

Cow: 1 i a John Dewey F] i '.-. I . 

Cowdin Robert Dexter Arthur 

Cowles William W. D s.ter Edward A. 
CraginL. S., Jr. DexteT G -■ iTg< M. 

*Cram Geo. W. i De::ter Gvor_ 

Crane David F. j *Dexter Thon as A 

Cressey B. P. C. j Dexter William S. 
f Crocker Henry j Dillaway Ch irl 
Crocker Sam. L., Jr. Dimmock G. E. W. 
! Dingley JohnT. 
! Dixwell Foes S. 
; Doane HenTy 
' Dodge JohnC. 
Doherty William W, 
! Donahoe Patrick 
■ Dorr William B. 

Dow James 13. 
: Dow Nathan T. 
I Dowe Joseph 
Di tke Henry A. 
I Drake 'I ' dale 
i Draper Bel ward L. 
*Dr< per 
] iri null Cc melius 
I Dudlej Elbridgc G. 
\ Dunbar Charl« - F. 
j Duncklee Mark F. 
Dunham Charles E. 
Dunham J*->: 
Dunn James C. 
Dunnels Amos A. 
| Dupce Charles 
; Durant Henry F. 
i Dutton Edward P. 

• Dutton Henry W. 
i Dwijjht Thomas 
| D wight Wilder 
j *Dwight William 
] Dver lleiiry 

Dyi r Mieah, Jr. 

Earl Henry 

Eastburn John T T . 
nan Ambrose 

s Baton Gforge 
t Eaton William 
: Eddy Rol ert H. 

Edraanris B. Frank. 
: Edwards Henry 

• Etran James 

Crocker Uriel 

Crocker Uriel II, 
| Crombic James L. 
! Crosby Charles II, 
| Crosby Frederick 
j Crosby Joseph B. 
j Crowley JohnC. 
j fCrowniiishield F.B. 
j Cruft Edward 
| CumUigs Bradley N. 

Cummi'ngs John A. 
I *C'irrri : er'Renj. H. 
i'*Curtis Benj. R. 

Curtis Caleb 
' fCurtis Charles P. 
! Curtis Chas. P., Jr. 
I Curtis Daniel B. 
i Curtis Daniel S. 
J *Curtis George T. 

Curtis Herbert P. 

Curtis Samuel S, 

Curtis Thomas B. 

Cashing Thomas 

Cutler Amos 

Cutler Ehen 

Cutler Joseph 

Cutler Pliny 

Cutter Isaac J. 

Dali William 

Dalton Henry L. 

Dahon Thomas I). 

•Dame Abraham A. 

Dame < harles C. 

Dame I'heodor 5. 

Dana CharTcs'F. 

Dana Edward A. 

*Dana James 

Dana Richard II. 

Dana Rich'd 11., Jr. 

Darling George B. 



*Eh Ire, :?•;•> Edw. H. 
•Eliot Samuel A. 
Ellis Abijah 
Ellis Charles M. 
EIUk James M. 
Ellis Rowland 
Flli .M. Willi i i 
Ely Alfred B. 
Emerson John TV". 
fEmery Isaac 
Emery James W. 
Emery John S. 
Endhott Wira. Jr. 
English James L. 
Erving Edward S. 
Eustis Wiiii;! ui T. 
Evans Alonzo I!. 
Evans Brice S. 
Evans Franklin 
Eveleth William 
fEverett Edward 
►Fairbanks Stephen 
Farley Gusfavus 
Fa nner Jesse 
Farnsworth E>ra 
Far well Asa 
Faxon Edward 

FaylUchard 8. 
Fay Richard S., Jr. 
Fearing Albert 
•Fern aid A '.bo it L. 
Fernald Henry B. 
*Fie»d Justin - 
Field Walbridge A. 
Fisher Aaron E 
Fisher Daniel S. ' 
Fiske Augustus II. 
Fiske Edward 
Fiske John M. 
Fitch Jonas 
Flanders George M'. 
Fletcher Josiah 
fFletcher Richard 
t Flint Charles L. 
Flint John 
Flint Waldo 
Fogg John S. II. 
Folcer George IE 
Fnrsaith Wm. J. . 
Foster Archibald 
Foster. Da vid-W. 
Foster Eben IE 
Foster James G. 
Foster Nathan'!, Jr. 
* Foster William 
Foster William H. 
Fowle Wm. IE, Jr. 
Fox James A. 
Francis Nathaniel 
Fred criol. Jabez 
Freeman William 
French Abram 
French Charles 
French Geo. P. 
French Henry F, 
Funrh Jonas H. 
Frost Oliver 
Frothingham Sam'l 
Frothingham.T, B. 
Fry* E«-.ia< W. 
Fuller Henry W. 
Fuller John K. 
Fuller Richard F. 
Fuller Samuel D. 
Fuller Stephen P. 

lOaffield Tbbrftas 
Gage Charles A. 
fGardner Henry J. 
Gavett Jo jeph 

< •■■•: i ! h . !' . 

Gay 'J imothj 
, Gibbs Amory T. 

! Gibbs Ira 

Gibson Charles L. 

Gilchrist Daniel S. 

Giles Alfred E. 
I *Giles Joel 
! (Jiii Thomas 
iGilley John E. M. 
; Gilinan John L. 
{ Girdle: Richard 

Gleason Horace 
I Gol Isbury John 
! Gooch Daniel W. 

*G6odrich Chas. 13. 

Goodwin Albert G. 

Gookiu Samuel H. 

Gordon George H. 

Gordon George W. 

G 01 don Robert 

Gordon Solomon J. 
i Gould Benj. A. 
! Gould Benjamin T. 
I Gould Frederic 
J Gove Austin 

Gove John 

Go ward War son - 

Granger David 

Graves Dwight 

Gray Horace, Jr. 

fGray John C. 

Gray Levi 

*Gray William 

Green John, Jr. 

Green Nicholas S. J. j 

Greene Benjamin D. i 

Greene Benjamin H. 

Greene Merman TV 

Greenlcaf Rich'd 
Greenough Da^ id 
, Greenough Win. \ 
I ©i«gg^VEashinj5'n 
| Griggs George 
j Grout Alfred. 
; G rover Edwin 
! Guild Charles IE 
j Guild George I). 
j Guild S imuel E. 
i Gurney Henry L. 
! Hahn Silas B. 
] Haile William IE 
i Hale Charles 
| fiiale George S. 
i Hale Moses L. 
; 'Hale Nathan 
| Hale Theodore P. 

Hall Andrew T. 
j trial! Chhxies B. 
Hall Edward F. 
'Hall Franklin 
: Hall James 
i Hall John K, 
1 Henry 
I Rob. h W. 
I Samuel 
I Thomas B. 
let Henry S. 
die t Benj. F. 
t Henry L. 






Hanaford Lyman B. 

* Hancock Chas. L. 
I ; >od 1 vman S.' Wm. B. 
Hard ng Wm. P. 
Harkins Philip 
Harlow Dexter 
Harlow 'J hotuas S. 
Harris (/•• •: _ .• S. 
Harris '.. . oG, 
Hart S. R iwland 
Harvey Pet •: 
Harwood Daniel 
Hai wo id Ii ving I. 
Haskell Daniel N. 
Hassam J elm 
Ha tin j Geo. R. 
Hutch Alhert D. 
Hatch Samuel 
Hatch William W. 
Hathaway Asa P. 
Haven Fi ;•■ kliu 

Haven Franklin, Jr. 
Hawkes Charles W. 
Hawkes Thorn I 
Hayden William 
t Hayes Francis B. 
Haynes Henry \V. 
Hayvurd James 
Hazelton Horace L. 
Head Edward F. 
Healey Mark 
Healey James A-. 
tHealy John P. 
Heard John T. 
Heath Frederick A. 
Henchman Daniel 
Hen -daw Joseph L. 
Her rick Horatio G. 
lierrick Willi im A. 
Hersey Alfred C. 
Heywood Samuel P. 
Hichborn George R. 
Higgins Peter 
Hit; ginson George 
Hill Clement IE 
ii 11 Hamilton A. 
Hill Noi le H. 
Hill William H. 
Hillard G >n;eS. 
Hilliard William 
Hinds Calvin P. 
Hinks Edward M . 
fHoar Ebenezer R. 
Hobart Aaron 
Hobart Albert 
Hobart Enoch 
Hobbs Charles C. 
Hobbs George M. 
Hobbs William, Jr. 
Hockey Joseph 
Hodges Edward F. 
:i irfman Moritz 
Holbrook HoratioN. 
Hollis Thomas 
Holm an Ralph W. 
Holmes John 
Holme- John S 
liolway Philip 
Homer Charles 
Homer G< 
Ho ier George F. 
Homer Henry 
Homer Peter T. 
Hooper Robert 
Hooper S imuel 
Horton Henry K. 

Hovey Solomon 
Howard I M>mag M. 
. D. 

■ ■■ ' .;. H. 


Hoyl Henry 

Hubbird Charles 

Hubbard C. H 


Hubbard v. 
Hun,; 'rev Pra'i J. 
Hu a kins James 
; Hunnewell John L. 
Hui t Hiram W. 

> Hunt Sylvester 

□ C. P. 
^ Hui tin ti n C. W. 
i Huntington Ralph 
; Hurd Charles H. 

> Hurd Francis W. 

Ii i = '' hins Henry C. 
| Hutcl ins Horace G. 

I Hub ';:;-• ■•! H. D. 
I Ireson S. Edwin 
| Jackson /•bra., Jr. 
' Jackson James 

Jackson John G. 
| Jack on Patrick T. 
' Jackson Samuel S. 
] Jaccl • 

• ; bs Elisha 
■ James Benjamin 

Janes He. ry B. 

Jarves Deming 

Jeffries John, Jr. 

Jellis m Zachariah 

*Jenks Samuel IE 
; Jewell Harvey 

Johnson Charles G. 
: Johnson Henry A. 
! Johnson Moses 

Johnson Samuel, Jr. 

Jones George S. 
; Jones Joseph E. 

Jones Leonard A. 
i Jones P rtet C. 

Jones William K. 
i Josselyn F. M. Jr. 
• Jov Albion K. P. 

Ju'dson Walter ii. 
' Keith James M. 
: Keller Mai tin 
' Kelly Daniel D. 
I Kelly Wm. F. A. 

Kemp Nathaniel P. 

K ent J^vi^-i P. 
, K< rn Ft incia V. B. 

Kettelle Jacob Q. 

Keyes George 

K< ;• - John S. 

Kiddt i Gardner G. 
, Kidder Henry P. 
, Kimball David 
' Kimball David P. 
| Kimball Jas. Wm. 
i *Kimball Mo>es 
I Kimball M.Day 

!. ml tl Otis 

Kiug B. Flint 

kin.; John G. 

- lry Aaron 

d .: y Geo. H. 

Kinsman Josiah B. 

Knapp Samuel L. 



-}Kn top William 
Knowirs Isaiah, Jr. 
Kuhn George II. 
Kuhn John 
L nob Tl ■ m«* 
1. 1« in D'uniel S. 
Lane Charles 
Lathrop John 
Lawrence Abbott 
•Lawrence Aim > A. 
Lawrence George P. 
Lawrence J imes 
Lawton John P. 
Leavitt Bensm 
Leaviti D ivid 
Letrmt Thomas H. 
Le Barnes J- >hn W. 
Lee J W. 
•Left! I omas J. 
Lee William 
Lefavour John W. 
1 cighton ( 'harles 
J. ;■:; ton George 
•LeVhton John C. 
htsm« Lewis 
L<M»iH Winsiow 
Enwbln « barle* D. 
Lincoln Charles S. 
* Lincoln Ezra 
Lincoln F. W. Jr.' 
♦Lincoln Hen'. an 
Linzee There. C. A. 
LitehfR id Ira 
Little Charles H. 
Little Lemuel 
1 Locke John G. ' 
Lod ;e J nines 
Lodge John E, 
Lord John 
Lord J. Brown 
*Lotihg Charles G. 
Loving C. William 
Loririi: David 
Loring Edward G. 
Loring Francis C. 
Until John A. 
Lothror, i. K. 
Loud Andrew J. 
Lbvett Charles W. 
Lovett Samuel I. 
Loo 1< 
Low || J fm 
Lowell !■ hri A. 
1 Lunt George 
LVm .:. Ge rrge W. 
M'acy John j't'. 
Macec J: raes P. 
Maine Sebeus C. 
Maudell Moses J. 
Manley John R. 
M inning Francis C. 
Marble William 
March John S. 
Marsh Levi H. 
Marsh Lucius B. - 
Martin Alpheus R. 
Martin Enoch 
Martin Pearl 
Mtrtin .William C. 

Mason GeoracM. 
Mason Lvman 
Ma w «T S'tephen D. 
MatMer Edwin N. 

May Samuel 

tai ier J atriea E. 
McCawley James G. 
M cClea j S imuel F. 
M*eCletl ii Fnhn 
McGilvray David F. 
McLellanQei rge I . 
Mears Granville 
Merriarn Charles 
Merriam Otis W. 
Merrill Amos B. 
Merrill James C. 
Merritt Franklin S. 
Merwin Elias 
Messinger Geo. W. 
fMetcalf Theron 
Meyer Joseph 
Milliken Eben C. 
Mills Charles H. 
■j-Minot William 
Mi not William, Jr. 
Mitchell Joseph 
♦Mitchell Nath'l 
Montgomery Hugh 
Muohvy Thomas 
Moore (.'harks H. 
*Mooro Charles W. 
Moore Jonathan F. 
fMorey George 
Moriar'ry John M. 
Morrill Chas. J. 
Morrill George 
Morris Charles W. 
Morris Robert 
Morrison Henry 
Morse John T. 
! Morse Nathan 
Morse Rob'tM. Jr. 
Morton Marcus, Jr. 
Monitor) Barron C. 
Moulton Chas. J. B. 
Munroe Edmund 
Munroe George 
Murdocfc James M. 
Nash Stephen G. 
Nason Daniel 
Nazro Charles G. 
Neal Sam net 
Neale, Alonzo F. 
Newt 11 Charles S. 
Newmarch Samuel 
Newton Jeremiah L. 
Newton Ralph W. 
Nichols George N. 
Nichols Georire W. 
Nichols John P. 
N'n hoi-, Lyman 
Dsic! ois Wm. F. 
Nickerson Joseph 
N^ickerson Pliny 
Ni< !<• D. 
Nieolson Samuel 
Noble John 
Noble William 
Norton Joshua Jr. 
Nottage Henry B. 
No well John A. 
Nutter Charles 0. 
Nutter Thomas F. 
Ober John P. 
Odibrne George 
Odiorne James C. 
Olnev Richard 
Osgood Isaac P. 
Otis Edmund B. 
Otis George A. 

Otis Wm. C. 
Pa< kard Sylvanus 
fPage John H. W. 
Page Timoth) R. 
J mei V . 
Paine Henry W. 
Paine John Tn at 
I Rob rt Treat 

Paine Rob. Treat.Jr. 
Palfrej J rancia VV. 

•i Palf) !) -! :,!, G. 
Palfrey William 
Palmer Julius A. 
Park Daniel 
Park John C. 
♦Parker Aurelii >. D. 
Parker Chas. H. 
Parker Chas. Hei rj 
Parker Edward f < . ' 
Parker Francis J ; ;. 
Parker Francis J. 
Parker Henry M. 
Parker Horatio G. 
Parker John Brooks 
Parker John D. 
Parker Matthew S. 
fParker Samuel D. 
♦Parker William 
Park man George F. 
Parkman William 
Parks Nath'l Austin 
P-armenter Wm. E. 
Parsons William 
Patterson Geo. E. 
Pay son Thos. E. 
Peabod v Owen G. 
Peabody W. B. 0. 
Pearee Dutee J. 
Pearson Eliphalet 
Peirce Jonathan 
Peirce Roger N. 
Peirce Silas 
Pennock Nath'l A. 
♦Perkins David 
Perkins Samuel S. 
Perkins Thomas H. 
Perry Baxter P. 
Peters Edward D. 
♦Phelps Abiifer 
♦Phelps Chas. A. 
Phillips Ge... Wm. 
♦Phillips Willard 
Pickering Arthiir 
Pickering Edward 
Pickering John 
Pierce Carlos 
Pierce Edward L. 
Pierce Nath'l W. 
Pike Charles E. 
PikeEzekiel W. 
Pingry Samuel H. 
Pinkerton John M. 
Piper Solomon 

ton S las F. 
Plummer Farnham 
Plympton Henry 
Polai J Benjamin 
pond Benjamin 
Pnnd Daniel B. 
Po >le Wm. F. 
Pop* ' :s B. 

Pope William 
porter Edward F. 
Potter Asa P. 
♦Power Thomas 
Powers Uhuiie.s E. 

B lv. ird E. 
I Pratl Bliil a B. 
Pratt Gi i ."-• W. 
Pratt J , J r. 

Pi. ••!'.. G. 

i . • ) ■ ■ dericW 

Pi Levi L\ 

Pr< -• in Jo . 

Prince Fri 


Proctor Thoi 
Pul r-David 
Putnam Edwin M. 
I .' George, Jr 

D P. 

fQuincy Josi 
Quincy Samuel M . 
Quinn James 

Rand E : " Ltd S., J 
. udall Otii G. 
Randal 1 . Samuel H. 
Itanaej I 
R lymond Edw. A. 
:. >nd F. F. 
Read J ami 3 
Reed Benjamin T. 
Reed i dward 
Ri I J uhn. J r. 
Reed John II. 
Reed Samps< n 
Reed Samuel G. 
Restieux Thomas 
♦R( v, re Josi uh W. 
Reynolds Wm. B. 
Rice Alexander H. 
Rice Bushrod F. 
Rice Freeman 
Rice Henry 
Pice Henry A. 
Rice James 
Rice Samuel 
Pick (.His 
Rich Thomas P. 
' Richards Calvin A. 
Richards J. Avery 
Richardson Ah..i th 
Richardson H. L. 
Richardsou Ivory W 
Richardson Jas. B. 
Richardson JerTrey 
Richardson J. B. 

Ricl ards >n Wm. A 
Richardson Wm. t 
Ridgway John W. 
Ri Igway Sam'l S. 

* Riley Patrick 
Rim back Louis 
Rnchie Harrison 
Roach Thomas R. 
Robb James 13. 
Rohbins Chailes 
RoDerts Ji>set-n 1). 
Robinson A. J. 

is n J dm P. 

* Robinson Rona. P. 
R ■•;• so. H • • 

i Rock John S. 

! Rogers Ch irles 0. 
Rogers Daniel II. 
Rogers Henry B. 



Rogers Shubael G. 
Rogers William 
Rollins James W. 
Ropes Samuel W. 
Ross Samuel J. 
Rotch Benjamin S. 
Rowean Thomas 
Kuss Augustus 
Russell Eenj. F. 
♦Russell Charles T. 
♦Russell Thomas 
Russell Thomas H. 
Russell William G. 
Evan Edward 
Salisbury Daniel W. 
Salmon John 
Saltonstall Leverett 
♦Sampson Geo. R. 
Sampson Oscar IT. 
Sampson Wm. H. 
Sanborn Eraetus W. 
Sanders Oren S. 
Sanderson James G. 
Sanford Phiio 
fSanger Geo. E 
Sargent Ignatius 
S l« s'cr Frederick W. 
Sawyer Goo. A. 
Sawyer Jabez A. 
Sou drier Henry A. 
Searle George W.. 
♦Sears David 
Sears Philip II. 
Seaver Nathaniel 
Sennott George 
Sever James W. 
Severance Jona. B. 
Scwe.ll Benjamin 
S'eweB Samuel E. 
Sevm'crftr Fred'k Z. 
Sharp Da <\k 1 
Shattuck Geo. 0. 
Shaw Benjamin S. 
Shaw Gardner H. 
fShaw George A. 
Shaw ]>"■.( I 
Sii ■<-■,. S irimel S. 
&ba-w S^utriwon'h 
Sheppard John H. 
Sherman Edward L. 
Shimmin Chas. F. 
Sruph v Horatio 
Shorey Frank H. 
*6hurtE(i" Xath'l B. 
ShurtlefTN. B., Jr. 
Siders Charles 
Simmons Chas. F. 
Simonds Alvan 
Simonds Edwin A. 
Slack Chas. W. 
Slade Lucius 
♦Sleeper Jacob 
Sleeper Grin C. 
Sloan Samuel W. 
SmalleyGeo. W. 
Smith Amos, Jr. 
Smith Charles 
Smith Chauneey 
Smith Ebenezer 
Smith Franklin W. 
Smith George A. 
Smith George G. 
Smith George II. 
Smith Henry 
Smith Henry B. 

! Smith Henry i- . 

Smith Henry iV, 

Smith Horace 

Smith Jeremiah 

Smith Jar.on <■ V . (' 

Smith John li. 

Smith Joseph 

Smith Thos. C. 

Smith Thomas M. 

Smith William 

Smith Wm. ILL. 

Snell Henry M. 

Snow David 

Snow Samuel T. 

♦Sohier Edward D. 

Sohier William 

*S hier William 1). 

Soren John J. 

S pea re Aldcn 

Spinney Samuel R. 

♦Spraguo C ha iles 

fSprague Pel eg 

Spurr Oliver 11. 

Stack pole Joseph L, 

Sta-v William E. 

Stan dish Willi tm 
I Standley Sar&T S. 
I Stan wood Lemuel 

Staples Hamilton B. 

fStedihan Chas.TL 

Stedman Francis 1). 

Stetson Sidney A. 

fSfcevens Benjamin 

Stevens Chas.-E. 

Stevens E>.i" -ird G. 

Stevens J. Munroe 

Stevens Oliver 

Stevenson J. Thos. 

Stoddard Chas. 

Stoddard Lewis T. 

Stone Anson J. 

Storey Chas. W. 

Storrow James J. 

Story Franklin IE 

Story Isaac 

Story Joseph 

*Sturgia Wm, 

Sullivan Geo. S. 

tSttllivaT) Rich'd 

fSumner Charles 

8 ■■■!.;■..' : Fred'k A. 

Suter Hales W. 

Swallow Asa 

Strasev John B. 

Swift E. T. 

Swift Wm.fl. 

Tappan Charles 

T tppan J< ho 

Tappan Lewis W. 

Tarbel! George G. 

Tarbell John P. 

Thacher Isaac 

Thaeher Thomas 

Thaxter David 
; Thayei Benj. W. 
| Thayer Chas. F. 
j Thaver George W. 
! Thayer Jam* a iE 
' Thayer Nathaniel 
! 'J homas Charles G. 
; Thomas Seth J. 
i Thoma : William 
| Thompson Chas, Jr. 

Thompson N. W. 

■{•Thompson N. A. 

Thompson Wm. Y. 

ion WillUA. 
t Thomson James D. 
> Thorndike ('has. J. 
i Thorndi :c J 


1 liorndil c Sam'l L. 

'i h( rnton J .Win ;; t..- 

1 tekni r Geoi e 

Ticknoi Wm. D. 

Tilden Edwin 

'l ill .: Stephen 

Till in W -rrf>n 

Tit ornb Wm. W. 

Titus John W. 

L'i ■ ■ S< th 

To Id i aul P. 

'i r>lman Samuel 

jTomj .a '1. nomas 

Tomlinson John if. 

To; t( y Calvin 

Torre y Charles 

Torrey John G. 

Torrev Joseph G. 
, Tracey N'ath'l 
j Trajy ! i | ; 

i Treanor Bernard S. 
J Tucker Alan son 
' 'J m kei Jajm - C. 
! TuckeT Lewi-, 
: Tueker William 
i Tudor Frederick 
/ Tufts William 
! Turner Alfred T. 
i Tuttle Charles W. 
j Tux bury Ceo. W. 

Tyler J. Kendall 

Tyl -r John 

Tvler John S. 

Tyler John W. 
i Tyler Wis. C. 
: Underwood Adin B. 
! Underwood F. H. 

Underwood Guy C. 

Upham Henry 


fUpn : Geo. B. 

Uraat: Joseph 

Vanduzee Ira J). 

VeaEe Joseph A. 
Vose Edward A, 
Wadleigh Edwin A. 
WE ;■•■, .-a Alt v. 
^\ akefieid En H . 
W"ak( Held Thos. L. 
Walkei Clemen) A. 
Walker George S. . 
Walker Henry 
Walker Henry W. 
-j-Wal-iey Samuel II. 
Ward Charles T. 
Ward Joseph FL 
"Ward Michael J. 
Ward Samuel D. 
Ward Samuel G. 
Wi rd Willi im 
Ware Darwin E. 
Ware E E;Em (j. 
Ware :. 

Warner Heriu mn ■' . 
Warner John 
Wm on Alfred B. 
♦ Warn n Cbarli s II. 
Warren Drfiii* . 
Warren John C. 
Warren J. Mason 
Warren John W. 

j Warren V/ ri ., V.\ 
; Warren \Vin*low,Jr. 

.in Alex. C. 
, Wa v turn Cyrua 


rn \: . R i' 
i C. 
' hn M. 


ay oamuel 

v. ebb < . -oEs 11. 

V. ( (,.! :U El ' ' / r 

J A. 

W< l< b Fran . 
Weld William 1 . 

Welle i Em ry C. 

' mbrosi 
| Wcllman Wm. A. 

Wi II Sam'l. Jr. 

West JE.ij. II. 

Weston Nathan, Jr. 

Wheeler Al< x. S. 

Wl eeler Sam'l L. 

■ ' ; wasM. 


Wheelwright A C. 

Wheelwright Geo. 

Whiston Francis (.i. 
Horace H. ' 

White Luther L. 

Whiting Wm. 

Whitman Jose] h IE 
■■. Wm.D.A. 

V.'i;'. n< y James S. 

Whitnev Joseph 

Whitney Marshall 

W hitteraore Benj.F. 

Whitwell Samuel 

Wiggin Charles i-. 

W iggin J ami s S. 

Wightman Jos. M. 

Wilbur Asa 

Wilbur Horace B. 

Wil 1 James C. 

*Wi!de Geo. C. 

V ild - David, Jr. 
I Wilkins Ci^arles 

v iikins Levi 

*Willard Jo eph 

Wi] rd Joseph A. 

W il E Paul 

Wi lard Sidney 
I Willcutt LeviL. 
j Willett William 

Willi v Tohnan 

Williams Geo. I\ 

W iais Ceo.W.A. 

\^ illi tns J nines M. 
' W illiams John II. 

• - John M. 
i Williams Robert B. 

* Williams Sam'l K. 
son Wm. C. 
Willis Clement 
Willis Hotatio M. 
Wilson John 
Wil: on William IE 
Winn Henry 
-^' . ■ ii p Kob't C 
a. ithii I 'to. W. 

• F. E. A. 
Wolcott John W. 
W« •■ J. H. 

W o d Hichard S. 
Woodbury Chas. L. 



Woodbury Je#se P 
Woodman George 
Woodman Horatio 
Woods Henry 

Wright Edwin 

"■Wright Isaac H. 
Wright John M. 

Wright John S. 

Worth tog ton Roland STeaton Geo. C. 
Wright Albeit J. \ tforkJasper H. 
Wright Albert J.Jf.l 

Justices oi" the Peace. 
{Including J itfiea of iii--. Peace and Quon^vt, desig- 

Chelsea, Albert S. Austin, Samuel Bas- 
;eU.' llamleU Batr-s, Joshua Bean, Ralph 
Beatley, Win. C. Brown, Simeon Butter- 
field, Isaac R. Butts Mellen Chamber- 
lain, Ira Cheever, Tracy P. Cheever, 
Frank B.Fay, Orin W. Fiske, John W. 
Fletcher, Benjamin J. Gerrish. George A. 
Gerrish, John E. M. Gillev. Jesse Gould, 
William 0. Haskell, Moses A. Herrick, 
Albert G. Hills, Hosea Ilsley, James L. 
Jones, Sumner P. Kimball, Daniel C. Lin- 
scott, John Low, Seheus C. Maine, Otis 
Merriaia, Jacob Mitchell, Robert Morris, 
Samuel Or^utt, Joseph B. Piinee,L) a.r, es 
Rogers, Erasfcus Rugg^ W, E, P. Smyth, 
Jo;,. Wyetfa. 

North Chelsea, Benj. II. Dewing, *Jno. 
I'. Penno, Jonathan Harrington. Benj. 

Winihrop, David Belcher, Edw'd Floyd, 
Hiram Hummer, Jackson Richardson.' 

Trial Justice^ 
North Chelsea, John F. FennO. 

Boston, William Andrews, George E. 
Evans, John S. if. Fogg, Jacob Herrick, 
Edward B, Moore, Sewall F. Parcher, Ed- 
win Hire, Aaron P. Richardson, Erastus 
W. Sanborn, Charles H. Stedrnan, Dun- 
can McB. Thaxter, David Thaver, Win. 

P. Underwood, Jaftper II. York ; ; 

CharPs Smith. 

Chelsea, Jacob Mitchell, Prist :-. l: 
North Chelsea, Benjamin 11. J>< 

John i . - enno. 

Wintkrop, Edward Floyd. 

Notaries Public 

Boston, Albert W. Adams, Chas. }:. | . 
Adams, Preston A. Ames, Jonathai 
orv, Samuel Am!' 

Adolphus Bates, John P. Big floiv, I r 
gett, Joseph R.Bradford, i 

. , Henry Clark, Hear] 1 1. I 
Wm. W. Cowles, Benjamin Jf. ( i 
Samuel S. Curtis, George H. Cuttei 
ward A. Dc.vter, Thomas A. !>• I ' 

E. W. Dioimock, Albert Dodd I 
Folger, Win. 11. Poster, John E. M. G 
Daniel W. Gooch, Joseph L. Hei 
George M. Hobbs. William li »bbs, Jr., 

j Joseph Hockey, Phillip Holway, Willis 
i Howes, Freeman M.J iselyn, [an 
j ler-, Jacob Q. Keettel] i^Wi Iktm '■■■■'•■■ 
i Thomas H. 1 eavitt, I'h< u i J. Lee, Wm. 
H. Lewis, Walt*-'- Littlefield Jr., Jan 
B Lunt, Hugh Montgomery, Mattl 
Parker, Otis G, Randall, Henry i- , 
Henry L. Richardson, Edv/.u I 1 
Nathaniel Seaver, Daniel Sharp, Edwin 

A. Simonds, George C. Stearns, J 
L. Stone, Duncan J lcB< an 'J I 

F. Thayer, Newell A. Thompson, John S. 
Tyler, Joseph Vila, Jr., Alfred B. War- 
ren, John C. Watson, Ambrose Welling- 

Chelsea, Hamlett Bates. Ira Cheever, 
J. E. M. Giliey, John 11. Kimball, Jas 

B. Loomis. 

Commissioners of Wrecks. 
George A. Tapley, North Chelsea ; Ed- 
ward Floyd, Winthrop. 


Incorporated, April 2, 1731. 
Ssjike Towns, .*. Worcester and Fitchburg. 


Judge of Probate and Insolvency, ......... Henry Chapin, 

Register of Probate and Insolvency, John J„ Piper 

Ass't Register of Probate and Insolvency,.. Charles E. Stevens,.. 

Clerk of Courts, Joseph Mason, 

Usjtfafct Clerk,, , Wm. A. Smith, 

Register of Deeds, Alexander H. Wilder, 

County Treasurer,....,. Andiony Chase, 

' Julius E. Tucker, J 
Putman W T . Taft, f . 

1 Iverseera of Houses of Correction, . , 

Lame PP. Newton, ) 
Moses Wood, ) 

Edwin Upton, > .. 

"William Baker, ) 
John S. C. Ruowlton,.. 

Worcestei . 







Deputy Sheriffs. 

Ashburnham, Marshall Wetherbee. 

Athol, Gardner Lord, Jr. 

Barre, Daniel Cumrninsrs. 

Ttbickstone , Sylv^nus. U. Benson. 

din'.ar, Enoch K. Gibbs. 

Fitckburg, Francis B'uttrick, Jr., Al- 
pheus P. Kimball. 

Gardner, George W. D">dd. 

Grafton, Jonathan B. Sibley. 

iffztbbat iston, Appleton Clark. 

Milford, Samuel W. Hayward. 

Oxford, Orrin W. Chaffee. 

Petersham', Cephas Willard. 

Southbridge, Solomon Thayer. 

Spencer, t'"rancis Adams, Jr. 

Templi ton f Bal Itcinsxiile), Jno. Stearns. 

Oxbridge, Thomas Aldrieh. 

Webster, Solom >n Shumway. 

West BrcoknelJ, Silas D. Cooke. 

Westboro', Daniel F-. Newton. 

Winchendon, Joseph S. Watson. 

Worcester, Jonathan Day, Jonathan B. 

Iiufus Carter, WorcestW. 
Alpheds P. Kimball, Fitohburg, 

Sessions - of Brobate Courts. 

At Barre, Fri.nex.t after 3d T.u. of May 

and Oct. 

At Clinton, 3d Tu. of May and Oct. 

At Fitchburg, Wed. next after 3d Tu. of 
May and Oct. 

At Milford, 4th Tu. of May, and Wed. 
next after 4th Tu. in Oct. 

At Templeton, Tours, next after 3d Tu. 
of Mav and Oct. 

At Oxbridge, 4th Tu. of Oct. 

At West BroQ/didd, 2d Tu. of May and 

At Worcester, 1st Tu. of every month. 

Sessions of Court of Insolvency. 

At Worcester, 2d. arid 4th Wed. of May, 
?<). Wed. and 4th Tiiur. of Oct., ana Z<i 
and 4th Tn. of every other month. 

At Fitchburg, 4th Sat. of Jan., Mar., 
d Nov., "and 3d Wed. of May and 


County Cornmissioners, 

Velorcus Taft, Upton, Chairman ; Amory 
Holman, BoUoii; J. Warren Bigelow, 

Special Commissioners, Thos. Billings,, 
JLunetiburg ; B mum Nye, North Btickfitid. 

Times of Meeting. — At Worcester, 4th 

Tu. in Mar., J. iu. m bept. 
June, and 4th Iu. of Dec. 

Commissioners of Insolvency. 

Milford, Thomas G. Kent. 
Worcester, Wiiiiam A. Williams 
David h. Morrill. 


in i 

SJ n 


Lisaioneri to Qualify Civil 

Athol, Charlei Field, Theod. J 
Iflaac Stephens. 

.'•'■■"■.'., . ■ ■ ."• ■'■ i . 

Fitchburif, ]■'.■. 
Wood ' • : ; 

il '■ ■ ', 'i ; . i. G. Kent. Hamilton G. 

Oxford, Emery Sanford, Jasp< r Browi . 

H l./v, ..'■ r , U iirj Chs • . C W. 

Hart3horn, William Jenni j in, Levi Lin- 
coin, Joseph M son, G< in - v. . Richard- 
son, Wm. A. Smith, Calvin Willard. 
Justices of the Peace. 

[Inclwlin j .!■< tti ■■•■.■"■ /■ 
i ■:■ ' - ' '/ ". *. c,"/ ,!u ' rj •■ li. . , . i, 

wealth, • ' .. • led ' j a t.J 

Ash Wm. F. Burragc, J 

Cummings, J; i d< ! Ellis, Jr., V\ ill am P. 
Ellis, Jerome W Foster,Ohio Whitney, Jr. 

Athol, Chas. C. Bassett, Elii I 
Benjamin Esfabrook, Je se Brown, Far- 
well F. Pay, *Cuas. Field, Calvin !•' 
J. P. Lvm'.e, jS'&th'l Richardson, • 

Aubwn, William Emerson, John Mel- 
Iish, Stephen Savary, Isaac Sawin. 

Barre, Chas. Brirnblecom, f.Edward 
Denny, .1 . ion Gorham, J. Martin Gorham, 
John lv.ii ;, Henry J. Shattuck, Lyman 
Sibley, Edwin Woods, John F. \ 
Sami F. Woods. 

' mos Sawyer, 

3d Tn. of 

die Administrators. 

Willia -: 1 Jenni: on 
<y, Adam Harrington. 

Ma iters in Chancery. 
F&chburg. David II. Merriam. 
Worcester, William S. Davis, J Henry 
Hill, Henry C. luce, Hartley Williams. 

Berlin, \\ m. Bassett, A 

Asa Sawyer, Josiah E. Sawyer. 

BluJcstone, Ah x'r Ballon, Silas A. Bur- 
gess, Aril) r ( nok, Joseph 13. Cook, Wm. 
F. Engh • , W< Lcome Farnum, Dan iii' : 
Geo. A. KLii iball, John C.Scott, Moses D. 
South wick, Wm. L. Southwick, Preserved 
S-.Thaver, Paul P. Todd, Abel Wilder, 
Willard Wilson. 

Bolton, Hoswell Barrett, *John E. 
Fry. Amory lialman, Jos. Sawyer, 
S. Wallis, Caleb Wheeler, Edwin A. Whit- 

lloyl " , ' harles Andrews, Geor| • A. 
{■■'■■ , Livi H<j1 rook, 

/<'.'''.'•:, i-r.ui.uu B. Adams, Thos. 
Bond, Oliver C. Felton, George Forbes, 
';'..- ii IIamikon,*OtisHayden, Francis 
Howe, Wm. M jw< , *j)." ;^ht 11 \dn, Geo. 
W. Johnson, Aaron Kimball, Iliran: 
Pierce, Joel II. Rogers, Abram Skinner. 
Emmons Twichell. 

Ch irUon, Henry Clark, Rufus B. Dodge, 
Levi Hammond, Simeon Lamb, Wm. P. 
>i irble, John S?purr, Salem Town. 

Clinton, Daniel H. Bemis, Horatio N. 
Bigelow, Jo-- 1*. Dame, Charles F. W. 
Parkhurst, lizra Sawyer, Charles G. 
Stevens, Joshua Thissell, Jr., Nelson 

/.:.-;•?, Na'th'l Johnson, Nath'l L. John- 
son, Da-del St .. 

Douglas, Fesmer BatcheWer, Adolphns 

F. Ih'"- i,l :h Bn ■■■ n, Comfort Carpen- 
ter, Warren Humes, Wm. D. Jones, Chas. 

G. Keyes, M ■••- Ivnapp, Lvman Parsons. 
' . n ; .' John Ed ly, 

Charl ■ ■ . • •. Henry EI. Stevens. 

fit ,■ fGoldsmith F. Bailev, Chas. 
J. Billings, Thus. R. Boutelle, Lewis H. 
Bradford, Judaon b. Brown, Chas. Bur- 
leigh, Thos. C. Caldwell, Alva'.. Crocker, 
Levi Down, Elisha Garheld, Alfred Hitch- 


cock, *Chas. Ide, Mtfses O. Lyon, Joseph 
W. Mansur, Chederlaomer Marshall, Chas. 
Mason, David .H. Merriam, William J. 
Merriam, *Amasa Norcross. Hale W. 
Page, John J. Piper, Otis X. Ruggles, 
Abel Simonds, Chas. H. 15. Snow, Daniel 
Stearns, Cyrus Thurston. Benj. P. Todd, 
fEben Torrey, Geo. A. Torrey, Thornton 
K. Ware, Henry A. Willis, Sidney D. 
Willis, Moses Wood, *Nath'l Wood, Wm. 
Woodbury, Wm. G. Wyman. 

Gardner, Chauncey W. Carter, Thorley 
Collester, John Edgell, Thos. E. Glazier, 
John M. Moore, Francis Richardson, 
Simeon W. A. Stevens. 

Grafton, Samuel H. Allen, ''Abraham 
M. Bigelow, Edward B. Bigelow, Chas, 
Brighara, JosephBruce, Thomas T.Griggs, , 
Chas. A. Holbrook, Henry E. Keith, Jos. | 
Iceland, Chandler M. Pratt, John W. J 
Slocomb, Wm. F. Slocura, Jesse H. 
Smith, Gilbert C. Taft, Jonathan Warren, 
Rufus E- Warren, Jonathan D.Wheeler, 
James W. White. Stephen II. White, 
Washington White, Henry F. Wing, 
Charles C. Wood. 

Hardiciek, Dauiel S. Collins, Albert. E. I 
Knight, Wm. Mixter, Almon M. Orcutt. 

Harvard, Emory Barnard, Augustus 
G. Hill, Eliakim A. Holroan, "Noah 
Warner, W r m. B. Willard. 

flolderi, Charles Chatlin, John E, Chaf-- 
fan, Cyrus Chenery, James E, Cheney, 
Joseph H. Gleason. Theron E. Hall, Joab 
S. Holt, Isaac S. Merriam, Wm. C, Met- 
calf, David F. Par-Center. 

Hubbardston, William Bennett, S. R. 
Eeywood, Benj. D. Phelps, *George 

Lancaster Asa D. Farnsworth, fFrancis 
B. Fay, Bradford K. Peirce, S. L. S. 
Thompson, John G. Thurston, Silas 
Thurston, John M. Washburn, Solon 

Leicester, John. D. Cogswell, Joseph A. 
Denny, Cheney Hatch, Sam'l L. Hodges, 
Samuel H. Moore, John N, Murdock, 
Bewail Sargent, Fred. S. Taylor, Talman 

Leominster, James Bennett, George S. 
Barrage, Leonard Burrage, Joel W. 
Fletcher, Charles Grout, Chas. H. Mer- 
riam, Augustus Morse, t David Wilder, 
Wiiliam Wilder, M'erritt Wopd. 

"Lunenburg., Thos. Billings, *Cyrus Kil- 

Mend&h, Alexander H. Allen, Benjamin 
Davenport, John G. Metealf, Andrew H. 
Reed. Amariah Taft, Arnold Taft. 

Milford, Diite-e' T. Aldrich, Seth P. 
Carpenter, Charles F. Chapin, Lyman S. 
Clark, Chas. A. Dewey, Jr'.. Clark Ellis, 
Lewis i'iAc*, Amos Holbrook, Leander 
Molbrook, fThomas G. Kent, * Aaron C. 
Mayhew, Lyman Maynard, Abraham 
Mead, Jr., Albert Newhall, George G. 
Parker, John S, Scammel, H. B. Staples, 
Andrew J. Sumner, Sullivan Thayer, 
Ai.viaG. C/nderw m d, Orison Underwood. 

Miiiburt/, Ho*ea Crane, Etias Forbes. 
Bnhraiin Gouldiugiltiiran Hams* C ruga 
H, Miles, Geo. A. i erry, *Samiiel D. Tor- 
r«y, Asa H. Waters. 

AVu> Braintrke. fSamnel Mixter, Hollis 

Xvtthborough, Geo. Barnes, Samuel 

Clark, George O. Davis, j Cyrus Gale, 
Anson Rice. 

Northhridge, Ebenezer Cadwell, Paul 
M . Dudlej , Jim- tm V- in \. 

, J r. , 
*Will im Ad lii . Ezra '• ;, .'. 

Eyarts Gt ne, Erastus Hill, .1 . 
Hiram Knight, Nye, Pliny Nye, 
fAmasa Walker, Ire-, man \Vi I • r. 
Oakham, James A " Haskell. 

Oxford, Jasper Brown, 'Jonathan P. 
Dana, Geo, F. JD lex, D« Witt, 

Nathan;;! Eddy, Geo. W. Hartwell, Cy- 
rus Limb, Loren C. Parks, John i>. Pratt, 
Samuel W. Smith. 

Paxton, Ambrose Thames, Silas 1). 11. r- 
rington, Solon C. Howe, 

Petersham, Collins Andrew, Seth Tlau- 
good, John G. Mudge, Josiah White, 
Lewis Whitney. 

Phillipstoii, Jasnn Goiilding, Edward 
Powers. Ephrahn Turner. 

Princeton,- Alphonso Brooks, John 
Brooks, Jonas Brooks, Jr., David ii. v, Solon 8. Ha tina 1 
Osgood, Joseph A, Ret I, f Chas. 1 
Roytiistcm, Barnet Bullock, 'J ervis 
Nahum Longley, Lucius W. i'a: 
Isaac I'. Willis, John Wood. 

Rutland, J, Warren Bigelow, Hor 
Brooks, Zadock W. Gates, Calvin G. 

Shrewsbury, Asa H. Allen, Lucius S. 
Allen. *Adam Harrington, William H. 
Knowlton, Geo. Leonard, Thos, Jl. Nor- 
cross, Thos, W, Ward. 

Southboro\ Snlomon Este, Jonas I 
fSullivan Fay, Wm, Greenwood, Peter P. 
Howe, Cunis Newton, Dexter Newton. 

Southbridge, Malcolm Amraidown, Dan'l 
F. Bacon, Andrew J. Bartholomew, 
*Fredcrick W. Bmham, Sylvester Dresser, 
Sam'l M. Lane, Manning Leonard, John 
0. McKinst'ry, Geo. A. Vinton. 

Spencer, * James Draper, Wm. T. Har- 
low, *Luther Hill, Geo. H. Livermore, 
Wm, Pope, Rich'd Sugden, Wm, 1 . m, 
Eii J. Widttemorc. 

Sterling, Jonathan S. Buttrick, S 
Houghton, Ezra Kendall, Eli Kilburn, 
Wm. D, Peck, Samuel Sawyer. 

Sturbridge, Simeon A. Diake, Calvin F. 
Fiske, Henry Haynes, Jr.. Benjamin D. 
Hyde, Simeon F. Marsh, Edw'd P 
Averv F. Tayli r, Roswell Warner. 

Sutton, Benj. L." Batcheller, Harvey 
Dodge, Fester Freehand, Solomon D. 
Finer, Horace Leland, Edmund J. Mills, 
i Solomon "Severy, Sylvester Sibley, James 
Taylor, Paris Tourteilot, *J"ohn W. 
Whipple. • 

Tcmpleton, Alonzo Bancroft, Benjamin 
Brown, John M. Brown, Joseph Davis, 
Gilman Day, Dexter Gilbert, George P. 
Hawks, *Artemas Lee, Sam'l Lee, Henry 
Newton, Samuel M. Osgood, Fr« 
Parker, Varanns P. Parkhurst, Henry 
Smith, Leonard Stone, Wm. N. Walker, 
John W, Work. 

Upton. Elisha B. 1 i-' e, Nahum W 
Holbrook, Velorbus Taft. 

Uxbridgc, Alvin Cook, Francis Deane, 
Merrill Greene, Ceo. W. Hobbs, Nah mi 
Morse, Zadock A. Taft, Joseph Thayer, 
' Theodore B. Whiting. . 

Warren, Janus S. Davis, Daniel Hitch- 



cock, ►Joseph P. Hitchcock, Joseph B. 
Lombard. Levi B. Mbrey, Nathan Rich- 
ardson. John Tyler. 

V, c';s!-'r, Hiram Allen, Frederic D. 

BrO-WB, 1 :'.-r("V E. Iiugb< i , * Wm. ■'■ '■ l '. : ■ 
Jas. J. Robinson, Lyman Sheldon, . r :>!u< 
H. Stockvell, Seymour A. Tingier. 

Wcs&toro\ Lewis il. Bouteil, B. Boyn- 
ton, Elmer Brigham, John A. Payer- 
weather, Jabez G. Fisher. *Nahum 
Fisher, Samuel D. J "i^hcr, Noah K.uu- 
ball, Otis F. Vinton. 

West Boylstan, AJberl Hinds, Ebenezei 
M. Hosmer, Lemuel D. Newton, Levi 
Pierce, Oliver B, Sawyer, Aaron E. Win- 

West Brookjveld, Silas D. Cook, Chand- 
ler Gtddings, Calvin E. Gilbert, Alansoa 
Hamilton, Francis D. Holt, Avery Keep, 
^Joseph A. Spra-jue, Wm. it. Thomas. 

Westminster, Wm. S. Bradbury, Joel 
Merviam, Jr., Joseph M. Whitman, Har- 
rison G. Whitney, Benj, Wymau. 

Winchcndon, Amos W. Buttrick, Be- 
thuel Ellis, Ed. via S. Merrill, Lafayette 
W. Pierce, Silas Raymond, Chas. J. Rice, 
Joseph S. Watson, Giles H. Whitney. 

Worcester, f P. Emory Aldrich, fCha.3. 
Allen, Samuel Alien, Calvin V,'. Angier, 
James Cf. Areola, Henry Bacon, Pettr C. 
Bacon, Geo. W. Baldwin, Phineas Ball, 
Chas. Ballard, James IL Bancroft, Emory 
Bannister, Samuel Bannister, *Ira M. 
Bar I on, Wm. S. Barton, Wm . M. Bick 
ford, Harrison Bliss. Horace E. Brooks, 
Alexander II. Bullock, f Asa L. Burbank, 
Benj. Batman, Secii Caldwell, George 
Chandler, fllenrv Chapin, Anthony 
Chase, Wm. D. Cheever, Albert S. Coffin, 
Samuel H, Colton, Edwin Conant, Au- 
gustus N. Carrier, Albert Curtis, Appleton 
Dadmun, Caleb Dana, *John A. Dana, 
Ezekie! Daniels, Andrew McF. .Davis, 
Edward L. Davis, j Isaac Davis, Wm. S. 
Davis, Jonathan Dav, Henry A. Denny, 
Wm. S. Demiy. Charles Devens, Jr., 
-Francis IF. D-w- v, John B. Dexter, 
, Jr., Sdas Binsmore, 
J'crhn Milton Earle, A. 
FL Estabrook, *James 
. Est ibrook, Abraham 
gg, ft) wight Foster, 
Samue! B. I. Goddard, 
' VVra. E. Greene, *Wm. 
Greenleaf, Wm. Gftnit, F'rankliu Hail, 
Charles A. Hamilton. Edward Hamilton, 










* Wm 



., J 
VV. F 


'imothy W. Ham- 

S. J, 


rill, Thomas I,. 
Patrick 0'Keefc,Ch 

W. P:>ine, Nathan: 

Pratt, Addison Ytt 

Parley Hi 

mend, Wm. Harrington, Clarendon Har- 
risj *Criarles W. Hartshorn, Samuel F. 
Haven, Samuel E. Havwood, Nathan 
Heard,. Charles Horsey, #J, ; Henry Dili, 
George F. Hoar, George Hobbs, Wm. R. 
Hooper, S. A. Hbwland, •Wm. Jennison, 
Clark Jillson, James B. Kendall, Maro 
Kendall, Francis L. King, Thomas Kin- 
nicut, Charles L. Knowiton, *John S. C. 
Kuowlton, Orviile Lathrop, Daniel W. 
Lincoln, Edward W. Lincoln, fLevi Lin- 

tomas Magennis, 
Maynard, W. B. 

cUrifferty, uM,v. 

*. David L. Mor- 

dC-joice Newton, 
Paine, Frederick 

line, William W. 

, Chas. G. Pren- 

tiss, George M. Prentiss, Charles E. Put- 
nam, Charlea VV. Rice, Geo M. 

George T. Rice, Ileiirj C. Rice, fWilliam 
W. Rice, »Georgi W. Ri 
tin E. P >aei i, I 

Smith, * Win. A. Smith, Cll IS. I 
*Elijah B. Stodi rd, Sai icl V. Si 
<j>or-c»- Swan, Putnam W. Taft, 
T! aver, Wra. <-'.'. Horatio N. 

Tower, (;c(;r:< A.Trumbull, Jos, Trum- 
bull, Stephen P. Twiss., Edward W Vaill, 
Giil Valentine, G< • ... 

Ward, »Chai 1 :s Washl urn, Hei 
Wa,hburn, John D. Washburn, John W. 
Wetherell, George W. Wheeler, Fi 
Whipple, ►Calvin Willard, Alcxan.. 
Wilder, Harvey B. Wilder, *Hartle 
liams, Wsn. A. Williams, Henry \S i 

Trial Justices. 
Athol, Isaac Stevens. 
Blackstone, Wiltard Wilson, 
Clinton, John T. Dame. 
Dana, Nathaniel L. Johnson. 
Fitchburg, 'HhortM n K. Ware. 
Gardner, Chauncey V\ . Carter. 
Grafton, James W. White. 
Hoiden, David F. Parmenter. 
Leominster, Joel W. Fletcher. 
Mil/or :', 01 arl< -A. I 1 :wey, Jr. 
North Broofyii . J. Evaru Greene. 
Oxford, Jasi : .; ■ i . 
S< athfa i : ie, Sylvester Dresser. 
Spenci -, f^uther Hill. 
Sutton, Edmund J. Mills. 
Tern} '''' »n, Oilman Day. 
Upton, Vciorous Taft. 
Uxbridgc, Zadok A. Taft, 
Warren, Joseph F. Hitchcock. 
Webster, John P. Sti ckw< II, 
Wt it oro\ < ' '. Boynton. 
Westminster, Wm. S. Bradbury. 
Winchenilon, Bethnel Ellis. 
Worcester, Adin Thayer. 

Notarieis PuL'ze. 

Athol, Chas. 1 i Id, N*th'l Richai ' 
Isaac Stevens. 

Blackstone, Paul P. Todd. 

Bro ■' ' • ' - ; Otis Hayden. 

Clinton, CJ ; i : i r I • - -- G. Stevens. 

Fitchburtj, Jus. W. M msur, Jonas A. 
Marshall, William J. Merriam, Nathaniel 

Grafton, Wm F. Slncum. 

Lancaster, John G. Thurston, Edmund 
C. Whitney. 

Leicester-, Cheney II •' ' . 

Milford, John L. Bailey, David, 
Thomas G. Kent, 

Milbury, Ira N". Goddard. 

Nort 'd ', S muel Clark. 

Oxford, Em . S nf ird. 

Southbrid;ie, Calvin A. Paige. 

Spencer, Wm. i. iiarlow. 

Vxbridcie, Jo >n W. Ca] •■ 

Warren, Joseph F. Elitchcork. 

Winchend > , Giles H. Whitney. 

Worcestt E. Aldrich, Wm. S. 

Barton, .h)'^n Boydcn, John A. Dana, 
Andrew McF. Davis. William Dickinson, 
Joseph S. Parnum, J. Henry Hill, David 
E. Morril, Henry C. _ Rice, Elijah B. 
Stoddard, Joseph Trumbull, Chas. Wash- 




Auburn, J. S, Prentiss. 

Brookjield, Wm. B. Hastings. 

Dana, John II. Farnsworth. 

/' ■:■ ■' •..-, ; iraael VV. Ueath. 

Titchburg, A. P. Kimball, Jonas A. 
Marshall. " 

lloldcn, George Flags, Theron E. Hall. 

Btibbardston, David Bennett. 

Leicester, Samuel II. Moore. 

Mendon, John G. Metcalf. 

Miiford, Clark Ellis. 

North Brook-field, Freeman Walker. 

Oxford, Sylvanus Harris, William II. 

Petersham, Cephas Willard. 

Princeton, Alphonso Brooks. 

Royaliton, Ambrose Clark, Cyrts DaTij. 

Shrewsbury, John E. - 1 

Soutkboro', — Special — Curtis Newton. 

Sturbridge, Edwar ', Pi Mips. 

St ■ in, John W. Whipple. 

Templeton, Herman 1 . 

Uxbridge, S 'ott £ rave. 

I* arren, N< I son Carpenter. 

Truster, Wra. II . Davis. 

Westboro', — Special — Daniel P. New- 

West Brookjield, Solomon L. Ban 

Westminster, Frederick Allen. 

Winchendon, Joseph S. Watson. 

Worcester, Lovell Baker, Jon 
Day, Levi Jackson. J. Marcus Rii e. 


Y E R S . 

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fitiintly making additions. Seeki* card vn jiageG, advertising department. 

Keith Jesse E., Abingtou 
v H obar t B e n j . , S o q th * ' c 
^Whitman Jared, " " 
Harris Jacob 13., East ** s \ 
Bliss Henry J. Adams 

Bowerrnan Samuel W. " 
Dunham Jar vis N. " 

Say lea Franklin O. " 

Dawes Henry L., North" 
Hodge Mehemiah, " "' 
Porter William P. " " 
Potter Arnold G. " " 
Pjeaton AbiatharW." " 
Robinson James T. kt i( 
Robinson Thomas, <r '* 

Binney Wm. C, Amesbury 
tvmitg'T bwrnas A. 
Boltwood Lucius, Amherst 
C ukej Ithavnar F. 
Dickinson Exlrfard, " 
Dickinson William A. " 
Fester Moses, Jr., Ar.dover 
llazen Nathan W. " 
Merrill Samuel, " 

Day Charles H., Ashfield 
■, Fay F. F. A' hoi 

NAStevens Isaac, 4< 

'•Field Charles, Athol Depot 
Daggett John, Auleboro' 
B<vwen Simeon, North «• 
Sanford Joseph B. " " 
Day Joseph M.. Barnstable 
Holway Seth P. " 

Kiug^orgeA. - 
Mr.i.-tun Geor ;e, " 

■ % Marston Nymphas, 

% % Brirnbleeom (lias., Barre 

^Gorham J.3Iamn. 
Woods Sjuni) el F. 
Goddard S»W. E., Belcher- 
Franklin 1). Richards, u \ 
Lockf^ John, Belmont 

Choate Fred. W., Beverly 

Stephens Thomas, Beverly 
Tilton Warren, " 

Thorndike S. Lothroo, " 
Whitman Geo. H., Billerica 
■Burgess S. A., Blackstone 
En g ley William F. " 
.Southwick Wm. L. 
■tfodd Paul P. 
Hinsdale Jas. C, Blanford 

[Boston, see page 64.] 

Carter Henry, Bradford 

Avery Edward, Braintree 

French Asa, " ' 

Wellington Asa, " | Stearns William S. 

White Naam an L. " j Tweed C. A. 

Ce^eland George,'tferJ Walker E. G 

Fenton J. I.-. Cam! 

Porter Josiah, " 

Richardson James I'. " 

Ames Ellis, Canton 

Endicott Charles, 

Noyes Samuel B. " 

Bigelow G. B., Chai 

Dana James, " 

Griffin J. Q. A. 
vj Hay ward Charles C. " 

■Neal George B. " 

Pettingill John W. 
pRobinson Charles, Jr. " 

Baldwin Henry, Br-i{ 
Plunder Sttgwiek L 

Strong William C. 
Warren Win. Wirt 

Warren G. Washington " 
Wiiiiam's Dai " 

Adams J.T.K.,'- 
Parker Samuel 

Breek Sam'L Bridgewater i Austin Albert S., Chelsea 

Latham Williams, 
Aspinwall Wm., Brookline 
Boardman Alonzo W. " 
Cabot J. Eliot. 
Chandler T. P. 
Dexter William S. 
Grii^ss George, " 

Guild George D. 
Hall Thomas B. . . 
Homer George F. " 

Stone Joshua C. 
Thornton J. Wingate, " 
Edwards A., Cambridge 
Whitney Benj. W. " 

Folsom S. H., East " 
Ladd John S. " " 
Marrett Lorenzo, (i " 

Bates Hamlett, 
Chamberlain Mcllen 


\NChamberlain Well 
sj/ Cheever Tracy P. 

j-.(;ernsti Benj ..: : ;' 

Gemsh (^ orge A. 
Linscott Dani< ! C. " 

Maine Sebcus C. " 

\M orris Robert, " 

Piekerinrr James F. 4i 
j ltichmoud J. N., Cheshire 
! Wi Icott John C. 
Lathrop Edw'd if.. Chester 
Bancroft Dyer, Chesti 
I Chapin Moses W'., Chicopee 
| Knapp George II. " 

* Stearns George M. " 

i Weds John, 
r & Folsom, " i4 I Whittaker Mortimer D." 
Joseph H. " " L^-Damc John T. ( 

, ChadwickW.,Cambridgep't\;StevensCbarles G. 

Holt Jos. G. " ^Brooks George M., Con • 

I Hudson C. H. " ' Brooks Nathan, 

"[""Livermore George W. " | Heywood George, 
l -Muzzey II. W. L <: D. P. " ' King B. Flint, 




'.enn-tt Chas. y., Dalton 
M'orst Almond C. " 

Putnam Arthur A., Dan vere 
(Jpham V."m. P. " 

C&veland Ira, Dedham 
Cobb Jonathan E. " 

Colburn Waldo, 
V, orthington E. " 

Blake H. N., Dorchester 
Browne George M. " 
Churchill Asaph, 
Churchill Chas. M. S. " 
Clark Alb- C. 
Cobb Moses O. " 

Draper John W. " 

Loud Samuel P. 
Safford Nathaniel F. 
s^Scuddcr Henry A. " 

v Keyes C. E., East Douglass 
SStetson Samuel, Duxbury 
^^ Harris Benjamin W., East 
JewelfWm. E., 
"'•Yoang Welcome, :i 

Puller Henry J., EastoB 
White Guilford, 
May hew I. G., Edgartown 
Pease Joseph T. '« 

Thaxior Leatitt, <: 

Clark Epaphra: 
Hawes John A 
Eattelle H. 
Blaisdell J, C. 
Boomer F. A. " " 
Borden Simeon, " " 
Furd James, " " 

Greene Vv'm. C. *' u 
Lapharn Louis, " " 
Lii'.dsey John, u " 
Morton J. M., Jr." " 
Weston The?., Jr." 
Williams Eliah, Ji "' 
Lewis Henry M., Falmowth 

^"Bailey G. F., Fitchbarg 

v 'Mansur Joseph W. " 

>Masbn Charles, 

S -Merriam David II. 

^Merriam Wm. J, 


Sail J8 


Alvord Danl W.,Greenfield 

Ba: ;lett I ■ \, . 

I '•• ' rd Alraon, " 

Conant Ch< sti r C. •« . 

Davis G -ori i 1 
ID .v is V. ■ udell '. . •< 

GrinnellJame S. «» 

Griswold \\ hiting, " 

Lamb Samuel ( : . " 

Mattoon Charles, «■ 

Barnard W, K.. Groton 
Bennett Josiah K. " 

Russell Bradford, 
Clough A., S mth Groton 
Gerrish W. 

Spaulding J., Jr." " 

Read Jacob W., Groveland 
Dodge Allen W., Hami 
Saffbrd Daniel E. « 

Simmons Perez, HanoveT 
Barr Thomas P., Haverhill 
Carter Henry, " 

Duncan James H. " v 

Hodges F. D. « > 

Howe Nathanicd S. 
Kittr'edge Alfred, " 

Marsr- John J. '* 

Merrill KenryN. " 

Russell George P. " 

Taggart YV illiah , w 

Gay Ehenezer, Hingham 
v }[ei?ey Henry E. " 

-Lincoln Solo.3 . )., " 

"Thaxter Davi I, " 

Rockwell Jarvis, Hinsdale 
-Buliard Elias, Holliston 
Dewing E. F. 

Chapin Moses W., Holyoke 
Newell Lester, " 

Pearsons ':'• m, B. C. " 
Quin-n M. G, 
Underwood Porter, " 
Parks c : i . L. , Mopkinton 
Wakefield Lucius I 1 . " 
Swan Sanrl, Hubbardston 
Co-petand Aired M., Hunt- 

Tucker C org* J. L 
'i • r Win. 8. 

n Andrew J. " 
Flcti '•.- r J. \V., Li u 
M< rri ini C. U„ 

I . 
; I . 

US. Littl 

it J im< k C. " 

er PL A. 

T. B. 

! fi 


Todd Benjamin P. " 

Torrey Ebenezer, " 

\ Torrey George A. " 

^Ware Thornton K. " 
Wood Nathaniel. 
Carpenter Jas. Ik, FoxhjOro' 
Esty C.. C, Framingham 
Hard T. C. 

Train Charles 11. " 

\ HaihawavJ., Freetown 
^Carter C.' W. Gardner 

Jones J. P. G e o r _ ; e t( i w n 

ith B< 

II. , G 



►son unc 
\ Tullar'Alden, 
v Alien Samuel H., Grafton 
"'" Slocum William F. " 

Dewey J. Jr.,G't Barrington 

Palmer Billiugs, 

Sumner Increase, 

Sumner Samuel B. 

Tucker Joseph, 

Twining Thomas, •' 

Aiken David, Greei 

Allen Charles, 

Leal J. S. Kingston 

Filley Wm. 'i.., La ■>• .1 r )' 

Bordinan r> a, La 


Chase Ft riev JS. 


Gile W. i'i-k, 


1 1 a f i n o r N a t h an ^\' r . 


Hood Gilbert E. 


Nevrt'ju ChTJairopher 


Parsons Thomas A. 


Sanhorn John C. 


Saunders Daniel, -Jr. 


Stevens Ivan, 


Sherman Ik J. 


Tarbox John L. 


Watson B. F. 


^'hite Nathaniel Or. 


Wright Thomas, 


Wright Wm. ii. P. 



Wdlcox Mar hall, 
Bishop Henry W. 
Post Thomas, 
Tart Henry W. 

■■ it I [th imar W. « 

■ . L. 
»Bonney v Marshall 

n S. A. " 

■ i Al ;er, u 
R tl r & Webster, 

■ 1 inert B. " 
'P.O. F. 
Cowley Charles, 
Hadley S. P., Jr. 

! ; rty P. fl 

ii. . ,■ Charles F. i: 

Keyes .). B. " 

K imball J. C. " 

iinowles & Varnum, " 

Knowles John A. <( 

Ladd Jonathan, M 

1 i ran J imes, ,; 

Noj >ross Frederick M. " 

Mc ;, v J. F. " 

Morse & Stevens, " 

'.■: rris A. P. L. " 

Pearson Timothy, " 
RichardsonD.S.& G.F." 

Shermai E. F. '• 
Stackpole A. J. 

Stevens Georg( , *' 

Swan & Goodhue, " 

:tser & Gardner, K 

Vanmin A. C. " 

Wentworth & Jewett, " 
Webster W. P. 
Willi i is r:,a3. 
Br< tvn • 

i ■ 1 William, 

h , Is R.A, 

Ire son S. R. " 

:•.-. '■•l-.d.i Jamas n. ,; 

Newhall Thomas B. " 

J 'arsons Ehenezer, " 

i idy lean, 4i 

Stickney Jeremiah C. ,; 

Sti . my John B. " 

Copeland Geo. W., Ma lei 

( rleas »n Florace, " 

Herrick Wm. A. " 

Meek Almon R. " 

i Lewis Charles, " 

j ilii hardson Ivory W. " 

| Steams Win. S. ' " 
! 1m: iball D Ik. Manchester 
j Reed E. Maltby, Mansfield 
i FabensWm., Marblehead 

! Robinson Fred. " 

Robinson Joseph H. M 
DockrayJas. K-, Jr., MaTl- 

- Uex.C. 

G .;■• William B. " 
il j Hurd F. C. 

Lenox ' Joalin James T. " 
«« j Uiehop Jona. P., Medfield 
" I Baker*Elihu C. Medford 



■ - • 



Ilatlc w Thomas S. Medford j SpauldingSiT.Northi 
Porter George D. " i I'm ier William. T&. 

Loverine: Warren, Medwaj ', ■( Lark S .muel, Northboro' 
Deans C has. H., West " T*Perkins Jonas R., North 
Bryant X. I'. Melrose^] Bridgewater 

Gooch D miel W. " ■ Y-. .' J< an, 

I • do A:, qz i \ . ,; \\\ hitman Eiiab, 


uel E. 

Perkins IE 

Sewall Sam 

Marsh E. I 
^vRobinson E 

Ward Eliab, 

Wood William IE 
-~Eddy Zach in \h 
V Dewey C. A " 

, Methuei 


\Nliolbrook 3 eanderj 
AMvent Thomas G. 
"^Parker George Q. 
■^Scammell John S. 

Staples EL 13. 
XMiles Clough R., 
Pierce Edward L 
Reed Jason, 
rs W 
rd N, 
cr •) . 

ast " 



m , 

Diet P. * 
trd 3L 




Maey Alfred, 

Bacon John W. N*tick 

Dewing K. F. 

Sawin George L. " 

Allen E. T., New Bedford 

Barney Edwin LA* " 

13 mney Chaa $.«' 

Borders Alanson," 

Clifford John H. " 

Craoo Win. W. " <! 

Cushman A. S. « ; « ! 

Dearborn J. F. Ji 

Eliot Trias. P. " 

Howe Moses G. " " 

Mackie Adam, " " . 

Pierce Rich'd A." 

Pitman Kobe. C. " " 

Porter F. L. 

Prescott Oliver, " 

Uav Isaiah C " 

Robinson M.. Jr." 


fta&dori J. H., Newburyp't 
Currier William E. " 

Curbing Caleb, 
Gerrish Joseph G. " 

U inson I3.F. 
Johnson H. G. '•' 

Lamson Caleb, " 

Marion Stephen W, " 
Morse C. Osgood, " 

Nny> s Amos, " 

Pike John N. 
Spoffbrd 11. &., Jr. 
Stj&h« Eben P. 
lure r A , Sew Marlboro' 




our Frc 

derick Z 


*:• U s i i . 



W. J r 

. Nprtha 


r Osmv 



on flaj 

nes H. 

Del a 

iq Chai 

les P.. 



es E. 


;c6 lieu 

ace L 

Chase R. 1)., 
Da tne John, Orli ins 

Si i I n •; Norman, Otis 
Allen James G. Palmer 
Granger Daniel, 
13 odge'ttW.W. Pawtucket 
Cushman .'■ p (11 , " 

Farnsworth Claudius U. ,r 
Thrasher Charles W, 
'Whitman .). H. Peml ; 
AdamRobt.W. Pittsl 
Bov S'aml. W. " 
Briggs U.S. 

Colt James L). " 

Emerson Charles N. " 
Gamwell Eorenzo II. " 
Hubbard i.'cnry, " 

Johnson Norman L. " 
] t an ■ -■ .. SI i.tbias tJ " 
?- r irtin Calvin, '*' 

Pag. FhihehasL. 
Filigree Thos. P. Jr. " 
Plunkett Win. R. ,: 

Potter Andrc.r, " 

Sanders Edwin F. " 

Shepherdson Wesley L, " 
Walker John A. 
Wat-era, an A. J. " 

Wood Edgar M. " 

^Dainon Daril. E. Plymouth 
'Davis Charles G. " 

Gilbert Gustavus, " 

•Loud Jacob H. '* 

Mason Albert, !i 

"Russell John J. ,! 

'Thomas William, «« 

Whitman William IE " 
Dudley Albion S. Province- 
■\a ms Jofen Q. Qui i n 
Gourgas John M. «« 

Moxt .-a Wjlliam R. 
Tirrell James E. " 

Berry Abel B. 'Randolph 
Berry Neherniah C. '• 
Gushing A. Loring, " 
Judd Cnauncy P. Reading 
Prescott Alfred A. 
Campbell C. E. Rosbury 
Clarke John J. 
Craft? Wm. A. 
Cunimings Arial L 
Currier S. E. D. 
Gaston William, 
Leland Wrn. 3. 
May John W, 
Rich Giles H. 
Shaw Roland C. 
Smith P. B. Jr. 
Wdlard Paul 
Woodside Franklin, 
Abbott Alfred A. Salem 
Almon Andrew B. 
Andn v- 3 Go.oi ■■ , 
Bancroft Sidney C ' " 
Barstow Benjamia 
Chevei George F. 
CKoate George F. 

Choate V> m. G. Balen 
C . .veil V.'rn. '• 

'. ' . . Geo. H. " 

D 1'. " 

James A. 4 * 

Goodi II A. C, Jr. 
Hun.ii •- ,( n v. " 

I !.'..» r loll I i . '• 

Kimball Ch- • 

' lea A. 
ill I». J-. 
Kimball Iv< n W. 
J,ord Gc .f.'o R. 
Lord ,N ill ','.!. «' 

Lord Otis P. 

: 1 Micajah B. " 

Northend Wm. D. " 

F. " 

than C. " 

Perry & En( itt, " 

Phillips \ Gillis, .'• 

ott Wm. C. '• 

Rantoul R ibert S. 

Roberts David, " 

Stirapaon Thomas M. " 
St .' Augustus, " 

Wat. rs Joseph G. " 

Webb Stephen lb '• 

Weed Dan, 

Wheatland George " 

Wheatland Stephen G. " 
Strickland ^V.P. S r.disfield 
W T hitte?noreE. S S 
Webb Set;', Jr. S ; 
Bradford Jam?s, Sh »i 
Ensign Edward F. " 

Field Samuel T. Sh 
Maxwell Arthur, " 

Clough Andrew J. Shirley 
Gerrish James, " 

Hudson C. 11. Somerville 
Lincoln Charles S. 
Smith M. Wells, 
Tuns Francis, " 

^Bartaaksraett A.J. 8 
Botbam Fred. W. 
Abbot Alfred A. ^outh Deli- 
Bancroft Sidnej C. " " 
Peabody John B. " ' 
Perkins Beuj. C. " u 
Proctor John W. " '• 
Stimpson '1 hos. M. " " 
Wiley Hiram 0. " « ; 
Boswell J..0. South Read- 

ID g 

Brown Wm. L. " li 
. Upton Edwd. A. " " 
^Harlow Wm. T. Spencer 

Ashmun, Chimberlin ^ 
Leonard, Sprii 

Beach .v Bond, ' " 

Chamb?rlin Franklin, " 

Chapman R A.(J.S.C) * 4 

Crooks J ames VV. 

Hildreth R. B. 

tl er Josiah, 

Ladd Charles R. 

Mclntire James L. 4 * 

Merrick A. N. 

Morris George B. " 

Morris lit nry, 

Moitou James II. M 



8eamans 0. A., Springfield 

Seymour t»tPi>heu hi. '■ 
ShurtlefT Wn'i. S. 
Sntith Wm. L. " 

fioule Augustas L, r< 

Stebbens John M. " 

Vose Her..ry (J.S.C.) '« 
Walker George, " 

Wells & Soule, " . 

Wells Gideon, 
Winchester Charles A. " -... 
Field Jona. E. Stockbridge 
Dunham 13. J. " 

Coffin A. B. Stooeham 

Lynde Alonzo V. 4< \ 

Diokcnnan A. Stoughton 

v Whitney Edwin, Stow 

\Hyd? Benj. D. Stutbridge 
Lyman Edward E. u 

Taft HoraceW. Sunderland 
Bassott Anselm, Taunton 
Bennett Edmund H. " 
B* ay ton John S. " 

Brown James, 
Da-ggett & Lothrop, " 
FoxWra. H. '• 

Pratt Horatio, u 

Heed Charles A. 
Heed Cheater I. 
Stanford John E. ■ '* 

Sproat Charles W. " 

.. Tov-Ti^end Samuel R,, '* 
Williams U. & G. E. " 

Bends Charles, Waterto . □ 
Beioil Isa ic » . • • 

Goodrich Jrdm B. " 

Child David L. Wayland 

]■: ■! r Ri c ha ' M 

i Heard F. F. 

i, StockweUJohn H. Webster 
' r i ingier S. A. 

Bavi's John W. Wellfleet 
Botvtell Lewis II. We 
Boynton Btnj. J. " 

Packard Austin, West 

Holt Francis D. V. est 
Brook field 

NParmem.erW.E. West Cam- 
brio re 
Russell James, " «' 
Bates Wm. G. Westfield | 
Fuller Henry, " 

Fowler Samuel, 
Gillette Edward B. " 
Homer B. S. " 

Leonard Nnrmra 'J'. " 
Lewis Henry B,. " 

Merriam Fran': E, " 

Whitney Milton 1>. " 

■v WtUi'am-s Sydney, 
^Cady Stilhnan, 

Hoi ires Ohas. IT. Topsfid 
Poole Benjamin, . " 

Woicester'F. A. Townseis 
Brinley Francis, Tycgsbi 
s ftnigh 
v Beane Francis, 
Hobbs Geo. W. 
Gardner Absalom, 
French Daniel, Wakham 
Hill Edward . L. 
Moore Arad, 
Rivfter Josiah 


as, Weston 
% est Btocjt.- 

Strickland Wm. 
Rates William 
HiiUex Seth, Jr. 

Abbot John W 
Bigelow Alple 
1- ifeh Hen**£ 

SpaiildmgWm.C. •«* " 
Hall Elijah F. Weymouth 
Humphrey James, *' : 

Pratt E. Granville, So. " 
White.- 1 ddisonH. Williams- 
Danforth Keyes, Williams- 
lyngs-oo- | town 

j Dewey Daniel, " 

Uxbridge ["Pierce L. W^ Winchendon 
" p Whitney Giles H. „-_ 
Wales j Belles John A, Winchester 
Curtis Charles P., Jr. ; '> 
Jev A. Iv. l\ " 

Pirn e I red* rick 0. " 

Converse J F. Wol m 
ilayden Rd* D. 
AldrichPJSmory, Worcest'r 
Allen Char; 3, " 
Bacon & Aldricn, " 


b : [win G, W M W •( 

'<• ■ on Ira M. 
Bowtell L, H. 

.. H. 



Dan .' bn A. 
Davis A. McF. 
1) ivis Isaac, 
Davis Wra. 6. 
1 (even i C • arl 
Dewey & Williaraa, 
■' • )i. 

Fox '.. hos. W. 
' '• I lai : S imuel B. T. 
Green Wm. X. 
Hall Franklin, 
Hartshorn Chas, W. 
Hill J. Henry, 
Hoar G< . V . 
Holbi -: A. 

Hooper Wm. R. 
's L. 
Kinnicutt Tnos, 
! . tson Joseph, 
M I • M.J. 

M -r. nard Lewis A. 
Maxwell William B. 

■ . Davis, 
Movril David L. 
Nelson Thomas L. 
Newton Rejoice, 
Randall Abraham G. 
Rice Henry C. 
Bice V.'rn.'W. 
Itichardson Geo. W, 
Smith Wm. A. 
Stod lard E ijah B. 
Swan George, 
Thayer A din, 
Twiss Stephen P. 
Vi rry Gee. F. 
Washburn John D, 
W< theveil T m W. 

1 ' 1 . ■ •■. .. "•■ ' i . \ 
Randall Chas. J. Wren 
Warner ^•!1:!]^d. Jr. 
King Geo. A. Yarmout 



Abbott A. 3 State 

Autlros SUlton, 2 ) State 

Abbott John 8. 70 Washington 

Angel] Geo. T. i*\ Washington 

Abbott Josiab G. 4'j Uoart 

kpthorp i:-' - rt P.. 17 ■ 

AhhOtt Vv'ni. A. 7.1 V,'.:- «;;;wton 

Aothorp A :. ..: i ; .• r, i i stati 

Adams Cltatlps t . jr. -■-> Cuart 

Arnuld 11 )war;! i\ 4J < mrt 

Adams C. I. 20 Court 

Aspinvall VV'illiam, 34 S :hool 

AdarastJeorge *V'. HTremont 

A,twoo ! CI: "!-• ■ ' N Court 

Adams George Z. IS Court ■ 

Austin Arthur m\ in l^ourt 

A lama . ; . Q sinev. - J Coort 

s ust n Vlb :.- ~. 1 1 ■' ur 

Albvs« Sumner, J ! f>urt 

Austin Henn D 1- ■ art 

Allen A. «). -.'7 Court 

A.u.Uhi Iv. r.s ■). ■ - Courl 

Alien C. t\. 21 i urt 

Ave: •• 1 . !w an) ■: \'< t«hir ! a 
A-.-i !,'•■'• . ■: 
iiu on ( har ei 11 v. '., . t 

A llfii rittlljunn 'iJ. ito'c'oun 

AHeii & l> avis, ■; > L ion 

I'.i. on a .- !'•■ in, 7 Court « | in 

Alm^n A. U. 17 Cos rt 

hail, v J. A: pi ton. AC. .rt 

AroesFUher, aOCuurt 

Uaker -t Sullivan. ■-'. Court 

Amory Thoa.C. Jr. 15T«rnple pi. 

. BalehF, V,^. School 

Andrew .loiin A. 4 Coarl 

Baldwin Ifenrv. ".'7 Mate 

Andrews J oiiu L. 4«» Court 

Ballara J. Li. 1 J Court 

Bancroft George, 7 Court s • 
Banfleld Everett C. -t i Co ;.i 

Ha:i^-. !:•: .-ard, 3'J C url 

Barrett Juna. r'. ' ; s 
Fr mcls, l<; < 
■ Sidney, la Court 
K (;•!■•:: s»idri( v jr. li, 
)..-;! it Han. i 

■ ; . ■ - i iirl Ho 

'• lor Sauiiui jr : 

Uei • 5 Court 

■ . . . : . 
ti . '. rue !. T» C »urt 
.. s. m. in < 
! " Ceo II M . - tate Ho, 

p. I'. C. -i- i 
Bishop Joel l'. 27 i . 
lllshop ::. it. 4J Co irt 
Blagden George, 7 Coarl -•: iwre' 



B ■ - < ; .Tics F. 35 Court 
l Iwani, 33 C .art 
■ Henry N. 42 Court 
Boardman A. W. 35 Court 

.i-i a Blongeit, 35 Court 
Bol] -• i l»»-A. 10 Court 
Boutweil George S l)'\ . ■. • 
Bowdib h W) [. 8" 1 . 
Bradley .) II. I" Court 
Brewster Aug. 0. 22 Tren nit 
Brfgham William. • •'■ I o • 
Brooks C M. 31 Washington 
Brooks Francis, 10 Court 
Brooks Francis A. 76 State 
Brooks .'. li tiK 1 ll State 
Brown Jere. 81 Washington 
Brown Wm. L M Wii lui - ' n 
Br •-•. u Albert U. jr. i; 1 i • rt 
Browne Causten. - ; l Schoi ! 
Bi ■ Kdwar i I. l'i Court 
Browne G< ■«. M 17 Ph&nLx big. 
Bryat tJchn !». 28 State 


Bi '»nt .S B. 81 Wa*l 
B ick K In -I, LI Cuii 
Burba? k It >bert I. 4fi 
B - ss'Euward P. 5 
Burke Albert G. J i Si 
Burrattc Wm. W". &1 S 
Burt William L. 46 W 



ool, rl 2 
ool, r. 4 

tery, 7 

£ art' 

i i. 

'•'.■- W. -I Coin ". 
:.. op! las P. -1 Court 
a :v I*, li Court 
award M. 20 Court 
lorchesier a-ren is 
- M. 27 Trernont row 
tries F. 17 Sts » 
lerick W. -'7 Court 
"..-. 16 Old Stat^ Ho. 
] ierce, -o Did State 
C. U) Court [Ho. 
>h F. 7_Court square 

H. 3iS !.' v.- ! 
. la Old State ii ose 

. 4t-; Court 
ool, ro :.i4 
ir 10 Court 

( : v. 




Da -. 

') Scoliai 
i. W. u 

i- eric'K - mare, E. ii. 

H. is .rr. -i C< urt 
v) 1 F. 23 C« urt 

1 ( ke, 6 ! rem mt 
. ;.- fr. :■'■ Court 
- , l H.'ISJ Court 
J »bn C. 33 School 
. Ii 24 Old State Ho. 
K. -A School 
.'. les V . 16 Court 
aries l'. jr. 16 Court 
enrve T. 34 Sell i >l 
1 lham, 16 Court 
V. t>, ','7 Fremont row 

• ••!:. 47 Court 

I. ■■> Court 

••j-i L.jt. 7 Court 
'in A. 12 Hancock Ho. 
erle* C J Court sq. 

i »avts .'■ . a( 

D.- • Mark, il Court 

« ifi» \, . >. ts Coruhill 

hovl. r. 

Dean Benjamli . 12 I • ir( 


Bel • A' I 

I ■■ n ■ : • i i •■ , i ' rt 

Demi r Henry G. 44 Court 

D rbv A Wi 

! '•- M T • : 

Doai ry. 

|). ilce John C. W 

J' in Wm B.134JJ 

D j%v in i'rim e 30 < 'ourt 

Uraj cr .1 ihn W. B State 

l>r tpet M 

Du ::.•.- L»can,3 

Dudlej Elbri G . 

U i ■'.' ■■ >:. rk I . - : Wi ah 

I* .r-at J!. F. •>■> Ok! -: 

Dyer & Wbitmaj . ■ 12 - mrl 

Dw '.. lit Wilder, b'9 I 

Eastman A. dl Washington 

Ellis Chas. M. 2J Old State Ho. 

Ellis James _M. 4'.' Court 

Ely A. B. 5 Coi 

Eiiierson ■). W ■■! Wa li 

i .. r . George W . i Couri sq. 

Emery J im ;s W. 39 State 

English .'. L. I - 

j-'. -•:--,- Wm. F. 42 i \ art 

F( rn dd U. B. 8-1 Washington - 

I iel I Justin, 9 Si ati 

• teld Watbsid'ge A. 20 Court 

I isher Aron i . -■ i ourt 

Fi&b&r Daniel Ss a4 f. ■■; ■ -' 

Flske Augustus ii. 5 Court 

J I' .',w :;;>;, ." Court 
<■-;.• John il. 46 Court 

■ r Gi irm; ll. J stat« 
Flotcher 1-Iich.vr i, 4'6 \\ ash. 
Floyd Sam 'IE. 10 Cos 

i'o^aith Wm. J. -Ji Scl'-jol, r. TI | Jul] I I . |'. : : 

• ■I. rui :i 

Hoar E. I 




llouiilttoi • I. !.. 

i 1 1 . v i . rl 
Howe W 

l Hoi i 

Hul > . 

' • I 
Hada m C. H. i 

- I 

ton i . 7 Couri 
H . 42 I 
I 20 Court 

Hutching H .• ■■> u 

i. 20 Couri 

i ■ . 
! i 

J •■ ks'on A I ." i at I 
, u I - 

... ■ >■ . | . 

■ ■ ■ 
Ue well 

.' I ii , i . 

Job ,61 Wa; 

Jol u ion iV ;■ irnsM urtb,i . I 
• ■ ■ ■ t«urt 

Joy A. K. F..81 vn a&blngton 

i osU-r iMvi^'iit, ;> Ci: '■ i 
F< ster Francis C «J Court 
Fox .f;m:c-s A. 42 Court 
French Asa, 8 Tr 
[ ren ii Henrv F. 7 Court sq; 
Ere st Henry W. 81 Wa h. 
Fuller Ii'ifhaid F. '-'7 Court 
Gar« i V s . rn- II. « p.Comliill 
*, ly Ebenezer, *5 Co irt 
Gt rrisb i ;ii (amin J. 11 Court 
Gerrish George A. 46 Court 
Uiiory r >■> S :! • o! 

• . 

kValter Hi rbert, 9»j j re- 
"Keith James M. 42 4 
K lly 1.. A. 81 Wa?!iin»ton 

17. .;■ lie ./. . ■.>.■,-; te » 

vKinrl : .•,.-. 

Kimbnll J. It. 1 1 1 1 
; ^Kiiu- B. F. I basement I I 
'- ing John t;. '.'7 state . . 
i . - u, 27 Couri 

Kmi. i , : • ■ !'. : 
, Kiiiiimai J B. 10 
^•Kr.:' M ,; SVii iau 1 I . ; 

Gilchrist D. S. 10 Railroad Ex. Know les I. jr. 18 Old 

Giles Aliivd E. 20 OiC SUitc Ho. -: 

Giles Joel. 5 Xremont 
Glftaaon Daniel A. 30 Court 
Gb ason Ho?act , 9 Si ite 
Goid&bury -i. bn, -^' Court 
Goocfe i ( . 0] i lau L28 State 
G >odrich C. B. SO Court 
GOttdrw ;■ '■ ■:•• ''. 6 
■ . •■ . . .-. . ,■• 

■: ■ -'.-., . : . ■' Wash. 

(..- rdovi ite ' .'!•■• .'■ .• l;;5 Do 
Gra) li. G 4i Co irt Licr a v. 
<.:va Horace jr. SI* Court 
,.-,,, | ;vi, 42 Cour! 
Greeue H. W. 4J state 
Greenou h D. S. 40 state 
Grej ^ W. F., City Ball 
(ir:'.« ' :--.t-l. '• • ' ,:rc 
Gn at Alfred, 30 Court 
Grover Edwin. 17 State 
i ;'..n i George D. 4 Court 
«; : .: d Samuel ! . -I Court 
Hali-u & i unrce, 61 Wash. 
H.i .•- W ui.H. o-: Sen ■ .. ral 
Hale George S. 4 Court 
Hail Franklin, 52 Wa ihingtpn 
li:: 1 ' l bouias ■> 31 Court * 
Hall t.t t;. F.o,J.Scbo..d, room 11 
Haliett Henrv L. 
Hambiln H. M. 4 
Ham .'■ i ! v i. 10 C 
Harding W, i , 10 Sc iflay's bdg ^ Mi rn 
Harlow Th mtas S. 27 : tate 
Hastinsrs Geo. lt.81 Wa 
Haven Franklin jr. 4i Ci irt 
Hayden E. D. 81 Wash tig ton 
llavts Friini Is H. 17 State 
Ha > s U •'■ . - Court 
H ■..-.,• n .• v. ai , - ' .■ b. 
I; - ; i •• in! I 
He v Jo ... p. IC ! •'• 
H . ! t\ F. ;>l Sc . rol 
Herrtck ii. G. 2 > ' art 
Hefricfe WHliaiu A. ■ • School 
Hersev ii. tirv l. .- '•■ 
Hlil Ctemi ill 11 i, 30 Court 
Hiil Hamilton .\. -■> Cour: 

Lane L. 18 01 - ti House 
. Latbrou John, 39 Court 
fc Leiau : 'NN S 22 ( ourt 
Lincoln C. S 33 Court 
Linseott D. C. 1 
i ii i Geo, c :7 Srtte 
v •'• H • i VV. jr. 17 Kiiby 
: i ..■. .: .- 

G '.' > .state 


. i (.;. 16 Court 
'Luring J 

LoFiD! '. Im A. -.'■) Court 

I tii op 3 . K..42 Court and I-'. 

S. Court J- 
Low Ul cd B. 14.1 lomor.t 
7>Lowell Job . 42 Co 
Lout Gi orge, 4 C 
Lyin •• V. lOScolLiy'sb! . 
Mai kit '.' < ushinaii, 34 - 
\\ 16 Wi 
U /Courts 
SViuson ' ,urt 

Mathes K twin > . 4-; Court 
Mayoa lier - : : . , - 

-M iy John Wiltier, 7 Court sq. 
cbool, r. li • Mc Carine\ ' . li. 2 
■ ■ 
K McLi :' 52 \\ a-;. 

Am... B. 10 Court 
Mcrr/U J. C. vJ Co irt 
. Mi-rw-tn Kll is, 16 I . : 
' s ?»le.M r. --•..(.' 

Her J . . • i 
"Mim-t V. r I inn, j'J Court 
y, inot Will am jr. M Court 
-M. nt . !■ ; ■ 

.41 A len 
Morey < te 

. . " 
" s Morns Bolivrt, -i. - < 

■ • 
Law icnce, 11 
KM.Tioi I'- tn ., i . ■; i <■ • . ; 
| .-viouiton B. C. 2J Court 



Moultj&n Daniel 8. 42 Court 
. Sduzzev l)nvid p 7 Curl su. 
^*Mu*zc"v Ii.-nrv \V. 7 Court sq. 
""■XmIi tteflliMi" G. 46 Wash. 

Newton .i. I, a H t tie 
^•Xlefcols )' W . *rt tffcvte 
Mjickersori Jo- ,. . 9 State 

Norri? Ge urge W '.) State 
NorrlS & Swuu, 17 Stat • 
Northern) Wi.iiam [). 4 Court. 

i Soyes Georjie I). 33 School 

NNuttcr C. ('. 2-) Court 

»Nut!r> r T. F 2i Court 
OIney R.31 Waslih gtoa 
""Osgood I. P. 5 Court 
-Otis Edmund II 17 State 
/•■Paine If. W jO Co trt 
JM'aine John 'i . 23 Court 
V^Paine Robert Treat jr. 13 
N'tdm v Franc s \V. a3 Si ' 
.Park John C. UTremont 
JParker Aun-li ,s I). 20 Cot 

-Parker K.iu ard G. 3-i S-rh ■- ■•: SScmidVr Henrv 
A;^!:^^,.^' 1 '':, 1 ;:' 1 ^ - Court i gearle George V 


^«™vY*..pi«n«ii lawwaiHwj^simmonsChas. P. 10 it B. Ex 

. f^ir-e k. >. -^ L'iiit J!u ." : vm: : pso'! Wn li i ■; V ,- ; 

•^r eit ' ), \?"-,:V;/ -; i Sd, ' n ' 1 - r -' : -- : ' f" s<!wUy George w! 17 .mpi* 
^ {,{■ V7, 1 ", 1 '' ,r' , . < .".' : ; 1 . .,_ StlMtN fie, r.v F. 4d L'L art " 

C i ' ' ;'• ^---^chjP'.-fm-S' hSm.ith Ff, fcVmmm, 4G Wash. 

-1 hi I pa Geo \\ hi < Court *q. I smith Robert i>. 3G Court 
vll"li»psi>tp.phen H 30 Court r-Sinith Wm 

'Rlcbardnon -(. p ;,, Co ir . 
Ri h trdson rt ni. \. 59 Court 

ii Is in Wm. a. 5 Tn i at 
- Rl-cbic Unrrlson, 30 Court 
Rohb James B. .- Curl 

' ' "• N I tSc> ' r ' 7 
Rock John 8 G I'rem i 
Ri ■ ■ r« .1. <:. 7 Courl I 
'■!: ,->• rs w.ih.u.i, •: , ,ur( 
•KolliiH J. VV. 1 J) 

Tulmai ri 

"VThaver fun I 

i Til •., M y .., v. 
I lion i ■ ■ <;. 20 < - '>urt 
f. 4(i Court 
i \V. A. Vi I 

'"■ ■ 

• • / 


le, 20 Court 



x ' all rho :-.■ I iiiah, 23 ' curt 
Was John V 22 Con-re • 
Welch Wilson. I 6 , 
. <le..l!,:,., C 3 Court «i. 
) L-llii :. m A.mbr.8 Jov'a I < 
U>elIin»ton Asa, IS Jo ' 
I.SMersh.Ex. I Smith/* B .?«« 4, W» '.'..!:. : . "- ! ^ e !! ,n H' : ' ! ' • ' • !" ; '-e:rt 

.«e*ering& Swift. 10 Cow* j Sntllluir-Goo li 1 r t 

^PiukfrrtotH J, M. Hi) State | Snov^mu;-!;' 

ilngton i Wo) 


If uiL'.un. s. F. S Court 

..' couri 

^Pynu i>., uici isiaie uouse and . x 
^ Aiaveriek sq'.isre J*S< 

sj" Porter George 1>. 33 Court Nsi 

"•Porter,. 47 Court [row 
fc Powers Cii 

v l rattEdwftn.! E. 42 Court 
^I're«tori Geo. H 31 Washins 
. Preston J. W. 5 Congress " 

> v & Dexter, 41 r tal • 
hier* Welch, 9 rrftiuont 
>ruerby G. A., ())J -;• e,- Ko 
)auldi-njj John ir. RI \,'- ; ih. ' 


!\: ■■ )/ er Lysnivj,T. 1 5 i ■• 
j S print? C. li. 21;3 Wa.-hi-i 'ton 
totW Stack pole J. L. U> Court 
^Sca: i '.^'.;i W;lte.s;u, 42 Cvirt 
...u^J fUn!v,3.J ;'..-hoel, r. 20 , Staphs A C-chrene. 2>i State 
Proctor Retinoid, 33 School Staples <Sj Dower, 8 State 

7*Proctor Tho-s. Parker, 4 Court Stenhens H. C. 27 State 
>^I uinajn George jr. fi Court UStever.s Henrv J. 20 Court 

"S-Q utile v Jce-iah jr. V7 State -4 Stevens Munr'o". e'S C >r : 'm i 

t'Kaiiit F i^ :i ,( >. :,(_> Court p Btereus Oliver. 19 C'yurt 

g ft »' ,d Jj 9 l : . v; yi"WushhVj;ronS'pt l !^v , 'c! iiru'i* W. 7 Curt - 
lssuicail S. 1. i Court -j ;»;« , S.torrow J J I»; C url 
kflwnev fc 3!or*e, 35 Curt i^t^rv (pnae !!;,.,■ . , . ; >,.,. 

\ Keufleld Isaac F 33 s. liool I Sulhvan Geor^o S. 27 Ounri 

Keed I'ierio. -.. i:;,!e,UE x .v SuUivanJ. P. 41 State 
, it'fie B. t 35 Court - >■ ;;?:■ ii. w. 27 Stat. 

^VKichardson Ivory N.CSCorr.hiil , ^ ,s ft -Er.iU T Jo Cuurt 
Rk oardson Ivory W. B8 i . mhill ITh-aiter D ivi<l : LC Court 
Iticiiardsoji James li. -0 Court 


>e rjje l>. 42 Court 
•ainue], 2S • I 

:- -■ SU 

vVVhcelwriKht A. C 10 Court 
W lute Geonre, 5 Tr • 
y'lui... Guilford, 7 Court eqnare 
W h b ; iither L. 34 • 
" (Ute n -;;>.■ 
...\li ;:.:,:■ ■• K ssell. 35 ( 
; w littman Jan e^ li. 20 Court 
>\ hitman W m. I). A. U Court 
r. li. GSl ite 

k Wif-itw John H. 34 School 
l^jlluruJosc. !:, 3 Court Ho 

Sc} v ", ,ar ' 1 l''«ul,22Trpmontrow 
^Viljard Sidney . 30 Court 

. ' '• ill 

: Wo 

n, 20 d-urt 
■ ■ '■ "i C. 46Cour| 
I ' ft! M. 2IS v; fire 
'. W . !", M. iv'ur-,1 ■ 
i State '^ 

- ' ■ '; u • 

O.'-" ' •, i:; -; 1 ' '.'■ '■"".2.-. u. r. i.>; 

woo ,sii r< trai lilin. 4G W ish 

.;-.. vtiuin l - . •■,, i . 
Tfeaton Geo. C. 31 Wash. 


AnBREYi.vnoxfl.— B. siRnifies Baptt?t; C. B., Calvinist Bapti^ Ch., Christian- 
C. T., Congregational Trinitarian; (;. U., Congregational Unitarian; K. 
F.B., Freewill Baptist; M-, Methodist; M.'R'., Methodist Epis opal; N. J., New Je- 
rusalem; Pres., Fresbyterian ; It. C> Komau Cathoiie ; S. A., Second Advent: S 
pweuenborgian ; I' v., UEitersalist. 

Abintftcn, Frederis R. Abbe (C. T.) ; f Acton, Alpha S. Morton (C. T.): — 

Joseph Crehore (IJv.), Joseph Pettee | I> ■ rt Act u, Jacob 'I ...... H.) ' " ' 

^voi.!,--;,:^ /l!>t/i^£m. Jeremiah Chap* .-! ■ ■- >u:t, J i i«!i C. Ailen, /.r ; .^, ; />,v- i/t 

Itn (b.J, II. !>. Walker iQ. T.) ; — SoutA I (M. E.), Asahel Uobb (C. T ) \brc 1)' 

^6»njfo«, Judson A. Clark (B.). II. L. I G-brham (B.), Abraham Jackson (Ch )' 

Ldward«(o. 1.) j Wiiliam S. Worth (M. B.) 


A<wvy, Jay J. Pani (C. T.), II. T. 
Johns (M. K.); — A'"/Y// /4<fams, A. J. 
Catmeld (Uv.), E. T. rlunt (B.), S. R. 
Junes (E.),A. J. Jud.kins (M. E.). Albert 
Paine (C. L.), Miles SunTord (B.) 

Amioam, Addison Parker B.), Etalph 
Perry (0. T.):~ Feediiui Hills, Wm. M. 
Bircha (C. T.j. 0. W. Adams (M. E.) 

Alford, Thomas Elliott I M. E.) 

Amesburg, John KJchardson (B.);-— 
Amesbury Mills, D. C. E stes (K.), L. L. 
Eastman (M. E ), T. V. Haines (F. B.), 
T. D. P. Stone (C. T.) \-~West Amesbury, 
L. Thompson (C. T.J 

Amherst, Hetfry L Hubbell (C. T.), 
Josiah T. Smith (B.), Wm. A. Stearns (0. 
T.). at the College, Charles L. Wood- 
Worth (C, T.). ; — North Amherst, Robert 
H. Wilder (M. E.). John Vv . Underbill 
(C. T.) ; — Sooth Amherst, John Jones 
(M. E.t, J. L. Merrick (C. T.) 

Andoeer, B. B. Babbit (E.),S;C. Leonard 
(C. T.). Janies H. Merrill (C. T.), Chas. 
K. Coiver (B.) ; •'-*■ Ballardvale, H. S. 
Green, (C. T.) 

Ashbar/iham-, Thomas Boutelle (C.T.), 
Ecaabod Marey (M. E.) 

4«A6y, Jaraes M. Bell (C. T.) 

^A^Wal.Wiliard Brigham.(U. T.^Chas,. 
I!. Gardner (E.), Joseph Tripp (B.) 

Ashhnd, Horace Parkei (C. T.) 

Atitol, John F. Norton (C. T.), Ira 
Bailey (C. U.), I. B. Eigelow -M. E.) 

Attleboro'. Hiram P. Snow (F, B.); 
W. VV. Belden (C. T.)j — & Attleboro', 
Benj. C, Chase (C. X.); — North Attle- 
boro*, Joseph D. Pierce (Uv.) 

•t« : -i;™. Charles Kendall (C. T.) 

Bamstabte, Wm. Hooper (Uv.), Daniel 
Webb (M. E.), John B. Wicard (C. U.); 

— CentseciUe, W. II. Bessom (C.T.); — 
Hyamiis, S. J. Bronsan ( B.), C. Morgridge 
(U. f'.j, R. fc>\ Pope (Uv.) ; — Ostewiile, 

■ Newell ( B,), H, D. Robinson (M. E.) ; 

—MarstQits Mills, C. A. Carter {>?. E.) : 

- Coimt PorhElvshs B&eon (C.T.), A. 
Lhu* :. (M. K,) ■ 

#rfre, David Avery iB.:, David Perk 
.V. T.), ii. it, Parmeuter{M. E.J, Henry 
Weatcott (C, U.) 

Backet, Spencef O. Dyer (C. T.); — 
North Beaiet, 'Wm. C. Foster (C. T.), 
Hiram a. Morgan(B;) 

Bekhertown, Henry B.Blake (C. T.), 
Wm. N. Pay (B.) ;.—-■& Belchertown, G. 
Hewf 8 (M.E.) 

Bctkiighavi, Joseph T. Massey (B.) 

BHtHUtt, Charles Jones (C. TV), Am03 
Smith (C. U.), J. Thurston (C. U.) 

Berkley, Pianklin Davis (C. T.), James 
A. Roberts (C. T.) 

Berlin, Wm. A. Houghton (C. T.J, N. 
F, Stevens (M. E.) 

Bi ma> dstuwn t H . B. Butler (Uv.), Alex- 
ander N. Fie dd ( M. E.), John B. Green (C. 
U.), L>. 11. Rugin(C.T. f ,G.L.Ruberg<B.) 

Utterly, Joseph Abbott (C. T j, Joseph 
C. Foster (B.), Ell W. Harrington (C.T.), 
John.C. Kimball (C. U.), J.]Sichol3(Uv.), 
Alonzo B Uieh | ! :. 1.) 

/...nn «, Grome ProctOT (Uv.), T. C. 
Ru«sell (B.), J. D. G. Stearns (C. '£.), 
Urinjuum Stune{C. U.) 

MUtctMone, Thomas ii. Bliss (C. T.), 
J '■•<•• V. Lewis (E.),E. J. Sheridan (R.C.); 
— MiltciUe, George M. Hamlin (M. E.) 

Blundford, V. 0. | M. | . 

J. H.nsdale (C. T.); — N rth ii 

.i.^n, :i (M. E.) 

B ion, Brown <M B ). N U 

I • c (C. L ;, J. H. :. 

'•■■', Jami - H i itta fC. 1 .>, U 
Whi n > (Uv.) 

^■"i/ ■•' >\ A. H. B.03a (C. T.) 

Bradford, George W. Campbell (C. T.) 
James f. M, Collom (C T.), Nathan :r- u- 
ro< (C. 'J'.) 

Braintree, Itichard S. Si rr- (C. T ) ; — 
E. Bn vii i>: .:, Lysand( r Die n 
^ Brewster, Joseph Barbei (B.) ( J 
\\ . Brown (C. U.) 

Bridgeioata , E. Don ;las3 (C.T.) , 
J. Putnam (C. U.), Thoi ms P. k 
(Swed.), James C. 

Brighton, Ralph V . ! 
■ twood(Uv.), LtithardG. G] 
Charles Noyes (C. I .) 

BrimfieUl, Jason Mor .• (C. T.) 

Brookjkld, Joshua Coil (C. T.) U 

Burr (C. U.), G. Miller ( NX, K ), Avi- 
Marcy (Uv.) ; — East Br ' . S. 0. 
Br.own (M.E.), R. U. Putney (i).-, i. ti 
Tilton (B.) 

Brookline, J. Lewis : 
M. Eixiatti(R.C.) > T.B. I 
Frederick H. Hedge (C." U.), \V 
Lamson (B.), John S. «t n e (!•;.) 

Buckland, Charles Lo'i ■; I.T.J 

Deere (Uv.), J. W. Lee (M. E.) 

Biivlnwton, Sarau 1 Si wall (C. T.), Ed- 
ward Tenner (C. T.) 

Cambridge, J. A. Albro (C. T.). M. P. 
Dougherty (R. C), Nichol is tfoppin (."*..), 
S. R. Mason (B.), Wm. New« 1 ; (C. U. » 
JohttPryor(B.), C. 11. Sewall (M. E.);- 
Cambridgeport, Edward Cooke (M. E.). 
II. P. Harrington (C. U.). James U. Mur- 
ray (C. T.), William P. Page (E.), J. P. 
W. Were (C. U.), Charts A. Sk 
(Uv.); — East Cambridge, Hiram K. 
Pevear (B.), Frederick "Knapp (C. U.). 
iV j'.. Merrdl (M. B.), W. W. J 
(C. T.) ; — V . '.: . i . ,Vm. 

jr'tiCheTs (C, T.) J M. :- ; inters (C. U.) 

Canton, E. G. Guild (C. U.). Ezra Has- 
kell (C.T.), Henry Jewi I (Uv.) 

Carl s!e, .U->s ; h Ball rd ■ • . 'i .), J m i 
T. Powers (C. U.) 

Carver (North), Jonathan King ('' . 
T ) \ — South Carver, S. Y. Wallace (M. 

Charlemont, W. B. Toulmin (M. P.). 

— jKasi Charlemont, A. Foster (C T.) ; — 
JKr-si Charlemont, M. Kingman (C.T.) 

Charkstown, George E. Ellis (C. U.). 
Jas. B. Miles (C.T. I, J. H Twombly (M. 
P.), N-.'D. George (M. E.), Oliver C. 
Everett (C. U.), George W. Gar ner (U.). 
Henry C. Graves (B.), Augustus Baret 
(K. C), George A. llau ilton (It. C), A. 
E. Kittrerige (C. T.), T.R. Lambert (P.). 
Alexander G. Laurie (Uv.), John Schulta 

Charlton, C. H. Haniford(M. P.), John 
Haven (' T.), Lucius Holm< s (Uv ) 

Chuth . : r d .:...(■ i . 
Abija! ii sll (B.), Bt-ntii i Smith (Uv 1. 
John W*. Willett (M. B.) 

Chelmsford, J-otm Parkburst (B.), Jac. 
\\ iggtn (Li.), Horace \V. Morse (C. l^'J • 

- A'. Cluilmsford, B. 1 . Clark (C.T.) 
Chelsea, Joseph A. Gopp (C.T.),Ch*i 



H. Leonard (Uv.P Wtllawl F. Mallalieu, 
(M. E.ji John H - Mannfield (M, B.), 
Alanson P. Mason (B.), Alpheu » S.Nick- 
rrsnn (C. U.), Edmp B. Palmer (IP), 
Albert EL Plumb (C. P.). Patrick Bttain 
(R. C.) 

Chesi.ire. S. S. Bestor (B.), Henry T. 
Johns (M. E.) 

Chester, Samuel S. Brazee (S. A.), 
Francis Warriner (C. T.) : — Chestt r Fae- 
*eri«w, L. N. Clarke (M. IP), Zolva Whit- 
teraore (C. T.) 

Chesterfield, John W. Alien (C. T.), 
Chester M. Prescott (F. B.) 

Chicopee, W. R. Blenkinsop (K. C), 
EH B. Clark (C. T.), Luther H. Cone (C. 
T.), George E. Hon (B.), John Smith 
(M. P.). B. V. Stevenson (Uv.l ; — Chic- 
Opee Falls. Rosv.ell Foster (C. ']'.), R. K. 
Bellamy (B.), J. 0. Peck (M. E.) 

Chibnark, G. IP Boyntou (M. P.) 

Clarksburg, -— Hitchcock (M.) 

Clinton, Chapes M-, Bowers (P.), J. 
Bovce (R. C), Albert Gbuld (M. E.), 
Parcel :■[. Heard (€. U.), W. W. Winches- 
ter (C. T.) 

Cohctssei, Joseph Osgood (C. If.)- Fred- 
erick A. Reed (C. 1 '.), George S, Alexan- 
der (U. P.) 

Coleraine, Lucius Ames (P.), E. Daven- 
port (B.), William J. Pomfret(M. E.),K, 
Osboru (G.T.) 

Concord, Reynolds Grindall(C. U.) 

Oommy, George M. Adams (J. T.), 
C. F. Nicholson (P.) 

Cummv'cton, Jay J. Puna (C. T.), N. 
T.TVard (M. E.) 

Po^on, E. P. Clark (C. T.), E.M. Ed- 
gerton (M. E.) 

Dana, John Peterson (M. E.), William 
Leonard (C. T.) 

Banters, Aaron W. Chaffi'n (B.), Robert 
F. Chase (£.), James Fletcher (C. T.)» J. 
W. Putnam (Uv.) 

Dartmouth, Gould Anthony (Ch.), Wil- 
liam Fwmee (Ph.); ~~ £tafl£ Dartmouth 
Siraucl J'. Carr (P.), Martin S. Hoivar-el 
(0. T.). Geor-r L. Smith (Chv.) 
' jt>erf/i im, Samuel B. Babcock (P.), Eb- 
ettezer Burgess (€. T.). Benj. H. Bailey 
(C. U.); - S itt& Dedfam, Joseph B 
Breed (B.JpMosesM.Colburn (C.T.), M. 
R. Lfennxtd (Uv.) ; — tfferf /.»;■ JAoot, Ben- 
jamin W-; Gardner (B.), Calvin S. Locke 
(C. U.) ; — Wt"« FtTfaye. William C. Pat- 
terson (B.), M ■■■=••' ev Dwight iM. E.) 

Dccrji*id, James R. Hosmer (C. U.) ; — 
North Deertf ■:. R. Crawford (C. T.);~ 
Sewtf* BenrfieH, P. K. Clark (C. T.). D. 
A. Strong (C. T,), Rufus Gerri&h (M. E.) 

Dennis (East), -Ben). Esterwood (hi.), 
James W. Lcane (C. T.) ;— West Dennis, 
James M . M avail (M.) ;-— .VtrtA Dennis, 
Walter Wilkie (M/) 

Dighton, F Lebaron (C. P.), Horace 
Pratt (C. T.P N. Kenny <B.);— AvrtA 
Dighton, M. M. Braley (Ch.), L. P.Bates 

Dorchester, Marshall P. Angier (C. TP), 
J. M. B til v (M. E.).Steol enG. Bulfineh 
<C. P.). Nathaniel E Pi (C. U.), James 
11. Means iC. T.), Charles W. Melien 
(P.), William IP Mills (P.), Z. A. Mudcre 
(M. IP), Theodore T. Munger (C. T.), J. 
T. Pette« (Cong. Meth.), Richard Pike 
(C. U.)i E. L. Potter (C. T.), P. F. Stein- 

| stra(B.i; -,Hyde Park, Atvan IP i 

I ^ rri ( E -)' - ■ i ; - W . Borrows 

I (P.), P. VV*. ; C. U.) 

Doughss, John D. Smith fC. 'J > : - VP 
Dourjlass, W. Merrill (M. F... P L. May- 
nard (C. I 

Z>oi ; «r,Th n in . : . X.) 

, ^ ; '"'""'. V illii .. Allen(C. J'.';-- West 
Dracut, Alfred A. ElUworth (C 1 ) 

Dw .Vy l. j. Abbott (Al. JPj, Henry 
Pratt (C.T.) ; 

Uizns/ ■'.'-■, V illiam C. Jackson (C. T ) 

Duxbury, Edward Josiah • 

Mo »re (C. P.), William P. I 
E.);-- We t D tzbwy, J. P. Weeks (.si, 

East Bndfjowater\Vf. )!. St< son (M. 
I E.P T. 0. PuiiM (Swed.), Silas Fan 
i (C U.). Baalis Sanford iP 
Wooduorth (C. T.) 

Eastham, Benjamin K. Bosworth (" > >I 

Easthampton, Aaron M.GoltonfC ' 
R. S.Stone (C. T.) 

Easton, Lyman White (C.T.);— North 
Easton, James Givyitt (M, P.p V, r . V. 
j Morrison (M. E.), G. W. Withington (C*. 
1 E.) 

Edgartawn, William Ashby (B. ), Chas 
Nason (M. E.), Edwin H. Nevin (O.'J .) 
Er/renu > :', J imes B. Clevelai d (C. T.) 
IE H. Birkins(M. E.I.John EI, lit 

Enfi M, Robert Mc] wen (C. T.),W. M. 
Hubbard (I\[. \\.\ 
Erring . G . V." . Green (M . E/) 
Ess: j, James M.Bacon (C. T.) 
Fairhaii w.'Courtland Y. De Normandie 
(C. P.P P. A. Lyon (M. E.), John Wil- 
lar.l (C.T.) 

Fall River, J. A. M. Chapman fM. E.), 
Philip Cxandon (M. IP), S. P. Fay (C 
j T.), P. P. Hai ghwout (P.), Alexander d' 
Milne (Ch.), Edward Murphy (IP C), 
| William Maclaren fPrcs.), Charles H. 
i Payne ( M. P.), E. M. Porter (P.), W, 
I B. 'Smith (C. P.), Char! A. S ow (P.), 
| Eli Thurstoi (C T.);— -Glob* Village, R. 
j /.,E. Grant (:.U.. E | 

Falmouth, >■,. lv. Colby (M. IP), James 
P. Kimball [C, T,); — N. Falmouth, I :vi 
Wheaton (C. P , -— East Falmouth, Eli- 
jah Demorid (C. P.), George Ford (C.T.), 
Franklin Sears (M. E.) j — Wood's Bole, 
Thomas 1 Low< r | )..) 

Fitchburg, Kendall Brooks (Ik). E. Pa- 
ris (C. TP*. Alfred ! ' : ' erson (C. T.), H. 
M.Loud(M. IP), William P. Tilden (C. 
U.), P. Turpin (P. C), A. J. Weaver 

Florida, Stephen Hitchcock (Ch.) f Jere- 
miah M. Mac< (B.), E. \V. Teift (S. A.) 

Foxboro', Warren Bird (Swed.), N. S. 
Dickinson (,r. T.), C. A. Bradlee (Uv.), 
Isaac Smith (B.); — E. F. Hinks (M. E.) 
Framinnham, Joseph C. Bodwell (C. 
T.), J. A." Goodhue (P.). It. F. Putnam 
(£.">, Samuel !>. P. ins (C. P.; ;— Saz- 
onville, G. G: Jones (M. E.), J. C. Pet- 
tensrill (C. T.), J .1 n Walsh f P. C.); — 
S. Fran P- in, Th iron Brown (3.) 

Franklin, Samuel Hunt (C. P.), Wil- 
liam M. Thayi r (C. P.), Nathan P. Wright 

Freetown (East), Barnabas Collins 
(Ch.), Geo. Tyler {Ch.); — A ssonet, A. G. 
Duncan (C. T.), Chadwick (Ch.), 



Gardnb; Samuel J. Austin (C. T. ), 
John C. Pain* (C. T.), Walker (B.) 

Georgetown, Charles Beecher (C.T.), J. 
H. Scaver (B.) 

QUI, Thomas C. Prate fftl. E.), Abij-ah 
Stowell (C. T.) 

Gloucester, P. Aquarone (JR.. C), C. L. 
McCurdy (M. B ), John Middleton (M.E.), 
Robert P. Rogers (('. 0\), I. C. Thacher 
(C, T.), L. M. Woodruff ( B .)■,-- i^s* 
Ghacester, George Lyle (B.) ; — 4* V ■■- 
qttam, Lewis L. Ri c >rd (Uv.) 

Goshen, John C. Fho ipson <C. T.) 

Grafton. Then! is C. Biseue (C.T.), John 
M. Chick (B.), Wm. G. Scandliu (C. U.), 
E. W. Virgin f M . P.) ; — N. E. Village, J. 
M. Rockwood ( B.) M. Emery Wright (M. 
E.) ; — SanndersvilM, *Vm. Miller (C.T.) 

Granbt/, Henry Mills (C. T.) 

Granville, James Gardner (C. T.). A. D. 
Stowell (C. T.) 

(>>-./ Barringtmi, Thomas E. Fero (M. 
E.}, P- Bagan (R- C.s Jes&e A.Penniman 
(E.J, Horace WinslOw (C T.) ; —Ilousa- 
tmi&i J6«tab Bfcewer (C.T.) 

GtawttfrM, &s ariah Chaniler (C. T.), 
Geofge't'Oleswdrthv (B.), Arternss Dean 
(C 1\), S. Russell" Jones (P.), John F. 
Moors (C. U.), Nelson Stutson fM. P.) 

Greenwich, E. P. Blodgett (C. T.) 

Gr--^/j, Edward A. Bulkley (C. T.), C. 
Nightingale (C. U.J, Lucius E. Smith 

Grovelvul, Thos. Daggett (C. T.), Bryan 
Horse (M. E.), X. S. Spalding (.M. E.) 

Hadley, Rowland Ay era (C.T.), Frank- 
lin Tuxbury (C.T.);~:Vor^ Hadky, W. 
H. Beaman (C. T.) 

Halifax, Alexander McLearn (B ), Tim* 
oibv G. Brainard (C.T.) 

Hamilton, Frank EL Johnson (C. T.) 

Hancock, A. P. Viets (B.) 

U.wover, Lemuel Cutler (E.), J. Free- 
in;;!; (C. T.), Stewart (B.) 

Hansori, Beiij. Southworth (C.T.);-— 
Som^ Uiima*. Setb I-> C r (B.) 

Bardviek, GcertK J. S^n^er (C. U,), 
Ftri klin S. FiskefM. B;), Marrvn Tup- 
wi iC.T.) 

Harvard, John Dodge fC. T.), William 
Leonard I B.h William Barlow (C. U.) 

Harwich, Joseph U. Munsell (C.T.); — 
£. Matxtieh, Lemuel Harlow (M. PI.), Da- 
ta Latbrop (Bethel Ch.) ; — F. Harwich, 
J. N. Collier (Si. P.); — IFesi Haiwich, 
•■• < ■ ' - ■■■ Bronson (B >, David Culiver (fM. 
E.) ; — // tnri A J>< ; r, F. Heberd (C. T.) 

Hatfield, John M. Greene (C. T.) 

Haher/dll, Joseph S. Burgess (F. W. B.), 
William C. Clark (F. W. P.), William T. 
Clark (C. LP), Damon Calvin (Uv.), J. W. 
Hanson (Uv.), Benjamin F. Hosi'ord (C. 
T.), A. C. Manson (M. P.), John T. Mc- 
Dofti ell (R. C. », Henry Plummer (Ch.), 
R. H. Seely (0. T.), Charles H. Seymour 
(P.), A. 11. Strong (B.). Benjamin Whee- 
ler ;fi,-),;~r»UV«t Haverhill, Asa Farwell 
(C. T.) f M. J. Steere (Dv.)-; — North I fa- 
terhitt, Homej Barrows (0. T,);— -East 

IrW- Ab ' m ^ irnhaSi3 ( c - r ;)> - lvi " 
Umcley (Easts, Henry Seymour (C. 

TO ; — Went llawley* J. P. Baldwin 

(C T.) 

f/<?aiA, Lnreiwo White (M. E.) 
Hitigham, Daniel Bowen (C, U.), Ehen- 

ez«r P. Dyei (C. T.), R. Clark fM. B ), 
Calvin Lincoln (C. U.). Joseph Richard- 
son (C. U.), .I.Tiison (B.) 

Hinsdale, Lewis Dwight i M. P.), Joseph 
i (B.j, Kingfllej Twining fC. T.), 
James M. Whipple (B.) 

Hoiden, Lester Williams jr.(B.), Wm. 
P. Paine (C. T.) 

Uol'and, William Clapp (M. E.), Fran- 
cis Wood (C.T.) 

HoViston, Albert Case (Uv.), 1.8. Cush- 
man fM. P.). J. T. Tucker (C. T.) 

Holyoke, Nath'l Fellows (M. K.), Geo. 
W. Gorham (B.), Simeon Miller fC. T.), 
J. F. Sullivan (II. C), James B. R. Wal- 
ker (C. T.) 

Hopkinton, Alfred L. Baury (E.), Pat'k 
Cuddihy (R. C), T. Willard Lewis (M.EA, 
John C. Webster (C.T.);— Woodvilk. P. 
S. Hill(B.) 

Huhbardston, Cyrus W. Allen (C.T.) 
Rodney Pac;e (M. E.) 

Bull, Stephen Puffer (M. 1' ) 

Hunt /'union, Edward Clark (C. T.), 
Towns-end Walker (C. T.}, Edward J lop- 
wood (P.) 

Ipswich, Austin F. Derrick (M . P.), 
Robert Soutbgate (C. T.)j —Line Brook, 
Fzskiel Dow (C. T.) 

Kingston, Kebbora Holt (P.), Joseph 
Peckham (C.T.), Joseph H. Phipi sfC. U.) 

Lakeville, G. G. Pert ins (C."T.) 

Lancaster, George M. Bartol (C. LP), A. 
E. Lawrence (C. T.j 

Lanesboro', Geo. T. Dole (C. T.), Sam'l 
B. Shaw (P.) 

Lawrence, James Dinsraore (P.), J. P. 
Davis (P. B.), C. M Dinsmore (M.E.), 
Caleb E. Fisher (C. T.), Sullivan tlolman 
(M. E.), Wm. L. Jenkins (C. IP), Patrick 
Kelley (R. C), Ambrose A. Mullen (R. 
C), James O'Donnel (R. C), Geo. Pack- 
ard (E.). Prank Remington (B.). M.J. 
Steere (Uv.), James M.~Taafie (R. C), 
Daniel Tennev (C. T.), George S. Weaver 

Ler, Peter Egaia (IP C), Nahum G ile 
(C. T.), William IP Leach f'E ). Al 's 
der McLean (M.E.); — South, Natifl 
S. Tuthil-1 (M. E.) 

Leicester, B. N. Bullock (W. M..), .A. IP 
Coolidge (C. IV);— John Nelson (C T.), 
John 11. Rouse (P.); — Cherry Valley, 
"W. F. Lacount (M. P.) 

Lenox, John E.Cookman (M. P.), P. K. 
Alden (C. T.), R. S. Kendall (P.;, H. A. 
Yardley (E.) 

Leominster, J. W. Backus (C. T.), Eli 
Fay (C. U.), Jordan (M. P.) 

Leverett, John Hart well (C. T.), George 
Greene (B.) 

Lexington, L. J. Livermore (C. U.) 

Lt yden, 11. B. Butler (Uv.), Elder Ben- 
nett "(S. A.) 

Lincoln, Washington Gilbert (C. U.), 
Henry J. Richardson (C.T.'i 

Littleton, P. DeNormandie (C. U.), C. 
M. Willard (P.), Elihu Loomis (C.T.) 

Longmearhto, John W. Harding (C.T.). 
Albc c: B. 1 ei ' • h (C. I .), "■-^' J tmin Rin- 
riie" ( B.) ; — East Lonynteadow, Randall 
Mitchell (M. P.) 

Lowell, William IP Alden (B.), Amos 
Blanebard (C. T.),J. M. Burtt (B.), W. 
K. Clark (M. P.). John P.Clea\eland(C. 
T.J, Peter Cruddcu (R. C), Theodore 



Bdaon (!:.), Cb«sfce^ Fi«W<M. E.),L. J. 
Fletcher (Uv.>, S. W. Hanks (U. T.), 
Frederick Hinckley (C.U.), C. W. Horner 
(P.). Jooa, L. Jenkins (C.T.), James T. 
McDermotr." (R. C.), Darwin Mot! (F.-'W. 
B.). John O'Brien (II; C), Gwen Str • 
(C-. T.j, L. ELXbfty* (M. E.I. J.J.Twiss 
(Uv.), Geo. F. Wanen ( — ), Horatio 
Wood (at large, C. U.) 

Lvdlo -:.. George E. Chapman (M E.), 
William Leonard (M. E.), War: en Mayo 
(C. T.) 

L\mmh\ fys, An irtw Bavhes (M. E.), 
Jacob Caldwell (C. L'.), William A. Man- 
dell (C. T.) 

Lynn, Parsons Cooke (C. T.), Sum* 
ner Ellis (Uv.), IL E. Hempstead (M. 
E.), Alfred Owen (B.), A. M. Osgood 
(M.E ), William P. Paine (Uv.), Daniel 
Richards (M. E ), William C. Richards 
(B), A. D. Sargent (M. E.), Jbtham B. 
Sewell (C. lb). George M.Steele (M. E.), 
Chalks C. Shackford (C. U.), Patrick 
Strain (R.C.), Verity W.Warren (M. E.) 

£,!/?•;? G>bb A 'Pn Gannett (G.T.), Win, 
C. Whiteo«ib (C, T.I 

Maiden, H. P. Andrews (M. E.), Daniel 
W. Faunce (B.), Thomas J. Greenwood 
(Uv.), E. O. Haven (M.'E.), A Hubbard 
i — ), C. B. Josselvn (0. U.), Charles E. 

Manchester, George E. Freeman (C. T.), 
C. W. Redding (B.j, F. W. Tehney (C T ) 

Mansfetd, Thomas Grovcr (Friend); — 
Jacob ide, Jr., (C. T.), Win. H. Nason 
(Ch.), Daniel W.Stevens '(a IT.) 

Marbiehead, BenjaminR. Allen.(C. T.), 
Win. A. Braman (M.E.), Edwin B. Chase 
(P.), Samuel P. Calthorp (C. U.), Francis 
Homer (C.T.), George W. Patch (P.) 

Marlon., Leander Cobb (C. T.), Richard 
D.>rr (M. P.). John E. Davenport (Uv.) 

MmBortf, Georae ^Anthony (C. T), 
A. F. Bailey (M. K.) J. W. Lewis (M. Fl), 
Wm, G. Tenney (C. U.) ;— Felionville, L. 
Wakefield (R.) 

„V :?•:■'■/■' •/</, Ebmezer Alderi, Jr. (C. T.), 
Sereno" Howe (P.), f .-.v.- ton -Cndy.(M. P.). 
Gedfge Leonard tC. U.), D. D. Papuan 
(C. T ) 

Mattdpoisfft, James Tavlor (Ch.),— 
Davenport (Uv.),W. U. Parsons ( tb L.) 

Medfield, Andrew Bi^elow (lb lb). Solon 
W. Bush (C. U.), LW. Lathrop (B.) 

Medfcrd, Jarvis A.Ames (M. E.), Benj. 
H. Davis (Uv.), Edward Hooker (C. T.), 
EUitu P. Marvin (C. lb), George M. 
Preston (i'.U John Ryan (R. Cb). Geo. 
A, Strong (E.), Edwaril C.Towne ;C. U.) 

Mtduay (East), Jacob Roberts (C. T.); 
— {?«** i/ecbray, Jacob Ide (C. lb), Geo. 
Whitakef (M. E.). E. C. Messenger (Lb) ; 
—Medvcay Village, David San ford (C. T.) 

Metros?, James Cooper (B.), J. E. Han- 
aford (M. Kb, \V. H. .Monroe (E.), H. A, 
Stevens (Cb lb) 

Mendon, San ford B. Sweet set (M. E.) 

Methuen, E. Davis ( Uv. >, IS. M. Emerson 
(P.), E. Ei.Gfeely (C.T.),C P. Harding 
(M. Iv.) 

Micld!doro\ A. M. Averill (B.), Israel 
W. Puui rn (C. i.b Harvey M. Stone (G. 
t);~Aojrt Sluldltboro\ E. G. Little (Cb 
T.), S Rithardson (B.).;— South Midale- 
bo/o\ E. W. Barrows (M,);~ Rock I\ O. 
A. E. BavtltU (B.) 

MUWefield, LewJa Brigmam (C. T;), 

Alex. Dickson (M ), Lewis Holme* (B.j 

Midd/etoicn. Amai li. Johi - ra (C. T.) 

Mi/ford, Adin BafTot (Prac. Ch.), E. S. 

b. . (M. E.), J. P. Bixl i (i 

Cuddihy (lb C ) Wm. S (1 ■ ■ d (— ), 
i George Hill (Uv.), I 
j (M.), J. Ricker (B.), N I Spindell 

Millbvry, Edmund Y. Gacrrtte (C. 'I .), 
J Solomon Chapin (M. E.). E. S, Sheriden 
| (R.C.), H. s. Thomas (B.) ;— West Mill- 
I bury, J. J. Woodbury (M. E.) 

Milton, Asa Mann (C.T.), J. H. Mor- 
rison (C.T.). Albert Kb 'J' ,- (C. T.) 

Monson, Alfred El) (C. T.), Theron C. 
Colton (Cb T.), Albinua 0. Hamilton (M. 

Montague, lb B. Perkins (C. lb), J. H. 
I Wiegin (C. U.) 

Mont n :/. T. Scott Bradley (C. T.), 
I Winthrop IP Phelps (Cb T.) 
! Montgomery, Asa Barnes (M. E.), John 
! C. Thompson (C. T.) 

Nahant. Stephen Gushina (M. E.) 

Nantucket, V--. A. Bodfish (M. E.), G. 
I Drayton (C. U.), James E. Crawford (lb). 
Isaac C. White (C..T.) 

Natick, Thomas Marcv (M. P.), Charles 
; M. Tvlcr (C. T.) ;■— South Natick, Horatio 
! AlReffCU.), E.'B. Strom: (Cb T.) 

Needhani | East), W. B. Greene. (C. T.). 
F. A. Williai ; (B.) ; — Grantville, E. S. 
Atwood (C. T.) 

New A&hford, Je.^sc- Brown (M, E.) 

New Bedford, Benj. Bacheler (Ch.), 

j J. D.Butier(M. E.).AshaelCobb (C. lb), 

Wh clock ( raig (C. T.), Isaac li. Coe 

, (Ch.), T. R. Denmson (City Miss ), Wm. 

, Giles (M. E.'i, John Girdwbod (8.), Wm. 

■ W. Grimes (M. FL), Mosps Howe (Ch.), 

Willi im Jackson (eol'd). (C. U.), Pldnmnd 

; Kelly (li.), Pardon T. Kennej (M. E.), 

' Wm. McDonald (M. P.). 1 . Cb Moulton 

(Ch.), Henry W. Parker (Cb lb), Wm. J. 

: Potter | U. Cb), Tifflfttkv Stowe (C. lb), 

j James P. Tallon (It. ibi.'i. E. bt. John 

| (Uv.), Win, S. Studley I M. !b>, M. G. 

i Thomas (C. lb), Joshua P. Tustiu (E.), 

I S. F. Upham(M.E.) 

Abu- Br ■ '■-, c, John II. Gurney (C. T.) 

Ne>cburu,Ch.-<i.rU s Brooks I C. P.). Leon- 



Brd W;tbin-f>n (C. lb); 
Wait (M. E.) 

Niichuryi ort. lb Campbell (C.T.), O.S. 
Butler pi. lb). Daniel lb Fi^ke (C lb), 
James P. Cruiksbanks (P.) Elias C. 
Kookci (C. T.b John M. Merrill (M. E.), 
William Horton (E >, H. Lennon (R. C), 
Art em as B. Muzzev (C. V .), John 
Pearson,Jr. (S.A ), Daniel lb Pike (Ch.), 
Samuel J. > s ; »ldii ■: (C. 1'.). James N. 
Sykes (B.). Ashbel G. V'ermilye (Pres.) 
'New Marlboro", William Goodwin (B.) 
W. S. Winans (M. E.) J. W. Smith (C. 
IV), Richard T. Searle (C. T.) 

Nmo tsikm, Gi S. Kx i ;• (C.T.) 

Newton; — Netrton Comer, J. S. Cb 
Groi m (lb), J W. Wellman (C. lb). E. 
.i, Yi ■■-.: : {C. U.y;—Jl\ l v . •. n, Wni. 
Savarj (Cb U.), II. J. Patrick (C. T.) ;— 
Neu-tcnciUe, Geortre W. ?I •:. ;ibd "(M. 
E,); — Netcton Centre, D. L. FuTber (C. 
P.), 0. S. Stearns (B.)^~-AW*om Uppei 
Falh, Wm. Pentecost (M. E.), S. F. Smith 








Taw i 




H. D 

.• R I. 


.'; '-7' 




v vr 

Northampton, Henry M Bean (!•;.), 
/acirirv Eddy (C. T .), Gord »n Hall (U. 

T.). John Capin (M. EV Leel (C. 

T.), Wm. Siisbcc (C. U.), James F. Sul- 

North Andover, L. H. Cobb (C. T.). 
Qcoi •■ Sutherland (M. E.), Charles C. | 
VinalfG. C.) 

Northhoro\ Joseph Allen (C. U.), S. S. I 
Ashley (C. T.J. T. 1!. Forbush (C. U.), 
Silas Ripley (B ) 

Northbridg,e ; — Rockdale, Geo. S. Biscoe 
(C. T );— 'Whith^dllf. Lewis F. Clark 
(C. T.), Wm. Merrill (M. E.) ;— North- 
bridge Centre, Hiram Day (C, T.) 

A'onf/i Bridgewater, M. P. Alderman 
(M. E.h X. B. BUnchard (C T.), A. P. 
Cleverly (UvO. Warren Goddard (Swe'd.), 
The*. B. McNulty (R. C). Charles L. 
.Mills ('C. 1\): —North West Bridgwater, 
Israel Washburn (AL.E.); Campdlo, Chas. 
W. Woods (C. T.) 

A^rtA Brookjield, Daniel Atkins (M. 
F,0, Christopher Cushing (C. I'.), Thomas 
Sn-!i (('. T.i 

forth Chelsea, Marcus As&gsfC. T.A 
B*nn J. Hudson (C. U.) 

Northfieldi WUlard Jones (C. T.), JoEn 
Murry (C. U.) 

Ncrth Reading, T, N. Jones (C. T.) 

Nortm, Samuel Bean (C.I'.) 

Oakham* David Avery (B.), Jonathan 
L. E = ty (XL E.), Francis N. Selonoot CC. 

prawg-.?, J. P. Atkinson (I7v.) 5 N. A. 
Pxia.ce (C T) ; North Orange, Levi 
Balldu (Uv.) 

Orleans, J. Campbell (Uv.),XV. E. Dick- 
inson (C. TO, Joseph Marsh (M.E.),Wm, 
II. Stuart (li-.V 

Qtis, Thomas A. Hall (C. T.), L. E. 
Perkins (M. EO, Rufus Pomeroy (C. T.), 
Chas. W. Potter (B.) 

Oxford^ Horatio Birdwell (C. T.). Jonas 
M. Clark (M. E.), James Quan (It. CO ; 
North i) ■ r .-,■•', Joseph Smith (BO 

Painter, T/wrndiJce. D.K. Bann'ister(M. 
E.), Patrick Healy (11. C), S. 04 Smith 
iU.j J, v.". I'uck (C. T.) ; Palmer Depot. 
N ' ille tC. TO; FArtc JJ'uw, E. 
- (B.) 

G Coost.antine Biodgett (C. 
Lid Degenz, (E.). Julius S, 

Wra. Phipps, jr. (C. T.) 
G. R. Bent (M. E.)« William 
. (C. TO, Jul.n V\ . Lee (M.E.) 
?, Tneophilus P. Dogseti (C. 
i Hanson, N. P. SeW(M. E.) 
, Charles Babbidge (C. U.), 

Edward P. Smith (C. T.) 
Peril, Hugh Gibson (C.;T.) 

( Petersham, Augustine Loot (C. T.), 

Seth Saltxnarsh (C. U.}, Joira Shepardson 

PhilHpst.m, S. XV. Baraum (C. T.), 

Wm. Phillips (M.E.) 

Pittsfield. S. it. Dimoek (C. T.}, Sam'l 

Harrison H'.l.i, Geo. Langdon (C. T.), 

L Ell ie] Pqr.ler (!>.). E. 11. Pur, -11 (R. 

C"), Samuel SaUburv (W. M.), Edwin 
Sandys (B.), John Todd (C. TO, J- F. 

Piainfi»id, Solomon Clark (C. T.) ■ 
Plymouth, Thus. D. Sleeper (M. E.\ 
N-than f>. Clark (Ch.), Edward li. Hall j 

(C. U.)i Sylvester Holmes (C.T.), R 
Tornlinson (UvO, Nath'l Richardson (C. 
T.k C. C. Williams (B.) 

/ '."»/ ' ■", J. W. 'J arleton (C. T.) 

Prescott, Ditvid fianrcroft (C T.). John 
F. Dyal (UvO 

Princeton, Wm. T. Brie •.: (C. T.i, V. 
M. Vinton (M, LO 

Provincetoum, A. W. Bruce (UvO J"hn 
r (M. lv), E. 11. li Ltfiel 1 (M. E.), 
Gsborn Myrick (C. T.) 

Quincy, J. <>. B. Hi a , • UvO»Chas.S. 
Roa - • (M. E .), John D. Wells (C. I .) 

Randolph, II. E, Dwight (C. T.). A . L. 
Roche (R, C.)i v *'i'>- I • ' " I B), T. 

O. Sullivan (B.C.) ; E.Randolph, Ezel iel 
Ru<sel! (C. 'J'.) 

Raynham, Jwhn Haskell fC. T.), 
Atwood (15.) 

Reading, Wm, Barrows CC. T.). Wrn. 
K. Davev (BO, Win. II. Wilcox (C. T.j 

Rehoboth, A. C. Childs (C. T.), H. C. 
Coombs. (BO, V«"--»ti-r:n m Bearce | !'..), J. 
J. Thatcher (F. L.) ; Ao^A Rehoboth, S. 
Fox (M, E.) 

Richmond, Wm. S. Bouton (M. E.), 
Chas, S. Renshaw (C. T.) 

Rochester, Pliny Brett (M. E.), Edwin 
Leonard (C. T.) ' 

l!::i;port, L. Acquaron (R. C.), L-. i ,; 

Bremner (C T.), S. Barden (Lv.), 

Cheevei (B.), Wakefield Gale (C. TO, 
Elijah Mason (M. E.) 

Rowe, E. D. Fish (B.>, Hiram Norton 
(C. U.) 

Rowley, A. XV. Carr (B.), John Pike 
(C. TO 

Rowlston, E. XV. Bullard (C. TO i 'So. 
Royahton, T. G. Putter (M, E.), E. Sea- 
bury (C. T.); West Royalsto-n, L. Tandy 

Rozoury, John G. Bartholomew (Lv.), 
George S. Converse (L.), James Grifiin 
(R. CO, Francis G. Gratz (Ger, M.E.). 
John U, Means (C.T.), P. O'Beime (U. 
CO. Alfred P. Putnam (C. U,>, George 
Putnam (G. U.), A. C. Thompson (C.T.), 
Saniti-f 1 Tuyppes (M. E.) 

Rutland, John D. ( B.), Clarendon 
Waite (C. TO 

Salem, Chas. C. Beam an (C. T.), F. II . 
Berick (S, A.), Geo. W. Briggs (C. C), 
M. Carlton (Seamen's Bethel), l>exter 
Clapp (('. U.), VVm. Cook (P.), Israel E. 
Ihvim 11 (C. TO, Brown Bmi ; i m (i ,*. T.), 
Frederick Gunner (S. A.), Wm. P illey 
(R. C), Michael Hallinan (It. C.l, Mich'l 
Hartnev (R, C), S. Johnson, Jr. (C. UO, 
E. A. Manning (M. E.), Robert C. Mills 
(&.), Charles It. Palmer (C. T.). William 
R. Pickmau{E.), John L. Russell (C.U.), 
Thos. H. Shahan (R.C.).XX illard «pauld- 
ing (UvO, Geo. S. Spence (B.), J- Henry 
Thayer (C. T.), Jones Very (C. L.), Geo. 
I). Wildes (E.), Edmund B. Willson (C. 
U.), Dauiel D. AVinn (P.), Samuel M. 
Worcester (C. T.) 

Salisbury, Nathaniel Lasellc (C. TO, 
A. G. Morton (Ch.), Ii. G. Sarford (B.), 
Benjamin Sawyer (C. T.)i East S 
P.P. Eastman (M. E.). e\ Evans (M. E.) 

S tudisfiehiyJessfi V.Lentell(B.), Aaron 
Pickett IC.T.) 

Sandwich, >«. Bemis (M. E.), Richard 
L. Dorr (M. P.), William Morau (R. C.j; 
Monument, Ekekiel Dow (C. T.), G. 11. 



Wi!ichc8t« (M. E.) ; Pdcittset, J. K. 
Wallace (B.); West Sandwich, Abel Alton 
(M. K.) 

Samtis, n. W, Atwill (Uv.), Levi Brig- 
ham (G '!.), C. L. Eastman (51. E.)'j 
Cliftondak, John S. Day (M. E.) 

ftto-cotf, Wnj, J. Blnnchard (S. A.), 
Amos Deming (B.), Gilbert 3Jayhew (S, 
A,). Geo. F. Pay (B.) 

Scitmte, Win. G. Babcock (C. U.), E. 
B. Hinckley (M. IF); Nor:A Situate, 
Timothy C. Tingley (B.) 

Seekonk, James O. Barney (C. T.), 
George M. P. King (B.), Andrew M. 
Rhodes (Lv.), A. il. Stowell (13.); South 
Seekonk, Daniel Rounds (B ) 

Sharon, B. F. Ashley (8.), Charles C. 
Sewall (C. U.) 

Sheffield, Georee E. Hill (C. T.), G. 
Draper, Jr. I'M. E.) 

Shelbimie, It. S. Billings (C. T.) ; Sheh 
burns Falls, J, M. Deer (Uv.), Edgar II. 
Gray (IF), W. F. Loomis (C. T.) . 

Sherborn, T-heodore II. Dorr (C. U.), 
Edmund Dows« (C. T.) 

Shirley., Se€h Chandler (C. U ), Daniel 
H. Babcock (G. T.), C. B. Lorri&ard (Uv.) 
S/iretcsbury, Samuel A. Gushing (M. 
E.), Wm. W. Col burn (it. E.) ( Jefferson 
HascaHCM.E.), Wm. A.McGinlev (C.T.) 
Shutesbun/, John R. HaskinsYB.). A'. 
J. Clapp (C.T.). John Pant (M. E ), Jar- 
vis "Wilson (M. E.) 
Somerset, Caleb M. Alvord (M. E.), 

Ohadiah Chaee (.Friends), Heason 

<B.), • Osborn (C. T.) ; Swanzei/, J. 

Baker (M. E.) 

Southampton, H, F. Morse (M. E.), 
Joseph E. Swallow (C. T.) 

Southhridye, E. Carpenter (C. T.), 
Thofs. Huron* (Uv.). T. W. Mowry (M. 
E.), S. S. Parker (B.), W. W. Wilson 

South Danvers, Franklin Father (M. 
E.), W*r. M. Barber (C, T.F Charles II. 
W*?e*e* .(G. ¥,) 

SomcrvWc, Charles Baker (M, E.), 
David W. .Clark (Uv.), Geo. G. Fair* 
banks (B.), B. Judd (M. £.)■, Charles 
Low fC. U.). David T.Packard (C. T.), 
J. J. Miller (B ) 

Souffnoro s \ WilKara J. Breed (C. T.), 
Austin Robbing ( B.) 

South Hadiey, Hjram Mead (C. T.);— 
F«//s, Samuel J. M. Merwin (—), R. 
Knight (C. T.) 

South Reading, Edwin A. Eaton (Uv.), 
Daniel Vv*. Phillips (B.) 

South SritwOe, Wm. II. Fuller (C. U.) f 
H, Mm> (M. 1-:.), Henry C. Vose (Uv.). 

Southunck, Gilbert Ellis (M. E.), Mar- 
tin H. Rising (B.), Thomas H. Rood (C. 
T.i, John F. Temple (B.) 

Spencer, T. 1. Waterman (C. T.), W. 
J. Hambleton (M. E.). 

Springfield, Samuel G Buckingham (C. 
T.), J. S. Barrows (M. E.}, M. P. Galla- 
gher : (R. C), George B. Ide (B.), Samuel 
Jackson <M. E ), Josiah Marvin (Uv.), 
Gswge il McKnight (£.), Samuel Os- 
good (C.T.), Henry M. Parsons (C. T.), 
W. Rice, Jr. | M. iv), Daniel Steele (M. 
E.), Francis C. Tiffany (C. U.) 

Sterlimj, Wm. Carpenter (>$.), E. B. 

Faircbild t C. U.), John C Labree (C.T.) 

Stoc&bridge, Josiah Brewer (C. T.), A. 

H. Dashiel, Jr. (C. T.), N\ II. Eggl 

(C. 'J'.), Samuel P. Park< r (E.), 

Tuthill (M. E.)j Curti$ril!e, Seth C. 
Brace (C.T.) 

Stoncham, Fiske Barrett (C U.), Sal- 
mon \V. S [uire ( Uv.) 

St w/hton, J. W. Dennis (Uv.), Wm, 
F r M bards (M. E.), rhomas Wilson (C. 

Stowe, Reuben Bates (C. U.). F. Wal- 
lace (C. T.) i—Iiockbotto/n, J. W. Lewia 
(M. E ) 

Sturbridge, Sumner G. Clapp (C. T.i;- 
Fiskdale, Andrew Read (B.) 

Sudbury, Erastus Dickinson (0. T.), 
Joseph Scott (M. E.), Linus H. Shaw 
(C. U.), F. Wallace (C. T.) 

Sun ' Hand, Sereno D. Clark (C. T.), 
David Pease / B.) 

Sutton, Willard Fuller (F. B.) ;— Sutton 
Centre, Charles Mc Reading (M. E.), Ceo. 
Lyman (C. T.) ; — Manehauff^ Joan S. 
Harridan (B.) ; — WUhonstille, George W. 
Hawkins (E.), James A,. \\ illiaruson (B.) 
Sicampscott, Jonas 1>. Clark (C. X.), 
Linus Fish (M.E.) 

Swanzey, 1. W. Hbrton (15.) Nathan 
W. Munroe (E ), S. K. Sweetman (Ch.) 
. Taunton, Mortimer Blake (C. T.), J. T. 
Benton (M. E.), Charles ii. Brigham 
(C. U.), Philip Couchman (Ch.). Daniel 
Hearnc (II. C), J. Howson (M. E.), 
Erastus Maltby (C.T.), Samuel McKeown 
i (F. B.), Andrew Pollard (13.). Thomas T. 

Richm »nd (C.T ), Stetson (F. 1).). 

I Thomas H. Vail (E.) ; — Myriekville, Geo. 
j S. Macomber (M. E.) 

| Temphton, ).". G. Adams (C. U.), Gerard 
• Bushnell (Uv.), Lewis Sabin (C. T.); — 
i East Templcton, N. II M irtin (M. E.) 

Teicksbury, J. M. Burtt (B.), at State 
Almshouse, Richard Tolman (C. T.) ; — 
North Teicksbury, C. Fletcher ( B.) 

Tisbury, J. Gill (M. E.), Wm. Leach 
(B.) t Bartiett Pease (B.) \—West 'Tisbury, 
Wm. II, Sturtevant (G T.): — Hemes' 
Hole, Francis A. Loomis (M. E.) 
To land, B. E. IWsett (C. T.) ' 
Ton ' ' ' '. Anson Sic Loud (C.T.), Abra- 
ham 'n. Merrill (M. E.) 

Townsead, Moses Patten (C. T.), Geo. 
W.Ryan (B.), M. P. Webster (M. E.) 

Truro, E. W. Noble (C. 1'.), S. B. 
CHase (M. E.), J. Ii. Washburn (M. 
E.i ; — XortA Truro, J. A. Bartiett 
(Ui ion.) 

Tynnsboro*, Stillman Barber (C. IT.), 
Wm. Morse (C. U.) 

Tyrinqhatn, Addison Browne (I«.), Quin- 
cy J. Collins (M. E.) 
' Upton, George S. Ball (C. U.), Andrew 
J. Willard (C. T.) 

UxbriddfiJucobJ. Abbott (C, T.), Chas. 
T. Canrleld (C. I .). J. W. Russell (B.), 
E. J. Sheridan (It. C.) 

Waies, Moses Curtis (B.), John Good- 
win (M. E.) 

\\ dpote, J. W. Healey (C. T.), John 
M Merri '■ (C. U.);— -South, N. A. Soule 

(ii. e.) 

' IValtham, M. L. Bickford (IF), T. F. 
Fales (E.), Patrick Flood (R. C,), Sam'l 
Kelley (M. E.), J. C. Parson (C. U.), R. 
B. Thurston (C. T.) 

Ware, F. T. George (M. E.), Patrick 
I Ileal) (IF C), J. F. J one, (13.), A. E. P. 



Perkins (C. T.)j— Wist Wi&e, Win. G. 
Tuttle (C. T.) 

Warekam, Moses Chase (51. E.), Timo- 
thy F. Clary (C. TO 

Warren, Hiram P. Satebwell (M. E.) f 
David Sherman (M, £.). S. S. Smith 

Warwick, G. B. Bills (B.), E, II. 
Blanchard (C. T.), J. S. Lincoln (C. U.) 

Washington, Moses M. Longley (C.T.) 

Watertuwn, Asa Countryman (Uv.), 5. 
R. Dennin (C. T.). Patrick Flood (B.C.), 
H.E.Hempstead (51. 1L),A.S : : Fatten (BO 

proyfenrf, A. H. Fletcher (C. T.), Ed- 
mund 11. Sears I'C. U.), David Mason 
(W. M.) 

Heater, James L. A. Fish (B.), S. C. 
Kendall (C. f.), James Quan (It. C), 
Plinv W ood (51. E.) 

WelMeet, J. Mather (M. E.) 

Wendell, John II. Dodge (C. T.), John 
Hunt ( B.) 

ft'enA/im,! John S. SewaU (C. T.), Taos. 
Wi rjuslev (B.) 

fr^rtfeTO', A. X. Arnold (B;), -Wm. P, 
Stadsmw OE E.j, Gi'!-Tt OtwaowngMr. 
(C. IE), Luther H. Sheldon (0. T.Y 

;E^ Boglston, J. W. Cnolidge (M.E.), 
5E H. Hitchcock (C. T.), J. II. Willis 
(C V.) 

West Bridpepatfr, Daniel S. Potter (C. 
U.), Cephas Pasco (B.), Charles Ham 

n West I'rookfield, 1). M. Cordley (C. T.), 
Frederick Woods (M. E.) 

Wed Cambridge, Daniel R. Cady (C. 
T.), Wm. a, Grbbs (Uv.), Samuel A. 
Smith (C. U.), Samuel B. Swain (B.) 

Westfieldi Joel S. Bingham (C. T.), J, 
Ross Ba times (B.v. George Bowler (1M. 
E.). Emerson Davis (C. T,)., John Green 
(B.l, Daniel H. Plumb (Ex.);— West 
Parish, John Cad well (M. E.) 

Wesifyrd, Edwin R. Hodgman (C. T,), 
George M.^JRice (C. U.) 

IVestknmpton, Edwin C. Rissell (C T.) 

Westminster,.* Baker (Dr.), Brown 

Inmv.on, Jr. (t\ T.) 

W'esi Neiebury, Davis Foster (C. T.), 
Charles D. Herbert (C.T.) 

I lesion, Joseph Field (G. IE), Oliver S. 
Howe (M. E.}, Q. H.Topliff(B.) 
. W^tport, Isaac Dunham (C.T.LWm. 
Fannce (Oh.), John G. Gammons (Ch.), 
M. K. Gammons (Ch.), Gideon W.Tripp 
(Ch.). Isxael A. Wood (Ch.) 

West Roxbury, Thomas Laurie (C. 
T.) ;— Jamaica Plain. AlonzO II. Quint 
(C. T.), Eabcock (E.), C. I). W. 
Bridgman (IE), J. E. Round (M, E.), 
James W. Thompson (C. U.) 

Wast Spring field, Ed n B. i iter (C. 
T.), Moody Harrington (C. T.), Henrj 
Powers (C.T.) 

West Stoclibridffe, L Pei nell (C. T.), 
D. Froal (C. !'.,, W . 8. Ronton 
(M. E.), Samuel Poraro) | B.) 

W*y% iwth, Levi A. Ahbotl 
F. Goulard (I) v.) ; — . 
Joshua Emery, Jr. (C. T.), Samuel L. 
Rockwood (C. T.) ; — SoutJ Wei 
Stephen H. Haves (C.T.), Elmer H 
(Uv.), James P. Terry (C. T.) ;— East 
S. C. Browi, (M. E.). James 
P. Lane (C.T.) 

Whatdy, John W. Lane (C.T.) 

Wilbraham (North), John P. Skeele (C. 
T.), George Prentiss (51. E.), M. Ray- 
mond (M. E.), Wm. Gordon (M. E.) ; — 
South Wilbraham, L. }:. S. Brewster (M. 
E.), Charles Whitehill (C. T.) 

Williamsburg, N. J. Merrill (51. 1..', 
James 51. Phillips (C.T.); — Hayde, 
Cyrus Brewster (Union.) 

Williamstoufn, Addison Ballard fC.T.), 
C. G. Bedell (M. E.),Cal >in.Dui f< e(C. T.) 

Wilmington, Samu< 1 Tolman (C. T.) 

Winchendon, Benjamin F. Clark (C, 
T-), Thomas B. Treadwell (M. E.),Abijah 
P. Marvin (C. T.) 

Winchester, John D. Meeson (Ik)- 
Reuben T. Robinson (C.T | 

Windsor, Talmon C. Perry (C.T.) 

Winfhrop, IE C. Dunham (M.E.) 

Woburn, B. F. Bronson (B.), Daniel 
March (C. T. ), Rufus P. Stebbins (C. U.), 

B. Otheman (M. E.) ; — North, By- 

ington (C. T.) 

^Worcester, J. Boyce (R. C). L. 51. 
Burrington (Uv.), Joseph C. Cromack 
(C. T.), E. Cutler (C. T.), J. W. D d- 
inun (5L E.), E. W. Hagar (P.), Joseph 

Kicks ( ;, Alonzo Hill (C. U.) s H( ra e 

James (C.'T.), Lemuel 51oss (B.), J.J. 
Powers (R. C), Merrill Richardson (C. 
I'.), Rush R. Shippen (C. U.), Samuel 
Souther (C.T.) at Hospital, Seth Sweetser 
(C. T.j, Daniel T. Taylor (Adrent), J. J. 
Tucker (B.), IE L. M ■■-:,•: ; (B.);— New 
Worcester, Daniel Dorchester (M. E.) 

Worihington, John IT. Bisbee (C. T.), 

\ Ralph Brown ( -), Erasmus B. Morgan 

(51. E.) 

Wrcnthatn,TVm. L. Ropes (C. T.);- 

North Wreniham, John Allen jB.), 

Cory (C.1.) ;~S/>vidnndde, Gideon W. 
Cole (B.) 

Yarmouth, J. E. Clark (C.T.) ;- R :^' ; - 
Yarmouth, A. W. As.bly (R.); — Yar- 
mouth Port. Varnum Lincoln (Uv.), G. 
B. Cargill (51. E.), J. P. Perry (Swed.);— 
Friendsville, Benj. L. Saver (M. E.) 


bjieriaii; S.A.'.StiCunaAdvcirt. j Barrister John H. [K. CO 118 

Asbreviatioss : - - C. T., Qon- Adams N. re. T.i 4 Bovlston p!. I Barrowa L. 1>. [31. E.] 22 F.a?t 

stressEiuvnlbt (Trinitnri.-in) ; ! Aklen Edmund K.- CO. T.] 341 Brookline 
it.. liaj.tist; F. IJ., freewill ■! Broadway Br.riol O.A. CC. U.] 17 Cl • 

Baptist: SI., Methodist; M. Alser W. It, CC. UO 36 T<>niple -Baury A. L. tK.l 2 Waverly pi. 

fc Mi :h.. liist Episcopal; K. ' Allen R. W. CM. E. 2A1 Fourth Beckwith G. 0. [C. T.J 

Episcopalian: C. U. .( t>n«re- ' Av«fv Austin W. [F, UO 

. ua.'U.u-t (Unitarian); I'v.J Bannon T . H. CR. C] 

I mversalUt; Ch.. Christian; ! Uarnard C. fc'. [C. L T -J G Wnrrcn 

&-C.,>,matiCath«ltc; N J., Bamt-aJ. W.F.CM:E.ill North 
l'r-.'<.. 1'ifs- i square LEndicott 

(.'h.itun v 
BcllWm. [Uv.] 7'J Bead! 
V,. elow A. [CD J 2 Si hool 
liinckmar J. [C. I" ] 4-5 Carver 
BlajHlen G.W.£C.T] 10 B* wdoin 
Blalkle A.Cfrea.] o.Ncw bern pi 



IMilU S J. A [Uv.] 35 llnrcork 
f <\ .'■ n L. ' i • n< m Temple 
UrijjrKS Chas. [C. U. ] 245 Wa>»h. 
Brown Win, I., [B'.J 4b Pw i>* U t 
B trri I John I' I >■• i 170 8a! im 
5- irro rchn 11. I •. '(•..- - .' W tilth. 
J, ., ; . ■ i ., •. li. Chester pk. 
'J: ,i ■■. P.J. ;r (J .] •-. I Albany 
CantwellJ. S. [Tj ir.j ?y p, near 

Caswell 1.. E. rn.i 3C Lever* It 
Chapln D.E.CM.K.] l 7 P.rhmton 
Clarke J. !•'. [C. I .J 243 Wash. 
Clamp! A. p. ;i.\ c.j 
Cleve !•• A. P L'v ■ f Parksq 
Clinch Joseph l! [E.J 15 c 
Cobb S3 I - una l'v. . i C irnh. 
Collytr I. J. l». [M. E.J C Gren- 

J..r. [R. C..] G South 

J. FT. [E.J 

. [M.E.J Meridian, cor- 

Cfane P. M. Lit.] f 13 l.everctt 
Cudwonli W.II. [C.U.J 1 Merid- 

Pay \V. [B. ] 3 Lexington, E. P.. 
Dexter li. M [C.T.J 15 Coruhiil 
Donahue John V.'. [it. C.j [P 
Duncan J. B [P. ]:'.i5 p.uirlh.n. 
Easiborn M. ["E.J 180 'Fremont 
Eddy Dan" I C [B.j 2J Decatur 
Edmimds ;•:. [Ch.l .;>•> W.O range 
Ellis li'j : iis [(_.'. i\j f/.v t <;u r pi. 

"p. B. 

Parnham L. re. T.J 5 trereont 
Felt J. P.. [C T.] 15 Warren 
r.iii t'ii W. M. [N. J.] C liay- 

ward place 
Field Geo. VV. [C.T.J X. Rennet 
Kitten J. [R.C.: .Muv^kJc. E.B. 
Fitzpatriek J'. P. [H.C ] L< South 
Foljam'be S. W. [B.J 2a Prince- 
Fox Thou. B. [C. D.J 245 Wash. 
F&scroft F.A.CE.1 H Oxford 
Preeman i. [M. P.] Si; Sonthac 
Gannett F S. [C. L'.j 10 Boyis- 

ton place 
Gay] ml X. M. [fv.l I3K Salem 
Gerry E. J. [C. U.J 2 School, 

ai it li Hull 
Gould G. 11. [C. T.J 55 Summer 
Graham Wm. Indiana place 
Grant Mite*[S A.J 167 Vtaubver 
Graves S. L. [C.T.J 71 Rutland 

Grime -J .'■ [B.] 28 I Irove 
li.ii- fc !., C.Li , -;.' W or< ester 
Hardin VV. U. fC T.j L3 Tie- 
mot t ro • 
Uarl • ■- [1 I 71 Ca nbrVo 
P is) e',1 T v C i'.] L23 Web- 

ter, ;.. ii. 
ru-ki H P.d [E.J 3 W.Concord 
lluskl'n i : P. ')..<■ j 2 Vo. .-■:. 
Hav«n (• ' . '■'. :: | l(j Wash 
llcaley Ja$. v. [li. C.J D South 
fcl •■ rt! G, 11 [C. li., r I 

.'-:•.: ' . ' 1)1 I IV< liUC 

li!-!. W. C. ! M.E.J 50 ['rlnceton 
liiil S t'l, ilver ii sar E. 
Mimes J. V. [S.A.J 1 ; Wash ii •. 
1111 •■■•. erA. U fll. O.J ;i.»n 
Hutuingtou P. I).| E. [>S !!»•,[- 
Jacobs Benj. E. [Jewish] '20 

JenksG.'F. [U.J 51 L'lnckm i 
Jenks Wm. [O. T ] y i liov |si . 
Johnson P. H [C.T.J 21 l'c-m- 

bertbn square 
Kch'V- E. [ C.T.I "» ! n •) ase 
Kirk E. : i. [C i '. ) ■■ atanllord 
Knight -C. : ii! 11 Prooklme 
Lasbat P. [R. C. | IIS 1 ndicott 
Lewis S. !.. [.'■! . E i 2 Garden 
I.othrop S.K.fC.I .! 12 Che.smut 
Lj'noh f. [R.< ] 26 Ch -st< rp k 
Lynd »n L\ P. [R. C] IG Proa l- 

w-ay [ton place 

M uiiiiru' J. M. [ O. T. 1 y liovls 
3! trii 1. -; LP. ; i.-7y <'„■: t,ri ■, 
M^ason C. LP. j I i 'i r. ry mt 
Mason 1'evtz [M. E.J L>j Dover 
M'jC.-irthv J [i'-CT-'J Aibiny 
McElrof'J. :: III. C U irrison 

avenue, corner ( . rJ 
M -Lo •' li. LE-3 i ;■-■ Webster, 

F '/ 
McMohonL. S. [R. C] 9 South 
M"i,u'iti V [K, C.J 
Mercer A. G. I K. | 
Mini i A. A ['■-. . 23 ■ reen 
Moran.;»L [R-C. 9 .South 
Mors: in ! . ■■ r. 1.] !i (1 -oton 
Morj: m I'l r , IS 47 CI eHea 
M ■ ■'• .■ W.0 [C.C '• • ; Fd 
'!• tte M. I. [< . 1 1 E. «: isile 
M nut I rrd W [C.l .1 7'.» I',u:i- on 
Murilu ;'.; -!.:, [P.. IS! '.••• c-nt | 
JSeale K. H. ' Si.] o •-"- ■ I • 
Xewhail i !es IP [M'. E]5 Wa- 

veriy place 

W. i:. r F ] 18 l •• ' 

Nlcl '>!• 

Park -t ■■ ■ W Li; 55 Cpton 
Perk m P. K, W. [C.T.J 6 Ver- 

ii n | . 
Pol IV ti •• I 
Purl i.,,'i Hro«d- 

M .IN' 

!'r. . I . [f|l 

Kami. in i:ih 

It indall G. M . I , •.'. Brookllne 

It.' ! .1 [\. .1. • , :'. 
K ,! r E. It C ■- VI id 

M . SO Mt.V III r. 
Ud'.-li ■ i . 

nt J". 'J C.U.J70 Duver 
■ • .'. ■ » 'J Ma lison 

pi ice [( . irh * 

Schwa / L. P.. [Per. Pro:. I I 
Sh ,m-, '■ ;.',.; i'j -.;i.\ 
• hh C. X. I. E M 
S|)!-«ir Cover J I Vlark't 

St I . : .■ her N. It.C i US End - 

• ott 
Sti m ■ v M. P. r i. ] li i 
Stom v. L [C.I : Park St. Ch. 
s;,,v p.. [I U) ii ison ave. 
Stuwti !■. I' , S lial Iwiu i>!.k-c 
Stowi ll A. ii. [B.J Broadwav, 

ii ..- k [e.b. 

St '. :• '. W. [F.B.jMarj 

er S. lUv.]14X '' 
Tarteion Jose :.' VV. [C.T.J 11 

d :>m ■■ i>l ace 

Tavlui . . i . ; M i. ■ L Prince 
ThaverThoS. B.[Uv-.]51 Union 

I irk 
T< ild J .Im i. fC.T.] Ad in 
Torncelii J. 1). [ — ] 7d, 
Traov J. I V. T 2 3 '' ' 

Tucki - . It. C tl 

Cf'K'iaeker A. [Ger. Luth.3 51 

ViHtpn J. A..C< ■ T.J 81 Broad- 
Ware L. P.. 31 !• .plar 
Warren II. W. [M. P.] 22 East 

v\ it-o . .! !.. " : : , r i :, ib< v 

y\ eii i P. It. [C. T.J 117 Rutland 
Wi ■•;•'■ Amos [B.J ^0 Tremont 

Wcli'> P.M.P. [E.J 37 Purchase 
VS iili i :• J. .1. i ■■.] :/} Albanv 
" feiev s.ll. :C.U. ! 7 B irin. h 
W hue J. S. [S. A.J 15U i 
Wor • tcr ^.[X.J.jaLouisburg 


Abiinfon, Francis Bourne (dentist), J. i 
T. Hanis (homcco.), AsaMiH^U, x 'P:rv ].. 
Richmond ■ /midwife) ; SoutJi Abingtm, 
Francis F. Forsakh, Charles II. IP. keli; 
Worth Alfhtfftun, N'eUon IP Tanner; gust 
Abingi-m, .fumes M. Underwood. 

Acttm, Harris Cowdiey, John M. Miles; 
Wsrf iictoa, Isaiah Hutching,. 

.•P.'(^'/iy»c^. iii-niv E. Warren. 

^l</«m5.John L. Barker, II. M. Holmes; 
N<rrth Adams, N. S. [iabbitt, 0. C. Law- 
rence, S X. l-r\.:;r (Iwtanic), Charles E. 
Streeter, A.v.P: Harvey (horateo.), Elihu 
S. Hawkey Henry P. PuiUips, WiiUam | 
li. Tvler. 

Ar, itcnm, r din • 7ii''s. Cyrus Bell. ! 

4w.»';«riy. Li. Bja'mm Atkinson, ll. S. | 
Dcarcorn, V. D. Hurd, As.i F. Fattee, 
I'honias Suarhawk. 

Amhi rit. liufus Belden, Loren II. Pease, 
Benjamin V. Smith, Israel II. Taylor; 
North Anther* t, tietu Fish. 

Andover, Milton Berry (homoco.), James 

Howarth, W. H. Kimb. ill, Stephen Tracy. 

Ishl uniham, Jno. ( >. Matt<v)n(ecl.cctic), 

Alfred Miller, Merrick Wallace (Thomp- 

s< idan), [^oekc L. W'tsitrnare. 

Ashbij, Jnp.'S. As ii uws, Chas.E. Davii, 
I.', inard French. 

Ashficld, Charles L. Knowlton, Joseph 

Ashland, W. Ros-'crs, J. M. Senver. 

Athol, Kendall I) i\is, J. B. Could, Geo. 
Ilovt, J. 1'. Lvnue; Athol Depot, James 
Cooledge, F. M. Cmrhu, A. G. Williams, 

AitUhoro' , John i'. Bronson, Edwin 
Sanford (homceo ); Sbrth At f /eboro', J. 
\'v'. Foster | . mo Phelps& Carpenter, 
Jame: M, S- ! .' m. 

/» ihistabic. Paul W. Mien (eclectic), I. 
B. Smith ; li./f • Fj .•/' '-. Dr. Bruce, li. 
E. McColIum ; fly uuiis, G, W. l).)ane. Oli- 
ver Ford, Samui i Pi ber, Jr. (i otan,ic) ; 
West linrnstible, Freeman Jenkins. 

Uarre, Aaron Bassett (botanic), L. F. 



Bill fits, George Brown, Win. ).. Russell, 
ftharles ^ I.' 1 ' omb. 

BwyfceJ (North), E. P. Starkw ather, 
Blhridge G. Wheeler. 

j>, i ''-/■', Ab 1 B. A '.Ian;-'. 

,'; heiioun, Theron Temple, George 

BeUingkam, George Nelson. 

Belmont, George L. Underwood, 

Berkley, Shadrach Hathaway. 

Berlin, Lemuel Gott, Edward Harts- 

Bernardst n, Noyes Barstow, John 
Brooks, William Dwight. 

Beverly, W. C. Boyden, Charles Had- 
dock, J. II. Kannaford (homopn.), 0. F. 
Swase) (dentist), William Thorndike, 
Augustus T rrey, 

Bilit i k z, Josiah Bowers (homoeopathic), 
G, ILV.'. Ilerrick, Dan 1 Parke; (homceo.). 

Blackstwie, George E. Bullaxd, James 
M, Hayes, Williarn M. Kimball, Moses J). 
Sottthwick, \bt! Wilder. 

Blandford, Norton:, A. W. Taylor. 

BuiUm Windsor H. Bigelowj John E. 

f»{il I m n Hnrt-o-r 

Boijhton, John Andrews. 

Braclj'ord, George CoggsweU, William 

Braintree (South), Warren M. Babbitt, 
Noah To-rr*v. 

Brewster, Samuel H. Gould. 

Brtdr/etcuicr, Samuel Alden (homceo.'), 
Benj.T. Crook er, Calvin B. Pratt, Chris- 
Man Wash-burn (dentist), N. Washburn 

Brighton, Isaac G. Braman, Augustus 
Mass in, James M. Whitteraore. 

Brimjleld, George E. Chamberlain, John 

Brcokfield, Daniel S. Fiske, Henry Gil- 

Braokline, T. Eustis Francis, Stephen 
Salisbury, AugustineSburtlerT, Samuel A. 
:>b irtlefi', Edward A. Wild (homceo.). 

Buckhmdi Ionian Trow. 

C-. hridv?, Charles F. Foster, J. T. G. 
SficSoEa", William 0. Johnson. Morrill Wy« 
roan, Calvin E. Morse (botanic), E. S. 
WilBrd (botanic); Cambridgeport, Chas. 
H. Alien, Hiram L. Chase (liomceo.), Jas. 
W.Greenwood, Ephraim Marston, Alfred 

A. Stoeker, A. Carter Webber, Wm. W. 
Wellington, Ward E. Wright (botanic) ; 
East Cambridge, Moses Clarke, Charles 
II. Farnsn -.'.a. Anson Booker, Anson P. 
Hooker, Qh?.s. Kessman (botanic), Wm. 
Loagshaw, Jr., John B. Taylor; North 
Cambridge, James R. Morse.' 

Canton, Ezra Abbott, L. W. Alger, Ira 

Carlisle, Austin Marsh. 

Carter (North), Henry T. Erland, 

CUarlemont, Stephen Bates, John M. (Eclectic). 

Chi Hestown, Amos B. Bancroft, Joseph 

B. Bartlett,Lutbei V. Bell, J. W. Bemis, 
Hexekiah K. Biekfurd, Wiliard Bowman, 
A. Can 'i,John< heeler (botanic), Joseph 
Cneever (botanic), Geo. Cutler, J. G. 
Dearborn,) !«er»on Field, L'tcinda Hardy, 
— - — Hill, Sam 'I H.Hurd, Wm. N.Lane, 
Wm. Lewi*, William Mason, A. McDonald 
(hon - r ■>.). Wm. B. Morris J. C. Neiison 
(homceo.), S.W. Potter (eclectic), Charles 

Robbins, Thomas J. Stevens, Abi 
R.Thompson, Augustus Whiting, John 
S. Whit ing, Ado \ | co.). 

Charh n, Ch rl< i M. F . \\ illard C. 
I ; oi , G< orge 11. T ifl (hoi 

Chath . • r.cll, E. W. 

Carpenter, Nathani I 

Chelmsford, J. C. Bartleti, 1 evi How- 
ard ; North < % Imsford, N. 1 

C v •o'.„ :, s. R. ;■ ■ 
C. Barrington, Ira. W. i 
Davis, James B. Forsyth, Dani 1 A. J i 
son (homceo.), Jacc b M • n li. 

Munroe, Coo. W. Otis, A 
Owen Smith, Mrs. 1-'. P. : om ' y. W. 
Etving Thayer (dentist), Ch i 11. V. 
Wm. G. Wheeler, A. T. Wiliard 

Cheshire, G. Ah . 
Cole, H. T. Phillips. 

Chester, T. K. DeWolf; Chester Fac- 
tories, H. S. Luc s. 

Chesterfield, John II. Richard 

Chicopee, E. 1). Ab 11, J. D. ( raig, 
George W.. Denison, Rati so 
(botanic), William G. Sn ith, P. 1 . B. 
Stickney; Chicop Falls ■" lelAlvord, 
(homoeopathic), J , : -' . . . i 

Clinton, C. A. Brooks (h mcooj 
Georse W. Buuditt, P.T. Kendall, Ueorge 
M. Morse, George W. Symoi i 

Cohasset, Fordyce Foster. 

Colerainc, Charles T. Lyons, Horace 

Concord, Henry A.Barrett, Josiah Bart- 
lett, Joseph Loo nobis. 

Conway, E. D. Hamilton, D. T. Vining 

Cummington, Benjamin Gai !ner, Thos. 
Gilfillan, Royal Joy, Willi i a Rh ■■ I. 

Dalton, Henry Ferre. 

Dana. Goodman Allen (botanic), Daniel 
Linzie, Marshall L. Linzie, C. J. Wood. 

Danvers, Preston M. Chase, David A. 
Grosvenor, George Osgood, Jesse W. 
Snow; Dancers Tort, Ebenozer Hunt. 

Dartmouth, Francis D. Bartlett, Fran< is 
W. Mason; South Dctrtm ■ ih, Thomas F. 

Dedhani, R-r-v ;'. Ate-n, Ebeneaer 1. 
Burgess, John P. Maynard, Joseph P. 
Paine (honi030pathic), Ji Shaw, Henry 
F. Spear, Jeremy Stimson, Danforth P, 
Wight; South Dedham, David S. Fogg. 

Deerjield, II. N. Portei ; i>< i 1D& r i 
Jacob S. Eaton. 

Dennis, Vf. E. Lord (botanic) ; South, 
Dennis, E. M. Hurl! i rt, Alfred S\ '. 

})• ■ / n, Fredi i i : \V. SI •■■■ , ( 
Talbot, Alfred Wood. 

Dorchester, Henry Blanchard, Benjamin 
Gushing, Kdward Jarvis, Erasmus D. 
Miller, "John P. Spooner (homoeopathic), 
C.Eder Stedman, Conrad Wesselhoeft 

Doughs (East), H.H. Darling (hi 
opathic), B. A. Tnft (botanic), Da^id P. 
White. ' 

Dudley, Samuel P. Knight, Ebenezer 
Lindsey. Silas V. Lindsey. 

Dunstabte, A. W. Howe. 

Duxbury, John honor, James Wilde. 

}■'.::,, Bridgevcal r, Han;. IChapl . 
A. Orr, A-donis Howard (homccopathic). 

E :.■■'. ■'• pit ». Atherton CI irk, Addison 
F. Peek, Joseph W. Winslow. 

Easton, George B. Cogswell, Samuel 



Deans (homoeopathic), Edwin Manl 
Si itth Euslon, Caleb 'Swan (ho . ,[ 
Geo. VV, J. Swan (homoeopath! ,. 

lurtgartcwi, Ivory II. Lucas, Edwin II. 
Mayberry, J>mn Pierce, Nathaniel Rug ' 

Egremmt, Richard Beebe, Harlow a. 
Van Deusen. 

Enfield, Ebenezer II. Rockwood, E. F. 

Essex, William 11. Hull (eclectic), 
Josi sh Lamson, John I). Lovering, 

Fairhaven, George Atwood, Isaac Fair- 

Fall River, James M. Aldrich, John L. 
Clarke, Robert 1. Davis, Jerome Dwelley, 
Isaac Fiske, James W„ Hartley, Foster 
Hooper, Eben T. Learned, Felix V. Marls- 
sal, Mitchell L. Priest (botanic), John B. 
Whitts»ker, Amo, C. Wilbur. 

Falmouth, M. F. Delano, James B, j 
EvereLt, Moses Rogers, Joel B. Tubbs 

Fitchhurg, Thomas It BotiteUe, II. It. j 
Brighara '(botanic), Geo. D. Colony, Ches- j 
ter J. Freelaad (homGROpathic}, Alfred J 
Hitchcock, George Jewett, A. j 
Marshall. ♦ 

Florida. E. W. Tefft, (botanic). ' | 

FQx&oro'y. Lemuel Dickerman (homoeo.), ! 
William A. Dickerman (homoso.), Joseph ) 
G. S. Hitchcock. 

Frammgh&m, J. F. Frisbee, Enos Hoyt, ! 
0,l> Johnson; Sovth Frarningham, Alls^ | 
ton VS. Whitney ; ^Saxontilte, i±. Cow Ies, j 
John W. Osgood. 

Franklin, George King,"Wm. B. Nolen. 

Freetown — E. Freetown-, Bradford Bra- 
ley; Assonet Village, Thomas Bump, I 
Thomas G. Nichols, Seta P. Williams, j 

Gardner, B. W. Andrews. David Parker, I 
Edward J. Sawyer, D. B. Whittle*. 

Georgetoion, " II. M. Conch, George ! 
Moodv. | 

Gloucester* II. E. Davidson, Joseph j 
Garland, Charles II. Hildreth, A. B. Hovt, ! 
Isaac P. Smith; Amusquam, Joseph S. I 
Barber; Lane^ille, Leonard Saui dei ?. 

Grafton; F. A. Bo.swor.h C-clecfic), j 
Thomas J .Griggs* Frank Nichols (homoeo- 
pathic), Delano Pierce; Farnumsulle 
Levi Eawsoja; A'. E. ViUage, William 

Grunhy, L, E. Marsh. C. B. Smith, 

Granville, Vincent liolcombe, Joel W. 

Great Burlington,, Samuel Camp. Jona- 
than Cass, T. Clarkson Collins, William 
11. Parks, Noble P. Pkkek, Harlow A. 
Van Duzen. 

Greenfield; Adams C. Dean, Charles S. . 
Fisk (botanic), Charles S. Fisk; jr. (bot.j, 
Daniel D. Fisk (botanic), W. F. Harding 
(homoeopathic), Daniel Hovey, J, W. D. 
Osgood, Levi D. Seymour, Eiiaa L. Stone 
(homeopathic L 

Grzenwidi, Jonathan W. Goodale. 

Groti h, Norman Smith, Mile s Spau'ding, 
George .Stearns; South Grototi, E. 0. 
Chamberlain, J. Q. A. M Collester. 

Hatlie //, Franklin Bonney. 

Halifax, Cyras Morton. 

Uaikilion, Daniel S. Allen. 

tiunocer, Joseph B. Forbes, John 0. 

F3 ••■ ion., B »wi i . .. • . 
Tl irdwich , Almon M. Orcutt. 
Harvard,!. 0. Dow, EliakiiuA.Hi 
M. i: >we, J 

.' ' .-. .'. / i i ■ 

• ■'• 

. '. . M ntvill< It, - 

tl ■ - - \ D. !. , I. 

■ • ) Cogswell, John Crov ■ II, ; r. 
Kendall Flint, James C. How, Tii 
hi ' iiison, Olivei S Loveioy, B< ujai 
Sawver (homo .), I. N. Smith, J. SL 
Smith (botanic), F. J. Steveug. 

Heath, Cyru I 
^ Hoi .A./.;/, k. 'j . p. fc'iske, J. E. Harl 
E ■ i St< phenson. 

Himdale, Renj. F. Kittredge; Hi - 
dale Dejmt, Elisha Willi ims. 

Holden, Joseph S. Ames, Albert B. 

Holliston, S. G. B irnap, Timothy Fiskt , 
C. C, Jewett, Hirans Lake (Thompsonian). 

Unyoke, Charles Blodgett, A. L. Ciark, 
Laws on Bon:;. E. G. Pierce. 

Hopkinton, Jeil'orson Psatt, L. C. Scam- 
m.ell, George A. v ; ci a, 0. C. White 

i/'. >oardston, William 11. Lincoln, Jlo- 
ses i 'helps, J. E. Sylvester. 

Huntington, 1\;\\ low Gain well (homoeo.), 
Godd ird &, St rt c-ter. 

Ipswich., Ju.-.i\/\i B. Bomer, Isaac T. 

Kingston, Henry N. Jones, Paul L. 

La* ■-',',•-, R. Barron, Wright Cum- 
mings, I. L. S. 'I hompson. 

Lmiesbam, 1 H< nry J'ratt. 

La f«i«, E. B. Allen, William II. 
Burleigh, M. P. Clark (botanic), A. J. 
French, George W, Garland, Mary J. 
Hill (midwife); W. 1). Lamb, William H. 
Lougee, J. bl. Morse, Aarqn 0:d 
Joseph Parant, Michael Roberts, C'.:or;;c 
W. Sargent, Seneca S; rgent, Ln. v S. 
Schuyler (Indian), John Slowe, I. Tewks- 

Lee, B. D S Ear« i, John B. Giitbrd. 
Glitfoii] • '. tloleomb, Daniel Peabody 
(eclectic), Eii h il( t Wright. 

LuiesAter, Plin) Earle, Edward Flint, 
J. G. Seribner, Ames Walbridge. 

Lenox, Miss Emiiy Belden, Wi!lian\ 
Deming , Jr., M ilh n S tbin. 

Leominster, C. C. Field, J. D. Jillson, 
Ge »rge W . Pierce. 

/ e^ n " Da-vid Hii e. 

/.^.■■'. ^.'.'. Willi :i. J. Uurrh-r, Ilowland 

Leyden, T. S. Vining ("eclectic). 

Lincoln, Henry C. Chapin, 

Littleton, O. F. Seavy, 

Jjnxq meadow, Thomas L. Chapman, 
S« irge Hooker; East Parish, E. L. 

Lowell, Nathan Allen, Geo:.;e Astle, 
Amos S. Boy -n ton, William H. Bradtey, 
Walter Burn'b :, Patri) . p. Campbell, 
Lysander Chandler, E. L. Cole, Hanover 
Dickey, John Dowse, Daniel P. Gas;e, 
Jere ■ - ,; i Gates, John W. Graves, John 
O. Green, James M. Harmon, D. C. 
H .; ;<, Daniel Holt (u mimo.), H, M. 
Ho »ke ;l Elisha H« ntington, 1., Well- 
tnari .Jenness, Jeremiah P. Jewett, Moses 
W. bidder, Oilman Kimball, E^v.k.;^', 



P. ICittredge, Gregorie Lemotit, George 
;,:■:: ifield, Joseph A, Masta, Joshua Mel- 
vin, Mrs. Hannah P. McDonnell, Diodat 
MignauH, J- D« Moody, A. W, Mont- 
calm, Luther B. Morse, James S. 01- . 
cott, IE T. Fucker, Uirani Park* r, J. W. ; 
Persons, George Pien i . H irlin Pillsbury, | 
H. II. Plltsbury, William B. Proctor, 
Charles A. Savory, Isaac W. Scribner, 
Benjamin F. Simpson, Benjamin Skelton, 
JoeL Spalding, G, W. S.tpne, H. It. Thay- 
er (homceo.)., James Thompson, Marshall 
K. Thompson (botanic), David Well's, 
Mrs. Mary P. Wright, S. D. York, Mrs. 
Sarah Young. 

Ludltne, T. W. Lyman, Robert Wood. 

Lunenburg, Samuel D, King, C. C. Top- 

£ynn, II. Ahlborne (homceo.), Bowman 
B. Breed, Miss Mary E. Breed, J. Brown 
(homceo.), James Clark (eclectic), David 
P. Drew, Isaac F. Galloupe, Abraham 
Gould, B. F.Green (homceo.), J. B. Holder, 
E. A Kittredge, Asa T. N« 'hall, Edward 
Newhall, James M. Kyo, Daniel Perley, 
John Kenton. 

Lvnnfeld, Thomas Keenan. 

Maldm, J. A. Berber (homoo.). Nathan 
French, Jonii L. Sullivan. C. 11. Taylor 
(homceo.) ; — South Maiden, George C. 
Lincoln, J. F. Wakefield, 

Manchester, George A. Priest. C T. T. 

Mansfield, W. G. Allen, W. F. Terrv. 

Marbkhead, '-Clark Blaisdell, EPazer 
Bowen (homceo.), "Daniel Gi!e, Joshua H. 
Hopkins, H. II. F. Whittemore, L. M. 

Marion, Marshall E. Simmons, 

Sfarlboro", Edward F, Barnes, William 
fought (homceo.), Chas, D. Marsh, Cbas. 
Putnam, Sarah A, Flee ; — FeM&tmitte-, 
William C. Ciaflin. 

Marshfcld, Joseph Ha-ar. 

Mattapoisett, William E. Sparrow, Wil- 
liam W. Sweat. 
^ F {/?e/a', John S. GalFun, J). Way'land 

M'-ljoru, Charles Y. Beiuis, James C. 
D srr, James Hedenburg (hornc-o.), Daniel 
Svvau (homceo. |, Elv.Yli Wcodbury (ho- 


Med ray, Henry W. Brown ; East Med'- 
traiy, A. Gale (horaffio.) ; (F^si Medway, 
James A. Gale, Henry Rockwebd J Med- 
v:ay Village, Artemas Brown, A. LeB. 
M 'in roe. 

Melrose, B. F. Abbott (eclectic), E..R. 
Knights (eclectic), Moses Parker, C. 0. 

Mendori, John G. Metcatf. 

Mcthuen, John M. Grosvenor, Stephen 
Huse, Wiiliam H. LOugee (homceo.) 

Middteboro* , Joseph C. Baker (homceo.), 
W. W. Comstock, Ebcnezer W. Drake, 
Job a Perkins; Aor/A Miildkhwo', Mor- 
rill Robinstm; Ztoe/c, George W. Snow. 

Xtiddkfietd, E. C. BidweU. 

Middlkon, E. S. Phelps. 

Uilford, John Barnes, Royal Cunimin^s 
(botanic), Allen C. Fay, J. H. Hero (hy- 
dro.), r.G. Hoyt, Praucis Leland, Win. 
M« Parker, Dwigbt Russell (hydro.) 

fflMUrtcrtfj II. N". Chamherlin, John G. 
Johiison (eclectic), S. P, Martin, Leonard 
Spautdiag, George A. Southgate (homce.) 

Milton, Horace Chnpin, Christopher C. 
Holmes, Simeon Palmer, William Rim- 
mer, 11.3c. Storey Jonathan Ware, Jos. 
R. Webster. 

Mon#on, H< . \ I j . • . Show , 

i'r n'M'o.i, A ! '.n. Smith r J. Nv'.'i' wmc (ec- 

Montague, David Bradfi . Ai a Ci^bl 
), }■.. A. Deane. 

Monterey, Cnarles E. Ji ath. 

Fearing, J. V>. Kelky, John B. I 
Charles P. Robinson (homceo.), J. ,'i. 
Sherman (homceo.) 

Naiick, George Beard, J. B. Coolidge 
(d nti it), Otis M. Humphrey, Loi 
Partridge, Ira Russell, G. J. Tovrasend. 

Needjiam, Josi th >'.,vrs. 

Neio A&hford, !'.. V'h'ir.e. 

New Bedford, E. P. Abbe, Pymsn Bart- 
lett, Henry B. Clark Cm', u mi, Johns' n 
Clark, Aaron Cornish, T. O. Cornish, V. 
A. Gordon, Frederick il. Hooper, John 

E. Jcnninp-s, Philip S. L< aming (botanic), 
Andrew 2. i a r -km. .! n . Maokie, F. M 

E< ard R. -Si - Spare, C. 1,. 

Snencer (homceo.), Paul Snooner, George 
W. Stearns, Charles D. Stickney, Samuel 

F. .Stowe (botanic). Charles M. Sv is y, 
I N. Swasey (homceo.), J. Sweet, ( I 

M. Tuttle, J. W. Webster, Daniel Wilder 

New Brainiree, Saxton P. Martin. 

Neicbury, Daniel T. Plummer, Marlin 

Neiobtrryport, Josiah Atkinson, F: 
Cross, Job T. Dickins (eclectic), St 
M. Gale (homceo.), Francis A. \ 
Lyndsay A. Ingalls, Jonathan G. John- 
son, Henry C. Perkins, Richard S. Spof- 
ford, Jc-remlah II. Sawyer, James A. 
Tilton, Sam'l \V. Wyman. 

j\cio Marlboro', H. D. Adams, 5-::'.. 
Pease, Julius A. Rising. 

Neio Salem, Levi Chainbcrlain, A. P.. 

A: iet&n — Nrvton Comer, Menry Bia - 
lov,-, Joseph Birnstil ( ;oi - . Neictn* 
t7enfre, 'ThaddeusP. Rdbinsrin; W ' - y ■' 
ton, J. A. Brown, F. N. PalmeT (honn • |; 
Nacton Upper Falls, J.E. Grant; Y 
&ower FaUs, A.A.Kendall, FP. trd War- 
ren : Newtonville, V 7 . P. Teulon. 

Northampton, C. N. Ch -.: ; rlain, Ed- 
ward E. Dennison (hydro.), James Dun- 
lap, Samuel A. Fiske, Francis C, Green, 
Hatfield Halsted (motorpatliic), Gu 
D. Peek, 0.0. Roberts (homceo.), Austin 
W. Thompson, Daniel Thompson; Flor- 
erce, Charles Munde (hydro). 

North Andover, Charles Akerman, J, 
Eittredge, Samuel Strong. 

Northboro'f Henry Barnes, Henry A. 
I Nortkbridge— Whitinsvitte, Rouse R. 
! Clark. 

North Br!< } r,r<c«'i>r, A. K. Borden (rc- 
clectic), E. E. Dean, Abel W. Kingman, 
! Th--- as Stockbridge; Campello, J. F. 
i Richards. 

North Brookfield, Joshua I'orter.Y'arren 

Northfield, Philip Hall, Marshall S. 
Mead, Elijah Stratum. 

A 9l"th Heading, David A. Grosvenor. 

Norton, Benj. M. Round (homce.) 


Oaktiam, Charles Adams, L IL Ham- 

U ■::':. 

Orange, Robert Andrews, Edward Bar- 
too, Hiraui V. M eaehum. 

Orhait*, Benj. F. Seabury, Ttmotl 

0ft" «. Henry K. Spelraan. 

Oxford^ David Holmahi \fm, Newton 
(dentist), J. Vernon Nichols (dentist), 
Samuel C. Paine, Charles llawson (bo- 

Palme r -— Three "Rivers, Amasa Davis; 
Depot, H. 0. Adams, William H Jhrook; 
Thomdike, Geo. Caikius, J. 15. Thomas. 

Pawtucketj Addingtpn K. Davenport, 
William A. Gaylord, Lloyd Morton. 

Paxton, Ambrose Earnes. 

Pelham, Matthias Colo. 

Pembroke (North), P. ColTamore. 

Pepperell, S. W. Fletcher, James S. N. 
Howe, James M. Sticknev, John Walton. 

Peru, E. C Coy. 

Petersham, Frank A. Wood. 

PMUifhtorty Reuben SpauldirVg 

PiUifield, A. N. AU«n, Charies Bailey, 
.)'. M, Brewster", 0. E. Brewster, Frank 
A. C ■).-; v, Henry HvGfrilds, Timothy- Chiids, 
V iliard Ci-a'h, Rarv v C ■!■ •, John H. 
Manning, O. S. Root, K. Gre^sqn Stiles, 
■Lorenzo" VI :; ; fe. 

Plaitifi Id, Samuel Shaw. 

Plymouth, John' Bach elder, Timothy 
Gordon, Benjamin Hubbard, Eg >ert 
JarvL, Winslow Warren ; — ChiltontiUe, 
Alexander Jackson. 

Plympton, J. S. Hammond. 

Princeton, W. N. Boylston, Alphonso 
Brooks, Oscar Howe (dentist). Joseph O, 

Pronncttcicn, John L, Lothrcp, Stephen 
A. Paine, Jeremiah Stone, Isaiah Whit- 

Quinsy, William S. Pat Lee, Henry M. 
Saville, James A. Stetson, Ebexiezer 

Randolph, Ebenezer Alden, Emery .A. 
Alien (-botanic >, Frederic ; Howard/Wil- 
liam J. Howe (deutist). D. W. Leach 
(drntis:.-!, Ephraim W ties': — East. Ran- 
dolph, TneophihisJ3. Wood. 

fiaynJuim, FJisha Ilayward, Charles 

Reading, F. F. Dole, John H. Sanborn, 
Horace P. Wakefield. 

Rehoboth, George Randall. M. IL Ran- 

/?«' ' mon*?, Selden J* snir gs. 

Rocheitir, Thomas E." Gage, Joseph 
Hask< 11. 

Rockport, O. D. Abbott, Benjamin Has- 
kell, J *eph Manning. 

iioic:', Humphrey Gould. 

Rowley, Charles Proctor. 

Roxbury, Ira Allen. Get rge J. Arnold, 
Henry Bartlett, A. .1. B< Hows (horaeio- 
patkie), George W. Boed, Charles W. 
Calki&s, Benjamin B. Cofiin^, Arid I. 
Cummings, John S. Flint, William A. 
Griffin, Nathan U tywood, William V. 
Jacks >n (homceop tthic), Robert Lougee, 
Benjamin Mann, Henry A. Martin, 0. 
Edwin Miles, John Moore, Horatio G. 
Morse, Timothy K. Note, W. G. Pearson 
(electropatbie), Edward St -wart, Joseph 
H.Streeter/J. H.Trowbridge, James Wal- 
dock, C. M. Winudup, G. B. Windghip. 

[":■' ' t n, C. G. ('.. •, Isaac P. Willis. 

Rutland, Jamed J . Ri od, Benjamin 11. 

Salem, F. 0. Bar*tovr, T. M. Cate, 
David Ch \, G I t< . I nrenz 

L. Far ■ ■ ■ | ,, J. H. ; . t ,, j;. G - 
Hiram G.,v»., D. B. LLuman, S 
il Dan el G. Lamont, W 
Mack, William Neilson, E. B. Peirson, 
George A. Perkins, Eiisha Quirnby, E. 
Hervey Quimby, I 
• tone, Jr., L. ft. S« >no, H. C 

I ■■■ i a ' .llace. IL Wheatland, R Ei. 
Wh Ltland. 

Salisbury, Cyrus Dearborn, Josiah B. 
Gale ( nomffiopathic). 

San (isfield, John C. B uch, Henry Mel- 
lon (bot in c), S imuel ('. Paj • 

Sandwich, John Harpur, Jonathan 
/ eonard, J . Sw . ;ey. 

Saugus, Cliftondale, A. D. Dearborn. 

Savoy, Aloi(2o M. Bowker. 

S ituate, Francis Thomas. 

Se honk, Thomas W. Aspinwall. 

Sharon, Amasa D. Baeon, Mrs. Susan 

Shejfim, Silas R. Kdlosg, Clark T. 
Lawtpa.Olivei Peek. H ■. ., <• 1). Train; — 
.I^-/ A . r/ i n.V,', J ohn S rovill. 

Shelrarn , C. M." bum an ;~SheRume 
Falls, John W, Bement, Chenery P . r 
M, 8. Severance (ecli cti* ). Milo Wilson. 

Sherbom, Albert EL Blanch rd. 

Shirley, Nathaniel King burv, James 
O. Parker, A. A. Plympton. 

Shrewsbury, John E. Hathaway, Frede- 
rick A. Jewett, John J. Witherbee. 

Somervills, Jophanus IBnderson, Na- 
th miel ■/.. Knight, P. IL llidgeway, E. F. 
Whitman (eye and ear), Dc Sand Van 
(homo op^tiii! ). 

S- : '•;• ion, Artemas Bell. J. A. Grid- 

Southbord' ', J '. Henry Robinson. 

Southbmhe L. W; Ci«rtis Samuel Hart - 
v.eih Samuel C. Haruvell, H. D. W* il 

:•■.;-:-; 1 cmvers Samu 1 A. Lord, Ge •. 
0'iborii'e, Joseph Osgood, Daniel C. Ptr- 

South lladtey, Edward Lester j — Had- 
ley Falb, Ow Go idmai , C. E. Moloney 
i ; •' inic), '•' ' ■ ; i I ' rson (homoeo- 

South Reading, J. G. Brown, William 
S. Brown, Charles Jordan, Joseph D. 
Mansheld, ■'■'■■ N ■' ■ -, Solon O. 
Richardson, William ti. Willis. 

S luaio, P. II tvec Dearing. 

SotfJhici -A) Josi ; h W. Bo l- well. 

Spencer, EW.^rA C.Dyer, Jonas Guil- 
ford, Edward M. Wheeler. 

Springfield, Nathan Adams, Edmund 
C. Allen (homoeopathic), C. A. Belden 
W. G. Breck (surgeon), William Bridg- 
man, Calvin (.*. Chaff e, J< ffi rson Church, 

II A. Collins. (hn nee ■■. .;) \ ( , W. I.. Fitch, 
j tm » M. i' ter, loi ; Hooker, Horace 
'a ibs, A If I L ml rl, J. E. Lucas (ho- 
>;:• ' ic), ... S. McL . ' • -e A. 
Oi is, V. L. r< n, h lv in S< eger, D ivid P. 
Smith, George W..-Sw:i! r (h mceopatbic), 
H. IL Vaille, 11. II. Warner. 

Si r&'/i//, Frederic A. Sawyer. 
Stocf:6ridge, Lucius S. Adams, Joah 
Kelii ,. Charles McAllister; — Giauiale, 



Xhoinan J. Warner;— Curiisxille, Whit- j West Cambridge, 3. C. Harris, Richard 

... V. Wh te-. ' L. Hodgdon, Jo>eph Ui Irrw 

Stoneham^ Horace Goodrich, William [ Wcsfficld, J ehicl Abbott (hi 

H.-il< th, William F. Stevens, Andrews | eelectux), Jo Mil- 

Stnugh ' '■ ' !■■■■'■ > Silas ^ ; G'.fl »rd ; — « 1 . I c Ti 

Stoug/ilon Centre, Cyrus S Mann, J 
Rulden Stearns-, Simeon Tucker. 

Stowe, Arthur ti. Cowdry, Abie! C. Liv- 
ermorc. [Sanders, 

Siurbridge, Calvin P. Fiske, William S. 

Sudbury, Henry W. Browne, Levi Good- 

Sunderland, Nathaniel G. Trow. 

Sutton, David ft. El-all, J- W. Newell. 

Swamps cit, William P>. Chase. 

Stoanzey, J imes L. Wellington. 

Tcvoi!,.):. Bildad Barney, George Har- 
rows (homoeopathic), A! wed Baylies, Wil- 
liam J. Burge, James B. Dean, Charles 
Howe, ii. l;. Hubbard, S. P. Hubbard 
(eclectic), Elij ih U. Junes (homoeopathic), 

George Leonard, Joseph Murphy, -A, W. Reuben Champion, Nathaniel Downes, 
Nelson, Ira Sampson. i Edward G. Ufford. 

Templet 'on , Joseph Batch et&er, Esek West Stoekkridge, Ltike "Dewey, Dtrdle) 

Spencer, Jonathan White. D. Levitt,, Franklin Meach in, Ed\ u 

tewksb-ury, Jonathan Brown, William | 33. ] 

Tish-itry, William Leach ; — West Tis- 
kury, Daniel A. Cleveland. William ill 
Luce, Moses Brown ; —'Holmes' Utile, G. 

V a! -i -,'., Denton G. \. >■■ Ivine (ho- 
rn ,Lucius \\ : 

1 Dai .'..!' , Morris E. 

Jones , 1 enjamin 

Wc&tkam} ton, 11 < rvej < Ircutt. 

Westminster, Clinton Warm r. 

West Newbury, Join: Appletoa, Dean 
Rol : - ft , Orin Wai r< u. 

i! •:■-., Otis E. Hunt. 

J! • ••,'.•:, A. A. Gift* nd (b I mic), J. B. 
Parris (h rncco.); — South Westnort. Jan. 
a. Handy. 

lf-V:.-i Roxhury, Abijah W. Draper;—- 
Jamaica Plain, G. Faulkner, JoelSeverns, 
CM. Weld (horaceo.), M. T. Robinson. 
"est Springfield, ti.. to rth reel.). 

Topsjield, Justin Allen, Royal A. Mer- 

teffli, Josiah M. Blood, A. G. 
Stickney, Charles VTshno. 

Truro, William B. Goueh, A, II. New- 

Tyngshoro', Edward A. Perkins. 

Tynnjham, John W. Wilson (horn oso.j 

Upton, Heniy Carpenter. 

Uxhrid e, Aionzo W. Bennett, Chaun- I Trow. 
cey A. Wilcox. i Willianistoum, William H. Cummings, 

9 • wettfAj NoahFiii-t. •.";. illi m C. B. 
Fifteld, E. L. Warren, Bervey E. Weston . 
— North Weymouth, L. fuller, Jr., Norton 
Q. Tin-cll ; - South Weymouth, J. E. Cor- 
lew, Appleton Howe, C. C. rower ; - 
Weymouth, G. W. Fay, J. H. G 
(b tauic). 

TCa /; ley, Chester Bardwell, 2-1, Myron 
Harwood, Philemon Stacy. 

Wilbraham — North Wilbraham, Chas. 
i B o w k e r , S. Fo ske t (bo t . ) ; — Son th 1 Vil- 
| brakam, Abiel Bottom, Marcus Ca I 

Williamsburg, Thomas Meehins ; — /f'y- 
denviUe, R. S. Hiliman (botanic), W. M. 


. S! ■ 

ahn Smith. 
Ebenezer Stone. 
,, Payette Jewette, F. R: W. 
Theodore llittredgr, Marcus 
R. S. Warren, John W. Wiilis:, 

srd V, 
X, El 

j camuel Duncan, Henry L. Sabin. Andrew 

I M. Smith. 

Wilmington, Silas Brown, Samuel A. 

; Tocrtha-ker. 

i ii fn^e/wW, R.W.G^ddes,Alv ! 

I ding, Wm. W. Godding. 
Holden (<Vnu?0, T). W. j Winchrcfi-r, Aionzo Chnpiri, V i 

C. Richardson, John Yale, j Ingalls, Edward P. Scales (homteopathic). 
Benj. F. Burgess, Perez F. Winthrop, Samuel Ingalls. 

itj. Fearing, Jr., Charles 11. j Woburn f ldi6.m\ind Buxiou, A. W. Clark, 

en.) i John dough, B. Cutter, Ephraim Cutter. 

elrfAB Ca penter, J. W. Has- j S. Watson Drew, J. M. Harlow, 

o Warriner. i Nelson, Thomas S. Scales (homocopathir.) 

Gardner C. Hill. Word %r, John A. Andrew , F. I r- 

Alfred Hosm&r, ; nard (Thompsonian)., J.N. Bat 3, M n h 

tings, i .orenro \ 

^Krtrta'e/ GaJ 

HTaterte-ieni, I J 

Hiram Hosmer, Dl T. iKStEfift, Samuel |%emis (hospital), H."W:^Buxto«, Gem ■ 

Richardson. [V/iggin. j Chandler, Henry Clark, Armit B.Deland, 

Waylmd, Charles W. Barnes, JT'.M. | A.J. Eaton, Samuel Flagg, Thomas H. 

Webster, F, Davis Brown. E. G. Bur- ! Gage, Samuel F. Ilason, Jr., B nj . in I 

netl, George W. Emerson (botanic), John ! Heywood, Calvin A. Hill (botanic), An- 

Hart (botanic). [Stone. \ son N. Hobart, Peter E. Hubon, F. 11. 

Wellfieet, U. C. Hough, Thomas N. j Kelley (eelectic), J. Clawson Kelley(ana- 

Wendelt, Orin Andrews. rytical), J. E. Linnell (homcco.), Oramel 

Wcnham, J. L. Robinson-. | Marti-, Peter B. Mignaull, I. B. N. 

Westboro\ Win. Cun!-. S-unnol Grieves, j .(homaio.), Henry Parker, ilenrj C. Pren- 

riei>r) ii. Rising, l\ B. trine ft Go. (hy- j tiss (hospital), F. H. Rice (tiospital), J. 

dropathic). ) M. Bice, Joseph Satgent, T. 11. Th lp- 

West Bcnjlxfo;n, F. A. Hunt (bom«x-o.), I son, Dean Towne, Rufus Woodward, Wil- 

Ephraim Lovell, Geo. W. Warren, Chas; j liam Workman. 

A. Wheel'ei (botaulc). j li'orthinytoh, Arthur J. Pierce. 

K't-si Brid'/etcater, Geo. Collamore;— I Wrentham, Harvey E. Clap;— > •■ 

L\h:ke:<rtf , J atii*.-. C. Swan (homcco.) 
•i'>r DrooMeld. Julius Blodgett, 

7/'-, Jacob Blake. 
Yarmouth (South), Luther Jones. 
Yarmouthport, George Shove. 




Jfemhrr* of th« &VVPOU DtS- 

rmcT M eoic .1 '- Soci .• i ■ , - 
siding in the City. Vfu It ' 
prepai ed by Cal\ h <■ .'■■ -, 
Secretary bfth - Soviet ■ 1 ■• 
at likewise members of the 
Abbe A., Boylston, c. T owcll pi. 
Abbot Samuel I,. 90 Mt. Vernon 
Adams K>;« in, -.?; Ox for ! 
Adams Za ■ lid 1. i Fas site 
Ainsworth Fri d. S. -' Bowdoln 
Alexander A., Dorchester, cor, 

Ailcy .J. B. 6-> Boylston, coiner 

Head place 
Ayei James, Stani/ord 
Bacon John, F' Somerset 
Ball Stephen, 19 Beacon 
Barnard C. F. 17 Hay'ward pi. 
Bartlett George, 3 Tremont pi. 
Belhune George A. 1C6 Tremont 
Bigelow George F. 23 Esses 
Blgelow Henry J. IS Chauncy 
■1j Sit. Vernon 
Shawmut ave. 


erl ■•! so, 

i ■ 

Blgelow Jaco 
Blake E. 'W . 
Blake John i 
Borland John 
BkfchCarl, i ■ 

Brewer '1 
Brown B. 
Brown ('. 
Bryant H 
Cabot Sai 

-.s M 

1.2 Bey 1st 

8 Fdiubo: 

b. s ; ..-.■ 

li Hancock 
p, 94 Mt. Yernoi 
C. E. 911 Wash. 


10 Beach 

ir. li Park sij. 
I. Y. 49 Meridian 
ter, 45 Bowdoin 
I W. JO/* Wfcii. 
. r. '24 Beacon 
Clark Luther 37 Pinekney 
Clarke Edward li. 57 Clmtmcy 
Cteaveianci C. I>. 1-Jti Harr. ave 
Ci:> igh John, 94 Tremont 
Coale v. m. Edward, 4 Staniforc 
Cod ii tn Beuj. S. 13 T 'iMwn? 
Codman W. \V. 33 Boylston 
Coit Daniel T 23 H trrison ave. 
Coolidtre Algernon, 14 Chauncy 


i'. M. J Maverick, corner 

C. I.'. 106 Springfield 

■> . rett 


Heat n George, 2J 

H t! John B., Tren - 

y ,] hn v . . • 
Bin ;kley K. I "- I - . 

I ■ Al a i, 974 s . . 

Hi ltres Richard M. - • 

ii' iendahl H. L! i: ! 
H Im ioli i W. 23 I 
H :. s< tar » D 12 
[] i a ■ .1 tin, 4 '1 : ill 
fl i p rRobi rl ■••'. ! . : 
H ■ uns r. li. I 3 S ' h n n a 
t! ... bird Ge .rj ! :. 

IFF G to. S. 1169 V 
Hyi iman Jai ■■ i, 6 ••. - . 
Jn .k- ..ii C imi lea r. .'. 
.' . 'is >n James, ;; Hamil on pi. 
J ickson J. B. S. 24 Ch a ) 
Jama John F. S3 Leverctt 
Jeffries B. J'ov., In Chestnut 
; i i John, 15 Chestnut 
• r - '•:-: '; i os. L. 11 < - vay 
J .-•■- < Geo. Su i-ens, 1 i ( anih. 
Jo; :-s Ji s '. i Bowd •:::, cor. 

K ■ ;• .- JE-':viiU>>ji. 74 !' J i 

K e lau'd Siiruuel jr. 2-i i .. . i 
Lmn.-son J. A. I St tulfor I 

!:.:.■• I. F. \V. 10 Ilcjllld 

Leellenn S. 11 Montgomery pi. 
Le< nard M. Bioouiiieid, 5 M ri- 

Lewis VVinslow, 75 Boviston 

Lr>;!;c,- G. II. lC'-'i Wasfiii: . . 
L\ man George ii. 152 l r n ".it 
M tnn Jonathan, 302 Bro > Iw tv 
>i .::-.-.' i-r. i:.y.,!ii! -. i • ..- -. 
Martin A. i). \T. 19S 11 ri> n . 
Martin Henry J. 32 Chauuoy 
Mattson M arris, 6y Sii:n:ner 
J-/: lin Charles, SO Beacon 
Mi hill Stephen, 9 Tde ,to:i 
Min< • : rancis, 144 Cha - 
Moffatt Ge <. 'J'. 4 li m . n pi. 
M ore Edward R. 2! ■ H mover 
Moore X. L. ) Wasain :t m 
M "Marty John M. De::r 1. Ilos- 

MorildWm.W. 7 Arlington 


i tin 

PaUonJ C. 
DavcM-por! :. 
Derby Georj 
Dupee Horai 
Diiikte Sii ,- 


Ellis tialviii, 
Fabva.n Geo 
Fple* Josej : 
Fergus u»lH 
Flint John, 
FoegJohn s 
Foils Daniel 
Fuller Milto 
Garratt A. C 
(;.,. 6e0h J 
Gould A;,'. ■ 
Gray Frsm i 
GWXJfl J rl ii, 
Grtjen Saimi 
Green : M. C 

t' .,:■"'.'..'( ■ i 
HarluH feUiw 
ii trl tw Jam 
tUrtnett Ma 
Hatwood D 
Hav Gustay 

1 .■;. dei i'.;- 
li i> i-s A. A. 


16 Bo'ioton 

M.vbC"tsGeo. II, 31 C . ■■ -' • -. 
Xiiiil J. L. 203 Broad »' ■ • 
S . s Ji hn v. 103 G trve'r 
■ C 'l I'atric': A. . 

ver an - Hover 
Oliver Fit" a V.. 4 \i >w!oin 
Oliver H K 15. Monte aiery pi 
Or; .o ! Oavia, 37 Cham :v 
Osgood William-, 770 Wash. 
Otis G. W. School, c. Province 
1 i«ce Calvin G. 6 • Mvrt c 
I .. - ■iltia n II. I- !. a- -h 
i'aiuier K. D G. 13 Portland 
Primer Ezra, 1 Iremont plac -. 

c raer Beacon 
Farcher Sewall F. 2 Low's, E. 

Farker David M. 11 Sumnn r 
r .:< j l.utber jr 23 O'ni i i.irk i 
Patch Franklin F. 51 v. >■. .:.;- ers ; 
:•..-.;.. A.Vser,122 Barri.' :i a v. ; 
Phe .--'.has. A. 1-42 U r- n av, 
t 'hi] ps4. M. 1 Elli t, c VV*.*h. ; 
Frescott Benj T. F: 1 tt< n 
rrovan Kohfcrt. 210 Mroadwa-f ! 
i i tn, i ; v. :r.-. G 6 i • :■ 
li'- ui VV iiiiam, 713 w ■■ ' I 
IF nton Ceo. 14 Be : nl 
:•■■• ; r h r. N I - ' 

i; -n idiJonn'F. -- : ' ' 
:: - ■• VVi F. LJO 1 ■ arth 
Ri isardson Aaron V. 17 Gr en 

Richardson H ri :e. 21 ■ ers«:t i 

KuoeriH D.tviu, Fourllt, uorntr J 

Kolie Ftn.-cl-'c. CC3 'A'ttShiflgtOM I 


- . ■■■. . 
Sawyer J . i.jvor 

■ •-.". ". !' iver 
• ■ o C -••• 
Sh a » .•::•. Mass. 

• ll 

!. 7 1 
!. .; ]■ 

Sfnclaii Alc\. D. • 1 F. 
• e Dn I pi. 

SmlihJ. Y. i 


— • I ai ..'.F 

i-.e F. P. 

- tl ;..:■■ • e 
215 Wash 

■ I .103 1 -.'lit 
Steai J i jr. 71 Bea 

n CI ■ ll ■' I ■ • 

■..,]. ' . | | | ;...,.. . ■ . . 

r.ohi .\. F' Howard 
■■ ■ ■ i ■ U. 71 Ii 

- .Ian i VV. 130 < im'cial 

>. II. 13*2 Tl 
T«l iot I. i. 31 Mt. Vernon 
Tar'jelljQlm A 2 All -n 
Tli-xtet I) F ■■ jr. 170 Broad- 

i l iver David, 53 ';■ ach 
1 ■ ins n Uci NF 2S(i Wash. 
Th in ike W n F. 31 < 

iFi-t Boston 
! i ■ i r .' ^ v 19 I Hanover 
Tower Geonre, 1 Bei:i -t 
Townseii 1 S- D. 18«o:i "r=;ct 
l .-v- ns ■!■ l Wm. IF 1 ■"• Camb'd'/c 

■ — Fl »ha C. 170 ■ 
er.Iosl •.. 4 :.•-." ,u pi. 

IJpham ,31 Chestnut 

\ ' r CI ment A, Lun. ii<>s. 

! Bo SI 

v Joh ■ [>. 12 Fleet 
v aNh Peter ii. 35 South 
Walsh Walter M. 3 North srj. 
Henry A. v:^ 'I n tout 
War-i Charles F. 1 \. - 
^ , are J. hn, 131 Tremont 
- ' - . -i I i] i - 
i Gh ■ i Avon 
■ W ■ ■ iter Pat . 

\. - :..'., ,1,-,,;., 

- .--."'., 2 i'arlx 
\^ -:. . J. ;. W.49 [Prison av. 
">' .. n .'. . . ' . .'-'. \\ l>: S : a 
' - "ks Ch rle M .:•; Carvei 
-'• f W. -23i : .. sti - square 
W( t ':'•• : i. II. 1 Bra Uord 

■ ■ mi A. I.. 171 Court 
White James 'J. Bus lston, 

: - r i rcmont 
V- ■;■ : ■ :. I rt, 105 Broad 

M I. 12 Harrison av. 
v i I F. A. 192 Sh iwmutav. 
Wdiai ,i. N. 8 Oa 
Willi i -: : ■ ■ \ W. :, Arlington 
v. hams J. F \hS Tremont 
Y. --. • - r 11. IS!) Bn adwav 
Y.oung;i un l»dvid, 6 !0 ^S'ash^ 

-'- , i, 
\ • Vines, 214 Hanover 

I athlc) 
An rel H. C. 910 Washington 
Astis" * •'•!" <(• i remont fbot.) 
; n ■ • Fi <;. 7 West <.>raiiio 
F ->• ■• • P. 12 i ' : ubl i (eelec.) 
ft ash. 
!s • • A . i ». Hotel 
Bii . ...-•-' Samuel T. «•' "< Cam. 

F WlJ G '•:. || 

B: ■ • • r II ; ■ i . urt 
Brow ii W. Sym. 1'. Co 
r li •'.;. 1 ' i r.-i 
F . '. . icit, 1 '.J Kneel md 
r.F nut C. '•'"'. 1 F- Fl- - mt 
Carpenter Al. S. ..' tuut 
Cht iva Jos. 1 Tremont l'eniple 

15 AN! 



i (jfj jpp, pfi J Bl Frten I (bot ) ■ 

<.:.>,..• ■ ell Fi i t«'!> V CI errv I 
CrosH Wm.(hom. 152 Durchester | 

ne.Tft ijuinev 
CulHs ' . .1 Bowd in (i 'Sii-iio.) 
Cushli'C F.I I "• ' imUa 

II ivh I. !.. / ! I '■ ' | 

; . n i. Ijj4ir E. HI Pin ney 
i ■ uett 0. W. ■'• ■' Bin ■' .:■'.' ty 

(homo? ip ttl 1 
Dill nba< \ [I. P a Biilfiu< h I 
Dillingham *j thai tl 10 Carver | 
Dow John, 22 Poplar 
Dim-in E. S. 371 li irrison ave. j 
Edwards Thos. • ltevere court ; 

;■.. a ■- >ok Ch is, EI. 353 Shaw- i 

mat avenue 
Evans Geo. E. 1 107 Washington ! 
Fitch I'ine [i .5 Carver 
Franks &. Son (oculists), 284 

Geist <:i a's F. 49 Essex (horn.) , 


Samoset pi. 

mo n t r i-Vf 
82 Tre r.ont 
$6 Bromfield 
e, 11 Pleasant 

-j t .-. t 

Ha ii ■• J. a. 12 C mcord square 
Hui . urey II. 1-J0 Broad v/ay 

i •:■' on II." P, ICl Cambridge 
H itchitis Isaiah, 38 Br unfieid 
.» ii : - u J. LOO Cotirt 
.: i1 ..- n II. F 82 Fremont 
Kelley J. C 271 Tremont 
Knight Edward,-2jt» Tremont 
Krebs F. H.63 Chauncv (hom.) 
L iMont D. G. 13 Pinckney 

atfcamJohn, 2 >2 Washington 
I<&wson Keiiel W, s 1 ' Camtten 
Lew is Nail! in C. . r >5 Pinckney 
3 u ... ft; Warren, 50 Sforib, cor. 

Kiel ::. rid 
Mactarland !.. 938 Wash, (hpm.) 
3 ice.mber P. U 6 Lowell (hot.) 
Main Charles, 7 Davis 
Mason J. 1). ll<; Court (hot.) 
Mather Augustus IT. 5 Decatur 
Matter 0. II. 17.} Shuwnuit ave. 

' • . .: 

M • 
''•■■<• . • ' 


N\ n . >n A. v: , [ i 
, \\ 

■ . 121 Couri : 
O'Fl iohi 5 Ii: 

' .:■■ a II. 4 
Ordwi John P : i 
v ford VVlllam b\ 5 Auburn 

avenue i tan 
Fame Jas. II. 970 Washii [toi 
)■ ■:■■ Gi ' : - " " a i (1 
P . tin G. : . 15 Pine 
.-■-.:■ ■. - 

Perry li. C. 23 Whiter (hi 
piefcSalo, I '. PI nsant 
Pike J G. V. P.) . f ■ •.■-■' 
Pik* J. T. Oilman, •> [i at 
i ineo P. 10 Lynde 
Plurnmer Henry, 64 Cross (bot.) I 
1' .:;■.'•' V. ■)?'• Marion, E. 15', 
I'tichardsoi! S. O. 51 Ii-. 

Rid; ev, ■' •" r ' E. 15 'I r<-mont 
II •■ - J. S. 83 - ' - ■ i ■ 
Ilosenatein H. 14 Hoy] ..i 
i a npson '/,. S. Court, cc 

- ' - :' : ; . II I ov.-Loir. (he."' ' 
S;i: •' ' : . < cb ">•■ . 7<;i. Tramoal 

C. '.' - t v. ■• -■. ■ 

c ' '", ',-■' . '' l' 

. la? Court (eclec.) 
v' ' « ;.- v . (bot,) 
ty, '. '■ Green 

Small 1 

;... | . orces ••! s<3 
Pleasant cle< : l 

Smith i ■■ • 

ithj H . Ricl 

come S 

Sjgi '"''• ■' ■ " 1 

Spear K. D. 

Sw**. h-^l\ 
S mdertand 

WiJ • ->■ (e< lecli 
54 Beacn (In Lian) 
irA, 1WB : . 
Lalloy, 28 Sltot 
ge 42 J Salem 

la ■■ G 1 
T. L -. i c.T.J 
13 W) : iq i 

i . W. i; Kevere 
. 1? Lis iovi [ ( ioL) 
\.S.:2 , Wash. 

Turner i. ! 

' : ' nion place 

Wakon B.I 

W 111 i. rij '■ 

.: Grenvillo placi 
228 W'2v ! i. (eclectic) 

•, Si - - ! " 13 

Welh ■■■gto..j 

!\min, b r as: Cat; tie 
O. Jl. 202 North- 



in E. P. 11(5 I 

..•■'. ■ . ,i 

leu tint 


■ | ! 

i . 

(in i 
Anderson if. A. 2 

Caswell S 
Levcrt rt 

i... tke v.t J 

I ill ■•:!.- 
Ester E. I court 

. . ■ . A. 2 I 

■ ■ 

' . ■ II ... 

'. . 1 7 ' . 

. . 

'11 .. I ■' . ■ 

ii •-; !,. >:. (M. D.), Cha 

Harris Ma Inn (M D 

Hunt it. K. (si. 1).). 
Jackson 31. Ji p.ui- 

JenksM.fc. (M. D.), B aeh 
A. C. 282 
wo id 'Bessie S. [. I).), 34 
A ubuni 
~> loi Caro. 40 F< - I ot) 
tElirab. 26 S< 

■ i'^t 0. ('. ]■: ('hen y (ela.) 
PikeM. s. lti'J Court 
Kichmend Marv'L 77 J 
Smith M. L. 2 Wl te, E. B. 
Svran A. H. 1 Ches place 
Walcott i. ii . 

101 Pleasant 
YoungS.H. 271 V,',--: 



63 Stare Sir.< et 
Daniel Deiiney, Chair -titan ; Charles G., 
Naxro, Sec; Henry b. Groves. Matiageir. 

ATLANTIC, 8 Kiibv Street.— Ine. 1828., 
Capital, §500,000. Nath'l Harris, Pres.; 
Benjamiti I)«dd, CV.*/j. Discount, Mon- 
day and i' ; trsdav, 
ATLAS, 10 L"nbySt.-^Inc,IS33. Capital, 
$i;000,000, >t. Day Kimbali, Brss. ; 
J isepQ '•■. -y' , GaM. jJi^couut, d'-ues- 

BA1SK Oi COMMERCE, &5 State St.— 
Inc. : 30. ( in tal, §2,000 C 10. Bcnj. 

' E. Bate , -•■... C?lA 1L v r, 


£11 Stale St.*r-Ina lyjy, Cap'l $-jG1,700. 
'-**. Q, Carney, /',.-.<.; Eeiiry 1 . Slied, 

CosA. Discount, Wednesday and vSat- 


St.— Inc. 1851. Capit il, 8750,000. 

W.lvendrJ ! . .'■>..■ J. K. [] il, Cash. 

Discount, "• dm ■ : ly aT.d Sattwiay. 

State St.— Org. 1S58. Auth. Capital, 

$1,000,000. Saniael A. Way, Pres.; 

Chas. S. ."' •. Discount, Mon- 

day and Thursday. 

St.— Orp. 1S59. Auth. Cap. $1,000,000. 

IT S . -•••. Pi . ; T. C. Sevei 1 ,Cmh 
BLACIvSTONE, Union St., cor. Hi 

—In . 1851. Ca ital, §750,1 . I 

Gould, Pres.; Josh ia Lorin -. >. .. 

Discount, Mondav and Thursday. 
BOSK ■ ' St.- [nc.l 

,- ■•: i). Robert Hooper, Pr* - ; Jas. 

(j. Wild, Cash, bis^uii.u, 1 . . . 
Frid iy. 



BOYLSTON, BoVlgton St., cnr. Wi 

Ixiq. IS i">- Capital, #400,000-. a 
Cummings. Pres.- John J. Soren, ('a.-;h 
Ducnunt, Wednesday and Saturday. 
BRO \ pYvWY, 10 i ro; dway. -Inc. 1 ' 
Capital, £150,000. Seih Adams ,'v. ,. 
Horace H. White, Cash. Discount,' 
CITY, 61 State St.— Inc. 1822. Capita] 
$1,000,000. Wm. T. Andrews, Pm-.,- 
Charles C. Barry, CWj. Discount, 
Tuesday and Friday. 
COLUMBIAN, 10 State St.— Inc. 1822, 
Capital, $1,0 i0,00Q. John T. Coolidge, 
J'res. ; Albert Drake, Cask. Discount, 
Monday and Thursday. 
CONTINENTAL. Chauncy, cor. Bedford 
St.— Inc. I860. Capital, $300,000. Oliver 
Ditsun, Pres.; James Swan, Cash. Dis- 
count, Tuesday and Friday. 
EAGLE, 10 Kilby St.— Inc. 1822. Capital, 
$1,000,000. Waldo Flint, Pres.; Robert 
S. Co veil, Cash. Discount, Wednesday 
and Saturday. 
ELIOT, 23 Kilby St.--Inc. 1853. Capital, 
$'600,000. J, X. Turner, Pres.; Robt. 
L. D\v t Cash. Discount, Monday and 
EXCHANGE, 23 State St.— Inc. 1847. 
Capital, $1,000,000, Geo. W. Thayer, 
Pres. ; Joseph M. Marsh, Cash. Dis- 
count, Monday and Thursday. 
FANECIL HALL, 43 South Market St. 
—Inc. 18-51. Capital, $-500,000. Nathan 
Rabbins, Pres.; J. Bennett, Cash. Dis- 
count, Monday and Thursday. 
FREEMAN'S. 2*17 Federal St.— Inc. 1836. 
Capital, #400,000. Solnvu Piper, Pres.; 
Jeremy Drake, Cash. Discount, Mon- 
day and Thursday. 
GLOBE, 40 State St—Tnc. 1824. Capital, 
#1,000,000. Ignatius Sargeut, Pres. ; 
Chas. Sprague, Cash. Discount, Mon- 
day and Thursday. 
GRANITE, 61 State St.— inc. 1832. Cap- 
ital, i>J0,Gi;vi. James II. L\a[, P/, . , 
And'v. J. Loud', C&sh. Dir-cov.nt, Mem- 
day and Thursday. 
HAMILTON, 66 State St.— I'm-. 1832. 
Capital. $500,000. Dan'l l)cr,;:y, Pres.; 
S. S. Bianchard, Cash. Discount, Wed- 
nesday and Saturday. 
Inc. 1357. Capital, $'1,000,000. Daniel 
Pres. ; John S.March, Cash'. 

- ' M - . ! " iter Are.— Inc. 

- Capital, #250.000. Jam* 
Converse, Pres.f Alvin Simonds, 
Discount, Mom . . 

• '. - -.': . 

C»] • J-l I I i. Fra il tin H 

Prt s. .- Jol [i K . I ullet, Cash. Discount, 
i huTsday. 
MOUN 1 VERNON, 160 Washington St. 

—Inc. i860. C ipit al . . Jon t. 

P. Robinaon, Pr> ... Ii. W.Perki 

Co •'. ii:-, ... t, '1 ue I i f and Frida ■ 
NATIONAL, : * State St.- I 

Capital, S7o0,0 >0. Lyman N.. . . . ■ . 

Charles ii. Hall, Cash. Discount, 

day and I ri i .. 

NEW ENGLAND, 67 State St. — Inc. 
1813. Capit - :. 00, M 0. '1!, ,s.] 
,'/'■ ••; Setb 1 tttee, Ca k. Dit 
luesday and Friday. 

NORTH, IS Kilby St.— Inc. 1825. Cap- 
ital, 0860,01 l Charles G. Nazro, /' i 
fohh B: Wi h rbee, Cash. D\ 
Monday an t-Td 

: Pi V frERS' BA> K 18 I i o i St.— Inc. 
| 1850. Atith. Cap. £ ! 0,0 I >. J c 

JJapee, Pres,,- i;. B. Foster, Cash. 
Dividends in January and July. 

REVERE, 71 Franklin St.- -Or-. I - 
Auth. Cap. §'1,000,000. Sam.H.W 
Pres.; John W. Lefavour, Cash. Dis- 
count, Monday and Thursday. 

SAFETY FUND, 41 State St.— Org. 1859. 
Auth. Cap. §'1,000,000. Abra'm T. Lowe, 
Pres.; Chandler It. Ransom, Cash. 
Discount; Monday and Thursday:. 

SHAWMUT, 20 State St. -lac. 1836. 
Capital, $,750,000. William Bramhall. 
Pres.; Stephen G. Davis, Cash. Dis- 
count, Monday . 

Kilby St.— Im . 1836. Cap!* d, . 
000. Caleb Stet* n, Pr, ■.; S m'i Carr, 
f ' th. discount, Tnesdav and Friday. 

"' ! p ]: - "' ; ; St '-' -'■'■■'■ tSl'l. Capital, 

- ' •' ' ' ; . : : '• ' •'- r, Pres. ; C. 



IMsewtat, Mon 

liar wood 

G.E. lie; 

1832. Ca 
Whit mon 


ad Fnaay. 
t.— Inc. 1833. Cap- 
. Dernmon. Pres. ; 
Discount Monday 


>s O. 


Jonathan Brow: 

Discount, Tuesday and 




Wednesday and Saturday, 

its St. — Inc. 
r'ohn J.Dix- 

State St.— Inc. 1854. 
Samuel Hall, Pres.j 

jr., Cash. Discount, 

SI PFi >LiC, 60S! iteSt— Inc. 1818. Cap- 
ital, g 1, 000J ■. J.AmoryDavis, Pres.; 
Edw. Tyler. Cash. Discount, Wt 
d^.y ■ ' i lay. 

TRADERS', 01 State St. — Inc. 1831. 
Capital, ; »,0i ». Bi uj. B. Williaj . 
Pres.; F. S. Davis, ( ash. Discount, 
Wedm day and Sal r lay. 

TREMONT, 4 1 State St. — Inc. 1814. 
Capi) d. gl • • '. Andrew T. Hall, 
Pres,; Amos T. Fr. thin-ham, Cash. 
Discoi lit, ? I i; . ! ursday. 

UNION, v> State St.— Inc. 1702. Cap- 
ital, §1,0 0,0 "'. Thaddeus Nichols, 
Pres. ; Lemuel GuHiv< r. Cash. V.<- 
counl . 1 "•■ ; <\ and Fridtjv. 

WASHINGTON, 17 State St.— Inc. 1825. 

Aimon D. Hode 

Lapitui, ,V , .",' 

J'y ., - ... . V V 

count, Tu< iy and 1 lay. 

WEBSTER, • > State St.— Inc. 
Capital, SI 1 0,00 I. William T: 
Pre'.; Solomon Lincoln, C'a^',. 
count, Tuesday and Friday. 

i a 




•«t: n > . 






\.-\-v : 
tal, ;■' 


ABINGTON, Abington. — En s, IS50 

I ' i| i al, ■ 50, ' . Baxter : '■• ,Pn .; 
Judson X. Fanrar, Cash. Discount, 

ADAMS,' North Adams. — Inc. 1832. 
Capital, 5350,000. Win. E. Brayton, 
Pres.; Samuel C. Woodward, Cask. 
Discount day, Thursday. 

AGAWAM, 'SpringHeld. — Inc. 1846. 
Capital, $300,000. Thco. Stebbins, 
Pres. ; F. S. Bailey, Cash. Discount 
daily. ' - 

AGRICULTURAL, Pittsfield, — Inc. 
1818. Capital, £200,000. Thomas F. 
Plunkett, Trcas.; John R. War*iner, 
Cask. Discount days, Tuesday and Fri- 

AN DOVER. Andover,— Inc. 1829. Capi- 
tal, §350,090. .1 Ohn Flint, Pres. ; Moses 
Foster, jr., Ca£k. Discount days, Tues- j 
J i j and r rid i r. 

APPLETON, Lowell.— Inc. 18 = 7. Capi- 
tal, $2d$J)QQ. Jc-hu A KnowEs, Pres.; 
John F. Kimball, C-aasA. Discount clay?, 
M ovhv an,: Thursday. 

ASIATIC. Salem. — Inc. 1824. Capital, 

!f!?3io,0Q0. Leonard B. Harrington, 
Pres.; Wm.H. Foster, C<mA. Discount 
days, Monday., Wednesday and Friday. 

ATTLEBOHO\ North Attleboro'.— Inc. 
1(836. Capital, $100,000. E. Ira Rich- 
ards, Pres.; II. M Daggett, CWn 
Discount day, Mondi .. 

Inc. 1832. Capital, 5250,000. Samuel 
Phillips, Pres*; C. C, Hutchinson, Cash. 
Discount day, Thursday. 

BANK OF CAPE ANN, Gloucester— 
Inc. 1855. Capital, §150,000. Gorham 
P. Low, Pres.; Samuel J. Giles, Cash. 
•Discount day, Thursday. 

BANK OF CAFE COD, Harwich.— Inc. 
18^5. Capital, <*15Q,Q00. Prince S. 
Crowell, Pres.; Obed Brooks, Cask. 
Discount dajj, Monday. 

'•'•':. R"N - : fABLE; Yarmouth Port. — Inc. 
1825. Capital, 5350,000. Isaiah Crow- 
ell, / r s. ; amos Otis, Cask. Discount 
day, 1 bursday, 

BASS RIVER, BeYerly. — Inc. 1854, 
Closing business. 

BAY STATE, Lawrence. — Inc. 1847. 
Capit il, §375,000. Charles S. Storrow, 
Pres. : Nath'l White. Cash. Discount 
day, Monday, 

ford. ■-— Inc. 1816. Capital, $GQ0,< 00. 
Thou Nye, jr., Pres.; Thus. B. White, 
Cash, Discount days, Monday and 

5100,000. S. W. Bowerraac, 

ST. \V\ Freeman, Cash. 
\. l: v-erly. — Inc. 1S12. Capi- 
, ' '0, Samuel Endicott, Pres. ; 
G„ Bennett. Cash. Discount 

BLACKSTONE, Uxbridge. — Inc. 1825. 
Capual, §106, 10. P. ui \\ hitin.j res.; 
Eberu zcr W. llaysiraid, Cash. Discount 

B^LfViHLL,amton.—Inc.l332. Capi- 
**U $150',000. Asaph Churchill, Pres. ; 

Ebenezer J. Bispbam, I I 

da\', Mo:.:! iy, 

BRIGHTON ' l'. Brighton. - 

Lie, 1 ■'■' ■ Life 

■ in, /,.",. , 1 

Di L"hu! day. 

BRISTOL CoUN'J Y, Taunton. - . 
L832. Capit h $50 . 
Dean. Pres.; V, illu m I 
Discount daily. 

BUNKER HILL, Chade . ■-. - J- . 

rence, Pres. ; Geo, E Lin 
Disc , ; 1 ridav. 

CABOT, Chicopee.- Inc. Ioi i I 
$150,000. Jerome Welis, Pres.; H. li. 
Harris Cash. Discount daily. 

CAMBRIDGE, Cambridgeport. — Inc 
1823. Capital, . 

Paige, President; Jos ::ion., 

Cash. Discount days, Monday 


Inc. 1ST). Capiral. £1Q0,00J. John 

Ltverrhore, Pres. ; Edw 

Cash . Di; eo nt, Monday, y. >f. 

bridge, -Jnc. 1851. ( tpiti I, $1 
Henry Potter, Pres. ; Wai c 
Cask. Discount day, Wednesday. 

CENTRAL. Worcester. — Inc. 
Capital, §'350 000. John C. .'. 
Pres..; Geo. F. Hartshorn, Cask. I 
count day, Monday, 

CHARLES RIVER, Cambridge.— Inc. 
1832. Capital, $100,000. Charles C. 
Little, Pres. ; Eben Snow, Cask, Dis- 
count day, Wednesday. 

CHICOPJ E, 8 irii gheld. — Inc IS I 
Capital, $300,000. Philo F. W 
Pres.; Thomas Warren, jr., Cask. Dis- 
count daily. 

CITIZENS', Worcester. — Inc. 1836. 
Capital, §150,000. Francis H. Kinni 
cutt; President; John C. Ripley, Cask. 
Discount day, Monday. 

CJ.Tr, Lynn.- inc. 1854. Ca it ' .'. ■ 
009. Amo> K '/'. p', , .".-. ; feei '. ? 
French, 6'aiA, Discount day, Tuesday. 

CITY, vVoi 3 er. —Inc. 1854. C 
$•400,000. Oca. W. Ric! irds )i Pres., 
Nathaniel Paine, Cask. Discouni 

COMMERCIAL, Salera. — Inc. 1S10. 
Caj it it, $200,000. Wan. S.utton,P/:i ».; 
E. H. Payson, Cask. Discount days 
Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

CONCORD, Concord.— Inc. 1832*. Capi- 
tal, #100,000. Geo. Haywood, Pre*.; 
John M. Cheney, Cash. Discount dsy, 
Monday. ■ 

CO N W AY, Co rj way.— In c. 1 Sol . C ital 
,9150,000. Luther Bodman, jr., Pre*.; 
William C.Robinson, Cash. Discount 
days, Tuesday and Friday. 

DANYERS, South Danvers.— Inc. 1852. 
Capi' I $ 150,000. i- uen Sutton, Pres. ; 
Geo. A. Osborne, Cas/i. Discount days, 
Tu' ■-• a. 'ay. 

DED . • — Inc. 1 -li. Capi- 

tal, .£ ' '0. Ji rt -•; > timi n . 7';.- ■. . 
Law- li. Kingsbury, Cash. Discuuj.t 
day, Friday. 

ESSEX, Haverhill. — inc. 1851. Capital, 
£ Li a: i ,1 H ■(■>., ij^j mc'B G a I e ,Pres.; Wiliiaju 
Caldwell, Cash* Discount day, ?•' 



KXCH • I darn.— Inc. 18 : . 
tal, $200,000. Jt hn V. ■ bster, ! . . . 
John Chadwfck, Cash, Discount days, 
Mont! \y and Thursday. 

FAl UHaVEN, FairbavMi. — Inc. 1831. 
Capital, ■ 0,1 . E: I (el R 
Pres.i Reuben Nye, C'asA. Discount 
days, Monday and Tbui >day. 

FALMOUTH, Falmouth. — Inc. 1821. 
Capital, §100,000. Oliver C. Si ift, 
Pies.-. Samuel P. Bourne, Cash. Dis- 
count dav, Monday, 

FALL RIVER, J ail Ri«er.r~ Sue. 1S2.L 
( tpital, :■ 5 ' 100. David Anthony, 
Pres.i Henry II. Fish, C'asA. Discount 
d v, Monday. 

bTTCHBURG, Fitchburg. — Inc. 1S32. 
Capital, £250, 000. Ebenezer Torr.ev, 
Pr ».; Charh J. Billings, Cash. Dis- 
cern t day, Monday. 

FRAMINGHAM, Frarningbara . — Ir.c, 
1833. Capital, £200,000. Fran. Jtfques, 
Pres. ; F. T. Clark, CtesA, Discount 



\v. C 



ai i' d v 
, J re*, ; 

l. Packard! 

GLOUCESTER, Gloucester.— Inc. HOC. 
Capital, £300,000. Isaac Somes, Pre*.; 
Benj. F. Somes, Cash. Discount day, 

GRAFTQjS, Grafton. — Inc. IS'A. Capi- 
tal, §100,000. Elijah B. Stoddard, Pri s. ; 
Walter T. Sutton, Cash., Discount day, 

GRADED, Marblehead.— Inc. 1831. Capi- 
tal, $100,000. Knott Martin, President; 
Josepl P. Turner, Cash ■■■. I <: :o! at 
days, Monday anu Thursday. 

GREENFIELD, Greenfield. — Inc. 1322. 
Capital, §200,000. Wm. B. Washburn, 
Pre.;.; L. W. Russell, Cosh, Discount 

KADLEY FALLS, Holyoke.— Inc. 1851. 
Canital, $200,000*. Abel IX Chapin, 
Pres;; Charles VV. Rai \m, Cash. Dis- 

hAMi'lh"'^ Wes'f-eH. — Lv:crp. 1825. 
Capital, $150,000. Edward B. Gillett, 
pr ., Royal Weller, Cash. Discount 

Ware. — Inc. 1825. Capital, 5350,000. 

Pres.i Wiiiiam Hyde, Cash. \ 


Discount .... 
HARVARD, ( imc ..;■■< port —Inc. 18—. 
tal, $-250,000, Benj. Tiit n, Pres. ; 

A Riiihird., Cash. 

Haverhill, — Inc. 1836. 
0< '.'. John A. Appleton, 
E. Gale, Cash. Discount 

Bingham.— Tne. IS33. Capi- 
"JO. Nauh'l Richards, Pres.i 

-;; \ - 1 1 , Cia «/i . 1 ) i s eo un t day, 

W. - 

Canit .:. $2 

Pf*« ■ .Turn* 





C - : 

/'; • 

rON, ETolUaton. - Inc. 1854. 
. 5100,000. Wm. S, Batohelder, 
It. F. Brewer, Cash. In scoui '. 

it\ Northampton. — Inc. 1848. 
$2 »0,C00. Samuel Williston, 
Wm, B. Hale, Cash. Discount 
d a i 1 v ' . 
B'OJPKIK CON, Hopkinton. — Inc. 1354. 


Capit il, •.', 30 U 0. J.. Q.Bow] (, 

Jas. S. '1 i: si >n, f '. »/'. Disi ouni day, 

— Ii 

Capital, - 

JV«s.; Dai .-.■'■.!.- 

count day, M ... 

LI IK, Springfield.- 

Capi I, ^150,0! . Jamea M. 

1 homj 1 I . ; E. D. Chapin, CTwA, 

I ount daily. 
LAIGHTON, Lynn. — Inc. l«49. Capi- 

tal, . 3 0,1 I ' Hi my Ncwball I ■ .. 

Ezra W. Mu , C< \. D 

Monday and 'J tun laj . 
LANCASTER, Lancaster,— Inc. 

Ca] .. £200,000. Jacob Fisher, 

C. T. Syi •. Ca h. Di: 

LEOHMERE, East ( n ibridge.— Inc. 

! •>;.• Capital, §150,000. Lewis Hall, 

Pres*; John S ivage, jr.. Cash. Discount 

day, Monda; . - 
LEE, 3 .-- 1835. Ctfpftal, ■ .- 

QOG. : • iek, Pres.; Edv in 

A. BJiss, Cash. Di ouxit daily. 

Capital, 52 I 1,0 0. Cheney Hatch, 

.'■• rt . : D. i ,M ;rrian , Go ih. Di -coant 

day, Wednesd '\n 
LOWELL, Lowell. — Inc. 1S28. Capital, 

5200,000. a ;. 1 uett, Pres.; .). L. 

I n -•• iy, Cash. Discount d ys, .' . 

and Thi : • lav. 
LYNN MECHANICS', Lynn. *- Inc. 

1S14-. Capital, £250,000. Mi ajah C. 

Fr at t, Pres.; Wm. Bassett, Cash. Dis- 
count - ud Friday, 
MACHINISTS', Taunton. — Inc. 

Capital, 52 1,000. Marcus Morton, 

Pres.; Chas. R. Vickery, t'as/t. Dis- 
:. ; UWlJ, Great Barrington.— Inc. 

1847. Capital, £200,000. John L.l ! . 

Pres.; B. Prindle, Cash. Disi 
■•- , : esda.i tnd Friday. 
Mi' i DEN, M ! leti -- Inc. 1851. Capi- 
tal, - _ : . Eltsha S. Cc 

]'>■ •• : ' ';• trl - " • . ■ i 1J'| 1 '. .. Di 

day, Saturday. 
;; ■• ;.: LEHEAD, Marblehead. - 

1 '. C; p'ual, S.I50,Q0Q. ^ ; in. . 

i ri Sparhawk, Cash. 

MARINE, Nf ■■ Bedie d. — .Inc. 3 

! r it •■ ~ ■ , • : - Joseph Grim 11, 

J res.; J ihi '.' . B trl ( r, ■ r 'c>, , i. Discount 

days, ru< dav ai d Friday. 

Inc. 1555. pa] ii ■■'.. $1 I 1,000. Daniel 

Fisher, Pres.; Joseph T. Pease, 

Discount ■ f, Tm I iv. 
MASSASOIT,' Fall River. — Inc. 1S46. 

Capital, ; . ) Israel Bufnnton, 

P ■ . ; I .• • r J ' ::, Cash. Discount 

day; Wed . lay. 
MATTAPA? . !' irchester. — Inc. 1849. 

Capital, $H , ■ Oliver Hall, Pres.; 

Jo u I. U .' '•••.■ ■.. -.:.-'. Discoanl 

day, Wednesday. 
Ml CHANICS', ' : ■ 1 - ; . — Inc. 

1831. • K ; 0. Thomas 

M.i.i. . P -., E. Williams Hervey, 

Cash. L >isi it ■ : .- , • edm sday and 

S Lturd iv. 
MECHAIs'ICS*, Newburyport.— Inc. 1813; 

Capital, ^'200,000. Edwatd S. Moseley, 




; ts.; .Dun Andrews, Cash. J)U 

MECHANICS', Worcester.-— Inc. 1848. 
\, §350,000, Hamsun Bliss, 

Pres.; 5c tto Berry, Cash. Discount 

day, Tuesday. 
MERCANTILE, Salem..— Inc. i 36. 

Capital, £200,000. John Dwyer, Pres.; 

Joseph H. Phippen, Cash. Discount 

days, Tuesd i.y and Friday. 
MERCHANTS', Lowell. — Inc. 1854. 

Capital, 5150,000. Royal South wick, 

Pres.; J. N. Pierce, jr., Gmh. Discount 

davs, Mnn ; ly md 'I hursday. 
MERC HANTS', New Bedford.— Inc. 

182.5. Capital, £600,00 ►. Charles It. 

Tucker, |V«.; Peieg C. Howland, CewA 

Discount days, Tuesda; and Friday. 
MERC II ANTS', Newburvport. — Inc. 

1831. Capital, $210,000. MiciajahLunt, 

Prex; Gyles P. Stone, CosA. Discount 

MERC'rIAN CS',, Salem.— Inc. 1 S 1 1 . Cap- 
ital, 52 - 00 '. Benj. II, Silsbee, Pres.; 

><""■!'■:' 3". Per-kuvs, < d-v/;. Discount 

MEIUUMACk, Haverhill.'— Inc. 1814. 
C-i; : ta:. §180,000. E. J. l-f. Hal , 
Pres,; Samuel White, Cash, Discount 

METACOMET, Fall River. ~ Inc. 1853. 
C&pfc&l, §600,000. Jefferson Borden, 
Pres.; Azariah S. Trip;). C«$/i. Dis- 
count davs, Monday andThursday. 

MJLFORD, MiifonL'— Inc. 1819. Capi- 
tal, 5250,0* 0. Aaron CM a-yhew, Pm.; 
Alvin G. Underwood, Cash. Discouut 
day, Monday. 

MlLLBURiVMiiibury.— Inc. 1825. Cap- 
ital, 5100,00 '. Jonathan Warren, Pres.; 
D. At wood ; Cash . Disc tin t d a y , T a es- 

MILLER'S RIVER, Athol. — Inc. 1854. 
Capital, 5150,000, Set.h Hapgood,P/\?.s.; 
A. Hording, jr., Cash. Discount day, 

S : •■'". '.. v. 

MONSQN, Monson..— Inc. 1854. Capi- 
tal £i50,000. John Wyle;., 1?"^.; '.E. 
('. lie binson, 'Cask. Discount dav, Mori- 

MONUMENT, Charlestown.— -Inc. 1855. 
Capital, 5150,000; Peter Hubbell, Pm.; 
Geo. L. Footc, Cash. Discount days, 
Monday md Thursday. 

MOUND WOLLASTON, Quincy. — Inc. 
1853. Capital, 5150,000. Francis M. 
Johnson, Pres.'; Louis Cong&on, Cash. 
Disi tint day, Tut sday, 

NAUM&EAG, Salem. — Inc. 1831. Cap- 
ital, §500,000. David Pingree, Pres.; 
Jos. !I. L'owne, Cash. Discouut days, 
Tuesday and Friday. 

NEPONSET, Canton.— Inc. 1836. Cap- 
il d, £100,00?. Chas, H. French, Pres.; 
Francis \V . Dean, Cash. Discount day, 

NEWTON, Newton. — Inc. 1848. Capi- 
'■d, 5150,000. Joseph N. Bacon, Pres.; 
D via Riagsley, Cash. Discount day, 

:XLA in 1. u.n ,.^»ort Hampton. — inc. 

Cu] itai, $2 10,000. Jona. id. But- 

Pres.: James L. Warrmer, Cash. 


•thborousjh , 

Capita!, $100,000. Geo. C. 

Davis, Prei ; A W. Searer, ( ' 
count div, ■ 

Bi idgew iter. — Inc. 18-34. C 

,000. Martin Wales, Pres.; !•*. P. 
aan, Cas/i. Dii . . lay,. Mon- 

OCEAN,Newl iryport. — Inc. 1833. Cap- 
ital, $150, I 0. En 
Pres.; Jacob Stone, Cash. Disc 
day, Moi d . 

OLD COLONY, Plyra 11 

Capital, 52i0,000. Jacob II. I 
Pres.; Geo. O. Dyer, Cash. Dm 
dav, Monday. 

OXFORD, Oxford. — Inc. IS. 
5100,000. Emory Sanford, Pres.; Wil- 
son 0!ney,( ash. ] 

PACIFIC, S icket. 1 
ital, 5200,000. John W. Barrel 
Joseph Mitchell, Cash. Discount days, 
Tuesday and Friday. 

PEMBERTON, Lawrence.— Inc. 1854. 
Capital, 5100, 000. L- v] 
Wrn. H. Jaquith, €4 h. 

PEOPLE'S, Roxbury.—Incl '. ■ - 
ital, 5150,000. Samuel Guild, Pres.; 
E unan Stone, Cash. Discount day, 

PITTSFIELD, Pittsfield. — Inc. 
Capital, 5500,000. Julius ; 
Pra.: Junius D. Adams, ( a 
count day, Tuesday. 

FI/v MOUTH, Plymouth. — ln< 
Capital, 515 >,000. Wm.T.D . 
I. N. Stoddard, Cash. Discount day, 

FOC ASSET, Fall Diver. — Olivei C 1 . 
Pres.; W. H. Bracket*, Cash. 

POWOW RIVER, Salisbury.- Ii c. . 
Capital, 5100,000. Jona. B. We 
Pros.; Gen. F.Daglev, Cash. D- 
dav. Monday. 

PRESCOTT,"LowelL — Inc. 1850. C i- 
tal, 5200,030. Joel Adams, Pres.; A. S. 
Tyler, Cash. Discount Ciiy^, W 
and Thursday. 

PROVlNCEfbWN, Proviiicetown. — 
Inc. 1854. Capital, 5100,000. Nathan 
Freeman, .' > r. ; Elijah S nitb . 1 
Discount day, Monday. 

PYNCHON, Springfield. — Inc. 1853. 
Capital, 5150,000. James Kiri 
Pres.; F. H. Hand-, Cash. Discount 

QUINSIGAMOND, Worcester.— Inc 
183d. Capital, 5250,000. Isaac Davis, 
Pres.; Joseph S. Farnurn, Cash. Dis- 
count day, Monday. 

QUINCY STONF, Quincy. — Inc. 1836 
Capital, 5150,000. Josiah Brigham, 
Pres.; John C.Randall, Cash. Di: 
dav. Thui : day. 

RAILROAD. Lowell. — Inc. IS31. Capi- 
tal, 5600,000. S. W. Stickney, Pres.; 
John F. R . ers. Cash. Discount 
Tuesday an i 1 ri 

RANDOLPH, Ran lolph. —Inc. 18 i. 
Caj ii . I. R »: ' '! urn ?r, / 

S 1 .. i '.v. r, Cash. Pis y, Mon- 


ROCIvLAND, Roxbury. — Inc. I 
Capital, -d i0,Q00. Sa nuel it Ii . 
Julius M, Swain, Cash. Discoftnt day, 



ROCK PORT, Rocket.— Inc. 18-51. 

Capit il, $1 '■ ,C d. Ezra :• ...... ., ' 

Jobez 1!. Gatt, Cash. Discount day, 
W-sii <-><hv. 

ROLLSTONE, Fitchburg. — Inc. 1 I! 
Capital, $250,000. il >s 3 W id, P .; 
Henry A. Willie, Cash. Discoun* day, 

SALEM, Salem. — Inc. 1813, C i iil il, 
$200,000. Wm. C. Endicott, Pres.; 
George D. Phippen, Cash, Discount 
days, Monday ai d i hursd iy. 

SHELBURNE FALLS, Shelburne Falls. 
— Inc. 1856. Capital, $'150,000. Car- 
ver Hotchkiss, Pres.; E. S. Francis, 
Cash. Discount days, Tuesday and 

SOUTHBRIDGE, Southbridge. — Inc. 
1836. Capital, $150,000. Jacob Ed- 
wards, jr., Pres.; Samuel >t. Lane, 
Cask. Discount day, Monday. 

SOUTH READING, South Reading.— 
Inc. 1S54. Capital, §100,000. Thomas 
Emerson, Pres.; Lilley Eator., Cash. 
Discount day, Tuesday. 

SPfCKKT FALLS, Mrtiiuen. — Inc. !S->3. 
Capital, £100,000. Josiah D«Muborn, 
Pres.; George Foote, Cash. Discount 
day, Tuesday. 

SPRINGFIELD, Springfield.— Inc. 1814. 
Capital, $300,000. Henry Alexander, 
jr.,. Pre?.; Lewis Warriner, Cash. Dis- 
count daily. 

TAUNTON, Taunton.— Inc. 1SPA Cap- 
ital, $■ 400,000. Lovett Morse, Pres,; 
C. J.H. Bassett, Cash. Discount daily. 

DOWNSENB, Townsen-d..— Inc. 1834. 
Capital, $100,000. Walter Fessenden, 
Pres.; Edward Ordway, Cash. Dis- 
count day, Monday. 

TRADESMAN'S, Chelsea. — Inc. 1819. 
Capita!. $150,000. Isaac Stebbins,Pm. ; 
Wm. It. Pearmaiu, Cask. Discount day 

UNION, Haverhill, Geo. Cogswell, Pr,>s.; 
James Noyes, Cmh. 

TKEE VYevR'.outh. — Inc. IS"2. Cap- 
uhI, pOO-;O0O. m**A Tirrel'. PYeft; 
John \V. Loud, Cash, Discount day, 

VILLAGE, Danvei .- !• . ] 
lal, -$200,000. : 
Wm. L. \V*i ton, C< ih. Discount - 

WAL1 HAM ' ill itj. - I 
Capit a,y: ,000. Charles 1 
D. A. K . i ill ( D 


WAMESIT, Lowell. — Inc. 1853. I 
tal, $150,000. Wn .A 1: 
Pres. : John H. Buttrick, Cash. Dis- 
count days, I . , ay and Fi 

WAMSUTl A, I . — Ii 

Capital, $100,000. S. Au| 
Pres, ; '". J. H ilmi s, Cash. Di 
day, 'l hur ; i..y. 

WAREHAM. Warcham. — Ii e. 

Capital, ;■■ '0,000 Joshua B . 
Pres.; Thomas Ii. Mill*, Cash 
count day, M ,:.! ty. 

WARREN, • j rivers. — Inc. 1832. 

Capital, $250,000. Lewis Allen, Pr, i.; 
Fram Baker, C ' . Discount - 
Monday I . 

'■■'■ ' KR S r , :■' -.' i 'field.— I"'/. 
Capil rl, $ 15 ." :". i all b Rii e, Pr> 
James L. VVarriner, Cash. Di$c mot 

; W -; FIT LI), V- estaeld. —Inc. 1851. 
| Capital, gtlSU 00 . W iliara G. " 
Pro.,- Hear) Hooker, ClrjA. Di 


I WOBURN, Woburn. — Inc. 1853. Capi- 
tal, J 150,000. AbijahThi raps< a, Pres.; 

, E,. j. Jenks, Cash, Discount day, Mon- 

WORCESTER, Worcester. — Inc. 1804. 
Caj it il, -- ■ 0,0 ; ''. Ste] hen S lis 
Pres.; William -Cross, Cash. Discount 
i day, Tuesd iy. 

| WORCESTER COUNTY, Blackstone. 
— Inc. 1359. Capital, $100,000. Hen- 

I '-ry S. Mr ■ . : i /'. ,. . Moses Faraui i, 
j ( ''•'■ -"'?. Discount d r; t V, edinesd ty 

, WRENTHAM, Wrentharo. — Inc. 1832. 
j Cap***?, -I , ,.-.,. e&lrin Fish 

Pres.; Francis N. PlimptOD, Cash. 
! Discountday, Monday. 


ABINGTON,Abington.— Inc. 1853. Ji-n- 
kins Lane, P,-<* ,• Judson N. Farrar, 

AN D V KR , Andover. — Inc. 1 834 . Sam - 


J..:.:- K. • W-, Pres.; Chas. C. Hutch- 
inson, Tr't is. 

Kins uane, fres.; juason _>. uarrar, jonn liucqics, rres.; L-nas. u. uutco- 

JYeas. inson, F/< i -. 

ANDOYER, Andover. — Inc. 13-14. Sam.- BRISTOL COUNTY, Taunton. — Inc. 

uel Gray, }',;■>. ; Juhn Flint, Precis. 1H46. Silas Shepard, Pres.; George B. 

ATTLKBOROvOli, Attlebotough.— Inc. ! Atwood, Treat. 

I860, Ezekiel Bates, Prea. ; Homer M. I CAMBRIDGE, Cambridge. — Inc. 1854. 

Damrettj Treas. ■ Charles Be k, Pres.; William L. Whii- 

BARNSTABLE, Barnstable. — Inc. 1 131. ! :...'•-.. 

Joseph M. Day, Pres.; John Munroe. 1 CaMBRIDGEPOIIT, Cambtidgeport.— 

i.e. lHt5. Thomas] 

Jas. Warriner. i. • 


— P. Adams, Pr«j 

tr«u: , C C. Niche.; 

o<e. — me i .-■ - - 

)av, Prt-5. ; John Munroe, i CaMBRIDGEPOIIT, Cambridgeport.— 

Inc. ISoo. Benj iruin i iit ir , Prt t. : 
" ., Fiji's >','. -- ! Liu i .- R. i : . . ■ 
'At kett, Pr t. ■ ' CAN i ON, n ton. — Inc. 1 

Ch . H.Frci: :., Pres.; F. W, Deanr, 
. 38 School St. i Treas. 

A.- Ii. Evans, j CAPE ANN, Gloucester.— Inc. 1840. 
vc. I J. Vv\ Lowe, Pret.; A. Presson, Treos. 



.. \r;; COD FIVE-CENTS, Harwich.— 
Ioc. IS};. Nathaniel Snow, Pres.: Otied 
Brooks, Treas. 

Charlestovn. — 'Inc. 1 ■■'■\. Phineas J. 
Stone, Pres, ; Amos St me, Treas. 

Inc. 1854. John iL Osgood, Pre*.; 
s.inmel Bassett, Treas. 

CHICOPEE, Chicopee.— Inc. 1854. Je- 
rome Wells, Pres. ; H.H.Harris, Treas. 

CITY, Lowell. — Inc. 1848. Nathan Allen, 
Pres. ; J. A. ButLrick, Trea . 

CLINTON, Clinton. — Inc. 1851. il.^. 
Bigelow, Pres.; Charles O. Stevens, 

COH ASSET, Cohasset.— Inc. 1846. Abra- 
ham H. Tower, Pres.; Levi N.Bates, 

DANY'ERS, Danvers.— Inc. 18-50. Gilbert 
Tapley, Pres. ; W. L. Weston, Treas. 

DEI; HAM, Dedham. — Inc. 1831. Eben- 
ezer Burgess, Pres.; Calvin Guild, 

DCRCTlES.'kER, DoKehester.— Inc. 1853. 
Daniel Denny, Pres.; Charles Howe, 

EAST BOSTON. Wirithrop Block, E. B. 
— Inc. 1849. Samuel Hall, Pres.; Al- 
bert Bowker, Sec. and Treas. 

East Cambridge. — Inc. 18-34. George 
Stevens, Pres.) J. Savage, jr., Treas. 

ESSEX, Lawrence.— lie. 3647. Chas. 
S. Stovrow, Pres.; Nathaniel White, 
Treas. . 

FAIRHAVEN, Fair haven. — Inc. 1832. 
F. R. Whitwell, Pres.; Charles Drew, 

FALL RIVER, Fall River. — Inc. 1323. 
N. B. Bordeni Pres. ; Joseph F. Llnd- 
sey, Treas. 

er.— Inc. 1.856, S, Angier Chace, Pres. ; 
C. J. Holmes, Treas. 

FITCHBURG, Fitehburg. — Inc. 1846. 
Nathaniel Wood, Pres ; Ebenezer Tor- 

FDxboRO'' FIVE-CENTS, FoKboro'. 

Inc. 1855. Otis Cary, Pres.; J. E. 

CftquMMtes, Treas. 
FRAMINGHAM, Franuugham. — Inc. 

1846. Closes EdgeU, Pm.;C.S.Ad^ 

ams, 'jreas. 
FRANKLIN, Boston, Osmyn Brewster, 

Pres. ; Henry Whttternore, 
FRANKLIN, Pawtucbet, Alanson Thay- 
er, / >re i.i Jam e •» O . Star k w e at h er , 

FRANKLIN, Greenfield.-- Inc. 1836. 

Henry W. Cushruan, Pres.; Wra. H. 

Alien, Treas. 
HAMPDEN, Springfield. — Jnc. 18-32. S. 

C. Bemis, Pres.; F. 3. Bailey, Treas. 
HAVERHILL, Haverhill. — Inc. 1823. 

John A. Appleton, Pres.; James Gale, 

Trt is. 
HINGIIAM, Hinghara.— Inc. 1834, Da- 
vid fearing, Pres. ; David Harding, 
Vr -.. 
HOLYOKE, Holypke, — Inc,lS55. Joel 

IlusseU, Pits.; Gustavus Snow, Treas. 
LANCASTER; LmnsttT. — Inc. 184-5. 

Henry Wilder, Pres. ; C. T,, 

F. A. Bliss, 'i reas. 
LOWELL. Lowell. — Inc. I ! 

n, I i, ■..;.!.•-' T) 


];•'. IS i - : ■'■... /•■ 

s. Tyler, 1 
LYNN, i.; .:..- 1: c. 1 26. J N. [ I 

dei ion, • '.•' i , A i ■ • s i ides, Treas. 
LYNN FIVE CI N rS, Lynn.-Im 

Thomas B. Newh 11, Pre*.; Benj. V, 

French, Trea 
MALD IN, ■ ctHaven.Pn ... 

M \l\. [ - i] 0', ' ■ 
Pres.; :>lr tr k Fay, 7V - 

INGS, Boston.- ':' ■ ' A 
Lvman S. l; , .- .. nv .and Trt i . 

MIDDLESEX, C . rd.- Inc. I 
than Brooks, Pres.; John M. CI 

MILFORD, Milford. — -Inc. 18-51. 0. 
UTrd-erwood, i'/t.;. ; A. Gr. tji ; Ji •■ 

MILLBCRY, MiMbmw.- [nc. ; UA. C. 
It. Miles, Pres.; D, A t-v. j.vl, Treas. 


Geo, Cobb, Pres.; Matthew Bjj 

NATICK FIVE-CENTS, Natick. — Inc. 
1859. John Kimball, Pn ». ; Nathaniel 
Clark, Treas. ■ 

NEW BEDFORD, New Bedford. — ] 
1825. Thos. Man Jell, Pres.- Wm. C. 
r 'oflin. Treas. 

Bedford.— Inc. 18-55. Geo. Howland, 
jr.., Pres.; Barton Ricketson, jr., '. 

NEWBURYPOR/T, Newburyport. — Inc. 
1820. Edward S.Moseley, Pre*.; Rich- 
ard Stone, Treas. 

buryport. — Inc. 1854. David Wood, 
Pres.; A. W. Miltimore, Treas. 

NEWTON,. Newton, — Inc. 1829. George 
ilfde. Pres, ; fcuth* . Paul, Treas. 

NORTH ADAMS. North Adams. — Inc. 
is; 1 -. Sanford bTackihtarn, Pres.: 3 
D. Whitaker, 2r«o*. 

NORTHAMPTON, Northampton.— ■'] . 
1S42. Winthrop Hilly er, Pres.; Benj. 
Barrett, Treas. 

Bridgewater. — Inc. 1851. E 
Southworth, Pres. : E. Southworth, jr., 

NORTH BRO >K1 [ELD, Narth ' 
field. — Inc. ,,1854. Chas. Adams, jr., 
Pres.; Hiram Knight, Treas. 

--Inc. is'; 3. Robert B. Hall, Pres. ; 
Daniel J. Rol bi is, Trees. 

PLYMOUTH, Plymouth, — Inc. 1828. 
N. Etussell, Pres.; A. DanfoTth, Treas. 

ple Place, Boston. — Jame i S 
Pres ; Peter Wainwright, Treas. ; J ..: 
Reed, jr., Vice-Trt as. ; Win. S. Dexter, 

CJIj LNCY, Quin v.- £i c. 1845. 
I r ; h ijjj, •• John C. K i 

'7V< • ■ 

RANDOLPH, Randolph. — Inc. 1851. 
Athe'rton Wales, Pres.; Seth Turner, 



FtOCKI OUT, R< ■'■-■ »ort - I -. I ■'.. 
David Babson, iVr„>s.; Newell Gil 

ROXBURY,Rox bury. — Inc. 1825. 

— , Pre*.; Williai i Wl it 

SALEM, Salem. ■*- Inc. ISIS. , 

Pres. ; Win, Wallis, 7> a .-. 
SALEM FIVE-CENTS, Salem. — Inc. 

1854. Edward D. Kimball, Pres. ; 3. 

Vincent Browne, Treas. 

--Inc. 1828. Abraham Colby, //-..,. « 

Thomas .!. Clark, Zfco*. 
SCITUATE, Seituate.— Inc. 1851. Eli- 
jah Jenkins, Pres.; Caleb W. Prouty, 

SEAMAN'S, Provincetdtm.— Inc. 1850. 

David Fairbanks, Pres..; Eaos Nicker- 

son, Treas. 

Sheiburne. — Inc. 1855. James- B. I3ard- 

well, Pres.; William Sherwin, Treas. 
SOUTHBR1DGE, S aatl bridge. — Inc. 

1818. Samuel UattmH. t Pres.; Samuel 

M. Lone-, 2V ct» 

Mos is E. Rogers, P'm 

Fogg, ITraw. ' 
field. — Inc. 1854. Joseph C. Pynchon, 

Pres.; DantelJ, M irsh, Trww. 

SAVINGS, ■ Springfield. — !;•<:. - 182.7. 

Josiah Hooker, Pres.; Henry S. Lee, 


— Inc. 1855. Ira Gerry. Pres. ; Wm. H, 

Heath, Treas. 
SUFFOLK, 30 Tremo&t Street, Boston, 

^Thomas Lamb, Pres. ^Ch'&iUa Henry 

Parker, Sec. and Treas. 

h ScStuate-. — 
■ Ebenczer T 

im. — Inc. 
Horatio Moore, Pres.; I). A. K 
/'■ eat. 

ire. — Inc. 1850. Wm. Hyde, 

P "•; Oti - I . /', 
WAREHAM, '.. .- I . . 

Joshua B, 1 ob y, Pre*.; Thorn 
. . 

NTs. Souih 
• . - [nc.18 .1. Geo. 0-.' orn< . 

>wn. — Inc 

; ue •' ■' a; Pi s ; Joan SI 

: FIVE-C] 
We it < irnbridgi . — Si 

" i i i -. . 1 
« TFIELD ■ tfield. — Inc . 
Samuel Fowler, Pres.; Henry Hooker. 


mouth.— -Inc. I fc] .,. ' 

/-'v.5. ; Amofl S. v hite, ZVeas. 

'D )N, ■• inchendon. — Inc. 
ISM. EHsha Murdoek, Pres.; Irving 
E, Weston, 7; • . 

v Ql URN FIVE-CENTS, Wotmrn.— 
Inc. 185.4, Bbweji Buckman, ; ■• . 
J an • - N. TJ •• , Treas. 

TION FOR SAVINGS, Worcester - 
'-•■'- 828. Si . , r y, pres.; 

Chas. A. Hamilton, Treas. 

WOR< : 5TER FIVE CENTS, Worces- 
ter.— Inc. 1854. Charles L. Pul i 
P; ; C! irendon Harris, Treas. 

ter.— Lnc. 1851. Harrison Bliss, I 
Henry Woodward, Trt . 



1850. No. 43 State Street. R. S. S. 
Andros, Pres.; William H. C. Cope- 

181 \. Capital, .> i >■:■ .0. N . 54 State 
Street. J, Im?er«»ll Bowditch, Pres.; 
Andrew C. Dorr, Sec. 

SURANCE CO.— 11 Railroad Exch. 
Waldo Higgtuson, Pres.; E. H. Sprague, 

ANCE CO.— Inc. 1S5S. Closing Easi- 





i; i- 

Inc. 1840. No. U D< vm shire Strcr. 
William Amorv Pm» f ; EdwardE. Man- ' 
ton, S'-v. ..'/iJ Z'retu. 


31 RANCE CO.— Inc. 1S25. Capit 
100. No. -C StateStreet. Jos. 

Balch, Pn ?.; N. >. J , uney, > c • 

--Inc. 1853. N -. 52 State Street. 

Francis Bacon, l*res.; George L. De- 

b! r- 

—Inc. 1850. Capital, $.'150,000. No. 
19 Kilby Street. Samuel P. IE. 
Pres ; Au .tin W. Bent in, S'ec. 

t Lpit il, S'loO.U! [). No. 79 StateStreet. 
James S. Whitney, Pm.; David C. 
3; sen, Sec. 

RANT E AG3 \. •■•._. i-.: -.., Rife, In- 
lau ; tid rii . ■■ '. State Stre« t, 
' • 
. A ti 

at our ifice. :. F. U il son, W. 

1853. No. 70 State Street. E.C.Drew, 
Pres.; G. Sherman, Sec. 



1S49. Capi .■, #200,000. No. 63 State 
Street. George A. .Curti . P ..,• Win. 
M. Lathrop, Sec: 

Merchants' Exchange. John Clark, 
Pres. ; Saml. Wheeler, Vice-Pres.; J. 
Theodore Clark, Sec. 

PANY.— Inc. 1831. Capital, #300,- 
000. No. 75 State Street. Thomas C. 
Araory, Pres.; Shubael G. Rogers, Sec. 

PANY.— Inc. 1S23. Capital. £300,- 
000. Mo. 44 State Street. William M. 
Byrnes, Pre§.; Edmund B. Whitney, 

CO.— Inc. 1839= No. 17 K'iiby Street. 
Closinq business. 

CO.— Inc. 1822. Capital, 5400,000. 
No. 59 State Street. C. W. Cartwright, 
Pres.: Samuel Gould. Sec. 

Inc. 182& Caoital, $300,006-, No. 50 
State Street. Geo. W. Lyman, Pres.; 
Moses L. Hale, Sec. 

CO.— Inc. 1798. No. 39 State Street, 
Cha3. Wells, Pres. ; Wm. Tufts, Se-c. 

SURANCE CO.— Inc. 1836. No.. 2b 
State Street. Solomon Hc-vcy, Pres.; 
Qsborn B. Hall, A- 

ANCE CO. --Inc. 1823. Capital, $300,- 
000. No. 53 State Street. Nathaniel 
Meriara, Pres.; Wra. B. Coffin, See. 

Inc. 1816. Capital, §-500,000. No. 3S 
State Street. Thomas C. Smith. Pres.; 
James C. Bramah, See. 

1832. CaDiM, .^''>0,000. No. 6G Stat? 
Street. Aaron H. Bean, P *s.;Gco. W. 

1S31. C 

il, $300,000. No. 64 State 
b Cuxti3, Pres.; Get . E 

CO.— Inc. 1835. Organized 1843. No. 
3D State Street. Willard Phillips, Pres.; 
Benjamin F. SteveDs, See. (See Adver- 
tising # nnrtmen^pa^'U.) 

ANCE CO. — Inc. 1830. Merchants' 
Exchange, State Street. Geo. C. Lord, 
Pros, i Benjamin Lyon, Sea. ; Samuel 
S. Allen, Asst. Sec. 

ANCE CO.— Inc. 1851. Capital, £200,- 
000. No. 10 Old State H >use. Albert 
Bowker. Pres.; Charts L. Pitts, Sec. 

SURANCE CO:— Inc. 1855. C api'tal, 
5100 ; . No. 2 ' C j:-/t. ■•• s Sirei t. 
Fi ii ' ; Gn i ne, Jr., Pn . ; P. E. 

t ■ ' V , .s ■ . 

CO. — Inc. RAJ. Capital, $'200,000. 
No, 11 Eir,y Street. John C. Abb itt, 
Pres.; Cyrus M. Stimson, See. 

\E FIRE 1 • 

CO.— Inc. 1843. No. 27 ■ 

Pelham Bonney, r. . '. ard B. 

A f Iai is, Sec. 
SU1 ■ CI • CO.- 

Inc. 1850. 1 So. 24 

Rill y Street. James 13 L int, ; V< . , 

iOv •; ird Foster, 

ANCE CO.- -inc. 1854 No. R 
( lo ing bn»in< 3. 
riil-MOl ■ , MUTUAL FIRE IN- 

SURE O.— No. 6 St 

(upstairs.) Martin Lennon, Pres.; P. 

Define, See. 

CO.— Ii 1843. Ko. 29 8 I 

Enoch 1 Lobart, "- . ; Geoj 

CO., of A RUBta, Me.- -Incorp. I 
Capital, 5750.000. Directors' I 

■ 68 State Street. Henry-Crocker, Pres. ; 
Whiti ig H. B< Ii ter.Sec. {Set A 
tising . ■'?.'..) 

Inc. 1825. Capil t, - ,000. No. 1 
State Street. RobertB Williams, Pres. ; 
Joshua 13 . D ivis, Sec. 

Inc. 1824. Capital, §300,' 00. N . A 
State Street tsaac Sv; Jtser, Pres.; 
Benjamin Sv/eetser, See. 


—Inc. 1856. Baxter Cobb, Pres. /John 
•N. Noyes, Sec. 

—Inc. 185 i . Sanford Blackinton , Pres. : 
Wm. P. Bray tan, Sec. 

AaHElELD MUTUAL, Ashfield. U.S. 
Ranney, Pres. ; A. E Brui m, 

R' ::E, PVcMhc'towhA— • c.IS ... i 
Paine, Pres.; Enos Nickerso SI '. 

Attleboro'.— Inc. 181 '. A 11 Das 
Pres.; Samuel Carpenter, 2d, -■ 

EIRE, Yarmouth Port. — In orp. 1 ■ ■• 
Zcnas D. Bassett; Pr-..; Amos Otis, 
Secretary , 

BAY STATE FIRE, Won ster.- -Com- 
menced 1861. ' A • .. L. I utna a ! ' ' 
Edward It. Washburn, Sec'y. Capital 
stock paid in, gl >i.300. 

BERKSHIRE LIFE, Pittsfield. — Inc. 
1851. Thos. F. Plunkett, Pres.; '. -. 
Chick, ring, Sec. Capital, - 

field.~Inc. 1S35. Walter Laflin,Pr«. ; 
Johi V. Walker, Sec. 

BETERLY, Beverly.— Inc. 1853. Mich'l 
Whitney, Pres.; "Robert G. Bennett, 

c v. J l-r :. 


I Lynn. — Inc I • ; I Wm. Basse tt, Pres. . 
Val< ntinc Meader, Secretary. 
bridg port.— Inc. 1833. Josiah W.Cook, 
Pres.; Henry rhayer, S--:tt'.ary. 



CI] LRLESTOWN MUTU \L !• ; •: !, 

Charlestown.— Ine. 1836. B. I*. ■ 

intire, /';->..' E. W. K>yes, . . 
CHATHAM, Gkatham.—Natl aniel Snow, 


Inc. 1847. Jesse C >uld, Pra. ; Horatio 

P. Hersey, Sec. 

Inc. 1846. Edward C.Sparhawk, Pres.; 

Stephen W.Trowbridge, Sec. 
ron D. Williams, Pres. ; George Greger- 

son, St . ■■ tary. 

— Inc. 1845. Martin Lincoln, Pres.; 

J. Q. A. Lothrop, Sec. 

New Bedford. — Inc. 1853. . Charles R. 

Tucker, Pres.; William T. Russell, Sec, 

Capital, £224,000. 

Inc. 1849. L. Bodman, jr., Pres.; H. 

W. Billings, Secreta/ry. 

— ■ Inc. 1837. 1 Pre*.;- It* 

C 1 e v e 1 a n d , Secret", t y . 

ponset Village. -- Inc. 1855-i Asapb 

Churchill, Pres. '; Wm. F. Temple, Sec. 

Province-town. -— Inc. 1845. Thomas 

Hili ird, Pres.; Nathan D. Freeman, Sec. 

1829. George Nichols, Pres.; John H. 

Nichols. Sec. * 

lArhaveu. — Inc. lS->3. F'. R.Whitwell, 

Pres. ; John A. Hhwps, Sec. 

River. — Nath'i Borden, Pres.; Benj. F. 

V, Lis!'."', See.' 

town.--.Inc. 1844. .Sam'l Little, Pres. ; 

William Boynton, Sec. 

ourg.—Ine. 184?. Nath'i Wood, Pres. • 

Al .-I Ihnrston, Sk\ 

field.— Lie. 1828, gam'lH.J&ee'd.jPm.; 

Charles M it toon, 

Gloucester.— Inc. 1847. Simeon Burn- 
ham, Pres.; Joshua P. Trask, .Set'. 

Inc. 1847. Isaac Somes, Pres.; Alfred 

Presson. See. 
GRANB1 MUTUAL, Granby.— Charles 

S. i'. rrv, Pn - .■ Frederic Tavlor, Sec. 

Inc. 1828'. Nath'i If. Griffith, Pres.; 

Nathaniel Ladd, See. 
HAMPDEN FIRE, Springfield. — Inc. 

1851. J. C. Pynchon, Pres.; Charles 

Marsh, Sec. 

18.52. Closing business. 

amptoh. — inc. 1832. Sam'l 1. Lyman, 

HAL Ik!! ILL MU FUA I '. Ill E, [Iaver- 
hilt* 4 -?! ncoj p, 1831. Alfred Kittredge, 

— Inc. IS2S. Salomon Lincoln, Pres.; 
David Harding, Sec, 

■ . ■ I 

' ' - , 
A ,-.. An ' . .' 

I nc. IS 13, Augustus Stoi y, P 
- ■ . 
b rid —In - ..-. J.E.J eld, j 
Henry J. Dunl am, Set . 
EH ■'■■ -.'A) FIRE, Lowell.- I - 184S. 
Nathan Alien, Pres. ; 3. \ 

LOWFJ i Ml TUA1 ; [RE, Low< 
Inc. I v'i.'. Jam< s K. Eel! ws, 7'm. ; 
• ■>''' ; . 

A !8. . • h in D. Cli I ; An- 

..''■: ■ • 

RINE, Lynn.— I i . 
>'r ..■...-•■-.. .- .-. I . i. .Sec. 

boro'. — Mark 1 ay, Pres.; Hollis Lor- 


A Id.— Inc. 1851. Caleb Rio?, 

Pi i-s. ; F. L. Bacon, >■'< c. 
M fcSSASOIT Sprii i field. — Inc. 1857. 

■- ■ i S Day, Pres'. ,; Sanford J. HH1, 

A rttam. 
m RCHANTS' Ml TUA] M '• ' [NE, 

Newlmrvport. — Inc. 1857 v en. Graves, 

Prt s. . Joseph J. [vnapp, S'«\ 
' - A> PS' .- . AJ ' US' MU r*L 

FIRE, W ircester. - Inc 1846. . 

Davis, Pres.; John D. Washburn, 

.V.'-. , i 

ycr.-~hiC.182S. Samuel Merrill, Pres. ; 

Middlesex!' mutual fire, Con- 

t ird.— Inc. 1S2G. Daniel Shattuck, 
Pre*. ; Natl in Brooks, >V. 

In.c. ! - »1 . A .i! in C. Mai hew, i-'r^. ; 
r -.. :. !■ C . ipii , & -. 
Ml • lL MA-KiNE, Nc ■ Bedford.— 
L . 1853. . ! .., Pres.; W. 1A 

i ■ :,>..- 

MUTUAL SAl El V FIRE, South Rcad- 

i : -- I nc ; - "• : a I rkinsj Pres.; 

' : . ■ : \\ ''• - : " ■. - 

NcwbuiyporU— Inc. IS !9. John Balch, 

Pres, ; Joseph J, l> nap », ?ec. 

-r-Inc Luthei Metcalf, Pres.; 

Ira Cle^ lai d S • . 
OCEAN, i h. Nehemiah D. Kelly, 

Pres. ; i R. ' -. , 

Plymouth.— lac. 1835. Wm. Nelson, 

IW. ■ Wm. S. 1 .-■ •. 

PACIFIC MUTUAL, New Bedford.— 

Li, . 1S58. Gidi : Allen, Pres.; Bev.y 

T. Ricketsi n, s . 
■ ' . .viuert Field. 

Pres. A A > • . (ii 
;■ ■.'.• d RE, Worees- 

'..:.- '. A •-:.;.. Pres. ; 

,\u ... V C • ' ';■-/. 


Plymouth.— Inc. •■ ■ ■ W m. T. Davis, 

;Vri. ; John T. Hall, .S •. 
^A' A i MUTUAL FIRE, Quincy.— 



[nc. 1851. William S. Morton, Pres.; 

Charles A. fiovi ;..: d . Sec. 
SALEM M VKIN1-: Salem. -- [nc. 1856 

Jeremiah Page, Pres.; Wm. No 

SALEM MUTtfAl "' IRE, Salem— Inc. 

183S. .! 

ds,I J 

S. Nichols. S<?e. 

FIHE. Inc. 1855. Thomas J. Clark, 
Pros.; Win. 0. Binnev, Sec, 

Inc. 1852. Harmon Hall, Pres. ; Wil- 
bur P. Newhall, Sec, 

South Danvers.— -Ineorp, 1829. Henry 
Cook, Pres,; George A, Osborne, Sec, 

Springfield. — Inc. 1851. Edm'd Free- 
man, Pres. ■ Wm. Conner, Jr., Sec. 

STIRANCE, Springfield. — Inc. 1827. 
Elijah Blake, Pres. ,■ L. Gorham, 5/ >.. 

Worcester. — Inc. 1845. Isaac Davis, 
Prts.; Clarendon Harris, Sfio. (See ad- 
vertising department, page 24.) 

■-Inc. 1848. Charles B..C'Qbiirn,Pm.; 
Edward F. Sherman, Sec. 

TRITON , Chatham .—Joshua Nickerson, 

Ob cl 


ford.— Inc. T85 8. II 

.''V. s-. ; !; rd : " 

—Inc. 1852 i . 

Pre ■■ . ■ i i I ' I 

FIELD ML i ' AL I l! E, 

field. — Inc 1' 

7Vt ,. .- A ■ J'. i\ i id, >■ . 
WESTFORD MUTUAL, West ford. — 

Za< 1 beus R« I, '•■-■; ■'< bi ' 

Secreta y. 

West Newbury. ■ . ! •• 

ii m, Pr<?s. ,■ John C. Carr, >•'■■■. 

TUAL 1 ; loath.— Inc. 

Elliott L. White, Pn ■ . ; I R 

S i r< fory. 

James M. Ciafts, P/7?s. ; Sani'l L 


eest-er.— Incorp. 1823, An '. ,.; 2 , 

Pres. ; Charles ] : . M , S 

FIRE, Worcester. -■• [nc. 1855. 

H. Bullock, i'r' ■-.; Parley I ■■ 

Isaiah Crowell, Pres. ; L)a\M L. 


Having Agencies, in Boston. 


Of Hartford, Conn. 

Incorporated, 1819, Cash Capital, 

$1,500,000. Suupli s, o.yek $500,000. 

Edwin G. Kinky, President. Th'os. / 
Alexander, Vice-Preddtnt. I . J. Hen- 
<hf, Seeretdrf: A. A. Wilhaius, jftjjR tftr. 
■ Samuel Tudor, Joseph Church, Kobert 
BueU, Bbenezer Flow ?r, E. A. Bulkelcy, 
Roland Mather, E, G. Ripley, 3. S.Ward, 
Henr-v-2. Pratt, Austin Dunham, G. F. 
Davis, D. ilillyer, Thos. A. Alexander, 
Walter Ke!:<-v. Charles H. Brainard, Wm. 
F. Tuttle, Directors. 

Farnham glummer, -Agent, No. 2Union 
Building, 40 Sctc Str< et, Boston. 

Of Fittsfield, Mass. 
Cash paid up Capital. $100,000; Ac- 
cumulated Surplus, £185,000. 

T. F. Plunkett, President. ' Jas. Francis, 
Vice-Pros, Benj. Chickering, Sec. and 

T. F. Plunkett, James Fran eis, Geotge 
J. Tucker, Theo. Pomeroy, L. It. Gam- 
wcll, Thorn ls G. Carson, llenry S. Briggs, 
Geo. ii. Phelps, Wm. C Plunkett, Wm. 
Pollock, Elrsj Merwin, Phinehas Allen, 
Jr., Cba . M. Owen, A. U. Pease P. L. 
Page, S. Blackintoa, Samuel Ingalls, W. 
M. ttoot, A. C. UuaseU, Henry Chirk, 
Hti n'ry Stearns. Josiaa Carter, director*. 

Augustus A. Gould, M. D., Bu 
ster Brown, M. D., Examining 1 

O, No. 13 Exchange Street, R 
No. 8. Boston. 

J. I'.. Francis, General Agent. 


TU? ; '^"'- ■ V.. ■- L : - 

Office, Lynn Mechanics Bank Br 

The risks taken by this Compan; 
sides Dwelling Houses and out-bui 
with their contents, ai 
sivelv to Buildings and Merc: 

nected with the Boot, Shoe as 


Wm. Bassett, Pres. Valentine Mt 

J. E. Westgate, G mt/ral .!. • ' , 
Agent for other res ponsi mies. 

Office, No. 17 Kilby St., Boston. 

CH./iJtiril GAK £1FE INS. CO. 

Of Fl&rtfi rd, Conn, 

Capital axu Sueplus, $750,000. 

Jainea C. Wall U y, Pres. Lh i 

Iiusscil, Vice-Pres. Samuel 11. White, 

Arthur Merrill, Agent, 27 State Street. 



Of xSew Haven, Conn. 
Cb.vHtbebd Capital, -■'• ; '. i >. 
Paid up Capital and S -wj c 
Wells Southworth, iYo\ James F. 
Bibcock, Vice-Pres. Levi B. Bradley, 

Policies issued at current rates. Losses 
equitably adjusted, and promptly paid. 

Cowles, brown & Co., Boston Agents, 
39 State Street (Room No. 2). 


Of Hartford, Conn. 

Cash Capital, $200,000, wtTh large 
Benj. W. Greene, Pres. John B. El- 
dredge, Sec. Arthur Merrill, Agent, 27 I 
State Street. j 



Established at Hartford, Conn. Incor- ! 

porat'.d by the Legislature of Conn., 1S46. i 
Acquired Capital, ,$.4,000,000,.. 

Edwin Ray, General Agent, O.Tice, 20 1 

State Street. f 

James Goodwin, Pres. Guy R.Phelps, I 

Sec. Chs. G. Putnam, M. IX, Physician, j 

James Goodwin, Edwin I). Tiffany, Ma- j 

son Gross:, Edward B. Watkirison, John ' 
C. Palmer, Zephaniah Preston, N . M. 

Waterman, Edward W. Parsons, Henry I 

Perkins, Guy II. Phelps, Hartford ; -David ' 

Wilder, jr, Boston'; Chas. Dennis, New j 

York, — Directors, (See also Advertising j 
Department, page 2i.j 

Of New York City. 
Cash Capital, $500*009, v.- mi &&a&s : 

Ocor»r>T.IIopo, Pres. li. TJ. EaiUp^rt, : 

Arthur Merrill, jtyeisf, 27 Stat • Street. I 


Of Dorchester, Mass. 
Boston Office, No. 1 Phoenix Building. 

Incorporated, 1855. 
A. Churchill, Pres.; W. F. Temple, Sec. 
John II. Robinson, Treas. 


Of Dorchester, Mass. 
Boston Office, No. 1, Phoenix Budding. 

Cash Capital, $100,000. 
A. Churchill, Pres. and Treas. W. F. 

W»A. CoW , J'r » Alexander Stud 
Vice-1 'rei. Janu » M. . Sec. 

Ai In w B. Hod i, R Iward S! 
is Polley, I 

F i '■ Philip .■ Crooke, G B rn< .1.. 

W. CJrford, George T. C I , - r . M. Fur- 
man, Alex. Studwell, John L. Everett, E. 
Liv< i inoj . , Jam 3 W i re, - T 
George W. Prince, M. ' 
liam A. Cobb, John Moore, , r 
.'• n .- I ■: . 

, I V. :- ;tio . k r. I .'. . A.D I 
kee r Charles B.White, A.J. .. 
ar I R lynor, Willi ti, A. S. Fos- 

ter, M. 1 . Hod •■ - B. !■ u '. A. C. 
TefFt, W.L.Conkl I , I 

Charles E.Smith, O. W. Brenan, 
Slii aon Diret tors. 

Dobson & Jordan, Agents, 46 


Sfew York Gitv. 


Insures Buildings, Merchandise, Furni- 
ture, Vessels in Port and their Cargoes, 

Of IXartfi r.d, Conn. 

Incorporated, 1810. Cash Capital. 
£500,000. Surplus, OYi u giOOyQOO. 

II. Huntington, Pres. T.C. Allyi \,S 
C C. Lyman, Assist. Sec. Wm. N. Bow- 
ers. Adjuster. 

H, Huntington, Albert Day. James 
G odwin, Charles Boswell, Henry Keney, 
C ilvin Dav, Job Ally-n, John P. Brace, 
Charles J. Russ, Directors. 

Farnham Plummer, Agent, 2 Union 
Bui ting, 40 State Street, Boston. 


112 and 114 Broadway, New York. 
Ca:,b Capital, $ 1,000,000. 

C taxles J. Martin, Pres. A. F. Will- 
marth, Vice-Pr ». John McGee, Sec. 

We select the following references by 
■ ? rru L== si o n : — 

. . ['LP rker, Esq., firm of A. V. A. 
L ■ ■ :-■; ■' .v '-'■'. ; !' . ! - I f • ■•'. Esq., 
; .-•.. rf F. Skinner & Co. : S. II. Payson, 
Esq.; firm of J. C. Ho re & Co.; H. Cal- 
! - ler, 1.- [., firm of i ; i r.rv Callendei & 
C< .; Messrs. • ames M. Beebe & Co.: 
W . SS rs. Dana, Farrar & H i 

This Company (the capital having all 
been paid in | will insure Woollen and Cot- 
: .ctories and other Buildings, Mer- 
chandise, Hous< hold F im ti re. and Per- 
sonal Pro] : rtv g< n< ral nst loss or 
damage by fire, <>:: favorable terms. 

Dobson & J ' tan, ' >nti, No. 46 State- 
Street. Boston. 


Of Lov ell, Mass. 

Insures against hazards by firp, on the 

safer el perty. 

Cash Cai (i <h axd Scrplvs, $150,000. 

N ith m Allen, Pres. J. W. Daniels. 
;-. -. a id fre'ts. 

Lowell . .: - nt d, cor.of ! - 
Street. (First bloor, Old Post Office 
Buildii g.) 

Cowles. Brown <& Co., Boston Agents, 
30 State Street, Room No. 2. 




Of the City of New York. 
Cask Capital, g20Q,OOQ. 

JoTinRankvn, Pre*. Williai i A; -; 
Sec. Alexander Wiley* Jr., Assist. Sec. 

Samuel P. Holmes, Anson G. PI .--, 
Charles Christmas, George II. Ellery, Al 
rred Large, Walter S, Griffith, J. S. T. 
Stranahan, Lowell Hoi brook, Robert B »or- 
man. Samuel Sloan, Joshua H. Bates, A. 
13. Strange, C. B. Caldwell, W. II. Mc- 
Connell, James McKare, S. Nelson Davis, 
Geo. W. Parsons, William L. King, Wil- 
liam A. Kobbe, George Bulpin, Nathan 
Lane, Solomon Freeman, Ebenezer Beadle- 
ston, Moses A. Hoppock, William 0. Bow- 
era, Willard >I. Newell, Henry J. Baker, 
Geo; ge B irnes, William Allen, John Arm- 
strong, Edward Brick.-, Henry L. Burr, 
\). ft* St infprd, Andrew Conistock, W.-D. 
Thompson, Directors. 

Dobsan & Jordan, 4G State Street, Bos- 
ton, Agents. 


Of New York, 
&kS£ Capital and Surplus, $175,000. 
T. I. Bergen, Pros. J. B. Thompson, 
Jr.. Sec. 

Policies issued at current rates. Losses 
equitably adjusted and promptly paid. 

Cowtes, Brown & Co., Bostoi Agents, 
JJ9 State Street, Room No. 2. 


Cash Capital, $300,090. 

Office, No. 108 Broadway, New York. 

This Company insures Buildings, Mer- 
chandise, ana Personal Property generally, 
against loss or damage by fire, 

The attention of insurers is called to the 
,f participation. ! ' system adopted by this 
cotfnpany, by which the insured receives 
s*¥en=ty.^ftve per cent, of the net; podis, 
■ ■-.. L which will result in a return ( La scrip 
beatinc interest) of a large portion of the 

5 ensi . .: j while the stability of the tuai- 
p&nj is also greatly increased thereby. 

J* nes Lonrner Graham, President. Ed- 
ward A. Stansbury, Secretary. Uzziah 
W« nm'an, s. rvcyor, 

Boston Ri ft rt "nees. — f ;>• rc.n C. Smith ; 
Charles W.Cart* right; John U. Forbes ;' 
Lj man Nichols ; Ali r,\ Patterson, & Co. ; 
Denny, Rice, A: Co. ; Butler & Sise ; Jcw- 
ett, Tibbetts, & Co.; J. E. Thayer & 

Boston Office, 46 State Street, Dobson 

6 J >rdah, Agents. 

Newark, New Jersey, 
A.RBKTS, November 1, 1861, $4, 104,572.10. 
R • ' rt L Patterson, President. Lewis 
C. Grover, fw^Prewdwrt. Benjamin C. 
Miller, Secretary. 

Joseph B. Jackson. M. D, Medical Ad- 
<<■>, Newark. James Stewart, Medical 

J i i ph P. Bradlej ' i ''■?>*. 

I R '■ :tt I . Path . n, Charles S. 
i net, Lewis C, G b O. Low, 


. i., ."..- 

b. P< rrj . Joseph \. Halsi y, In 

Prospectuses, Statemi nts, and Applh i 
tions will be furnisher (without < 
and all informal ioi 
by ! ' •■' 
Si reet I 

N. }>. — Persons r< idii f in i ny | 
of the country, desirous of ii 
lives, will be supp ■ • ith all th< 
sary papers, and witl 

to enable them to r - : . t by ad- 

■ • 

Boston Z? '' ■ ■ - A. ..v A. La r 
& Co. ; Jami . M . I & Co.; Blanch- 

ard. Sherman, .V Co.; Levi Bartletl 
Co.; D. B. Stedman & Co.; Ga 
Brewer & Co ; Vernon Brown & 
lion. Stephen Fairbanl = (Treasurer West- 
era Railroad) ; Hon. Ch trie - ' >. I 
(M; -■•. &i pi< d ■] I C '.)•; U 
A. Thompson ; Ho i. '1 mer Bartlett; 
Charles W. Cartwright, 
tuxers Ins. Co.); J. W. B Ich, I • 
(Boylston In.s. Co.); Esra Fainswortii, 
Esq. (Parker, Wilder, & Co.); Luther 
Dana, Esq. (Dana, Farrar, & H; 
Willi : . D. Ccolid ' .. ; 
man, Esq. (late U. S. Marsha l; 
Dexter, Esq. (Dexter, Lambert, & Co.); 
Hon, Henry Wilson, (U. S, Senator) 
Joseph W. Clark, Esq. (Clark, Chei 
Co.); Joseph Whir >, Es ;. (Ca he i 
Bank); L. A. Huntington, Esq.; E. E. 
Manton, Esq. (Manufacturers' Mul 
Ins. Co.); John B, Parker, (Tre 
Eastern Railroad); Peter C. Jones, Esq. ; 
Col. Elijah D. Brigham ; Se'ldon Crockett, 
Esq.; John B, Turner. Esq-. 

D. Humphreys Stcrer, M. D., Medical 

D bson&Jc 

ti i Boston. 

i .; d, •' g, 

fo. 4? State 

Of New York, 

Ot-picu. No. 94 Broadway. 
For the year ending January 31, 1S62. 
The business of this Com] 
ducted on the muti : ;. : .. iple, in I 
strictest sense of the term; the entire 
s phis, de' ! uct : ng nc pssary es] 
alone, being equitably divided among the 

Present accumulated cash assets, the 
property of the Assure.!, - 

Policies are issued for life, payable n* 
the d ath of the assured party. 

Also, Endowment Assurance Pol 
payable when the party assured attains a 
certain- agi , or at hid death, in case :\ia 
event sho dd occur before the expiration 
of the tenn of the p >ii< • 

.•, h -. >\v ment Policies f 

payable when the ci ild . " f .. i t 
i 18, 21, or 25 s\-ards, either 

' with or without the return of the whi lc 
\ precuium paid, in case the party assured 
j does t o% uaa'u the sge specitied. 



.'mi :'i .. fire granted by the Conip my 
on favor »! le terms. 

Parties intending to insure* are respect- 
fully requested to obtain tbi* Company's 
public tti >ns, whti h aff ird a variety of in- 
fbri ati'on beyond t ,,r limits of an adver- 
tisement. Xliev can be bat) ( gratis) at the 
Branch Office, No. Do Stat Street. 

Frederick S. Winston, President, Isaac 
Abbott, Secretary. Sheppard Hoinans, 
Actuary. Minium Post, M. I'., JJJi u ■•■' 
Exam im ■ . 

77-, irdof'Tni (ees. — Frederick S. Win- 
ston, John V. L. Pruyn, William Moore, 
Robert H.MeCurdv, Isaac Green i.Vi m, 
John H. Swift, William J. Bunker, Wil- 
liam Betts, John P. Yelverton, John 
Wadswortb, Alfred Edwards, Alexander 
W. Bradford, John M. Stuart, George K. 
Clark, Samuel E. Sproulls, Samuel M. 
Cornell, Lucius Robinson, W. Snath 
Brown, Richard Patrick, William H. Pop- 
Lam, Lycurgus Edgefton, Ezra Wheeler, 
Millard Fillmore, Samuel D. Babcock, 
Hamlin i;: i ne. Daud Hoadley, Henry A. 
Smytbe, VYi.diam V.'Bra4y,W. E. Dodge, 
Geo'fge S, Coe, Williatu K. Strong, Na- 
thaniel Hay den, William M. Vermilye, 
John E, Dfevetio, Wellington Clapp, Me- 
lancthon M. 1 reeman. 

J: f< ft .'. . •.. — A. & A. Lawrence & Co, ; 
Benjannn E. Bates, Esq.; Frauds Skin- 
ner & Co. ; Franklin Snow & Co. ; Little, 
BrowBy& Co.; Charles H. Mills ; Austin 
Sumner & Co.; Read, Gardner, & Co..- 
Johnson, Sewall, & Co. ; Curtis & Pea- 
body; Townseud, Mallard, & Cowing; 
Rev. Edw ird X. Kirk, 1). D. ; Rev. Wil- 
liam R. Nicholson, D. D.; Dennv, Rice, 

& C 

William M. Stedman & Co.; S. 

Frotaingharn, Jr., & Co. ; Stanfietd.Went- 
worth, 5: Co.; Field, Converse, & Co.: 
Edward E. Rice & Co.: C. & 51. Cox.; 
Alvin Adams, Lsq. ; J. B. Kimball & Co, 

Henry H. Hyde, General Agent and 
Ail '.vnmf, 

Calvin Ellis, M. D,, Medical Examiner. 

l.Trfarn! ition will be- given at the Office. 
Pamphlets always ready for distribution. 

Offici hours from 11 to 1 o'clock. Office, 
9> Sta:e Street, Boston. 


Of New York. Office, No, 6 Wall Street. 
Cash Capital, £250,000. 

Inst res tg unst Loss or Damage hy Fire, 
on favorable terms. 

The attention of insurers is called to 
the '* participation " system adopted by 
tids company, by which the insured re- 
ceives seveiity-ftve per cent, of the net 
profits, and which will result in a return 
(in scrip bearing interest) of a large por- 
tion <k? r! - premium; while the stability 
of the company is also greatly increased 

James W, Otis, President. R. W. 
B!ce< ker, S crtlanr. 

James W. Otis, Fhomas TUcston, R. M. 
BlatchLdrd, Caleb Swan, I'homas W.Gale, 
Jonathan Theme, Daniel B. Fearing, 
Charles Williams, William Whitewright, 
Comeiius McCoon. David B. Keeler, 

Mo3fa II. Grinn 11, Ai 
uel J. Beals, W-. I 

- - 
Auc! ' - I i 

- ■ 
l ■ Co. ; ]';■.• 
8 Co. ; Tu ki . . y lol nson, 

- ■ I, & Co. ; J. Wiley J 

Dob i m Jordan, A nts, ■;• 

Street, Boston. 

Of Plymoi 
Incorporated jxI 

William Nel' on, President. Willi 
Danfurth, S i reta ■ ■•. 

Boston Orfic< . N r o. I "■! rchants' Ex- 
change, State Street (Po t . >or). 
. N. A. Clarke, General Agent. 


Of Liverpool, England. 
AuTHOitizKi; Capital 10 . '", ok 

^10,000.000. Paid it Capita.), anjj 
Reserves, £80 1,0 ; '. on ■ : 25 1,000. 
^ Funds held in New Vork in ' 
States Five and Six per cent, g 
£10 f.OOO, or >k 10,000. 
Shareholders personally liable for ah 

Percy M. Dove, Manager and Actuary. 
Insures Buildings and their contents 
against loss or damage by, at current 
rates. Losses adjusted arid paid in 
t m. 

Stephen Hisginscn, Agcn 1 Attorney, 

land 3 Kilby Street, 




(Jf New York City. 

Cash Cafitai,, &. ; : S rplits ovep. 


Joseph Walli r, r. ' -. th »s. W. 
Birdsall, Vice-President. R L.Haydock, 

Cheapest and safest mode of insurance. 
Dealers receive 75 per cent, of net profits. 

The attention of insurers is called to 
the "participation" system adopted by 
this company, by which the insured receive 
se . ' nty live per ei nt. ot the net. p; 
and which will result in a rel ; u scrip 

bearing interest) of i..;./ ■ ni n ui ti.e 
premium; while the stal • of the com- 
p tnj is also greatl; incrc I thereby. 

The company invites scrutiny ai:d for 
this purpose refers to an; . ; lII parties 
in New York, in a po ition to b ac- 
quainted with the character and standing 
of insurance companies, and specifically 
to W. F. Hoi k<=r, Pr ' • Con! ntal 
Bank, N. Y. ; Edward H Dgl \ President 
Band of tli Coi .■ • ill ., \. V. ; Lu- 

cius lit ■ . -. Pr • : rs' and 

Trad irs' Bank, N. V.: '■■■■ - ph k •-• 
President C. .-. rru<t Company, X. \ . , 
J. \V. Paige ec Co., New Vork and Bos- 

Boston References by Permission. — Jas. 
McGregor, President State Bank; Sainu- 



el T . Walley, Pre ident R »vere Bank; 
.\nkrcwT. Hall, Pres'nt Tremont Bank ; 
Gorge W. Thayer President Exchange 
Bank ; A. W. Thaxter, President Traders' 
Dank , Solomon Lincoln, C ebster 

Bank; L. Giillivrr, Cashier Union B u - 
John K. Hall, Cashier Bank of North 
America; Andrew J, Loud, Cashier Gran- 
ite Bank ; C. R. Ransom, Cashier Safety 
Fund B ink. 

Dotao'n & Jordan, Agents, 46 State 
Street, Boston. 



Of Lowell, Mass. 

Stock and Mutual. 

C. B. Coburn, President. E. F. Shcr- 
man, Secretary. 

The mutual department is confined to 
dwellings, furniture, and farmers' risks. 
No assessment has ever been made in this 
otates, and there is now a cash siirplus of 
over $2.5,000-. 

In the stack department, stores and 
Contents, buildings in progress, and oth- 
er property not extra hazardous, are taken 
at current rates. 

Cowlos, Brown, & Co., Boston Agents, 
30 State Street, Room No. 2. 


Of London. 
Capital, £2,000,000 ster., or $10,000,000. 

The Units' Fire Insurance Company 
will issue policies against loss or damage 
by fire en buildings, merchandise, house- 
hold furniture, &c.-, &c., at the usual rates. 

Losses adjusted ar.d promptly paid, 
without reference to London. 

A Speci il Fund of $150 
the New Yoi , for the ben 

Pol i y Holders, in acci i • 
law of the Slate. 

v, YoH ': C Fl 

Presid t A I . : I lii B 

Li - ingsti i, fii ra of Bai lay : 

ton ; Watts SI rrai n, firm .of J i 

Sherman, & Co. 

Fan, ham Plum-:. . , .' !, No. 2 
Building, 40 S at Str< t, Bust >i . 


J. 11. WaUD & Co.. 68 State : 
Boston, Agents foi 

Providence Washi s " ■ i s I s • C 
Providence, ILL Cash Capit 

Norwich Fin g I • - -■ i ■ - ■ ■. C< , 
Norwich, Conn. Cash Capit 


Providence, IL I. Cash Capital, - LO 

Hope Ixs-uha^ce Company, 
Providence, R, I.. Cash Capital, #lc 

Boston References. ~- 5 . C. How< . 
Franqis Skinner & Co., Converse, : 
lug, & Co., Frothingham & Co., lli 
soj), Beane, & Co., Bush & Wildes, r J . & 
E. Batcheller & Co. Tucker, New) i 
Co., Read, Gardner, & Co. Henrj . 
let, Esq., E. E. Manton, Esq., Benj. i. 
Bateb, Esq. 

Providence References. — Alex. Dm 
Esq., A. D. & J. Y. Smith & Co., B 
& Boweu, Brown & Ives, E >val ( 
Esq., Hon. Wm. W. Hoppin, A. & W. 
Sprague, C. Allen & Co., lion. Elisha 


AB1NGTON MUTUAL, Abirigton.— Inc. j EOXBORO', Foxboro.— Inc. 1S54. Otis 

1853. Lucius Faxon, Pres.; John N. ! Carv, Fres.; J. E. Carpenter, Sec. 

Noyes, See. ! FRANKLIN, Boston. -S th W. I. - 

AMERICAN, Boston,.— Albert J. Wright, i JP/v.?. ,- William W. Bullock, Sec. 

/V,s ; Elijah R. Phinnev, See. ' ! GLOBE, Boston.— E, P. Doll 

EiKSFLUlE, Stoekbridge.— Inc. 1854. ! Pres. ; C. D. Col .See. 

HAVERHILL. Haverhill. — Inc. 1854. 

D. F. Fitts, Pr< •. ; Walter Good' 13 v 
Inc. lSo-3. H. N. Johnson, Pres.; 0. 
Thompson, Sec. 
HOPK1 S-t-ON, Hopkinton.— Org. 1856. 
James S. Tiieston, Pres*; G. \V. Wa - 
re a, Sec. 
JEW -,; ■ EfRS', Attleboro'.— OTg. 1855. 

Geoure Price, Pres.; S. S. Guild, Sec. 
l\\ BSBORO', Lai esboro'.- I; c 18 ' 

Justus L'owei , P/'M. ,■ Win. v. i ( I 
LAWRENCE, L .vrenee.— BanaSa 
P. Henry Chadwick .v-\ ' I Pres.; A. C. Chad wiuk, Sec. 

EAST BOSTON MUTUAL, E. Boston. ! LOWELL MUTUAL, Lowell.— Inc. 1854. 
— David Y. Kendall, Pres,; Caleb W. j Benj Goddard, Pres.; John F. Mana- 
Prouty, Nee. Shan, Sec. 

J. H.Strons, Pro. ,- Th^s. Well 

Inc. 1855, Abram M. Bigelow, Pres. 

William P. Slocum, Nee. 
BUNKER 11 ILL, Charlestown. — Inc. 

1853. Samuel S. WiiLon, Pres.; Thos. 

CHARLES lli VEK , ! v7atertown. — Inc. 

1854. E. B. Armstrong, Pres.; I). T. 
Huckins, Sec. 

CHELSEA, Ciielsea.— Inc. 1854. Albert 


Lett, /' 



LYNN, ! ■ ■ .. -Oi :.. 1854. James M. Sar- 
gent, Pres.; Valentine Meader, N<-.-. 

I ■ JASOIT, Springfield. — Inc. I i . 

William Patton, iVe*.; Uensaa Smith, 

M kY EKICK MUTUAL, East Bo st o.-- 

Inc. 18.34. Edward F. Porter, Pies, ; 

T. Robinson, ft'e 
MECHANICS', East Boston. — Nichols 

Litchfield, Pres. ; Lorin ; Johnson, S'ec. 

Inc. 1855. L. L. Masai , Pttw.,- A. I.. 

Burbapk, Sec. 

1854. Caleb Crosby, Pres.; John F, 

Mar.ahao, S '. 
METROPOLITAN., Boston.— Inc. L854. 

Robert 1. Robbing, Pres.; Edward C 

Stevens, See. 
MIDDLEBORO', Middieboro'.— Incorpo- 
rated 1854. Nathan Xing, Pres.; J. L\ 

Shaw, Sec. 
MILL RIVER, Milford.— Inc. 1854. E, 

Mann, Pres.; T. G. Kent, See. 
NATIONAL, 'Boston,— E. P. Dolbeare, 

jr., Prts.; C. D. Cole, Sec, 
NEW ENGLAND, Boston.— Inc. 1854 

3. H. Hauaferd, Pres.; A. P. Blake, 

water. — Inc. 1855. Ben}. A. Packard, 

Pres.; Henry A. Ford, S c. 

Inc. 1854. O.S.Sanders^Pw.; William ■ 

W. Bullock, Sec. 
PLYMOUTH, Plymouth.- Inc. 1855. 

Leander Lovell, Pres. ,■ Wm H. Nelson, 

QUINCY, Quincy.™ F. M.JohnsoBjPm.; 

Lewis Congdon, See. 
SALEM AND DaNYERS, Salem.— Iae- 



Brid - 

i • .; B. \: . !: 

• .- ' 
I ■■ ' .. S ii lucl B. Kro ;man, Pres. . 
ilkine Sec. 
SOUTH ABi: GTON.S mth Abington.— 
Inc. 1854. Eliab M. Noyes, President , 
! imuel Dy< i . ; 
SPRINGFIELD, ' I.— I e. 1 .'. 

George W. Winchester, Pres.; F. B. 
; !• ; ■'.':., Sec. 

I STATE, Bostoi J. Wright, 

i Pres. ,- Elij u- D . Phinney, Sec. 

UNION MUTUAL, Boston.— Inc. 1853. 
| M >ses A. Dow, Pres.; Alverdo W 

S c. 
j UNITED STATES, Boston. — Will 
j Moses Tenney, Pres,; Alpheus P. Blake, 
I See. 

] V; A LTD AM MUTUAL, Waltham.— Inc. 
, 1354, J. T. Heminway,.P>es..; San>uel 
I B. Wbitnev, > :. 

j WARREN, Charleston.— Inc. 1853. G. 

; •'■ hingl n \ . :■., Pres. ; Thorn: -.• 

Sumner, Sec, 

iFASJlINGTON, Boston.— Inc. 1854. 

K. S. Chaffee, Pres. ; E. G. Stevens, Sec. 

WEST LYNN, West Lynn-.- Inc. 1854. 

T» P. Richardson, Pros.; W. Newhall, 

i •-• 

: V EST MEDWAY, West Medway.-— Inc. 

1854. William Everett, Pres.; C I -. 

H. Deans, Sec. 

Weymouth.— Org. 18-53. J. W. Loud, 
; Pres.; Elias Richards, Sec. 
! WORKINGMEN'S. Salem.— Inc. 1855. 
j James A. Gillis, Pres.; Samuel Mack- 
I tntire, >■■ i 

GAS COM !• A \ I B S . 

AMESBURY & SALISBURY;- Thos ; CITIZENS, Reading, South Reading, & 

J. Clark, Pres ; Win. C. Binney, 2><£<m. .; £ oi . i. — Liliey Eaton, of S. Rcad- 

ATTLE.B01tO J (North). — Incor. 1S55. { in:-. 7:--. 

E. S. Richards, Pres.; A. C. Tifft, I CLINTON. — Inc. 1854. Capital, $38,- 

Treas. Ilenty Rice, Supt. \ GOO. F. Forbes, Pres.; H.N. Big elow, 

BEVERLY. — inc. 135D. Capital §40,- | Zrtus, 

000. John 1. Baker, i'/voc.; John B. [ DANYERS. — Daniel Richards, Prcu.; 

IIP, Treas. i William L. Weston, 2«<m. 

TON.— Inc. 1822. Samuel A. Eliot, PEDHAM — Inc. 1853. Capital, $50,000. 

iiaraW.Gi-eenovjgh, Treas.% ; Henry Cormerais, Pre*.; Henry W. 

irlc8C..SMmth l .C.fcr*. Office, , Richards, Treas. 

., I DORCHESTER — Inc. 1857. Capital, 


8 We 

Eucor. 1853. Capit 

fiaOOOO W» Bran haU JV« - C I 5150,000. Edtfard Gi< ison, Pr«.Na- 

? - : e ! H ?r ■ ' than Carruth. 7**<w. 

■■"'" BUIDUE — fne" IS5" Crilts] [EAST-BOSTON — Inc. 1853. Capita 
jt-ttO 000 John H Biake "*Prea • ' Estes &15&.CW0 H I rnes, Pres.; Geo. 

i» . '.. v m>T< "'. ■ /",. ' ' "* U.PimiimerJ '. M. Norvm. S'.v t. 



0U0. Isaac Stei 
Loomb, Tr,ui. 

- !,- ■ i .'j Capii -I ! ^'^•• , - 1MYER.- : ■ l\ r,d ( 

Hi bbeil r/».i -Geo' ' S26.D00. - '• o, /V^. ; R.C. 

as H * Aijent." " ' Bromi, 7. ■ .. 

*>i. 'Capital, $100,- FITCH B U RG. — Inc. 1853. Capitni, 

us t Pre*.; Jason L. ; 51B0,00v). !g43-,l5U paid m, IversPUil- 

' lips, Pres.; E. J. Crossman, Tna$. 



. ■ il CESTER.— Inc. 1852. C pital, 

r ,0 i0. !• '. G. Low, Pres. and Treas. 

April, ! 3") '». Capital. $5,000. John C. 

ftu i.s Ik Pr«.; AsaC. Russc I. Treas, 
GR1 JNPiELD, -- Inc. I So-!. Ruiu's 

[', ivfhii •:. ' V- .; James C. Davis, Treas. 
HAVERHILL. ■«- Inc. 1853. Capital, 

£45,000. Warner R. Whittier, Pres.; 

William Caldwell, Treas. 
JAMAICA PLAIN.— Inc. 1853. Capital, 

$100,000. John C. Pratt, Pres.; Kob't 

Seaver. S,-,-. and Turns. 
LAWRENCE. — Inc. 1840. Capital, 

#120,000. John H. Blake, Pres>; R. VV. 

Emmons., Treas.; Geo. D. Cabot, Agt.; 

A.Terinev, Clerk. 
LOWELL —Inc. 1S49. Capital, $200,000. 

John Wright, Pres.; John F, Rogers, 

Treas.; Mertoun C. Bryant, Agent. 
LYNN.— Inc. 1853. Capital, £60,000. 

Jame-5 M. Buffuru, Pres.; Jos.N.Saun- 

dersoi , Treas. 

FO;;;),-- G forge P. Cox, Pres.; J. H. 

Gcxnversi Treas. 
fcL&JFtBJ EREAD. -Inc. IS''. Capital., 

$10, '00. George Wilson, Pres.; W.O. 

MARLBOROUGH.— Sara'l Boyd, Pres.; 

Joseph Bovd, Treas. 
^IDDLlyBOROk— J. W.P.Jcnks,.Pres.; 

1). X. Jenks, Treas. 
MILFORD.— Inc. 1S44. Capital, &1Q0 - 

000. Orison Underwood. Prv".; Aaron 

Claflin, Treas, 
MILTON. — I&c. 1861. 
N AN I Ci K ET. — 1 ae. 1,854. Capital, 

$30,000. George W. Macy, Pres.; An- 
drew J. Morton, Treas. 
NEW BEDFORD.— Inc. 1853. Capita!, 

$130,0.00, Wm. C. Taher, Pres,; Jan.cs 

15. Coogdou, Treas. 
NEWBURYPORT.— Inc. 1850. Capital, 

$80,0t>0. Richard Fowler, Pres.; E. F. 

1854. Capital, 030,000. JosephN. Ba- 
con, .<"/• .,- B. i : '. Bacon. & .and Treas. 

NQR/r HAMPTON. — Inc. 1853. Com- 
menced 1857. Capital, $40 000. Mar- 
tin AI. Preach, Pres.; Sidney E. Bridg- 

- mas, Jr., Z>«w.; David Crafts, Su/tf. 


( apil . Wi i. I . Brett, Pres.; 

N. Chesman, 7'. 
J PAW . - !: c. }■ 30. Capital, 

>"•' 000. J ■.> ■• Dennis, Pres.; Ckas. 

.' ' Treas, 

PITTS! I El D CO a .— I... . 1853. Cap- 

ital, §40,000. Ro iert W. ,' .:,•: i, P,v,.,- 

Wm. R. Plunkett, Tre is. 
PLYMOUTH.— Inc. 1853. ( . 

000. Wm. T. Davis, Pres.; William S. 

Danforth, 1 i 
QUINCY..— Edward Turner, Pres.; Louis 

Congdon, Treas. 
ROXBURY.— Inc. 1852. Capital, $11*.* 

000. John J. Clarke, Pr«.; Wm. B. 

Kin gsbur y , Treas, 
SALEM.— Organized L850. Cap'l, • 

000. Georgi Choatc, Pres., Fj 

Brown, Treas. a:':' Sun'. 
SANDWICH. — Boston and Sandwich 

Glass Co. supply the town witl ^as. 
SOUTH BOSTON.— Inc. 1852. Capital, 

$80,700. William 2 . An trews, Pres.; 

Jeremy Drake, Treas.; E. J. Davenport, 

Clerk and Sit] t. 
SOUTHliUIDGE.— Er< rted In 1859.— 

John Edwards & Co., Propn 
SPRINGFIELD. — Inc. 1*47. Capital, 

#75,000. Marvin ■ Chapin , .Pn : ■■' aies 

D. Brewer, Treas.; Theodore Stel 

Sec; Geo. Dwiglit, Jr., Supt. 
TAUNTON.— Inc. 1853. Ca Cal, & 0.- 

000, Albert lucid, Pres.; E Iwin Keith, 

! WALTHAM.— Inc. 1854. Capita 

000. Isaac R. Scott, Pres.; Horatio 

Moore, Treas. 
WARE. — Inc. 1853. Capital, g 

S. J. Withrell, Pres.; C. A. Stevens, 

WEST CAMBBIDGE.— Inc. 1854. Cap- 
ital, . E. Converse, Pr •. 


WOBURN.— Inc. 1854. CapU, $100,000. 
Charles Choatc, Pres,; Aaron Th 
son, Trt as. 

WORCESTER. — Inc. 1849. Capital, 
#90,000. George T. Kice, Pres.; Wm. 
Cross, 'Treas. 

WESTFJELD.— AsaB. Whitman, Pres.; 
Samuel Fowler, Treas. 



Atlantic Messengerv-Hyannis, weekly, Ed- 
win Coombs, .SC 50 per year. 

Barnstable Patriot. Barnstable, weekly, 
S. B. Phinney. 52,00 per year. 

Cape ( od Advocate, Sandwi a, weekly, 
1. ihkharn & Bowman. #1 50 per >ear'. 

Cape Cod Republican, Harwich, J. W. 
Emery. VI. 50 per year. 

^armonth Register, Yarmouth Port.week- 

Berkshire County Eagle, Pittsfield, week- 
ly, Henry Checkering. §1.50 "cr year. 

Berkshire (. ourier, Great Barrington, John 
M. Gushing. 51.50 per j ar. 

Hoosac \ alh y News & Ti m ipt North 
Adams, Phillips & Parkerj -.veekly. 
§1.50 per yean 

Pittstield Sun, weekly, Phineas Allen & 
Son. §2.00 per j •■ ir. 

Valley Gleaner, Lee, weekly, P'rench ft 

ly, Charles P. Swift. #2.00 per year. Royce. $L25 per year. 




Williams Quarterly, publi hed'bysl denta 

or' Williams Coiit-ge, Williaoisiown. 


Attleborough. Weekly News, AttI borou h, 
jin ; ert Sherman. £2.0 I p i j • ir 

Bristol County Republican, weekly, Taun- 
ton. $2.00 per year, 

Daily Evening Standard, New Bedford, 
E. Anthony. £4.00 per year; 

Fall River Journal, weekly, George Rob- 
ertson. $2.00 per your. 

Fall River News, daily, Al .. A Mill •. 
P-00 per year. 

Gazette & Chronicle, Pawtueket, R. Sher- 
man, w e e k 1 \- . $2 .00 p e r y e a r . 

New Bedford Meicttry, daily, C. B. II. 
Fessendeh and Wm, G. baker. $5.00 
per year. 

People's Press, Fall River, Noel A. Tripp, 
tri-weekly. $3.00 per year. 

Republican Standard, New Bedford, week- 
ly, E. Anthony. $1.50 per year. 

Taunton Daily Gazette, A. M. lie, Jr. 
£4.00 per year. 

Taunton Democrat, weekly, A. M. Ide,Jr. 
■^L7'3 ppr year. 

Whalemao^.s ^hippinr; Lis'. New Br-"! f 6rd, 
weekly, Beaj. Lipdsey. SI. 50 per year. 


"Vineyard Gazette, Edgartown, weekly, E. 
Mar chant. SI. 00 per year. 


Andover Advertiser, weekly. Warren F. 

Draper. SI -00 per year. 
Bay State, Lynn, weekly, Lewis Josselyn. 

§2.00 per year. 
Beverly Citizen, weekly, John B. Crcssy. 

$1.50 pei year. 
Bibh'otheca Sacra, Andover, quarterly, 

Warren F. Draper. 54.00 per year. 
Cape Ann Light, Gloucester, \yeekly, John 

S.E.Rogers. $2.00 per year. 
Cape .Ann Advertiser. Gloucester, Proctor 

kr ,.. %s «-. kly. £1.50 per vear. 
Fsse-c Banner; Haiverhlli, weekly, E. K. 

^arTbrd'; 52.00 per year. 
Essex Countj Mercury, Salem, weekly, 

Foote :. florton. S'i.50 pei vear. 
Gloucester Tele; r..aa. s< tu-weeklv, John 

S.E.Rogers. 52.75 per year. ' 
Haverhill Gazette, weekly, E, Q, Froth- 

ingham. $2.00 per ye tr. 
Herald of Gospel Liberty, Newhuryport, 

weekly. B. F. Carter. 51.50 per year. 
Lawrence American, wet'klv, i;>ior:^ S, 

Merrill. $1.50 per year. " 
Lawrence Courier, weekly, J. 11. Harri- 

man. 01.00 per ye.^r. 
Lawrence Daily Journal, Bockhata A 

P.) ice. 5*-00 per year. 
Lawrence Sentinel, weekly, B.F. Watson. 

$l.fA) per year. [net vear. 

Lynn News, weekly, J. F. Kimball. £2.50 
Lynn Weekly Reporter, II. S.Cox. $2.00 

Murb&hWd Ledger, Horace S. Traill* 

$2,00 | tr va ar. 
Newburvoort Herald, U 

Daily $1 00, i mi-wee 
Salem Dispatch. Gha 

I Sal«n Mercury, 1 iote • Horton, weekly- 
51.50 per ; 

Observer, weekly, Wm. Ives & Co. 

S'2.0fl pei >. ar. 

! , ■-. , mi-weekly, Chapman & 
Sou 'i 1) invei •-. V"\ • ly, Cms. 1). 

Howard. £1.60 p . ye tr. 
Telegraph and News, Gloucester, semi- 
w( eklj , John S. E. Roger?. 52.75 per 
y- tr. 
1 ri-weekly Publi r, FlaTerbill, Woo I- 
w .; • i' i 10 per year. 

Is, weekly, W. II. 
B. Cui ri. r. 5L50 per j e tr. 


& C urier, ' rr< nrtcl 1, ^•■r■(•kly, S. 
i S. L tstm in i. Co. .$1.50 per yej r. ' 
Grei afu !d J' -m icrat, Greenfield, 
11, J). Mirick. 51.50 per year. 

m. it. Hnse&Co. 

My 3.00, per year. 

fies VV. bwasey, 
weekly. !j£2,00 per year. 
Salem Gazette, serr.i-Wf-ekty, Foote & 
Horton. !#J.50 per year. 


. Chicopee Journal, weekly, Chicopee, Ha- 
l veus & WheeLock. £1.5.0 per year. 
: P hner Journal, Palmer Depot, weekly, 

I ' '■':• if-. $\.'£a pet year. 
j Springfield Republican, Samuel Bowles & 
• Co. Daily $5.00, tri-weekly 53.00, 

weekly §2.00, per year, 
j Westfield News-Letter, weekly, P. L. 

liufili. 51.50 per year. 


Hampshire and Franklin Express, Am- 
heret,. weekly, Henry A. Marsh. $1.50 
per year. 

Hampshire Gazette, Northampton, week- 
ly, rnirnbull & Gere. 51.75 per year. 

Northampton Free Press, semi-weekly, 
Henry M. Burt. $2.00 per year. 

Ware Standard, Ware, weekly, Fisk A 
( fl. 5L50 per year. 

MI] j D I. E 5 i ; - S C 1" N T Y . 

Arm rican Citizen, Lowell, weekly, Knapp 

a Sfiot-C) . -A.';;' per \r.a-. 
American Register and International 
J r Miles & DlfliogHam, Cam 

j bri iaeport, weekly. 
; Bunker llill Aurora, and Boston Mirror, 
Charli .-: < u, we« klj , V, . W. Wheil- 
i dov.. -■ .. - r year. 
j Cambridge Chronieli , weekly, Fisher & 
j Thurston. <J. 00 per year. 
I Charlestown Advertiser, weekly, Wm. H, 
j DeC< it .. .---'.'. per year. . 
Groton Men ury, Groton Junction, weekly. 
Henry 1 . Krown. publisher. Geo. H. 
Brown, editor. .- i. k) per vear. 
Lowell Advertiser, daily, Fisher A. Jlil- 
dreth a C . .-■• 5 Hunt. 5^.00 per year. 
Lowell Daily Courier, Stone & Huse. 

£4.50 per year. 
Lowe'! Weekly Journal, Stone & Huse. 

$[.-: ) per year. 
Lowell Daily Citizen & News, Knapp a 

Morey. $1 * per year. 
Lowell Patriot tit Advertiser, Hildreth & 

Hunt. S*1.5Q 1 er j e tr. 
Mas ! ro' Journal, wh >kly, Jc hn • 

well. §1.50 per year. 
Middlesex Journal, W'oburn, weekly, E. 

J. Moody. $2 ^i ;| per year. 
Vox Popu'li, Lowell, weekly, Stone A 
Huse. $2.00 per year. 



Waltham Sentinel, weekly, J. Hastings, j 

§1.50 ;,■. : »ear. 
Woburn Budget, Hastings & Co., weekly. 

§1,50 pet year. 


Xantueket Inquirer, W.i. H. Bcekman, 
sreekiy. §2.00 per year. 

Nantucket Weekly Mirror, Hussey & 
Robinson. #2.00 per year. 


Dedham Gazette, weekly, Emery 0. Pi'il- 
dreth. $2v00 per year. 

Norfolk County Journal, RoxbuTy,L. B. 
*.- 0. E. Weston, printers, George H. 
Monroe, cdi. and pub. $2.09 per year. 

Quincy Patriot, weekly, John A. Green. 
5 2. 00 per year. 

Randolph Transcript, weekly, Samuel P. 
Brown. $1.50 per year. 

Roxbury Gazette, weekly, fm. II. Hutch- 
inson. $"2.00 per year. 


Abington Standard, Abington, weekly, 
Char '3 G-^aa-terbrook, $i.M psr. year, 

Efinphatn Journal, weekly, Blossom & 
1 asterbrouk. $2.00 per year. 

MMdleboro' Gazette, weekly, Stillman B. 
Pratt. $1.50 per year. 

North Bridgewater Gazette. North Bridge- 
water, weekly, George PMnney. ^2:00 
per year. 

Old Colony Memorial, Plymouth, weekly, 
John Morrisey. $1.50 per -year. 

Plymouth Rock, Plymouth, weekly, C. A. 
S. Perkins & Co. $1,50 per year. 

siSppole county, boston. 

Advent Herald, American Millennia! As- 
sociation, 46| Kneeland, weekly. 

Advertiser, Nathan Hale and Chas. Hale, 
Old State House, daily, semi-weekly, 
and weekly. 

Advertiser of the North, M. KofFman, 
21 Cornhill, wee kit , 

Advocate of Peace,' George C, Beekwith, 
23 Clnuncv, monthly. 

American Hdmceopathic Review, Otis 

Amerh m M Less ■■- nger, .Am-eriean Tract So- 
ciety, 78 Washington, monthly. 

Am :\ icau Phrenological Journal, Fowler 
& Wells, 142 Washington, monthly. 

American Railway Times, John A. Haven, 
12 Water, weekly. 

American Union, Elliott & Tfcomcs, 100 
Washington, weekly. 

American rischer Botschafter, American 
Tract Society, 78 Washington. 

Atlantic Monthly, Ticknor t% Fields, 13<5 

Ballou's Dollar Monthly Magaxine, M. M. 
Ballon, :ii\ Winter. " 

Banner of Light, J.B. Rich, 15S Wash- 
ington, weekly. 

Boston Almanac, Geo Goolidge, annually. 

Boston Courier Price Current, Old State 
House, weekly. 

Boston Cultivator, Otis Brewer & Son, 
id Winter, weekly. 

Boston Directory.' Ad nas, Sampson, & 
Co.. 91 Washington, annuallv. 

Boston Hide \- Leather Price Current, 
Dexter & Co., 83 Milk. 

Bo t n Intelligent Blatt (German Adver- 
ts jer,) 518 Wi 
Boston Journ il, CI irlo i O. R ers, IS 

tiii • • irty, S( !■ i-weekly, * i 
Boston Marine Reporter, Samuel Pearce, 

, St (, tr 
Boston Post, Beals, Greene, & Co., 42 

Congress, daily. 
Boston Press and Post, Beals, Gree 
Co., 42 Congress, sen 

Recorder, Moore, Munroe, & t <.. 
22 School, weeklj . 
B ■■ t m \- . .'iew, John M. Whittemi 
Co., i i ' Washinj on, bi-montl ly. 
Boston Statesman and Weekly 

Beals, Greene, & Co., 12 Congress. 
Boston .Sunday Herald, E. C. B 

1 ( ) 3 W a s h ing ton , we e kly . 
British Journal of Homoeopathy, Otis 

Clapp, 3 Beacon, quarterly. 
Chil I's Paper, American Tract Society, 

78 Washington. 
Children's Publication, the Sunday School 
Gazette, published by the Si i 
School Society, 245 Washin 
Christian Bra, A. Webster, 17 Irernont 

Temple, weekly. 
Christian Examiner, Thomas B. Fox, 245 

Washington, bi-monthly. 
Christian Freeman & Family Visitor, Rev. 

Sylvanus Cobb, 45 Corn hill, weekly. 
Christian Register, David Peed, 22 School, 

Christian Watchman and Reflector, Ford, 

Olmstead, & Co., 22 School, weekly. 
Ch istian Witness and Church Advocate, 
Rev. Thomas F. Bales, editor; J'a:^t-<- 
B. Dow, publisher. 9-1 Trcrnont. 
Christian World, 23 Chauncy, monthly. 
C mmercial Bulletin, Curtis Guild, 129 

Washington, weekl} . 
Congresationalist, Galen James 5: Co.. 

15 Cornhill, weekly. 
Congregational Quarterly, 23 Chauncy. 
Continental Monthly, 1 10 Tremont. 
Courier, George Bunt & Co., Old State 

House, daily, semi-weekly, weekly. 
Owight's Journal of Mu ic, O. Bit on A 

Co.. 277 Washington', weekly. 
East Boston Ledger, Isaac G. Blanchard, 

Maverick square, weekly. 
Express Pathfinder, George- K. Snow & 

Hapgood, 22 Court, quarterly.^ 
Fireman's Advocate, £. A. Norris, 8tj 

Washington, weekly. 
Flag of our Union, Matuxin M. Ballou, 

22^ Winter, weekly. 
Forwarders' Guide and New En 1 n ; 
Railroad List, J. E. Bradlee, 15 W . .. 
Freemasons' Monthly Magazine, Chas. W. 

Moore, 21 School. " 
Friend of Virtue, N. E. F. M. It. Society, 

Newton place, semi-monthly. 

Fruits of America, C. M. Hovey, 21 

Jul by, bi-monthly. [monthly. 

Good "News, J. P. Magce, Cornhill, 

Goward's Real Estate Register, "Watson 

Goward, 91 Washington, weekly. 
Guide to Holiness, Rev. Henry V. 1A jen 

a' d B.W, Go'rham, 2! Cornhill, m 
Guide through Mount Auuum, Bricher «i 

Ri ell, 129 Washington. 
Hera , E. C. Bailey, 103 Washington, 

Home Missionary, American Home Mis- 
sionary Society, 2d Chauncy, weekly. 



Home 'Monthly, P. W. Childa & Co., 

4/0 Washington, monthly. 
Ilbrtteulturalist, J. Breck & Son, 51 North 

Market, monthly. 

Indinn Arcana, Indian Medical Institute, 

36 Bromficld, monthly. 
Inkstand, Wright $ Potter, 4 Spring 

Lane, monthly. 
Investigator, 11 mace Seaver ana J. P. 

Mendum, 103 Court, weekly. 
Journal for California, C. 0. Rogers, 

120 Washington, semi-monthly. 
Ladies' Almanac, Ceo. Coolidge, annually. 
Ladies' Repository, Abel Tompkins, 'iJ 

Cornhill, monthly. 
Ladies' Repository, J. P. Magee, 5 Cora- 
hill, monthly. 
Law Reporter, Walker, Wise, & Co., 

24-5 Washington, monthly. 
Lewis's New Gymnastic, and Journal of 

Physical Culture, by Dio Lewis, M. D., 

20 Essex, monthly. 
Liberator, William Lloyd Garrison, 221 

Washington, Weekly. 
Literary Companion, F", Gleason; 100 Tre- 

mont, uti-klv. 
Kiting Age, Littel!, S^n, & Co., 30 Brom- 

field, weekly. _ , 

Macedonian, American Baptist Missionary 

Union., 33 Somerset, monthly. 
Magazine of Horticulture, Hovey & Co., 

23 Kilby, monthly. 
Massachusetts Ploughman, W. 8c W. J. 

Buckminster, 51 North Market* weekly. 
Massachusetts Register, Adams, Sampson, 

& Co., 91 Washington, annually. 
Massachusetts Teacher, Massachus tts 

Teachers' Association, 23 Chimney, 

Mattapan Register, E. T. Barrett, 226 

Broadway, weekly. 
Medical and Surgical Journal, David 

Clapp, 334 Washington, weekly. 
Merchants and Manufacturers Magazine, 

Hamlet & Lingham, 33 School,.] lonthly, 
jMsSthodis* Quarterly Review, J . P. Magee, 

§ Cornhill. 
Sfiwionury Advocate, J. P. Magee, 

5 Cornhill, monthly. 
Mission iry fjLerald, Bl Pemberton square, 

Missionary Magazine, American Bapti t 

Missionary Onion, 33 Somerset, month- 
Monthly Journal, American Unitarian As- 
sociation, 245 Washington. 
Mc nthlv Religious Magazine, L.C.B rl , 

217 Washington. 
Mothers' Assistant, D. W. Childs & Co., 

45(5 Washington, monthly. 
Myrtle, J. M. Usher, 37 Cornhill, semi- 


:n Aiaea; 

ine for Children, Win. 

Carter & Bio., 2i Uromncid, montniy, 
New England Business Directory, Adams, 

.Sampson, & Co., \>l VS ashington. 
New En And UUtorical and Gencal 

Register, S. G. Drake, 13 Bromneid, 

New Ei ^.tud Farmer, Nourse, Eat n,& 
Tohnan ! 14 Merchants row, weekly and 

New Jerusalem Magazine, Win. Carter & 

Bio., 21 IB .j mil eld, monthly. 
Nona Ametican J .uruaB f Homosopathyi 

Otis Clapp, 3 Beacon, quarterly. 

North • ' 

id i, i i ; \. 

I ind St( ;.m:..ii' 1.:-', J. E. Bradice, 
Id W -.. 

i j' Guide, 

ria| lod, 22 ( >url 
I .' it, Pauic-k Donahoe, r. I 

Printers' Monthly Bulletin, J. K. R 

& Co., 6 Spi ing L me. 
Prisonei •' I rii i, Chas. Spear, Boylston 

(Lower) Hall, montl I , 
Railway r l ire 1 2 ■• iter. 
Record of Charity, Rev. C. F. Barnard, 

Warren Street Ch ij B montl ly. « 
Satur •■) Bv< in Express,Moi fan &Co., 

91 Washi on, d/. 

S iturday i . - '■ • zette, W. W. Clapp, 

.1 1 .. 25 I i anklin, reel 
Shipping List, Lea i •'.. I imp on, & Co., 

43 Coi I ' . . 

Shoe and Leather Reporter, Dexter &C0., 

§6 M ilk, weekly. 
Spiritual Ecleetii . 14 Bromfield, weekly. 
$tud< ; l and S ho Im ite, I rah n .}■.-. 
I ■ ., ■ '., mouthlj . 
I '-■.'■■ y-Sch aql i.r! ■• oci fe, J. P. 3 
j o Cor! [nil, semi-monl I - . 
j Sunday-School Teachers' rournal, .). P. 

\I ee, 5 Cornhil , montl ; 
| Tales of the Day, Wtu. Cart( • & B -.. 
t 7'W.j :er mrl 21 Bromfi 1 1, montl - 
i Tin Child at Home, Am :v m Tj t 
ciety, I. P. Warren, editor, 2- : Con 
i monti ly. 

| Eraci Journal, Am. Tract Society, 2S 
j Cornhill, m inthly . 
1 Transcript, Henry W. Dotton & Sou, 

92 Washington, daily and weekly. 

Tj mser I lifomia, H. W. "Button 

cv; S" ; \, 02 Vv r ashii .■■;,-• i-moi 

Traveller, YS rtl rigton, Flanders, & Co., 
Travel ting*, 31 St ite, daily, 

■i-":,i w-et kly, :• 1 we kly. Ca tif . ., 
s» n i monti l\ . 

3 : ■■ ■ \ ■ ■ - Mou-U" n a 1 ixMxrin, 22School, 

Pro tjp*-i and U'i ; /' i ■ li it jf! • sine-.-K-ev. 

Jami s M. Cshcr, 3/ Cornhill, weekly. 
T:.d - list Qi inerly, A. Tompkins, 25 

:' the Prophets, J. V. Himes, 13 

Wa ihii ttt : quartci 
Water Cure Journal, Fowler & Wells, 

1 ;_ Wa shiu ton, monthly. 
Waverley Magazine, Mose3 A. Dow,. 

5 Liudall, weekly. ' 
ft' k ■ ivelette, M. M- B dlo.u, 

Wcll-ti ■ , Rev. Asa Ballard, 13 Corn- 
bill, wei kly. 
Wide Wt rd, J. II. Brigham & Co., 20 

St ite, v eefcly. 
'.• ■ rl - • ti is, M. Grant, 107 Hanover, 

v, t.i kly, 
iVuth's Casket and Playmate, W. Guild 

■ ■ >f 5 Water, montlilj . 
Youth's Com; mion, Olmstead «t Co., 

J_ - .: :, weekly. 
Z\ . and V li fan Journal, 

{• Rand, 36 Washii ^ion, ^ 

Ci '■ . :, ■". .B. P. Has! 

' 5'l.GO \ t year. 
C :.•'•>- ,. iek-graph and rioneer, ilenry 

V.. ■, ij we -kly. S--' ,] l>£- yeat- 




Barre Gazette, J. Henry Goddafd, ••■■■ 

51.50 per year. 
JEsris and Transcript, Worcester, William 

R. Hooper, w< ekly. #T.50 per y ai , 
] i chl urg Reveille, Johii J . Piper, weekly. 

J 1.50 per year. 
Fitohburg Sentinel, Elisha Garfield, 

weekly. $1.50 per year. 
Massachusetts Spy, J. D. Baldwin & Co., 

weekly. >"•• * per year. 
Milford Journal, F. P. Crocker, weekly. 

$1.50 per year. 
Sniritual Reformer. Hopedale, B.J. Butts 
\% ii. N. Greene,' monthly. 50 cent*. 

Saturday C ai ; , '" luiton, E. Ballard, 

weeklj . ;' ' .. i w 1 y< ar, 
Southbridge -J rnal, Henry C. Cray, 

weekly. £2 "" 

■ '■'■ i irnes, J. A. Spalding. 

$1.50 per ) 
Westborough Trai icript, J-oy & Farwell, 

*ve< kly. :'-'•' per 
Worcester We '.!;. 'Junes, T. W. 

well. $2.00 per year. - '>: 

Worcester Daily Spy, J. D.B Ulwin i Co. 
Worcesto t D . L'i script, William J:. 

Hooper. $t.00 per y- - 
Worcester Palla ' n 1, John S. C. j 

ton, weekly. $2.0Q per year. 



Corrected from the b >oks of the Post+Office Department, Jan. 1st, 18.62. Tcrrns an ■ I ■ 
given which an not Past-Offices, but their PosUOffkea immediately follow. J 



East Abiugton,.. James M. Underwood 

North " John M. Culver 

South " George W. Reed 

Acton,.... . Daniel Tuttle 

South Acton, William R. Shattuek 

West " Charles Robinson 

.. .Daniel Jenks 2d 

Edwin Rogers 

Fohn R. Blackinton 


North Ad uns, 

Blackinton, .. 

Adamsvilie, see Colerain 

Aeavam , Lyman Allen 

Feeding Hilts, Samuel Palmer 

Alford, Mark R. Van Deusen 

AraesbuTy, ..David Bateheldei 

S mth Amesbury, ► ..►.••.Patten Sar-uent 

M, tJOllV 

Lorace Cu 
i.M. Wri 
iel Ravm 
.1. D'.'B; 


A 1 '■ ■ . 1 v 


A ■• ■ 1 1 e \ 

e G U 


Athol Pe, 


N rthAti 


orge C. Winchester 

John B. Day 

e, Wru. F. Butiage 

.• - - Benj. W. Seam a us 

.....George G. Hall 

• • James H. Jones 

see Sheffield 

ee West Springfield 

nidbury . .. . . 

". Samuel Lee 

►t, S. E. Twite-hell 

Nathan C. Luther j Boxford 

?boro', ....Thomas R, Jones 

.; J.S.Duy 

• Stephen A. Kni-ht 

':■:. M. Knowles 

>le, S.N. Ho-, 

Hyannis, Freeman C. Tobey 

Gotuit Port, ... Randall Iv.elle.y 

Marstop's Mills, Charles Bassett 

■Centreville,. .... ..Ferdinand G. Kelley 

Oster ville, Asa ( ' 

Burre, ....Charles Brimblecorn 

Barre Plains, Edward Denny 

Becket Mrs. S manthe Clark 

North Becket,, J. W. V. heeler 

West " ...Kendall Baird 

Bedford,.. ......Marcus B.Wi bl it 

Belehertown, .Samuel W. Longley 

Bellingham, Ellery Thayer 

North Bellingham, .Edmund J. Adam? 

Belmont ..John L. Ales 

I Berkley,' Daniel S. Brig p 

! Berkshire, set Lanesboro' 

T flln .R.S. H - inga 

Bernardston, William Dwight 

Beverly, ........ Thomas A. M< rgaxi 

North Beverly Elijah E Summers 

Beverly Farms, Mrs. Emily Allen 

Billesica, Benjamin L. •) 

North Billerica, lames Faulkner 

Blackinton, see Adams 

Biackstone Sylvanus 1L Benson 

North Bla< k itone, .." K. .%. 

Miltvilie, Preserved S. Th 13 er 

Blandfotd N. V. Lewis 

North Blandford,. Edwin Ely 

Bolton Joshua F. Sawyer 

Bond's Village, see Palmer 

Boston, John G. Palfrey 

Box! oro*, Oliver Wetherbee 

,......*. .Phi.neas W. Barnes 

West Boxford Phineas B. Tyler 

Boylston Levi tlolbrook 

R ►ylstpn Centre, Henry White 

Br it ird,... William ; 

Bra -; x ill ■ , iee Llolli i 01 

Bralntrce E. W. Arnold 

So\. T ii h; aintree, Eiias Iia> ward 

Brewster Josepli C. Crosby 

West Brewster, Mrs. Mere? Ryder 

East " .'•• John Rabbins 



i ' ridgev ater, i .ewis 1 Colnaea 

Scotland, George Chipman 

i . ■•' '' ton, • John F, Day 

Brimfteld ■ Silas C. Herring 

Ea: t Brimfield, Erostus Lu i ; u 

Brookfield, . . . . ....Francis Howe 

East Brookfield...... ... .George Forbes 

Brookline, Cyrus W. Iiuggles 

Buckland, ....A. W. Ward 

Burlington, . Silas Cutler 

Burragcville, see Ashburnharn 

Byfield, see New bury . 

Cambridge, . ■ ..George M . Osgood 

East Cambridge, Nathan K, Noble 

North " ..J.B.Xason 

Cambridgepoi t, John McDuffie 

Mount Auburn J oseph Bjj d 

Campello, see North Bridgewater 

Canton Rufus C. Wood 

C irlisle, . . . Artemtvs Parker 

Carver, , Eli Southworth 

North Cai'ver, ...... .Benj. Hansom, Jr. 

South « T. B. Griffith 

Ontreviiie, see Barnstable.. 

Chajrle.ra.ent, Ansel L. Xv ler 

Bast C^ademo.ct,..J&5i Dorothy Wells, Henry M. Liverrnore 

Charles River Village, see Needham..... 

Charlestown, " Win. H. De Costa 

Charlton ..Rufus Dodge 

Charlton Depot, ..••*• Almon Sampson 
Chatham/... . .......... ...2iba Niukerson 

North Chatham,.... .Benj. F. Freeman 

West "■ Samuel Doane 

Chelmsford, Eli F. Webster 

North Chelmsford j.. .Joseph W. Smith 
West " ...Christopher jioby 

Middlesex Village,.*.... John E. Chase 

Che's, j Hadley F. Burreil 

Cherry Valley, see Leicester 

Cheshire, Peter A. Troitier 

Ch »ster, ....... William Pay 

North Che ster, Jonas Parmenter 

Chester Centre,.. Thaddeus K. De Wolf 

Chesterfield, Edward Banei ift 

West Ch*stercield,... Joseph W. Tirrcll 

Chi"' o >ee, . Jonathan C. Havens 

Chk-opee Falls,. Albert McParland 

Willimansett, Closson Pendleton 

Chilmar ;, .-*. ...Triston Allen, Jr. 

CI u ksbnrg, u ) P.O.; address North Adams 

Cliftondale, s .-e Saugus 

Clinton, ....Enoch K. Gibbs 

Coqhesett, see West Bridgewater 

Cohasset ... ..Edward Tower 

North Cohasset Welcome Beal 

Cold Spring see 0:1s 

Coleraine, Horace Smith 

^ Adams ville,.. ..John Wilson 

Collins's Depot, see Wilbrahara 

Concord, Vlhert Stacy 

Conway Gurdon Edgerton 

Cordavilte, see Southboro' 

Cotuit Port, see Barnstable 

CunucninKlou Darius \\\ Lovell 

Cummiugton West Village, H. Howes 

Curtisville, ,, e Stockbridge ' 

Daiion .'..P. C. Carson 

Daua, Nathaniel L. Johnson 

North Dana, Gecr-o T. Johnson 

Dan vers. s. D. Shattuck 

Pan vers Centre, lienrv Prentice 

Danversport, David Mead 

Dartmouth, Charles T. Smith 

North Dartmouth, h E ( ' 

South " Daniel IE How! ad 

Dedh im, Ambrose B. (> 

West Dedh am, I'heodoreQ f 

South '• N' ;; rd Gay 

Dcerrhld, Charli Williams 

South Deerfield, 01 

Dennis, Hov ( 

South Dennis, M.S. Und( 

East " Lothrop Howes, Jr. 

West " Z. d -' '. Cj 

Dig A > r <, William B. Whiti 

North Dighton, Jonathan Pratt 

Dorchester, John J. I borudike 

Harrison Square, Isaac Field 

M tttap . . .. G. L. Fisher 

N< pon set Village,. ...A. C.Southworth 

Douglas, T David Holman 

East Douglas, Fenner Batcheller 

Dover, Linus Bliss 

Dracut, William C. Carter 

Dudley, 11. W. Williams 

D ansubie, S. T. Spauiding 

Duxbury, Henry J Sampson 

West Duxbury, ....George b Standish 

East Bridjrewater bc-ru W. Keith 

Joppa Village, ...Warren K. Churchill 

East Brimfield, see Brimfieid 

Eastham Demy Knowles 

North Eastham,.. David C. Atwood 

Easthampton, Ebe n ezer Ferry 

Easton, Lincoln S. Drake 

North Easton, George B. Cogswell 

South " George Copeland, 

Edgartown, Jared W. Co On 

Egremont, (town but not a P. O.) 

North Egremont,.. .Seymour B. Dewey 
South il .J. A. Be: ' 

Enfield,..., Erskine E. Butler 

Erving, Levi A. Bates 

Essex, Albert F. Low 

Fairha\ en, Jonathan T. Buttrick 

North Fairhaven, Cyrus E. Clark 

Long Plain, Charles F. Thatcher 

Fairmount, sec Milton 

Fall River, Edwin Sh ew 

Falmou th J osb iia .1 ones 

East Falmouth, -Eh than Baker 

North ' " Ferdinand G. Nye 

West " ....Stephen Dillingha i 

Hatchville, Silas Hat . S 

Wood's Hole ....Owen Eldridge 

Waquit CH. Bearae 

Fa rn utnsv ill e, sec G ra fto n 

Feeding Hills, see Agawavn 

Feltonville, -••■•* M trlboro' 

Fiskdale, see Sturl rid.;. 

Fitchburg,. i horn ton E. V.'are 

West Fitchburg, Harrington Sibley 

Florence, see Northampton 

Florida, Nathan White 

Hoosac Tunnel, John Cart^ght 

Forge Vill sec We tford 

Foxboro', James E. Carpenter 

East Foxboro', CharlesDunbar 

West " HenryHobart 

Framinghara Silas V>. Wilde 

South Framinghara, VVillard Howe 

. tvilli h hn id l 

Fi mkiiii, ..Smitb Fisher 

Franklin 'd^ Saul B. Scott 

South Franklin, Joseph 11. Wad .worth 

Bald Hill Eliaa Cook 

Freetown, Joshua Shove 

East Freetown, Heuel Washburn 

Gardner, Charles W.Bush 



Sonth Gardner, Simeon W.A. Stevens 

(j>> rgetown, . . . Richard Tenney 

Gill, Josiah D. Canning 

(■[■ :i<i.;. , •> • Stockjbridife 

Globi Vitl igc, sec Southbridge 

< [ou ister Wm. H. Haskell 

Annisquara, W. W. Chard 

Lanesville, D. A. Thayer 

East Gloucester, .... Henry S. Won son 
West Gloucester, .,Theophims Herrick 
Pigeon Cove Austin W. .Story 

Goshen,... • Joseph Hawks 

G rafton Charles A- Pierce 

Fai numsville Alfred Morse 

New England Village,... ..C. M. Pratt 
Saundersville, G. C.-Taft 

Granby, i... .Philo C'h.apin 

Graniteville, see Westford 

Granville, (town but not post village). 

East Granville, James P. Cooley 

West Granville,.. ..Lyman W. Shepard 

Grantvilie, see Needham 

Great Barringt0B$*«*-« Isaac Seeley 

ilou itonic, John M. Seeley 

Ya-Mai-.e^ihe. John 11. Coffing 

GKeenhh 1 L...... Lew is Merriam 

Greenwich, ....Samuel M. Warren 

Greenwich Village, „ ..Ira Haskell 

Greenwood, see South Reading. . 

Groton, » , Gei rge W. Fiske 

South Groton, ..George PI. Brown 

Y\* est G rotou, A. Archibald 

Groufs Corner, see Montague. ...« 

Grovebn,'!, Morris SpofFord 

Sonth Groveland, Jacob W. Reed 

Hadley, , . V- m. S. Ship man 

North Hadley, .Simon F. Cooley 

Hallux, ." Horace W. Poole 

Hamilton Gorge Appleton 

Hancock, Franklin U. Hull 

Hanover, Robert S. Curtis 

West Hanover,... -Horatio B. Magoon 

Hanson,.. ....Cyrus Drew 

Sou th Han sou, Barak Osborn 

Hardwick A. P. Knight 

Harrison Square, see Dorchester 

P:ut iviUfti see Now Marlboro' 

Harvard,. ..Xoohar Wetherhee 

Still River, William P. Pate ffi an 

Harwich W. II. Underwood 

Rait L£arwich.........Danrorth S. Steel 

South Harwich, Miss Loretta Niekerson 

West H trwjch, Erastus Chase 

Harwich Port Shubael P. Kelley 

Hatchville, see Falmou tb '. 

Hatfield Erastus P. Billmes 

Haverhill, Edwin P. Hill 

P -r Haver-hill,.. .John P. Nichols, 2d 

Hawley, Mrs. Eliza Longley 

South Hawley, Henrv Clark 

West Hawley, Willis Vincent 

Hay den Row, see Hopkinton... 

HaydenviUe, see Williamsburg 

Heath Samuel W. Barber 

Hebronyille, see Attleboro' 

Hingham, Miss Abigail W. Gardner 

South Hingham,*.. . . .Andrew Cushing 

Hinsdale,..v .Jehu Cady 

Holden... Ethan Davis 

Holland,.... Elisha Kinnev 

Hollistou George B. Fisk'e 

East Holliston, Harrison Whiting 

BraggviUe, D, Hartshorn 

Holmes Hole, see Tishury 

Holyoke, Asa O. Colby 

Ireland, .Chester Crafts 

Hoosac Tunnel, see Florida 

Hopedale, nee Milford 

Hopkinton S. J). Davenport 

Hayden Row Benjamin I 

Wo Iville, v Ibcrt Wood 

Housatonic, see Groat P •.■■•';. cton 

Ijli > dston, W. H. Whittemore 

Hull, I 

Huntington,. Samuel T. I 

Norwich, William Knight 

Hyannis, see Barnstable 

Pad: in Orchard, see Sprh . fi< Id 

Ipswich, Jo! n IP Varrt 1! 

Ireland, see Holyoke 

Jamaica Plain, se^ West Roxbury 

Joppa Village, see East Bri rater 

Kingston, Azel IP Sampson 

Lakeville, Cepl i H 

Lancaster, Humphrey I 

■ South Lancaster, Carter V il • 

Lanesboro', Charles P. Wood 

Berkshire, William G. Harding 

Lanesville, see Gloucester 

Lawrence, .....George S. Merrill 

Lee, . „ Nathan Gibbs 

Past Lee, Carlos Pinney 

South Lee, Wm. G. Merrell 

Leicester, L.D.Tl 

Cherry Valley. Joseph Bottomly 

Clappville, ..Samuel L. St( i c 

Lenox,.. George 

Lenox Furnace, W. A. Phelps 

New L- nox, Chauncy E. Den j 

Leominster, C.'ll. Colburn 

North Leominster, W. P. Howe 

Leverett,, . .Francis Frary 

North Leverett, Otis Chittenden 

Lexington, ..John Davis 

Past Lexington, .W. H. Smith, 2d 

Ley den, Thomas S. Vining 

Lincoln, James L. C 

Littleton, Shattuck Hartwell 

Lock's Village, see Shutesbury.... ....... 

Longmeadow, Samuel R. Newell 

Past Longmeadow,... Cor tez F. P 

Long Plain, see Fair bun en 

Lowell ,.-...... .>•. J ihn A. Goodwin 

Ludlow, L'j- is Plarringt m 

Lunenburg, ....Daim I Pi 'a 

Lynn, , George H. CI - 

Lynnfield, Henry NV. Swasey 

'Lvnn field Centre, Jonathan Br) nt 

Maiden, Edward W. - 

South Maiden. David N. Badger 

Maplewood, Thomas Tufts, Jr. 

Manchester Henry 1'. L< e 

Manchaug (not a town), William Metcalf 
Mansfield, .William Rol . 

West Mansfield Walter A.Crowley 

Maplewood, see Maiden 

Marblehead, S. P. Hathaway, Jr. 

Marion Sylvanus VV. Hall 

Marlboro' loseph C. Cotting 

Felt mville, G. P. Man sou 

3i.u-shh.ld, George M. Baker 

East Marshfield Calvin Dan. on 

North Marshfield, Daniel Phillips 

Marst >u's Mills, - e Barnstable 

Mattapan, see Dorchester 

y, iti ir dsett, Benjan in F. B 

M ' ■ Id, ...Wa^ltei Jam s 

Medford George Rervey 

West Medford, Franklin I I 

Medway J.'ri in A. Mason 

[<>st Medway,. ...George IP Holbrook 

West Medway, V\ ales Kimball 



Bockviile John i, Walker 

Melrose William E, 1 ulic-r 

Mendon Henry A. AUlrich 

Metfruen Charles SM 

»ro' Andrew I ! ham 

East Middlfboro', Nathan I d< 

North Middleboro*, M. Robins a 

South Middleboro',.. Simeon D. Wilber 

Hock- Israel S i nith 

Middlefifld, Oliver Church 

Bancroft Chester W. Merryfleld 

Mid Uesex Village, bee Chelmsford, 

Middleton,. Amos B; eel U 

Milford \u tm Hunt 

South Milford,^ .Samuel W. Gilbert,* Jr. 

Hopedale, Ansel H. Harlow 

Millbury Simon Farnsworth, Jr. 

West Millbury Ephraim Goulding 

Mill River, see New Marlboro'... 

Millville, si r Blackstone 

Milton, Nathan C. Martin 

Fairmount, Enoch E. Blake 

Miriekville, nee T.uuton ...■*.. 

Mittraeague, see West Springfield 

Monroe, M »ime$$OQ Stai? «?d 

Mouson, Elmer B. MP * 

Montague . Elisha Wright 

Grout's Corner,...., Mart',, G; out 

Monterey, ........... Wilbur C. La-ugd m 

Montgomery .Kelson Clarke 

Montville, see Sandisfield.... 

Monument, see Sandwich ............... 

Mount An burn, see Cambridge 

Mount Washington., np P. O. ; address 

South Egremont...... . 

Nahant,....: .W. W. Johnson 

Nantucket Andrew Whiting 

Na tick George W. Pierce 

South Natiek, Isaac B, S ir ger 

Needham, George E. Eaton 

West Needham." •Emerson P. Kn ght 
Charles Rive* Village, W. M. Richards 

Grantvillp, Alvin Puller, 2d 

Neponset Village, see Dorchester 

James Dewey 

Be fnrd ...Cyrus W. Cha^ nan e AP jab Eddy- 

:i ; .y. (towtr but not Pi 0.) 

rfield,... Samuel S. Moody 

buryport Nath -u A. Moultoh 

■ England Village, see Grafton 

\ " •• -V • Bri I tevt iter . -1 evi French 

North Brookfield Wm. ii. B i 

North Ctn ' --•;., I. Lawn 

Northlield Wm. U. Hi 

Nmthrie! I Farms, U<u»« Fi i I 

VI ' fiel I EHj . 

North Re I tec 

Norton, Mrs. Harriet i. 

Nor ich, see Huniington 

Oakdale, see West Roylston 

Oakham .J am !' 

Smithvilie, Wm. R. Whiting 

On rrge, Davis G i ' :- : 

Noi i h Orange, N. L. Jo 

Orleans, ^zariah 

South Orb iu -. Seth Sparrow, Jr. 

East Orj ans Leander ( 

Osterville, see Barnstable 

Otis.. Joseph L. Waters 

West Otis, Alansou "1 h raipson 

Cold Spring, Alonzo Waterman 

Otter River, see Templeton 

Oxford Wm. K. Pease 

North Oxford........ Miss M. E. Si ...e 

New Ashfoi 



Paxton, ... 
1\ [ham,.... 

North P< 

hast Pep 

Peru : 


PP>eon Cos 
Pitt tie! ... 

*Ga i us Rnox 

Gan aliel Collins 

Otis F. Packard 


X. D. Wight 

....N.i'.. IClark 

Enos S. Richardson 

... I. ii. \\ . 

ubroke, Nathaniel Smith 

Eli Boynton 

ierell 4 ..:..Josiah W. Rpaulding 

Sylvester S. Bowen 

Samson We*'.. ii 


e, see Gloucester 

Henry Chickering 

West Pittsficld,. Augustus W. Williams 

Plain th Id, Leonard Cam 

PlajjiviUe, ^:s Wrentham 


South Pi.vniou h, 



New -Lcbox, see 'jdeni s 

New Marlboro',,... S. W. Wright 

Hartsville,.... Austin Brett 

Mill River .- Dyer Stanard 

Sotfthiield r Augustus Turner 

New Salem,.... ........... Asah el W, Sawyer 

North New Salem, \V. Whittemore 

Newton, Samuel Chism 

Newton Centre » Jonathan St. Clair 

Newton Lower Fails,. .Charles E. Snow 
Newton Upper Falls,. . .Hosea (':. Hovt 

N« wtOfivitte Jeremiah B. Lwett 

West N evy&rj ..- • foh a Mead 

Auburndale,.... Gi nrge P. Beurne 

Northampton,..;. Horace L Hodges 

Florence, Isaac S. ParsOns 

North An'tlover fo in Foster 

North \ il '■■'- ■- D 'pol ..1 Lha : ■■> yer 

Northboru' .......John P. Crawford 

Korthbrid^e Leander F. Smith 

Northbrid^e Centre, Win. B. Fuller 

^Wni-in^ai.-,... James F, Wititin 

North. Bridgewater,..*.. ...Henry French 
Campeiio, Nelson J. Fcss 

Geo. F. Weston 

.Sidney T. Holmes 
.Geo. Bramhall, Jr. 
.Th mas E, Poring 

Erastus Leach 

...Jantes Ms B *rub 


. . .Christopher Paige 

Horace Hunt 

. .. .Alphonso Brooks 
. . .Joseph Whitcomb 
... .Joshu - E. Bowly 

Geo. L. Gill 

..Peter W. Newcomb 
.JohnG. Poole 

foe ■•-: 

Pres -tt, 

North Presc t 

East Prnrceto 
Pi Dvitii eto.wn, . 

Quim y Point, 
Randolph. . 

East P adotj ■■.. P. W. Lincoln 

South Randolph, Daniel Faxon 

Reading Lewis E. (P< ison 

Rehoboth ..<..-'. L\ Marvel 

North Rehoboth,.... Green ville Stevens 

Richmond K!c; zer Williams 

Riiigvillcj see ^ or thin cton 

Rochester,... » 

North K ■»• hi ster,. 
Rock, see NJiildl ' ■■ 
Roekbottotis, ^ , -' i ' -Si< 


;.; ,. evil ■' - e Medw 



South Roj alston, 

. . Theouiiiius King 
1. 1'. Ntckerson 

. Wm. \\ . Marshall 

.'. Ju! u Ballou 

, ! :: nas li. Cressey 
John Bac kup 

.Choi! -' IP Xcrttnii 

Silas Stow 



R ,!l, Rols d P« rl 

Rutland Zadock W. Gates 

VVe&t Rutland, Wtn. K. Quin ' 

6al< ra John Ch 

bury Ezra "'■! 1 1 il 

East Salisbury Cvrus D* trl 

Sandisli -Id .......I.George Hull 

Montville Win. V- . Langdon 

New Boston, SamuelC. Parsons 

Sandwich Frederick S. Pope 

K ist Sandwich, Joseph Ewer, J r. 

North " Charles Bourne 

South " ...Solomon G. H-owland 

West ' ; Isaac Keith 

Monument,*.. Abraham Keene 

Pocasset Asa Raymond 

Spring Hill, Nathan' Wing 

Saugus, Herbert B. Newhali 

Saugus Centre, .....Julian ,D. Lawrence 
GUftondale Geo. H. Sweets er 

Saundersville, see Grafton 

Savoy .Calvin Bowker 

Saxonville, see Fraimngbam ............ 

Scituate, ....... Ezekiel Jones, Jr. 

Nwrth Scttwate/, ........ Authcn} Gray 

Srodaad, see i^ridgewaieE.. .,.-...,..... 

Seekoitk, ..:,.... .William Ide 

South Seekpnk, Nathan Munroe 

Sharon, Calvin Turner 

East Sharon, « Warren Cobb 

Sheffield,,.. Richard Ensign 

East Sheffield-,.. Elijah S. Deming 

Ashley Falls,.... ..Manly H. Wickurie 

Sheihurne, ....... Lyman Conant 

East Shelbume ......11. M. Fisk 

Shelburne Falls, ....... .Alfred Bowen 

Sheldon ville, see Wren t ham 


t (burn, II< 

W. Bui 



m Orehan 


Shirley, .....Thomas Whitney 

Shirl ey V tllage, David Porter 

Shrewsbury, Samuel J. Howe 

Shutesbury, Jabez G. Reed 

Lock's Village.,.. .Edwards Pitts 

Smithvilie, see Oakham . . . . , ....... 

Somerset,.. Nathan S. Davis 

Soto irville, .Geo. A. Sanborn 

East ; : unervilie....... Wm, C. B-usse-H 

N.:-',- SomervUle,.... Edwin- L. Weeks 

Southarnpi an, Am G.-J add 

Southl .v' Solomon Este 

Corda'viU? .Curtis Woo 1 

Globe Village,.. Wm. J. Keith 

Soathbridste,.. Daniel F. Bacon 

South Dan vers, Daniel Woodbury 

Southfield, see New Marlb >ro' ...... 

South Hadley ....Gilbert M.Smith 

So. I; iriiej Falls,. ... Hiram Smith, Jr. 
South Reading Samuel Kingman 

Greenwaod,.. ■ Nathaniel Cowdrey 

South Scituate, Finn T. Fogg, Jr. 

West Scituate,... . . . ..B. N.Y'urtis 

Southwick, Hansford W. Kellogg 

Spencer, EU J . Whittemore 

North Spencer, Jonas Wilson 

Springfield Wm, Stowe 

wprijig: raw, see aanawicn .. 

State! ihe, see West Stock bridge....... . 

Sterling J. S. I3utteriek 

West Sterling, ...... ....Elisha Smith 

Still Ilivi .-. see Harvard 

Stockbridgc Daniel Kimball 

Curtisviiie Henry M. Buzrall 

J. Eaton | 

> !.!:!. '.- , 


Jtmn H. Strong 

.. .Edwi rd I . V\ hittier i 
Nathaniel Wales j 

T - ist Stoughtou Natl an Blanch&Td 

., llobert W. . 

Kock Bottom V. 

St ii >rid ;e, I . 

I ! ; ,!e, ' u n I . 

r y , J 

; fcl . 

Esorth Sudbury, I < 

Lbet \sabi 1 I 

, Win. C.I 

W< st Sutton RufusC, 11 

Wilkinsouville, Jonaa 1 I 

3w • eott, Daniel !'. Si 

Swansea John 

North Swansea, Masoi B 

Taunton, Joseph E. Wilbar 

East Taunton David 

Mirickville, William : 

'■ " 1 1 le-ton, ' 

Baldwinsville Edwin £ 

Otter River, Samuel M. Osgo >d 

Tewksbury, 1 lenry E. Pj 

North Tewksbury, ..Leonard Huntress 

Thcrnclike, see Palmer 

! ,,.,:,■ Uivera see -Palmer 

TJsbury. ... .No sac)' «■::':• 

West '1 isbury, 1 . B. Jvic 

Holm s Hole, James D. Peakes 

Tolland....... ...;Wm. W. 13 

Ti : ' id,,.. B. P. Adams 

Townsend Wm. P. Taylor 

Townsend Harbor, Charles J: a ) 

We-: Townsend, A. G. Stii : 

Truro, <■ Samuel C. Paine 

North Truro, John Grozer 

Tyngsboro', Jan es F. sleeper 

Tyringham,.. George W. West 

Upton Joshua I! 

Uxbridge Charles A. Taft 

North Hxbridge,.... Charles E. Whitin 
Van Deusenville, see Great Harrington... 

Waehusett Village, see Westminster 

Wales Wilson C. Shaw 

Walpole, ....James G. Hartshorne 

r ist Walpole, Georse W. Johnson 

South kt Truman Clarke 

Wahham Nxw< lj SI 

W : ;.-:!,; ■-•• Falmouth • 

Ware, Addis m San ' 

Wareham Bei.j inun Churchill 

West Wareham, .Oliver C. Gibbs 

East " . .Washington fi 

Warwick, Vbnei A 

Warren,. Joseph F. Hitchcock 

Washington, Dan!-: 

Watertown ' Archibald Mc Master 

Wavland .' N« well Heard 

Webster*!...... ' ' B- D a J 

Weliheet George T. Wyer 

South Wellfleet, .... Stephen A. Hatch 
Wendell Oscar T. Broi ..- 

Wendell Depot, Horace AJ'!.- ; k 

Wsnham ;..B. C. Puti ■. 

\ r estb »ro',.... Josiah Chi is 

West Boylston, David P. Waite 

Oakriale, Francis L. Ci I 

West Bridsiewater, C >lvin ^^ i 

Cochesett,'.. ."Albert C .peland,Jr. 

West S: km Id, Ezra 1; . I 

Wesi ! ' ii ibri-i e Fd ■■:■. K. Pr< si ott 

Westfu Id,.... Jasper R. Band 

Westford Sherman D. Fit 

J i r. - Village, S. A. Ilamblin 

Granite ville, Cltariea LI. Follansbee 

We i Gloucester, see Gloucestt r 

Westhampton, John ^ udu 



Westminster, ........ Samuel G K ; 

Wachusett Viliage f »-....Benj. Wyrn i i 

WestNewbury, ('■ 

Weston, George W. Cuttin - 

Westport...... FFu C. M ■■ 

South Westport,... Frederick l>r< 
Westport Point, .....A. H. Cor) 

West Roxbury, Wm, S. Keith 

ramaica Plain,.... Marcus T, Robin on 

West Scituate, see South Seituate.. .-■ .... 

West Springfield,.. .-'Lewi; F<- m; 

Ashley ville, Edward Knpeland 

Mittineague, Lulee Bliss 

West Stockbridge, W, A. Flees 

West Stockbridge Centre, Morris Wj rd 
State Line, .Reuben R. Pe'et 

Weymouth Henry Petei n 

East Weymouth, Henry Load 

South * " ..... Wm. It. Thorn t ; 
North " ..«. John W. Bar tlett 

Whately Samuel Le Lire 

East Whately, Josia-h Allis 

Whitinsvilie, see Northbridge 

Wilbrahara Lorenzo M. Hancock 

South Wilbraham,.^. H. IF Hen Irii k 
(.•ollius's Depo t, W. Col ins 

Wilkmsonvilie, see Sutsofi 

Williamsburg, • •,**. ..Lewis Bqdrnan 

Hayden ville,,.*.-, Frederick L. Harden 

Willimansett, see Chlcopee.. . - 

: Calvii R. 'I 

i Williamstown, J. U.Jordan 

L A. An en 


•.. Edwin S. M 

J; j iab A. ' 

Wii or,.. Ch »pin I ' i 

East \\ i idsor, Reuben I 

Winthrop, Warr a B 

Wi irn, Nathan Wyman 

Noi iV •■ • ... . ''■[•■ ... d E. 1 h 

! '■ ' Woburn, A.L.Richardson 

. >vAii 

Woodville, see Hopkinton 

Worccst : John M. 

Wi rthixi ' m, Clark 11. 

West Wor1 b t >n, Rus sell Bartlett 

. vii'r Ethan C. R •'■ 

V i nth m Alfn 1 b 

North Wrentham,. . .Henry Trowbridge 

S iuth " J.Frost For.' 

West " P. P.Cook 

Plain ville, J. P. CI eever 

Shel ' mville, Charle B. 

ttb Isaac Ryder 

V : . - I i :, ..John Hale 

'" ■ V • ■::.... F. IF C] 

South '• Pele^ P. Akin 

Zo-av, se< Gib . h moat....... 

1 -U n IN b aj £i Lb J\ O , j_ o O I. . 

B a r ast a b I s C o unty . 
Barasjaule, F.G. Kelly 
Brewster, Chas. S. Foster 
Chatham, Josiah Mayo 
Dennis, I. Niekerson, Jr. 
Eastham. He in an Full...-, 


Monterey, P. C. L mgdoa 
Mt. Wash'n, i .- i Schutt 
New Ash ford, Phinehas 

N. Marlboro', S. F. Norton 
Otis, F. aj b I • Waters 
Fen:, %lv.e<tcr !J. - ren . 
Pittsueld, .F-, - •'.-••,• : 



Dyer i 

i liaras 

j Sandisfield. W. W. Lai < - 

Sandwich D C Freeman ' savoy, Harmon t>r*ow 
fruro, Samu'el C. Paine 
►Vellfieei, Noah Swett 
iTarmputh, Wm. P. Davis 

Berkshire County, 

: Mansfield, E. M. Re< I 

j New Fed ford, S. S. H or ton 

1 N rton, Austin Mess 

tucket, Alvin 0. Feed 
[{ iy Lharo, Samuel Jozies 
H aoboth, Cyrus M."Whea- 
j t in 

' : '. ak, Henry H. Ide 
; S it) ret, Feonurd C. 
| Pierce 

I S'Vx;i/>;\, John "Mason 
Taunton, Henry C. Porter 

WdlfiWt ^'oah Swett I stockbridge, .!.•.< ■ '■ 

Yarmouth Wm. P. Davk \ Tyringhaiii, J. W. Wi .. 
I \\ ashin«ton, Ls.iac ^ . 
. . . W.:Stockbrid^ Wm. C 

Alford, Henry W. Smith 
Becket, Mark P.Carter 
Cheahire, Edwin F. Nicker 

Clarksburg, Waterman 

Brown Acushne t. Jah VF. o d 

Daltoa, Henry Perre j AtiFb.r,.', ;\\" . L'arpc 

Egrempnt, Joseph A./Ben- J Berkley, Ephriiai t/'i 

jamin j Dartmouth, Win. Barker, 

| Wifliamstown, D. Dewey 
I Windsor, Cbapin Conv ■- 

Ft. D 

», Win, 1 


Hancock, Chas. F. Wells Fai r haven, Tu r Damon, 

Hinsdale, John Cady Jr. 

La:.', F'i:i. A, Fuller Fall River, Al-van S. Bal- 

Lee, Thottj s A. Oman lard 

Lenox, Wm.S« Tucker Freetown, 

> IFakes County. 
| Chilmark, Josiah W.Tilton 
! i', Ipfartown, B. C. Marchant 
I bury, Fvt Luce 

Essex County. 

ury, Jo>. Merrill 
1 ■. over, Edward Taylor 

rly, James Hill ' 
Boxford, Wm. H. Wood 
:■ . Iford, Nathaniel Hatch 

. ;-. A. 6. Howard 
.' •-. Ch irles Howes 
j Georgetown, Charles' E. 
i Jewett 
Glo i . Hi nry Cent r 
: vi md, 31 orris Spoftbrd 
| Hamilton, Jos. !'. Li \ eriug 
'. Haverhill, A B. Jaques. 
. •.. . liimbali 
| ! iv ,. nee, Uoi. R. Itcwe 
I Lynn, Benj. 11. Jones 



Lynnfield, I. Danforth, Jr.' 
Manchester, John Lee 
Marbleuead, Glover 

Methuen, ( harlea Shed 
Middleton, J. A. Batchel- 

Nahant, Alfred D. Johnson 
Newbury, Wm. Little 
SJCewburyport, Eleazar 

N". Andover, Hiram Berry 
Rockport, William Toole 
Rowley, John S. Prime 
Salem, Jos< ph Cioutman 
Salisbury, Azot 0. W< bster 
Saugus, Wm. II. Newhail 
S. Danvers, Nathan H. 

Swampscott, John L.Seger 
Topsfield, J. P. Towne 
Wei; ham, Benj. C. Putnam 
W. Newbury, John C. Carr 

* ran 




rv S. Raanej 

Siias N. 

Buckland, Samuel L.Baid- 

Charlemont, F. W. White 
Coleraine, Jesse Cone 
Conway, IT. W. Billings 
Deerfie'id, Charles William* 
Erving-j James M- Beany 
GuH, Jo* iah D. Canning 
Greeniieid, Noah S. Wells 
Hawley,D. W. Biker 
Heath, Aaron Dickinson 
Leverett, E. M. Ingram 
Leyden, E. Wing Backer 
Monroe, Geo. IL Ballon 
Montague, John C. Bangs 
New Salem, Royal WhiM- 


sM,: Samuel W. But 

v i" ngheld 

To! haul, };. 
Wales, G. 
V. c itl el I 
V/. S ..... 



'■■ I ■ 

fua Smith 

. U. Doi 

Ho war ' 

Hampshire Coi 

Amb -rst. t 

Chestei hi 


Enfield, Jv 
Goshen, I 
Granby, Pi 
B&dfcy, v 
Hath- Id, '• 
limit If-:; 

Stan to 


'*;-.>, John W. Wheeler 
Howe, Humphrey Gould 
Shel-bume, C. M. Duncan 
Shutesbury, Joseph A. 

I.I as kin s 
Sunderland, Horace W. 

Warwick, Edward F. Mayo 
Wendell, John Hunt 
Whately, Samuel Lesure 

Hampden County. 

Agawam, Ashbel Sykes 
Blandford, Norman V. 

, Leu; is 

Brirafield, Henry F. Brown 
Chester, U. C. Campbell 
Chicopee, [jester Dickinson 
Granville, R. S, Brown 

Holland, I. U. Blod^ett 
Holyoke, Gustavus Snow 
Longtnc id iw, Oliver Wol- 

Ludlow, John P.U ibbard 
Monson, X. F. Rogers 
Montgomery. A. P. Barks 
Palmer, Daniel Granger 
Russell, Roland Barks 
Soutawiek, Charles J. Hoot 

Pelham, ( 
So. HadU 

Ware, Fr 



1 or ei 

ml.C; Carl i 
. E.R. Bi d ;:- 

.Albert Nichols 
i, Almon 

a, Lucius Pres • 

mh S. Jones 
jam in White 
l.o Chapiu 
; F b^oith 
. S. Shi >mari 
a. D. Bi ■ 
. Atherton J. 

J. McElw&in, 

ri, A. Perry 

via D. Eaton 
s. Ha skins 

David Turner 
m, Jonathan A. 

-•is De Witt 
>u, Daniel W. 

g, Thomas M. 

a, Edward C. 

Mlddle;>©s County. 

Ashoy, y- 




CarKsie- C 

Dm cut, i 


Lin coir;, I 

• z C. Burr 
:hui A. Cloycs 
mas Stiles 
i a i E. Yates 
dley E 1 
•'mi el W. Cob- 

>v'm. Wirt War- 

Saml. Sewall 
Justin A. Ja- 

o. F. Duren 

i, Daniel Wil- 

. E. F. Webster 
■). Heywood 
.ry Rich rdson 
?as. T. Burnap 
o, Charles S, 

..}). Bri 

Siram i*. M rse 
J. A. Tilling- 

A. W. Bryant 
nry 0. Chapin 

■Vm. Kimball 

tow 11, John H. ^ic v ' 

Maiden, Albert 1'. . i; trgent 
M irlboro', John !' 

, Joseph P. Hall 


, Hen f Coggin 
North Reading, ( I . 

Pepp roll, Chas. Crosby 
g, Jona. 11 
born, Jos. Dowse, Jr. 
■ ' . . .'.-. n 

S im evil! ■,;...' nan 
South Readingj Charh 

Stonenam, Bitas 1 ' 
S1 ■■ . Avery Vv". > 
Sudbury, Jonas S. Hunt 
l'e\. ksbury, Enocb Foster 
Townsend, Ezra Blood 
Tyngsboro', R< aben S. Co- 
Waltham, Daniel French 
Watertown, W. H. Ingra- 

Wayland, He* nry Wight 
West Cambridge, Abel R. 

Wc;- tr'ord, Leonard Luce 
Weston, Nathan Hagar 
Wil aington, W. H. 
Winchestc i , 3 - iah H ■ ; 
Woburn, Nathan Wyman 

Nantucket County. 

Nantucket, Win. Cobb 

Norfolk County. 
Bellingham, R. F. Thayer 
Braintree, Noah Torrey 
Brooldine, Benj. F. Baker 
Canton, Andrew ]. 
Coli asset, N. Bates, Jr. 
Dedh im, Jona. H. Cobb 
D( rchester, Eben Tolman 
Dover, Abner L. Smith 
Fox'bo-ro- ? ; Wnv. H. Tl 
Franklin, Theron C. Hills 
Medfield, Samuel 1 
Medway, Asa M. B. Fuller 
Milton, Jason Deed 
Needham, S< 1 imon I lagg 
Quincy, Ceo. L. Gill 
Randolph, Hiram C. Alden 
Roxbury, >h^. W. Tucker 
Sharon, Otis Johnson 
Stoughton, Chas. L'pham 
Walp de. Palmer Mbrey 
W. Roxbury.Wm. Macarty 
Weymouth, J as. Bates, 3d 
Wrentham, S. Warner, Jr. 

Plymouth County. 
Abington, Nath. T. Hunt 
Brilge^vat' rjLewis Holmes 
•Carver, A. IL .M . 
Dusbun', Josiah Peterson 
Easl Bridgewater, 1. >"■ 

Halifax, Edwin Ii - 
i tan ver, A lb< 1 1 h> ts >n 
Hanson, Isaiah Llearce 
Hingham, Chas. N. Marsh 
Hull, W. B. Carney 
Kingston, Nathan Brooks 



Lakerille f. M. Sa nap on 
Marion, Ward P. Delano 
Marshfiel !, Hatch 
Matl ■ )Lsett, 'i bos. Nelson 
Mid tleboro', Sidney Tuck- 

North Bridgewaier, Horatio ' 

E. Paine 
Pembroke, Francis Colla- 

Plymouth, Leander Lorell I 
Plympton, Isaiah S. Ripley I 
Rochester, Th< oph. King 
Scituate, J. L. Merritt 
So. Scituate, Kb. 'J'. Fogg 
Warehruu, Alvin Gibbs 
West Bridgewater, Austin 


Suffolk County. 

Boston, S. F. McCieary 
Chelsea, Sam!, Bassett 
N. Chelsea, Wm. T. Hull 
Winthrop, Warren Belcher 

Worcester County. 

Ashbari'lian;, Jerome W. j 

J oster I 

Athol, Jas. I. Gouidjng j 
Auburn, Emory Stone 

Barre, Lyman Sibley j 

>'. t4i i . . : ;>si h ; ,. . iwyer 
Biackstone, Geo. L.' 

Bolt m f Riohai I s. :: [, \ 
Lioy'lstou, II. 1 ' ■ ■' ' 
Bi )ol field, W hgtiw Tufts 

I : [to .. Alfred I . I 
Clinti i, 11. C. Greeley 
Dana; D. :.. Richards 
Douglas, Kdwin Mo 
Dudley, Moses Barnes, Jr, 
Pitchbwg, John '1.. Farwell 
Gardner, Fr.i . . ' : 
Grafton, Jus. W. White 

II irdwick, Albt. E. Knight 
Harvard, E. A. Hoin 

'-. ilden, John B. ( 

Hu bbards ton, Wru. Bennett 

Lancaster, J. L. S. i i o ip- 

Leicester, Jos, A. Denny 
Leominster, .loci C. Allen 
Lunenbur r, Jas. Put nam 
Mendon, Davi I A! n s 
Milferd, LowJsFales 
Millhwrv. Ira N.God hrrd 
New Braii tree, Abif. Eddy 
N rthb ■;'.'. .,. [;. : . ,vford 
Northbridge, Hiram \\ iog 
North Br-ookfield, Hiram 


Oxford, \\ in. I- . i 

I ■ 

•i .. T. Mil- 

Prim ton, D. H. Gn cory 


' W. Gates 
Shrew bury, 3 Lk. A. Brig- 

boro', Fi • klin E 
. rid •-, Danl. F. 
Spei cer, John N. Grout 

lin • '''•■. I ' 
Sturbri igc, S. H. Hobbs 
Sutton, . . I '. King 
1'empleton, Gerard Bush- 

!.■ 13 

I Fpt .-I, Harvei B ' }h 
ITxbridge, 13 ur '. \ ron 
Warren, S n \ i :1 E. Blair 
W< bsti r, S .': . '! i 
W.estb. ro',Sa ' M^Gzj 
W. Boyl ■ n, II. -13 mghton 
W. Bro E. H. Blair 

Westminster, Wm. S.Brad- 

Winebendon, W. Whitney 
Worcester, Sai il. Smith 



The Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, and Secretary of the Commonwealth, exofficiis ; 
Hen'rj Wheatland., of Salem; Ariel Parish, of Springfield; Cornelius C. Felton, of 
Cambridge; Win. A. Stearns, of Amherst; Erastus 0. Haven, of Boston; David H. 
Mason, of Newton; Geo. S. Boutwell, of Groton; A h i I . M irshal.l, of Somerville, 

J - >ph White, Secretary; George 13. Emerson, Treasurer; Samuel C. J<:-;kson,Assist- 


ESTABLLS HED B 1 LAW , 1 £8. « 

The State Normal Schools are designed for those only who purpose to teach, and 
especially for t) ose who purpose to teach in the Common Scln ds. Of those who avail 
themsely >• of l : dvantages of these Schools, and wi i afi rv .A ! ; . me teachers in 
the Common Si b >ols of Massachusetts, no tuition fee is required. 

There are at present four in this Commonwealth, as follows: 

State Normal School, Framingham, 
• raft •-'-'rfcsf-A-Lr.s oxi.v. 

George N. Bigeiow, Priitcipal. 

Originally t stablished at Lexington, Ju- 
ly 3, 1&19. Transferred in May, 184.4, to 
W^sl Newton $ from thence, in. 1&53, to 
Frarain [ham. 


ormal School, 

Arthur G. Boyden, Priiicipal. 

Those who Miter this school, male pupils 
n> tit be at least 17, and females at least 
16, years ©f ftge. 

State Normal School vl Vv'kstfield. 
for both sese3. 

John W. Di( kins m, Prin i;.a!. 

This school first w< : t into i ;"-rntion at 
Barre, Sept* - • ■ " ' ' • I '■ ; f : } 't wan 
suspende '. a I • ml or, ISM, was 

re-co nm uct ■ at Westlield. 

Saeem State Normal School. 


Opened September I A 
Alphcns Crosby, Principal. 


Tertm»~— The school -year is divided int two term commencing follows: At 

Framiugharn on the first Wednesday of March and So, I f each year. 

Salem, on the second Wednesday of " " " " " 

Brids?ewater, on the third Wednesday of " " rt " " 

Westfield,-on the fourth Wed [ay of '•' " " " " 
The Spring Terra of each s ihool is pre eded by a vacation of four weeks, and th 
Autumn Term by a vacation of eight weeks. 


Abbott Female Academy, Andover, Miss 
Philena MeKeen, Principal. 

Amherst College, Amherst, Rev. William 
A. Stearns, President, 

Andover Theological Seminary, Andover. 

Berkshire, Medical College, Pittsfield, 
Henry H. Child's, President, 

Bradford Academy, Bradford, Abby H. 
Johnson, Principal. 

Bfridgewater Academy, Br!dgev;-Rter, E. H. 
Cutler, principal. 

Bridgewater Stare Norma! School, Bridge- 
* water, A. G. Boyden,'P>'ww*/>a7. 

Bristol Academy, Taunton. William G. 
Gordon, Principal. 

Charlestown Female Seminary, Charles- 
town, Cathariiie IN'. Badger, Principal. 

Chelmsford Academy, Chelmsford, Edward 
E. Spalding, Principal. 

College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, 
Rev. Antony F. Ciampi, Principal. 

Comer's Commercial College, Boston, O. 
N. Comer and O. E. Linton, i'rincipah. 

Conway Academy, Conway, J. P. Apthorp, 

Bay's Academy, Wrenih&io, Leonard 
W alker , Principa I. 

Derby Academy, Hingham, 'Henry Mon- 
roe, Principal. 

ISA ton Academy, Dighton, C. C. Salter, 

Dammer Academy, Newbury, .John S. 
Parsons, Principal. 

Foxboro' English and Classical School, 
Fox dot >', Jan ".-■.. L. Stories Principal. 

Framingham State Normal School, Frara- 
ingharn, George N. Bi^eiow. Principal, 

Friends Academy, New Bedford, T. P. Al- 
len and E. ASP. Allen, Principals. 

Great Barrington Academy, Great— Baf- 
riuL-roii, G,eorge F. Robinson, Principal. 

Greenwood Seminary, South. Heading, 
Windsor B. Wait, Principal. 

Hanover Academy, Hanover, Peleg 
Kceno, Principal. 

Han ird College, Cambridge, C. C. Felton. 

Hinsdale Academy, Hinsdale, Stephen W. 
Dana, Principal. 

Hopkins Academy, Hadlev, J. R. Daven- 
port, Principal. 

Howe School, Billerica, Stephen Oilman, 

Ipswich Female Seminary, Ipswich, John 

P. Cowles, Principal. 
La dies' Collegiate institute, Worcester, 

Werdea Reynolds, Principal. 
Lai istei Academy, Lancaster, Henry C. 

KimUM, Principal. 

Lasell Female Seminary, Aul 

\Y. Briggs and J. Lasell, Pri; 
Lawren :^ Academy, Falmouth, G 

Clark, Pri \ 
Lawrence Acadei y, Groton, Ch 

mond, Principal, 
Lenox Academy,. Lenox, Albert 0. 

Maiden Academy. M !de i, C. B. Joselyn, 

Mansfield Literary i Scientific - . 
! Mansfield, IS W. Stevens, Prv 
| Maplewood Young Ladies' Institute . I 

field, Rev. C. A". Sp r, Prin 
! [ hen } Acad< .... , Marblehi id, C. C. 

i Beaman, Jr., Principal. 
j Mattapoisett Academy, Mattapoisett, H. 
j N. Tyler, Princi ". 

Memniac icademy, Groveland, Rufus C. 
| II tdy, Principal. 
j Milton Academy, Milton, Ednin I 

Monson Acadcmv, Monson, Rev. IL SI. 

Grout, Principal. 
Moss-Hill Seminary, Jamaica Plain, John 

York, Principal. 
Mt. Holyoke Female Seminary, S ith 

Iladley. Miss M. W. C haj in, Pr 
Mt. Pleasant Institute, Amherst, H. C. 

Nash, Prineiptt '. 
New England Female Medical Coll 

B-oston, Geo. Fabj :, , I};., Pre ? ' . 
New Salem Academy, New Salem, H. M. 

Harrington, Pri 
Newton Theological Institute, Newton 

Centre, Baron St • 'pal. 

Nichols Academy, Dudley, Munroe Nich 

ois, Princip '. 
Northampton Collegiate Institute, Nortl - 

ainpton, Lewis J. Dudley, Pri i / '• 
Jsoi tb Brid.gewa* " A ademv . 

Bridgewater, Sereno 1). Hunt, Prin- 

Moore, Principal, 
Peirce Academ)-, Middleborongh, Jol n W. 

P. Jui ks, Principal. 
Pepperell Academy, Pepperell, A. J. 

Saunders, Print \pal. 
Phillips Academy, Andover, Samuel H. 

1' ay 1 or i ]'/•.-. ij < '• 
Pine Grove Seminary, Harwich, Sidney 

! .' r ' - - P ■ ■ ■ . ' 
J Plympt m Acad'i ray, Plympton, Henry A. 
i Goodhue, Principal 
Powers Institute, Bemardston, L. F. 

Ward, Prin. ul. 
Punchard Free School, Andover, William 
| G. Goldsmith, Principal. 



Rochester Academy, Rochester, George 
E. Dunlap, J im i i i '. 

Salem State Normal . School, Salem, Al- 
pheus Crosby, Print ; ; a 

Sanderson Academy, Ashfield, Abaer T., Principal. 

Sedgwick Institute, Great Barrington, 
James Sedgwick, Prim >/>■■'. 

Shelburne Falls Academy, Shelburne 
Falls X. J. Avery, Principal. 

South Berkshire Institute, New Marlbo- 
rough, B. F. Parsons, Prineipal. 

South Dartmouth Academy, Dartmouth, 

Daniel L. Hard, J 

South Wilbraham Academy, South Wil- 
braham, Alonzo Newell, Principal. 

Tufts College, Medford. 

Wadsworth Academy, Sudbury, Miss Rus- 
sell, Principal. 


English and Classical School, 

Walpole, John S. Clark, Principal. 
Warren Academy, Woburn, John J.Ladd, 

Wesleyan Academy, North Wilbraham, 

Rev. Miner Raymond, Principal. 



Edj Josepl 

Id si • ' 
V,\ Dickin I 

rd, Richard 
Ston ■, Principal, 

ainster, Wil- 
■ I *.'■ • 
t Ncwtoi 
West Newton; Nathaniel T. -' 
•■'• '.'.. 
I port Academy, Westport, Solon Cobb, 
Wheaton Fei ah Seminary, Norton, Mrs. 
' iroline C. Metcalf, Prim ■ 
■ idemy, Stockbri 
aball, Principal. 
"\\\\ tms C'ollc ge, Wil i mst nrn, - 
■ ■ dim, Prim ., 
• li ton S i inary, E isthampton, 3 
Clark, Prii • ip d. 

Low Academy, T3 . ;h, Jo- 

seph P. Pratt, P) inct 
vi'orcester Academy, Worcester, J. R. 

■ , Prii ' >. ■•'. 
roung Ladies' Institute, Great Harring- 
ton, Martha W. Allen, Princi\ ■■■'. 
: oung Ijadies'SemmaTy, Lowell, : 

reiB, Pri, 




Abb n;.-'yiATio>"3.- 

u '-Master; U., Usher. 

Martin Luther P., Abxng- 


Frye John P., North " 
Hayward J. P.. South " 
Lockwood Mr., S. Adams. 
Robinson S, A.. N. Adams. 
Tracy M. M./Barre. 
Abbott Jos. pi. H., Beverly. 
Q ■:;■> MnvotG,, Bolto ■ 
Glardnex Francis, (Boys' 
Latin) ' Boston. 

Mftiill EdwinS.,<^ m4 " 
Capen Charles J., (u.) ' " 
Hale Joseph X (u.) 
Palmer Albert, (V.) " 

Gammed Franklin B.("C.)" 
Merrill Moses, (u A 
Sherwin Thomas. (Boys' 
English High) ' . « 
Cumaton C. M., (s. m.,) 

(Boys- English) " 

Anderson L, W., (S. M.) « 
Hunt Ppbraim, (tr.) " 

Carroll Charles, (r.) 
Seavey W. H., (Girls' 

High and Normal " 

Dame Loren L., Braintrce. 
Crafts Biidgewater. 
Buckingham L. H., Brigh- 
Horr John E., Brookline. 
Wiliision L. It., Cambridge. 
Bradbury \V. P., (s. it.) " 
Stetson C. E., Charlestown. 
Warren G. V\ ., <s. it.) " 
Pitkin O.das C. Chelsea. 

Rol insen G. i 
Nettteton E. ■- 
Jocelyn Dana 
Leonard Hem 
Shepard Edw 

> cord. 
Hills Nathani 
Slafter Carl ... 
Howard Viv. 

i . •., t • 1 . 
Kimball Jona.. 
I Faxon Geor 
1 Bridgeware! 
j Nevin Edwin 
Moore Chari. 
I Douglas. 
S Rugg Chas, P 
j Golf Chas.. B 
Brown Lucius 
Read Han so 

Kiiburn W. . 

Sabin H. M., J 
Colton S. C., ( 
Green W. p.. ■ 
Paiue C. G. C 




I Nutting IsairJ 
! Peirce Edwat< 
1 kin ton. 

■ umeo] -. 

•« Falls. 

, Clinton. 

i !t»hasset. 

i 0., ( 1 a- 

M., Dt;er- 

»oi ihester. 
L M East 

,L, Edgar 

W., East 

Fairh ■ ren. 
Fall River. 

L.", "jFitch- 

., Framing- 

■ >rgetow.n. 


";<••• ; : o!d. 

. Halifax. 
A., liavcr- 


. Holyoke. 

VVd, Hop- 

Lefavour Issachar, Ipswich, 

}'.,!;.■. >od Henry L., Law- 

Flint Ephraim, Jr., Lee. 

Nichols A. P., Leicester. 

Marble G. It., Leominster. 

Scott A. P., Lexington. 

fferrick Edward, Lincoln. 

Chase C. C. Lowell. 

E£hssi 11 .*. S. " 

Colton J.J. " 

S rij re Jas..O. " 

H abl .! ' John B., Lvnn. 

Merritt W. II. . Maiden. 

Torrey Joseph A,, yi<\n- 
chester. [head. 

Hinckley Oryille, Marble- 

Claflin John P., Marlboro'. 

i'£»s Chas., Medfoxd. 
Ed., J :., Melrose. 

Clark R. B„Milford. 

Rockwell U. E., Millbury. 
J on B, 1 .. Nantucket. 

Rice A bner, N.;tiek. 

Emerson J. F.,N. Bedford. 

Cornish J. S.,(3. m.) " 

Woodward C. A\ ,, New- 
buryport, (Boys'). 

Merrill 0. B., Asst. 

Cod SV. C., (Girls') i; 

.\. : ■•. ■ I D., NewtooTiile. 

M mley Gilbert B., North- 

r 0. W., North 

I'airbank J no. B„ Oakham. 

Leppitt Joseph, Oxford. 



Snow Edwin S., Pain •-. 
; ■ [jjaj Wra. E.,Pa » I 
Sawyer S. J., Pittsfield. 
Stone Admiral P., Plym- 
outh, [town. 
Leland Harrison, Pi itvc - 
Putnam G. B., Quin y. 
Colby John F., Randolph, 
Pillsbury Luther B., Read- 
ing, [port. 
Clark Andrew F., Rock- 
BuckA. H., Latin. Roxb'y. 
Collar VVm. C, (s. m.) '• 
Weston S, M., English " 
Gorely G. H., fa. m.) 
Rolfe Win. J., Salem. 

Esty V. rn. C (1 Salem 

Ciile : . C. , 

Beals J. .V. • 

; land W, V. - ■ thboro' 

Fo •:■>'.'.' 
Ihoilipsori \\ .. 

Porter B., Souti Heading. 
Squire Wesley, South Wil- 

Cumn in i ".■• leaccr. 

Pari h A ri< '., •' iugtkdd 
Brow i. Calvin H ,,Si iineham. 
Presbrey SL1 I ..■■ 

GourleyChas. J., Assi. " 
Lane Rosea P., Templetoni 

1'. inci »ft '!'. W., Walthara. 

W( b ' ! Wm., '■',' 
G < r i . • 
in ' • '•■" 
H agar Dan I i I . 
R • \ b 

• ' . '■ • ith. 
Davis A. H., 
Erui : • L'h ■■■ 

Stone- Wm. A., Wore 
■ '• Eiomcr !>., '• 

Calking P. W.(Eng. D.) " 
Graves Horace, 





Slorrs 8. J., Amherst.. 
M.-.itin L. P., Action. 
Five John P., 
Dwcliy Geo. R., (&.) ' ; 
Hayward J. K., (S.) " 
Brewster Mr., Amesbury. 
Currier H. S„ ' 
Davis James H., 
Riehatdson Thos. B., " 
Root Joha H., 
Lothrop A. J., Athol. 
Ti:f..ny*J. ()., Afctkboro'. 
Mack David, Belmont. 
D dge F. M., Beverly. 
Gage G. M., ' 

Cntlson L.*L., Blaekstone. 
Copeland W. T., Bolton. 

Adams Wra. T., Bost. n. 
Alien George Jr., '* 

AteriU John P., 
C srrett Samuel, (i 

Bartleit P. W, 
Bates J-n*ti»*, 
Brown D. C, 
GouM S. I..., 
Hale Joseph, 
Hy.yey James, *' 

li vde Geo. B., '* 

Lincoln HoseaH., 
Haaqn.S, W„ 
i' i ! James A.. ' ! 

Stearns J. A., 
Swan Reuben, 
Swan Robert, 
Swan Samuel, '* 

Valentine C E., " 

Sub Masters. 
Boardman W. L. P., " 
Blackin-ton Jas. P., « 
Cooke McL'rin F., 
Claris Charles G., 
G Ltea-A npliwra, .• " 
Hardon' Henry C, '* 

Hewins Alfred, ." 

Morrill Charles A., " 
Parnaenter P. G., " 

Putnam Benj. Wi, " 

Swan Wm. K.. Boston 

Ward W. I-., 

Cobb William S. s 
Colcord John M.j " 

Diekerman Q. E., 
Gay Edward, " 

Newell Walter K., 
Read William, " 

Wheelock L. A., " 

Hoyt L. C, Bra Iford. 
Luding.tan F. II., Bridge- I 

Bigelow G. P.. Brighton. 
Pooi Solomon A., " 
Thompson N., Brimfield. 
Abbott 'C. £., Brookline. 
Daniels D. H., " 

Lanraan X. B., 
Cogswell F., f E.) Cambr'ge. 
: . ■ ber R. H .. ! E. ) " 
Mansfield D «.» ,| S.) " 
Dinsm >rc C. M., (N.) " 

" | .. • , ■ . i ' ■ ..... a 

Smith A. C\. (Port ) " 

Kim >all EI. 11., Cauton. 

Baxter St u v, Charh stown. 

CartceC. S.", 

i friffin IFnj. F. S., 

Mors- J. B., 

Sand t.s Wm. H., 4 * 

Sw ,n Ueorge, " 

Swan. J. T., 

Wilison S. S., u 

Baxter Wja., (s. >r.) '' 

Darling L. A. (S. M.) '* 

Gro <.^)<':i,k W., Chatham. 

Eldn Ige fe E., 

Payson John I'., Chelsea. 

Valentine VVm., Cbicopee. 

Sanborn A. R., Ban vers. 

Rankin -Wm. J r, K 

"Dame Henry, Dedhnm. 

Snow ■ . '\ ., ■; W ) ! : :: . 

Come) C. II., (vS.) ' : 

Neweomb G., Mill Village. 

Sticksiey Ewd., D ireli 

Chase L. M.. 

Emery E. G., " 

Grosvenoj; L. C, " 

Merritt P. B., Dorchester. 

liolk U. C, 

Sh m -Isaac, " 

Lai rabee H., Edgaj 

Martin H. C>., Fair i 

Gordon \\ T . R., Fall River. 

Locke Geo. W., <; 

SladeA.K., '< 

Carter C. W., Fitchburg. 

Rn -.•11 L. W„ '« 

Lamb Charles, " 

Parmentex Ii. A., Gloi 

Barnard D., Gr< ■ 

Crosby John S., Hanover. 

Dweile G. P., 

Stone S. G., 

TwisS Geo. W., Harvard. 

Smith J. B., Ii-.- 
E.1 nnmond Edw. II., •' 
Cummings Henr.v, " 
Bunker Alfred, 'ili- i 
B • • be Witt C. 
B ■■ ' IvHeyS-., 
Holman Sidney, Hoi; 
Adam CI rl . ] .. i:. 
Bell Westley K., 
Faunoe Waltei , Ku .: 
Leonard P. D., 
Stebbins C. M., Lancaster. 
Ornc John, Jr., Lawi 
Eaton J. II.. is. M.) '• 
vVali m G< o. A., " 

Nichols S. H. , (Eastl Lex- 
Goldthwait W. C, Long- 

Balch Perley, I. 
Bement Samuel, " 
Chase Sam. A., ,: 

Heywood.Amos B., " 
G liloupe D. P., '« 
y. ••I'ii Cbarles, h . 
Peabody Joseph, " 
W: Ikei Aan n, Jr., ;; 
elder Joh:-,, I -. i 
d m Levi W,, •• 
Moore Henry, 
Senter G. Tii lothy, " 
Brickett Leonard P., " 
Daniels C. H., Maiden. 



Chase IT. L„ (8.) Maiden. 
Nutting Ji hn, Slarblehead. 
Valentine Elmer, M 
Albee 0. W, Marrhoro*. 
Hill Chi 

Rawson Geo. S., " 
Hamanl CI rb $, Medfield. 
Stevens John ftl., " 
Tisdale George, '• 

Bradford Geo. R.,Medford. 
Sawyer Rufus-, " 

Sargent S. G., Methuen. 
Leonard P. J)., Mi rldleboro'. 
Holbrook Amos, Milford. 
Battles Jona., ' " 
Davis John L., Milton. 
Webster G. S., 
Wood E. Frank, " 
Mayhew Win. H., " 
Vose Peri. C, " 
Dame Lutl er, N ah ant. 
Bunker J. M.. Nantucket. 

Bliss , ' 

Barrell J. S., N~ew Bedford. 
Barreli Wm. A., " 

HerveyEhen,, " 

Pntehin^«B;%lvand* -," 
Lincoln Sfehemiah, Jr.," 
Chapman H. W M Newbury- 

PeabodyS., " 

Lunt W. P., 
Rousseau J. P., " 

Cook N. B., Newton. 

Porter P. C, (XJ, Falls) " 
LelandL.C.,(L. Falls) " 
Bfoyes J. II,, (Corner) " 
A lie n H . F . , N e ivton vj 1 1 e,*' 
Brigharn C, ( Aub'ndale) " 
Sheldon W. £., (W.) 
Ingalls Earl, Northbridge 

Bisbee J. V., North Bridge- 

; Williams - 

: ogei - 1 1 . i •: t. 

; Harding Cb is. L., I »rl 

FilH • . ist P. E., Paw- 

I Avery Jo! • r iam, 

'. Ci . : >h A. i [., Piym >uth. 
i Andrew G. F., ' " 
| Putnam I. L., Province- 

! Delving Seth, Jr., Quia 
I Forbush L, P., ' iS 
1 Morse S. Jr., 
| Murdoch Caleb, 
; Cottle I Imund, Rand 
: Towle James, " 

Poole C tlvi i W., Roi 
| Jones Daniel W . K 
I K neelan I John, ,! 

, Long Wm. EJ . 
j Barnes Thoma i IL, S 
: Brown Jacob P., '• 

j llayward Wm, P.. 
\ Peabody Silas. " 

| Warren Lei i F. . " 

I E\ mis Streets r. "~ : ilisbury, 
! Cillej J. L.. 
j Merrill Perkins, :>\ " 
, 3 hrury 0. M., i>i ites'ba , 
! Dilling] i iE. ( 3 h ien?et, 
I Builingtoi Geo., " 
! Lewis John, '• 

| Jameson John, Scraerville. 

Ivnapp Orrin S., " 
: Litt! field G.Ti, 
I Wheeler D, P., 
: Barnes G. F. s (S.VDai 
I Warner Charb i ':.. «« 
j Bradford Chai I . " 

'■■■>• : J . ■• men-, " 
: Smith O, IP, ( $.) Ha I ey. 
. i; rooks Geo,, (Fails.) •■ 

[ Porter Gtv. JL, Southwick, 

Barrio C 


1 . K ., " 

• .- r. [)., " 

.\ 11 ■ ■ I 

: ■• J. IV., 

Capin : " 

".. il . " 

Hawcs M. j: , 

Brou n , " 

1 . ' . ttt. 

(j -i tner J 

I .. 
G ' iinton. 

H th Lway S. W., 
I . ' ;.. P. 
Fenn George C, \ 
N o 1 1 Sa 

Chase Henry, Water'.-; - 
Stone S. C, " 

Palmer Alanson, W. Cam- 

bi idge. 
Palmer V il □ V it Cam- 

i '■■■'..■.... 

Nutter Adw, J ., West Rox- 

Holmes F. S,, \1 i 

ian H. ., vVey- 

n uth. 

M< n I, C - louth. 

Vining J. P., ' •• 

Westcott W. R., Winches- 

Freei iaa D. Jr., Woburn. 

Stone Jas, Ei., Worcester. 

Elui A. A., 

Shaw H., Yarmouth (West). 

Adams A. J'.. W 
i South), 

Lincoln Jairus, Yarmouth 
(S iuth). 

thil psrkcns institution, and mass. asylum 

for the slin: ■ 

Instituted, 1831. Locat-bd \i South Boston. 
Depository an ! < ' e , 20 Bromf« . :. 
Edward Brooks, President. Stephen Fair! inks, 1 -«it. Thomas B. Wale?, 

Jr., Treasurer. Samuel G. Howe, M. D., J>«> tor i i ianj. 

Eighth, between '5J and N Streets, South Boston. 
. Samuel G. Howe, President; Emory Washburn, I • -.' ' f nt , Stephen Fairbanks, 
Treasurer; Edward Jarvis, Secretary. Samuel G. Howe, Wiiliarn 0. Moseley, Robert 
B. Storer, Charles E. Buckingham, of B ston ; Ed« rd Jarvis, P. W. G. May, of Dor- 
chester; Emory Washburn, of Cambridge, id Francis W. Bird, Walp le, Trustees ap- 
pointed '■ \: 'he Corporation. Stephen M . W ' . : i ica PL~ . : . . 
jfosiah Bartlett, Concord j James B, Congdoa, 2vew B Ifordj ippaint ' _ '/<< irovemor 
and Council. 

Westdoho'. Estavlished, ISiS. 
Julius A. Palmer, Pliny Kickerson, Boston ; Henry Chickering, Pittsfield ; Samuel 
(i, Howe, Boston j Alden I... Land, Holliston ; George C, Davis, Nor thboroughj Carver 


Ho ehkiss, of Shelburne, Trustees. George C. Davis, Nortbboro', Trennurer. J 

A. Alien, Superintendent. Orville K.. Elutehinson, Assistant Superintendent. Rev. N< ' 

Bon Scott, Chaplain, Henry EI. Rising, Physician, 


William T. Davis, Plymouth; Alfred C. Hersey, Boston; and William Fabeus, Mar- 
blehead, Trustees. 

LiscASXER. Established 1855. 

Franc's B. Fay, r,f Lancaster ; George B. Emerson. Boston; Daniel Deany, of D ir- 
-chester ; Jacob 'Fisher, of Lancaster; R. Sturgis, Jr., of Bo ton; John A. Fit h 
Bopkinton ; Th'os. Tucker, of Worcester, Trustees. Francis li. Fay, Treasurer. I - 
Bell S; in iji-. Jr.. Secretary. 

Bradford K. Peirce, Superintendent and Chnpfnin. A. E. Boynton', Farmer. J. T, 
S. Thompson, M. P., Physician. Mrs. A. E. Brownlee, Mrs. Helen S. M fc ,' 
Mary R. Kimball, Miss Mary C. Morse, Miss Josephine Hosraer, Miss Agnes S. Gould- 
ing, Matrons. 

The intention of this Institution is to secure a home and r< sclwol foT such / 
may be presented to the magistrates of the State appointed for that purpose, as va- 
grants, perversely obstinate, deprived ot the control and culture of their natun ' 
diam, arc guilty of petty offences, and exposed to a life of crimp and wn ;• hedn< are .u . v,y JajiUiasy, 1862, five separate families, accommi i itii g 1 10 children. 


Miss Caroline Plummer, of Salem, who died in May, 1854, made a liberal bequest of 
about $25,000 fox the purpose of founding a Coys' Reform School f i the citj of Sal 
on a plan similar to that of the " State Reforng School for Boys," at Westboi -'. 

Trustees appointed by the Mayor and Aider i.en of the city of Salem : Willi im S. Mcs- 
servy, of Salem j William I. Bowditch, of Boston; Joseph Andrews, David Nichols, 
George Andrews, James Kimball, Eleazer Austin, William Chase, Joseph S. Cabott, 
and Jara^s.B. Curwen. 

The officers of the Board of Trustees for 1S32 : W. I. Bowditch, Chairman ; Georee 
Andrews. Secretary and Treasurer; William I. Bowditch, Joseph Andrews, Eleazer 
Austin, Executive Committee, 

No farther action has yet been had toward establishing the school, but the funds have 
been invested till such time as they shall have increased to a sum sufficient for the pur- 
pose. The fund, Jan. 1, 1852, was $35,000. 


Centre street, Dorchester, near the Dorchester Horse Railroad. Mrs. S. Parkrn \. 
of Boston, President; Miss Emily T. Parker, of Boston, Sb&etf&fi Mrs. & W. <•■• 
May, of Dorchester, Treasurer, 


Members Bx-ojficiis. His Excellency John A. Andrew, His Honor John Z. Good- 
rich, Hon, Gdver Warner, Secretary of the Commomoealth. 

Appointed by the Governor and Council. William S. Clark, of Amherst ; Ephraim 
W. Bull, of Concord : Marshall P. Wilder, of Dorchester. 

Members chosen by the Societies. Massachusetts, Richard S. Fay, of Boston ; Essex, 
George 15. Loring, of Salem ; Middlesex, John B. Moore, of Concord ; Middlesex, North, 
J m C. Bartlett, of Chelmsford ; Middlesex, South, Henrj II. Peters, of Southborough ; 
Worcester, John Brooks, of Princeton ; Worcester, West, Freeman Walker, of North 
Brookfieid; Worcester, North, Jabez Fisher, .of Fitchburg; WurcesTn. South, Oliver 
C. Felton, of Brookfieid; Worcester, 'South-Jiast, Henry. Chapin. of Milfafd; Ham-p- 
k' ;•"•, Franklin, and Hampden, Moses Stebbins; of South Deemeld; Hampshire, Levi 

Stockbridge, of Flariley ; Highland, Matthew Smith, of Middlefield; Hampden, ; 

Hampden*, East, Sherman Converse, of M on son; franklin, James S. Grennell. of Green- 
field ; Berkshire, Henry Colt, of Pittefield; tlousatonie, Samuel H. Bushnell, of 
•h EGeld; Hoosac Valley, Joseph White, of Wiihamstown; Norfolk, Charles C. Sew- 
kH, of MedSeld ; Bristol," Nathan Durfee, of Fall River ; Plymouth, Charles G. Davis, 
of Plymouth; Bam-rf/abie, George Marston, of Barnstable; Nantucket, Edward W. 
ttai Iv.rr, of Nantucket ; Martha's Vineyard, — . 

Secretary, CHARLES L. FLINT. 






id was first 
>-, 1833. 

State Lunatic Hospital,"^ 
Was founded bj the State, an 
opened for patients in January, L833. L 
Las of late been sustained from board of 
patients. The charge is $2.75 and $3 
per week, They. are sent there by order of 
the Judges of Probate, by Overseers of 
the Poor, and by warrant i f the Governor. 

Trustees, Joseph N. Cites, of Worces- 
ter; Wm. T. Mcrrifield, of Wprcestei ; 
Robert W. Hooper, of Boston; Edwiu F. 
Jenks, of Adams ; L'dward Jar-vis, of 

Resident Officers, Merrick Bemis, M.D., 
Superintendent; Frank H. Rice, M. D., 
Assistuat Physician, 

Henry Woodward, of "Worcester, Treas- 
Stat^ Lunatic Hospital, Taunton. 

Trustees, M. )'- Randall, Rehoboth ; Edv.-ard.Ovd-, Bwtte.; John M. 
Kinney, 'Wareharn ; phas. H. Atwood, 
Taunton; Geo. Howland, N.ew Bedford. 

Resident Officers., G.eo.C.;S.pbpa.te,M;l>,, • 
Superintendent and "Physician; N. Paige, 
M. J)., Assistant Physicum. 

Boston Lying-in Hospital. 

Annual meeting, third Tuesday in May. 
Bon. Stephen Fai rb a n ks, Pres it U i < t . D r . 
John Ho man, Vice-F 'resident \ Abbott 
Lawrence, Charles II. Parker, Samuel 
Hooper, Francis Boyd, Win. 11. Foster, 
Charles E. Ware, Trustees chosen by the 
Corporation, John \V. Warren, Thomas 
Restieux, Trustees chosen by the Massa- 
•ehuseits Charitable Fire Society. "William 
Aruory, Rev. S, K. Lothrop, Tncsfees 
chosen by the Massachusetts Humane No- 
oie&f. Thornton K. Lothrop, Treasurer, 

The Society has not now any ■hospital, 
but dispenses its charities in private fami -• 

State Lunatic 



Edward Dickinson, of J 

\t, at North 

M. S 


■ O; 



iem; Si 
et Tra; 

■ gfteld ; Wahi r UStn, Pill Bel I, 
■'•■■■ i. Win. If. Prinoe, M. D., Phy- 
■■•' n eid. C. K. La;;- 
lett, AI. D., Assist nt Physician. 

Mass. iio.Mo .) ■ \- : >'j, HOSPITAL. 
Incoi pori ted lS-5-5. 


McLean Street, Boston. 

Incorporated Id 1. 
Win. Appleton, President. J. XI 
Stevenson, Treasurer. T. B. Hal!. : 
tary. Jas. J ,ckaoij, M. D., John J 
.:•[. P., Edward Reynolds, M, P., G 
Hayward, M. P., J< hn i J m 
Winslow Lewis, ?.{. P., Bourdof ( V. . - 
ta<w». Officers of the Ho vpital : B< 
Shaw, M. P.. Resident Physician. John 
B. S, Jackson, M. P., Henry I. Bow 
M, D , George C. Shattuck, M. D., Au- 
gustus A. Gould, M. D., Charles E. W - , 
M. P., Francis Minot, M. P., Vi 
Physicians. Solomon D.Townsend, M.D., 
J. Mason Warren, M. P., Henry J. 
Bigelow, M. P., George H. Gay, M. J).. 
Henry G. Clark, M. P., Sam'l Cabot, Jr., 
M. P., Visiting Surgeons. John Bacon, 
M. P., Chemist. Calvin Ellis, M. P., 

t and Curator of the Patkoh- 
gi "■' Cabinet. Samuel L.Abbott, M, D., 
P\ ■-' - to nut-door Parents. 0. H. 
Web k ; , .''; thecary. 

Officers i •. McLean A<vlc>: foU In- 
sane, SoMKRVILLE. 
John E. Tyler, M. P., PAysician and 
Superintendent. Mark Kanney, M. P., J. 
Blaekmer, M. D., Asst. Physicians and 
A voth a, ies. 



dr-r. In 



of Low-el 

Serioa ; Step!; en 
>. Foster, of An- 
J. Marsh, Sitpt. 





base, Jr., 
ver; Jam 
ater, [nip 

:. -VA11 R. 

nes Ford, 
oil, East 
L. Good- 

. State Almshouse at Monson. 

Garde:. M. Fisk, Palmer; Gilbert A. 
j Smith, S »uth Hadiey. ,. Geo. CJ 
j Worcester, Inspectors. John M. Brew- 
i stei , J r., Stq n \tit ■■■.-■ nt. 

State Hospital on RAiNSPoaD'a 

I Samu< 1 j. Marl h hea I ; Jos. 

: B, Thaxter, Jr., Hin^ ; Joseph >!id\. 

| Churchill, Milton, Inspectors, Frederick 

I Winsor, iiuperintt 'V.itnl ana Physician. 





The Custom House opens at § o'clock, 
A. JVC., and closes at 3 o'clock, r. >i, 

Colle 'or, John '/,. Goodrich. 

Deputy Collector and Auditor, Benja- 
min F. CoppUmd. 

Deputy Collectors, E. W. B. Canning 
and Albert Hanscom. 

Cashier, Ephraim L. Frotbingham, Jr. 

Naval Officer, Arabs Tuck. 

Deputy Naval Officer, C. Danielson Lin- 

Surveyor, Charles A. Phelps, 

Deputy Surveyor, W. C. Prescott. 

Assist nit Deputy Surveyor, J. P.Tucker. 

Superintendeu-t of Warehouses, Asa M. 

General Ippraiser, Oliver B. Dorrance. 

Appraiser Zac.hariah Je;ii>o:,. 

Assistant Appraisers, Timothy Davis, 
W. E. Web*t£r. 

Hfoardiny Officer ', W. B. Hasting*, 

Kkvknt'e Cutter " Mohkis." 

Commander, ; l#i Lieutenant, Al- 

vin A. Ferigar;* 2i Lieutenant, George 
Walden; 3d L;'< utentnt, Joseph R. Whit- 
comb; Boatswain, Nelson Laurens. 


/L\sA:./i?2' Treasurer, Fad, Lincoln. 



; j ,^, 

••/-,- f 

/'oW 0/ Gloucester.— John S. VV 

'"'•■'V tfoj ; Leonard J I v - •> , / 
Colle ■'. ■■'■ : Ch irlos If. Hildreth, Swj i 
James Davis, Geo. J,. Ford, fnspei ! 

P'j;V 0/ Manchet er.-— Matthew ( . , 
/: ■■>,■ ■ ''//•. 

Port of Rockport. — Benjamin Pai 
Jr., Inspector. 


Port of Mnrblehead. — William Si 
Col'ector; Wm. H. Coats, Deputy Col- 
lector; Joseph Gregory, Surveyor; Wil- 
liam Stacy, A , ■ ( ■■■' / 

Port 0/ /.v/; v —Lord Harris, .Deputy 
Collector and In pet tor. 

Pons of Sicampscott and Nahant.— 
Eben N. Wardwell, Inspector. 

Port of Nantucket. — Alfs I '■•: . f '- 
feeitor; Win, H. Wait, Deputy Col'ector; 
George Pa.irner, Inspector. 


Port 0/ New Bedford. — Lavrr ace I •:!;: 
ns.ll, Collector; James Taylor, - 
lector ; Jam es A". Cox , In spector an i By., rd- 
ing Officer. 

Port of Fairhaven. — Horace Scott, In- 
spector. ' 

Port of Mattapoisett. — Jonathan R. 
Holmes, Inspector. 

Port of Sippican. — Ward P. Delano, 

Port of Wareham. — Stephen Ellis, Dep- 
uty Collector and Inspector. 

Port of Dart mouth. — Edward Rowland, 

Port of Weslport. — Russell Gifford, In- 


Port of Neivl ■'.••;/.-,•; \ — Enoch G. Cur- 
rier, Collector; D.rJel P. Pike, Inspector 
end Deputy Colle tor ; Geo. J. L. Ci 
NapalOffieer; Henry Stover, Surveyor. 

Port of Ipswich. — Reuben Da 


P<,ri of Plymouth. — Thoni - I 
Collector; Charles 0. Churchill, Deputy 
Collector and Inspector. 

Port of Duxbury. — Joshua Drew, Dep- 
uty Collet tor and Insj ector. 

Port of Kingston. — Stephen Holme?, 2d, 
Deputy CoU"i ' ■ an ' /■■ ■■■_ • for. 

Port of Scitunte, — Joseph S. Drew, £>ej - 
uty Col'ector and hispe\ t r. 


Port of Salem.— -Willard P. Phillips 
Colu "tor ; Epftrai 1 I ' Miller, D 
Ucior ; Joseph A. Dallon, Naval I 
Wm. C. Waters, Surveyor; Nathanti : Vl 
j: .; er, >L si s H. ii tlej Wm. P. Butiam 
Port of Bi verly. — Samuel Porter. Sur- 
Tutin'on. — Oliver E. Fxenchj i veyor; Charles Stephens, Wm. Endicott, 

Port of Barnstable.— Charles F. Swift:, 
Collector; Walter Chipman, Deputy Col- 
lector; David Burseley,. Inspector. 

Port of Sandwich. — John W. Pope, In- 

' Port 'of Falmouth. — Henry Tobey, Dep- 
uty Col 1 tor. 

'Von of liuannis. — Alvan S. Rallet, 
Deputy 'Coll dor. 

V rt of Chatham. — Nathaniel Snow, 
Deputy Collector; IsaacB. Young, Inspec- 

Pori of South Dennis.**-- Joseph K. Ba- 
ker. Jr.; Deputy Collator. 

Pert -.■(' \\~ If, •i.~~ Simeon AtWood, Jr., 
Deputy Collector; John W. Davis, Insptec- 

Port of Provineetoien. — James Gilford, 
P . uty Collector; Nathan D. Freeman, In- 
tpe tor. 

Harwich Port. — Valentine Doane, Jr., 
;■■'•_ cclor. 


Pt,,i of Edrja> town. — John V inson. Col- 
lector ; Jeremiah Pease, Deputy Collector 

mm Bole.— Henry W.Beetle, 
tor cod Inspector. ' 


I R*rw. — Charles ALny, 
uel R. Buffinpion. Deputy 
.kiin Gray, Inspei t >r. 
•set, Freetown, Diahtor 

i'vtpector, Weigher, and Measurer 

» Inspectors, 




Argentine Republic (acting), L lis L< pez 
de Arze, 16 Si ran er Str< - 1. 

AustrianVice* Consul, Francis A . Hirsch, 
27 Central Wharf. 

Belgian Consul, Ives G. Bates, 9.9 State 

Brazilian Consul, Archibald Foster, 5 
Merchants Exchange. 

Bremen Const/I, F. A. Hii-jch, 27 Cen- 
tral Wharf. 

British Consul, Francis Lousada, 7 
Doane Street. 

Buenos Agres (acting), Luis Lopez de 
Arze, 16 Summer Street. 

Chancellor of the 'French Consulate, Paul 
Dejardin, 10 Devonshire Street. 

Chilian Consul, H. V. Ward, 39 Kilby 

Danish Vice- Consul, Emil C. Hammer, 
37 Central. [Street. 

Equador Consul, Seth Bryant, 7b' Pearl 

French Canml, M. Jules Etieune &©«- 
ch ar d , 1 D 6 v o •■ 1 3 h i r e S erect. 

Greek Consul, Charles W. Dabncy, Jr., 
67 Commercial Wharf. 

Hamburg Consul, F. A. Hirsch, 2*7 Cen- 
tral Wharf. 

Hanoverian Consul, Francis A. Hirsch, 
27 Central Wharf. 

^ Uaytian Consul (acting), B. C. Clark, 
(33 Commercial Wharf. 

Luhec Consul, Henry C. Lauterbach, 120 
Congress Street. 

Mecklenburg Consul, F. A. Hirsch, 27 
Central Wharf. 

->/'• i • I ice-Consitl (actii g), L. Lop*/ 
de Arzi . er Sti • t. 

Netherlands Consul, Francis A. Jlirech. 
27 Central Wh ■ '. 

N< vo Gru '.da Consul (actii g), L. Lopez 
| de Aye, 16 SSummei Sti ■ t. 

Nivara nta < omul ( tcting), Luis Lopes 
' de Arze, 16 Sun • ict Street. 

Oldeul ■ 'Y ( v .... ,/, p. \. Hirsch, 27 Cen- 
tral Wl 
Peruvia i Cons".! (acting), Luis I 
I de Arze, 16 Summer Street. 

Pruss m i ■■. ■ ', Francis A. Hirsch, 27 
I Central Wharf. 

j Pontifical States, Nicholas Reggio, 31 
! Central Wharf. 

i Portuguese Vice-Consul, Archibald Fc-9- 
I ter, 5 > • ' I ■ !- Exchange. 
i Russian Vhe-Consul, Robert B. Storer, 
| 47 India Wharf 

ikird.ini- n Vict Consul, N. Reggio, 31 
Central A I i f. 

Sit IHan I i?e-ConsuLT$,. Reggio, 31 Cen- 
tral \\ riarf. 

Spanish Consul, Luis Lopez de Arze, 16 
Sunirm i Stn er-. 

Su-edis/i and Norwegian Vice-Consul, 
Bar; hold Sehlesinger, 80 Stat< Street. 

Turkish Consul, Joseph Iasigi, 36 Cen- 
tral \\ i.:irf. 

Uruguay Consul, Charles Soule, Jr., 130 
Central Street. 

Venezuela Consul (acting), Luis Lopea 
de Arze, 16 Summer Street. 


Gmeon Kaynes, Warden. Benjamin L. M'ayhew, De t uhj Warden. William Peirce, 
Clerk. Amoa B, Bancroft, Physician. G,eorge J. Carietonyof Newton, Cho 
Francis Childs, Charlestowri ; Stephen N. Stockwell, Boston; Harmon Hall, S 

Whole number of convicts, November, 21, 1661, 656. 

Agent fob, Discharged Convicts, Dwight Graves, of Newton. 






PuriUmnui. versus Chivalry. 

In the time of Elizabeth, the great defernPr of Protestantism against Catholic am- 
bition, the middling merchants of the English cities, and the small proprietors ii tl • 
enuntry, in their religious movements separated from the Church of Eugland. Ii 
modes of worship they appealed less to .the senses and more to thenm ig ; they 

sought the spirit rather than the forms of Christianity '—-a purer faith, a simpler w 
and a more liberal system of church government. From this they took the i 

Opposed to them were the Nobility, the Court, the Prelacy, and all those who claimed 
the patronage of the state and the leadership of social circles and of great enterpr 
the great conservatives of the empire. These religious differences entered into ] 
They gave direction to the policies of the state. They finally broke out into i | 
into revolution. The first party took the name of Roundhead, the other that of Cava 
Her; and the two parties are known to-day under the name of Whig and Tory 
war eiidc-d in the death of Charles I., and the elevation of Cromwell as Dicta! I 
the Commonwealth. These two religious-political powers, vrith their diverse constitu- 
tional structures of intellect, sent their several represei Natives to this country. 
Cavalier element settled at Jamestown in 1607, and the Puritan at Plymouth in 1G'_ ; 0. 
The first came under the patronage of the state,\as visionary adventurers in q 
new fields of gain ; the second came as a sect proscribed and persecuted by government, 
to es&blists liberal institutions and religious liberty. 

The Cavaliers, 

The Cavalier? sought wealth and political power. Their religion and theii I 
their s>-l;.;' and educational institutions, were patterned upon tho*eof England. I 
c irried tt eir settlements, their principles, and thfir love of lofty cheer, into Kentuck] . 
and into Southern States. Loving wealth, ease, social distinctions, ami pul 
they naturally fell into the manner and the state of the great proprietor. ^ Th< ir i r- 
Rcteristics followed their enterprise. The same year that the Pilgrims landed at Plj - 
outh, they adopted a system of servile labor; a system in harmony with :. ; ri 
ti'.e political and social -relation ; a system which soon came to be con red i the basw 
of their roomed prosperity. It has grown with their growth, and strengthened with 
their strength, until Virginia has given tone, character and institutions to fifteen sov- 
ereign States and to tcn'miiiions of people. She has been the mother of Presidents, 
as well as of States, and has achieved grand results in the career of empire. 

The Pun' tarn. 
The Puritans, rigid, self-denying, industrious and enterprising, settled in a wilder- 
ness, combat ted resolutely a barren soil and an inhospitable climate, put their own 
hands to the plough, built school houses ami church* s, pp< ned rpads.-tl rough the :' r • 
and up. -n the seas, pushed io<-^-.ixd throng!) the Middle and ty'estern St Ltea, carrying' 
their ideas, virtues, enterprises and general prosperity with them; increased their 
wealth and number*, enlarged the ter7itor\ of t '. . i a great < 

declared always for free labor, for the disnity of labor, for rei /' us md political lib- 
erty, until, by the superior innovating vigor of the Puritan intellect, though Virginia 
was settled first, they* became the controlling inti lie* tual power of the country. 
eU'menus culminated in all their glory in the government and institutkiiw of M**sa- 
chnsMts. In her career of empire, she extended her ideas, institutions and charac- 
teri»tica over nineteen States and twenty millions of people. . 



From these two diver^ih^ streams of colonization hare arisen two arstema of labor, 
tv. j tendencies in political development, two sure of social and i lijrious culture. 
These powers have always been more or less in contention with each other, whii h 
lentioivsweri' seen during the Colonial period, the R< lutioi ■ and Consti- 
t " ; ■•i-.i peri •''.■.. and have now broken out in open hostility in what ui y be termed the 
period of the Jtiebellicn. 

Massachusetts awl j 'irginia. 

Thoush pursuing different paths to greatness, Mi V\ inia have stood 

side by side in allthe great contests of the nation. The oppressions of - 
heavily upon both ci looies. 'i his became a bond of symp; thy, and th< y c irdiallj com- 
bined to -averta common danger. The Revolution was commenced iu Ma 
under the patriots Adams, Hancock and Otis. She ^.>s the first to s] rin» to tl 
cue, the ri'-~ r . to spend he.3 I easure, and pour out her bio >d for the defeat of a con 
enemy. Virginia, if .not as prompt and efficient in furnishing substantial means, pro- 
duced the"'man for the hour," which gave bora leading influence i:> I 
struggle. After the successful close of the greatest revolution of history, the Consti- 
tution w is ad >pted upon pris eiples first practically enunciated under Puritan infli 
in Massachusetts, first foreshadowed in design in the confederation for defence be- 
tween the colonies of Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, Connecticut, and New Haven. 
The North has always attempted to abide by the spirit of that Constil ition, and history 
will aver that she has attempted most faithfully to carry out the glorious doctrin 
the Declaration of Independence in the spirit of Jefferson of Virginia, and the Fathers 
of the Republic. 

From the close of the Rcvulution, more than ever before, Massachusetts hd Vir- 
ginia, in art,. education, manufactures, commerce, and in all the cssenti Is Oi substantial 
>veu,..h. In iho ;mo.-? political discussions of 1820, these two aj UigonLstic 
fought a hard b.itt'.e for the no aritenance of their peculiar ideas, and Liberty hoped that 
she had gained. a permanent advantage in the Missouri Compromise The North, in 
her expanding trade and commerce, sought the aid of a national b ink, a careful regu- 
lation of the currency system of the country, and. a protective tariff forheriud 
To the latter, the South objected, and South Carolina raised the standard of nullific t- 
tion — a heresy that had the destruction of the Union as a logical result ; but the quick 
thought and iron will of Jackson terrified the monster into submission by the utterance 
of those memorable words, "The Federal Union, it must be preserved." 

Their Contest. 
At this time the results of free thought, justice, religion, sound popular education, 
industry and enterprise had grown to great- stature in the North — they could not be 
quiet. The South began to fear and protest against encroachments upon their in- 
terests. Earnest men and women, actuated by the same zeal that moved Knox, 
Hampden and Pym against church and state in England, talked, wrote, voted, and 
acted within what they deemed constitutional limits, to rid themselves of all responsi- 
bility for the greatest of our national misfortunes. The aristocracy, more than the 
people of the South, finding itself likely to be outstripped in all the essenti tlsof ac- 
tional power, n ade demands upon the government, which demands were belligerent in 
tone, and threatened the destruction of the Union if they were not conceded. To 
Sjuiet ihem a large share of the government patronage and political power was 
to. them. Per the suke of peace, compromises were entered into. They- demanded 
the rendition bill of I8"0; it was granted. They desired the repeal oi the Missouri 
Compromise; it was repealed. Successive national congresses were elected, and com- 
mittees were formed. in both branches favorable to the Virginian rather than to the ' - 
Bachusetts Idea. Presidents were elected, who, for the •■ e of peace, '.'-are con. 
to look with more favor upon them than their just rights and red importance de- 
manded. These aristocrats, not the people, plotted, counterplotted to maintain the 
balance of power, hoping to keep it by political manceuvres-, when it could be retained 
only by educational institutions, wealth,,, trade, commerce-, manufactures, and the 
consequent increase of population. The^e agitations of sentim at i i opinion toon 
extended themselves more decidedly into politics; Massach tsetts always taking the 
lead, with Virginia and South Carolina, two States pledged to the same Idea, m tot- 
opposition. In 18-56, the Republican party, a party embodying the Idea, of Massachu- 
setts, consummated a sufficient working power to hope to elect a Repul liean Presid< nt. 
His election was confidently predicted/ The South was alarm d. and. as she had often 
done, boldly threatened th*> dismemberment of the Union, 'the Republicans were 
defeated, and a Democratic President quieted agitation in a measure ; but all action did 
not cease. The mor<J principle deemed to be involved on the one side, and the personal 
and pecuniary interests on the other, stimulated the opposing elements to continued 
activity. Massachusetts and Virginia, as-the exponents of th d md- aj>u>to- 

cratic principles, were pitted against each othei in open"cohte*t in Kansas and Ne- 
braska. The election of 1660 approached. It had been for some turn evident that, by the 
disintc ^r.t lion of old parties upon the new issues which 1 ri . , ' achu setts 

soon el< ct o'er President. '1 he North had long been consolidating upon hi r Me i. The 
South had long been protesting. The two sections seemed to be withdrawing from for- 
mer intini ite relations, and congregating around their two different centres, 'trie cen- 
tral idea,! of each were deeper than any "peculiar institution " entertained by either. 
Their pec utLr institutions were only accessoiies, adjuncts, logical results of meir dif- 


fet i t id< ■>*: and these Idea3 bad their origin far baek in I. >ry, and have 

grown into greater distinctness and division here because of ti 

in widely separated geographical positions. In I860, Lincoln wa,s eJ cted 1 r 

the first President $iat h id been elected pur ly upon the prim i] 

fiicts bet\ye< n the people of England and James II. and Charles I.; th< princi 

unlvi rsal liberty, equality, toleration, seJf-go\ ernmeut, against their uajust and d< nmr- op pontes. 

in Great Britain, from Elizabeth Tudor to Victoria, the Cavalier or Tory element has 
held the reinsand the patronage of the government, pave during the Cumraoi 
under Cromwell, when the Puritans had the power. Still, that arisi icracj 
a gradual and continual encroachment from the democracy, in proportion as educatioi 
and morality have increased among the middle masses of the people ; ai d oi • byo 
great prerogatives of the Court and Crown have teen torn away and n 
serve the interests of the people. Now, true to their ancient i 

policy, under the Tory lead of the Earl of Derby, and Earl Russell, and Palmerston, 
tin y hold the official action of the government, and subject the movement of th< 
to the. decided advantage of the Aristocracy first established at Jamestown, hi.', I 
decided prejudice of the Democracy first founded at Plymouth. Under the lead of 
Bright, Cobden, and Brougham in England, of far-sighted and patriotic statesi 
the'Unit'ed State-, Democra 'V can only hope for peace and the triumph of its pi ii 
in the coutrol and tiie sovereignty of the two great Saxon constitutional goveri 
of history. 

DovolopmeTit of the Conspiracy. 
Thin is a rebellion of the politicians and aristocracy in the slave interest, ond Do1 I f 
fehc p&oode. There are .two classes in the South, the slaveholding arisi eracy, and the 
people Th.f poor whites have but little political significance. Th • ■ ' mn ; n- 
tain the trad'itiorrary memories of Virginia; political power 13 their ambition; they 
have th< wealth, education, social culture, and the habit of public life to help them in 
retaining their long-held political ascendancy. They have become attached to this as- 
cendancy, and will nut yield it without a struggle. The masses of the people are be- 
ginning to know their political sigtii'fic nice, arid in the end will overturn the aristocracy. 
'i'ne open war between the Puritau and Cavalier, between Massachusetts and Vii 
between the cpeat Aristocracy and the great Democracy of the Union, has comtn 
In the Presidential election of I860, the Aristocracy met with a Waterloo defeat, and, to 
recover their old ascendancy, organized Rebellion and commenced civil war. It is the 
progress of this Rebellion that we would outline. 

The Conspiracy in 1S32. 
Xt actually corrnr.enced in 1832-3, in South Carolina. She claimed that Jefferson 
maintained the right of a State to judge of the constitutionality of a lav.-, and to nul- 
lify the law if unconstitutional. In her opposition to the tariff of "28 South Ca 
based her action upon this principle. She alleged that this tariff increased the cost )f 
living in the South, and aided the domestic manufacturers of the North. Ilayne took 
up her cause in the Senate, and was defeated by the irresistible iopic of Webster. S iuth 
Carolina called a convention of delegates to cou>mer the crisis; Virginia, by a vote of 
one hundred and fifty-four to >ixty-eiu r ht, passed a vote of nullification ; Alabam .... I 
C-< brgia heartily seconded South. Carolina ; hot North Carolina stood firm for theUi 
The nulliri ation convention of the Sta'es out, Hayne was chosen chairman, the tarins 
of 'aH iWid ' '2 were dcmuiuced as unconstitutional ; it was voted that no appeal !■■ t'l 
Supreme Court of the United States should be listened to ; and that attempts to enforce 
the : l< ii haul 1 he Resisted by mice. The Governor of South Carolina prepared to en- 
force resistance. Mr. Calhoun, Vice-President of the United States, resigned. But 
President Jackson declared nullification to be revolution, and that the Union shwi 
preserved* He prepared to enforce his decrees bj arms — the maimers s>an the hope- 
lessness of their cause, and concluded to submit, and, as far as possible, undo the h r ; 
which they had done. The decision of the President saved the Union. 

But the feeling of envy andL hatred toward the North was not dead. Free labor, 
capital,, and ideas, were gaining an ascendancy in the Union that was dangerou> to 
Southern principles, Trie balance of power must he retained, from 1832 lo i 
two sections kept alive a bitter sectional contest. The Southern leaders looked a out 
them, and found in Mexico a means to .help them to retain the balance of power. For 
a frivolous pretext war was made upon her, and Texas, with a large portion of M 
territory, became a pari of the United States. Slave St ttes were provided for from this 
territory, and this accomplished one more result for the Southern aristocracy. 
As another act in toe great programme, the Fugitive Slave bill of 1850 was 
Mith was again triumphant, and the North indignant. The peo- 
'onstitiitium.l provisions for the rendition of fugitives, declared 
come the slave -catch crs oi the South. They carried their oppu- 
the pulpit, the courts, the streets. Notwithstanding this, their 
'■■ re-nce for law was such, that iu many instances the provisions of the law were p r- 
'• ■'• '- to. be executed. Ttie discussions of. agitators upon this law widened the ^ , 
'*■'•• en the North and the South. 

i m progress of the reDelliou again appeared in Congress in 1854. Douglass intro- 
duced a bill providing that any State applying for admission to the Federal Union might 
''•:'.' in with or without siavery, as her constitution might provide; also that the 
i" ''.'•■ of 'he territories might legislate for themselves, taking .away the power of 
Congress u> legislate fur them. These were the State and Squatter Sovereignty doctrines. 



this tl 

pK qii< 


ning t 

v.&x rh* 

y w. 

mid n< 

»ition i 


the pi 



It was a virtual abrogation of the Missouri C impr< raise '!'.,< I ill paired— th< - 
was alarmed. The I ittlo was commenced in Kansas ai I N< . The i '■ p 

in her armed men, the North her men armed Avith the ride and the plough ; and, be 
them, Iv.ii.sns became a field of blood. 

'it; is prepared the way for the Presidential election of I • ''. Both parties - 
the an ti^slayery sentiment, and moulded it to party purpi H t tin anti-s! 

party hail become so strong that the election n Fremont was confidently pre' 
Alarmed at this prospect, the South openly declared that >h< should op;*' se the Govi n - 
mentin that event,_and prevent the inauguration of ti e Preside n1 I - titutionajly 

elected. Fremont was defeated- The election of one i • to S mthern in- 

terests averted for a time the calamity of civil war. 'J hough the election of Buch 
quieted public agitation upon the '* irrepressible conflict," the moral principle and pe- 
cuniary interest deemed to be involved on the one tide and the other kept up th 
trovers)', yet it. was more confined and subdued. 

The Presidential election of 1860 approached. The democratic convention was 
at Charleston. The ultra Southerners took, an extreme position upon the slaverj 
tion. The moderate democrats of the North could not sust iii - i< The partj 

and the ultra ists nominated Breckenridge, and the seceding f ction nominated 1 
lass as candidates for the Presidency. The Republican conventioi nomi d Lin- 
coln, of Illinois ; and the constitutional Union men, Bell, of Tenm ■ -■ ?e. The cam 
was exciting, one full of party animosity, and hard fought. In the result, Unci li I 
one hundred and eighty, -Douglass twelve, Bell thirty-nine, and Breckenridije t>e\ 
two of the votes of the Electoral College. The Republican candidate v>as di 
elected President of the United States. The South, all the time protesting, dec! r d 
secession to belierpollc} , forgetting ihedu: \ of the misoritj to yu Id ; i nd, sided * 
in the confidence of thesrovernment, she commenced plotting & : rebellion, and qwil war. 

The Conspiroxy in I860. 

The work of disintegration soon commencedj South Carolina taking the initiatory. 
November 5, 18*60, her Governor issued a secession message, and counselled the I e»is- 
lature to consider the crisis, and prepare to defy the power of the United Stat s, 
December 2Qth her convention unanimously passed an ordinance of secession. The 
fire, once lighted, spread rapidly throughout the Cotton States. January Oth Mi -' 
sippi followed in her footsteps,; on Hie llth, Alabama; the 12th, Florida ; the 19th, 
Georgia; the 28th, Louisiana*; and February 1st, Texas,— all passed ordii ai i oi 
seces i;m; thus dissolving their political connection with the UnitedStates of Am 

November 9th and. 11th, t:h,e sen ators and representatives oi South Carolina in 
gress withdrew, and on January 21st those of Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida ret 
theii seats; and on February oth fill those of Louisiana, sav* Bouligny, withdrew. 

The process of dissolution was not confined to the secession of States and the w tl - 
drawal of members from Congress. Members of the Cabinet residing in the South 
States considered their allegiance to their States superior to that, to the United States. 
December 10th, Cobb, of Georgia^ Secretary of the" Treasury, and the 29th, Floj 
Virginia, Secretary of War, resigned their places in the Cabinet. Through their un- 
paralleled treachery to the Government that had given them the highest confb ei 
they had so crippled the forces of the Union, in the robbing of mon -y and arms, that 
the interests of secession were assisted -nearly into an equality of [ iwer with the rest oi 
the Colon. 

Tnt work thus commenced whs not to be brtlf-wa\ — -th position rakeH was | 
sustained by arms. In December, South Carolina's Leaislature authorized the seizure 
oi all ursenais, aim*, and forts, within her limit*. January -. : :. Governor Bcown, of 
Georgia, ordered the seizure of Forts Pulaski and Jackson, at Savannah; on the - 
the authorities of Alabama seized Fort Mo san ; on the 10th the authorities of Mis ;-• 
sippi seized the forts and other United States property wiihin her limits; on toe 12th 
the Navy Yard and property at Pensacola were take./; on the 2Bih the rebels of Louis- 
iana took the United States revenue cutter, and other property, and the money in the 
mint at New Orleans; and, to complete t h-hs list of plundering, General L'w-i 
Texas surrendered the United Sta,tes forces and property in his hands into the power 
of the rebels. The forts seized were armed and manned, the arsenals were rol . . 
the militia of the cotton States was called out, and every material preparation made 
to withstand any attempt of the Union for self-preservation. Legislatures were con- 
vened, ndnute "men organized, mass meeting* held, the suspension of banks was 
legalized, million, were voted to carry oat the nefarious designs of the secessionists; 
Southern rights associations were organized, Northern men were duly arrested, Union 
men were awed into silence, the levying of exe utions issuing from the United States 
courts wns prevented by Legislatures, reli ;ious < onferences passed resolutions favoring 
secession, and Palmetto and Sta f e fla«rs were everywhere, and everywhere tie 
Stars a^id Stripes weri hauled down and trailed in "the dust., the news of sec --' n 
Was hailed with acclamations of di h -ht ; and to close this saturnalia, two hundr< 
sixteen of the patirnls in me Unit* UStates Lfcwpii tl at New Otlws were removed to 
make room jfur. the. secession troops of LouiHia«a J itfi wash ■ • I, robbery justifi d, 
and inhumanity t» the sick becanve a public virtue; law, order, peace, I roiherly lnvepnti - 
otisnn and respect for historical memories, ali . • limd to their confounding < mtraiies. 

Amo«j5 the leading men, the Governor oi Florida, Governor Moore of Aluha 
Letcher Of Virginia, and Moore of Louisiana, Cobb, Johnson, and Floyd, iu the Cab- 
inetj senators Gliugmaii Oi North Carolina and Toombs of Georgia, the Governors 

THE REBELLION OB" 1861. 121 

of Georgia, Term? see, South Carolina, and Kentucky, an ! D irnwcll, Orr, • • 
the three South CaroHna commissioners to \\ ishin^ton, and Ex-Governoj .■ 
of Kentucky, Davis, Beauregard, and a host of others, le iding men, all 1. moj ibl i 
in the Southern en nourished into growth and power by the Uni©*, now turned 

fai es and their sti rfd against ii-. it Ji ion, tn destroy it. 

Nci all. h''v T, v. '.s rottpn in Denma .. Go^ rnor'Hi '.■■ >f Maryland 
convene the Legislative, and so, also, did Governor Iloust a of Texas. Andrew 
Bon of Tennessee raided his voice against the madness of secession, and Criti 
of Kentucky used his character and eloquence to withstand the tide; and B1 ven iti the 
Florida convention, seventeen in the Louisiana, and thirty-nine in ti." A: 
vention, voted against the ordinance of secession. Crittenden, in the Senate, in tro- 
duccd compromise measures, but they failed to meet with general approval. '>' »l 
i.i the House introduced a resolution calling for a Peace ( i nvention of all the Si 
it, was called, but the efforts of that convention proved a failure. 

The secessionists would not be conciliated; they would have disunion ; and i 
of all the efforts of eminent men, the patriotic appeals of a large class of ( 
distinguished for 'he moderation of their temper and tne dignity of their 
and the wise deliberations of peace conventions, seven States and four i 
people were drawn into the whirlpool of secession. Confess met, and adjo 
again, unable to do anything save leave the fate of the Union hi the hands of 1 
incoming Administration. 

President Iiir.ocdn's Inaugural. 
Trie fourth of March approached, the day that was to seethe departure of an old, 
SBid.the advent of a new Administration in the midst of pending serious n 
calamities. The opinions of the incoming Executive were i: ■" foi '• '"' tn ' ; l0st 
i ; ; 1 ; ■ : . < ■? interest, — as was his pfcogj«e5&i watched from Spri srfi i, Illinois, to 
tngtori. In Karirlsburg, Pennsylvania, bo had intimation of a plot for bis : -- ■ - 
nation while passing through Baltimore. At the earnest solicitation of his friei - 
he made a hurried departure from Philadelphia, and a disguised passage thro 
Baltimore, thus cheating the minions of secession in that city of a coveted upportun ty 
to make themselves infamous. He arrived in Washington Feb. 23d. U| on the 41 
March, A. 1). 1861, Abraham Lincoln, of Illinois, was duly sworn in as President d! tin 
United States, for four years from that date. The ceremony was solemn and impr 
in the extreme. Rumors of revolt, of assassination, of a destruction of the Cap ' • 
that day, were rife, which put the Executive authorities upon their guard. ' 
Scott, the great soldier and the firm and faithful patriot, so organized his for 
disposed them throughout the city, and in the vicinity oi* the capital, that assassii 
was improbable. Thus the barbarism of those in the interest of secession co 
the capital of the Great Republic to assume the appearance of a feudal city a th> 
years before, when fear and the sword ruled, instead of justice and moral dignity of 
character. The ceremonies were completed without disaster or crime, and his inai 
was delivered from the bdeony of the Capitol. Every man North and South looked for 
each word with deepest interest, for iu that they saw would be foreshadowed the new 
policies that were to deal with and master the fierce political and revolutionary elements 
of the day. We will state bis most important positions. 

His Position. 
Hes;<H,at the outset, "■{ lm*e no purpose; directly or indirectly, to-ihtt*rf«r( ' I 
the institution of slavery in the States where it exists," and alarmed the right oi 
State to control its own domestic institutions according to its own judgment. He re- 
insured the people that the prosperity, peace, and security of no section w..s to be en- 
dangered by the inc.iminn Administration, and assured all the States of protects , 
under the Constitution. The obligation to abide by the Constitution in the rei.di i 
of fugitives was strongly asserted, and amendments t<> the laws under which they were 
to be rendered up were suggested. The disruption of the Union was formidd y • '■- 
tempted, but he held. tha* the Union-was perpetual, and 'that the Con : 
no provision for its own termination, and that it was impossible to de-troy the I i 
save by some actio n not contemplated in the Constitution. The Union was 1 
older than the Constitution ; — as formed by the Articles of Association of 1774, 
nearly matured in the Declaration Of Independence it; 1776, further matured in the 
Articles of Confederation of 1778, and finally perpetually completed in the adoption of 
the Constitution in 17S7. Therefore it follows that any resolves or ordinances to th« 
effect of dissolution are void; anv acts of violence, in any State, against the auth rity 
of the United Sutes, are insurrectionary or revolutionary. In his view, he cousider* 4 
the Union unbroken, and said, "I shall rake -cure, as the Constitution itself enj ins me, 
thai the laws Of the Union shall be faithfully executed in all the Stati s; .... 1 this I 
*haM do, unless my. rightful masters, the American people, "shall withhold the v< uisi- 
tkm, or in so ne authoritative manner direct the eonti ir> .'" He trusted that this 
v ' t he regarded as a menace, but only as a dei lared | urp >se of the Union to maint iin 
■■' elf. He said that i« doing this '* there should be no bloodshed, unless it w> . 
'Upon the national .authority." lie asserted that the power given to hint "should b< 
used to hold, occupy* and possess the properly and pin - I igin« to th< government, 
■ dlect the duties and imposts;" that' beyond this there should be '• no invasion, i • 
u*ii g nf force against or among the people anywhere." Obnoxious officers were out to 
b* i -icd upon ihe people; the mails were tobt furnished to all ports of the Union, 



Then followed quickly those acts that brought the a git itioi s of the houv to an i 
Th' Secessionists would not tolerate neutrality — they compelled men to declare their 
faith. Fort Sumter had long been besieged -and ..was "in a MitTering condition. It be- 
came the duty of the- Government to send t > it supplies, and it informed the authoritit s 
at Charleston that those supplies should be sent peaceably if possdble, but fort i 


unless repelled; and this course was to br pursued, unl 

Diodifii ation would be proper. He said nothing to those seeking to destroy the I 

but appealed strongly to the patriotism ofthosewho loved tin Union. No instai 

was recoMected in which a plain provision of the Constil ioi : » n denied. It 

would justify revolution --for a maj rity to refuse u minority an; > r ii 

majority or the miuoritj twist acquiesce in the coi 

tn iiis opinion, ' Plainly, the cent tal idea of s •<•<■ *ion is the eesei ; of anai 

also, a majority held in cheek by Constitu'ti mal provisions was th. only true sow i 

of a free people. He doubted the justice of having the policj of the Governn nt 

irrevocably fixed by the decisions of the Supreme Court, 

cause of difference between the two sections was, that - ne - ; ■:■ 

was right, and ought to be extended, and the other that it was wrong, and ougl t not 

to be extended. Physically speaking, we cannot separate; and I ignificaj 

*'Cari aliens make treaties easier than friends can make laws ? " II- would recommend 

no amendment to the Constitution, but if the people desired it, would favor rather than 

oppose a fair opportunity for the people to act upon one; and be had no objecti 

an express and irrevocable amendment that Congress should not meddle with tin 

mestic institutions of the States-. "In your hands, 5 - ii be, " my dis Lti .■• 

countrymen, and not in mine, is the momentous issue of eivii w,.r. The Goveri 

will not -assail you; you can have no conflict without yourselves bcin 

Yuu have no oath registered in heaven to destroy the government; while I shall have 

the most solemn one to ' preserve, protect, and defend it. ' " 

Thus he assumed his positions within the Constitution and the laws and for the law- 
ful continuance or' their sovereignty in all the State- of the Union. No friend of tlje 
Union could complain- at his distinct statements, and his logical views of the diffic lti a 
of the hour. The friends of the Union had hoped that he, though all '•■•'■ to 1 i elected 
by a sectional party, would abandon all sectionalism in his S( ntiments, if he entertained 
any, and see Nothing but his whole country, the ores* rvation of the peace, the prot< t tion 
of a!! men in their legal rights. In this Inaugural, they saw that they wt-ie not d 
pointed. Not possessing the polish of literary culture, it ha i a plain, business-like 
directness in evict harmoiiy with the parliament sty spirit of the age, which seel 
accomplishment of practical results, rather than well turned phrases and high-toned 
eloquence in a state document. His commencement was the omen of a succc 


Fort Sumter. 
Throughout the North the Inaugural was received with decided approbation. The 
clouds seemed to break away from the future, for the Government was seen to have a 
policy, a decision of character not so easily discovered in the Administration ju 
Btgningits power. In the South, among the Secessionists, the Inaugural was denounced 
as a declaration of war, and anathema and d< rision were showered upon the head oi him 
w ho was faithfully seeking to lead a div id. d nation to peace. The public sentiment of the 
North commenced concentrating around the President, to sustain the flag of the. Union 
wherever it was insulted or tons down. Loyaltj was the sentiment and the word of 
the North. The Executive, thus backed by the people, commenced the most cauti >us 
movements to avoid an open rupture, yet to maintain the dignity of the laws. But 
the Secessionists, crying out 'against the tyranny and the sectionalism of the Ni rtl 
secretly Laid their plan? to force the Governm at "a eons nt to peaceable secession or to 

The Congress of the Confederate States passed their Army bill, to organize a mate- 
rial force with, which to maintain theit hostile position. Iheii action did not pause 
with resolves, — the} put iheir thoughts into deeds, and compelled the friends of the 
Union to believe that there was no alternative but a civil war or a dissolution i 
Union. March 18th, by a general order, General Bragg cut off the supply of fuel, 
water, and provisions, to the armed vessels of the United States in Pens. .cola harbor. 
On the 12th, the Confederate Commissioners, believing that they co\ild coerce the 
North into a peace*! le negotiation for a dis solution of the Union, prei ume I to a I 
a note to Secretary Seward, in which they expressed a d .- : <- to ipen a negotiation far 
a peaceful separation of the States. Mr. 'Seward very properly replied tothem ti it 
should refuse to recognize them as agents, or hold official or diplomatic intercourse 
with them. 

At Savannah, Ga., on the 21st, was the first great annunciation of the principles 
upon which the Southern Confederacy was to be founded. Mr. Alex mder Ii. Stevens, 
the Yi; e-Presidcnt of the Confederate States, in a speech upon the sol jpcr, said of his 
government, "Its foundations are hid, its corner stone re&ts, upon the (/rent truth that t - 
negro u not tqaulto the white man ; that $fot« ■ ;■•/, ntbordwatum to tin »#/; erhr mee, is. his 
n .-■ 'ural and normal ;<■ million. This, cur nac tjoirmmrnt, /.- the first in Oh hUioryofihe 
tat ■■■!'!, iasea upon tfua rrreai physit dl, philosophic al tin ■ This announ 

ment, made with barefaced honesty, went through the country, and d eply stirred 
fchejn ral seo5.ibilities of the peonle. Men Could not believe tl ti lays of a I 


t'l.'v must. They had formed a cordon of fi - ar md the fort, ai 1 w I lied evi 

that approached it with a determination for 3 d nt ruction. ui 

• ... ..dinto; and the Star of the West, loaded with Government sup] 

w*s al«o fired into by the surrounding battcri to retire. Tin 

the first guns of South Carolina dii it the Union. tiyhecti tson, a I 

and beleaguered garrison, sviiicb. had been placed in her Uarboj foi h 

lie cut off from existence. 

The drama now rapidly commenced to thicken. April 8th, Beauregard inf 
Walker, the Confederate Secretary of War, that President Lincoln intended 'o 
vision Fort Slimier peaceably, or by force; to which Walker replied on the lOi •. . 
he should detmand its immediate evacuation, and if refu ed, thai 
The- 11th, Beauregard communicated this to Anders >i , an it Lti d u r the co ntnand 
and property should be respected, and the flag salui d ns taken down. Major 

Anderson replied that his sense of honor, and his obligation to bis Gov» nment, ;... 
vented his complying with the demand, and also stati ^ to the bearer, that he 

should be starved out in. a few days if he was not battered to pieces. Wall i 
quued at what time he would evacuate, and Anderson repli i on the loth, if he d >t 
receive supplies or controlling instructions from the Government. This v. -is not 
factory to the rebel statesman. Ou the 12th, he was informed th itfirewouldbe 
upon him iu one hour. 

The Baltic. 
At 4, A.M., nineteen batteries commenced pouring their iron hail into the fort. 
This opened the battle that was to determine the last great issue between the Ancient 
Barbarism and the Modern Civilization. 

'iu the surprise of Major Anderson, a masked battery of 33 hea v gut 9 bpeni 
cr.i--tii d their shot against the walls of the fori, T.h.e Major wa« calm, and < ' ' 

occasion. He leisurely breakfasted his men at hall fast sis, while shot and shell • 
flying thick around them. He then divided his command into thr< 
them, and opened fire upon Cumrning's Point, Fort Moultrie, and Sullivan's I 
Thefioating battery of the rebels, with its slant roofof heavy iron, proved a m< t 
ual resistance to cannon shot than was anticipated, and was but little injured. Fort 
Moultrie did not stand our heavy and well-aimed guns as well. The lire of the :• els 
was > terrific, that it was impossible to use the parapet guns. A man, howevt r, waf 
kept, on the lookout, and cried "shot," or "she'll," so that before the missile r< 
the fort, the nun had time to rush to shelter. This saved life. The rebel fire contii 
After two days' firing at the flagstaff, a portion was shot away. The officers' quarters 
were destroyed. The barracks caught fire several times on the first day and were ex- 
tinguished; but the second day, taking fire, they could not be put out. T ! 
were soon greatly weakened by the tons of iron hailed against them, the main gates 
were destroyed, and ta complete the work of destruction, the fort took fire on all 
Through fear th it it would communicate with the powder magazine, ninety-six I r 
of powder were thrown into the sea. The cartridges soon pave- out, and sheets, shirts, 
and blankets were used in making them, until these gave out also, and there w: s 
lutelv nothing with which to continue fighting. The mensuftered all-things but e 
"1 ne last biscuit had been eaten 3d hours before; the fire increased to such a heat that 
the men had tu lay upon the grpun 1 with their hanukerchti fs to tin it mouths to keep 
fr-oq suffocation; and this would have been no prevention if it had not been forau 
of wiv; i];v furtumi'eh p&SSed tbroegh thofwt. 

Thus matters stood in a most critical and desperate condition, until the close i 
13th. Senator Wigfall then made his appearance at one of the embrasures, an - ■ 
that h,e came from Beauregard, and mv^c-a themto suspend fire and surrendi r. .' 
ri quest, a white flag was displayed from the embrasure ; but, instead of respectii 
is done by the rules oJ war among civilized nations, rebel shot was directed at it. '1 be 
sol Uer holding it came down; and Wigfall himself then took it, but was compi I 
retreat also, and no one else \ms found'who would take the perilous respom ihi 
tis n inest foi i vaeuati in, Major Anderson replied that he would evacuate on the terms 
already stated, and none other. Wigfall then retired. Others soon came, wl 
that Wigfall was not authorized by Beauregard. The brave Major Anderson fi 
t-- v t further resistance was madness, agreed upon the same terms of evacuation, 
he b< fire prescribed; These were that they might march out with all the co.mpai ; i 
side sinai and mdividuaT property, at trui* .own'feme, is* their own wuyvaud thai tl 
should saint" the flag upon taking it down. Then preparations for theevacuath n were 
made, the flag w t.s saluted with fifty guns as it was lowered, and the men march 
playing Yankee i >oodie and Hail to the Chief. The only men killed on our side were 
two, at the firing of the last gun in the salute ; and they "were buried at the fool ot the 
nagstaff, with the honors'of war. 

ikiia fell Fori Sumter at the hands of South Carolina"; the first State to forget ^the 
memory of hei fathers, the first to repudiate and put from her the fruits of th rious 

battle-fields of the id- volution, the first to n ake war upon that Constitution ihac-.Jci . - 
E ' 'J I Hamilton framed, and that Washington prepared the way for with his sword. 
■ lib' treas in in her heart, with suicide in her brain, and 5000 men and 19 heavy I t- 

mall fort and sixty starved men, and we: I 
She will yet find that it was not a victory, but 't 
Sumtei she attacked the moral dignity and fast- 
.anuot yield to ^o ith Carolina. 

i ■ •:;< g i 

n 1 

er hand, 

she attacked i 


's o 

f delight 

at her victor v 



teat, for i 

i tier attack up 

Uti« v' 


ceia civ. 

iz.ttnan, and th 




r ?• 








e s a - 

» by 




o i : >_; 

lit fi 





*. e t b 


The Prssideut'r. 7 > roc! 
The ne^.s of the fall of'Sum'tei went lITTe a ih • I ,.. >lt through the lai •:. 
tial sprit of the people was aroused; These gui ig theii in, a 

I •■: . ijinst the wallsqf that tort alone. The j . • 

against/the temple which their fatl ts had .■■..■•■.. j 

felt t* at law, order, peace, the fo nidations of 

that tin rn was no rele ise i om tl e obligation to rise up, an I, as on? i to the 

annihilation of the powers of the Rebellion. Nevei British blood n r Celtii ire 1 
quicker at an outrage offered to their nation's honor, than did tl i sprii g I i 

redeem his flag from this deep disgrace. 

Before, the President had hesitated to precipit; te events, for fear that u e might add 
one straw to the lighting of the fires of civil wai anions thirty millions of people. >■■ 
would rather err on trie side of mercy ; he would rathi slow to a i ; slow to hu;l 

the North and the South, those two gigantic powers .. ii teacl mortal con- 

flict. Hence the myrmidons of secession were allowed to build then ; ii erie . 
their guns, and threaten t<> belch their fires upon the cherished institute i - 
Union, as long as a hope was -left that they might recent of their haste, and with- 
draw from their work of ruin. But now the last ray Of hope was fled, l'hfi President 
of the United States had nothing to do but to strike in return. Justice, mercy, duty 
to millions,' urged him to strike, and he no longei h - aied. He immediately called 
his counsellors together. They heard the cry of the people, and that it was to arms. 
As their official Executive, he saw there was no cause, no time for deli i ,: ■ ;.. Im- 
mediately the proclamation went forth, on the Loth n" April, the day afti r I m •■ II , 
to execute the laws of the land. As the laws of the Union were 
>utb Carolina, Georgia, Alab a-aia, Florida, -Mississippi, Louisi na and 
dilations too powerful to be supprpssed by the ordii 
til forth the militia of the several States to the number of 75,0 
>. He appealed to all loyal pco,dc to aid in maintaining the nation's 
ituity of popular government, and to redress the wron is already long 
enough enduted. 

And here comes a part of the Proclamation that should be read by all men in the 
South ; that should be fastened upon their doorposts, so that they could not fail to 
understand it, and show that this is a war not against the legal rights of any man, 
— that it is to protect all men, and the peace of the country. 

4i [deem it proper, n he said, "to say that On \ first service assigned to the forces heref»j 
catted forth, will probably be to repossess the forts, plnci ?. awl property which \ ' d 

from the Union; and in every event, the utmost core x III be observed, cov. ntly with the 
objects a fores iu.l, to avoid any tlcvusUition, any destruction of, or inU rftrenet with, property, 
or any disturbance of peace/id iii:ens in any pair I of (hi o nt ;-" 

lie commanded the persons composing These combinations to retire peaceably to their 
respective abodes within twenty days from date. 

He also summoned both Senators ai d Representatives to assembb in their rpspeetive 
Chambers at noon, on July 4th, and there dels rminr such measures as the public safety 
and interest might demand. 

Oil the huh of April, he issued another Procl imation. declaring the > i rts of theStates 
of Sotith Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas — 
t&enorts of ail the States that h id seceded — or a state o! bloek U . 

On the 27th of Aniil, he issued an iher Pj - i uu a don, declaring :> o ports of Yir- 
trinis'itndNorth Carolina un'd d K ';.':, tlie^ ■ - . in'g s c; d'' since the date oi"tl -; - 
ceding Proclamation. 

On the 3d of May, h r deemed if necessat v to i ;sue anottu r Pr( clam, tion, calling for 
42,000 Vi lunteers to s< rv« fur three years, unless tin y wt-re soon< roischarged. lit abo 
directed that the regular army be increased by 22JHmen ; and also called for the en- 
listment of 18,0.00 seamen for the naval service. 

On the 10th of May, he declared, ny Proclamation, martial law upon the islands of 
Key West, the Tortugas, and Santa Rosa, and Florida. 

On the- 12th- of August, be also issued another Proclamation, appointing the last 
Thursday in September as a day of humiliation and prayer and tasting, for all the 
people of the nation. 

And on the loth of August, he issued his last Proclamation, declaring the seceded 
State, in a state of insurr< ction, nod interdict* d all commerci i intercourse v\ith them. 
Immediate!} upon the first Proelamati' n, the Seeretar] oi Wd I a call to the 

Governors of the several States for three mouths' men, to be letnilcd run the militia 
of the Slate, for each man to take the oath of allegiane* to the Government, and to 
be mustered into the e< rvice of the roiled Sta u s as soon as possible. 

The national Executive had done his dory. lie bad no precipitated war upon the 
country ; war had been 'forced upon him-; and now, as Commander-in-Chi f, be could 
fight, and feel the power of justice was in his swo'rd. It only tern foi th< people 

to respond to bis call, and by their acts show to him, and to all the world, whether or 
brt tk in two the Great ll- ' li '• 

not It Was so c. 

Response of the People. 

The Fiery Cross had gone forth; the summons to twenty-five millions had been 

some!' d, and on the instant, wo saw a "noble and puissant natij u i iu ii ., herst-lf ike 

a strong man from sleep, and shaking her invincil le lo< Vs." Time « nough had been 

speut in urging mea&ures of conciliation. Force w as now the only appeal. The Northr 


- (. mt, cahn in his hrfs'te, buckled on the Vul ftnian panoply of war, and b*| 
ihow stern front to Hydra-headed Rebellion. The people ft It the magnitude of their 
U*K, and showed themselves equal to its undertaking. 

Secessia received the Proclamation with star <■ of denunciation ; si 
;■. . leas and infuriated mob to any and all point where si could al 
y, to thwart the action of the President. 
Citizens, but not governments^ in the Southern boi , :.- itated to tal 

fearful plunge. The Executives of every State South, save that of Delaware and 
M iryland, threw their swords into, the Southern balance. 

i'nc madness of the Secessionists b"came a frenzy to grasp the material and the 
advantages of war. They declared to all the South that they had beenatta ked, that 
trie war was to be a svar for their subjugation, that it was the ambition of the N" » r r • , :•> 
rule by the sword, and to mako war upon their institutions. They.onlj asked I-; be 
let .done, and there would be no war. Certainly there can be D ) fighting if wo do r. ,t 
opp >>e the assassin aiming at our life. 

With this logic in their mouths, the Government was denounced, and the Union was 
to be overthrown. Governor Magoffin, of Kentucky, positively r fus ' i furnish men 
" to aid," ;is he said, "in subduing the sister Southern States." Governor Harris, of 
Tenuc >see, would not furnish men. fur the Union, hut, if necessary, 5 
Governor Jackson, of Missouri, and Ellis, of North Carolina, followed in ihc footsteps of 
Magoffin and Harris. Governor Letcher, of Virginia, forgetting and trampling uader 
his feet the memories nf Henry and Madison, Jefr'etson and Washington, replied to the 
Secretary of War, and told him that he derided the useless purpose of si ju 
the South, and that Virginia would not furnish troops for that purpose, but Would si ud 
troops to oppose it with determination. 

tyimc-diately. upon the p issage of the ordinance of s^eessi m in secret session by ; 
of 60 to 59, he recognized the Southern Confederacy by proclamation, ordered t . .■ 
Kinking nf ves- lsat the entrance of Norfolk harbor, and issued a proclamation for the 
militia of the State to hold itself in readiness to answer an immediate i all for action. 
He struck for Harper's Ferry, with its 15,000 stand of arms and machinery, but the 
gallant Lieutenant Jones snatched them from his gr-isp, by their sudden destruction. 
He attempted to seize the -Gosport navy yard, but that was destroyed, and tue ships 
of war Peons) ivania, Delaware, Columbus, Merrimac, llaritan, Columbia, Germantowc, 
Plymouth, Dolphin, and United States, were scuttled and set on fire, and the Cumber- 
land was towed out. Governor Hicks of Maryland, Unionist, refusing to convene 
the Maryland Legislature, give the President notice that no more troops rould go 
thruug'h Baltimore without fighting their way. Of all the Southern Stales, Governor 
Barton, of Delaware, on the 26th of April, called for Union troops. Davis, the dictator, 
replied to the proclamation by calling fur 32,000 men from the seceded States, andissu- 
tnghis L a t<-ers of Marque and Reprisal to prey upon Northern commerce, thus adding 
barbarism to treason. 

The North, too, sprang to its feet. Governors convened legislatures, and not a 
single Executive became false to his allegiance to the Constitution of the United 
States. The Banks everywhere off. red their capital for furnishing supplies, arming and 
equipping troops, and forwarding them immediately to the seat of war. The batiks of 
Boston vo:e4-aloaii of ten per cent, of their capital; und the legislature of New York 
vote \ ' 'v'i ) men an 1 3,000 .000 of money for the same patriotic purpose. Pjrominen-t 
Bs '" i .'-• rwwhere, those distinguished for their integrity and influence, by lottc-- and : y 
puTme s'pet eh, joined their voices in encouraging the people to do t'he great work bcfo'i e 
them. Mt etiug-* were held in every town and city, resolves passed, money raided, and 
m>: enlisted. In the principal cities exasperated people, no longer willing to stiifer 
p&.tief tiy with those whose principles struck at the heart of law, visited men, and news- 
pa i offi es, suspected of sympathy with secession, compelled them to di-avow their 
i utiinei -. uid rahe the stars and stripes^ The Flag of the Union never before 
received »ueb homage. Its folds appeared upon every housetop in the Northern 
States, and men liKiked upon them with a new honor, love and reverence. Union 
badges, the r a, white, ami blue, were worn by everybody, so that all men declar d 
then principles to all men upon the street. Everywhere, partisan feeling was laid aaid • ; 
the pop!" knew no Democrat, no Republican, no Abolitionist; all men moved to the 
step and the music of the Union. New York, the metropolis in which secession 
dreamed that -she s>w sufficient corruption' to aid her treason, would listen to nothing 
but sentiments of loyalty, and pledged her millions, at the hands of her merchant 
princes, to cru>h secession at its birth. Rhode island, though the smallest of the 
States, was not behind the old Bay State, and the Empire Sate, in the promptitude of 
her reply to the cal! of the President, and in her action, gave herself a glorious record 
upon the pa'ge of history. Mintaty companies spranvg'up ready. ariwedj like Minerva 
from the. head of Jupiter, from Maine .to 'Minnesota, from the Northern lakesto Ma- 
ion and Dixon's line, and begged to be sent to the scene of action. The Germans, 
Irish, Scotch, and English — men who had fled frosu the Old World's oppressions and 
b»x ri , — flew to arms'to defend their adopted" country. In se< ioi they saw only an 
oh', itchy and a tyrant, who would, in America, enact another thousand years of 
Kurope, with its age of bitterness for man, and only its few years of glory. Not only 
p irtisan and secton il strife w< re forgotten, but Protestant and Catholic, who had been 
*- r - battle since the days of Luther, forgot their religions differences, joint d bauds, sent 
*" W J ayers lo one God o l battles, and ashed Hun to crown tueir united purpose with 



Thus, in the North, the State authorities and ih< r>< »p!e " collected their scattered 
element a of strengthj and aw ikened their dormant thunders,-" to hur! d< itruction upon 
Secession; upon those seeking; to encompass the ruin of the b#st government >i 
earth, or of history. Governors and legislatures, without on« word i thought of 
treason, or of sympathy with' tho e who' had beerv-fw two turies, tli : - Southern 
brethren, now-thafe the hour of compromise and 1)f - tienc had gone, and the hour of 
war had come, sprang forth to seize every advantagi that nature and prosperity had 
placed in their hands, to sustain what the South would destroy. The moral grandeur 
of the spectacle was sublime in the extreme. Neither Greece at Thermopylae, nor 
Rome with an Attila at her gates, stood clothed with mightier habiliments of moral 
power. Before, the authorized national Executive had .--;.; the beh< >f law, the 
people stood with folded anus, waiting and hoping that the 5 iuth woul 1 return to her 
reason; stood calm, and saw their forts and arsenals stolon, seized, dismantled, and 
turned Hgainst them, — saw frowning batteries ready t i si irra iron hail upon theii gar- 
risons and beloved flag, which, in all its history, had never been huml led; vet moved 
not to defence^ and spoke words of conciliation and candor. But tvhen the law said 
war, war it was. This patience of the. people; this respect of the people for law ; this 
Buddenand united uprising. of the people in solid Macedonian phalanx, gave the lie to 
the political philosophy of a Pahnerston and a Derby, to the carping critics and 
admirers of an effeminate European aristocracy, who had no faith in the moral dignity 
of man, no faith in self-government, no faith in the American democracy. The highest 
results of civilisation in the Brinish Empire, the uprising of her people against the 
tyranny of a Stuart or a Guelph, can show no hig'm r dvi:<L Itemoeracy, for all 'the 
ages, teas vindicated. 


Continue ace of tho §Reb«JKon. 

We have sketched the opening of the war, the Proclamation of the President, and 
(he response of the people ; now we propose a brh f sk '; : of the rebellion. 

Apr i ~'i, John Bell, of Tennessee, cast his lot with rebellion. lie, with many oth- 
ers, was borne down by the tempest of popular treason. !.■ - \ here it' the North, ar.d 
in the South, on the last Of April, all was confusion an.'! disorder. The Governors of 
the Southern State? wsere using their executive -functions to aid the advances of re- 
bellion ; the armed mobs, and those who had the name of troops, were seizing and 
destroying, and appropriating to their own purposes bonds and monies of the United 
States in the collectors' offices, steamers and vessels belonging to Northern men, forts 
and arms. Numerous Southerners, in Washington, refused to take the oath of alle- 
giance, and resigned their positions. 

M»y saw the continuance of disorder. The "bill to hold a State convention passed 
the legislature vi North Carolina, when secession iei irae evident for that State 
also. Lim Connecticut legislature, actuated by a different principle, voted $'2,000,000 
to slistain the government. May sixth, Virginia, the mother of Presidents, was 
admitted to the Southern Confederacy; the Arkansas convention voted, 69 to 1. to 
secede, the rebel Congress made public the War and Privateering Act ; and the Ken- 
tucky legislature met to drag that old State on? of the C ion. if possible ; and on the 
next day the Governor of Tennessee announced a military league between that State 
attd-.the Southern Confederacy".. Between this time an J the 2-iih, the frame activity 
exhibited ibwlfin all the States, North a ;i o South; iroop* rushing to Washington 
from the 2v>rth, and rebels arniin : and organ i;dng in all t:ie v: xif.h. The m-fist notice* 
£:hU/ feet of tbe%e c-ys was the aneinpt 6i the rebel's to take Kentucky out of the 
Union, under the lead of her traitor Governor Magofhn. On the tw. nth th, when he 
found it impossible to coerce her into disunion, he issued his proclamation of Neu- 
trality — thus giving a quasi assistance to rebellion, and resistance to the North. 

On' the 24th occurred the general advance of the Union forces across trie Potomac 
into Virginia, for the purpose Of occupying Arlington Heights, which commanded the 
City of Washington, and erecting defences against the approach of the rebels in that 
direction. Upon their advance, the rebels evacuated Alexandria, which was immedi- 
ately occupied by our forces under Col. Ellsworth. At this time occurred the deaih of 
F.iia worth, who was bhot by the traitor Jackson, tire landlord of the Marshall House. 

Colonel Ephraim Elmer Ellsworth was horn at MechanicsviHe, a small town in Sara- 
toga County, N. Y-, on the banks of the Hudsao-, April hi. ISiJ?. His father's fortunes 
were completely wrecked in the financial disasters of that period, and he was never 
able to retrieve them. Young Ellsworth was thrown on his own resources. After 
various employments in Troy and New York, and pursuing studies at a great sacrifice 
tbatt.pecult.irly fitted. him to enter West Point, and aftei ineMeetual, attempts to enter 
thstfplace, and his failure for the Want of political influence, he rfinoyco to Chicago, 
and there .successfully engaged in business is a patent ay;ent. Fraud deprived him of 
much of the fruit oi his industry. Not losing heart, he resolved upon the study of 
law, arid coined something h\ copying ir those hours that o f h r- wore devoting to 
relaxation. But war wa«j pri tiileetion ; and he per! ted himself in the exercise 
of the swordsman, marksman and the gymnast. lit looked upon these for higher 
purposes than those of the duelist; he sought to improve by- popularizing the light- 
iiif ri.try drill of the militia, For this purpose he studied the light-infantry drill of 
France, as exercised in Africa, Kus*rh am! Italy. Lie dev ted himself to a thorough 
study of the French Manual, translated under ti.e direction of Hardee. Having made 


himself its master, he ga-there I i uind him a nui her of men of 1 . p r ite 

habits and athletic bodies, and thus organized the (Jni - iZouaveCadel , of Cni- 
, -.,, — the ti: st American Zouat e eomp my. i obacco and iutoxicaiirjg liquoi a were not 
la be used by a*symei|Eu.herttf his company, upon pain < ' .. ' -. | the 

,,: ! unif rm, and axloj • : rm i that gave peri freedom- to- the ] . |{ e 

drilled \\U company for al not a year, and also gave his ai itioiv to simila i • •,■ ■ 
in Springfield ant! Rockford. At the United States Agricultural Fail he won the 
colors, ••'lily to keep them until some other company coul I jhow a - ipi ri . •• ility. 

In July, I860, they came East, And everywhere attracted enthusiastic crow is. In 
New York they filled the Academy of Music, and the streets, to ... \ ■;■,,-■ 

who eaw him, and his influence over his men, felt that he had a wonderful genius for 

In the Presidential election he advanced the cause &f Lincoln by his popu] - •■• 
and his appeals. He formed a volunteer regimeut on hi? return from the Eaal 
tendered its services to the Governor, conscious that he saw war in the future. He 
exerted himself to influence the Legislature of Illinois to pass u. military bill f n put- 
ting that State upon a better footing to inert any emergency of ^var, but failed to effect 
his object. He was .known to the President elect, a'ndat his request ■ d hin 

to Washington to receive a lieutenant's commission as preliminary to his entrance to 
the'War Department, where he hoped to create the Militia Bureau of which he had 
long been" preparing a plan. 

The war broke oat — the call was made for volunteer? — Ellsworth, disgusted with T i.« 
political corruption of Washington, hastened to New York, to raise a Zouave regiment 
of the firemen of that city; whose metal he well knew. He had an interview with the 
Chief of the Fire Department; the Chief issued the call, and in two days I 
hundred names were enrolled. Ten companies were accepted, and proceed ■ to -Fort 
Hamilton to drill. He was now in his element. His regiment became the pet of New 
York. They received their stand of colors before leaving the city. On the secon* i ' 
May, less than three weeks after he had leu Washington, alone, without.-authority, with 
nothing but' hi- own will, he was again in that city at the head of a splendid regiment, 
created from the citizens by his own energy. He worked on, drilling and con tr< 
his regiment, a task most difficult to perform., but one to which he was entirely equal. 
May 22 the order came to march to Alexandria, lie went therewith his rc« ii 
Finding that no resistance would be offered, he gave the necessary orders 1 > have tin 
railroad communication interrupted, and proceeded in person with a small detachm* nt 
to seize the telegraph. Catch iiig sight -of a secession flag, over the Mar ' i 

he entered, and asked what flag that was. The man replied that iic knew nothing of 
it; that he was only a*lodger. Ellsworth proceeded to the roof, cut down the fl ig, and, 
on his way down, Jackson sprang forward from a corner, and aimed a dot; : 
fowling pieee at Ellsworth's breast. Private Brown ell, in front, tried to strike it up, 
but the assassin discharge d the piece, driving into his very heart a gold circlet on whic! 
were these words, " Noa nobis sed pro patria." Brownell immediately slew the 
assassin. Ellsworth's remains were taken to the East Boom of the White House, ti i 
it of the President. He and his Cabinet accompanied them to the depot on their 
Few York. At. New York they were laid in st ite in the Governor's room. A 
(recession of great length accompanied his remains to the river,; and at the 
hi s < hiidhood, amid ti;e fury of a storm, they were co'mmitt d to T :o earth. 
.;. give no more er.diuim; couuuetit Lpou h, character of this man, than 
■s q tot'Ci i| the ra'S't lttte*i <\ hich he riYct'c l > his p rents the nigh: b; 

Head Quarters First Zouaves, Camp Lincoln, 

Washington, Ma* ..'.'. 

My Dsxu Fathes and Mother: 

fhe regimen! is ordered to move across the river to night. We have no means 
of knowing what reception wo ire to meet with. I am in* lined to the opini > I at * 
entrance into Alexandria will tie hotly contested, as I am just informed a large force 
b >;e arrived there to-day. Should tivat happen, my dear parents, it may be my lot to 
be injur* d in some manner. 

Whatever may happen, cherish the consolation that i was engaged in the perform- 
ance of a sacred duty; and to-night, thinking over the probabilities of the morrow, and 
the Bccurrcucc-s of the p ist, i am perfectly content to accept whatever my fortune may 
be, confident that Pie who noteth even the fall of a sparrow will have some purpose 
even in me fate of one 1 ke me. 

My darling ever lined parents, good-by. God ble^s, protect and care for you. 


This advance of the TTntoh troops? into Virginia was the vamuard of the Northern 
i~:a\., U was saluted as an invasion' by Virginia?, in her deep degeneracy. Jn the 
estimation of many, the ermine of the Supreme Court of the United States was also 
• ' i i by ■'. ■ •■!- in, i i the it; mp't of the Chief Justi • te put the military authori! 
'» such an exigenc) under the hand of that court, in the. Meryraan case. t>n the. 27th 
- f ; 'i >y, Jefferson Dai s, wi i hii rebel Congress; rca iu-d iii hiuoud, Virginia, a i 
tkc blockade of the Mississippi was commenced; and May 31, General I. yon took 
' ' "•'= md, in the place of General Harney, at St. Louis. Thus, the end of May saw no 
M'temetii in the designs of trie rebels. 

i--t u*xt battle of any importance was fought at Philippic Virginia, by Col. Kelly, 



v U r 


, \ 



li ' 





A tt 

> A 



with n loss of 16 killed and ten | risoners to tl i enemy, a;.d the Ui ion men lost only 
two kil ft, and Co], l£( Sly wounded. 

Juno 1st occurred the battle of Big Bethel, near Fortress Monroe, an unfortunate being made to surprise the enemy. Our forces were c pi ith 1 

end AH wojanded. Among the number killed w r< Lieutenant Gr Major Win- 

throp, the uext signal martyrs of the svar, 

John Lunt Grebie was born in Philadelphia, en the 10?h of January, 1831. He was 
cf honorable German parentage, whose ancestors distinguished themselves in the 
Revolution, at Monmouth and Princeton. As a hoy, he whs studious, yet had the 
qualities of firmness and courage strongly developed. In 1850 he received an appoint- 
ment as cadet at West Point, and on the 1st of July, 1864, gra loat< d v ith high honors 
in his class. He immediately entered the army, received a commission as 
second lieutenant in the Second Artillery, and was stationed at Newport barracks. In 
September he was made second "lieutenant, and ivent to Tampa, Florida. He «h 
engaged here two years, and took active part in the Indian troubles caused bj 
Bowlegs. After going home sick, in 1S56 he returned with recruits, and resumed active 
service, and discharged, for a time, the duties of quartermaster and commissary. In 
December, 18-56, he Was appointed acting assistant professor of Ethics at the military 
academy, and held that position until Oct. 1860, having, in the mean time, been pro- 
moted to a first, lieutenancy. As professor, he was required to give instruction in 
History, Rhetoric, Elocution, Internationa! and Constitutional Law, the Constitution 
ot' the United Stales, and Logic. In October, 186'), as he repeatedly solicited active 
service, he v,is ordered to Fortress JWLonxp-e, On May 2fith he was sent to Newport 
News, as M.aster«f Ordnance, Here the three thou aid volunteers looked to him for 
red instruction. He superintended the works here mentioned, and also gave them 
instruction in the handling of artillery. Col. Phelps, commandant at Newport News, 
w.;.s ordered to march at midnight, and attack and surprise the rebels at Little Bethel. 
Guide was detailed by him to command the artillery. He obeyed with alacrity, but 
remarked to a brother officer that the expedition was ill-advised; that no pond could 
come of it, and that he feared that he would no 1 ; coins off the field alive. At midnigl I 
he left Newport News with two six-pouadvr-s, with only two mules to draw the one, and 
100 men the other. Two miles in the advance, with one gun and 11 artillerymen, he . 
heard firing in the rear. He returned to the point, arid found his other gun firing into 
a Brooklyn regiment. This notified the enemy of his approach, when they retired to 
their w./rks at Camp, Creek. In siyht .>;' the enemy's works, he planted his gun, opened 
fire, ami steadily advanced to within 100 yards ci the works. Wb*n urged to retire, or 
dodge the balls, he r« fused, and kept up ids fire for two hour;-, silencing all the enemy's 
guns, but one, by the accuracy of Ids aim, They made a sortie; he drove them back 
With his grape. 1 'he officers near him urged him to dodge or retreat, when he replied, 
" 1 never dodge: and when 1 hear the notes of the bugle calling a retreat, I will, 
retreat, and not before." Only five of his men remained ; and, as it was evident that 
no command existed on the field, he pa\e the order to timber uo the gun, and take it 

He wai 


then di 
had a i 
of Pres 

a hail struc r h 
i did him honoi 

n the temple, and he 

'< i), excla 

her last attentions to 1 

us remain. 

ming, " Oh, my God 





Italy, he 



Theodore Winthr-p was bom in New IT'ftven, t n the 2*3 of Se^sra -!,-. 1S?S. 
grave, delicate, precocious. At 16 he entered Yale; became" the idol of his 
riends; studied for the Clark scholarship, and won it ; studied for the Berke- 
olarbhip, but another being judged equal, they drew lots ; the other won, and 
ded the honor. Greek and mental philosophy were his favorite studies, lie 
r\ t to be called a scholar by nature. His mother was a great-granddaughter 
Lent Edwards; and, among his relatives on his mother's side, he counted six 
s of colleges. But for failing health, he would have studied for a professorship 
ministry. Me graduated in 1848, wh&n 20 years old. He travelled for h:s 
went to England;; spent some time at Oxford; walked through Scotland; 
France and Germany ; explored Switzerland on foot, and did a great deal of 
in Italy and Greece. Becoming acquainted with Mr. W, II. Aspinwall in 

tutor to Ins sun on his return; and then returned and spent six 
Italy with him. After a short time he entered Mr. Aspinwail'8 
Subsequently he was engaged by the Pacific Steam-Ship Company, 
and went to. Panama. IF was gone two years; and, in the mean time, travell ■'. 
throu«h California, Oregon, went to Vancouver's Island, Puget Sound, and the Hudson 
Bay Company's station there. After another expedition, he returned home, studied 
liw, and was admitted to the bar, He entered Fremont's political campaign,, and did 
heroic lima for him in thedark places of Pehnsylvani u The followingyear he went to 
St. Louis to practise law, but his health was not equal to the climate. He returned to 
a lawyer, His brain was fulFof other fancies, lie 
hurch's studio; presided at the development of that 
ides. He was a writer, — a man of i U is. His pen was 
i i is first public article was th l< iption.oi the N. 
i '.tun, and puuti tied in the June, Tl, number of the 
latinu came, lie marched with the Seventh N. V., as 
»s Monroe Le was made acting ruilitarv secretary 



" . k 

a i < 

1 CO 






. t ' 

• t:i 

> H< 




1 V 







its I 





i he 

w ar, 




l P 


d w 



At Fori 


r,' d ai I by General Butler. On th dt*a si . o is I Oth of June, bravely facing the foe, and 
encouraging his men, at Big Beth< I, he fell. 

Iii> articles, published since his death in the Atlantic Monthly, ard his two volumes, 
Cecil Dreeme and John Brent, place him high among the Literary genius i . 

■ . 1 1 r 

June 11, occurred the brilliant victo y of Col. V allace at Romney, Virginia, • 
600 rebels were, surprised and routed. June 17, the rebels attacked a train til • 
Dulon soldiers, by opening tire upon it from masked batteries. It was a barbai ■■■ 
work; eight of oar soldiers were killed. And on the same day was fough 
brilliant battle of the war so {.n-, the brut:..- of Booneville, by General Lyon, v, ■ 
largely superior force, under Price and Jackson, were completely rou - ■■■•. On tl 
of "June General McClellan took command in western Virginia, and soon commenced 
the display of that consummate generalship that lias already added so mi 
American arms. And so June passed by, with the assaults of the armed i ' 
uu Lrters where they could gather in sufficient numbers, and in solid preparation ' 
Union forces for the great contest before them. 

July 1st occurred the fight at Buckhannan, Va., where the rebels were routed with 
23 killed and 203 prisoners; and on the 2d the buttle at Martinsbi i : h 
rebels were again routed. July 5, Col Siege! fought the battle of Cartha ;e in MU 
where the rebels lost 3-50 in killed and wounded; a battle that gav.e the stamp of 
superior strategy to the military genius of Siegel. July 11 occurred the battle of Rich 
Mountain in Western Virginia, where Cbl, Rosencranx defeated Col. Pegram, took 
all his camp equipage, many prisoners, and killed 60 of the enemy. Juh 
Carricksfoid, the rebel General G-arneti was killed, and the rebels defeated, with he ivy 
lo-s. This battle cleared then) out of Western Virginia. July 18 was ".• firs 
of Bull Run at Blackburn Ford, where our ir.op. were compelled to fall back. Ou tl e 
2ist was fought the great battle of Bull ll\ir\, with 18,U09 t ten ou our sidi , rid 27,0 
in action on their side. In a desperate conflict of ten ho xxs we almost won the I 
when an unaccountable panic occurred, and sent our army, in complete rout, bn k 
their' fortifications on the Potomac. We lost 479 killed, 1611 wounded, .. io I 
prisoners. The rebels lost 393 killed, and 1200 wounded. Among the killed : I 
action were Cameron and Siocum. 


Colonel John S. Sloeurn was born in Richmond, .Rhode Island, November 1. ''■''. !. 
He learned books well at classical schools and at a commercial academy in H ■■ 
His mind was active, and he learned more than books, lie turned much of Ids atten- 
tion to manual exercises, and distinguished himself in them. During the Dorr >■ l- 
iion, he rallied to the defence of the government. This decided his inclination at .' 
career to arms. When the Mexican war broke out, he hastened, unattended, to W: 
ington, and, by las own personal exertions, male his way to the ear -of the Presid it, 
and obtained a commission as first lieutenant ixt the Eighteenth, under Colonel Ran- 
som. At the battle of Contreras his meritorious conduct won him the brevet rack of 

At Cbepultepec, his captain having been promoted, he commanded the com 
and shared in all the glory of that da} ; l as earned him the rank of captain. At the 
disbaudn '- ." ■,': bis regiment, he retii so to ; rsvato life. In the meantime he -.v.- > ur 
by --v. ■;.-.; i mvpursiaS, to take-- com mund. and teach the art of-vrai rTis'tinliCan s1 
fed him to attempt to introduce James" new projectile into- Europe. In 18G0 . 
One of. the Examining Board at West Point, and, as secretary, made the report of tk< 
visitors. At tl e breaking out of the Great Rebellion, the governor offered hit i 
jqr's commission h the- First Rhode Island,, which was accepted without a mm 
hesitation. When a second regiment was required, he was made colon I, and 
thorized to raise it. He soon raised and had the regimentready for war. His reg- 
iment opened the battle of Bull Run, and he fell at the head of. his regiment at the 
moment the enemy were giving way before- ;him. He was ever distinguished for his 
attention and kindness to the wants of t is men, and for ids heroism. In th 
gnage of another, " His monument will pioudly bear the record, '• C .. tr< ras . Cheru- 
busco, ChepuRepee, Ludiey Ford." 


James Camerori was bora at Maytown, Lancaster County, Pa., March 1, 1 SO 1 . On 
his forty-seventh births-day, he thus reviewed his own life: "Tnis day, forty six years 
a^o, a child w,w born in a beautiful obscure town, in the interior of Pennsylvania, 
wbose Christian name was James. This child 1. is passed through much of the thorny 
thickets of life*' lie was a cow-boy, ar plough-boy, a cutlerya blacksmith, a tur: er, a 
tailor, a printer, a brewer, a contractor-, an alderman, a superintendent of r il 
a lawyer, a prosecuting attorney, an aid to thegoverubr, — in short, almost everything 
but a Christian." He worked steadily as a blacksmith until nineteen, tkei 
'■■ • ' printing !iiee of his brother Simon at ilarrisburgh. From this he wandered into 
condufi ;;. Lycoming Gazette at Williarnsport. 

In* i '-T, he removed to Lancaster, and assumed the direction of the Polit- 
ical Sentinel. While conducting this paper, he studied law in the office c: the 
Pjm d-.nt, James Buchanan. Rut the anti-masonic times caused him to sell out his 
Paper, an i become a eontractoj on the p* blic works iu Pennsylvania. During the Mex- 
ican, he accompanied the volunteers of the State as sutler, and thus saw son 




; :. ; service. Thfe-turted hi- M to military matters. Tl 

Highlan I ] at of Se v Yi rk, 

t«*n dere d : l t He w.'.s 

at the v •' r the engagement 

eour >~ '■'• '- r. He rod . ith no 

disguise. In the demonstration -at the Stoi Bridge, ( 

almost, inde I tded his reg nent, and agaii i . i 

his " Seots, follow me!" ringing above the dine battle. kVade Hampdi 

fired rifle after rifle at Lin:, ■... bed his mark, and Cameron fell. His remains 

now repose on *. se battle-fiel 1, after fruitless attempt to r • >vei t u m b\ t! e ci 

of the anchirslrre and rebel Beauregard. The Union army will yet 

lake them. 

August I, 5! ( ■:. having taken command of the army of the Potomac, com- 
mej - ' I • ition of the Union army. On the 2d the battle oi" 1 

was fought . iri. H re Lyon gallantly defeated McCulloch, ani wil 

-. On the 10th oi August was foug tl ttle of Wilsoi 

; • a] . h. for reiuu rcements, was coi ipelled to f. ; . . r< bels, 

under M ' .... : :h:.s. Price, and Jackson, with onlv 5,600 men. He defeated th 
wi-.h a loss t< them of 421 killed, and 1 ; himself i > killed, and 

111 wounded. Lyon himself wa; killed while leading a ch ... 

Nathaniel L] • .-- i rn in a secluded out-of-the-w v th-? town of Asl 

Vv'u dham County, Coi necticut, on the 14th of July. 1819. His ancestors saw war in 
the Revaluii .. - hero by inheritance. H~ chose th--? a:--y. In 1837 he en- 

i tliiary academy, an rjaduated in July, 1841, the ele - .. in his class 
at once received bis commission as second lieutenant in the Second Infantry, His 
first sei vice and honors g ine 3 were in t- lorida. He was appoi ted fi :. tenant] 
it 17, and hi was joined to Cclouei Riley's Brigade in. Twi* ' Div don. He 1< 
companj , an i a j :u:ecl a battery of three pieces from the enemy at Cerro Gordo. H on - 
: : tdeofhim and he was already .>'. r gled nut as one destir.ed to ri .1 
jpifcuc as place iii the- n i it . the country. lie pes»ei«e; ; y and 

active person, endowed with ; " . ::_, and perseverance, and was - - - - . 

attache. i to his profession. At Cdntreras, Lyon and his regiment bore the palm a I 
the brave. Captain Wessells and Lieutenant Lyon, after in vai atl I to turn 
the enemy's cannon upon them, pressed upon them, and took two hnn i d pris 
and two pieces of artillery. Lycn, after this battle, was recommended to the special 
notice of Colonel Riley. At the entrance of the city of Mexico, he ah I I part in 
the engagement, and was slightly w ••:: ..< ! by a spent I ill. At the cicse of the war he 
received the head rank capt in, ad was ordered with his company tc Missouri, ;u 
proceed >verl - .. Calif : but embarked and reached his destinati a by s i. H? 
remained here several years in active service, and received his captain's coinmisSiun in 
June, 1851. 

ing with the Indians he sh • 1 gre it tact. On one occasion he was al 
by V. ree, one of whom seized his sword, but he wrest-. ;i it ;. ..._ ...-. : .:. hi ' . . 

• t ■".'::. t. From California he « s removed to i^ert Riley, in Kanr 

es; . . : a cause, . & it I ■ . - in i - . t press. 

--•■:■-■-•_>; : ii command' of therL'nit ' i A . 1 

His arsei . z a stronghold. The polic* . . den 

that T ; lc ■ ine himself to the arsenal. He made no reply. The camp of tl 

rebels lay without th* city. Lyon was thinking they v - \ 1st, .r 

• :.;-; .:•..•• r camp, . :.: - for uncoi I nal surreuder, 

and gave hall i : : f r reply. They surrendered. They soon attack un ou his 
return ; and paid the penalty F ihe attack. He was ma • general ot volun- 

teers, then broke ip the :• bel f rce at Potosi, seized the ie id hoiks that were supplying 
th rebel army, ... t .e steamer J. Ch Juan. By the recall of Harney, i.e was 
left in command f the ■.. G pernor Jackson and General Price tried to cir- 

cumvent . .::-. t it he turned the tile against them. ' - th men, aud met 

them on the field at Boonville. By consummate generalship he co • ivercame 

and routed then . when their tents, ammunition, and l- his hands, io 

complete a victor] < io cru^h ihe hopes of se - d >t.^rv the >:^te for t..e 

Union. On the 2d f August he fought the battle of JO ; Spring against Ben McCul- 
loch with :;>o times Lis f rce, and here again he showe .; i _ rategy, and r >-;ted 
t::e enemy with a heavy loss. He appealed to l'r< nont . nts, as McCul- 

loeVs. ; ; yi .. conticu [ij in casing, but in vain. Hew d to evacuate 

. iii- only alternative was cd attack Price and M ; . . .-> at 

Ah-, in's Creek, nine n dies fr i! -..-.. ;fi< ah lie had l : M Ired 

to t! ..- - • -■ ree * - :. :. He resolved to s • • if possible. Ti.e en- 

hisapproaeh, and prepaf to meet hi 11 Lyon 

was" thri ! ....:.-.. ■ j refused- to rei his A 

fre -.. ly 1 . .. ; ie to them, c I and ui ! ar • . i ed them 

to foil < - t-t. " Give us a leader," the; . . will follow to 

death ! " lie r.j Ik I, •'• 1 will lead you. Come on, brave men 1 " In the charge be- 
fell dead, picrf-Pvi through the stomach by a ball, and as be .'• II, be estci umed to his 
body-servant, u Lehman. 1 am killed; ta-ke care of my, 1 •;•'•" But II in the mo- 

ment of victory. The daj was won. He was final!) bur J y ' side of bis | brents 

Ti:r: REBELLION OF 1861. 131 

■ ' meetieut. Ail the state igh which his fern air - ; . 

did him bon r.' 

The great historian of the ci if him, "His military i . 

to me, was • correct, and bi sad d 

:. ' '. : ' ■"■''• ■ " 

'.-.-' * ■ . Grafton, Vi re the i 

with a I ss oi t enty-ooe killed. Thc21st, a battle was fought at Bird's Point, with 
forty rebels killed, ai 6 seventeen tak< n. 

September I there was a fight at Boon Court Hoi se, Virginia, with a rebel loss of 
thirty, ami the village burned. On the 10th Floyd was defeated by Roa • 

t 12th was fougl t the battle of Cheat Moi 
lost Colonel Johu O. Washington, the rebel propriet at Vernon. On t 

Colonel M'ul . •. at I surrendered to twenty- 

Price, after four days* fighting, with loss of f ndred men. 

October 9 the attack "wa« made upon Wilson's Zouaves at Sai 
thousand five hundred reb< , who were defeated and signally p 
curred tb :' * iefeat at E Iwards' Ferry on the Potomac/where ore tl 
hund ?d of our men were attacked by double their number. Colonel! 
the slain. 

Colonel Baler. 
Edward Dickinson Baker was born in. London, February 24, 1811. lie was ki 
Ball's B'utf. October 21, 1861. Kis years were a fev n >nths more than half a 

s a mat of edu ' a'i I refinement, his mother a sister of Captain Thom- 
as Dickii - • r the British r---_ . an officer of distinction, who fought uj ■ ' 
w - T falgar. At live years of age became with h iAdii ica. fl 

yeais in hia. Jn 1825 his fathermoved west, and opened a 

on the Lai isterian principle in Belleville, St. Ciair County, Illinois. Hen ; . - Ba- 
ker developed — axavenous reader, a boy of fine < nversation and manner, o! 
memory, and spent days r i idii g, drawii :*. learning, and enjoying sneietj of the 
best kind in the State. From thence he went to Carrollton, in Green County, id 
studied law with Judge Caverly, and then practiced for some time with iri li ! 
eess. Here he married a lady of high character, who still survives him • ' • 
the Pacific. In 1835 tie removed to Sprrogfield, the capital of the State. In 1837 he 
was eleeted to fill a vacancy in the legislature. He paid little attenti n to legislative 
I usin< - - : it if an i ; r i i I was to be demolished, or an ious ] 

he was the champion called upon to do it. He was State senator from 1840 tu 1814. 
A!i this time be ■was in assiduous practice of the law. In 1844 he was eh I 1 to Con- 
gress fron tbi Sangamon District, and was serving there with distir.cti twin 
Mexican war broke out. Fall cf r^iiitary fire, he left Washington, and raised the 
" Fourth Illinois '' in Springfield, and embarked for the war. Arriving a Matai ras, 
he wa-j sent v> Washington as bearer of dispatches, made a splendi 
cause of the volunteers in his seat, and then resigned it. He rejoined his regiment in 
time to be-in at the victory of V-.ra Cruz, and advanced with Scott's an ... : ■ 

At Cerro Gordo, Shields was disabled. Baker sprang to the head of hi brig 
ch rged a i tasked battery, took it. and completed an utter rout of the Me: 
I l tc£eeded-in his eoatiressionaldiatrictby Am m Lincoln. 

. : v. cl to Galf na.and in afew 'mdhthswerrr toCongress. Here I labored 
lime with industry and success. He declined a re-election, formed a - : 

•• s Panama Railroad Company, and went to ti ubie and si ' ' 

of four hundred men. into the hot breath of Panama. He slowly recovered fi m a ter- 
rible sickness, lie returned, restless still. He went to California 

chief an ng :..e lawyers or that State. Here he made money, fii i I 

fame. Unhapi t the mu er of his friend Btoderick, he went to ... ter- 

ing into ths election of 1853, headed the republican party of th State. 11 -;- - 

1 foi tl : Sei te, and w;.;c elected. This was t . • '•• He 

went to Was! ngton, and all along the route seati • . . He 

went to 1 , ... d for once stood among his peers. • ' 

. the vtin of war called him to the field. His. friend, trie President, ofli red hi 
. r generalship. It was declined, and so was the < mmission cf a ma r - r 
H was in •"'. work, not f.m.e. He commenced r cruiting. Men flocked t<. 
ranks. There was a charm in his name, lit-'- his private a — 

f eiei hispered to him. He was at 1'.: .'. 's B .::. lie n in fr t of his 

men with bis left band in his hre^st. lie spoke cool, encouraging words to his 
They fought, he fought, with a terribly cool bra* .The i i - spcrate. 
Taougb hopeless, they knew only to fight. A sudden flash fr : I 

Ci.en.y, and Baker Was dead. 

'-■■■• . . ■' I ■ i e of the restless and resistless j. : -\:\n-r-< and - . . . '.. 

:. hist >ry. L'u educated in 1 - i ] - I ora- 

tor; trained i re •-••■. . f western activities, he had the hisi y of the 

• . .-. • ■ • ; iun. Not lanored, tie was mnning over with the fluency < 

■ i and Language. Apparently indolent in hi< habits, there was always a clean 

sutiiul fini h in bis performances. He was a man of ''positivi and aggressive 

• r.' : . ut aia st--*"t persuasions were such tbat he could win golden < t : ; I -:.s even 

-rccng bjuj meat bitter political opponents. In the backwoods of tl.<. \\ est he A\as 





?ng the 
and w! 



upper ; 


A c 


jse the 

my, By! 



G Of 

:ure, I 

the m 



d route 

re ti\PW; energetic, pnscerinl; in the fierce, hot life of California, he was to hold respect 

and psteem by skill with pistol and tongue, the only recognized repn i of 

manliness in those regions ; and in th< ; . ii Stat >s Sei ate, i r in the mass-me ting of 
K< ■■■: York City, he could adopt the high range of sentiment, and of 

eon resaiotn and dhcu <s,ion that beeoi • the 1 aders in th •■ positions IVith books or 
bayonets, senatora or goldrdigvers, sentimentalists or uusi u ■ lous | diticiana, he 
could meet each on his own fuj ting, andcornince him that li had a man I 
subtle, cool, energetic, persuasive. B Lker will make Ball's Bluff im ru rti !. 

November 1, Lieutenant-Genera] Scott resigned his command of the Union army, 
and BitfOiellan to< k his place. The same day Floyd was again defeat* 
at (.'"" !:iv Bridge.. Oa the 8th was fought the battle of Belmont, where our forces 
were compelled to retire to their boat-, before large re-enforcements of the n : .<:-. On 
the lofrh> Gwp.tain Wilkes brought Mason and Slidell to Nen Fork, having taken them 
from, a British steamer. At Mumiordviile, on Green River, Kentucky, on the 17th 
the rebels were defeated, with thirtyrthree killed and thirty-three wounded. On the 
18th General Pope surprised a. rebel camp, and took one thousand three hundr pris- 
oners, including three colonels and seventeen captains, and all their camp store 
equipage Dec< mbei 20 was fought the. battle of JJrainsville, where the rebels were 
again defeated with considerable loss. 

This closed the year of 1861. Rebellion was assuming creator proportions every 
day, and so, too, were the means for defence. The North hod but one will — the Union 
must be preserved. In that idea they did not falter. 


greatest losses sustained by Massachusetts in this war, is the death of 
■■ d S rede-rick William Lander of Salem, who waa wound d at Ball's 
died of n congestive fever aggravated by his wound, at Camp Chase, 
ie < r the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. 

i' of Captain Edward Lander, and was born at Salem, Dec. 17, 183! 
ositvon of civil engineer early in life. He was educated at the Dummei 
I'd, and completed his education as engineer at Partridge's Academy, 
characterized by a great fondness for field sports, ■manly'" exercise, biid 
: entered the service of the government some ten years "since, and was 
st active and energetic among those engaged in the exploration of the 
to the Pacific. He h id the command of an expedition in 1858, to open 
a wagon road to California' across the plains. He made five explorations across tbe 
continent, as engineer, chief engineer, or superintendent. He was superintendent of 
the last r:.;vv ; -^ for the great wagon road, and he did his work with such celerity and 
efficiency, that he was highly complimented by the Secretary of-th'i Interior in his 
ofh' :ial report. Of the appropriations made by Congress in two seasons alone for the 
construction of -these roads, lie brought back $100,000 of unexpended funds. He was 
one honest employe of the government; His experience in the>e explorations mad< 
his judgment extremely valuable in regard to the routes foT the Pacific Railroad, and 
Committees of both. Houses of Congress had frequent recourse to his knowledge and 
judgment. At one time he ergam?sed a party, at his own expense, and surveyed a 
t v>-.. from Washington Territory, through California, to the western part of Missouri. 
.1 s; some •■ .l.-os h ■ had to right the Indiai , and rout t hero, to save his li$e, and • i ■>■ e< d 
with h-ia enterprises-. In these expeditions he became acquainted with,. am the per- 
gonal friend di our comriia'n'dmg General, • McClellun. His pub Li tr services b >Ught bira 
ir cont ict with most of the great men of the time, a::d he was honored by all. 

On the breaking Out of the rebellion he orl'ered himself to his country. He was 
made brigadier-general of volunteers, hie served with great eiheiencj asaid to Gen- 
eral McCleMan, m Western Virginia. On the 2d of June, in the command oi t ; i<, 
9th Indiana and 14th Ohio Regiments, in conjunction with Co!. Kelly with another 
detachment, they m rched throUsh a fearful storm, attacked and shelled out the rebels 
at Phillippi. On the 1 1th -of July, at the battle of Ric! Mountain, "Col. Lander," 
the < Ificiai re pi rt said, ; - led the lenders into the right." Upon the earnest solicitation 
of General Mi-Clelian, Governor Spraguc, and Senator Carlisle, he was ma le a briga- 
dier-general, and assigned an iu.p riant station. During the disaster at Ball's Bluff he 
was at "Washington, arranging tor the opening: of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. 
As soon as he received intelligence of the action, he hastened to the spot, and on the 
22d was wounded in the leg by a musket ball, in the skirmish which he had with the 
iebels oppositi Edwards' Perry. He took the field, after his confinement, too early, 
and over exposure and excitement speedily dtveioped the disease that caused his 
death, which occurred March '2d, lS62f. 

lih* sister, the celebrated sculptress^ makes her home in Italy, but is now a Florence 
Nightingale in the hospitals at Washington, lie married Mdss Davenport, a lady 
who-,,; qualities of head and hear£»nd whose dram alio genius are well known. 

'1 he most in portant f< at performed by him was the opening of tbe railroad and tele- 
graph to Hart eq k, Virginia, which be- accomplished with two th tisand men, in two 
coiutuns marching thirty-two miles in an incredibly short space of tune. id. is act 
celled out a war bulletin from Secretary Stanton, highly compluueutarj to his abilities, 
landing general issued an order announcing his death, and 
mums of friendship and r< spect. 

to his home, they were honored by all the respect that his 
tc authorities could bestow, 
n, and died honored, — a good destiny. 

At his death 

, the cc 

When hi-- rei 

Sjhcst e 
tains ca 

fellow-citizens ; 

ird the 

lie Uvcu a lif 

e bf he: 



* k l »tuill c:iHm- «>« no* Ttf nsKachusett*; ni»c. ueed* none. There 
tiro i*. Behold li«r, and judge for yoiirtfelvcu. There is her history; .!.<■ 
world kuowt it »»y heart. '£}»*■ i>, a( l<:»-*t, In secure. There l* Ko»ton ( 
And Concord , a.u*i Lo.vint;t«ii, m'.d JHunker ISill ; and there they will i-emalu 
tjwrever. *i wd» »ir, w!;<-..«.r AmCi-icsiu Ilbertj first raj « ml Ltx voice, and where 
It* youth vv.1- uurtured :sju* sustained, there i; still Uvea, In tn<.- strength i>r 
Its manhootl, :>!><! full ol" its original tt|>irH'. ET discord and <li^ii:ii<>!> »h:ill 
reud It, it* party strife and blind ambition shall pluck at aud t ».:>!- it, ii 
and n»:tdnes«, If uneasiness under salutary aud necessary restraint si nil 
succeed in separating it From tHt> Union, by which alone its e-Klstence In 
made sure, it will stand, in the end, by thu side of that cradle In \»!>i«;< ii- 
In fancy *v»« reeked; It will stretch forth Its arm with whatever of vigor it 
may still retain over the friends who K"-'i><'i' round; and it will lull :.t la*&, 
If fall »i mast, amidst the proudest monuments of it*, owu glory, aud *>;; the 
very *}»<>t of Us origin.' 5 — WEjjsTJStt. 

Thus spoke the great defender of the Constitution ; and what he his spok n ' ■ 
history. The loyal niillions of the North defend than Cons-titutl n, and that Uu ■ , 
with their arnis, that the great debater defended with his unapproach: I eh 
States m-trshal themselves in a column of defence, and Massachua Its ti : Lo lei 
:;{ niaxxs i id historic memories:, Leads the attack. She is the great Amugican Pion 
id< as; for these ideas she first led the attack upon the dogmas of priestcraft and king- 
craft, iv I ich had so long shut tne gates of mercy upon mankind ; first led the an.. ■'-:. 
Upon taxation without representation — and why should she not be the first to lea . the 
attack upon 'he treason of the Oligarchy? 

And what is this question with which Massachusetts has to deal ? It is a quo I 
between law and anarchy- — between democracy and a dictator — between the Got! 
the Roman. Massachusetts springs into the arena as one of .the great arbitei i, to sn •• 
the balance with the sword. When she strikes, it is not for the depression , but for thu 
exaltation of the human race. So site had always struck; and history is full of the 
erFectivenes-' of her blows. 

The Mayflower brought here the Ejerrn of the future state. The fruit has not ri| 
to belie the golden merit of the germ. Carver and Bradford, signing that sosial 
compact in the cabin of the. Mayflower, had no thought but that of justice, i 
equality, and the full development of the man. in an infant state, freed from the histor- 
ical memories and, feudal oppressions of England. They dreamed of a hew empire, 
and in Massachusetts have their children teen the fruition of that dream. 

Those honest men made religion the basis of their new state. In this we do i 
a blind faith, but an intelligent worship under the supremacy of law, subjected t > • 
ciph 3, and tl ese principles the edict of God, written on the pages of the Bible, of nature, 
Sifd n. the heart of man. They signed that compact with conseienli ■ - i ' < ■• 
* e'avei . against the assertions o;t ali cavillers, that conscientious motives, from I al 
d:iy to this n;v, tfefYfe be> n the' guiding spirit of the de'\irln frtieut of '■ ■- ■•'' 
s«-:ts State. What she .has believed "right, she has done ; what she has believed wrong, 
,m- has desisted i>um doing. Of her wisdom, at all times, we will not spea:k ; n ■ 
exalt the unvarying integrity of her purpose. Not a savage fell slain bj In r 
Dot a woman burned as a- witch, not a bullet sped at Lexington or at Llunlci r Hi! . I 
each set wag done under obedience to that which was believed to be toe 11 igber Pow. r. 
tn may be impeached — her integrity, never. We do not forget h<.r iniol- 
;• connection of church and state, nor negro slavery, :mr liaiimrd Conv< u- 
< y are ail blemishes ; but they stand as evidence of want of wiadom, nut 

aidless to point out the brilliant passages of her history ; they are : 
te first State planted and raised on this continent for higher motives than 
; the first to adopt the pure democracy in politics ; the first to declare um- 
rty, equality, and toleration; and in her government., schools, literature, 
integrity, industry, and in the innovating pow< r of her id< as, she is tne first 
states. She has sent so much vigor, power, enterprise, and ambition to the 
h-west, that she may look up to her, and call her Mother. 
he fc.ii.ould have been the first to speed ruin to this rebellion, which struck at 
Hock, at Bunker Hill, at Lexington, to destroy their sacred political signifi- 
cance forever. Not to have been in Baltimore, on ihe 19 th of .April, tStil, were worse 
ti ui m i to hare been at Lexinzton, on the 19th of April, 1775. As her record in the 
est bhUhment of mil «pendruce was glorious, so is. and will be, her rec rd in thesei hid 
K?* at v. , ir But ji (.( pende.uce. All her power, wea.t.i. ta'l ait, genius, will come up to the 
ian'-r, and she will do more tiian achieve, she will deserve success. 

.Legislative Action. 
Four fact*, stood out prominently in the response o: Massachusetts to the PrncUma- 
ti»i* of the President, First, the excellent system fur the organization and di-« 
pi the military force of the state; second, the ascertaining ut head-quarters of the 

Jier \ 



e, t 

t> u-;. 

i t 


She v 







of ail 






numb< : of officers a . i me who would resp >nd instantly to anv rill of f 
third, the foresight that induced th ure, on the 3d of April, to pass a bill appro- 

priating $25,000. ami authorizing the Adjutant-General to for overcoat*, 

blankets, Iwnapsacjcs, 20 IJQ ball cartridge*, &c, for two thousand troops ; and.l 
tin ftct hat the vo .. • militU, for three months previous- to 

pntion of trouble in thi South, wisely prepared themselves for iction. In this ' 

he forewarned was to be fun armed. The results of this action only go to show the force 
of that aphorism, '* In peace prepare for war." 

The following resolves, contemplating the maintenance of the Union, were presented 
to the I egislature of Massachusetts, on the 18th of January, and free and fill debate 
.." • a •■'" ■' ••;•' i tin . They passed, however, with little or no d bate, an indication 
that not partisanship, but true loyalty to the Constitution and the Union, inspired I 
T'.c following cis the resolves : — 

" Resolves tendering the aid of the Commonwealth to the President of the United Statt >> 
i/i. enforcing the laws and preserving the Union. 

" Whereas, Several States of the Union have, through the action of their people am! 
authorities, assumed the attitude of rebellion against the national government; and 
tohere-is, treason is still more extensively diffused; and whereas, the Slate oi 5 
Caro ina, having first seized the post-office, custom house, mon :ys, arms, munitions of 
wi.r and fortifications of the fed- rai government, lias, bv firing upon a vessel in the ser- 
vice of the United Suites, committed an act of war; and whereas, the forts and property 
of the United States, in Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida, have been -.•'- . 
with hostile and treasonable intention; and whereas, senators and representatives in 
C n\ res avow and sanction these acts of treason and rebellion : therefore, 

■• U&sott&d, Ir.;: t 1 .- Legislature of Massachusetts, now, as abv^vs, < nvinced of th< 
inestrTrt4bfe value of the Union, and the necessity of preserving its blessings to our- 
Reive* and pyr posterity, regard with unmingled satisfaction the determination evinced 
iii the recent firm and pati iotic special mes ;age of the President of the United State: , 
to amply and faithfully discharge his constitutional duty of enforcing the laws ai d ; re- 
bpi vina; the integrity of the Union ; and we proffer to him, through the Governor of the 
Commonwealth, such aid in men and money as he may require, to maintain the autl r- 
ity of the national government. 

" Eesaheil, That the Union-loving and patriotic authorities, representatives, and 
citizens of those State? wh< se loyally is endangered or assailed by internal or external 
treason, who labor in behalf of the Federal Union with unflinching courage and pat- 
riotic devotion, will receive the enduring gratitude of the American people. 

••• Resolved, That the Governor be requested to forward, forthwith, co] ies of the fore- 
going resolutions to the President of the United States, and the Governors of the several 
St ites. [Approved January 23, lSdL" 

This was the first ieuisi^tivr* action that was taken, in contemplation of such an issue 
as a great rebellion io the South. In these resolves the position of the State was defined. 
She was found to be true to the heritage of her fathers. Sue took a stand for law, and 
to maintain that Union inviolate that was threatened bj tri as >n, and under whose pro- 
tect in ■: r.ris she had so long prospered in wealth, power, and peace. From that position 
sh ! v.-i:l never recede. 

i ; St ite of Virgin;} issued a call to the other States, to meet her in convention, to 
?-<" > v h;-. measures of y pe ee at^'emieilTatien could be suggesttrtk b7on«re«vs pas ?d ■■ i 
promulgated a call in sympathy with that wish. The matter came up for consideration 
bef •; c the Legisl tture of Massachusetts, and the project was opposed as extra constitu- 
ti »nal. There were those found who did not favor the convention. Others, a 
argued that New York, I iUnei , Ohio, and Rhode Island, which State s wauld be repre- 
sented, might, in that convention, make a new basis for a constitution, in derogation of 
th.- rights of Congress, and that the States absent might be considered as consenting by 
their silence. Others thought that Massachusetts already had her delegation in Con- 
gress, and that this was a sufficient representation upon all national questions. The 
ques.ti .it of sendii g d« u j c 'c-- to this convention was finally consi Iered on the 4:h day 
of February. A call had been issued, signed by several of the most influential citizens 
of Boston and vicinity, for a meeting in Faneuil Hall the afternoon of the 4th. They 
s iw arid felt the necessity of on outward compli nee, at least, with the .-ill of Virgil i i, 
in order that Massachusetts should stand right on the record. Virginia alleged that 
she spoke in the spirit of peace.; we could do uo less than meet her in the same spiiit. 
This was the feeling or" thv majority of the people. But those taking an ultra position 
upon the question of slavery opposed the appointing of the commissioners, ard strenu- 
oussl) urgtd that opposition. They did not believe in the honesty of Virginia; .they 
saw in hr=r movement an atumpt to coerce the North, by threats of dissolution of the 
U iii; h", into extendiug further guaranties upon. the question of slavery. Others n pin i 
that i ■ ■■ owi d litiie to courtesy, but much to the historical spirit of Massachusetts, and 
the) id not think that she would ' r ^ degraded by meeting Virginia uj i lier'own 
gr< ■ • I. 1'he discussion was warm iu both u i s of the Legislature. The spirit cf 
CCn« iliaf ion prevailed, and the resolve passed the Senate. 

" Resolve for the appointment of Commissioners to attend a Convention to be held in the 

Cay of Washington. 
" Wheieat, The Coaimonwralth. of Massachusetts is desirous of a full and free confer- 
ence with the general government, and with any or all of the other States of the L'ni n 


at any time and on every occasion when such conference may promote the welfare cf 
the com!. try ; and 

" Whereas, Questions of grave moment have arisen touchins the po^ i r i of the govern- 
ment, an4 the relations between the diti'ei at States o( the 1 i 

'< whereas, The State of Virginia has expressed a desire to meet her sister S 
convention- at Washington; therefore, 

' Itesoive-dj That the Governor of this Commonwealth, by and with the advici and 
sent of the Council, bo and he hereby is authorized to appoint seven persons as i immH- 
lioners, to proceed to Washington to confer with the gone;; il government, or i 
separate States, or with any association of delegates from such States, and to teport 
their doings to the legislature at its present session; it being expressl) d 
their acts shall be at all times underthe control and subject to the approval orrej 
of the Legislature. [Approved February 5, 1861." 

The resolve was immediately approved by the Governor, and the following cm 
sioners were appointed : — John 1}. Goodrich, of Stockbridge; Charles Allen, ?<< Wor- 
cester; George S. Boutwell, of Groton ; Francis B. Crowninshield, of Boston ; Th 
lus P. Chandler, of Brookline ; John M. Forbes, of Milton; and Richard 13. V. . 
of Beverly. 

These gentlemen "Were distinguished for their integrity and genera] ability; and ir: 
them the State felt thather principles von 1 :! be faithfully represented. Tins convention, 
on February 27th, submitted to Congress its plan of pacification ; but this plan failed to 
pacificate those who would not he pacified — those who were pledged to disunion and to 
war. Massachusetts, at least, had attempted conciliation. 

On the 3d of April, 1801, the Legislature passed another resolve, authorizin ; I 
Acjiitant-Cc;: j.ii to equip 2000 soldiers for active service. This resolution 
considerable ridicule from the opposition press ; still, when the emergency cam 
wisdom of the movement turned the ridicule to the other side. The following is a copy 
of the resQ,W.e : 

iS Resolve relating to the Equip/Kent of Troops for Active Service. 

" Resolved, That the adjutant and acting quartermaster-general be, and he is hereby 
authorized, under the direction of the governor and council, to provide, either b; 
tract or otherwise, a sufficient number of overcoats, blanket?, knapsacks, hav< . 
and other articles of equipment, camp utensils, and trenching tools, as may be i 
to equip two thousand, troops for active service, and a sum not exceedine twei 
thousand dollars is hereby appropriated for that purpose. [Approved April 3, 1881." 

The Governor's Message to the Special Session ; May 14, 1S01. 
The Governor, in April, immediately after the fall of Sumter, issued a proclamati 
calling together the members of the Legislature, to meet, in their several ch irnc srs at 
noon of the 14-th day of May. They met at the appointed time, in extra session. After 
convening, a joint committee from the two houses waited upon the Governor, and 
informed him that they were ready to listen to any communication that he had to make 
to them. The Governor mot them, and in his characteristic style addressed then; upon 
the momentous issues of the hour. 

[ixmst, the occasion demands action, and not spe^fh. A grand era has 
noshing is perceived to discourage the American people. The fed ■■■ 
mp>eBed to assert its rightful authority by an appeal to the stout he iri . 
if loyal men. Massachusetts, by the unanimi is celaitn oi her t 
epartments of her public service with a perfect devotion to the cause i I 
and it now remains only for the Legislature to carry out more perfeel 
leople: This is no war of sections, no war of North on South ; n 
!r wrongs, nor to perpetuate ancient griefs. It is the struggle • 
their own rights, to retain and invigorate the institutions of thcii : tthers. 
The guns pointed at Sumter announced to Major Anderson and his men their introduc- 
tion into the noble army of heroes of American history. 

TheProclamation of 'the President summoning the rebels to disperse, and the rally of 
the troops in Massachusetts, under all its circumstances of c brity of uaOition ai I '.:-.!- 
liancy of results, is unexampled. The telegraphic message from W ishington coi 
him that no small dependence was placed upon Massachusetts to be early in the fiel t. 
and no delay was permitted, for by 9 o'clock on the Sabbath morning followii ; the 
Monday on which the first telegram was received, the whole number of regiments de- 
manded from Massachusetts were already either in Washington, in Fortress Monroe, 
or on their nay to the defence of the capital. 

The war expenditures were unhesitatingly incurred. The Executive and his council 
understood and relied upon the temper of the. people and the support of the Legisla- 
ture. Not only had they supplied present, but had also anticipated coming wants in 
providing for military stores, elbthing, equipments. All agents and departments of 
the :.• i rice h id wmght economy no less than brilliancy and effectiveness in the sphere 

The disbursements in the military service, up to May 13th, were, lor subsisi 
$40,222 24; cloth ihir, $4)0,823 22; equipments, gSO.oGo 7 s ; transportation of i r 
g4 : i,280 38; one half of steamer Cambridge, $45,000 p0 ; one half of steamer i 
fye»kej §17,500; telegraphing. §272 To; making an aggregate of §267,84 o 18. 1 ' 
tht3 amodnt may be added $100,000 more to cover contracts for clothing cud equip- 
ments contracted for, and also an amount for a contemplated purchase of onus in 


his or 


e r g i 




is c 

ig a 








S of 


avenge f 

ij no 

to V 





Europe. The contracts in progress contemplated uniforms, &c. for new na m. Nearly 
all these contracts and expenditures constituted a valid claim upon the federal govern- 

yhe Governor highly complimented private gentlemen, his military aid*, and 
cialty - the- council, which had been in session daily for the month previous. He •■■ 
complimented the Quarter-JH ister General, who had rendered efficient service after his 
appointment to a new office, created for the occasion, under the constiti tiou and I .-.- 
general statutes, so to relieve the Adjutant-General of a portion of his rt-.r >ii ubiHtn ■>. 
He recommended that an appropriation be made to cover exp m i s incurrci . 
that might be made. On the 27th of April, he had commissioned and sent a citizen of 
Massachusetts to Europe to purchase the Minnie rir!e, or other efficient amis as co ild 
be procured- for this purpose he had been furnished with a letter of credit to t:ic 
amount of £50,OOQi The nautical school ship had al o bei d Itted up, and present d 
by the collector of the port, with an aid to the revenue, wiih instruction to overhaul 
suspicious-looking vessels. A sense of insecurity along the coast, and the pi 
demonstrations of Davis, induced them to purchase part of the steamers Cai 
and Pembroke fordefence and transportation; the Cambridge, especially, had perform< d 
brilliant service in conveying troops to 1'ortress Monroe, and up the Potomac to Wash- 

The nest subject that engaged his attention was that of a State encampment. There 
were 129 newiy enlisted companies in the active militia, induced to enlist by the pr< j- 
pect of being called immediately into the held. That these men might p< i IV d 
selves in their profession, so as to be of substantial service to the State, and that oih r 
citizens might be left to pursue, undisturbed, their various avoeations in private life, 
and that the future might he efficiently provided against, and alsn in an-.wei to the 
earnest solicitation of several citizens, he recommended the establishment of a State 
encampment; He made aiso several minor. .suggestions concerning the conduct of such 
an encampment, and gave the whole into the hands of the Legislature. 

lie also diseotir iged the practice of the towns in giving aid to the soldiers and com • 
fiiea funning in them. It not only became a desultory and inefficient method of ren- 
dering assistance, but also incapacitated the towns for rendering assistance to the 
families of the soldiers while they -were away. The State was the proj er authority to 
render any assistance necessary in forming the companies. He recommended the 
enrolling of the entire militia; also a popular loan to be effected by instalments as 
might be deemed expedient by the executive department,; and the people of the State 
were exhorted to economy ro provide ag tinst the necessitie ; of the future. 

In this address the Governor showed shrewdness and foresight in the various recom- 
mendations, and they generally met with the. approval of the Legislature and the 

Extra Session, May, 1862, 

The Governor and Council, in prosecuting the preparations of the State to meet any 
emergency of war, made full use of the executive power in their hands. The necessities 
of the times, in their judgment, justified the use of that power. They relied fully 
upon the generosity and patriotism of the people to sustain them by anj leg la ive 
ac ten tit at seas necessary to legalize all tiicir acts, in this reliance they were net 
mist.-.k :n. When the Legislature came together in Extra Session, wirhoui opposition 
if ■■•- commena^d mosj appropriate legislation to support the pre-vio n& ae*i»t of the 
The act providing tor the maintenance of th_ Cnion and the Con - 
tt'.e contracts, obligations and agreements made by the Governor 
dig for a Union Fund, and the issuing of Government Scrip, .he., 

An Actio provide for the Maintenance of the Union and Constitution. 
Be it enacted, C\c.,oifulluics: 

Slct. 1. The contracts, obligations and agreements heretofore made by the gov- 
ernor or tfee ex ecu rive council, or any officer or person, witn hi : or th< ir san-ction : m! 
authority, and all expenditures, paymeuts, and disbursements made by the governoi 
thecouncil, or under ids or their authority and direction, t >r Lhe furnishingcf troops for 
: deff nee of th - United States, or for armin :, equipping and disciplining, and for the 
transportation and subsistence of the militia of this Commonwealth, or iu anyway 
connected therewith, are hereby ratified and confirmed, and all acts done by the 
governor and thecouncil, or under his or their direction, are nereby approved, ratifi id 
and confirmed. 

SfiCT. '-h The governor, with the advice of the council, is hereby vested with full 
power and authority to take such measures as may he deemed best toprovide t >r the 
arming, equipping and disciplining, and for the transportation -.i:<. : subsistence of so much 
of the military, force of this Commonwealth as may, in his judgment, be ne led f t 
i;ef* ndJng, sustaining and maintaining in its full integrity the authority of the :.- »vern- 
mei I of the Ci ited States, and the constitution aud the 1 iws thereof; and to this *'-n A 
he m-.iy, with tee advice of the council, appoint ana commission all needful officers and 
agents, and n ay li :i their rank and pay. 

Sj&pT. 3. Trie governor and council are hereby authorized and empowered to 
negotiate, adjust and settle al! questions^ accounts, matters and thiols between this 
Commonwealth and the United btates, in any way arising from cr growing out uf the 












iS fit. 




contracts and expenditures! h. the preceding sections mentioned, and nut of the 
expenditures which may be made under the provisions of any act to provide for thc- 
public defence, or for the discipline and instruction of a military force. 

mj r. i The governor, frith the advice, of the council, is here! I * pay 

oat of the fund created under .this -act, any of I • >ps of this Commonwealth wh i 
have been- or may be : mustered into the servici of the Unite* States d ri the i 
orany partof the time of such service,, and torn ke anv arrangements fn tl i rei , 
merit of such payment* out of the treasury of the United States, as roaj be agreed i | i 
between him and the federal government. 

Sect. 5. For the purpose of meeting the e ;p?nses incurred and to be incurred 
under this act, and any act to providefor the public defence, or for tl i di ip ii 
instruction of a military force, in the third section of this act mentioned, th< rt ull b< 
created a fund which shall be called the Union Fund ; and the treasurer of 
monwealth is hereby authorized to issue scrip or certificates of debt, in the nam 
on hehalf of the Commonwealth, and under his signature and the seal <■•' I 
Commonwealth, to an amount notexceeding three millions of dollars; andtb 
of such scrip so issued shall be passed to the .credit of said Union Fund, and I 
is hereby appropriated for the purpose of paying all liabilities incurred 01 to be im 
under this act and the acts herein mentioned ; and the governor is authorized, from 
time to time, to draw his warrant upon the treasurer for so much as may I 

SECT. 6. Such, scrip or certificates of debt .shall bear interest not exceeding six per 
cent, per annum, payable semi-annually, on the first days, of January and July ii. each 
year, and may be issued at such times and in pieces of such amount a ~ shall be fix< 3 
by the governor and council. All such scrip issued in pieces of five bun h • i 
over, shall, have inte:e-.t warrants attached thereto signed by the treasurer. Scrip for 
smaller sums shall be issued without such warrants, but bearing interest payabh 
annually on presentment to the treasurer. -Such scrip or certificates oi debt - 
redeemable in not less than ton nor more than thirty years fro;n the first di y o ' 
A. 1). eighteen hundred and sixty-one, and not more than five hundred thousand d ii 
shall be redeemable in any one year; and the same shall be countersigned bj I 
governor, and be deemed a pledge of the faith and credit of the Commons -•■.:; ; the 
treasurer may. from time to ante, dispose of so much of the same as shall be rcq 
under the direction of the governor and council, and for that purpose shall ad> 
for proposals for so much oi the same as may ho needed, bearing interest at a rate not 
exco dint* six per cent, per annum. 

Sect. 7. This act shall take effect upon its pa-sage. [Approved May 21, 1861. 

In addition to the foregoing, they passed another, authorizing the treasurer and 
receiver-general of the Commonwealth to issue certificates of debt in the name o I 
Commonwealth, for such sum, not exceeding seven millions, as the governor and council 
may direct. It is as follows : 

An Act in addition to an Act to provide for the Maintenance of the Union and 

the Constitution. 

Whereas, The people of Massachusetts regard with like feelings of loyalty and 
affection the government of the United States, and that of their own Commonwe it b, 
M*d $ p it fit that the arms of each should be strengthened by all which the other 
can ; 

An '>-.<•■ -■;■■!,, Some emergency nraj arise during 'he pe&ess of the 1 gi4a1 
which the aid of Massachusetts may be of service to the general government in its 
financial arrangements: therefore 
Be it enacted, &e., as follows : 

Sect. 1, The governor, with the advice of the council, at any time during th< U 
of the legislature, should such emergency arise, is h-reby authorized to direct th 
trcasur r and receiver-general of the Commonwealth to issue scrip or certificates u 
in the name and on behalf of the Commonwealth, and under his signa.ure and tne 
seal of the Commonwealth; for such sumsrnot exceeding in the aggregate the nm 
of seven millions of dollars, payable at such times and with such st, not exeet l- 
iog six per cent, per annum, as the governor, with the advice of the council m i\ 
direct. Said scrip or certificates of debt may be expressed in the currency of Grrac 
Britain or of the United States, and made payable in London or Boston, as thi 
governor, with the advice of the council, shall direct ; the interest shall be payable 
aemi-Jicii \ d\\ , and interest-warrants, signed by the treasurer and receiver-genpral, shall 
tttaehed thereto. Said scrip shall be countersigned by the governor of the Common- 
ad be deemed a pledge of the faith and credit of the Commonwealth for the 
redemption thereof. . 

SECT. '-'. Tne scrip to be bo issued may be sold in such manner as the governor 
shall direct, and the proceeds thereof loaned, to the government Of the United 
States, or expended in purchasing from the government of the United States its 
treasury notes, or other evidences of .indebtedness, or said scrip maj be deli\ ed to 
the secretary of the treas iry of the United States in exciiunge for obligations of the 
united States government of corresponding. amount. 

Se< r. '6. Ibis act shall take effect upon Its passage. [Approved May 21, 1S61. 

in addition to the foregoing, they passed the following provisions for a Sinking Fund, 
street taxation, &c. t in connection with the scrip authorized. 




Aft Act to jtrpzuJtfor a Sinking Fund. 

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of "Representatives, in General Court assembled, 

and by the authority of the same, as follows : 

Sect. 1. The treasurer and receiver-genera] hall, on th< first day of January, in 
the year eighteen hundred and sixty-* hree, .rhnk< a '.report to the 1 ' ■ ' ■ 

Commonwealth, of al! scrip or certificates of df bis issued pursuant to in act en1 
••An Act to provide for the maintenance of the Union and the Cnnstituti •••," ai i 
Bet in addition thereto, passed at the present session oft!,.' legislature; be shall at 
the same time report the amount of all scrip or certificates of debt of the Unit< d St lies 
which shall have been received by this Common we iith, from the United States, 
the provisions of said acts or of either of them, and of the actual market value of said 
scrip or certificates of debt at the date of such report. All scrip or certificates of d:bt 
received under the provisions of said acts respectively, shall be pledged i nd be! 
part of the sinking fund hereby created ; and the principal of the same shall be applied 
for the redemptioH and payment of the .-crip or certificates of debt issued under the 
act in pursuance of the provisions of which the same was received. 

Sect. 2. There shall be raised by taxation, in each year, commencing - with the year 
eighteen hundred and sixty-three, a sum equal to one-tenth part of the difference 
found by the report of the treasurer, as above provided, to exist 1 1 tween thi ai i 
of scrip or certificates of debt issued under said acts, and the actual market value of the 
amount of scrip or certificates of debt in the- treasury of the Commonwealth, or stated 
in such report ; and the sum so raised from year to year shall be pleg< J and held as a 
sinking-fund, to be invested as the legislature shall direct, and applied for the redemp- 
tion, and payment of the scrip or certificates of debt issued by this Commonwealth, 
under the acts in the first section mentioned. [Appvmed Wfcsy 21, 1861. 

We also find the following-, enabling banks to purchase these government securities. 
An Act to enable Banks to purchase Government Securities, 
Be it enacted, t \c., as follows : 

Sect, 1. Loans directly made by any bank to the Commonwealth or to the United 
States, and notes or scrip of the Commonwealth or United States, held by any bank 
and directly purchased by such bank from the Commonwealth or United States, shall 
not be deemed debts due within the meaning of the twenty-fifth section of the fifty- 
seventh chapter of the General Statutes. 

SEPT. 2. This act shall take effect upon its passage. [Approved May 21, 1831. 

In addition to this, they passed the following, providing for paying out of the 
Union Fund the troops of the Commonwealth which had been mustered into the ser- 
vice of the United States from the time of their reporting themselves under the order 
of the governor until they were mustered in. 

An Act hi further addition to An Act for the Maintenance of the Union and, the Con- 
Be it enacted, <sc., as folio ics : 

Sect. 1. The governor, with the advice of the council, is hereby authorized to pay 
out of the Union Fund any of the troops of this Commonwealth which have been mus- 
tered into the service of the United States during the time whi ; > elapsed from their 
reporting themselves for service, in pursuance of. the order of the governor, and the 
time when they vo'-e actur»Uy:muster<;d into t: :• service of the U-na*?cL States; joeh n>ay 
affea&'Bc the same as that of tly* ;ra'e •■■ vps in ;'•■••• service of the; U sit'< I S( teg. We 
shall also have authority to pay such chaplains as have been or may be appointed to 
any of the regiments of the troops of Massachusetts which have been or may be mus- 
tered into the service of the United States, such pay to be the same allowed in the 
United States service. 

Sect. 2. The governor and council shall have the same powers with regard to the 
expenditures provided in thi^ ace as are given them in the third section of the act to 
which thisis in addition. ^ 

Sect. 3, This act shall take effect upon its passage. [Approved May 22, 1861. 

Aesording to the suggestion of the governor, the Legislature provided as follows for 
the instruction of the military force of the State : 

An Act taprovidefor the Discipline and Instruction of a Military Force, 
Be it enected, <v\, as follows • 

Sect. 1. The governor, with the consent of the council, is authorized and era- 
powered to establish one or more camps in suitable places within the Commonwealth, 
for the instruction and discipline of such military fj>rce as may he placed therein under 
the provisions of this act; and .may -procure suitable structures,, tents, camp equipage, 
utensils, uniforms, arms, and equipments for the accommodation and use of not exceed- 
ing live regiments and one battery of a'rtiilOrv of six: pieces; and may, from time to 
time, order into said camp oi camps, to be kept therein for such period of time as he 
may dee r»i expedient, any such companies or r giments wow irganized, oi which shall 
be hereafter organized, hot exceeding five regiments and o;:<: battery of artillery of six 
pieces, at any one time, as h» may select, :^r the j uj [) of being instructed and dis- 

Sect. 2. For the purpose of establishing such camp or camps, the governor, with 
the advice of the COUticil, shall have power to contract for the use and occupation of 
the laud needful therefor, with the owners thereof, at such a rate of rent or compensa- 


tfon as shall be argeed upon, and \i a .• uft ble lite 01 sites cannot otherwise be obtained, 
the governor, with the consent of the council, may rause sufficient land foi such cm.p 
nvpa to bo taken into the possession of the C rrhmbnwealth, ami occupied for the 
p ir| oses of .'. camp or ramps, and may enter upon and occupy tl -•. i ■ , eitl • rwitb 
or without the consent i " ih i ownej i t the m , and the eoui • • ■ i of the 

county in which such lands shall be, shall fix and deternvim th i tin occupa- 

tion J;' sucti lands per month, and at the end of each month of such occupati 
amount of such allowance shall be paid to the owners of such lands respectively. No- 
tice shall be ^iven by the county commissioners of the time and place, when and where 
thi v will proceed to adjust the said value, and from their j ■'.- , m an app al may be 
taken in the same manner as appeals from the j idgment of said commissioners fixing 
damages fur lands taken for highways. 

S i. '<$. No such companies or regiments shall be placed in said camp or camps 
until all the members thereof shall have agreed by articles in writing that it they shall 
bi detailed. at any lime, to be mustered into the service of the United Stat s by the 
governor, upon the requisition o? the president, they will enter into and remain in said 
service three years, unless sooner discharged by order of the president; or that if at 
an\ time the president of the United States shall call for volunteers fur the service of 
the United States, and any portion of said volunteers are allotted to Mass chusetts as 
her quota of the same, then that thegovernor may detail them, or an) portion of them, 
that he may select to answer such call, and shot they thereupon will entei and r< a ih 
in such service for such time as said call may require, not exceeding time years, i n I 
that they will s\%n such papers and do such acts as may be necessary to- make 
enlistment effectual and binding; and that whilst ir the service of the -United v 
they will be subject to ail the laws of the United States^ and all the rules and regula- 
tions of said sej vice. 

Sect. 4. The formation, orgaimation, drills and tactics, of the military farce while 
in ca\i.v, by virtue of this act, shall in all respet fcs onfbrra to the provisions of the laws 
of the United States, or to any order which maj be made by the eommandeMn-obi 
and the men .shall conform, so far as practicable, to the standard established for enlist- 
ment in the regular service of the United States ; and thegovernor may make such 
changes in the men and officers in the several companies to be placed in camp, or (1< 
tailed to be ordered into the service of the United States, as may be necessary to pro- 
duce conformity to the regulations of the United States. 

Skct. o. The military force while in the camp or camps established by this act for 
discipline and instruction, shall be subject to the rules and articles for governing the 
militia in actual service. 

Skct. G. The governor, with the consent of the council, may appoint a suitable per- 
son, removable at his pleasure, to have the command of each camp established by virtue 
of this act, who shall be subordinate only to the commander-in-chief, with such rank 
and such powers and duties as the governor may, from time to time, prescribe; and 
such person so appointed for such command may, with the approval of the governor 
and council, appoint one or more suitable persons for the instruction, under his order.% 
of the officers and men in the camp under his command ; and the officers and instruct- 
ors who may be appointed under the provisons of this section shall be commissii u 
X'.-- ;■,■ ^ •■••■■, with such rank and pay as shall be determined by the governor and 

Sect, 7. The authority of tl e ofii-ecr or ofHee-r* in command of the camps re 
tv'fly, may he extended by' order of the commander-in-chief to a distance ©i i -' 
e r ?. mile around such camps, and upon such external space no persons other than the 
servants, for the purpose of occupying and improi ing the 
i way they occupied and improved' the same at die time 
aed, shah be allowed to enter, except under such rules as 
mmanding officers of the camps respectively, with the ap- 
special permission of the officer in command t<>r the tiu.e 
designated, and if any person shall so enter he maj be 


- of 

he s 

ime v, 

th th 



'.!'. tl 

e sai 

ne ma 



i sh 

ill be 



at! 1 

e i - 


hed b 

v the 




he g 

■ ■> e-rn< 

r, or 


or s 


3 rheer 

bv b 



ia ! e 

v ex 


S ■.(.- 

■_ £ 


e priv 

ties j 

and st 



as i'-r; 



use whos 


is stie 




pr a , 

e i n o 

r and 


fhije in said camp shall be entitled to the sa no pay, clothing, 
in tire army of the United States; and the officers, - xce •. 
provided for in this act, shall receive such pay as shall be fixed 
tcil, hut in no case higher pay than that of a captain ; 
army of hue United States. Such payment .shah be made monthly, unless such troops 
er a p riion < f them shall be mustered into the army of the United St stes, in which case 
the p rtiou so det tiled shall be entitled to be p .id up to the day when thej are mustered 
into u e service of the United Mates. 

Sect*. 9. The governory with the conse-ntof tUccouncil, may ippoint, commission, 
'■■'• - fix the p-} of a suitable person, removable at pleasure, as r . - : ■.■ st< r for the camps 
establw.ed by virtue of tins act, whose duty it shall be to receive'-frora Ihc treasurer," 
trpon the order of the governor, and pay. over, all moneys which shall become due to 
''■' Ricers, instructors, u I men in such cam] ui : - " ■■-" of this act; and 

"/■ ' r; p yma«tcr, before tntering upon the dutii of hi ■ : v , ball enter into bond to the 
"iiuuitmweakh of Massachusetts, in such sum ■■ . the governor shall direct, with such 
»uf*-Ue- as he shall approve, to be evidenced by his indorsing approval on such bond, 
? Midui«*ned for the faithful application, accord n g to law, - F ill ru >m j . he shall r ceive 
;-■> virtue of his < thee, and »\ t.:.-h bond shall I • fil • 1 in the office of the treasurer ; and 
•f ! reach of conditions of said bond, such p lymas.ter shall be prosecuted by the 
Ulernty. general, under the direction of the treasurer. 



Sect. 10. The commanding < [Tiecra of the 
monthly returns . " ti." servic o the several membei . of to the coinman-ling 

officers of their regiments, respectively, and su i m ■ li 
ti rns of their regirnenl » to tne cot uuiai: dm .• ■ '■ . . . • ■ 

returns, ■with a return of ,; .' scrvi of ill otli .... •■•- ■ • 

spectively, sh ill I • Iran's i liued ti the adjutan ■. . ■ ..< . ...... tl ill draw 

his wai rant monthly, upon the treasurer, in favor of the ] ymi • >r the 

same, according to a pay-roll, which shall be furnished by the adjutant-gem i ;, b: »ed 
upoi the returns made as above provided. 

Si-XT. 11. Companies, battalions, and regiments of the v Sunt er militia, who sha I 
volunteer to go into the service of the United States, »h II, upon the expii ition of 
sucb service, hold the position in the volunteer militia . held when they vol- 

unteered into sucb servic, unless otherwise j rovided bj 1 .. . 

Sect. 12. Any suitable person may be elected or appointed as an offic< r in tl ■• v ■!- 
unteer militia, and the fact that anj such person elected or appointed is not a citizen 
of this Commonwealth shall not disqualify him from receiving his commission or 

Sect. 13. If at any time any person shall he elected or appointe 1 as a confirm? stoned 
officer, who in the opinion of trie commander-in-chief is imiit for actual service, the 
commander-in-chief shall withhold his commission, and order a new election or ap- 

Sect. 14. The commanding of&eer of any regiment 02 battalion in service without 
the Commonwealth may order an election of any commissioned officer to fill any vacai cy 
wnieh may occur in his regiment or battalion, or the companies attached thereto; audi 
such Officer may enter forthwith upon Lis .duties. 

Sect, 15. The commander-in-chief may appoint and commission, and determine 
trie rank a.&d^ compensation of a qunrAfcumustei-general, commissary-general, surgeon- 
general, and such other staff officers, in addition to those now by Uw existing, as in 
his judgment, the exigencies of the service may require. These officers shall be lemov- 
able at will, and the office may be suspended at any time by the commander-in-chief, v. ho 
m< y likew ise prescribe the duties of all such officer >, and the I a itations of their respec- 
tive powers, anything in existini 3 ; laws to the contrarynotwithstaiiding. Any or -the 
officers so appointed may, with the approval of the commander-in-chief, appoint such 
assistants as their departments shah require, who shall be commissioned and their com- 
pensation determined by the commander-in-chief. 

Sect. 16. Whenever a requisition or call shall be made by the president of the 
United State-, tor a portion of the militia of this Commonwealth, The governor may an- 
swer such requisition or call by detailing the whole or such p irt of the force disciplined 
under the provisions of this act as may be needed to satisfy sue! requisition or call, 
and the same may he marched without the limits of ibis Commonwealth. 

Sect. 17. The governor, with the consent of Che c mt •'■'., i- in rehy authorize.; to no- 
point arid commission any officers, or employ the services of ar.j men in addition to 
those now authorized by law, and determine the r ;.;< and c unpeusation for the same, 
to carry into effect the provisions of this act, or to supply any emergency which may 
hereafter arise ; and lie is authorized to furnish such companies i r regin ents as maj go 
into the service of the United States with such arms, ammunition, clothipg, a:,d sup- 
plies of any kind as he may deem necessary mr their proper equipment, support, and 

?■■■■. '-. Tike ;U'"',-' -'■;-,. cjf : ;,.-:y r .- ;^;-.; i'inety-iiine, one bin & d', one 
hundred ami one, one hundred and two, one hundred and three, one hundred ana four, 
one hundred and five, one hundred and six, one hut dred i c I seven, and one hui died 
and eight of eh ipter thirteen of the General Statutes, arc 1 .*rtby suspended, and snail 
not be enforced f r ope year from the passage of this act. 

Sect. 19. Section twenty-three of chapter two of the General Statutes snail not 
apply to any officer to be appointed under the provisions of this act. 

Sect. 20. When any requisition is received from the general government, the gov- 
ernor shall proceed to fill the s.ame from troops which are or may have been in garrison 
or camp, until their numbers are exhausted, and may for thai purpose reor ui e any 
companies or regiments:, so as to comply in all respects v i . the l rms of su ■:. requi- 
sition, and may detail men or companies from companies or regiments to other com- 
panies or regiments, as the public interest may seem to require. 

Sect. 21. This act shall take effect noon its passage. [Approved May 23, 1861. 

The families of those fighting the battles of their country were not forgotten. They 
ho left to suffer, or to the insufficient charities of neighborhoods and indi- 
:i* net will he studied bv the families of ail the soldiers. We give r. entire. 

n Act in nidoftke Families oj Vqhmtecrs r .and for other purpose*. 

i, be, as folio ies: 

Any t wn. or city may raise money by tax ti< 1 if necessary apply the 

the iii ction of thedr selectmen > r mayor and . i :i i en or city council, mr 
.•: wife, and if the chil ireu und« r sixt< en years • i •■, of anj on* of 

who, as a member of the volunteer militia o( this State, may have oien 
i?o or enlisted in trie service.of the United Stal - nd for va h : n ..;. 
sister, or child, who at the time of his enlistment was dependent on him 


\vi re 

not to 


tls. Ti 

Be il 


CT I - 


-, itide-r 

the : 

id I ! 


fffian t s , 


tered in 


ler, or 

for s 



Srct. 2. Any city or town mai by vote rais< n mey to defray any ex pei 
incurred, or to carry out and t'ujfii any contract heretofore made with, or in ■• 
any of its inhabitants who may have enlisted as at mbers of the voli 
who have been, or may be called into the service of the Unil . • 

now subsisting between any town tnd cit; and ny.meml * 

eucli, shitll terminate in aim ty day - from the date of such contract o 
enlistment, if subi equt n-i to such co; tra t and previous to tl 

Sect. 3. No compensation, in addition to trie regular pay of the army or nai , i f th i 
United States, other than that mentioned in this act, shall be given by any town or 
city to any of their inhabitants, who, as volunteers, or otherwise, shall enlis t in th 
vice of the United States; But all contracts mad? with any u ■ mbi rs of 
militia who have been mustered into the service of thi United States foj the I 
three months, shall be valid during such terra,, artel no pay shall hereaftei be 
by any town or city for the expense of drilling. 

Sect. i. Any city or town, when danger from attack from the sea is apprehended, 
is authorized to organize an armed police to guard against such an attack, and m 
provide, by taxation, to maintain the same. Such force may for this purj 
any p : *rt of the county within which such city or town may be situated. 

Sect. 5. Of the sum so paid or applied by any city or town for the support >f I 
family of any inhabitant who may be actually engaged in the service of the United 
States, a-; provided in the first section, there shall be annually reimbui 
treasury to such town or city a sum not exceeding one dollar per week for tin 
and one dollar per week for each child or parent of such inhabitant, who, at the l e of 
his being called into the service of the United States, was dependent upon him foi :ip- 
port: provided,.. that the whole sum so.- reimbursed shall not exceed twelve iollai ; i 
month for all the persons named in this section so dependent up in any s chit rant 

Sect. 6. iMo reimbursement shall be-allowed from the statel-treasury to ai \ I ■ 
city, as provided in the previous section, until a full report, certified and sworn t 
majority of the hoard of selectmen of any town, or of the mayor and a n ajority of the 
aldermen cf any city, containing a statement of the inhabitants of such ' >wn or city 
whose families have been assisted, as provided in the first section, a; ; i : thi | 
who have been assisted, and the relations which such persons severally beaT to - 
inhabitants, and the sums paid to each person, has been made to the auditor of the 
Commonwealth, and carefully examined and approved by him. 

Sect. 7. A statement certified and sworn to by a majority of the hoard of selectmen 
of any town, or of the niayoi and a majority oftb< al Lerm r of any city, :- v o ! i ! 
to the auditor of the Commonwealth on or before the fifth day of January in each 
of the full amount due such city ortown for aid furnished in accordance with this act. 

Sect. 8. This act shall take effect upon its passage. [Approved May 2'3 } LS61. 

The foregoing is the substance of the legislative action at the extra session, up 
momentous issue of the hour. For once in the history of Massachusetts legislation, 
party spirit and party lines were laid aside. Men forgot their variances and mere party 
interests in the great and common danger. The sound of the cannon of Sumte» 
aroused all the nobler passions of their natures, and legislators thought of n d 
legislated for their country. The necessity for action was not questioned. They 
dxd not ask. shall we have a war? shall wt assist this domestic contest: is the safety 

enough that the On foil Was threaten cci., that is worth, ail of life, and < f ■•' . ... 
honor to preserve; there can be no question between action and inaction, 11 Gov- 
ernor and the Legislature knew that they could rely upon th firm support ( ' t! 
li constitutional measures, hence legislated fearlessly. Kelvin \ i pon I 
coinmissioners to the Peace Convention ; empowered the Goverm a 
1 the. faith of the State for money.; to organize camps of -instruction it .great 
that men might be carefully trained for the duties. of war; letjali^ 
done without full statute authority to do them, because they wen 
.out's provided for taking United States scrip for their own, ih ■ 
Massachusetts to help the finances of the Union ; and pr< vi I an 
lies of volunteers. The Governor's message, recommendations, and the a 
egi3iaturc were both alike honorable to the State, and placed her in a po 
ticy and honor, 

The Jackson Club. 

» evening of April loth, the Jackson Club, a Democratic organization, :. 

at its head quarters. They discussed the present political aspect of th 
Supposed to sympathize with the South,.with those who. -were i: rebellion against the 
govemsnei t, in political principle, they soon showed that they were of risins 
above patty, an.d statVding. upon the plane of their, country; They- did not I semi < 
ft political party, but as dozens who were loyal to the Union, to meet startling facts, 
to sustain the sacred dug,, to put themselves on the record lor, and not . 
government. The hopes of the world were centred in this republic, and now . 
the time to permit it to be destroyed. The resolutions p ised had the Jacks 
in them. L'hey looked upon the" present crisis as one in which the existence of the 
government was at stake; upon this civil war as forced upon the Jvorth. Xhey n 
to stand by the Union, to sustain the President and his administration by ail the con- 
stitutional means in their power. 


e in 






u Or- 


■: fan 



On t 





Adoi ted Citlz i \, 
'J he evening of the 16th in B iston was di tinguished, among other thing*, by the 
meeting and expression of the sentiment of the adopted citizens of the State and 
country. Ireland, in America, could not bi , always re« 

n( ■ ned for h i talk, it« Id talk now, i ; ■ ; '■ . ,'■ CVConurll, 

was burning in their ve us, and thej spran . to th rescue the i t.1 

treason to the flag anning itself for war. The history of I ' I I ■ I 

that the greatest sufferings of nations had be n . ■■• by internal 
and it was our duty to profit by their example. Here we have a free press, reli^iom 
toleration for all, education il advantages withoul a p iralld in I I] : W oi Id, am 
government : an ', if th-se failed, there would be no more an a<y)um for fJv opp 
of Europe. Andrew Jackson and Richard Montgomery, with Irish blood ii I 
veins, had fought upon Americ n battle-fields, and in th it -fields the sons of 

Ireland held an inheritance, which was sacred to them, and to the children of the Pil- 
grims. Though Democrats, in their resolutions they cond ! tl lati Pi ident for 
his ii;.ier.inu, and all the acts of those trait ■. . i. ■ . .d bei n Ion > it w u '■ for the disrup 
tion of the Union. Every peaceful offer of i. ident Lincotn had b^en interpreted 
into imbecility : and row was (he time to tea >h such traitors th it the Union wa s 
Me of the virtue of self-perservaiiori, and of the virtue of U fence, \ hen forbearance 
was no longer a virtue. They I'd: ved it the duty of every adopted citizen of 
birfh or parentage, who enjoyed the inestimable privileges of ouv free government, to 
cast aside all past distinction?, and unite as one man for the support of the national 
administration. They called upon al< of Irish birth to stan 1 true to the i oumry whfuh 
had become the home of so man) million;? of their race, and of the oppressed | l< 
of th;e Old World, and not to permit the liber fj ■-, for which Washington foug it aj I 
M*o«tgnmery died, to be trampled under a < by the Slav? . . ;.- ,■ - . ■ 
This was the feeling of Ireland in America, fth • came here to find liberty, law, I 
education, life, an! ah 3 was enamored of our State, and that State she would defend to 
the last. 

Bank Action, 

The State must have means; it-must have money; and no sooner had the sound of 
the guns of Sumter reached the merchants and brokers < f Huston, than they felt that 
they had been attacked in their pockets, in their bank-vaults, iu their granite ware- 
houses, in their mercantile career and prosperity. I hey replied in cohtmbiads ofgi I J, 
which sunt their hewy shot and calibre -into th < ry'fe art of rebellion, a: 1 n 
tremble. On the 17th of April the Directors of the Suffolk Bank held a meeting and 
voted an advance to the Governor of the Commonwealth — a loan of $100,000 — to be 
used in the present emergency, and subject to the future approval of t!ie Legislature. 
They also voted to take the treasury notes of the Secretary of the Treasury of the 
United States, at 6 per cent., to the amount of s' 100,000; 'at par. These gentlemen 
knew what peace was worth, what law was worth, and they intended to pay for it. 
The Webster Bank also upon the same day voted a loan of $50,000 to the State. 

Tins was not sufficient; a call was issued to the managers of the i" : iston bank-, and 
a meeting was feeld in answer to that call, at tiie ( bearing, on the ISth of April, 
with!) aiel Dewey, President of the" Hamilton Bank, in the chair. The object of the 
mi etii i wa ■ stated to be tender of money to the State Gsa^emmeat as the ; ■■ he 
exigencies may require. A resolution »vas ".. - : iarelj presented that the banks of 
) <.■.-:■ n lo.-i, Co the t bate G i< i a:m nt '■ n p>. . ' , ?. . i-n such st w - a 

might be demanded by the pounnbnweaith. Lney deemed that the quickest way to 
suppress this rebellion was to assure the government of the hearty support of "the 
monied interest. This resolution, after an opportunity for the expression of such 
patriot; 1 sentiments ;>s tire members entertained, passed uiua imousli/. This placed 
nearly the sum of £4,000,000 at the disposal of the State. The following is a list. of 
the banks, with theii presidents, and the note the) tent to the Governor, and their 

The Boston Banks unite to aid the Commonwealth. 
To his Excellency, John A. Andrew, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massa- 
chusetts: — 

Sir, — The present emergency may require < f the Treasury m M issachusetts sum or 
funis oi Btoaey beyond its cask n&ftKd. To meet s-uch u [uiren.ents, the following 
named banks in this city will answer the call of tne Treasurer, undo; your authority, 
for any sum or sums of money, to the extent of ten per centum of the amount of their 
capitals, respectively ; — 


F. II ivrm Pres. Merchants' Bank Sr^OuO.OOO 

Robert Hooper, " ■ Boston Bank,.". ......... 900,000 

Thdrii s Lamb,.. " New England Bank ..• 1,000,000 

Ch tries Spr.igue, C\m\. Globe Bank , 1,00 

})a\ id Snow, , Pres. Bank of the Republic, .. .' l, 1 ' 

Thaddeua Ni hols, " Union Bank,... 1,000,000 

Charles G. Nazro *« North Bank 8 

J J. Dixwell, <; kiassacbttseus Hank , 8'M),O0tl 

Wm Thomas, ,.. *< Web»ter Bank, 1,400,000 

J. H. Wilkins, " National Bank, 750,000 



\V»T. Andrews,. • ■ IT... Citj Bank, 1,0 

M. Day Kimball, " Atlas Bank 1,1 

NfathT Hooper, " Suffolk Bank, 1,1 

g EI. Wtlley,... " Revere Bank, 1 ,i 

J.W.Converse, " Mechanii ' Bai t, 

Nathan Bobbins ;! Fanenil- Hall Bank . 

Dan'l. Denny, " Hamilton Bank ." 

Frederick Gould " Blackst one Bank, 750,000 

A.T.Lowe, •• " Safety Fund Bank, 1 (• 1,1 

C. Whittemore " Market Bauk, 560^000 

J. V. Robinson, " Mt. Vernon Bank, •_.-.. • 

Charles Rice,... l< Bank North America, 7'. • I 

R. EVDemmon, " Howard Bank, 

Oliver Ditson, " Continental Bank 3 I — ■ 

Samuel Hall, u Maverick Bank, 40), • 

A.D.Hodges, " Washington Bank, 7 3 ; 

T.S.Davis, Cash, Traders 5 Dink, 6'>Q, '1 

\Vm, Eaton,.. by order Broadway Bank, 1 

J. G Carney, •. Pros. Bank of Mutual Redemption,.. 5 :.'. 

C W.Thayer, " Exchange Bank,. 1,1 

Jiijp. Gardner, " Shawmut Bank, 7 ■ .; 

J. S. Marsh, " Hide andLeather-Bank, 1,(!00,0 I] 

J. N. Turner, " Eliot Bank,.. • 600,0 

N.,Harris ...*..„.., ... " Atlantic Bank .". 

James McGregor ...,.-. " Stf.te Bank,.. 1,800,(1 I 

,'-.. i.ilaii, " Tr. ttm&t -Bank, i, 

Waldo Flint,.. <; Eagle Bank, 1,0< 

J.rH.'Be*! - . "■ Granite Bank, ...*. 91 

B.C.Bates, M Bank of Commerce,... 2,000,1 

H. E. ©LIVER, Treasurer mid Receiver-Gen ral. 
Treasurer's Office,- April 18, 1861. 

This patriotism of the banks was nut monopolized by those of Boston, Then w 
other virtue in Massachusetts. Among those reported as tendering loans to th • 
at the same time, was the Randolph Bank, £S2o,000; the Massasoit Bank, of Fall 
River. 830,000 j Columbian Bank, $-50,000 ; Revere Bank, $'50,000; Mount Wo] 
Bank, '$25,000 ; and the banks of Worcester, $300,000. $850,000 had been tendered 
to the St.ite, for meeting the exigencies of war, almost before the President's pr< 
tiun hud been read by the people; and this, .too, exclusive of the amount tendered 
the Boston Association of Banks. In addition to these, the Lynn Mechanics' •'■ nk 
voted $'"25,000; the Bunker Hill Bunk, Charlestown, $30,030; the Newton I 
$25,000; and the New England Mutual Life Insurance Company unanimously voted . 
loan of $100,000 to the State. 

And so the capital flowed into the hands of the authorities from all parts of the 
State. The Western counties wore not behind in their substantial testimonials 
patd .-ism and Mbtre-y was not a want of the authorities. Ir.t cnterpri?e 
and thrift of the Suu; had not laid up its store in vain; the day of tidal came, an . ." 

The Boston Board of Trade. 
On the 15th, the "Boston Board of Trade met at the Merchants' Exchange, to express 
th< ir sentiments upon the crisis. In their opinion, in the present crisis of the nation .1 
afTiirs. all Lroed citizens and alt associations, especially those connected with com uer- 
cial affairs, should let their views be known to the government in some public u 
As members of the Board of Trade in the City of Boston, individually and coll* 
they tendered the government of the United States their entire syrnpathj in toe 
measures' now bei ns; taken far the suppression of the rebellion, and they also i 
mended the most vigorous and effective "means to restore authority where the sUi lard 
of revolt had been raised. They looked upon, the recent proclamation of JeH - 
Davis, inviting persons to fit cut vessels to cruise against the peaceful commerce of the 
citizens of the United States, as inviting to piracy, and meriting the stern rebuke of 
every honest man, and invited the government to protect commerce by most vi» 
means. They believed that the prompt response of the citizen soldiers of this ai 
other States, and the patriotic action of the banks, merit the thanks of the whole 
country, and showed that the community had entire confidence' in the ability and^ power 
l.\ both the State and national governments. Those views were unanimously ad ; ft !. 
The merchants .!>?' Boston were found where honor and justice commended the cause. 

Nineteenth of April in Boston. 
The J9th of April, l c o! , will not s >on.he f r aiei . El ha - be* ome one of the sacred 
days of American history, wie may say of the history ol liberty, and of the race. It celebrated hero us the anniversary of the memorable battle of Lexington, by 
salutes, the display of flags, ringing of bells, and speeches, There was a dull up. .a 
the CwB^fton of one of the light artillery -companies ; and, a* 12 o'clock, iOfl gui 
Hr« 1 as a s .into. 'I hey subsequently were received by speeches, &c., at the Statt [louse, 
Uoax the Governor. At Lexington' appropriate recognition was made of the day. At 



Worcester there was a celebrat Ion by the ledication services of the raising of a 

toent to Col. Timothy 13:2<.'!ow, l t-hieb the city government, thi fire corifpanies, the 

temperance societies, and the German Turners assisted, with a ! lurse of 

:;:L ns. 

lint the great featuro rtf the day was the reception of the news if attack upon 
' 6th Ke&wient in 'Baltimore, and its successful p ; i -. ' . • The news 

came of the attack, and men gai ered thi k in the streets, devoui ig th< bulletin 
boards with their eye-;. '1'he crowds grew esoited, linen • t. i h y felt that 

they all stood at the door of battle in this attack uj on tl brotl »ho h id li ft them 
but a few hours before. Men hi* their lips in their an • ■<. an 1 set thi srether, 

and showed front which would have been terror to Baltimore. The news came that 
the glorious 6*h had fought their waj through, .vben tin ihc t ol exultation ran along 
the street which told that Massachusetts honored Massachusetts steel. It v 
first blood shed, the first victory, and she had tin honor, as in the first Itevo 
The stars and stripes never looked more gl irious than on that ni jht, in the c res of the 
sons of the Old Bay State. 

The Coast Guard. 
At the recommendation of Hon. R B, Forbes, the merchants met in the Men 
Exchange, on'April 19th, to see to the organization of a coast defence. Mr. Forbes 
stated that thej feared no danger of an invasion of the harbor, but that the object war, 
to drill a class of men, not acquainted with the military, in the use of large guns. He 
did not &now how soon their services might be wanted in the navy, orsome scientific 
defence of our- merchant Vessels from the lawless invaders of the seas. The Governor, 
too, had been consulted, and he sympathized .-deeply vat] > ; i project; and so, also, did 
the .'(■ >ard of Tra 3e. Gentiemei testified their wiUtngnes- to enter into t: ■ project, 
and their judgment as ru its efficiency, ivy the amount thai thej snbseribed. "Mr. 
Fbibes would give his time in getting tip the enterprise, and accept a subordinate 
position among the pfrkers, Messrs. -Lombard, Snow and Upton then sub bribed $ ■ ■' 
each. In their resolutions passed upon the occasion, they viewed the present crisis 
with overwhelming anxiety, and believed that the merchants and seamen of Massachu- 
setts should respond heartily to the proposed plan of Mr, Forbes. This was but one to shoWhow the " solid men of Boston" looked upon the war of the 
South upon the Union. 

April 22d m BostGB ancl Vicinity. 
On the 22d of April, a large meeting of the ladies was held in Charlestown, to he 
called " The Soldiers' Relief Society," and to hold communication with the families of 
the soldier*, and tender them sympathy;; counsel and aid. Tl - wife of Mayor 
Hutchins was president, and other's were -chosen to complete the organization, com- 
prising names honorable in the re-c< rds of the city. The Mayor tl ion state 1 that the 
city government had appropriated £,■ 10,009 for the relief of the families of volunteers, 
and ex-Mayor Sawyer stated that he had received a check from a citizen for the same 
purpose, on the Bunker Hill Ban 1 .:, and also a note ivas read staling that ten physicians 
of the city had offered to attend to the families of volunteers, free of charge, during 
tb ir al ence. 

The City of Boston, on the 22d, also trok other setion than c,ffi ring of money. Th< 
Board if. Aldermen passed a scries of resolutions pledging tj.e m< tl d mater d sup- 
I ". •■ <■:' •':)>■ < 'it j 'if Boston, with ail its' p wer ' a! iity, to the Government of the 
Unite : States. They also put partisanship v.ndvr their feet, by calling; upon the people 
of t' rston foi an oblivion of party diiierenci -, nd a- of all g od i ti ens in 

\i dicaiion of the violated laws. They said that the revolted States st< I before the 
eneeless and convicted of an assault . m the common polity of 
»yaJ brethen of the revolted States, they renewed their assurances of 
compacts and compromises of the Constitution; and. at the same 
irgedupon the President to pursue ■■■..■' a t< ustiiutional policy as 
to the union and harmony of the several States. The resolutions 
nanimous vote, ana transmitted to the President. , 
be Ancient and Honorable Artillery Compart) mel in tlieir armory, 
One hundred and eighty members attende k and otft red their services 
t; an 1 also voice! that the families of t: ->• of the company who 
rvice of their country should be taken c.-re of by the company, as a 

enlng, the Massachusetts Homoeopathic Medical Society met, and 
ituitous services to families of thos -one to the war. They also 
resolutions sympatki&pg witli the government,. and pledging their 
s [ppoi t in this h< r hour ( :' trial. 

Among the offers of assistance' reported this dat, £2000 were raised in Plymouth; 
S">,o-i in Marblehead; $10,000 in Quiney ; ir-5,00'.} in Abh ton; $1,000 in Maiden; 
: ■ ' . ■ ) .in W< \ '"■'• .■:•;-- s. ■'" in .'.-:,..:. i 'lain. 'I he ' f Yarmouth, 

yotedjto j -.-.-;- tj >.- S . ;e ■-'..;,.- o ; .',- l«k0i..U h : . • . ptiateii at Cambridge ; > ' .. 
"Walt i i:n : ? ' I in Pa wtu< k« t ; §io,0(J ; ... i --...• ■ . . " in .Newton. An- 
drew C iruey gave si r i] to the Irish volunteers; and tnrc bout the vicinity of B 
where anything was done, the patriotism of the people was substamti dly . e tainfid by 
offerings of material aid. 

CIVlll -' - 

world d 

time l 
Khali b< 

to ail the 

were pa 

istd by a 

in Fa:.; 
to the 
might f 
eompn - 

e. over no it- 
til in the 

tend* re 

i series o 


TV. - : \. rfL 

The record of this d ly, like that of the rest, is good foj Massachusetts. 3. 
drilling r>f re sruits, formation of home d Sdliny i f \ 

rcgu! u iwlju ■•_.■ or 'an.i sations, all proc ; ■' • ...'.. 

v...s fa i trcu! ttion •■ :. ; ': ; ->■ rovei nor to doy . 

her tender, lo be fitted up and proceed^ to sea, for I ; a ction o . I 
ports. Flag raisings were extemporized, and the- stars and ■ 

breeze, with speech, cheer, and music discou . onal airs. In Union Pai 

one was flung from a staff 134 feet in height, and Union Park enjoyed a d 
festivity in the indulgence of its patriotism, — happy, though sad the o 
Cobb, the Late commander of the Boston Light Artill ry, having ] 
to enroll a new company to man a battery, opened his recruiting room for v 
and in that time 107 names were put down. This was n •; slow to b 

The presidents of the various insurance companies met in State street, to coi 
the subject of sending out a steamer to the Gulf of Mexico, to cruise for \ 
such vessels as might be found carrying the Confederate flag, and seeking t i 
upon our commerce. The plan was to send out a large steamer, cai ■' 
10 guns. A committee visited the executive authorities, at the State l 1 and 1 

were cordially recommended to the authorities at Washington. Th • .vas t< 

sail under the authority and commission of the United Stat< s, but the ex] uses , 
to be paid by State street, — that street which has no bottom to its vaults. 

Another significant fact, or indication of public sentiment, was tb emor 

Banks was to have lectured before the Mercantile Library Association in the 
but, in a utter to the committee, he declined lecturing, stating that the change of 
public affairs seemed lo him to forbid the discussion of ordinar] topics at t] 
and stating thai there should be hut em • ibject in ••■:■!'.. 
United States at this time, and that the preservation of the governme ;*o1 i 

The Weister,.Iiegiment, which Fletcher "Webster cummenk braising on Sund 
reported as quite full, and even overflowing ; and aid of money came in from many and 
honorable men to see that it was immediately put into fighting condition. 

The United States Steam-Frigate Niagara heaved its great h utl in i i i h 
this day, and absurd rumors were, in circulation that the officers and men sy pa! 
with secession, and that she was to be turned over to the rebels. Th< o 
giance was administered anew to. both officers and men. Several of the 
sworn, hailing from Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia, and : . 
were found ti serve Mammon. 

Roxbury followed upon her patriotic resolutions, by a meeting to organize a . 
guard (not one of the guards " not to leave town, s^ve in ease of invasion "). 

An adjourned meeting of the British residents of Boston and vicinity was held at 
'Chapman Hall, in the evening, when they decided to form a rifle company t h me 
protection. So also the Scotchmen of Boston, animated by the same spirit, met and 
commenced the organization of a volunteer company. 

The New England Guards, seeing the exposed condition of our harbor, and th< fort 
with U\Y guns and no men, offered their services to do dutj t Fort Indepi i 
it was accepted, when the order was issued to the members to report themselves. 

Not men-alone, but boys felt their duties to their country. The boys of th Q .' ; 
School brought "in B200 t < their teacher to present suitable testii tynials to sue! 
members of the school as might, enlist foi b e defence of the Union. 

Framingham reported a new drill-club, .^'3,000 jiven for outnts for a volunteer <- >m- 
pany, and'a ban of $25,009 tendered by her bank to the State, This was i- : '. per cent. 
o. her capital. 

April 25th. 

April 25th came in hip: with preparation for war. The people were up a i I w i 
The number of officers in the Niagara appeared to-day to be twelve, insl id 
who declined to take the oath of allegiance. They were all from Southern E 
Lieut. Brown; of the Niagara, was, by order Of the Governor, arrested for utu "- 

sonable sentiments, and for supposed treasonable proclivities; but subsec] ml) i 
discharged, and permitted to depart. The Navy Yard, yesterday, was aro nl . 

to put everything in the yard, that could be made available, in readiness for sea. This 
required labor on the Mississippi, Minnesota, Colorado, the Massachusetts ami Soi th 
Carolina, the Vincennes, Preble and Bainbridge. This required a great addition to the 
labor force of the yard. 

Among the military items of the day, a messenger left for Washington to :■.■: 
consent for Major Gordon to raise a regiment to serve through the war. Twe-ntj 
companies had already. been accepted.- hy the* (Governor; and i fim i '•■'■'•; of 61 
selected from our merchants and tradesmen,. had been enlisted for the defem 
city. The sub-committee of the city government appropriated $10,000 for rations of 
the volunteer troops of thecity. 'Jin.' merchants of Franklin street raised a fla 
anew fl-i^-stati" 1.2-5 feet.hi.ih, with,.spjcec!i 

' tarda went to For! In Lepe'ndence, and wet ch ered along their march. The 
met in the evening at the armory in Boyiston [JUilJ, to consi hat act 

necessary from them in the present condition of the country. A Tiger of lol' 
Timothy Dodd, called the meeting to m<! w. Speeches •■•.re mad< by the I 
tnembers ; letters were read from absent members, and a committee appointed t< 
& plan of organization. The Coast Guard met and completed its organization. I ie 




amount subscribed thus far was $9,800 ; and amount of good ordered for eq 
$10,770. The projector, ilea. It. B. Forbes, was elected couaraander ; and &ora 150 

wbo bad subscribed themselves, 100 were selected to form the 

One of the most patriotic donations of tb< I of the 

pul ! ; ? schools of R i ito i,, who volunteered .a i I • . 

counting 10, 12^, 15, .25 per cent., to be . - ' for the i 

their families. This gave the generous sum of $13,0QI) for this purpose. 
continue during the existence of the war. 

April 26th; 

The towns were no less alive and stirring than the great cities. Patriot] m i n ■ 
local; it warms hearts in the mountain-, and the vales, as well as those dun] 
within brick walls. A large and enthusiastic meeting of the citis ns of '.'■ llisl 
reported, where $2,500 was subscribed, and 86 names obtained for a company of vol- 
unteers. It was also voted, at this meeting, to instruct the town, at a town mi 
to raise sufficient money to support the families of the volunteers while they rc re 
absent. In Haverhill a new company had been formed, and attached to the Si 
Regiment. On the evening of the 20th, the citizens of Chelsea aa3e.mbled around the 
City Hall to testify their fealty to the government by unfurling a beautiful' fla 
the top of the building, which was the gift of the lathe's of the city. Aft< c the ii 
lion of a blessing upon that trig and the dear country, the childrer welcomed it by the 
Star Spangled Bannerin hearty music. It appeared that Wate .. I held a town 
meeting, the largest ever known there, and resolutions had been adopted, unanimously, 
declaring that the town pledge itself to adopt the families of those who had > 
i'ur the war, and of those who might join the company. $5,000 were appropriated for 
this purpose, arid a bounty of $30 to each .'soldier *- hoae corupan.y was accept d by I • 
government within 30 days. A. private subscription was started foi the purpo 
equipping town volunteers, and $1,600 was raised. In the f own of Westboro' a loyal 
meeting was held; 50 names were added to the volunteer list, among which were a 
physician and the Methodist clergyman. £5,000 were appropriated, to be expendei in 
the purchase of uniforms furnishing cruia yi\ xc t.'.o en ■■.)■■:.■.:■•■, ■„•.'. \ f ■ r h<.' r mv vt "'" 
the families of the needy. Voluntary contributions w :re also pledged to the amount of 
.$'3,000. Not only large, but small towns, came up to the order. 

On the evening of April 23, a large meeting was held at Lynnfield Centre, when 
addresses were made,- and resolutions unanimously passed, to make all needful provi- 
sion for the soldiers and their families. Among those who joined for the war were the 
chorister, sexton, and bell-ringer of the Congregational Church. The most noticeable 
call of this day was that made by the citizens of Cambridge and vicinity for a meeting 
to he held under the venerable ehi on Cambridge Common, where Wasl : 
unsheathed his sword in taking command of the American Army. The call was si 
by Jared Sparks, the professors of the univefrsity, and (.he most distinguished ct1 ; 
Cambridge, the scene of some of the first acts of the American Revolution, must again 
show power under her time-honored elm. 

Chester Park, Cambridge, and. Suffolk Bar Meetings. 
On the 27th, Chester Park threw out a flag to the breeze, when the Hon. Edward 
Everett, Hon. B. F. Halls tt, and Rev, Mr. flepworth, and others, took part on the 
nc >«sion. The speech of -Mr, Everett was- chuti'.et Prized b) his u u-al grace of delivery, 
;<:,'v mi unusual' force aid elegane.e : and Mt Ma-ltett spoke with true patriotism urn* 
fidelity to the country. 

Ob the same day. the. citizens of Cambridge and vicinity held the, meeting called 
under the venerable elm on the Common in that city, where Washington unsheathed 
his sword on taking command of the American Army. Ex-presidents and members of 
the university were in attendance. Sparks, Longfellow, Palfrey, Dana, and Parker 
wee present," — so also was ex-Governor Banks, and others equally prominent. Hon. 
John G. Palfrey offered resolutions, in which they said that tht y conse< rated them-.; l\ 
to the service of freedom and the country, under the Washington Elm; that they, 
citizens of Middlesex, the first battle-field of the American lti Solution, cherished the 
memory of their re ■rolutionary champions end martyrs; that, living under their pros- 
perity, under the benign shadow Of charity and love, they would be dastards and 
recreants if they did not stand firmly by trie government. The meeting was charac- 
terized by that dignity and ability which, might 0e expected from the character of those 

The members of the Bat in Boston could not be silent, according to their usual 
custom. A large attendance was present, and all seemed actuated by the same spirit that 
animated Otis, Quincy, Adams and Payne in other revolutionary tii i ?s. Judge Thomas, 
of the Supreme Judicial* Court, was chosen chairman, and made a close, nervous, 
log-re«l and able -sp< eh upon the occasion. In speaking for theUeo h, he saidtl 
were a judici fry, and must conduct this contest according to the elements of constitu- 
tional law. There must be a force in Christianity, in civilization, in law, which the 
Sauth caunuj stand against, i itriotic six ;cch< kcm ta -rs oi the 

ad by Judge Abbott, stating I tin rel liion existing in 
d selfish attempt to subvert the clearest rigl ts of majorities, 
ciples of constitutional law; that they would forget party 
phold the govfcrirnvCTit ; that th-cywauld do urn business of 
opardiz^ their !ive9 foi the country , aiitl that of the families 
the war. This gave the sanction'of the most conservative 

Bar, an 

1 re 

3 it 

were i 

the Sou! 

a w 


a bin 

i and 

and the 



sac re 

l prij 



> ai 

ju uni 

e to i 

the law> 



;> W ( n 

t to ! 

of tbose 


O I 

ad go 

ne to 


i ■•.'-:. of soti ery to the war. There was not a dissenting Vo!« m ; so 

that the movement of the North could not b red as violent, passionate, and 

revolutionary. This meeting was held on the 29th of April. 

aL.v ;-st.-- $iie Kirat Bead, the Old Sou a, Ac. 

May 1st, the Adjutant Genera! issued an order to Major-Gen«ral Ai drew . of the 
Fifat Division of M. V.M., to take command of Forts Warren and h dependence in 
Boston Harbor, and take immediate measures to have them placed in < 
receive such new organizations as it might be deemed proper to place the:.' 
and discipline. The companies organized to form wb it wa ■ . Ued the " \\ 
Eegiraent " were ordered to quarters immediately in Fort \\ arren. 

.As another indication of the alacrity with which men iiocked to the standard of 
then country, we mention the fact that the board of military examiners at the State 
House were busily employed everyday in examining persons elected to 
various military companies of volunteers, to ascertain their fitness to hold con i i 
A<nd an idea of the number may be formed when we state that moi 
for examination than could be attended to. The medical staff also was compelled to 
designate physicians to examine tin.' volunteers, purchase medical stores, and attend 
otherwise to the general health of the volunteers. 

Ex-Governor Washburn, of the Cambridge Law School, sent one hundred flannel shirts 
and drawer-;, one hundred pocket-handkerchiefs, with the promise of a 1 tred 
pital shirts, Which were fitted and made by the ladies of Cambridge ; and. the Governor 
handsomely acknowledged the note by saying that " in glancing ovei tl ir a 
realized most completely how great a hold the cause, in relief of which these ti 
Kr r : mustered has up m &vejEy social class in our community, — that there ai - -. 
in "'da. ..L..\'-it.^ too d&Uftate to contribute, something to the work;'' and : I i 
the next letter opened was from a poor needle-woman, who had but little, but was 
desirous to give something of that little for her country. 

May 1st, the remains of the three brave men who perished in the streets of Balti- 
more, as the first sacrifice of the war, arrived in the city at the Worcester .'Depot. 
They were received b.y the Governor, his aids, and the Independent Cor; 
and escorted to King's Chapel, where they were temporarily placed in th ■ ult, 
remain until recognition. As soon as the news of their arrival came, many of ti 
stores and Sags along the streets where they were expected to pass, wen 
mourning. The bodies were placed in hearses, and then covered with black velvet 
the stars and snipes. The horses wore black plumes The Cadets marched witb 
unfixed bayonets and reversed arms, and the hand played the slow music of the Dead 
March in Saul, as the procession moved through the streets. There w ls no levity ir 
the thousands who thronged to witness the scene. Each man took it home to himself. 
As the bodies-passed, all hats were removed; men did not speak to each other on th 
walk; they were silent, but felt war, — terrible war. That silence was ominous. It 
told where' slept a power for retribution, if need be, upon the authors of our m 
tunc. The bodies of those slain were identified as those of Addison O. Whitney, and 
Luther C. Ladd of Lowell, and Sumner EL Needham of Lawrence. These were the 
first-fruits o l i fame plucked from the rebellion. 

• The -did South, May 1st, IS&Jt, again threw forth the nag of the Unioo, as in 177 
and £S).2. Toco if was to heat back the foreign enemies of Our country ; this timet 
Warn those a rones th enttfciew hi cmr midst, that the people of Mass teiui ■ • ■ '• . 

to the sphit Of Chrisiiaiiity and thei principles of liberty. The historic ii... :• • aftai 
to the old church, and its location in the centre of the city, gave an. unusual solemnity 
to the scene. The neighboring house-tops, and windows, and the streets, "were fiil ! 
with spectators. Ail were anxious to see consecrated anew those old wall-?, where 
gathered the fathers of the Revolution to take sage counsel in war,— -where W n 
and Hancock and the indomitable Adams used to meet to devise meai % of d 
and attack, to encourage each other's hearts, and the hearts of the : . •• L"h a 
Warren went, and climbed through the window to address the people, and move th i 
to defence, in the face "and defiance ' of the Britisl soldiers throngii ; th« aisl • 

Within a few feet of the spot was the immortal Franklin born, whe oil 

and sound common-sease philosophy fashioned itself so admirably into the work of 
independence and the formation of the republic. Hands consecrated to the la 
Christianity assisted in the work. The senior and junior pastors of the society, with 
prayer and speech, cave moral irapressiveness and dignity to the occasion. Amid such 
scenes as the above, were the first lessons of the war given out. 

Tiie New England Association of the Soldiers of 1832. 

d by the meeting of" the New England Association of the 
residence of their President, Co!. Thomas kspinwall. The 
hose patriotic hearts against England, in her aggressions balf 
lly alive now to lay strong hands upon the di ...• >tic enemies 
y thai they might rise up to political power upon the ruin 
ss to the veterans of tbe last war throughout the country, 
trywas defended in 1812 — nearly fifty y< urs si icrainst 

w threatened by rebels within ; that the Union founded by th< 
fathers, and cemented by the 1 mod of their child . u in ih 
..Jer.ce, is now in extreme peril from conspirators within, whu 
bavc been warmed into life by its beneficent protection; that they also, in IB 12, gave 

May 2. 


May 2d wa 
Soldiers of ii 

tire that once 

- sigm 


'i h 

\ ad;"'- 


tgh f e, U 
>nd war fo 

■. the c 
tat it i 
ie of 

r in do 



>hei youthful energies to their country; though now too old to encounter the hard- 
ships of a campaign, yet they might do something in the way of instruction and disci- 
pline ; and that they should, without reference to party, give a firm support to the 
government, the Constitution, the Union, and the enforcenv ai I laws. 

May 'Uu in Boston, Lawrence, &o. 

May 4th- witnessed the List obsequies of Sumner 11. \'< mrn, kill ' ; ; ' nore, 
at his home in Lawrence, Lawrence was proud of the honor which had falh . to her, 
and in this last observance of burial rites, she nobly and appropriately honored the dead. 
The city government took charge of the body, and buried it with military honors. The 
pastor preached a fine and characteristic sermon from the text, " He, being dead, yet 
speak; th." He stated one thing noticeable for its philosophic force — "Humanity is 
the central idea of Republicanism ; " ami so it .should ever be, if we would honor ibly 
maintain our peculiarly American li jenies. 

Among the towns reported May 4 as having given assistance, Maiden voted $3,000 
at one time, and at another $10,000, for the assistance of the families of volunteers. 
Weymouth voted 5-5,000 to uniform the Weymouth Guards. Marshfield, where reposi 
the remains of Webster* among other liberal provisions for her volunti i :-. 
§5,000; Sutton, $'6,000, and Georgetown, 55,000. So we see that patriotism was not 
coutiiied to Boston alone. The country towns were active to the full measure of theii 

The love of the country penetrated through foreign birth and prison walls, so that 
an educated German, in the Charlestowh State's Prison, said, after stating tl it he had 
been in nil the hard-fought battles between Vera Cruz and Mexico, that " his heart's 
desire was t:> serve n:s adopted country once more." The inmates of theState's Piison 
were set to work manufacturing Minie ride balls, tin dippers and canteens, crush towels 
and uniforms. En completing large portions of the work\ the inmates were compelled 
to labor all night, but it was done by them with the most cheerful alacrity. They felt, 
though in prison under the laws, that those laws should be sustained for the benefit, of 
the country. 

Sunday at Fort Warren. 

The soldiers had collected in considerable numbers in Fort Warren. On May 5th, 
the Sabbath, for the first time, divine services were held in the open air. With, the 
implements and paraphernalia of war around, they became peculiarly impressive. Au 
eloquent and appropriate sermon was preached by the Rev. Mr. Flepworth, to a large 
and distinguished crowd of spectators, and to the soldiers of the Webstet Regiment, 
and the Fourth Battalion drawn up in parade. After the clergyman concluded his 
remarks, he requested the audience to sing ''America; " and the nolle and patriotic 
old tunc- never before seemed so sweet and voluble of music. After the benediction, 
there was a cress parade. The quietness of the scene and the deportment of the com- 
pany was such as to make the occasion entirely in keeping with the day. 

The Nurses, 
To show that the ladies of Massachusetts were not to be outdone in kindly and 
useful offices of humanity, a hearty and full response was made to the call from the 
Medical Commission from the State House for nurses. This Commission communi- 
ted to the public 3 document from Secretary Cameron, accepting the services of Miss 
ttharizing her to act in the military hospitals. Miss Dix req 
i !. .; led to give their services free, should not proceed to h. - iquar- 
i their names, age and residence, arid take practical instruction in 
ready qualified, and hold themselves in readiness 10 attend uponan 
■ daughters of Massachusetts nobly responded to this call, and a 
were soon entered on the list to answer the ends proposed. 

The Dead of Lowell. 
May 6, 1361, the City of Lowell al-o paid due honors to the dead. — the first Massa- 
the war. The obsequies were conducted under the direction of the 
The city was appropriately dressed in mourning, — business was 
; stopped Sags at half-mast, and a general gloom, deepened by a 
?e impressiveness to toe occasion. The clergyman oinciating, in a few 
ords, paid a fitting tribute to the virtues and memories of the dead, 
ut felt that war was upon them, and that to die in defence of their 
orable indeed. 

May 7. — Individual, Town, and City Action. 
reported in the papers that the citizens of Fairhaven voted to authorize 
erlect a loan of §5,0 '0, for the defence of the town and harbor from 
.er in their discrt tion it became necessary, and also vote 1 10 pay each 
?e service a sum so that he should have'. the amount Of $25 a month'. 
f Leicester appropriated the sum ,y{ g-5,500 " to maintain the h >nor of 
ila i •■■•■! lollai a month in advance to every citizen actu 11; serving in 
te voted to p ty single men ten dollars, and married fifteen per mouth, 
government required their services. They were to be provided with 
lid one dollar per day wade drilling; also a contingent fund was voted 
Lingent expenses. 

Rations from citizens of Boston, some are more worthy of com men da- 
pants of the market gave large donations of food 10 the soldiers. May 

U I 





g , 


S c 





eh a setts 

dead of 

city auth 

or. ties. 
1, mills 


s k v , ga 

neatly c; 

Ail those 


country v 

•as bo-.- 

May 7, 

it was 1 

the select 

men to 

mv wien, 



izen-5 of 

the flag; 

the war. 


an i p.- 

to pay ttieir conl 
Anions the do 

tion. '1 i 

e occur 



- . ' increased th*ir previo 01 ' .. ' ' - ' pounds of beef, 

?,<.<.: 200 splendid hams ; 1,200 pounds butter, and 1,600 pounds 04 ..■• , ... i 
tJ e first liberal donations. 

May Sth it waa reported that Dorchestei , . it< ' th< ■■■-■■ ; fifteen for 

single, an i twenty foi mai ried T ^ r enlistm:* during the war. Middh 
Mai Id, "#5,000; Woburn paid liberally; Di lh*m voted #10,000; B 
;,'' tht • • w< re voted, besidesother liberal provj< 

The citizens of Roxbury, on the evening of May Sth, held an enthusiastic meeting En 
[nstitute Hall, to enjoy an entertainment prepared fur the famil e of il rolunl 
Children gave the music ; alio Gilmore's Band added ,i- * : ■' 

The Hon. Alexander H. Rice made a few elegant remarks, and then t .e Hon. Edward 
Everett gave one of his characteristically polished and eloquent 

" Wide as the summons has gone forth, it has I obe; I, with ritj and una- 

nimity that knew no parallel in our history; and the volunteers of Massachusetts havi 
been the first in the held." 

The Donation Committee, 
This is one of the institutions. of the city, — benevolent, useful, energetic, and skil- 
ful; it has work to do, and docs it. The soul of this committee i its origin tor and 
agent, the indefatigable Mrs, Harrison Gray Otis. Immediately after the breaking oi 
of the war, she set about to see .what her hands could find to do: and if occuri 
her that she could best assist the Old Bay State in the cause in which it had ei I 
by throwing open her own house, and making it a general depoi for re 
distributing conveniences and necessaries to the soldier: of Massacbusetts. This . 
became known to the city government, and Mr. Evans, the proprietor of the Evans 
House on Tr«asont Street, jopened his. Jhoust ^ratuiteaxsh . this purpose. As so 
Mr. Evans signified lis intention to give Mrs. Otis his house for this pu 
entered it, about the last of April, and has been there everyday since — not h 
holiday,,Qr day of rest, save the Sabbath. She receives ay.-,: 1 );.' and everything fot 
the soldiers, — shirts, drawers, socks, sleeping-caps, blankets, pin-cn hions, towels, 
groceries, teas, coffee, sugar, wines, &c. Articles are sent to her from all ] 
State, made and unmade, and by her distributed, to her order only, to all th< >1 !iei 
v, ho apply. They come in from the camps and get complete outfits. Ontheii return 
from the* seat of war, on furlough, they call, and give most hearty thanks for the 
things they have had to supply theii necessities, and receive such thi r- i m •" as they 
quire. Every article is marked, no matter what, with the mark of th 
as follows : — " Donation. Committee-,. Mrs. Harrison Gray Otis, Agent, Cil 
; " so that any soldier can te 11 whence comes his donation. Jt is impossible to 
; estimate of ail that has been distributed in ten months oi the op i 
minittee. Among others may be stated, 20,000 pin-cushions, 30. 10 i ■. 
es, 30,000 books, tracts and Testaments; and, perhaps, 100,000 articles .. 
snt out; and all articles are of the best kind' and pattern. Several tl 
Lave been donated in mov,r-y\ and the fame of the committee has extend 
t remittances have been received from Loudon, Paris, China, Siam, IN* irway, 
i and St. Petersburg. Mr. Ashton, of London, a native and property-holder 
Ston, among donations from other parties, gave >'.■/. Manj of the 
ints of whom flannel and material for under-clothing are b >uj ht ma! a 1 
it upon their prices. Ail who send in, leav ' it entirely to the judgment! 
s to the distmmtioti; as nothing is sent v\ ithou hei i ... : oo-rrtn 1 1 • 
v self-sustaining, — neither Si ate or City have given it a cop] ■ r. Mrs. 

may re 
mit.t< e 


i .-j i- 


en s 




r tha,— -four young ladies of po.< Lion have devote 

, and one has cut all' the shirts that have been 
dy in attendance, and giving money, md purch* 

-upply special wants as tney occur, a 
la eh person who makes a donation : 
' the aeent. and 

whii '; C mnot readi! ! i i«?r« he 
>eives a printed certificate, wit) 


great, b 
They h< 
to effect 
the Libe 

. . an acknowledgment through the newspapers. In u 
lies have given up dress, parties, social entertainments, when ti . 
reeessary, and devoted themselves to this work of humanity and of dt ' 
id Union of the fathers. Lang live the ladies of thi OJ i u.y Si ite ' 

Massachusetts Soldiers' Fund Society. 
gTeat movement was commenced- by the leading mcr hant of Boston,— 
e it comprehended a wider field of action than had been hithert ) attempted, 
oeeting at the rooms of the Board of Trade, and app >ii t •' a i >i ti 
v Ej-aotzation ; and, on tlic 24th,' that committee reported that, in iri 

>wns, cities anu mc 

their tl 

R ;h the .roveruor, 

continuing with the 
On the- 27th this I 
The Committee o 

f 6 

prehension as to 


lividuals, in aid of soldi rs called into 
ive the present wants of the soldiers to still continue 
t, in view of the fact the < t"< >t might be pro- 
might find itself incapable of giving further ai 
• more perm an nt fund. Hence, they recommended 
u in i k< > fun '. nd to a] ', it for thi sold 
i. They also, reported I •■ Si< rs, comn 

ice, and ail the "living ex-governors of the Stat* 
tent names of the citizens of the State. 
One Hundred mot, - adoptedthc following rub 
d who met on the 27th, to correct any public mis 
of this fund, published tbe following in the 



p.ipiw:— "Our object is, «td receive contribution forth liera, and the 

; ; . mi lies of soldiers, who have been or ma) b« called into active scrvi e, to fo /<.■'■/ in 
ti wit as a fund in reservt , to be applied at in. discretion' of the Executive Committee of 
Fi r ti en. 

"Nopart of the fund can be used, 'just at this. Juncture i»g from the 

;..! design, and, as it would seem, without a violation of fail I i intributors. 

Tbe endeavor to provide means for (he fui re, cannot, w< thin , bu 1 be approved by 
every thoughtful person. The exigencies of war are almost tnnumei I, while 

towns, cities, and neighborhoods meet the immedi ities of those, and the 

families of those, who are called to the field in this hour of our 'a awful 

emergency, we feel disposed to commend the wisdom of the gentlemen who look 
beyond present needs, and who, hy the creation and care of this fund, hold out to the 
war-worn and the afflicted the promise of such pecuniary remembrance hereafter as 
the extent of the contributions Will allow. That the 'Mas achusetls Si Idiers' 1 
is in the hands of citizens who are known for their integrity, financi il skill, and deeds 
of benevolence, our readers need no assurance of ours. We m t at, while the 

Executive Committee, as we are advised, decline to commit themselves to any coarse 
of action, as relates to the time of beginning to disburse th< i i ■ y pi iced at their 
disposal, as well as decline to define — whal indeed is not possible now to do- 
rules which may be adopted in appropriating the funds, yet they do iutend to \ ■ 
to every passing event, and to take cognizance of such calls as shall be made from 
time to" time, keeping steadily in view, however, the final amount oi the fund, and tht 
principles of organization of the Committee of One Hundred. 

"It is also of moment to observe, that, since cotitributii rts have been solicited in all 
parts of our glorious old Commonwealth, so will distributions of the fi adi b : lade as 
universally by the Executive Committee; for, It is to h remen beri that, in i 
tuttng this body, Boston has but six members, while other and different parts of the 
State have nine. Upon this point, we would speak with distinct emphasis ;— for 
example, Boston — as hound to do — will doubtless contribute more than any other 
single place, but will still share in exact proportion only to tbe eases presented and 
disposed of under the rules recognized everywhere else, however near to or distant 
from that city. The town:- and cities, then, nut n m doing to the e; tent of their ability 
in fitting oil soldiers and caring for the wives and children of soldiers, may re.->t 
entirely content, that, if they do but transmit money to Robert ~M. BlASONj.the 
Treasurer, at Boston (No. 17 Milk Street, or 10 Pernberton Square), they will provide 
for the future wants of the present objects oj duty and sympathy > in the precise 
& rise of contributors >n the metropolis itself. We have purposely made no appeal to our 
citizens to aid this fund, because we deemed a single word on that subject quite 
unnecessary. So, too, we have refrained from dwelling upon the startling . 
of the hour, for the reason, that, as remarked at the outset, we designed merely to 
correct existing, and, as circumstances induce us to believe, somewhat extensive 
misapprehensions as to the objects of the fund." 

December 9th, a circular announced that a sub-committee had then addressed 
circulars to the various banks and savings institutions of the Commonwealth, to know 
if they would receive and disburse, without charge, such funds as might be sent to 
thera by the soldiers. Most, or ail, replied tha! the] w mid. 

I com ttiia we see the care oi the *• solid men : for the interests of the soldier. With 
inch assistance, there need be little suffering in the families of those who are fighting 
li :• jattiea of their cotuifry, 

Xfew England Woman's Auxiliary Association : Authorized Branch of the 
United States Sanitary Commission. 

The ladies and committee of this Commission, in Do, too, issued a circular to the 
women of New England, of which the followin * is a production: — 

•• We appeal to you in behalf of the United States Sanitauy Commission. This 
Commission has its head-quarters at Washington, and agencies in New York, Phila- 
delphia, Boston, Cincinnati, Wheeling,. St. Louis, -and Louisville. It originated, at the 
beginning of the war, in the desire to meet and avoid, fpr our army, the terrible evils 
which decimated the Crimean army. Its duties are partly preie/Uivt — such as in- 
specting and reforming camp arrangements, Where ban situati >n, bad drainage, and 
bad cooking are worse foes to the soldier than those met in battle. It makes good, in 
a measure, the deficiency of government supplies to the hospitals — those supplies 
being limited, in many cases, to bed and pillow — so that the men lie in the clothe- in 
which they were ivounded. Ft gives its aid whenever and wherever it is most needed; 
furnishing clothes to the naked, and decent comfort to the sick ; getting pay for those 
unable to attend at official hours; following in the steps of toe government — allevi- 

in season and out of •• ason, for humanity's 

n of the country foi its support. It is author- 
s not a;i irtmi or a i! ill r - pylied to it by 
md ll-oi . red N ,i E 1 md, give freely to 
aunt -y V, •■ are .■: u d of sen ling our troops 
go t ' W ishin ;ton, I k after o ir sick and 
imissiori, which is the friend of the sick and 
ive th mkfulty, if not for our own sous and 
u: trVi and brethren of all loyal women." 

atiug, where it cannot prevei 
an 1 ..,. rev's sake. 
"The Commission appeals 

. ■'.'•■'. not p id by govc ri 

it ; workn 
to the won 

1 1 ■• w bbk 

wounded ; let us then worjc 

wounded from the whole U 
brothsrs, for those who are s< 

and mayo 
for the Cc 

mors, and 
us of oar 



The Auxiliary Association commenced work Deci 13, 1861. All pai 

made up in New England, and forw •, 

I hem, and repacked — each class of arti : > by ■ If— in bo: . marked, num •• I, 
iind kepi- in ttore until ordered from V .. When ordered, they are r 

selected and forwarded; so that no mi*! ik ■ c-a occur. B f . I '. . . sociation waa 
formed, articles w o continually ie> t '. ' d of 

opened, perhaps, would not contain a single artich wanted. At th ! 
caused much annoyance. For seven weeks up to Februarj I , ', . 
forwarded, all of which have been opened and re-packed a those which hat 
marked for Bome particular regiment. This shows the labor and the responsibility 
which the managers have taken, upon themselves. We 

which have been forwarded, but mention, anroja" others* 20, .--- f od, 

such as farina, &c. ; 27 cases of books, 2 1 cases of wine," 2,592 towels. 3,553 pai 
mittens, 2,574 pillows, 7,049 pairs woolen socks, 2,286 cotton shirts, 2,609 
1,005 bed-sacks, 1,370 flannel -shuts, 1,912 quilts, on, ad infinitum. The 

industrial department cuts and furnishes garments to p . i that will make them, 
and also sends patterns to a distance, to those who will cut an I mak :. Th< 
is conducted exclusively by the ladies of Boston, who have associates all over New 
England. The receipts increase as its importance becomes known. Al doi 
thankfully received, and the donors can bo assured that nothing will be wasted. All 
honor to the ladies of Boston. ! 

Ladies' Industrial Aid Association. 
This association was organized early upon the breaking ■ ! of :' war, by the la- 
dies of boston. In .July it was re-organized, with Mrs. C. II. Lowell for Prt 
Mi.-s Anna Lowell, Vice-President, and v lib ?-a board '.'■; thirtec directors. Th< i 
of this association is to furnish work-— the making of sold i-' shirts— • wives 

of the soldiers in the field who need assistance. They stand between the conti 
and the women ; take the garments from the contractors to cut and make, r • 
a certain sum for making, and paying a certain sum to the p >edlewomen for the -• ■ 
ing. The association has succeeded beyond expectation. 

To obtain an idea of what they have accomplished, we gave the figures: From July 
6th, 1861, to January 1st, 1862, they received, in donations, in sums vary hie fi 
cents to five hundred dollars, $3,229. 28 ; for shirts gratuitously rhade, '$300; ami for 
work, done by the needlewomen (paid for}, -S'o,0-ii — making a total of $6,5? 
They had disbursed to the workwomen, for sewing, $5,703.94, - nd had on hau i, ,j i. 
1st, $767.89. The number of articles made are as follows-. — 

The whole number made, ......... 40,542 

Made gratuitously, or by workwomen. sein-tj 4*283 

Made by the volunteers' families, 36,259 

Of the 40,512 made, shirts for the United States' Army. . . . 32,817 
Flannel shirts and drawers, cotton drawers, blouses, and jackets, . 7,323 

• Shirts and drawers for private persons, 383 

Sheets and pillow-cases " " 419 

When they first commenced, they ■■received eight cents for making shirts, and - 
sixteen ; after that they received tea cents from the contractors, and paid twenty | 
R?edtew;pmen. The number of women employed is about 700 — about r»n«-thit 
whom • arc 'Americans, Thev accomplish another end than i nty'fn uishingwoi 


a _. 

iriey n 

■r.'.i is n 

vork well if the j 

W c 

— they teicii tvit-rn to sev'i , ana- to t 

i, a less number is given out next tim 

n the employment. 

at give too much praise to the ladies who have carried forward th 
useful enterprise. It has received their constant attention, and that with an iran 
am »unt of vex itious and fatiguing labor. The object is good ; it is to furnish I ib 
the unemployed wives and families of the volunteers, and to teach them how to I 
The ladies hope to make it a self-sustaining institution; and, if they succeed, I i 
will have accompli --hod a noble work. 

Stato Aid to Families of Volunteers. 
In March, 1S62, the Legislature perfected the law aiding the families of volunteers. 

As it is of general interest, we give it entire: — 

A S A C T 
In addition to an Act in Aid of the Families of Volunteers, and for other purposes. 
Be it eiuici&l by the Senate and House of Representatives, in General Court ass 

ami hy the aittJioritt/ of the same, as follows ; — 

SECT, 1. Any town or city may rais- money by taxation, or otherwise, and ('if ni - 
esswry) apply the same, undeT the dire tion of its Selectmen, or Mayor and Al 
or CitJ Council, for the aid of the wife, each child,- parent, brother, and sister of. and 
dependent upon, any one of the inhabitants c f said town or city, who, as a part c.i the 
CJUota of this Commonwealth, has been, oi hereafter shall ■■■. enlisted and mus- 

tered into the volunteer service of the tfniti i States. 

Sect. 2. Any town or city may raise and a -ply money, as aforesaid, for the : 
such wife, child, parent, brother" and sister, of any one of its inhabitants who h 
' ! '.; d ily eniisted";tud mustered into said rolun • •' i ' ' : 1 a - a part of the quota of. 
•»uy otiur State, before the passage of this Act. 



Sect. 3. Money raised, 
the time of such .. 
actmillv in said volunteer 

as aforesaid, maybe applied, as af 
t, and ' bile such ii is been, 

jervi ■ ; and all appropriations and cxpei '..'.•■ i heretofore 
made, or which shall hereafter be mad.:, by the Selectmen, or M yor M , t -n, or 

City Council, of any town or city, for. any of the purposes expi 
Motions, for any persons who have been, 01 . ■ id service, no i 

ing any actual or supposed irre jularity in their oii final enlistment, an 
valid . 

Sect. i. Of the sums Rpplied, as aforesaid, there shall bo annually n ii ir • d from 
the State treasury, to the town cr city so applying the same, o sura not exc< eding one 
dollar per week for the wife, and one dollar pet wei . ch ehil I md parenl afore- 

said : provided, that the whole sum so reimbursed si ill not exceed ; illaia per 

month for all persons named in this section, depen lent u| on any - itant at 

the time he was, or shall he, duly enlisted and mustered into said volunteer servi 

Skct. 5. On or !.: mre the fifth daj of January, in each year, there shall be depos- 
ited in the office of the Arbiter of the CommonWeall . by each town and city rai i ._• 
and applying money, as aforesaid, a full and par ticulai report, setting forth the I 
of the inhabitants of such town or city, for the aid ol whos families money has been 
applied, as aforesaid, the names and ages of thi id of whom' 

money has been applied, as aforesaid, the relation su persons sevi 'all; ar 1 
inhabitants, the suras paid, to eai h of such per ons, ai I the time when the Mine were 
paid. And no reimbursment shall be made from the State treasury to such town or 
city, as provided in Section Four pf this Act, until such report has been sworn to by 
a majority of the Selectmen of such town, or the May< t and a majority of the Alder- 
men of such city, deposited as aforesaid, and carefully examined, scrutinized, and 
approved by said auditor. 

Sect. 6. This Act shall not authorize r^uihuEsiti i ■■; / ipplied foi the aid of 
any wife, child, or parent aforesaid, of any e'onimi ioned officer in said volunteer 
sendee, nor for toe aid of anj person dependent ui'<v< any volunteers from this Stats, 
enlisted into regiments of any other State, who n < ivc aid from sueb oth r St! te. 

Skct. 7. All Acts, and parts of Acts, inconsistent with the provisions of this Act, 
are hereby repealed. 

Sect. S. This Act shall take effect upon its passage. 

The Commissary-General's Department. 

The Governor appointed a commissary-general, ac wording to the Act of the Legisla- 
tor* in May. The Commissary-General, by consent of the Governor and Council, and 
aid of the military department -of the State, commenced labor with the idea of econo- 
my, and not liberal expenditure. They org; ni i-d a plan for subsisting the soldiers, i . 
place of the mere expensive one of commuting theb rat avis. The contracts for stores 
were made on advantageous terms. Fifteen :•■ tm :- af infantry, one regiment of 
cavalry; and three companies of artillery, t< .. b. numerous cos panics, have 

been subsisted by the department. The efforts of those connected with the depart- 
ment have been direct to the promotion of health, comfort, and satisfaction among the 
troops - 

vol an re, 

' ex 




ises of complaint being remov; 1 as promptly as practicable. Now, the 

he general government, through 
of the dq arti en.t was $103,- 
. .- . ..'-':; itive di : rtmeuts of 
- h Shown pra lical \ 
well aa to the Union. 

It is an in r 
who firs'- raa 
numbers. She 
xu ss-oni 1 </■■ ■-? 
officers, and 8 Y 
sinned officers, 
vate and no co; 
and that she w 
commissione I o 
gregate of 373(5 
more, under Bi 
showed a wealt 

ps raised in this State are suosi 

ed for that purpose. The total 

[lies, $-'10,000.00. In this, is ii 

■■ ' preparations for the War, M; 

d true loyalty to the soldiers' inters 

Traree Months' Volunteers. 

eresting item to see the counties which furnished the three months' men, 

led to meet the front of rebellion. Old Mi iiesi c bears off the palm \u 

te sent 939 commissioned officers and men — SS2 privates, md 57 com- 

irers. Essex stands alons close by her side ; for she sc nt 71 eommiss ioned 

g .21 commis- 
si ( '-\n si nj oik pri- 
ced officers.; still, no one e n do ; t tin "..-. dty of county, 
respond to her utmost capacity in the war. The lota! number of 
cers furnished by the Slate was 214; privates, 3192 — making an ag- 
ien. These men went to Washington, many of them, through Balti- 
er. They subdued that city, held he Stati of Maryland in check, and 
of mechanica] skill, bravery, intelligence, and fit oism, that makes 

privates — being 928 in all. Norfolk came next, so 
ad 391 privates — making 412 in all. i 

one of the brightest pages in A merican history. 

The Arming of the Troop;- 


o car 

rv on war 

[3 r] 

t t'n i 


'■' ■ 


' :•■• 


■es m 

the ordm 

three months 1 volunteers, am'.di.-a 
eember 2Uh the number of the I 

arms, The science o the day make it necessary 
used, in Order to maki anything of an equality in 
iu-thorith ■< in a ■ ver, --: ' • 
■ar. Th( y ' ul ban • 1 :' 

ju it be< n '< .',-..' ibi , - ■ al, and 

o b ■ re dy, with \ lent , • f i i it. , With I iese 
j the authoiities were enabled to arm uud equip the 
itch til-. a immediately to the -• rt of war. 'io De- 
■:'::><! States' rilled a d smooth-bor : n usketa on hasid 




md received was 19.636 ; And of these, ld,U" . re 1 • • touted - th< ' 

the State. In addition to these, 14,700 - ■ ■ ■ 

and 1 3,1 So have been distributed to the troops. There have been 1," 

made at the State arsenal, and thi with 

1,722,01)0='; and From :'' : - on ntity there has been distributed 1,081 

. m nts p tid by th • 3ta1 authorities, dui , ■. ■ ■ 

5223,715.56 for Enfield rifled muskets ;• §23,6 17. rntry equip • . i 

28 for guns and munitions ; S27.624.00 for Ei I Id rifled i . ; to 

the aggregate amount of $.559,876.25 ; and, in addition to this, $2,o7i ihasl en paid 
for office hire, clerk hire, and other necessary contingents. It appeal I I th< State 
has '3,662 of the Springfield rifles, 7,69.0 of the Springfield smooth-bore, and 13,185 of 
the Enfield rifles in the fiekl, distributed among the vi rious regim 

Boston City Aid to the Families of Volunteers. 

The city of Boston 13 paying out from $16,000 to $'18,000 pei r I . aid t 
families of volunteers. All this is Jn addition I the :u!ar pay of t idlers. Tl 

amount paid to each family varies from $-1 to £>8 and $12 per mouth. This mn 
again reimbursed to the city by the State, with the exception of what extra lid tl 
extends to persons more than usually needy. The number of p i ■ is d is about 

2,200. The applicants first go to the Statu House, get a certificate of tin 
of the husbaud, father, or brother, and apply to the Belief Officer, in CoutI S 
from thes ce they are sent to the Ward Commit tee, and, if approvi ..', t! ir i ppli 
i- signed by the Alderman of the ward ; it is then returned to the tleiii f Officer, and 
the draft is received for the money. It is the- opinion of the agent in charge that this 
munificent a j«istaaee has added one-third, to tt < n)i stments of the city. 

The Surgeoii'G.a&eraPs Ileport. 

Fro,'-o. the 16th day of April to the 16th of June, th? medical supervision of the I- 
unti ir regiments was under the direction of an informal medical board — gem; 
who :e loyalty and patriotism moved them to render their services "to the State. U 
their supervision, the physical fitness and medical wants of the soldiers were well sup- 
plied. L'he cost of medicines and" hospital stores, for- all the camps in the Stat*, was 
$1,862.07 ; the cost of the same for three months' outfit, $8/3 L9.25 ; and the out . .' 
surgical instruments, dressings, and furniture, $12,102.40 — making an aggregate of 
$2°, 111. 60. The resident physician of the Massachusetts General Hospital, with 
department, andthe city of Boston,. through th p City Physician, ;av< . reat assistance 
in the sanitary and medical departments of the service. These were gratuitou 
patriotic offerings — a cheerful sacrifice for the interest. of the soldier and the country. 
The Medical Commission, also, — appointed by the Governor on the order of the Sec- 
retary of War, for the examination of candidates for the medical staff, — gave their 
services to the State without compensation. The physicians of Massachusetts have 
done* themselves honor in their free-will offerings. 

Tovm Action. 

At the 

nmencement of the Avar, the w 
Ljan Almost all the tc wns rais 
(lea of that labor, without atten 
a few &ownsa as .- i index of all 

to of Massachusetts was nerved to 
y, men, and supplies to aid the war. 
Sy us leasant comparisons, we give 

Acto)i } 
In April, 1861, the citizens of Acton met, a id voted the sum of •- i \ to ai 1 I 
volunteers and their families. They sent out a volunteer company cf fifty-sis i 
ctlk-d the Davis Guards/in honor of Davis of Concord Bridge and Revolutionary 
memory. This company was attended by the care and the bles i ' ' 

It returned at the expiration of three and a half months. Subsequently thej i ... . I 
Miothei company of seventy men, to serve for three years or during the war. 


This town, on Mny 4th, held a town* meeting, and voted "that the town paj 
persons who have enlisted, or who shall hereafter enlist ■ (being inhn.bita.nts of this 
I " n - ■;- volunteers in the military service of die United States, the sum of twenty-six 
dollars per month each, white in such service, inclusive of what the Government shall 
p ly the ii." 


This town voted that the Selectmen borrow $o000 for the aid of rd! those who enlia 
from the town. TheTtev. Mr. Merrick mi» ,v five dollars to each man who enli I 
from bin parish. About two -hundred dollars wet tl o r : ; - ' ' '■ ai I 

hv< dol] irs was given to each man who volunteered. \ hid!' s' soi iety was also i 
to aid the families ol ;'■ - volunteers; tnd they also sent a b<> \. of clothing, v 
out hundred and thirty one dollars, to the hospital at • a. 1 is was the 


This good Old Colony town heard the gun-; of Sumter, and felt that her int 
"•' honor '.ere attacked. She immediately rais d and sent two companies to the seat 

1 54 


of war. The second on p cost her $1,046 to i " ; '.. Sheii i lyorgai I two I 

.. - - i ■ ' in; .ir ry, and i .:>■ of art ill tr) , - to I . P i 

tbc future. The three months' tr - pg were the object of the uti ■ nd attention 

of the citiaens, who sup] led thi r wants, tl e want9 oft , and g 

volunteer* a hearty Gjid-sj eed as they st trtc I. for the seat of w 1 three 

• nap nic ■ ! •. tin >v&r ; an I a '■ rtti. wa com n Dd thei 

i' ides these, men hare enlisted in thirteen of the different regi icnl of 1 ! I ; - • 
that there are nowiiol Plymouth men in the army. She ha , al >, 9 commissioned 
acting masters in th< navy, 13 master's mates, and 20 sailors. The i number 

now in the army and navy is 293; and all th< se in addition to the tl ' men. 

A town meeting was held, and $2,000 voted to aj I the volunteers; also a bounty oi $ 6 
to married men, ..and $4- to single. Up to the first of Jam try, IS 5, they have 
altogether, $5,700 in aiding the war. By the promptness of Plymouth, and towns like 
her, in the language of one of her sou-, •• M ssaehitsetts set the pitch for the i 
music of the way.'" Plymouth of 1862 is worthy of Plymouth of 1620. 


Marblehead ha? a quick ear, and, when South Carolina sounded the guns of tr« 
was on her feet. She immediately sent Companies C, B, and H to aid in sup; res 
the rebellion. They were among the first on Boston Common after the call of the 
President, and declared themselves "All ready." They performed valuable services at 
Washington, saved " Old ironsides," the " Constitution, "&c. 

These men received the attention of the citizens., so that they had all the conveniences 
that the tented field would warrant, and their families were not left to want. 

This Old Cwlonv town, where sleep the remains of the immortal Defender of the Con- 
stitution, on the 29th of April carried the following resolution: — •' Whereas, the pay 
of soldiers iii: the service of the United States is insufficient for the support of the 
families of those who enlist, therefore, resolved, that trie town of Marsh-field appro- 
priate a sum not exceeding §5,000, to pay each inhabitant of this town, who may en- 
list, or who has enlisted, when called into service, fifteen dollars, and fifteen dollars a 
month while in service, and also present outfits for the service." These provisions 
were carried out. The town sent a company of eighty men to the. war. 

This town early held a town meeting, and voted to raise $10,000 +<■, aid the volun- 
teers and their families. §5,000 were expended in a few months for this purpose by the 
patriotic citizens, besides §300 more which was raised by private subscription. Al- 
though no full company went from the town, as a company, one hundred and twenty 
men from the town enlisted in other companies. 


estem Massachusetts. The 

a dollars per month additional 

he volunteer.: enlisting frofi) that town. But individual action was more honor- 

11, for private citizens raised, by subscription, the sum of §2,250, to aid the 


is town also came forward handsomely, and honored 
us held a town meeting, and immediately voted fiv 

But individual action was more honor- 


id their families, 


This city, besides sue! 

i individual action as was prompted everywhere throughout 
with a vote of ;• ' ;, i to aid the - olunteers and their families. 
she was not behind the modern Alliens of the commonwealth 

ra substantial manifestations of ner patno ism 

Soitth 1 > :..ui'i. 

This town appropriated §7000, to be disl ursedjn accordance with'the laws of the 

State. This was voted May 22, 1861. One company was organized in time and scut 


to the seat 
volunteers, and aidii 
who went to the war 

was raised, bj pri ■■■. ■■ ■ subscripts n, for tl e equipment of 
■ir ih.:.; lies. 1 he ••-•:. >le number of men belonging to Dan vers 
306, including sixty three months' men. 


.; of §5,000 for the support of volunteers and their families, 
§63 : this purpose. Mr. William Pollock gave the sum 
Pollock Guard.*, — a company nam pd in honor of himself. 

:d to the T*ntb Regiment of M, \h M. In addition to this, 

This town voted the si] 
and expended the sura a: 
Of §1,60G to uniform t:. 
This company was attacl 
the suni of §2,000 was raised by private subscription. 

This Island eVu 
of the war, a hop 
number of the cii 
idle, formed a g< 

i itself a part of the old e rarrtonwealth. On th breaking but 
guard was formed, and rnpney raised ro support it. A large 
us euiisted in the army and navy. L'hi i li« . unwilling to be 
etv for attending to and supplying necessaries to the citizens 

enlisting- in the ami) and navy. When the national le 
responded by taking §75,000 as 'their share. 

d for, her citizen! 


1? K 



Massachusetts has lost many of her bravo sons in this war, and v/e give the folio .- 
ing sketches as a faint tribute to the memory of the more distinguished 

LulJier 0. I \dd. 

This heroic youth, of only seventeen yi rs, vi 3011 oft] offered tb ir 

services to the government in defence of its insulted honor. He was a native of 
andria,N.H., but had been residing in Lowell, Mass., about on" year, where v.<. was en- 
gaged in mechanical pursuits. He had ion theesteem of his employer tr, his diligence in 
business. Prospects were opening before him which gave bright promise : ' success iu 
his vocation, when he heard that the haiid oi the parricirli had I ;. 1 .' - 
down the dag of his country. When, in this critical emergency, the goven 1 I 
for aid to repel the assaults upon her sacredrights, our younj h< » bravely res] 
He gazed with a new pride upon the " stripes and stars," whir 1 <. ere n< 
everywhere to stud the firmament, and his young heart catching the inspiration of a 
more ardent love for his country, he resolved to join issue with its foes. His friends 
sought to dissuade him from his purpose ; bat the pleadings of • f< - lion could not pre- 
vail, and ho resolved to leave relations and friends, to assist in upholding that fi 
which he so passionately loved. Unde) tin h ftuenee of suci rit devoti • I 

the welfare of his bleeding country, our young hero went forth fron thosi < ho vn r< 
est to him on earth, to her defence. In one week from, the day that Sumter fell, ' 
Ladd, with his brave associates, stood in the streets of Baltimore, exposh I 
cteadly missiles of an infuriated mob. It was there, on the memorable 10th of April, 181 I 
— ■ the anniversary of the first battle of the first American Revolution, — that he recei\ 1 a 
the fatal wound' which., in a few hours, terminated- bjs life. Itwn th r , ■ 
ia.: to death, that he uttered those memorable words, .Avhich shall cause thetifeai 
millions to thrill with grateful emotions as they shall recur to them: — 
"All Hail to the Stains A-nd Sxbipbs! ' 

These were the last words he is known to have uttered. Let them be treasured in I 
hearts of his countrymen, and act as a talisman, urging them on to conquest over the 
fees which may riseup against her in the future. Let the young men of thii re] 
emulate the devotion to her welfare of this heroic youth, and she shall never want for 
friends to defend her, when foes — either intestine -ox foreign — shall rise up against 

On the 7th of May, 1861, the body was brought to Boston and deposited in a tomb, 
and soon after it was removed to Lowell. — With that of Addison 0. Whitney, who fell 
with him, — where appropriate and impressive funeral services were had, in which the 
municipal authorities of that city, and thousands of the populace of that and the a Ij .- 
cent towns, participated. The body of Ladd was subsequently removed to Alexandria, 
N. H. (his native place), where similar public demonstrations were made, the , 
turning out. by thousands to evince their love for him who had so valiantly vindicated 
his country's honor in the hour of her imminent peril. His body has since been re- 
moved to Lowell, where it "sleeps its last sleep" in one of the cemeteries of that 
beautiful city, and where we hope, ere long, to see the spot marked by a suita : 
ument, which shall tell the passer-by where rests all that was mortal of the n 

Henry N 
for the la 


i awrencf 
Lmhr Inl 
and was 
march fo 
April 19th, 1861 
gi red until Ami 
wife at Lawrence 
remains, with tl 
brought to Boat* 
with appropriate 
On the 3d of 
Lawrence, arrirei 
thousands fioekei 
the afternoon of 


Sumner lh-nr>j Needkam. 
was born in Bethel. Me., March 2d, 1828, and resi 

years of his life. He had been a member of d •■ Li 
»out five years, and was one of the corporals at the time of his death, 

much esteem by all who knew him. When the summons cime to 
untry's defence, he cheerfully obeyed the call, and went forth wit 
ms one of the first martys who fell at Baltimore, mortally wou 

He was then conveyed" to the Infirmary in that city, where he . 1 - 
I 27th, when death relieved him of his sufferings. He left a j 
, and other relatives in Bethel, to lament his until ely d ■ h. Lis 
*• bodies of Ladd and Whitney, who also tell at Baltimore, 
m May 1, where they were publicly received by the city authorities, 
and solemn ceremonies. 

May ids body, in charge of a Committee of the City G 
t at that city, and, the next d 
E to view it. "His funeral took pi 

May 4th, and was attended by a large concourse of fripi 

iy, was placed in the City Hall, where 
lace from the Universaltst Church, on 

1 dvi a 
be che 
01.: H. 
In Lawrence. 
a- iuraing-coul 
the remains of this So 
Arriving at the city a 
*'«c dep (sited with a. 


?ct tt 




united on this occasion in paying the last 
his life to his country, rlis narmt will«ver 

en:," as we'd as by every true citizen of tiie 

Gallant Sixth Regf 

I bless the heroes ! " 

ral was an < ■ ision of ;r . t soh mnity, — essed 

53. was generally suspended — flags at half-most; and embh 

■n at almost every point. As the process! n moved i, 

redone, church and* factory bells pealed forth the knell of I 

metery, the remains 
ipropnate ceremoni< 

:ne wn 

ho had been so teuderlv cared for 



Mr, N 

i nob r .of .the Tjinvei !i Church ; \ ■ ■ . ■■ ■■■ and the 

pastor, Rev. Mr. Weaver, delivered a very touching and appropri tte d h ourse in regard 
to hia character and death. The satiety also passed resolutions, expn ssive of their 
heartfelt sorrow, and in teatimon) of hi- worthy Lif< . 

Addison Otis W 
Addison Otis Whitney was born in Waldo, Me., Oct. 30,1839. Foi tl ' 

years of his life he had resided i.: Lowell, and h ' I •■ a ernpl yed h I 
Corporation, and had sustained an upright and irreproachable cl I r, 

endearing himself to all who here knew him, and esp tally to the i 
boarded, winning I le espousal of cue who had hi. worth. 

• • to tne can oj ..: i com- 
mander-in-chief, and was cruelly cut down in Baltimore, while m rching tvith the 
"Glorious Sixth" through that city, on the 19th of Ap il, 1 

His remains were brought to Boston, and from there conveyi I to Lo ell, " r< th 
city authorities., and the citizens generaliy r united : appro riate ft ei ' ceremonies. 
Henceforth his memory will be cherished by his ecu ntryin'en. 

his love. About eighteen months before his death, he enlisted with the City G 
From a high sense of a soldier's duty, he promptly r< p mdi d to the call • 

Eliiali B. G 


Elijah B. Gill, Jr., was born in Bingham, Mass., April 2-ith, 1833, but had resided in 
Boston for several years. When the proclamation for troops was issued, he promptly 
came forward and enlisted in Company J, 1st Regiment of Mi ssachus< tl \ Volunteers, 
and was chosen a lieutenant of the company. He en.t< red i\] >n bis dutii with a patri- 
otic pride and sutL^f:icti'>ij — cheerfully siaariiig in Ih* das > ■ ... : pri Lions of a 
soldier's lit..-. 

A part of the regiment to which ho belonged was engaged in the battle of Bull Hun, 
in July, 1S61, and his company was detailed, with others, tor especial duty, on the 21st 
instant; and it was in the gallant discharge of this dangerous duty that young Gill 
heroically fell, mortally wounded by a bullet through the breast. His comrades tender- 
ly bore his body from the field, ami buried it that night at CenVrevillo, with fei lings of 
keen sorrow for their loss and regret that the body coui 3 not be conveyed to his native 

Beneath a young tree, to shade the spot, and in th ground deseci tt* I b the trai- 
tor ui5 chivalry, they deposited the remains of this ! >yal son of Pilgrim descent — to re- 
pose until the restoration of peace shall permit his body to be gathered to his fathers 
in the good old colony town of Hingham. 

One of th: officers of the regiment writes, '* My recollections of him are of a. pleas- 
ant nature, lie was one of nr. favorites. In seen anxiety and danger, I learned 
his fine qualities, and contracted a strong friendship for him." 

His deportment was gentlemanly, his tl i! it; n i, and, as an officer ; n rl soldier, he 
was kind and efficient. ""His men loved him, his officers esteemed him, and his memory 
will ever be cherished by his friends. 

ent, fell 


ant of Cc 

11. L 

. m iard-bearer of r* ,- 5th Regi- 
waving the nation's fl .. in the 


tering of Lroo 
in April, wei 

The cob net i 
an outfit and 
fore leaving, 

" He reveren 
Tl e outbursts 
ton, only me 
foi a fight a 
cannon's moi 

At Washim 
dii ' as much 

Marching t 
and fell, & b 

"As it Is 
tnoruinsr, to 
hours n ! a 


his ex ini\ ; .c i-. im 

jelings were aroused at the I reakin ; out of the rebellion. The mus- 
u'itli the stirring ti li ■..■ of •..■•■■.-.. c, during the meraorable'days 
o much foi his souL The pi acel • - u ts of life were forgotten, and, 
tiy of country, he offered himself foi es vice in this "hour of pi rib" 
.• regiment seeing at once his d termin 1 >. il, had him provided with 
sent d him with ■< revolver, to gvi trd well th< name of Lawrence. Be- 
was appointed a sergeant; and the colonel, satisfied of his, soldierly 
. I him a i oh r-1 • aw r. 

his country's flag, and bore it to meet those who conspii .1 against it. 

patriotism whit r he witnessed during the journey toward? Washing- 

sed his patriotism. At Annapolis, he wrote, "We are here, anxious 

in the tit • ?it spirits. 1 have sworn to bear the standard, even to the 

if I return, I will bear it safe i . i Boston." 
n, he says, " When the Union is in danger from traitors, I am a sol- 
my other man ; and the ; 5th shall say, Law rence did his duty well." 
attle, he " was eager for the fray." > saa, he bore a noble part, 

n a martyr's cause. Near the field of b ittle, he wrote, — 
ible that 1 may not live to write to-morrow, 1 will write a few lines this 
rm you bow we i re at the pres< m time. During the last fotty-f I t 
ien busy, I assure you. W havi . card tin roar of cam 

i ..•■ my" I .•■••'■ :. in sig! t 'most < L am sorry to say that 

issactiusetts man fell yesterday, ; • I thai I knew. We are in 

i\ int a r< ;ular engagement." 

■.it ; ok place ; and, with a devotion which does honor to bis Massa- 
h ■'• !' »u ;ht bravely, sustaining the honor o( his State and country, and fell, 
embrace the glorions Sag, which will never be dishonored while 
. lL\s memory is embalmed in the hearts of the otb Regiment. 



Rucceedn&g generations, reaping rich rewards, fv ill remember an ith the d< epeat gn \ 
ail who have Buffered in the canse of liberty. 

Alois Babo. 

Alois B.ibo was born, in May, 1831, at Baa •. ; (Grand P.ueby.of B • in). 1- bis 
eighteenth year he devoted hi nself t.) ih< tudy of law, and al 
the universities of Fribourg and Heidelberg. 

In 1853 he left for the United States, resided some months in Nev ' 
to Boston, where he was for some years Professor of Ancient Languages at Comer's 

In the spring of 1861, he was one ot the first to call and organize Geraiao volunteer 
corps, to crush treason una rebellion at the South. 

He fell at the battle of Ball's Bluff, captain of Company G, 20th Regiment, Massa- 
chusetts Volunteers — a brave soldier, who did not want to' surrender to the enemy. 

Ii-j was a good, noble, and faithful man. 

Reinhold Wesselhoeft. 

Reinhold Wesselhoeft, born in the city of Weimar, the capital of the duchy of U at 
name, April 10, 1S3$, was the son of .Robert Wesselhoeft, well known love of 

liberty, for which he suffered many years before the revolution of U •; •, - 
his children, of whom Reinhold was the third, emigrated to the Unite! States in 1840. 
Young Reinhold, therefore, received his earliest education in this country, aJ the pub- 
lic s< hools of Boston and Brattieboro', Vt., where his parents resided for many yei 
also through private German tutors. Returning to Germany in hi3 fear, 

ami completing his school education at an institute in the neighi irl i d of his birth- 
place, he returned to America, after an absence of abon-l tftftgi year ■■■ 1 a ; '•• 1 him- 
self to book-keeping and other mercantile' branches ; although t1 ■■ is hi it 
f to the study of natural sciences, wherein, however, thi titin il 
thwarted him. By nature free from narrow prejudices of a religious or 
open to convictions, and ever ready to take a firm ground in defence of 

d vo 
of h: 

>rtunate or oppressed fellow-men, of whatever country or e dor, young Wesi 
hoeft's warm heart and scrupulous fidelity to the trusts committed to him won foi 
many friends. Up to the commencement of the rebellion of the Slave States agaiust 
their government, Mr. Wesselhoeft had taken a lively interest in the political n 
ments of the times. Though young in years, few could have evinced more distin 
than Le the indignation or' a patriot at what he recognized as the wrongs of the ,i 
eal condition of this country, the greatest of which fie regarded the institution i i 
ery, whose decline he ardently hoped to see. When, therefore, the country's peril called 
for the volunteer soldiers of the North, Reinhold Wesselhoeft, relinquishing many a 
brightening prospect of personal success; with his friends, Alois Babo and Ferdinand 
Dreher, was among the first to enlist in a company of his German countrymen. Reg- 
iment after regiment was accepted and sent to the seat of war, while numerous com- 
plete volunteer companies, waiting in vain to be mustered into service, disbanded ; but 
the Gen 
of main i 


davi'— thus 

no rn r 
to wtthsi 
tenant \ 
with | is 
rade, w v : 
emy. I 

Lie a 
1831, « 
ment n 

was s >• 

of his ; 

which Mr. Wesselhoeft w as a member held out; while the duty 
chii fly upon him, auu was performed throughout a period of two 
contributions of clothes and i'rod, from meal to meal ami from 
ouraging the men by his example, aud inducing them to remain, 
rns were allowed thorn. Finally,. in the month of July, the 
-■ 20th Regiment, Massachusetts Voluntee »-, en am] ed at Read- 
hoeft scion afterwards commissioned as second lieutenant of his 
lits plase completely, as was proved by the degree of c 
y the officers in command of the regiment, which, on the 21st 
' so prominent a part in the battle of Bail's Bluff, on I I 

c hi- gallant captain, F. Dreher, was disabled Lieut ei mt Wessrl- 
or' the remaining fragment of his company, which* no longer 
whelming force of the rebels, was dispersed. Thereupon Lieu- 
fi ?r i xpres-sing his firm tesoive not to surrend't r, euter :d thi i iv 
un Babo, but perished, probably, in the st! i . with his 
>d mortally while swimming, under the continued lire of th 
d Lieutenant Wesselhoeft! found several days afterwards, were 
ill Cemetery, at George town, D. C. 

John W. Grant. 
»t Jobi] W. Grout, who was killed at the battle of Ball's Bind'. Oct. 2lst, 
>rn in the summer of 1843, in Worcester. He early showed a little of the 
iius of his ancestors, and est 

MetcalPs aighland S r ., 

tain of cadets, ft htenthe war broke out. fie o t&ini . th* 

I iu the O. 


:" UJ 

P •' lur ; :or tae seat o| v 
The firsl lieutenant was - 
bilities of young Grout. 
generosity, aneffor his fe 
coolness and self-posses 

iy when he entered the military depart- 
l Schbolj Boston, lie evinced superiority, arid 
ten : the war broke out, he • ' t 
army, and entered upon th labor with enthusiasm. His ser- 
nd. in drilling v.o.hi.nteers. In the oi r. :ation of the loth 
eve hen the po .r : " i ot' ;cond 1 at< mint. Until th 
ir, the drilling, of the company devolved mainly upon him. 
itaiied for other service, which I increased the re* 

He. was distinguished for his attention to his duties, for his 
tility of resources. Bali's Bluff came with its disasters, '• - 
iom his precision and courage, had great effect upon the 



etiici ncy of his men. II* fought In <■■ r tiger. Every blow of his sword told. Th* 
m) for each man to take care of hims< if. He crossed the river with the 
wounded, and returned. Again the boat filled, and he remained upon the shore. He 
asked the colonel, " I-» there anything more that I cau. do ? " and th< n ply was, " Noth- 
ing, but take oare of yourself." lie w itec) f the first tight of the rising mown, 
plunged in, when the Is II of the assassin left I in >nly strength to exclaim, "Tell 
Company D tliat i should have escaped, but I am >hot." 

The heroiaax of this yootig mail will be a perpetual inspiration to the young men of 

His body was conveyed to Worcester, where the funeral took place. The citizen! 
generally united in, houoring, in an appropriate manner., one who had bo early in life 
fallen a martyr to his country's cause. 

William Lowe'! Putnam. 

William Lowell Putnam was born in Boston in IS40, and was a son of Samuel K. 
Putnam, Esq., of that city. Although receiving bis education mainly in Europe, and 
residing there many years of his brief life, yet he tost not the love of his native: land, 
ncr the principles of liberty which, his countrymen revere. 

On the breaking out of the wai in 1861, between oppression and freedom, he felt 
called to take an" active part in it. While his patriotism was aroused, a stronger 
motive seemed to inspire him for the contest; in maintaining the supremacy of the 
Government, lie hoped to carry the {.'lad tidings of liberty to all of his countrymen 
throughout the land. 

He enlisted in Company E, 20th Regiment, Massachusetts ^Volunteers ; was elected 
2d lieutenant, and was hi the battle at !■.:-. !■:, Kerry, Oct. 2d. While bravely 
engaged in that flight, he was-seyiQUsIy wounded, and &i(?a the next day at Poolesyille, 
Md. "His body Was brought to Boston, the funeral services took place at the West 
Church, Oct. 28, and it was buried st Mount Auburn, with military honors. 

The following extract is taken from an address, deli.v-c red at the funeral, by the Rev. 
James Freeman Clarke: — 

"The boy-soldier, whose remains arc before us, came, by both parents, from the best 
New England races. His father is descended from the ancestor of old General Put- 
nam ; and his family, on this side, contains such statesmen and scholars as Timothy 
and John Pickering. On the other side, his mother's family has given to us statesmen, 
sages, patriots, poets, scholars, orators, economists, philanthropists, and now gives to 
us also a hero and martyr. Mis .great-grandfather, Judge Lowell, inserted in the Bill 
of Rights, prefixed to the Constitution of this State, the clause declaring that ' all men 
are born free and equal,' !<:•■: the purpose, as he avowed at the time, of abolishing 
slavery in Massachusetts; and ha was appointed by President Washington Federal 
Judge of this district. His grandfather was minister of this church, honoted and loved 
as few men have been, for more than half a century. Of others 1 need not speak — but 
to those who knew net personally our young friend, I may say that 1 is native powers 
and scholarly habits indicated that he would" fully keep the promise given in the tradi- 
tions of his family, 

" He was educated in Europe, where he v/entwhei eleven years old, and whore, in 
France* Serrftauy arid Italy, tie showed that i i p ss*ssed the anct stral !V i hy of mas- 
tering easily ad languages, and where he f:vii nVdy studied classic and Christian 
antiquity ihd art. Under the best and most ! •■■ in ■■- \ ■ idance', he r iriid with joy the 
vivid descriptions of Virgil, while looking down from the hill of Posillippo on the 
headland of ^iscnum and the ruins of Cumin. H* studied with diligence the remains 
of Etruscan art, of which, perhaps, no Amerie; v. cln lar, though hi was so young, 
knew more. And here, let mr mention a distinguished Ldench savant, Br.Guepin, of 
Nantes, in Brittany, who took a peculiar interest in Willi im Putnam, and devoted him- 
self to his instruction as if he had been his parent. This excellent scholar and 
generous gentleman will hear of his death with pain, scarcely less than if William 
were his own child. Tim.-, accomplished he rcturhe 1 to his native land, bat, modest and 
earnest, he made no display of hia acquisitions, and very few knew that he hud acquired 
anything. Whi n the war broke out, his conscience and heart urged him to go to the 
service of his country. His strong sense of duty overcame the reluctance of his 
parents, and they consented. A presentiment that he should not return alive was 
very strong in his mind and theirs. But he gave himself cheerfully, and said, in 
entire strength of purpose, that to die would be -..■.-■■■ . in such a caus ■. And, in the 
full conviction of immortality, he added, * What is death, mother? it is nothing but a 
Bteu in our life..' U is fidelity to every duty gained him the respect of his superior 
officers ; and his generous, constant interest m his sompanions and soldiers. .brought to 
him an unexampled affection. lie realized fully thai this v. tr must enlarge the area of 
frei lora^if itwas to. attain. its true e»d; a-nd in one of his I " letters, tie expressed 
the earnest prayer that it might not cease till it opened t! e way for ■ . • ' . berty. 

" L'l-C'se earnest opinions were connected with a I ' ■ ;•■ \ oi r - ■ wron done to the 
African r: ■ , ai .1 a« interest iu its in pro vein nt. He took with him to the war, as a 
body-servant, a colored lad named George Brown, Win re) tid t • kii In is of Lieut. 
Putnam by gratitude and faithful service. George Brown followed h ■. master across 
the Potomac into the battle, nursed him in his tent, and attended his remains back to 
Boston. Jvor let the devoted courage of Lieut. Henry Sturgis be forgotten, who lifted 
his wounded friend and comrade from the ground, and carried him on his buck a long 



distil ico to the boat, wad v.- tuned again into r- fi jht. Such actions show that E i I 
boya retain the old spirit of their fathers. 

«« In the fatal buttle a week ago, Lowell fell, as is reported, while endeavoring to save 
a wounded pomp in ion — fell, soiled with no ign >ble d i$t — ' non ■ sordi- 

duin.' Brought to th< hospital-tent, he said to .the sur] to dross bis 

wound, ' Go to aOme oj else, to whom you can i i uw ood;y< i , ' 

lik Philip Sydney, giving the water to the so] I era who needed it mo< . elf. 

4i iJrave and beautiful child! was it for this that you had inherited the beat r< mlts of 
p ist culture, and had been so wisely educated au I c ir< fully trained ? Was it for this ! 
to be struck down by a ruffian's bullet, in a hop less Btruggle against i irerwhel 
numbers ? How hard to consent to let those precious lives be thus wa ti d, appi - 
fur nought, through the ignorance or the cut h ssnes ; of those whose duty it was tc 
make due preparation, before sending them to the held. How can we beai it ? 

" Vv'e could not bear it, unless we believed in God. But believing in God and 
Christ, we can bear even this. It is not any blind chance, not t folly, which 

controls these events. All is as God wills, who knows what the world needs, and what 
we need, better than we '-an know it. He uses the folly and sin of man for great ends; 
and he does not allow any good and noble effort to be lost. 

--. * * ' * * * * * * ;-: * 

"And do we not see, in these great, sacrifices,' that the heroism itself is already a 
ureal gain ? Is it not something to know that we do not belong to a degenerate race ? 
Is it not a groat blessing to know that wc also, and our sons, are still as capable as our 
t ehers wi'iv (d great and noble .sacrifices, — that Massachusetts, God bless her! still 
produces heroes ! * * * * * ■* *•_ * * 

" Yes, we lose them, these p^ociojos childr? n, hut we gain them while welo'se them ! 
They go from us in their strength end beauty, but the) 9.0 direct to God, andecme to 
us argain rrom Jiim, transfigured- in the fig! t and . lory of his Heaven. We take them 
with us in our hearts wherever we go. We f.ei the exalted life which thej h n 
attained. There come to me ac this time some singularly applicable lines of Scl 
in his Wallenstein, — singularly applicable, because tine German piaj was one ■ 
William Lowell was very fond of reading, and in which the character and fate of Ma 
seem so parallel to his own. When Max fell iu a battle like that of last Monday, when 
he was attacked by overwhelming numbers, and no retreat was possible, these are the 
words of his friend:' — 

" 'He the more fortunate ! Yea, he hath finished ! 
For him there is no longer any future. 
His life is bright — bright without spot it was, 
And cannot cease to be. No ominous hour 
Knocks at his door, with tidings of mishap. 
'Far off is he, — above desire and fear; 
0, 'tis well with him.' 
"' Well with him/ and well also with the land which bears such sons. Their spirit 
deepens ours, — deepens the soul of courage throughout the land; calls out more 
When we hear oi such deaths, we feel how happy we also 
We foe' as Pulaski felt; I quote an anecdote told me in my 
"oh- a soldier, was gently rebuked by VVashingtou for rast 
lie replied, ' General, rav father died, lulled mhattle, when h< 

va.'or, more devotion 
should be to die so. 
SfOttth. Pulaski, ri.e 

was . i ; my gratmi 
General, I am 2-5, i 
whim w hear of the 

80ul of Lhe land ; ai 

d I 

is country, when lie waa 23 

*es. .Such di 
ad of the ma 

titive.' ivh feel ahhos'i asJiamed to be d '■: t 

;bs are not in vain, for they rouse the whole 
vrs is again the .seed of the church." 

John M. WkittemGre. 

Joint M. Whittctnare was born in September, ISo >, and was a son of the Rev. Tims. 
Whrttemore, D. I). 

From bia boyhood; Mr. Whittemore had an ardent love for mechanics, and especially 
for that of steam-enginery; and for several years he had been employed in the c. . - 
neering department of me Vermont and Massachusetts Railroad. 

In August, LSG1, he entered the navy, and was ordered to join the U. S. sloep-of- 
war Mohican, at the OhnrleV.jwn Navy Yard, and acted as an assistant engineer on 
board of that steamer. 

In October, he sailed for the South, and arrived at Port Royal, S. C, in November, 
and, on the 7ta of that month., engaged in the bombardment of the forts at Hi i . 
Bead; and, while in the dismarge of ais dmy there, was killed by a piece of shell, 
which passed through bis head. 

His remain* were brought from Pert Royal, and the funeral services took place at 
Cambridgopoft, and were" attended by naval, and military officers, besides a large con- 
course nt fri< mU. 

i i as ft 11 the first martyr upon South Carolinian soil, in maintaining the honor ;md 
integrity of the nation. 

George Foster Hodges. 
George Foster Hodges was born «ian. 12, 1S37» in Providence, R. I., and was a son 
of AAnaon I). Hodges, Km., of Itoxbury, Mass. Mr. Hodges was one uf the yo'i 
■a- pabers of the class of L&>>J at tla.vard, and had taken his degree at the Law School, 



whe ■• he was distlnguisl ■■•: '■: I is .'.- h chai 

Jlia .- mirements. VS hen th< .> ir btokeout h . • I3i 

It to be his duty to volunteer, instead of waiting foi a comm 

: :;, musket, joined the Fifth tie inn i :, ■ . ■ Char! 

City Guards, anof stwrtfvl on '' ■ "■ ■•.' of Apri ., -. He eiidu 

hardships of that memorabh march fro i Ai 

faster of the regim int. lie was On the staif of Cu battleol 

Kun, — was in the thickest Of the fight, carrh I his colonel, w] I, from i 

field, and stood by him in every danger. Aft< r the return of Ihe I ift i, he was com- 
missioned as adjutant of the Eighteenth i: nd w stationed at • 
Humes, Hall's Hill, Va. U- was an able and i icieut officer, and while in the 
discharge of his duties was attacked with typh I fever, and died in camp, at H 
Hill, Va., near Washington, Jan. 31, 1 >62 

Few have gone to the war from p-urej or. I .. ■ •'• : . he will long be 

remembered For his unselfish devotion to duty I 5 the many who knew ai a 

}!is death was noticed in an appropriate manner by .the .- ; -_ : :i i ut to whic 
1 ioi ged, and resolutions were passed at a meeting of the ;'.• , . expressive of the 
high esteem in which he w; s held by them. 

The classmates of young Hodges met in B -■'■■• . n lean : .. of his death, and 
expressed their feelings of sorrow as ■' :•-.-•• byres itions which gave evidenceof 
their strong attachment, and their just apprei iati of his noble character. 

The funeral ceremonies took place in Roxbury, at the K :v. J>r. Putnam's Church,— 
a numerous concourse of friends, St te office? *, and the military, crowding the church, 
to pay their last respects to one who had so p .: tically >ted himself to his country 
in the morning of life. • Iii • rej laiu^wsreH -• - • -'- t o IVo-. idem'-', andpow repose in the 
OidMorth JLuuviog Ground in thai eify. 

Dr. Lttthcr V. Bdl 
Dr. Luther Y. Bell was born m ISGS, His birthplace and earlyhome were in hill 
towns of New Hampshire. He received -s careful training in literature, morals 
religion, and a wise preparation for the duti •. i I mors of life. .'- i istinguished 
parentage, a household of brothers, and 3 circle of relatives, filling the i : 
aiid judicial offices in State and national trust-*, surrounded him in youth and fresh 
manhood with examples and influences to direct bira to some promi ent sphere and 
range of action. He graduated at Bowdoh Cxi He, ■ in 1623, and received a medical 
degree at Dartmouth Colli :■ fro'm the Hanover .'■■ L' d School. 

After a brief and uncongeiual trial of mcreant le life in "New York, he established 
himself as a practising physician in Londos lorry, New Hampshire, and found the 
calling suited to his tastes and gifts. Whil the r ir.d of his svork as a country 

practitioner, he was the successful competitor ;- i a prize offered for an essay on t ; 
treatment of the insane. This proves :. ■•■•■■ • i?.ly and to wl ■■ g< >d r suits he I 
become interested in that department of medical ience, at the head of which lie won 
his eminent Lime. From 1S3S to 1;8<S6 he ':. ■ ! ■ ■■ je of th '-1 .;.• an Asylum for the 
Insane; a period of years during which many hundred patients were under his care; 
and he discharged the different duties with gn I md to tin entire satisfaction 

o r all, After years of valuable services to the is . - . • i a, his health became seriously 
impaired, and "he resigned the trust, took a -'- ng interest, and erred 

the State as a representative ;r I an execntr. . t*c!lor. I pon the I eaking out of 
the r-ebeliion, his"' devotion to his countn ■'" . - his otic i f medical service! I 

ibiiity and patriotism en a b! I :. m to grapple with the foe. 
{ ;■ th ■ special exigence • >f that •■ ■■-.■■..-■. | ,- a brief but earnest 
en to the principles -■.'..■■ ■ur.rery. He was already a pro- 
d sanitary science. He was Lttached, as surgeon, to the 11th 
nt of Volunteers, and - •? • H in that regiment until lie was a] - 
eon in the Army of the L liiu d States. He died at Budd's Fer- 
., 1862. 

o 11th Regiment, he wrote ' a ".. - I: — '• 1 have seen a ". • ;1 
sease, arrd the whole ^ urn cf i ilitarj urgery was 0] d 
■ afternoon, July 21, \ - : ■ ts lions horrid arid sanguinary. 
h its hundred wounded vh?tin , w^l form a picture in my sick 
e. 1 never have sp ;'-••- night out of camp since I came into 
self have beea practically stran ;ers these seven months. Yet 1 
ginning of a regret at raj i ei*i n to devote what may be lefc of 
;reaf. Cause. I have, :~ you know, four young, motherless chil- 
s to nave sjich a charge, <•■• i in the worthiest hands, I have 
mciliatipn by thereS c.tioj that the srreat issue under the stern 
-, wh -.':;> r or not our children arc i .> have. a country. My owj 
ive am '■■ , ■ <i mei" 

e and courteous, and was '- ved by all with whom he 
came in ^^.^ tct, and by none more so than the oi'icers and of tl I lth Mas - 

- ' . '. m' - -' , • a experienced th ■ ; ...... • - tits oJ his generous 

ThefUnerai *ervices over his remains * :,: ''- ' ; - Ch«rl Mass., Feb. 17th. 

Ti: ;n State Legislature, then in session, adjouri - ; to attend'thi funeral.; and the city 
officers of Cbarlestown, with others, united in paying thHr last respects to the deceased 
patriot and philanthropist. 



ids? pi 

tysical . 


ep ired 




f attei 

tioa gh 



n hygi 




a brig: 

di -snrg 

ry, on 


ic- 12th 

of Feb 

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of ma 

no on 


i bed' 

aria! d 

:h,' wit 
as I lb 

and my 

!'. i t e 

have ha< 

one be 

life :.; 




to the i 



l J B.i 1 f 

!ito rec< 



ent of 
nd Eftrc 

ngth h: 


■!! •■'. as 




'The Sword of the Lord and of Gideon.** 

in ancient days, when the Ark of the Lord was threatened, the chosen people of G : 
girded on the sword and in the name o{ the Most High smote with great slaught< I 
heathen in their bo r-ders who had arrayed themselves, against their cherished ii 
tion . They fought for an idea, a sacred faith, which to them embraced all thi I 
gn at and good in man. 

During the Crusades, stimulated with a strong religious feeling, men rushed impetu- 
ously lo the rescue of the Holy Sepulchre from The hands of the Infidel. They, tc », 
were animated by aholyand undying faith. 

S;i foilght Cromwell and his psalm^sinemg legions, who smote down the proud hoi 3e 
of Stuart and seized the power of England. 

Impressed with a living faith and high purpose, the Pilgrims, Ted by the Intrepid 
Stand ish and pious, bre> -a,;-, grasped reverently and with firmer hand the Sacred YVrit 
while wielding the §waid to repel the merciless savages--,, and found a new empire fot 
re'iiinn ;md liberty . 

S i fought the heroes of the revolutionary struggle of 1776 — men loyal to their faith 
in God and the dignity and eo^aality of humanity. Inspired with this idea, the) . r- 
shalled themselves in battle . array against despotism, sacrificing ease td;privatio 
suffering, that they might through the baptism of blood esl iblish justice and liberty 
under a republican form of government. A'ii so in 1861 r . when wicked men with ■ 
legious hands attempted to destroy this government — tie palladium of our liberties — 
devoted men sprang armed from the earth, and with earnest souls, pausing not to cal- 
culate the danger, and knowing the righteousness of their cause, cut their way through 
the hosts of rebellion, and saved the national capital from the tide of treason. 

First in the contest, Massachusetts rendered prompt and invaluable aid. Eve; 
watchful for the cause of the Union and liberty, she instinctively "scented the battle 
from afar," and bravely prepared to meet the enemy when its uplifted hand should 
s'rike the blow. 

The Adjutant-General of the State, in his report to the Governor in I860, observed 
the threatened storm, and wisely suggested proper precautionary measures; and Ex- 
Governor Banks, during the last year of his administration, gave to the military 
department of the State his especial attention, and revived somewhat the military spi it 
of the Commonwealth. 

Hi" Excellency, John A. Andrew, on assuming the duties of Governor of the State 
and Ccnnnander-in-'Ciiief of the milki?>, at once understood the crisis and exhibit 
wisdom and sagacity to an extva- rdinviry degree, which sLow.d him to be the ' 
for the hoar," and one fit tc be trusted. with the honor and patriotism of flic State. 
V ita such a leader, and such a people and soldiery, distance was annihilated, and when 
tUe cry went up from Washington, Massachusetts troops rushed through sevtn Stat* 
leaving their dead and wounded on the way, ai 1 were the first to enter the capital. 

To show the military action of the State' in IS(U to put down rebellion, the follow . 
list of the regiments?, With their movements, is given, which, together with ex. 
from 'he aide report of Adjutint-GeneraTSchouler, will furnish matter of much interest 
to the reader. That report, dated Dec. 31, loGl, says — 

"The storm of rebellion which broke upon our peaceful land in April last was fore-'' 
''teen months before by your Excellency and by the Legislature of the Common-" 
"wealth, and wise and liberal provision was made to meet and if possible avert it. " 
''"The worst fears of our people have been realized, and the evidence now afforded by " 
"the living and dead of our true, loyal and gallant sons of Massachusetts, at home" 
"and on the battle-field, proves that the Commonwealth has been "true to her his-" 
"tory, her tradition, axxd her fair fame." The report further states that the r« 
why Massachusetts so promptly responded were — 

" 1st. The excellent system for the organization and discipline of a militia force, " 
"which has so long distinguished th;s Common wealth, and has received the censt mt" 
"attention and approval of the Legislature. 

''•'-'I. The .promulgation .of General Grdei No. i, by your Excellency's direction, or 
"the 16th o.f v last, so that we ascertained w\\ h accuracy the jaumber of office - 
"and men of the Volunteer Militia who would respond ins antly to any call > v 
''.might be made upon them ^>y the Presid nfofttn United States. Opposition- was " 
*' Blade to this order at first, but events soon proved the wisdom of issuing it. Those" 
4% who could not respond as required, received their discharges, and their places were " 
' immediately fid-d by others ready for any emergency* 




" 3d The sa ;;ui>Y nd foresight which induced the Legi ilaturc to pa s th« bill i 
'♦proved by your Excellency on th« 3d oi Apj -. , .- . . su'hor-" 

"izin^ the Adjutant-General to ■:oi > tr;'ct for overcoats, blankei ' ^, 200,000" 

"bail cartridges, Ac, for twu tlioujsand troops. Our militia < Idiei had uniform 
"their own, and had in thek s-evei l armories o-yei three thb •.. . , 

"muskets of the b« -i | . tern. 

"Thus when the attack upon the heroic band of Union j atriol \ ! I orl Sumter on " 
'•the l'ith of April extinguished the last hope- of peace, and its fall aroused the' 7 
"mighty energy of our people to maintain their national existence, Massachusetts" 
"was ready f. push forward herregiments, armed . n ! equi] p< d, to defend theflagand " 
"save Washington, in the hour of peril, from capture and spoliation. 

"For three months previous, our Volunteei '! : i .. i . anticipation of somegreat" 
"traitorous movement in the South, hud been drilling almost nighil) in I heir several" 
"armories, so that when the summons came from the Presidi at on th .• loth of April " 
"the ' Fiery Cross' was-sent over the Commonwealth, and is obedience to the call " 
■•the men came forth,-as in the brave davs ofold, leaving the workshop an i the plough," 
" their nets and barges, hemes aad kindred, inspired by love of count) y and the rights " 
"of mankind." 

On the day that Fori Sumter was attacked, the Governor m; I ippKcatioil to the 
Secretary of War for permission to draw two thousand rifled muskets from the L : . S. 
Arsenal at Springfield, in ad\ ance of the artn i l! quo : i b< « on inp due, also to garrison 
the forts in Boston harbor ; but the rifled muskets could not • e prbi ureid, nor p< n .' ion 
granted to garrison the forts. Afterwards, however, fjv 'thousand of the most im- 
proved smooth-bore muskets from Springfield, and four thousand Windsor rifles 
(adthottt bayonets), were ©j talned from the U. S. Ar-s-i ij .1 at Watertown. This state- 
ment is ma4e, as some of the regimen ts have gone tc. the seat of war with smooth-bore 
muskets, but it was no: the fault of the Executive of this ! itate. 

To quote again from the Adjutant*Gerierid s Report •-■ 

"The first call for' troops was by a telegram from S rtator Wilson, dated at Wash-'" 
"ington, April 15th, requesting twenty companies to be sear immediate]} to W'ashii 
'•' ton andthere mustered into service. In the course of the day were received fora tl " 
" requisitions by telegraph from the Secretary of War arid Adjutant-General of the " 
"United States for two full regiments of the Massac luaetts Militia, In compliance" 
" therewith, Special Order No. i-i was issued oh the-same day, directing Colonel J< 
"of the Sixth Regiment, Colonel Packard of the F urth/Coh nel Wardrop of the" 
"Third, and Colonel Munroe of the Eighth, to m isn : their respective commands on " 
"the Boston Common forthwith 'in compliance with a requisition made by the Presi- " 
" dent of the United States.' This order wa-; sent by mail aad by sp< i tl messengers " 
"to the Colonels, who severally resided at Lowell, Quincy, New Bed ord, and Lynn. " 
"The companies were scattered through the cities and towns of Plymouth, Bristol " 
"Norfolk, JCs^ex and Middlesex Counties." 

" In obedience to orders nearly- every company in the above regiments arrived in" 
" Boston the next day." 

"A dispatch from Sen'ati r Wilson, April 16th, staled that Massachusetts was to" 
"furnish immediately four regiments, makina one brigade, with one Brigadier-Gen-" 
"erai, Brigadier-Gen, Beyrj. F.-Buib-r, Trd i Bturnde,, Second Division^ M. V.'M" 
Vwasi i It-red or. th<: 1-7 tr to take comma!; id;:; tr u| /' 

To complete the p^a mrrahet o( eo;rni,ar, • for tii< r< a ;; <■■ companies were 
detached from other regiments. 

By special -rder Gen. fjutk-r was commanded on the ISth of April to proceed with 
Che Eighth Regiment to Washington. 

On the 19th of April, ■'■..: Sam id G. Lawrence at the Fifth'Begiraen-t^'as-ordered to 
report for active duty, which order was ■■ab*y< i with, i : >■ h. 

On the 20lh of April, Major A-aa F. Cook wa 5 instruct* a to have his cornpauyof Li/at 
Artillery in readiness \o proceed w ith Col. Law rem i i a. a i i ...'. 

The 'J bird B ittslion <-[ \.. ■..■■■ s, undei < unnril r, : d f Maj -r C barks Deve,ns, of Wor- 
cester was also detail d at this time for sen ce, and ( ipt. Albert Dodd's company, 
recently formed in Be-t >n, v- & gent by steamer, M iy 1, to join the battalion. 

Three Months' Volunteers. 

The pressing emergency of the National Government for aid was fully appreciated 
by Mas* tchu ;etts on the L5th of April, and so alive wa ; she to the impending danger, 
thai the first the jht was m furnish the need< d assistance without " standing upon the 
order of her goi a.;.'' 

Corap nies without full rank* were (speedily fitted h v voinnteers, wlio crowded th 
arm >'"-■ anxiotjs to go; and incomplete* re crimeut*.wer) trengthened by detailing from 
other n ;imenw sueh companies as wereprepared to leave at such" sliort notice. An 
hour iheu seemed to comprise an age, and th ordiiiar nilitai orders of movement 
coinu ;n to in - • lion and j view in peaceful v.: ' ■ : n •: '■• &g strictly observed, 
and :.■■■• e ;:.- i ost available troops were forwarc i wi hi ird to regular numbers, 

and retiituentsTeft behind were immediately prepared tofollow;buta I 

reuuisue number of three months' volunteer v r soon { :a, hed, the regiments next 
folWwiftg were enlisted to serve, for three year« in the U. 8. •■ | rvicf>. 

A dssj .ch, received from Washington Aprii l*5th, stated that Massachusetts was to 
furnish nnmediately four regiments, making one brigade, with one Brigadier General. 


Brit*. G m. D ■ iij F.Butler, Third Brigad v - d Division, M V. M., was ©Tdered on 
the 17th to take command of ihe troops. On the 18th he was ordered to proceed with 
the $th Regiment to Washin rtoo : and May 20th, 1861, hi was prom iti d for hi - gallant 
conduct to be a Maji tl in. t • U.S. \ i ...-. . fl is staff, whei 

ral, consisted oi Bri d Major, Wn H Clem :e. Of 'Lowell; Aide-de-l 
Capt. Samuel E. C n\v rse, of Lowell ; Engi Capt. 

Bri .. Quarterns ;ter, Capt. Thos. J. Porter, of Woburn. 

On the 30thbf May, Brigadier'General Eben • i V- . Peirce, of Fre( town, 2d Brig ide, 
1st Division M. V. M., was detailed for active duty in place of Brigadier General B it l< .-, 
who, as stated above, had been promoted, and he proceeded at once to J ortress 
roc. Hi* staff at the time he left consisted of Brigade Major and Inspector, Rid ard 
A. Peirce, of New Bedford; Aid-de-Camp, Capt tin Silas P. Richmond, of Freetown ; 
Quartermaster, Capt- Wm. C. Lovering, of Taunton; Engineer, Capt, Augu 
Chamber lin, of Brookline. The disastrous affair at Big Bethel has brought upon I . • 
brave and patriotic officer much obloquy, which was, doubtless, cruelly unjust. 

Scon after this battle, Gen. Peirce returned to Massachusetts an I r tis •:'... i 
nies for the volunteer service, and on the 16th of December, \Si!>], was commissioned 
Col. of the 29th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers, 

In the Adjutant-General's report he says : 

%i It would frr exceed the limits of this report to recount in the brave acts of" 
" our three months* 4*eep's during their term of service. I have given <>, ly a bare out-" 
line Icis sufficient, perhaps, to say that they were the first to n ?pond to the call" 
' "out, the first to march through Baltimore to the defence of the capital, " 
led their blood for the maintenance of our go^ eminent, trie first to open " 
r to Washington by way of Annanolis, the first to land on the s >i! of" 
i hold possession of the most important fortress in the Union, the first to " 
•• i take the voyage of the Potomac an':! approach the Federal city by water, as they " 
*■ had been the first to reaeh it by land. They upheld ihe good name of the State" 
" luring their entire term of service, as well by their good conduct and gentlemanly " 
•* bearing, as by their courage and devotion to duty in the hour of peril. They pr red" 
'• tbe sterling worth of our volunteer miiiti n .. Their record is one which will ever" 
' redound to the honor of Massachusetts, and will be ptized among her richest historic " 
'■treasures. These men have added new splendor to our Revolutionary annals, and" 
" the brave sons who were shot down in the streets of Baltimore on the 19th of April." 
"hare rendered doubly sacred the day when the greensward of Lexington Common" 
" was drenched with the blood of their fathers." 

In the following statement .in regard to the troops from Massachusetts, the three 
■'..'tenths' Regiments are given first. 

"of the P 


" the nrst 

"the oew 


H "! ' : , .' , ' 


Third Regiment. Infantry, 

Ilastenragto comply with orders received but a few hours before, the companies com- 
posing this regiment mustered in Boston, April I6th, 1861. The citizen- i • •• ■ 
thera, and they wont into quarters in the hall over the Old Colony depot. At 6, v. m., 
the 17-th, they marched to the State House to receive equipments, and then to the 
BteoMjerS. 11 Spaulding. Throngs of citizens cheered them as they passed through the 
streets, a»d fr >ro Central Wharf salutes of cannon and small arms were fired. G< pei tl 
B ttkr visited them, and wa - enthusiastically received. The hearty good-hy was said it 
7, P. m., when the steamer dropped off into the stream, where she remained until 11.30, 
a. «., of the I8tb, when she sailed : bearing away a noble band, many of whom were the 
descendants of the Pilgrims who settled the Old Colony, and established the principles of 
an elevated civilizati in, which their sons were now g ling forth to maintain at thi - 
^ need be, of their lives. " Nine miles at sea " the sealed orders were opened, and For- 
tress Monroe was found to be their destination. A\ ril I9th, the anniversary of the battle 
of Lexington, they were assembled on deck, the stars and . tripes and regimental colors 
wen s ; :r<':i and thrown to the breez , and the day duly commem irate I. Arrived at 
I : ress Monroe at 11, h, m., April 20th, making tbe passage in il\ hours I 
Boston, liegiment landed, stacked arms, and slept in the sun a few hours, en the 

ira '. ground.- Had a very slight luncheon, an I w" r ■ c d t< i on board the l". 8. Gun- 
boat ' Pawnee" at about 4, r. m. ou the same dav. '1 •'• ■ ' sailed about 5^, P.M., 
' u i.,, port Navy Yard, | ■ : ...: the obstructions in the tnel, battery at JSewall's 
•' »int of seven gun.*, and Forts '* Norfolk" and " Nel >i • ! i in possession of the 
rebels, without molestation. Arrived at the Yard at 0, p. M., very narrowly escaping 
being &red upon by the entire broadside of the '•Pennsylvania" and "Cumberland," 
k*vifig been mistaken for enemies. 


Found the " Merrimac/' " Gerrnantown," and " PlymBoth" aire I ai 

Rinking. V/i,' lc •" i] • • e ti Pound it 

impossible, they were su Far sunken. H earlier, the Merrimac 

would now haTe been in our Nny. Ali hands engu 

Companies M A " and ■ •• B " hold as a reserve under an I ■ .• , la f. attar V\\ aty 
men detailed from Co. B to mine Dry-ili 

Arrived back ai the Fort at 6, a. m., Sunday, 21 
been without food 18 hours. Short rations, hard fan . ' bai I work for th< first three 

May 6th, a terrific tempest and gale. No shelter for the men who were on guard, 
and so dark the sentries could not walk their beat. Not a mum i fi in: n. 

May 9th, two companies of three years men, one u ■'> i Captain J. 3 , T] U r, of 1 - - 
ton, and the other under Captain W. D. Chamberlain, of Lynn, left Bostoi for Fortre s 
Monroe; also, May ISth, a three years companj fror) 

Chipman, and another frotn 1 lymouth, undei C; • ti ' EL Dotei , • ere sent for- 

ward, and all fouT were temporarily attached to this :< >mn i t. 

May 13th, picket at the bridge, oiie-fourth, mile from the Fort, driven in. Bri 
to-day by two companies ai d a fi M piece, 8 ci siou pi :ket guard i ff from 

Hampton end of bridge, and ^withdrawn from our sight for th • first time sinceoccup; i 
the Fort. 

May 24th, Companies " B," of Plymouth, and "M," Captain Tyler, of Boston, 
sent out under command of Captain C. C. Doten, to pr< fed Gi n< ral Bi tier in recon- 
noissancc. Two rebels, in running away from us, taken by a small pa'rtj on the other- 

May 27th, Massachusetts 4th, Vermont 1st, and n New York (German) regiment left 
Fortress, and commenced an entrenched camp ai ' Newport News," ( i'. s wt i thefrtt 
occupation of that point). Regiment left oil th* ir > .. : ;•■'■ ing "•<■'''■.}., for a light 
flannel uniform provided by the State of Mas- teli i ■■. - 

June 8th, (^'li.yh':-, B, of Pi] i toutb, iu d C, of ( ambridge, uodei c mini ind of Capt. 
O.C. Dpteii.Avere detailed for guard over the Ne-.\ York •' Naval Brigade,' 'i. ; i was in 
a disorganized condition ; had quite a serious diiScul; ■ with " )):\^^'li." Had to call out 
the entire guard with loaded muskets, and can,.' very near firing upon them before the 
disturbance was quieted. 

June 17th, Companies B and C were relieved from guai cl over " Brigade " by Company 
"E," of Plymouth. 

July 1st, .Regiment ordered to occupy Hampton village. Reached Hampton about 
12, M., some of the troops taking Dr. G. Temple's house as quarters An alarm from 
the advance guard during the afternoon : Companj B .- tit out on Fox Hill road to m< ( t 
the enemy. None to be found. Com] ani< s " A," " H," and " C " detail* d for the main 
and picket guard this night; an attack hodrly t spect< d, : ut ail remained quiet.. 

July 5th, whole g ifris' n at II i ipton ma rched to Can p Hamilton for review by Sec'y 
Cameron and Gen. Butler. Companies " L," " B," and ''F.," stationed at the pi 
with Howitzer Battery, all night. Attack momentarily expected. 

July'/, Company B went utft about feu? miles, •■ sou ting. Thermometer 115° — an 
exhaust;::.: day. 

July 8th, party at work in the trenches?. Thern • m< ■ ili°. 

July 9th, (' • np.inie? " L," " B," a; ; •■ ".' ■..'-■ 5 ;\\l night. 

July 14th, prlv.itr; Simeon Borrows, of C'>mj'.-*J y B, of Plwnout.h, si I an : beaten, 
hut net killed, a few hiinun ci \ uru outside S-o* in while bi trying. 

July 16th, marched to Fortress Mouroe, and started for Boston, on board steamer 
"Cambridge." A : : ae, pleasant paspaqe. 

Jid} 19th, arrive land anchored oil Long Wharf, Boston. Sent to Long Island, in 
Boston Harbor, to - ncairrp. 

July 2'2d, regiment must* fi d out o( IT. S. service I 1- i ; . 

July 123d, regiment landed in the city,. and, after a handsome reception by the citi- 
zens, were dismissed at noon on the Common. 

At the Big Bethel fight, the i d regiment was sent for re a reinforcement, but as the 
Fortress would have been left with but a so a ] garri : n, il was deemed prudent notJ:o 
let them go. 

Every soldier and officer of the three months companies of the Zd regiment returned — 
none having even been. Wounded, excepting two or three sdightly by accident. 

Field and Staff, 3d Reg. 
Colonel. .... . DAVID W. WAKDROT Sew Bedford, 

AfUrwari'.S ru::i!. -.:.... d »8 C l0B« ! ; a '..'.> ti. £ ' • •• ' ( rUSld. 

Lieut. Cnlonel . . Cl! MLT's RAYMOXD 

£rriv«f«i *S Fortress .\it-nroe May 5 J«;i wiOi r.crn 

Nov, .-■, •■'), c ;:.:•:!..- , - -,( M Lieut. < uloiiel - ■ ■■■ K gi«ient. 

Riajor , .Jon N J<..M-;.\ N I NG '. New Bedford. 

yt<0"uto«<« .... . "AUSTIN S. CISUMAN ". . New Ilei Foi I 

Quartervui&ter . .EDWARD D. ALLEN, r'airhaven. 

SUrgeo* ■ Al.KX ANDK'', K.XIOLMES ... . New Bedford. 

L>itacaett Ur duty at N«.vf i'ork, to cxamint troop*, June, i: ■'.. 
.Assistant ^urc/eon, JOHNSON CLARK, ....... , Now Bodford. 

Ltit at Forln u Monroe, a.- Surgeon, wilh j vftani' men. 



gertrl. Major. .... AT rin.n r. 3: \GG1 '. w I; 

June 13. M-6I, (letaikd f« | : Biipmie Head Qunrtert »t Cninp 

Hamilton, Sept. 2, lftol, fomrn led n Li ( Dent. 

Quartermvstei S.ergt. . FREDERIC S GIFFORD, . - . . Kcir Bedford. 

Company .A. (Ilalifax Light Infantry), Halifax.' 3d '....;. 

Organized 171)2. One of its! past commanders, Captain Asa Thorn p; i, of H 

living), joined the compam when it was fir I ; ' . n •'.; he then beluy sixteon yenrs i 
lie commanded the company in the war of 1812, and was ins ci via id I Jo ton at thai time 
with his company, and went bj the uameof the •> tall captain," being s?i.< fe< : si v. u inclu - 
hi height. Their response to the callfoi th ir rviecs in I8fi1 proved that the spirit oi 
IS 12 w a! not cxtinet. Orders were received b) the captain at 2 o'elocl on th mom 
April Ifilh, and. though the members were scattered in eighf diHerenl town i,yct,bj 
exertion, and the free use of horses, they w< re notified, and, iu a few hours, as t 

the depot, where they took the cars for Boston that morning - , being among the first to arrive. 


Captain, JOSEPH S. HARLOW, Middleboro'. 

1st Lieut., Cepkas Washburn, Kingston ; 2d Lieut., )'. Lyok, Halifax. 

■■■•<■ ,,;..?-, Arthur Harris, East P.ridge water ; 0. F. Mitchell, Middleboro' ; astus W 

Everson, Dedham , *Theodore L. Bonney, Hanson. 

. r<*&, Alfred Josselyn, Pembroke ; Charles L. Bryant, Bridgevvatei , FredericO. Ever 

son, Hanson; James W. Brvant, Middleboro'. 

•; , i 




. T). 

Brook I Ir 



pUUsuiab. Hanson Mitchell Ophh D., Middl boro' 

Howard Willard", H n son Mo'rtoTi Naihuuirl lia 

I?:ud-in L; ni;ii : n, firidsewater Tr; Lt ■ ' , !, i : 

Holmes Lewis J.. Hnduewater Pooic Isaac, : : I 

i ♦H«iMi.-'.? Fn-jr-'jTi, Uridgevater J'" >le Harm e \V., Halifax 

I Il-od Wm. W., M-.irv -i." Rice • • ' . < '• ■' •- n 

I •ilayward ■ -Lewis U.. Halifax Rjyiuoud I'M.; K., U»'.:fv<t: 

j *IIuriey Patrick, Hanover Smith. Keubon. jr., Hanson 

I *Jordai\ Chas.S., Boston Smith Ju 11 ,11 ■•. ■ 

' Lyon Win. A.. Haiifaj • Ti.i!.h;i <. Wi 1! •::-;• 

| Lee Geo. H., !};-'-Uewurer, arrived Th-yer Ldwin - . [jalir-ix 

! at Fortress Moiiri'.e. Muv o, i"iU. i Yoiik!; iv ■. -.ird ('.. I 

f Mflrston Win.. HaliiUx, sent home j ♦White, C:i:;s. A., Boston 

i sick, July 24, 13bl. i 

Company jB (Standish Guards), Plymouth. — 3(3 .Keg. 

A. company bearing this name, and commanded by Capt. Goomer Weston, was organ 
hi 1'SlS, and "made its first parade December 22d "of that year. In ! v "'i it was r '-on- inh : 
under the same name and charter. At 3, v. M-. Ann! lo, is;'.!. Capt. Doten rei 
orders by a special courier from New Bedford, the snperintendenl of Fair-haven Bra 
R, K., Horace Scott, Esq., having run -a special train from New Bedford to Tremont i 
the darkness and storm, solely for the purpose of affording him speedy transportation. 
At '.)\ o'clock that morning, after an address by the Hon. Robert !'.. Flail, the comp my b 
Plymouth, being escorted to the depot by throngs of citizens. They arrived in Bost • 
at "noon, and were quartered at the- Old Colony Depot, whir.- other members joinod 
tin in iu the afternoon. A. t m>l of nearly SGOO was contributed by Judge Thos. '.' 
ii ui- Geo. A.Shaw, t>. N". Spooler, and other Old Colony resident* in Boston, and Hon. 
Wm. T. Davis .and others of rivmouth. .-mrl nppronriated for t he benefit of the Com] 
previous to their departure from Boston. Julv 2:">, the Comp;i in i ! " - i : '■■■ 
and were warmly received by their fellow-citizens August l ; >, they were paid off 
..U,ij.»i- It. Gr. Usher, U. S. paymaster; and a massive gold medal, in rich!) chin ;<1 
settiugi was presented to rile Company by Hon, K. B.Hall, on which w is inscri 
••!ii commemoration of the patriotic services or* th^ Standish Guards. Compain 
llegiment ii. V. M." On the reverse — " Navy Yard, Gosport, Fortress Monroe, l~ I. 1 


Captain, CHARLES C DOTEN", Plymouth. 

1st Li<vt., *Otis Rogers, Plymouth; 2d Lieut, *Wm. B. Alkxajtder, Boston. 

Se7*^eGat.*,*Charles U. I>rew, Plymouth; *Leander L. Sherman, Plymouth; -Frank C. 

Goodrich, Boston ; *Jacob W. Southworth, Plj mouth. 
Corporals^ Job B. Oldham, Plymouth; Augustus H. Fuller, Plymouth; Jas. H. Ro 
Plymouth ; *Thomas B. Atwood, Abiugton. 



* [Jttr« .-• (i* 
Uiamcii U- 

n'-lrti'-'l VV.'i 


Fau^ce Lemuel K.. Plymouth 
ravine- Sni»KO!- (■:., I'tvinouth 
Fish Geo. H„ Pi} m »tl 
M tiller Thcoiiom S., IMvm >uth 
fGilmore Aiexun'ier, Nutick 
»[!aiev 'I i;-. ;i;n, !"' mpTon 
*Har:in John F'., Kiu-ston 

!i.,. ,,.. . .,. iw„ ri 

i 'H.»r!6w'.Svivttn.u.i.K:, !'.- i iouth 

' Holhrook * . t = ; .' > ., 5 . -: . Plvmouth 

HolmwChas. Ii.. I'!..'. ... .'ii 



uiK. Plvmouth , 'Leach Fmuk S., Plj 

ben C., Piymmtth t* Lucas Daniel, A'ur.-'ton 

wn, Plymouth *l/ S.. I! xbur> 

i Mrsoo Charles, Ahinj : a 
Xhoic marked tans were iu the 2d detachment that readied Fortress Monroe May J, 1S01 
• Re-euliatcd. 

•Newholl Alfred P., Lynn 
Pierce Ch ,. V, .. \>\\ tn uth 

Pi -.;-.'.: nith 

Perkins Hi ■.. P'.viim 

Pi - )%--:■- i! , hym(»uth 

Prior Eraetui (>.. Al - • in 

• • r - i. ihd Uurvey A., North 

F t>!« y (.i •. \V„ n ■ •■; 
KM If) Uerirv.PlvtiK.uth 
i. •- ;- :..: i !'.. Plymouth 

' : • '' ' '■'." 
. :-..i. ' . ptvnii uth 

•: !e WiliWv.i. Kiili :i 

1 • • . ., Plymouth 
Swifi John, Plynioutli 
i ibl>! ...'•- . : I , mouth 
•Williams John K., Boston 


Com p a :\_. ' O (Cambri l>j- City Guard I, < i 

Co. C was the first company rals< id for the war in M i snchusi I 

principally of members of the Company of Wide .Vv' ■ i in i . \i tin et- 

m<4 ii I bridge, ii N'ovi ml wr, l» («">, ii m idiati iv ail . I lie I ' ■• 
Uii [i!i - I hi in Ii i • i i . ■ " ,.>,-.. In pr< dieted \ . , ; • . 

el«eti »n, and ■ I If I luuteer; and call ■ , 01 tin \ i I \ - lmi'k tin ir 

ballots with 'their bayonet a when the time came to do so. For 

was formed in January, ia l, and tendered to the Governor, wiio prom ed and ^avel • .■ 
the earliest opportunity to <jo to the « ar. 

They received their orders at 10 j o'clock in the eveninj of the ltHh April, and repori '1 
themse] -es at the State House early next morn,— wl 

missioned ; they received their arms and equipment! i | n rt<*gimcnt on the 

name day, ao i lt?ft for Fortress Monroe, where they arrivKl on tbi L'Otli April 

Although, durinythethree months service there", they had i 
themselves in battle, they received hiprh encomiums fr<ii tin ' 

Col. Dimiek, foi the zeal,' activity and cheerfulness wil i v.; h they performed all their 
duties : duties whieb ire particularly irksome to soldi r •■• ' mti • ad put- 
ting the Fortress in a state ol defence. They also, during the la * i .ice, 

occupied the town of Hampton in Virginia— "the outpoy of our army, i 

the enemy. Here, also, they performed their duty, not only to the' s.'il ta ion ol 

officers, but so a« to s senre i'.i \ respect of the inhabitants. 

Returning to Cambridge, July l 1 ;. they met with n heartj weleome. ^\ rubers of the 
ciT y government, military, firemen, and cftiz ms esc u*l >d them I i the I !ity Hall,\vh 
were addressed by JIaydr Green and others, and t collation furnished the n Nearly all 
of them soon after re«enlisted in diilereut companies. 


mpjtmz, JAME 5 P. RICHARDSON, Cambtidgppo^. 

1st Li&i.i., ~Sa:-;ui:l L. Chamhjj.iIX, Cambrid«;eporf ; 2d Lieut., *E«WI>' F. BlGSATiDSO>% 

gefgeants,*John Kinnear, Cambridgeport ; "Francis if. Doble, Boston ; • G< orgcTV. Smith, 

Cambridgeport ; "Timothy McCarty, prom .:• ! from r. nks, Stay 17, Ih >1 
Corpora'*, Augustus A. Thurston, Cambridge] iorf ; *I« uj. F. Dexter, Cambridgeport ; 
*Joha E. Howe. Cambridgeporl ; *Kirhard T. Marvin, I 
bridgeport, promoted from ranks, May 17-, 1SG1. 
Musician, *«John C. Copp. 


' Me.Q iiUoti Michael, eambridgeport 
•McDonald Thos. Don I ■ 

: 'Martin ' ',:■ .. I il 
' ■ ■ - 1 . ' 
: . v A. B .. jr., E. Cara- 

■ is • 

in D., Co pi bridgeport 
' Predion i hon as. B • r ■ 

}'< <u III ::,.!.. V, , , 

■ Willi mi R.,Bosi >n 

Si iih II '-irv a.. '' :i.'.' -".i'/vf-ort 

Win. '., !■ ; - .' 

SmitliJ. im, Cambridge wt 

— ' •• ■:: CI .-. J .. hSi ti 11 
•>|. sW Chc S . i ai ri : - oort 
K;t--:U<»;k Simon [).. - - ,...-> '-...,:•,,; fc". ( . Cambridge- 

Ki • armauj thWm., E i*t A' >:■:.•. >a \ *$'■»•■;< v :■ . i . nbr 

Kclk) rrwik E.,.Ho*to» '- I ■■.,■ .. I ton 

K< nn. iv Paul, ( am! ithrcp-: '■■ '-' •■. ion ^ v , Ki c i>iri'l2:eport 
Krnp John W., Storwhath Tim • ..'iCiver 

•a'iMDt'iir Con'ail 1>., C:tiai.i:i ■- n N ! 

port - Civ.-. ■■ S.U. 

Luev Thos. .!. Cambri n • ■ ■ - '^ • . ■ • 

„rport L.icv ^iimu'-'l C. Cic: . . . ' Iv in E!., C.nnL . . . 
•Libby Sumuel if., W. C:i ri ! - ■ ' J. m, Svin rvill, 

1 flmson Cii-4). W.. Cambri ' Ib'iirv, ] ' 

Melcher Daniel J:.. Caml , • .. .. , ; A .. Cauibrids 

Ma i ii Ut'reti ! . E.^t I - > '■•" 'Wi -■ ■, \ ,!, . | • -■ . 

M . -,- il .rario C., Clun ''. • •>'-,-,. W.I i l.ric'.^ 

MtfQuillcn Eugtne U., Cai ■ • '' VVbeeit>ck Geo. W., Caail 

Arker,cn L< 

oaard, ji , Cambridg< - 

GrifTini AbnerA..E i>t Cii'iItMc? 


Actjutftnt'.- Cl-r.'c. :•!,;. 1 1 

Berry Edwar 

•J, East Boston 

•Gay Joseph, Cambridi! r >rt 
•GuinMe !;■■! t. .!., C • ; . • \- , ■-< 

•Berrv Mb. r 

tC;,l '•'•:-. V": 

Bushnack -■ 

• on.M ( ambridge- 

Gnmhiu Thon-.n-, ( m:i>r ,. 
•Gafiif-v J.ihn C , « urn' 

•Bate Andre 

Hartv gatnuel ;..'■' ; ■■ 

. . 1 amb :.:--!K.rt 

I lay ward W,m A.. ■ •■ 1 

•i; •'-.':■ '; ,lo- 

lliii i-'r-'iii-nc A.. ':■■ ..-tiiu 

Boume Rob: 

'". ( '(■■ -; : report 

i: : v .! is. w., v.. :>.:i :., - ■ 

Bl , k i-. ■ ■ 

'il ■'■: Alfred F., ( an britJ port 

•Brows Dan 

r! F.. Cs:a rjridgepoTt 

Ilo-pitiil Steward 

Cartvrrie it J 

.••;•;. P., Cambri igc- 

►Hawk, a i.-v' t ( m .rid 

«Cr ■;!■ Je« 

. C, jr.. CambH'Jso- 

I^il.:i• : :'^'^ , -' M.'. ( ( V'-- ' . 

p ri 

*! ! .wur>.l i'.-.'rirk. C»ni! - . i r; 

Dakin ( inrl - ii 

ri :.-; '.. 

Ellison Lowe) .< 
Fairbanks Edwi 

SredeneJ;*on lb 



, Staifford 
V"., East 

Green Joiin, Abiu 


Coropany G- CA&enet Light Infantry), Freetown.— 3d Kep:. 

Orfranizod in 1S.10. Gon. E. W. Fc-irce (who bad pre tsly ],.■!! the commissions of 
Quartermaster, Major, and Cnl. of 4t'u keirim' lit of Art lorv) was eleeiod Capti a; 
A. C, Barrows, Giles L. Leach, 'Jf. VV. Marble, und t>. II. Cudworth, Lieutenants. Leas 
than three months From their orjrsinization, they recciv. I th bon rs in the -prize drill at a 
bripide muster in Kasf lirid^ewater. The company prouiptly p \ nvded to the call in 
April, and served three rnon lis ivitb the M Ueirinn m '■'< '.-••■.— Monroe and'-at tl i 
Rajia, I'pon their return r i r reetown, ;i public rccepiibu and ball w ere given them at their 

Captain, JOHN' W. MAKBLK, Freeti -■■■■■ 

1st Lieut. H\ '!;MiKKv A. Francis, Freetown ;.2<J Litut., John M. Deax, Frecto-w . 

Serjeants, James H. IL-ithaway, Freetown; *Geo. ) '■ Williams, Freetown. 

Corporals, Frederic Thayer, Freetown j Chester W. i' r i;-"-: s , Freetown. 




PR1 '.'.' I ' . 

< kJos C. Freetown , II askihfi Gf< a. 1 1 , I Pelt 

ItiukdL Jo*. H., Freetown -" iwkii K ell (Miriekville), Tau 

ns Charles R. (MirickrU'.e). | Taunton Pickei I r, Freetown 

XauntOD. While on picket duty, I Ha-kin* Uriel .\f., Mirickvillo I' S. II. 

- i it, Rrsl ' lia tbti i Hill Uavi.d IJ.,'1 ■ , . ■ . | etown 

lu Dim b ■, I i1 i ; ,: :i! for pro- Hath >■■■ ij* Kuss H., Frtctowi K VV< | 

:■■ lion wir iiti P. tre> .1 n roe M i' jlmJoua . ' . | V 

M.- tin*. :';•'.. -'■ U.(Mii kvilie), : ton Wins] , . 


Company EX (Samoset Guards), Plympton.— 3d Reg. 

Or fanized IS35. The company was first org tnized as a rifli < omp i iv rid< . t e a 
«' Pilgrim llifle Hungers." Subsequently, the charter was change' ,v 
eompany. Besides this change in arms, the name of the company was changed tc thai 
which it now hears. Like the other companies cd the regiment, Lhey had But a short 
notice ; but were ready to start with the others, on the 17th oi April, tor Fortress Mi 


Captain, LUCIAN L. PERKINS, Plympton. 
Ut Lieut., Oscar E. Washburn, Plympton; 2d Lieut., Soui'n worth Loring, Middle- 

Sergeants, Ira S. Holmes, Plympton; Jonathan C. Blanchard, Plympton; John B. 

Wright, Plympton ; Olivei H. Bryant, Kingston. 
Corporals, Edwin A. Wright, Plympton; *John Jordan, Plympton; *Heury K. Ellis, 
Plympton ; Alexander J.. Ci-.vircl.ull, Plympton. 

Phi&n s • " ■•■■■''> '•'■. Pi i i 
Knymond I u iai «.. Mi 

i.' ••! Si til I., .' I 

Ki -k, • Wuw ;n, Plympton 

- ■: '• ra k LL, Boston 

Site i Mil : ti '. - v I "'-'•■■:. 

Tirn II Major, Abinaton 
•To-.;- John A. U h .: ii 
Tb -.i 1 1 .' ram i : Mi I : ioboro' 
", uruer AW./o, Abiitgton 
Thou pson Samuel 1 1 . A 
' - ; . n Al> in P., Carver 
■■ . - L\, Halifax 

•W illis James P., Af ington 
Elbn .,-■■ V. : i. P.,JP.ljnip.toii •Thianey ! .;■<.•! ■!., iv.-,,.; ton i * Wright ltufus P., Plympton 




ley 1) 

, Abiwstori 

. id, ) lympton 

■ S„ Pi\ 

! «:.;.;<. u , PI 

B \r-'r • :, -. K 

.'.. 9 , Plvu | 
xshallM., Pe 

tA.. Piymp 


1 • ■ 

• : c ; . = M '- 
uey i me! B. 

Company 2v f^ay State X/;;/;i Infantry), Carver.— 3d Reg. 

Organized 1852. Irs first commander .was the IIou. Matthias Ellis, through • -'■ 
( nergy and influence, mainly, it was formed. At the time of its organization, this corps 
numbered seventy -five men* rank and file,; was the largest volunl ■ r militia company in 
thu State, and was very proficient in the. "manual exercise." Capt. Ellis resign 
receiving an appointment upon the Governor's stall*, and S. R. Thomas was elected to till 
the vacancy. Lieut. Win. 8. JVIc-Farliu was chosen captain, and was acting in that cap ■ • ty 
at the time the regiment was ordered into arrive service in April, ISfil. A part of the 
. inipany were unable to leave at tins time, but soon after joined rheir comrades at Fortres - 


Gaptain-i '-Tv'ILLIA^ S. JIcFARLIiN, South Carver. 
Ut Lieut., Johk iHjWHAM, ^ -North Carver ;-2d Lieitf.,*Fx.AXvis L. Porter', New i. 
Sergeant*, Asa Shaw, Middle^ ro'; *tliram 0. Tillson, South Carver ; Robert P. M 

North Carver, a; pointed May 6; *I.ixius A. 5haw, Carver, appointed May 6, : 
CV ;■ i!s, *Elbridge A. 31axhim, Middleboro' ; Charles 3VI. Packard, Sandwich; Ebi a 

Shaw, M.iddlcboro'; *tHenry White, North Carver. Ail appointed May G, IbOl. 

.. r last Wcr,,;. 

W,,5f0. C rv 

fCo! bJofen SI., North Carver 
♦DaveiM art J. In, Mr. N. ^ liedford 
H) ini, .!,..;•■'■ W. Warthyra 
*M (,,>•:-• ir..W-u it !uim 
tGould Lorin.s P., Boston 
♦tGmnujons Geo. X.. Midtlltiboro' 
JGiffoni Henrv M.. New Bedford; 

tout home, "but not discharged; 

sick fr. .a Mm, . u.Julv i'i. 
» + H«-:lt)i (.. ..r.'.- M„ Wan-ham 

JHowlnnd G-'<). W..:M. X. Bedford 
*+.lelTt>rsr,n Murti't 1 . Middieboro' 
iUa, omb f«. •.«•». t= , New Bedford 
rMimkx h Chutlcs > .. Wareham 
•M ir3e Lcven S„ Mi-ldkcxv-o' 
>:■•!■ rlin Eienn,' L., Mu ilelx>ro' 
t! • •Uj.m! rilain-s M.. '.-nuhvu-'u 

rPhinney William W., San lw 

vR.v.msVvill" Wni. II .^ 
-;;.; nd Will i- B., "V 

• r |; . J;> \V inrhaiti 

»iS mhorn John I). '• rdi Can - 
••iSherinan Joseph S., W 
tShurtlefl'Seth li., W n 
»1.S( : .. r Ji ■ : h X., Warehain 
tS!...M- Jumitiian W., Career 
Shaw < - II.. Carver 


v-in.i -i r J<»«|.h. South Car - 

S .•.,, — ,-, Vb.:,:;^ V.-.. M . 

i ,' .-• Fl iram II.. Sonth Cnrvei 
•Tripii Stephen P.. Warehain 

h W., Wareham 

\ :' U: • H.. N-'.: ; . Carvi r 


O., Sur-dwich ' Wiusby. Hcnrj V-., \Y.. ; '. ■ 

Company Xi {Keto Bedford Guards) , New Bedford^— 3d Reg. 

This companv received orders to muster late on the evenin - of April ;-, 1801 , and v 
on tho way to Boston earl] l lie next morning . Prioi to tl i tarture, thousands a 
'■i-il to rv'rect |i. ,.,,,. and *Kx f»ov. Clifford, the mayor of tlie city, and others, address i i 
w*ftt. They arrived in Boston about noon, and, at the iuviutiots of i •!/■ mws ©f New i' 
• Ee-cnlisted. t->o iecond detachment that reached Fortress Monroe May 5, 1D6L 



fo cl wl o accompanied (hem, dined at the i T . S. H rtel. Opon their r ira t S "••• Bedford 
|u, a salvo of artiller was fi -i upon the common, and they wei I to the 

City frail by several military companies, and acrain addressed by 1 yor and IFo.i. 

John II. CViffbrd. Upon the conclusion of Gov. Clifford 'n remarks, the band played 
"Sweet Homo," many of the ladies .a«qompany.ui>r il \ ith I teir voicos. Ph reception wa« 
one which must have afforded poouliai ijr.-itiucHt.iou to th<- gallant men, in whose honor 
almost the entire popular i >n turned oul . 


Captain, f TIMOTHY 1XG UAH A"M, New Bedford. July 26, 18G1, commliwioned Lieut. 

Col. 18th Uegimont. 

1st Usui., James BABT0>v2?ew Bedford ; 2d Lieut., Austin S. Ci shman, Mew Bedford, 

appoint''"! Adjutant, April i\), i il. 

Sergeants, *Samuel C. Hart, Xew Bedford; "Win. M Bates, New Bedford ; fEIistm Doanc, 

New Bedford, ippointed May 6, '>;i ; fThos, S. Sai gent, New Bedford, a] pointed May 6, '«>!. 

Corporals, Nathan B. Mavhew, New Bedford ; * Walter i). Keith, New Bedford; Timothy 

1). Cook, Jr., New Bedford ; *fAnthony J ang, appointed May 6, l •■'•!. 

fflusirian, George K. Chase, New Bedford. 


Annand Augustus, Boston I Endicott Irigersoil B., Boston l Robinson SantfmlM., New Bedford 

Allen ThonuufC, jr., New Bedford, I Freeman George ».. Sandu-ich - Rid ird< Kdward R - .. 1 « '• ' 

orderly to Gen. Butler from May | frVrri* Anson F.., New V> !:■>;. i>h:5 F.hj.h-iletH., New tl 

25th to end of service j sistani tn provost marshal June + U>x Jonathan M.. New Bedford 

AMen William fl. t New Bedford, 5 to July. 2 »tllu3sell Andrew W., New Bedford 

assistant tc provost marshal June j Grant Charles, New Bedford j (Staples Frank, N w i'ork, assist- 

S to July 2 ! LJenshaw .John E.. New Be-dford ant to provost marshal July 2 to 

•Averv Chirles N., Boston, sssisi:- j MM^u^.i,,,,^ II , NV-.- Bedford V 

sat to provost marshal Jul. 2 to 

July 16 
Butlvjj Daniel, New Bedford, aamtr 

nit to provost marshal July 2 to 

■Julv 10 

BabcocfcJorra EL, New Bedford 
•B v Ezra K., N«m B( Ifortl 


•I I'll 



P., Nov. !-; .'<■, 

Sears Gem-pe T., New Bed rd 

Sii.-on Wi!?him H., New ! I rd 
assistant to provost marshal July 

Sissou h- t. e P., \. v. BmU >rd 

fail iMniel W., .V v. B< . - ;.: Satis ■ rj W ra. H N'e* B dtbrd 

Blake tf.^cw [j t ',iurd j tlluM Geotve W\, Ne« Bedford, 'I ivlo. Will u i EJ., New Bedford 

!- rrows Isaac If., New Bedford I assistant to provost rnarihal July | Toi'ev Ch r] » H., Nev, Bedford Gtorg*-. New Bedford I 2 to lii Tobey Franklin, jr.. N«v B Ifo I 

tBr: ly Owen, New Bedford i Ke-IIcy Franklin S., Boston , Assistant to provost marshal from 

Collins .Charles M., New Bedford, j tUe G ■»* I\. New R.-vltbrd i Juue5toJuly2 

assistant to pro'vust marshid June , Mancliv<t..-r Wm. J .:., New Bedford j *Tern Timothy V. r .,NewBedfi>rd, 

5 to July 2 i Mo : :>re W'airen. Now Bedford : orderly to Gen. Butler from J ums 

Clar liosea C, South Bo-ton ' ^iorri» Ciiaric? li.. Bo: : > a 9 

Carues Rollins, S»nth Boston j Martin Thomas, New Bedford ' (Thomas Harrison O., WesfWare- 

Conley Owen P., South Boston i Negus Ira S., New Bedford ham, orderly to Gen, Butler from 

Davis Jonathan W., \ew Bedford, ! (Nye Albert II., Now Bedford, ai- \ June 9 

assistant to provost marshal June j sistant to provost marshal from ' *Upi 'hn Aaron, ir., New-Bcdford 

3 to Julv 2 June.itoJuiy 2! Walker Charles B., New Bedford 

Delano Wm., New Bedford, ward ! Nye Joseph E., New Bedford Wi ;i I I irles, New Bedford 

master in hospital I •(Paliner tJ^orse S., N't-w Bedford I * v - !'..■* lie rv \.. New Bedford 

•Davis William G., New Bedford j Peiree Kdward L.-, Miir.m, after- tWik-ox Polh'A* Now Bedford 

Davis Pardon A., New Bedford wards so ,,; d • v.mioisslciier of no- i tVouug Angus S\ ., New Bedford 
I aroes at Port Kp\ a!. 

>f three years' men arriving at Fortress Monroe in May. and temoo r ari!y atUrhed 

Third Regl) 

-!, and were 

• t Fortress M-.-nroc when r!:e !ern\ of ser. iee of the three i.ioutl s* companies 
>rporated in BiC Twenty-nirdh Regiment -as Companies B, D, E, Ij and the 
n connection with that regiment. 

hV>, Cbaeles Chu'ma>-, promoted Major Twenty-ninth Regiment Dec. 13, 
or, Sandwich j 2<t iJcut, Hkvk.t A. K*.k\. S.and -vich. 
riiK; svms-.; li. ',-■■, •:...-.', Piysae-ath; li~r Zieui: t Svixx it. Coi f.^oiroo.., 

r. ]<, C.i.v.'-;bt:i:L.\i>, L; nhi !-■ LitniU, Abmam A. Olivek, Lynn; Zd Lievt^ 

,:. K. 'It i r p., n -i.j-oi i Jvdy ;-, !>..!; l^t Lieut., Samcel A.Lfni, resigned 
,= U. Adams, Boston. 

Fourth Eegimelit. Infantry. 

Cl hree Months' \"oiant«ersd 
The sketch prepar' J by ii.e A4yul«»t of the :■ .. i isnt, Henry W all er, Esn,., ol Quinej . 
Hardly had the echoes of the guns of Strmter dad away, when the proclamation of 
tht' President, calling fat volunteers, eQutided throne;!) the North, and met a cordial, 
earnest response frnni tbe Eft v eminent)) ol the loyal Slates. Amoj)« the first regiments 
called into the field wa« the Fourth Massachusetts, composed of companies belonging 
to various towns along th • Old Colony shore, i'he order for its appearance on Bost( . 
Conunon, at noon of Tuesday, Jk\is:\\ 16th, reached the hands of Co!. Abner B. Packard 
late on the afternoon of tie toih. He immediatelv issued bis orders, and dispatched 
them by a. special messeager to the several tympanies 'uhderhis cotnmanid. The fur- 
thest point to ho reached by -the in j^senger was Taunt m, v. :. . lr he an ived at two o'clock, 
Tueslaj morning, tunid a driring stonn of rain. Within twelve hours every eomj my 
liad reported itself .at Fancuii Mall, whi. i had l-eeh mad the place of rtn czvoas 
instead of the Common, on account ol the storm. Later in the afternoon, in accord- 
ance with a telegram from Washington, the Sixth ilegiment- was brd red to proceed 
forthwith to Fortress Monroe, while it w s undeiisti id that- the'. remaining regiments— - 
the Third, Fourth, and Kigbth — would remain a day or two longer. On Wednesday, 
Che l?tbi however, the order of the ptecediffg day was (.hanged, and the Fourth Regiment 
* Rc-enliated. t In second detachment that reached Fortress itonroe May 5, 18GI. 


was iv tified to be in readiness, at three o'clock the same afternoon, to n rch. Wil 
exception of muskets and cartridge-boxes, and the old Starr uniform, th« men I 
almost wholly unprovided with arms and equipments. Most of them had expected to 
he able to send or go to their homes again before leaving. They were, however, soon 
fitted nut with overcoats and blankets, wl ich the pi >yi lent for< bight of Go verm .' - 
drew had provided^ — knapsae-ks and haversacks. th< I ttei nf which ■• 
rations for three days; the old guns *ere exchange d fori • field 

and at three p. u. the regiment stood in Merchants' Row, four . ui i 
in^n A\ toll. It proceeded, amid the intense enthusiasm of thi i 
thronged the- streets, to the State, where, after the compani bad n 
further supplies of clothing and equipments of various kinds, the) were • • »ed by 
Governor Andrew, who said- ''It gives rne unspeukal !e pleasure t<> witni .-:-• this array 
from the good Old Colony. You have come from the shores of the Roundin ; 
lie the a«hes of Pilgrims, and yon arc hound on a hi ;h and noble ; il<3 >erty, 

for th • Union and Constitution of your country. Soldiers of the Old Bay .Stan , 
of sires who never disgraced their flag in civil life or on the tented field, I thank you 
from the bottom of my heart for this noble response to the call of your State ai 
country. You cannot wait for words. 1 bid.yon God-speed and an affectionate fare- 
well." Colonel Packard replied in brief and" fitting terms, and the regiment took up 
its line of march for the Old Colony depot. The march through the city ws 
ovation. The intense, earnest excitement of the time howed itself ; ers, in many 

a hearty God-speed, and in many a moistened eye. Quickly embarking on board a 
in readiness to receive it, the regiment, at ten p. M., marched ou board the steamei 
State of Maine, at Fall River. All along the route the depots were throng* I 
anxious crowds, whose cheers and salvos of artillery testified their sympathy and good 
wishes. Owing to the boat beir l- crowded and. baidlj frimmed,:U did . h New 

York until five o'clock, Thursday afternoon. Stopping only to coal and have her ballast 
rearranged, she started at four o'clock, Friday morning, for Fortress Monroe, 
at New York, the officers of the: regiment, by invitation, took supper at the Astor 
House. Not knowing who were in possession of Fortress Monroe, and expe< ins 
he might be attacked by rebel steamers, Colonel Packard ordered a portion, of tl 
to be supplied with ball cartridges, and the six-pounder, the only piece of artilfc rj on 
board, to be made ready for action. At daybreak, April 20th, the iong, low Line of tb< 
wails of the fort were visible in the distance. Anxiously the regiment watched, as the 
boat lay off and on, until at satirise they saw the old flag unfolding from the flag- ' . 
The men w^re quickly landed, and, amid the cheers of the little garrison, marched into 
the fort. The) were warmly welcomed, for those within, from keeping watch and ward 
for many a day, were well-nigh exhausted. Hardly was the regiment well in quarters 
before their labors commenced. The fort Was found to be almost unarmed on trie land 
side, and illy supplied with material of war. For several weeks, the men were c:n 
ployed mounting heavy guns, unloading vessels, storing provisions, keeping guard, etc. 
Near the middle of May, Genera! Butler ariivett and took command Of the Dep: i 
of Virginia, and he having determined to occupy Newport News, a point of land 
commanding JaraesRiver, on the '27th of Ma), the Fourth Regiment, in conjunct 
with a New York regiment under Colonel Bendix, and a Vermont regiment under 
Colonel, now General Phelps, took possession of that point, and proceeded to form an 
entrenched camp. The forti&eations', near a half a mile in Lerigth^.were laid out by 
gaptsin Stewart, U. S. A., ar*d were '"o ■■.■• d < follows . -- A palisade w ii made < :' log - 
eut and brought In from the adjacent forest, against which the earth was th: >wn i 
the outside, forming a rampart twelve feet in width at the base, six feet at tl 
aud six feet in height. In front was a ditch of similar dimensions. Along the .' 
were mounted six pieces of artillery, while on the blu >f was a battery o six h^ 
including one rifled twenty-pounder for the Sawyer projectiles. One or more v< 
of-war always laid off the camp in a position to sweep the beach in either directs n. 
Little occurred while the regiment was at Newport News to disturb the routine oi 
camp life. Working at the entrenchments, doing guard duty, drill and seoutii g went 
umregularly and quietly. On the 9th day of'June, however,' five - s were 

d tailed, with a portion of the Vermont and New York fegi uents,"to make i 
Uchment, to j dn one from Hampton, to start at one o'clock the next morni 
attack Big Bethel, a position held by the enemy, about twelve miles from Newp 
News. With the detachment went tha ever-lamented Lieutenant Greble, in chargi oi 
two pieces of artillery . Of the battle of Fig Bethel it is needless to go into - 
Its unfortunate result was owing to a variety of causes ; but if the other troops ■ ng ■■ 
had done tht ir duty as v ell, and gone as fur, as those from Massa ' us< ! t • and Yem 
the name of Big Bethel would not have headed a long list of Federal repul • s. The 
Fourth Regiment remained at Newport News until the third day of duly, when, in 
accordance to orders- from General Butler, it moved to the vill ige of Hampton, which 
it occupied, with the Third Massachusetts Re ji-ment, dining the remainder of its term 
of service. 6n its an Lval there it found the quaint old town deserted, 1 1 n lly a s< re 
of its former white inhabitants remained, although man} negroes, especially ol 
v'orv vo :,.: on s, wm re still there. The troop* had inarters n d th* m in the ' 

houses, and there remained imdistuTb d until Yv'< hie day, July llth, when 
marched oyer to Fortress Monroe, preparatory to embarking for home. There their 
Springfield muskets were exchanged for old altered flint-lock ones. The men * •• 
addressed by General Butler., aud when on board the boat by Colonel Diramick. 1 
commandant of the fort. The latter said, " I never heard of complaints against M 



eachusetta me:), next ft regulars let rric cofn'raand Ma ." At 

lbre< P. tf. of the loth, the regiment embarked on board the steamer S. I;. Span! ling, 
and after a pleasant passage of ibout S.fty»six bourB entered Boston Harbor. Owinn 
to circumstance^ it w^s deemed expedient to keep thi • could 

be mustered out. [t landed, therefore, on JLon^jUlu . t. 

ment alreaiji encarapeti, and ; i • remained • when the iwo 

regiments struck their tenia, and shortly aftei Ian I at Long (V'harf, from ti 
they marched to the Common, The reception, somewhat damp ! the new 
battle nf Bull Run, was yet most enthusiastic, Arrivi'i on ll e I Ion i on, an order 
from Governor Andrew was r<-.'. ; , thanking the troops for thi ir services, and t: en th 
several companies were dismissed to their respectiV< hi me , where in most cases 
preparations had been made to receive them. The) h ■ ! los ■ ■ tbi h duty. Fir>t to leave 
Massachusetts .it their country's call, they first of all to >d <>n Virginian soil, r« - 
battle for the old flag. They never faltered when dutj call* ' them, and they merited 
and received the thanks of a grateful people. Very many of the members of the 
Fourth Regiment are to be found in the various regiments n< w in tl e fi Id, ' 
when the time comes, they vvill nobly uphold the honor that regiment justly won of 
being the iirst, in their country's darkest hour, to leave their homes in bcr defence. 


Lieut.-Colonel . 

Field and Staff, 4th Kpg 
. . . AIiX£l< R. PAGKAUD, 

. . . Quiney. 


Aftervuids Colonel of the New lis i»i>sh - Eh "■ . 

Major HOUACE O. WHITTEMOKE,. .Boston. 

Adjutant 11KNKY IVAtKER, , Quiney. 

Quartermaster WILLIA3} EI. CAKKUTIT,. . . .Boston. 

Sur^on .lir.Xi;Y M. SAVILLE, Quiney. 

Surgeon's Mate . . . . WM. L. FAXON, Quiney. 

Sergsantr Major AJ.VIX E. HAJ.L, ....... . Fn.vboro'. 

Quartermaster^Sergeant . GEORGE W. BAKNES, Plymouth. 

Company J^ (Union Lvjkt Guard*), Cas ton. —4th Reg. 

Organize! 1853. Recciv%d notice at 9 o'clock, e. v.. Vpril 1 5 '01, to muster on Boston Com-' 
monyand at 44 o'clock v. >t., April 1Mb, reported tin nisei ves there for duty. April l?th,left 
Boston by steamboat for Fortress Monroe, v'a. At th*» expiration of their -term of service, 
in July, they returned to Canton, \\h.-. n i public reception was given them, A procession 
was formed of the past, members of the company, and the citizens generally, under the 
marshalship of their first commander. They -wen « . ■ ■■ ■■ by a.» address frbiu the Itev. 
I'.euj. Huntoon, after which a public dinner was given th< in by the citizens. 


Captain, iKAMA'KK, W- si St-r*tf~bton. 

Is* X(Vk«,, Hexrt U. Morse, Canton ; ■:■-/ Lieut.., *YFaj.tkr Cam brow, was at NevrOrleans 

when the Co. left home ; he returned and took his j.l . u !' irtress Monroe, June, 

1S64. Joiix McKay, Jr., Canton, was d >u • mil Lieut. Cameron returned. 

Sergmntfr, EEosaee D. Seavey, Canton ; Mo^es Gibh ,<•"..> auion ; Maortm F.DitVis, Canton ; 

' Albert A. Niched*. South :• ' tm. 

CopUttfe, ]> fjKrW MeGiHVftry, So, Pedhivm ; I'fenry Tuvk.r. - >. D< rfham ; «■:,, •;.':■_.:•• E-Jack- 

son, So.Dedham ; Eiisha Llortou, Jr., cio. Dedhain. 

PEJVA 1 ■ • 

Aver J.. 

M! W 

, Canton 

FuBer Theodore F.,eantori 


1 J c 'i : 


tGviniuS M".<ti:.. V. 1!., '■ 



Grofnle:!! tlt-J ■ F.. - ■ ; 



fGodfrcv .J»)in W.. -'.:<•• a 


. 1 1 . 


•Hili AiVrtrfe* !... < ».um 


L< .'. . 

Hunt Win. A.. Canton 

f Bartow 

3 Join 

K.. Shai 


HI ■ tt KIlis B., -N ■■• . 1 



tlliiid- N.»r, .n. S: ir^a 



Et. Cant 

l',i iwi ■';.<' Oil 1 

t Brooks 

it Im 

• '< • | ; - 


f'llill Ch irlt<*-, V iv't! -i 

♦ Bullarx 

i Sharni 

fill ■•<■ lie ru- \V„ Cir-tf-n 


e t ! 

word Ca 


til irfsutw.! J ii e* i.. Stwiro . 

fCi bt» 

t \N" ! I 

!•.., Caii 


til rr»vk Fn ;■ rt< U., v lAton 


Shai ''i 

t! . i Ufulw-r K,. Siss roa 


h on 

k r'-'i ■, 

Cob ton 

4', ■ kijii i •-;■:.. C <:.t ■!: 


....,, x 

. .. Sh i - '- 


1 kih! s- :■■ W i.-rcn, S'mron 

♦nit. ... 


♦J. I.i ■•::■; ■■ :! ['., - ian>n 


■ , 

■Ki fir •.. ■.--• S-. Ctsnt.-.n 

t i> i j i 

-.'' '•! 

i.- ■ i: 1 h end /.. 1 ai 1 n 


; j g}i a 

• !.- w, lie Kor-Mt, Canton 


. wis 

11 . *har 

•Mftbl ittGcoqw, v i ■'■•! 

•'. "se Sti'lman H.^S'iaron 
JMnnlcp. Wni. U., Canton 
t.V -• Klij ill A., Sh •:. 
j f Nuttinsi Geo. i'.. Aslib miham 
l*Pa k r (,,■■■ , -.-i- w., Sharoa 
ei -.. :!, II, nry, Shi:ou 

- Chas' K.. Canton 

; i • •■■ ! •.. e u ■ 

'■' ' ill! . Sh iron 

; *F ; . ■ : - ... | tus ! ■ , i ■ 

I ion 
HU)i»erti Whj. ({..-North Kaston 

:-w>i Go '. VV„ Sharon 
'- • Krcdrtic A., >;.,.;,; Ki-; 
! »Sn\ith A iSf! A., Sharon 
! *S;t) th .^ • d - . ■ ... i untnn 
. ""; ■- ■■■<■•■ I'nn e P., St mghton 
:■ rvl' . i rtton 

U imcs >(., Canton 
s, Stouirhton 
'"• ' • II si, S'orth !•. ston 
»W(ii . .. l. . Sharvt! 

■ :■ J i. il.,-Aahb n-nhara 

S*i. The eominanfl 

Bostou at : n'tdo V. r. M.on t 
its retnru home in Jnly, a r:;o> 
re-euiistfU for the war. 

lit . hif i -•'. Kaston.— 4th Beg. 
fficer reeeived noise* on the morninjf of April 16th, 
ith, Avitii l\\i ■'■''■:■ my ; and I mei i -.irte'I at 

day. Tho«iti/.etiJ< of Kastou pfavc the company, on 

:-"••*:. ion; .N< w! f of the oflicers andmembera 

In second detachment that reached Fortress Monro.- May IS 



I*? J.'iei 
Stt 'eantS, ' 

Voi l oral 

Bellows Ch -..- 

tres« Mbnm 
BtaU Icll ttl 

OF! U IV--. 
C>tpi-i>*, MILO M. WILLIAMS, Easton. 
t.,LlKTON WALDRON, Easton 5 &/ Lieut., William E. BUMP, .Tb., Eastern. 
John A. Lynch, Eastern . "Rufus IT. VVil is, Easton; *Roberl Clifford, E tston 

* Alfred 1*. Richi n d, Ea* Ion. 
ohn V,'. Gerry, Easton "Gooi re Richards, 1 tston; Jamea KT.Oi kn .Easton 
•Albert Tildcn, !.i stop. 
2lf«si«o«, William li. Wallia, Easton. 


, Ea?fon, died very 
n i the effects of 
I! , while on board 
n Boston to Foc- 

!' Easton 
' »«tor 

I B., E( 3tOB 

m, EHStott 
[., Easton 

I *Dollard Robert, Easton 
Duffv ■'■■■ In , I.' ton 
Fisher David, Easton 

, Gullfuran Bernard, Easton 

I '<• 'ii ri 1( ir!f S , An. lover 

I 'Harlow Reuben, I ost< a 
< *!-■'. enan V\ illiam, Easton 
*Maj iir< Ch irles, Easti n 
. M:o ley James T., Easl m 
i 'Mather well John, Eustun 

Mvers Jumi" s., Easton 
m; David. Eastui 

i . •■. ■ i! nrj F ' • ' 
Records Seth, Stonghton 
Randal] Jacob .).. End ton 

elwn Mi , J ton 
s '■. Win. F.,1 
-'!" "■-. r H'n tm, West] 
Warren Georj • M., Si 
►Watts Robert, Kaaum 

Company O {Braintree Light Infantry). Braintree*. — itb 2$6g. 

Organized 1S53-' The company received notice April 15, I861-, at 7 r. M.,and were rendy 
to start for B >ston a1 8 o'clock the next morning-, and left during the for< noon. The oeca- 
gion awakened a strong^sympatby for the cause and tl - -• ' ers who were to leave for tl , . r -- 
post of dtwur ;r, and liberal subscriptions were ma Ic f>r their e h ■■■ rag< nv n1 and f>>r their 
families. When the company returned, in July, a public reception wa< iven them, and 
all united to honor them for thoir ready devotion to the country' . :■;■..■. in .' t- trial I wr. 


Captain, ♦CEPHAS C RUMPUS, So, Braintree. 
1st Lieut., Jambs T. Stevests, So. Braintree ; 2d Lieut ., Isaac; P. Futr.ER, So. Braintree. 
Sergeants, William 31. Richards, So. Braintree ; J. Luther Frasier, So. Braintree ; Andrew 

G-. King, So. Braintree; *Edgar L. Bumpus, v o. Braintree. 

Carj'orals, Samuel M. Hollis, So. Braintree; Reuben F. Hollis, So. Braintree; John T. 

Ayers, So. Braintree ; John C. Sanborn, So. Braintree. 

Musicians, Eugene A. Bent, Belliugltam ; Ferdinand A Bent, Bellingnam. 

! !! 

Bumpus Everett C, So. Braintree 

•Crowed Tho-mu.T.. Braintree 
■Carmichael John K.. So. Braintree 
Corhin Frank, Weymouth 
Cram Marcus F., So. Braintree 
Cox Nelson, South Braintree 
CotiffMin John, So. Braintree 
»Cuh-:HTh.. ; -aas. So.Vevmoutb. 
<.■■:. Chan-Uvr. South BrmiM 
■< unrtM.-h: m Wm.. So. Bniotree 
Dyei i ■•••;-■- ■■ ■:.. So. Brniatree 
Dc; :■'■■■. vV So. t\ ;:■>>, :t., ■ 

■t: "Win., Sontli Braintree 
an Nathaniel T., So. Bi-ain- 

i E., So. Br 
B., So. Bra 

LeggetfWm... Sc.JJr 

worth M., SJu^ 

irook J.,-:,:, E 
- Li'onsid F.. t 

; r>. braintree 

; ■ B 


aiii -. 


, B 


i II 


.. r 

rai n t r e « 




: - 


, ■■ . . 



a. r 

0. I 



5ra ntree 


ih 1 


. 1 



. . • th 




■ ' 


. ■ 

rau'.T) t*e 


>;■■ ■ 



'.. • iBig .' . 

not r 


Stat . 

of tb 

this ( 

to m< 

the <l 
at 10 

Company 3D (Randolph Lig&tJnfaiitryJ, Randolph.— 4t2i Eeg. 

id November, 1S55. Its first captain was Hiram C Alden, Esq., Who In ' I r ' 
i July. itvtiO. April 15, at o'clock, r.M., onlerw were sent to the clerk of this 
u report in Boston at 'J o'clock the next moruing. The company, at this time, 
I any commissioned officers, Sergt. Hiram F. Wales labored nil that n 
company,, so as to have them respond promptly to their country,'* ca I. 
'•■■>"■■ :■ '.<■■■. iti regard to military organizations, Which has existed thruuvrhoul the 
»me time previous to this sudden call, was also full-v shared by the iuli tbirnnt* 
ni. But when the sound went forth that our noble ilag had been fired upon, 
ay, with the others, received a new impulse, and was r< idy the next ■■ 
i ward. At ! before '.' o'« lock On the morning of April lti, the) were escort I to 
•■■■ : htind of music, with a large coucourse of citizens, and arrived in Boston 
W.a past i> o'clock, when thov immediatclv marched to Faneuil Hall. This was 
t\r*t t-ompanies wltioh arrived in Boston on the morning <>f Api i ! li ■' I, wb i 
tat they had no officers to the company is taken into consideration, none will 
give the privates great credit. After their arrival in Boston, an election of 
officers was h.-M. Fpoh the return of the cOmpaUv in Jnlv, they vvctc reeeiyed ar tlie 
depot' by -tl*»- Bi'liVf, lud^pcndont, and Fire King Enirfne* . :>:iiiies and rther^at I' escorted 
throngfi tho principal street to Stetson [lull, vvliere they partook of -n dinner, provii 
thi expensoofth town. During the absence of the company, the town provided for the 
>'-' it) is >f . In ■ ddiers, and s aid the unmarried sis d<: \l tr: u month while away. 


Captain, HORACE Ml. PS, Randolph. 

Ut Lirut., Oils S. Wilbur, Randolph; L'rf Lieut. , U. FrAkk Walk-;. Randolph, Acting 

Quartermaster from June -.'-t. 

• Eo-enliited. 


1 . .. 

H . 


d •!" 

iJuck tfathn 

i 1. 

1 . 

i,l .. 


•Bun-ill Ue< 


\ , 

i indi 


)-•■■ 1 frn ir. 

i i ■■ 


Blanco Wi 

. W 

• 1: 




T W 

Curtis. Mm 

,., ) 

r*Cou«iii« L: 

* Co • ■-■ ' 

tCottle E<in 

CrooJ T All 

■n .1 

i '■ 


< ... I-'- ;, | 


Cartwricht . 

• I., | 


r»ar..'aii J is 


. ,. . ■ 

rDavisI ; .. 


: ' 

■ I.) 


■'■ . 1 'li':, 

1 -li 

| . ■ ..:■ | „ 




Flat i i f»«i 

. i; 

► Fost r fiar. 


; , : d 


♦«Eki :ut( i i 


Goodv iij (. 



, stou 



' r, ■■ , •■- •• \t, ; • | i , William n. u ■ ■ ;• . • tre« ; 

Uoyal W. rtw) i . li m Udpb ; Oti I 'rool er, Last .. 
Corporate, Myron W. Holli*. i: md« Ijil .•• u : II w. iVinnrtt, Randolph; Wm. Palmer, 

it . .'.i no •• i i.' i dulph. 

••/.. I ■•>"! ;(•(! 'i da) • r, Randolph. 

: ; i ■ ■■ ■ ■ , yut ■ 

: ili.h 

■ . ■ M • u - ; 

I .;: , 

I ■'.'.... . Swan Pel 

li ■ : i; 

■'■■.•:-■;■■ tn 

I ■ ■ ■ ■ lotph • . er I • 
■:.-.. rTh-J" Randolph 

: II .■ ■ - ■•;;.' ..'..;;.. ; '.-.:. 

•Hi .. •■ ■•'■ !af»l A ;:.:-.i •Thayer Hoi C. 1 .••<:<h 

II ■ : • ■ I • ; ■ . ,'!■,,;■.- V, R 
; . !« : , .i ■ Tik..,| n i. LI., :' • I ph 

; M ■;. Henry, ■..:■ ti ...... 

Jone* L . ■ ii, 1 I • .. ; T ;,- i Wm., 

*Ki .• - -• 'I . )..: i . . I -i utile ( - . -- 

1 K'uu' ;■.■! !:..■■• - . HJpham l.i ion Kauilol 
-Kisi«!»tT.,-ori i I fW I \\ lii. I 

Kut. in :. •• . : ! f.'. ■,'. s i.' .• i I... 1 .-< i; ■. 

; La i-Vr;. - Fml< - --. Vs . ■■ outh : •Whiti (■• o I . 

: i:.-vvr!n; I,. . : . I-" i HJ . lj>h I •Wortnitm Frank M-, lUadolph 

! Morton A*a li., J-^s . . iffoac E., i. idolph 

i Mi .-;•• >n Ua* , i' : , . I 

Co/spauy Ji: (Light Infantry , ■--:'• \! iu-ton.— 4th He?. 

QEgamxed in ir^;. It reccrvovl iis -!•. :••:.•■ r l ' ■ <; m-.c of the Abinjrton Artillery, Co- 
A, in the -ith Ke^imeiit of Ariifiory. In Ikv.>, tin n lint it was disbanded, and the com- 
j'.'ny w ia tiioitl Ivatfsslion.ol Infitntr; a I known is Company ..■. of the H i 
rle^imeut • f Infantry., [( h- '.; Lh;U position • •■ r- ■ . v in^ orders to Hssiiit in putting down 
the r- ■■■< 'Ilion of I •■'•. At S o'ulock, on tin evonin of April Ifi,. orders were received to 
.• ."• , :■; Boston the d sxt morning. M< <~-i:.: ■ ;- «■. re dispatched at on • -. and, durii 
ai^ht, preparations were made for tiu.'ir dfparfnr«.». Vt ", o'clock the next i ■■ 
company Was read* to march. The oitizcus in I out in rrent numbers to escort them to 
the depot, where they took cara for Boston, no I ■, ■, irt. -r A «t b'aneuil Hall. They left the 
next • I : i y for Fortress Monro •. Befi -<. hat iu« South Ahinirton, a snl scription was raised, 
and two hundred and twenty-seven dollars ;•:• - ui . to : ; • company. On returning to 
Abingfton, .1 ;ly -'•>, they were met and address-.' ! • . i rtmiiuent citizens, and, the ir-x t. day, 
their lellow-townsmen gave them b grand -,- ■ • ••■. V»"m. L. lleod, Esq., made the we'l- 
come speech, which '.v^ replied to by Capt. A'.. ;i Addr 'sses, nuitable for the occasion, 
weretl u mad by Uev. Tf. h. Edwards, K<m .M.r. flurk, and K«r. H. D. Walls r, of South 
Abingtou; also by Hon. Mr. Harris, oi ICasl '• ■ t^r ; which wen repliedtob> 3 i- 

sjeant rotcrso-a, o"f Go- E. At the -close of whi< i i ••. partook of a collation which bad 
\:<..-c, providi d by the eirizens. 

OFFIC! ':-. 

Captain, CU\r.i,V< F. Ai.i .F.N. South Abiugton. 

1st Lieut., Lewis Soule, So. Abington ; 2d LiV«r., .'«-.hv \v. srirciiEi.T., So. Abington. 

Serpeant*) ^Beajanmi F. Ca-swelJ,, S-outh Vbii jton ; Nathaniel Holhrnok, Abington; 

tl« ry Humble. South Abington : Uimja in I IV? rsou, Sonrh Abington. 

Corporals Joshua T Brvaat,.Smtlh'Abiu<rtoii; Timothy «wd, South Wh[u«rton ;. Wm. H. 

ifiiitre, ?t)'atfi Abington; Mortoi! K Uai r, Kast Kil r. 

PIllV.A vr.?. 

Abbott Luther C\, Weymouth i »IIarden Geo. M.,Ki ' ■' " ' ' R*m*clcll I'hilomon M.. So. Abing- 

Lnr.flii • ' •HaJl Icha ■■--■' '■■■■ - •A • ' • ! ' 

Pi. U •. ;. i. ■:::■.!.. S «. ^.insrton I •HobartThotiuu?, 'Soijtii \ - m ■. N '.;•".. So. Ab ington 

Baxrotl tJeaj. I!., ?o. A itu'ton : Howe Chns. M.. >"u!!'. A ■ Hem il Esist Abiivaton 

»Barber.rotiP A., Atiii t-»ii •Hathaway Wm. li.. K. U - • '-tr I ••! v imuel M.. S ■ ibiiistoii 

♦ BatesJartw^ ! '.. - . A : i • ■■- I 'tlr/v.-iand Cftleb, So ; ■ : >i >; ' • li. 1 Joseph T., So. Abington 

Catoo ,lr»<eph V> -■•■-.'■: .:•■■'; i +*H.>ward F jtih, ^ \-...'- 'Howe Z-Kheus. S<X Abinaton 

Cook Thomas X.. S.-.-.uh Afii-uarton tM«sselvn Jumes I . - . v • " •-:•;■■• \, ;. a- J., So. Abington 

t.-.:,". !-!■-• water ; I'K'n.mlo- v.'m. M - • '■ ' ■' '• " ialtj<. v.. Last Bridsewatcr 

Cook l -:-■. i. .< ;' i A • .•- -I t'Lin .. , v. . |. - St.- ...r: v d ;-• -.' ■:. -,, a 

•{".: :•■> I.. ■■-. ■ •' i. .'.;.--. tr -i...v, r-i.i.-: I-j.h'.J ■' .' : ••»-U:-r I . . •■ M -».. r-.i. arewatcj 

Dun ; m An In ■■ . K\ ■ .-. n •;.. , '. J . .-, A. I I '■ ' • ■ >*. MW ' ■ ' 

Dunbar ti nrv"F.. So. kbm^ton • •PerryJnhn It., I'l-.insou i • •'■ ' ■ :er G.. So Abington 

•Edson Geo. A., Bridcewaler •Phiunev Barnard i .So. Abir.atan *- i II : is. 1! So. Abington 

•Fuller Thoir.ns, S<>. \i, •..•: n IVnn\'vI.< •-.-•> V'.. -■ ■ Al«i ' L. So. Abinciou 

Gurney Seth P., East iJr.UsewaWr I'. ■ :•. -'J .-. I!.. j:. t H .-;•'. ■« ■ a -:«-r ••■ • to s F., So. Abington 

Gurney Alva A. t East Brtdgewater | fFackard Hirjinj F., So. A: ngioa . Wi ban . : . •.•.>..'.',.!.,;• i> 

Company Jr 1 ' r^rarren Z-iV?/^ f?«/trrfs.;, Foxboro'.— 4th Ke^- 

Company F,4th Kcgt.M. -V. M-i wax organized under an act of the fiener>tl CouTt, Jan. 

•:.', IT7«, in which it was provided that "each Itrii tdj^r tJencral of tl l . . h mid pro- 

vide, ut the expense g< the same, two [rood Fiebl IMeees, and a coiupanyof ^ ; ;lrrl•o^^('s 
In be euliRted for each Fi Id t'iece," A'C VII I he < ' r romp ui -■ ;ani ,! under .this 
act arc tlis!>«nih-d, and Co. F holds thi.» oldest chutff ii ' . -- ' • ted upon petition. 

In IS.Vt. the d • "-nation of he •'.,.• !•-. ivas « i • ' frwm ArtillrT' to Light Infantry, 
.: hi l>:v. it* location wn« changed 'from Norton to Fovboro'. I'hi old charter still 
rem tins, ntn\ it is to be hop< I th : T , as a memetito ot Revolutionary Idstovy, it will he - rp 

ported '*y a full and prosperous company. On Juno lti, 1JS57, the ( puny met to fill 

vacancies, and complete their organization in this town, by selecting a uumo for it, avid 

* Be-eniistfed, tJoined at Fortress Mourofi la May. 



depot, and escorted to tftc Centre by 
an independent rifle comj auy, undei fcLi 

they adopt rl the name oC"Warrkn Lionr Guards." On Monday evening, Ap 

Wl.thecaptai rec^i red orders to n o him* t' and command at lidsfon forthwiMi 
the next day, at 11 o'clock, they left Foxljoro fl» r lloaton ; and, on leavin" tl i ai 
they were greeted with cheers from the assembled people. They were BUtioned ;<' I 
Monroe and Newport News, and were enframed in tlie Great l'. " I fiirht. The returned 
homeln Jnty^rer havintr done th<Sir.( safe ntyl well. .Mr. :•:. i\ I . ofthis 

town, who had been untiring in hi* >ri to kuu tbcm want for nothing thai 
to their comfort .vhileai the seat oi war •!•<<. ■., \ .,; > ,v. ,-, ■ . |i)„ r ;,j ,., 
hands in his purse l">r fch( ir benefit, call !<J . inei tin . of tin ; . i :ena to make ;•; n 
to receive them, and he was chosen to address th< company ou it* return to thi 
which he did wUhJionor to himself and all concerned, l lie company was rcceit i d at .m 

sion,-~the past members <u he i onipany,and 
nnan I mi Mr. }'.. r < arpenter. The prue 
was headed bj ( urmi Richmond, Ivsq., as marshal of the da?. On .inivi m - at the < 
the citizens had assembled on the right and left of the main sti (t,throuj h which tl | 
cession passed, amidst the ringing of bells and the cheers of th( people, to i,; : •; 
Common, where Mr. E. P. Carpenter made the welcome address, which was • 
responded to by Capt. Shepard, The exercises closed by all joining in Binding an oi 
hymn, written for the occasion, to the tuna of Auld Lang Syne. 


Captain, DAVID L. SHEPAKD, Foxboro'. 
Isl Lieut. , Moses A. Ri< .'hardsox, Foxboro?; 2d Lieut . *Caklos A. Hart, Foxl >ro\ 
Sergeants, Simeon O. Blandin, Taunton ; *Wm. II. Torrey, Foxboro'j John F. SL 

Foxboro', captain's clerk from April L*3 ; Alexander ( : inn ron, J oxboro'. 

Corporals, Edward E. Bird, Foxboro', appointed May 1 ; Samuel I). Robinson, Fox!,:;.-. 

Lewis !.„. Bullar-d, Foxboro'j Frank O. Fierce, Foxboro', appointed May J. 

♦Allejvkucins^VMetl field > t'GoH.ldlng X - 

•B<±im*J:aues ft., I -xboro' i **Clr«?nlefif IVr 

•Back Hiram F., Foxboro' 'HarJsli .nit - d 

Boan< y J,u : .c H., Fox! .to' ■ Harris VVi i. El., 

tdacou Chas. D., Foxboro' I Hennessey Ba;ti 

rfirvant Samuel -V., Foxboro' j Harris U< bert !■' 

•Carpenter J&u-.e-j, Foxboro^ tHari borne Of . GuU.-jel r\, Foxboro' | \-U •■'■/•' '•■ 1; 

Carpenter Clsau. F-, AtHeboro' i Jewett Etlwh 3 

( hishoim Lemuel.West Cambridge 1 Jontin J h H 

•Fates Wm. H., Foxboro* j King Ai In r D 

•Forrest Albert LI.. Fust ro' ; Lyons VVm l !... 

Freeman Edwiu >L, Foxboi-o' : tl-im Henry C. Carribridseport Wvn :. ties fJ Foxboro' 

•Fiikbrt.wn Geo. L., Foxboro' ! Mora »Vm. L.'Foxboro' ' White James. Foxboro' 

Fates Henry A., Foxboro' ! Mel) I ' •: ml ,.-•>. V/: 1 - ■',■ , '."...■; . - ,,.. . \' ., F Inov.-th 

tFuMerAionzo W., Foxboro' Mauliew s ll;-.ii»o! .Foxboro' > Whin Lisei n, Foxboro' 

Green Mioses L.,Fuxboro ! Morrison Seta, Melrose ! Wheeler Howard O., Boston 

GroverFa.-ehaL C, K'xuo:u' ! Jas. H. ( Buxt.-Ti, Me. I 'White Rutu's S., F :■ 

Gotlieb Joseph, Foxtioro' ' Penderemss Murri*. M:-.r.$ficia ' »V.'hit« N*i iuuS.,lV, 

Gfrorer Epbraim O., Foxboro' ' Pi-ttee Wsn. X., So:!tii Wieutbftin tWfcitinK Lewis It., Wreutbaiii 

f*Go«dwin Edward A., Mansfield i Pierce "VVm. ±i., Foxboro' 

Company G- (Taunton TAght Guard)., Taunton.— 4th lies. 
Organized 1855. At ^ o'clock on the morning of April in, 1S(>1, this company rec \\ 1 
cv('"r- : to -appear in IJo^toiib. At 11 o-'clock tb ?a le morning, they were at the depot v i 
W guns, a full eunvplemenl ofo*eet\<,a ! 1.-; for that city, fcie&te Leavipg., they were 
a»ldrcssn tl l>} i. • Si — &amu •! '■.. i wcker, in beh: ; :' i .' tin sitizi n- cri l.Ii : •».:.. arid sym 
l*-sithy awdrifd prv.niised tlseiii. >■•■ •' •■•■::■• i'iuinton,.Jul; li ; -ceeeiveda -most cordi.i! 
welcome, and on the 2iQi, a uiiblic rl-eeptios anii Linn - ere given thvnii, a* 'wiiieh 
;-:i ite addresses were made. 

Cvptivin, TIMOTIIV &ORDON, Taunton. 
l.<i Lieut., ZA.citicus StiF-KiiAN, Taunton ; 2$ I. : :>t:., A. IlARniXGTOX, Taiw 
Sergeants, M.«son V.'. Durt, Taunton ; Chas. li. Paull, Taunton ; Wm. H. Bartlett, '1 auulon ; 

George A. \Vashburn, Taunton. 

Corporals, tsaae P. I'aull, Taunton ; Edward J. V'osc, Taunton; James Bro-wn, Taunton ; 

*Willard D. "Tripp, Taunton. 

Musician, fWm. W. Lord, Taunton. 


•L : ;:T.'i Chas. Tl., Foxboro' 

••\''--v , 

Poi d v. ,.. i . ;■ •; ,;,).! 

. Wslpole 

:: .' - L?os Nie lolas H.T.,W a i 

..-. .- Henrj 'J ., V. i a . 

•SiieriJjan James L., F< 


•j ,:hru:U: v. ni ., !: , ton 


Shaw rJLlonzo M., Man P i 


KSwei : Wm. 11., Fox! 

■ .: m ,) >ho U Mi dlield 

Turner Wm. W., Foxboro' 

' ' . 

T,. .mpson Cluis. A., 1 i 

; :'-- 

s " " -■■■' John 5] . Foxboro' 

\Veboer John. Bosfon • 



dW., Taunton i 

";■ ;: : - 

m Henry. aroTton 

fPIant Robert ,T„ Tannti a 

mtck-Jv tin 

H , L'aai ion 

Kale t 

tos 1'., Taxmton 

ti'xd As. t K.. Taunt it 

Biack W i 
H iriffirs ft i 

, F T./S"Ho n n 


■■ 'y, ' . ' j -:■ unt 


•Kiel Brdsoti i •-.., >:., Woburn 
♦tKiehardson Fredi rte, V. . ton 

iVu;;..^ 1,.-: 

rue W. !' v • nouth, ; -o- 

•It IS i 

t«i 1 ; .'.r-as J .. Tunutc 


'!. ck Job! Pa 

rooted to 

Qu&rt< rmu»ti i'j Ser^j't, 

ton in m J., Tuuntoa 

Si itch ^ ■.;. ft'., i l tet n 

Apr I -a 

Hunt F 

iward, Taunto I 

S iifortl Squire, 'I nui ' n 


('., T. union 

• i i n o 

i ilearv W.,.Tauatoa 

tSiimr.onM Btujinnin i ..Taunton 

Clark tsaa ; 

» , N. idillebore 1 

•Joh a 

. . ;': , Tdunton 

I'ltomu Cluirici s.. Lnuotoa 

• .n.,., J.,t 

3 mes r 

'•■' i S..l'u'.i:t'.uP. 

"j tayer Kci S. Taunton 

;. :",.' ! ." ; ,"-" 

• i',', fta 

! ■ /• o. A.. L'abaton 

* i u L-nti n ":.•■ i\el \". ! 6 ■ .■ - 

Duiib! r r' 


; Wm. 11. 11 fitu-tton 
I J. : ti I... i'au! urn 

' 1 eti r. 1'. " •• 

\\ us iburn Frederie A., Taunt id 
iWalkci loseph, --:. fui ton 
West, tt John t .. F. • lot . Mo. 

1 ... i : ' 

Abtubaiti, i'.i..nU>ii 

■' 1 telej ThoHius, V: in • 

r"»her All- 

i a., I mnton 

N i< . . 

S:i,u-o:i T.. -1 

U •.■■i.i.sni 1. 

ijuh l>., t'auutoa 

* v > r r VV 

\u i'.N rt: :: - - 

■ r 

\'.h ,! [Janiel F. - ; ' - i 

«ent Wm. 



jiiu 13.. rauutua 

W'o id liuYid, Taunton 

'titUaore ii 

..race S., TnuEtou 

« Re-eulistcd. 

t JoLaed at For< 

ress S 

Iod roe. 


Gamp&ny 3HC f '.'■- ■ •, Reg. 



Captain^ FKANKLIM CURTIS, Quincy. 
Is* Ztea*., Edward A. Spear, Qdincyj 2d Z* . ,// , *F5i vjamin F. Mesertey, Qnincy. 
Sergeants, *Charles F. Pray, Quineys *ilatthew C. M, Chubbuck, Quincy; John Will 

Quincy ; Robert Monk, Quiucy. 

» \vporals, *Wm. Ii. Lapbatn, Quincy ; *Thomas Smitl lj iney ; *Wm. S. Wilbftr, Quin< v. 

"'•'.virion 1'ackard, Quincy. 

Musician, [Albert Keating, Quincy. 

P'RIV XI B.-> 

.;• l v 2 -' 



ii.. q. 


.. Qui] 




i M„ h 



. A. Q< 


• A . ;. 

-.. Q» 


Bramard James N.,. Weymouth ; Gannett €has E., .Weymouth | •■'•■ " i. 0.,Quin«y 
Brocket! Caleb, Quincy I *Gibson George W.. Quincy . En I . - r! Boi 

•tBcnt Luther S., Quincy ; tGiover Nathaniel F,„ Quincy 'I'o| Uexawlor P., Q 

t'Bass Benjamin F., Qiuncy Hayden Gconre L.. Qumey . ■;'., 

tBarkcr Uenry F., Quincy | tHunt Charles X, Quincy rce < )£ Quincy 

iviia-rr, ; -.<•>■ ; t Trior Hi mi B., Qnmcv 

"ti'.i ' . ! : 1 1, I llUl.l '■• ' 

U ■ i.- .ti v, , n . W„ Weymouth 
■ I'.iU v Che.ri< i, Quincy 
•:• i folds '.'■ u. v.. Quincy 
•Ritteoul I, nke A.. Quincy 
• ■ ■ .. i rtn • »on . I t"'i ' •' 
- i en VY in. G., Qi i.i 
Gumming Naudi-L., Quincy i L ukiu ./. >■•.. . : , ; ■ , • .: . Christopher A., Q b ? 

fCunncu^han Jawres H., Quincy ; •'Mardeii ir;.iik, Quiccv , '' -ar Warren Q. Quincy 

tCleverly Geo V. Quincy ; *'M.t. a,: ;■. -a-.-. -^.:: v I tSouther Horace 0., Qnincj 

»l>a«d ! ■"' 'S I , Quiucy | 'Nuttiua <.' inr! ■, Ui, :< y | \$< uth r I i ■ . ! j. . <• j V, mor- 

f Damon Edward, Quincy 'Nipimi .?.:!•> Ai.->n/.<» A., vjuiuey i uiiy wounded at Big Bethel, and 

tEnderlv Joseph I.., Quincy Oo titu-.d Wymuu B.. •-. . ■■ d\>. : <t June in 

tCveil Lcnctel il., Quiucy I NL'htl :• i:.- S.eie.iA A.. Quu'cy | Turner ilenrv C„ Qiiiiic} 

•Feltis Wm. H., Quiucy Xuttinr J/Jv.- : .rd w. II., Qmu.-j ; 1 .• - •> i r . . w • , ■ - uiney 

•French Daniel P., Quincy | tXew.-eom>> Peter. Qu-i •*] i . r i« I n B , I Ju nny 

f Fisher Kichard II., Quincy j *fN»Mna 'Edward L., Qulney •Wildinun Uenry G., Quincy 

•tFurnald Alouzo, Quincy I 

Company X (JAncoln Light Iwfaritrtik V u fbam.— 4th Reg. 

Named in honor of Major-General Benjamin Lincoln. To the kindness of the town 
clerk of Hingham, we are indebted for the following facts. On the 15th of Aprti 
o'clock, p.m., orders were received by the capUiiu to rvj ... his company in Bosti 
next day, but, for some reason, the. members vvcre not uo tilled until the afternoon of th - 
10th, in three hours from which time* the memherr? w re assembled and ready for duty. 
There being no means of conveyance to Boston at thai hour, thvir departure was delayed 
until the next day, when they left the town. While al tli ir armory, and just before start- 
ing, the Rev. Calvin Lincoln offered an impress ive pr r ■>■■:. i he company, numbering forty- 
two men, under the command -of Lieut. Luther ~t< :>;■-:, -■:!!, jr. (the captain having 
resigned), took up their line of march for the ears. Tin? streets were lined with " 
who"cheered thorn totheni.ddewort : th< church h Va p'^vlc-.i forth, their loud sound ; school 
chitdrt ii met them Prith a pal riot r: s sn^. mu\ i>r - ■• ' '. », mlj^r \vi;!i a wi ith, -iTtu 
addresses were made by Co;. Charles W. <<-yv,^v . ''■■ • ■ K. f, !-■■ . .James S. Lewi . 
JJR^.aiid a • parting prayer was-otVerci by ti:-. ■ -■ o !■ K ,j ii IJichnrdson. Qi 

i&thdayof A : ;'.y, tinrty-ses^eu men were recruited in ii '. • i j« ;i few hours, and sent 
to Fortress Slonroe to fill up the company to rhe^'Sr.-M • lard. The company, with 
the regiment:, arrived at Long I dand, iu iJostt»3 Harbor, ii, iy | where they rei 
ti!! th\i vM, when they were discharg<.'d with >' •• ■ ■ »t, and started for how 
uext day, aceompaniea by "-a band o* n axie and ;s :.l ' ■ uu •- from the Hecond !;.itt:>li'.n 
of 'Infantry, in their unique Zouave uniform. I ; "u th ■ : - rrival al [lingham, they were 
met by -the eitizi-ns, and a bearty rei'eption driven tlicni. A procession v. .is formed, 
under the direction of Capjt. John C Widte. is ;.:••■. insisting of the c I 
firemen, calvacude, and citjl^end geueruiiy, >•'■ ich n •;•■. i through tlie streets to the 
square. They wen- here addressed by 11 i y •'■■ U .. I ... prayer ofi'ered by 
K".-. C. Lincoln. They then proct-edi I i it! ; . ■ . an cxei-lh-nt collation 

had been provided. Kvery memtM > r returned h •■ y. Many instances of true 

patriotism were displayed on the part of tin p pie. \ ... living" in a small house (a 
young bachelor) by himself, hearing .: the attack upon Sumter, left his work, house, 
and in fact all. he possessed in the world* and offered hirns li - •, a volunteer. Another, a 
married man, a box-maker, stay lii _ hi his work, In trin the drums heating, said, — *' I 
can't stand this any longer, wife ; I'm >if for the war; no ; I to be made I ? 

uutil tliis matter is settled \ '• threw «5.v>wn his apron, b:td« • ■• ly adicn, and started ; he 
was a volunteer. An dher, a m< mh. r of the conrpariy, culling to sec his friends, and 
bid them adieu, was offered, by an aunt. >!'o would he but staj if home, but money was 
no tpm}vt^!t ion, although he u< lied ft as much as any tnairwl I ft this town. His an s 
wa*, — "- No, aunt, 1'iu'a un k..- r i.i the Liitcolii i.e.;;. f'nfatun , thej it.. v. been edited I j 
the Governor to aid Lti defending our country; where they go, 1 go." 

o '.••' ; I -.. 

'ii!:N-' ; N, J':-. Flih rham. 
fiTM t \,.*XATHA>fIEl FKKXClt, JR., FlinghaTO. 

v. Sprague, East Weymouth; "Lyman B. 
y St 'pheuson, l lingham. 

f Joined it Fortn sa I toaro*. 

C vt 

[El! 5TJEI 

ut Lit a 



.-.!■;:, Hiu* 

ham ; ■:■/■!. 




r«e, Hiti"! 

tam ; i'eter 


liton, Hiu r 

iiam; lieui 



Cnrp&rai9 t *Uearf S. Ewer, ITingham; *Georsrc \V\ Bibby, Hingham ; ■ ■ •• ',:. B i I 

i; ingharu ; Win. S I 1 iron, 1 ; I: im. 

Musician, *SamueJ Bronsclon, Hingham. 

Adams C o. M-. nineham 

; ri ■ Ji ■ NT., bust v .\ i r mouth 

iLisnett Chus. H., Uinjrhum 

- '. ! : : t j : i < v Ilcni v I'., Hill Mm 
♦ Bryant James ii., Hintrham 
tBurrJolvn vs., liingham 
•tCttrvi ) Thomas A... lliuzham 
•♦Cobb Sil is II., Flinrrham 
•^Corbett CI ri >'.-*. Hiugham 
^Corcoran Jeremiah J.j Hingham 
•Cushins.faeob ('., l!i:>.rhani 
Creswcll John, Hineham 
" larl AndwvJ.. Hincham 
tDur.bnr George. Hineham 
tDow rsaac M., Eiiogfiara 
rDow Levi II , Eiihgiiam 
f Damon Chas. H., Qanover 
T Dweilj Hi sea, Hanover 
' Geo. C, Hsn 



•Gi n '-■ ■ II 

*< . rrdai r 1 [i in -\ e.. 
Kianlnei CI a. \ , • I • 
•ft; trdnei Jkrtib D.. s< ii 
*t(,.uv.- U srbert, ScituHt - 

Geo. W.'.'lli ■":>',",' 
•Hunii hrey Geo. E.. liinszl 
•Haskell James 51., [ii in 

t Harlow Wra. B., I) in 

fHnvijes Albert S. Hi: ■' i 
»fHersey Edward, Hinshai 
Jacobs Win. ii., H'n 
♦Jacobs Elisha A., Sci'tuatc 
•♦Jone3 Wm. H., jr.. Hhig 
Jones Benjamin L.; Hii 
MacobaJohn Q., Elinq im 
Kennison Levi, Hinfrham 
LaneJosiah M., Hinkhnm 


fc'r . is N., East Wey- j La; 

E.,Wei mouth 

'Easton Fergus A., Hingham 
'Eldridge John W., Hingham 

i 'Lii i oln Daniel \V 
J tLincole Daniel >. 

In Daniel W., Weymouth 
3 !i ngham 
Lincoln Alfred A., Hingham 

•' VI ■ \ ■■■ 

Uilleri i , I 
>'• Is. n Vv'm.T.. I 

i roi • ■ ; ij . i,i ■:, 

•'IViK' • I , ...i 

| P '.- .!• Iin !!.. Scituate 
♦Prouty "Wrn. . !ci 
R .bi .: Eb . rF., H 
Raj rdl 'I . i h 

- . .■■ . ' •■. . - . . " 
Sturt( rant Jam 
•Souther John S Hii 

\ ■' 
Southei Ben an >.. liii 
>' od lard lien H 

iddard Chas. H P., Hiu lam 
I I'ayl Wi ! , Hi rl 
nas A ': (i 
■ ■ ■• . ii •'■•.■, 
tt olt'Gco. A.. Hi 
Wad ■ sJ i ■ ' .- . 

The three following companies of ti • ;•« o years' men, arriv:;.? si Fortress Monroe in V. . i s ! tempoi '.'■■ 
attache ! to the l . urth Kccim -r. t, wore left at the seat of the war when the term of servfc : of the t 
meii expired, and afterward incorporated in the Tweuiy-nuUU P^gunsnt itt Com] : ;:i . ! ,mni K . 
r .lis oi thos i e mil) allies are gls en with that regiment. 
COMPANY K", East Boston. Captain, Joseph IL Paknes, East Boston, | co-i io1 rl.Lieut.-Colonel.of Twe! 

ninth Regiment Lee. L'3, lSol; IstLieitt., JamKS H. Oscoop, Jr., Boi:c:;; -jri !/•,:>■:., V. u.i.i\ T. Kti • 

COMPANY L, E:<st Brid^ewater. Captain, Lebbeis Leach, FaJ K,i d-*e-,vater ; ]-.' Lietit., NathaS 

WiiiTitAN, East Bridgewater; 2a' Eieui., Elisha S. Hqlkrock, East Bridgewater, died at Fort sss W i • 

Aug. 20, lafil. 
WIGHTMAN RIFLES, Boston, Captam, Thomas W. Cvaese, Boston; lsJ Xj>««., Joshha N . ". 

Boston, promoted Quartermaster oi 2&th Reg.; tdLieat., Jjohs E. White, Boss >n, resigi ■ d h ■ :] :•••• l. 

Fifth. Begimeiit, Infantry, 

(Three Months' Volunteers.) 

The early pages in the history of the rfebellioa of ISCO will show, amidst the c^ n 
and most revolting instances of treason and national corruption, the m >st .: \ 
exampl«3'of patriotism, and the sublimes! heroism. For when the call of the govern- 
ment for 75,090 teen va c :^d over the land, '.he uprising of the people in response 
was so general ;ind so sudden, that it stands as the most signal instance of the kind in 
811 history. Am-uig the few Massaelittsettis ' reghne-ncs v>ho had the honor to be ; ; '-x--, 
this movement, .the Fiflfr is conspicuous^ Prom the very soil whereon thi E " ati 
?!:■,'"■ \{< flr^t- and iidsr ',,'lorio'..-. fettii -. a:.'d edrnmird i:\ and ins ■ ; -. ■ '. l that loi 
freedom which" was then so dearly bought, its members, of'cveri •,. 

and intelligent, and bred in the peaceful arts which have prospered New England i - 
t&terruptedly for upwards of half a century, rushed to arms in the sup] i ti ' thei 
country's honor, and in five suppression of a wicked rebellion. The national a 
for three months; but, a? the record shows, when the three months e? pii -■■■■ | July 19). 
the regiment found itself on the soil of Virginia, before the enemy, and at a 1 m< wh 
its services, enhanced tenfold by its discipline and acquaintance with the "situation, 
were invaluable to the country^ . Ia_this critreal hour there was no voice foi returning 
home. Steadily the) looke'<i the enemy in the face, audit is to their honoi that th i 
most trying ordeal, their hard-fought battle, was a free offering upon the altar of 
country. The men of Concord and Bunker Hill had struck a ne« blow topi 
the Union of their fathers, and it remains to place their deeds tide by side with those 
winch h ive came down from the days of the Revolution. 

At a meeting held on the loth of "April, it was voted to tender the services of the] 
iment to the Commander-in-chief, and on the 17th the regiment was < i lei I to qi . . 
itself in readiness for doty. Or- the 10th orders were issued to report for dut; , and th 
following companies were attached to the Fifth Regiment ; — Company H. of the First 
Regiment, and Companies B, E, G, and H, of the Seventh Regiment. The order to 
meet in Boston was promptly responded to, and the troops b< an to arrive at Faj ev 
Hall ;k early as half past two o'clock in the afternoon of the same da\ (18th). Th 
enthusiasm on the arrival of each company, attended by citizens from their native 
towns,- was intense, and during- the entire day and" night ofi tti 20 

dredsof persons were collected abnut the headquarters al Fai lil Hall. The prepara- 
tions incident to equipping a. regiment, called together in a few hours, were va\ 
great, yet they were completed with the utmost order, and, at fom o'clock vs. the morn- 


t Join- J at Fortress Monroe. 



Jtig of Sunday, the 21st; breakfast red, and preparal i for hnmediat 

par tore. Daylight was streaming throuch the windows of the hal I tops took 

Up the line of march. After Tegmental hut: had been formed on South Market Stt ft, 

at five o'clock, th« ti ched to the Worcester Railw Station. f hour 

of riiis quiet Sabbath mtntih g d d i it ;• train the enthusi • . i 

route, wh<?, from tin ir winriov an I from the etreet, gave n 

God-speeds as r,he*rcgimeni p is&ed by. At a point where the tr.oo] scros 

Street, a detachment from the Boston Cadets was rli iw i up at | 

crowd was in waiting at the railway station, and the last inti rch inges of ai 

last farewells were here piven to many who had been called from their homes at an 

hour's notice. Maj. Cook's Battery of Light Artillery had been ordered to join Colonel 

Lawrence's coram md, and were nlreadyon the train. It nearly sev en o'i 

the lonq train left the station* Of the material of this regiment, the Boston 

Advertiser, of April 22, says : — 

'•The Fifth Eiegiment is composed mainly of companies belonging in the vl in 
Boston, and ar ■ v ell known for -their bravery and nobleness of character. C 
by Colonel Lawrence, an experienced officer and noble-hearted man, this regiment will 
sued ploty o-i the old Commonwealth, whose honor she is so ready to sustain. There is 
that peculiarly connected with this regiment which has been deeply impressed on the 
minds not only of the citizens, who have watched their movements so anxi ly, but 
upon the mind3 of far-sighted and skilful officers. It is the fact that they are going to 
War, and are prepared according!;.'. Following the example of their unas urn in; com- 
mander, the companies are arrayed in serviceable uniforms, fatigue caps, and freed 
rill the paraphernalia which are- but the pride, pomp, and circumstance of war. In viev 
q£ the s.fe en r€ dityftf Xkeh mission, we can see only the brave hearts and noble souls of 
this gallant regiment." 

As the ears pasaied rapidly through the centre of the old Bay State on this, the Sab- 
1 ath day, its progress was viewed v* ith favor by ail, and no tithing-man attempted to ar- 
rest them. On the contBiry, a member of the regiment writes :-— 

,; We arrived m Springfield at one p. m., on the 21st, in the best of spirits. Our jour- 
ney was a complete ovation. You would not Lave thought it could have been the S Lb- 
bath, to see ".he people in the differ* nt p ices we passed assembled at the depots, to h< u 
the roaring of cannon, the ringing of bells, the bands of music, tl e cheering, &c. O'd 
men grasped us in their. arms, as we halted for ; bin f time at the railroad stations, while 
their streaming eyes and fervent ' God bless you,' told of the intensity of the ir feel 
At Springfield, the people completely overwhelmed the regiment with acts of kin l- 
ncv-\ They spread for them a substantial and bountiful repast; and when the 1 oo - 
1' ft for Hartford, scenes occurred which will never be erased from the memory of those 
witnessing them. One -little person?! incident 1 cannot help mentioning: A charming 
young lady asked for my address, tied the tricolor in my button, and told me to wear 
ic even unto death, if need be, which you know 1 will do." 

At Worcester, as well as at Springfield, the people welcomed the troops with unhoi r i ■' 
enthusiasm. At Meriden, Connecticut, '.-here they arrivi i at three o'clock, the people hud 
dispensed with the church services for the afternoon, and had buried themselves in pre- 
paring; food for the troops — a marked evident c of thi : ■ inter st in, an i tin ir ■■•. pi i ciation 
of, the prompt response of the regiment to. the country's' call. At New Haven, Brid 
£ort; and ot her places along the rout;-, the ovations were of the most enthusiastic kind. 
doe r i gi tent arrived in -New York at -ehtht o'clock thai e cuing, and was we'll cntsrtu 
gfthe" different' b'el N. H '-? Adjutant Tiion as 0. i ■ r: i, tin n rresMetfr/of Nw York-, 
but fo;n ; .ik. of Cambridge, assumed his duties Late in toe evtning the troops em- 
barktd: Fo ir companies-^ nder Major Keycs, and Maj i I evens' Battalion of Llifies. ... 
Steamer A rii I, puul ijix companies under Col. Lawrence wi'h Maj >i Cook's Batt< r- , on the 
i'VSoto, and at 3 o'clock on the morui g of the 22ds'ar led foj Fortress Monroe, wherethey 
arrived at n >on on the 2yd, aid Uunee. proceeded that rugi t to Annapolis. On tin p 
sage up the Ch s ipeake. she men slept on their arms, an attack from the shore being ap- 
pi>h<-nt. ?d. A rove I at Annapolis early on tiie following v.- rning, and disembarked iate in 
the -afternoon of theJ24th, amidst 8 sc-ver< rain-storm. There were in port on their airi- large steamers rilled with troops, ana a number of United States vessel-, 
making a truly warlike appearance. 

On the next day, the 2oth, on ers having been received to proceed to Washington, the 
regiment marched to the Annapolis Railway Station to take cars for Washington. ] b 
train could only ac< ommodate four companies, and trie remaining six companies, under 
command of Lieut nant Colonel G re. ne, followed on fuot. From a letter written at this 
lime •■■<■ make tne folio dug extract: — 

'• We < xpe ;ted every moment to bf pitched down some embankment; but we ran very 
'.:i.' n: pun light, could see the road v< :y w ell. We had to stop and repair 
; but finally arrived at the junction in safety. We got out, be- 
'■> from' Washington, and st ri dot; i inarch ovei th< Wash- 
iltiiriore antt Ohio Railroad. We marched from ten to twelve 
miles and -' doWntO take breakfast. While eating breakfast, a messenger came to out 
.i done], i*l t id him that about one hundred mounted ridtmen were going to attack us 
about five ni ! ■- froui where we were. We could see men on horseback in'thi woods 
wconnoiterinK, but should not have thought anything about it if we 1 id not . a this 
information. We marched six miles, and halted to rest. The sun was very hot, and 
our burdens heavy. The men threw thems-lves down, and no soonei were on their 
•backs than they were asleep. Seme would actually go to sleep while eating their lum ti 

trie m> d 

several * 

liig th« a 


imrt. n V- 

1 u .;. e! t 


During the entire march it was evid< i * t 'aat the inhabitants regnrde ! the troops with 
disfavor. Mounted horsemen were often seen; at one tim 
being deceived as to the number of troops on the way, thej d< emed il •• I i >1 
violence. By the arrival of the train, hich had made but slow pi 
of damage to th« 10 id, the troops were i nveyed to Washing n, 
distance, wi ere they arrived abeMt uooja on the 26th of April. The n maining bj . 
panies arrived the next morning at eight o'clock, and joined the regiment, I 
to march {r<->:M Annapolis, about twenty miles, to the junction, and then • 
cars to Washington. This march was necessitated by the destruction of a portion of I . 
railroad track by the rebels, immediately after the first part of the ref imeni 
over it, and upon the return of the Locomotive for the remainder of the troops, it was 
thrown from the track and rendered unserviceable. 

On their arrival in Washington, the regiment was immediately q in the 

Treasury Building. The following is a diary of events, connected with this r< 
from that period : — 
April 20. The baggage arrived. The President visited the regiment during th 
May 1st. Marched to Jackson Square end were mustered into the I i . 
service, and then passed in review before the President. While in the Treasurj Bi il l- 
ing the companies were re-]ettered. 

24th. For several weeks the mornings have been devoted to squad and company 
drills and target practice, and the afternoons to regimental drills conducted bj 
Lawrence and Lieut. Col. Greene, which soon brought the regiment to such a stal of 
discipline as to win the highest encomiums on all sides. 

23th. During the funeral services of Col. Ellsworth in Washington, it was rumored 
fehaLan .attack was expected in the direction of Alexandria, and at ten o'clock in the 
forenoon, the regiment was ordered by Gen. Mansfield to march at once in ",ji 
rig" across LoOg Bridge to repel the enemy who were reported to be approa 
The Enthusiasm of the men was intense; all the men, including several who v. r«: 
excused from duty for the day by the surgeon's certificate, eagerly gra ;ped t.l cir mus- 
kets, and in less than fifteen minutes the regiment, under command of .• 
(Lieut. Col. Greene being' absent in Boston on leave), was on the way at double-quick 
to meet the rebels. Gen. Mansfield highly complimented the regimen!: for its despatch, 
declaring that he had " never witnessed a similar order more speedily and promptly i c- 
ecuted." Col. Lawrence, who, under orders, was attending the funeral ceremonies, 
pall-bearer, joined his regiment without delay. After an hour's detention on the Vir- 
ginia side, the colonel received orders to return, with 'directions to pack up and march for 
Alexandria, that night. At half-past ten o'clock that evening the regiment hied out of 
the Treasury Building and' proceeded toward Alexandria, While oa Long Id 
most pleasing episode occurred. When it was discovered that the regiment had mly a 
State color, not having yet received their national ensign, several Massachusetts gel 
men in Washington procured a. handsome flag, and following the regiment overti 
midway on Long Bridge. The regiment halted, and Col. Lawrence, having advanc d 
toward the carriage, was surprised by the presentation of the beautiful ensign. After a 
happy acknowledgment of the gift, the regiment again moved forward, and en 
that night near the city. 

26th. The regiment moved back about half a mile to grounds occupied in Revolu- 
tionary times by G-en. Washington, and where some of the earthworks are yet I ■ 1 • 
seen. A detachment from the several companies, left at Washington, to take ehan • 
' '■' remsri* in ■ bagirage, provisions, &x\, si-rived. 

28th. 'i he camp was named "Camp Andrew." in honor of Idis Excellency the Gov- 
ern >r of M issachusetts. At this time, this regiment, together with the Nc vv York 1 ire 
5Jouav< s and th .• Michigan First, were engaged in building fort Ellsv »rth, on Shutcr's 
li'll. Three hundred men were detailed each day from the Fifth, for three hours work 
le utmost exertions Mere made (i>r the speedy completion of the f itlfi 
i share of the hard labor on the fott borne "by this regiment will be a 
■} of their patriotic endeavors. The remainder of the ret naei t wen 
lard and in camp duty. 

» were received to be ready to march at a moment's warning. 
mp was struck, and a new camp pitched one-quarter of a mile from Fort 
ied "Camp Massachusetts." Arrived there at six, p. >:. 
ew days, the heavy rains caused great inconvenience to the troops. 
tailed fur different points in and about Alexandria, and (:■;■:> nt alarms 
lice force was detailed for patrol duty at Alexandria, under c ; 
ird, who was appointed Provost ?i ushal. After the removal to Camp 
Col. Lawrence and Lieut. Cul. Greene received from Elias Howe, Jr., 
York,- formerly of Cambridge, two stallions fully equipped, which were 
service during the campaign. This generous gift, from a citizen of 
Massachusetts; otficersj sneaks nobly for the patriotic liberality oJ Mr. 

li'h. President Lincoln and Secretaries Chase and Cameron visit* 1 Camp Massaehu- 
- :*.-. The former expressed his surprise and admiration at the Tapidity -with which the 
' p ghnent l! line w s form d. A letter under date of June 15, says: — 
> " We have had two quite i •-■ iting days. Yesterday President Lincoln and Secretaries 
Cameron and Chase honored Camp Massachusetts with their presence,. and the Presi- 
dent reviewed the regiment. He expressed himself highly gratified with the s] I 
frpptarancc and drill of the Fifth, and said Massachusetts might well be proud of it 


o:j the fort; ! 

cations, and th 

worthy memori 

employed on g 
29th. Order 
June 3d. C; 

Ellsworth, nai 
6th. For a ! 

Guards were d 
occurred. A p 
Of I eut H ?' 

Esq., of New 
placed at thei 
Sex York to 



»jid its i fficleot commander. . And, by the way, in speaking of Col. I i a drill 

officer, oue of our best colonels in the Regular Army, after witni isinj drill yi iter- 

<].",, declared it the most perfect and effective drill he h id n In th< x - olunt< er Militia, 
with particular reference to the double-quick movements i in mass. 

»*To-d y,tho Alexandria'Brigade, with, the Massachusetts Fifth on I 
thr< gh the city. Br.e_a.tl5 to the dismay of the secessionists at the grai 
Some of the more timid retired to their homes, and tremblingly i ren d that they nc er 
saw. so many soldiers before. The Fifth ■was praised at every point, and even ci i i 
at heart secessionists;, smile upon the Fifth; for, by their gentlemanlj < 
soldierly bearing, they have '.von respect, and are called by them the 'I te* : I ifth." 

'•The Fifth are fully equipped, every man having forty rounds < 
daily expect orders to advance further into Virginia* The colonel and his emire com- 
mand are in fine health and excellent spirits, and the people of Massachi '■ may rest 
assured that the Fifth will give a noble account of itself in the approachin 

17th- Routed at two o'clock in the morning and kept under arms Beveral hour-s, 
then dismissed; the report that a large force was approaching proving false. Thi 
Charlestown companies celebrated, in a grove near the camp, the anniversary i I 
Battle of Bunker Hill, by a parade and dinner, at which speeches were m;ic ! ; I 
fteld, staff, and company officer!! of the regiment being invited guests. 

2oth. Lieut. Col. Greene, Major Keyes, and Adjutant Barri having received appoint- 
ments, the former as Lieut, colonel, and the last two as captains, in the Regular Arm] . 
deep was felt at the prospect of at once losing these officers, who h d ci i tribul ! 
their full share in promoting the credit and efficiency of the regiment, and the caj 
ci" the Fifth joined in the following request: — 

* : Camp MASSACHirsr/ns, June 25, 1 SOI. 

To lion. II.c).r>/ M'i:.:.o,i: — 

J !,:-v Sir .- — The undersigned: ; captains of this regiment, entertaining a high opinion 
of the military knowledge and efficiency of Lieut. Colonel Greene, Maj >r Keyes, and 
Adjutant Barri, and learning that they are about re leave us to assume po >ition. hi the 
United States Army, respectfully beg leave to express to you our deep regret that we 

are to be deprived of their valuable services before our term of enlistment expires; and 
we desire your influence to effect such arrangements that they may remain with us 
during the remainder of our term of service. There are many in this regiment, both 
officers and men, who are desirous of . re-enlisting when the opportunity occurs, and 
are anxious to do so under these officers, consequently they are anxious to retain them 
till their present term expires, that they may have the opportunity of enlisting under 
their old favorites." 

At dress parade, the retiring officers took formal leave of the regiment, expressing 
their regret at their- departure, and trusting that to vd itever field their colonel might 
lead them, they would well sustain their honor and their credit. 

July 4th. The thy was appropriately observed by the regiment. At twelve o'clock, 
St., the reaiment formed under arms on the parade, while the national salute was firii . , 
antl afterward formed a hollow square, Col. Lawrence and staff in the centre. After "a 
few .preliminary remarks by the colonel, the hymn "America" was sung by the entire 
as n! ly. Chaplaftj I>e Costa, then tead the D< claration of Independerree, and offered 
appropriate prayers for the President and Congress, and for the general welfare and 
perpetuity of the Union. Then follbwcd the singing, of the (i 'S\ \ .- \ led Bai 
Which led the way for a speech from Colonel Lawrence, touching on variou 3 in' 
connected with the day and the regiment. His remarks elicited hearty applause, 
and at the close, throe cheers were given for the "Stars and Stripes." In the evening 
there was ■:■■ display of fireworks, got up in rather an original style. 

5th. In consequence of an injury sustained by Lieut. Colonel Greene, before leav- 
ing Washington, the reniment had been since that time without the services of that 
officer, and both he and Major Keyes, having some time since received appointments in 
the regular army, thereby creating vacancies, an election was held, and George 11. 
Pierson, Captain of Company A, — senior captain, — was elects i lieutenant coloi l, and 
John X. Boyd, Captain of Company K, was elected major: Lieut. John G.Chambers 
was appointed adjutant. Gov. Andrew visited the camp; and, after examining into 
the condition of the troops, their quarters; the qualitj of their rations, &c, — with 
which he expressed himself highly pleased,-— and a hasty introduction to the line 
officers, the regiment was formed in mass on the parade, where the colonel introduced 
to the regiment Governor Andrew, who entertained the men with .a' few ehcoin 
remarks, assuring them that although far away from her maternal eye, Massachusetts 
still h d the interest £nd welfare of ner sans at heart, and stood with open hand, and a 
heart oversowing with gratitude, to welcome 'heir return home at the close of the 
duties required of them by the present distracted state- of our beloved country. During 
his r marks the Governor asserted that ad the three month ' region nts w. uld be order* d 
home at the* _tp. ration of their term of enlistment, and no more • ■■' ive service n quired 
of them, unless they saw fit to volunteer in new regiments; adding, that he regarded 
the 'material Of the Fifth Regiment such as would make skilful < dicers in the com 
plated three years' regiments. The Governor was enthusiastically cheered, and at the 
cm c of his remarks, immediately returned to Washington. 

During the past week, Fort Ellsworth had. been finished, and the daily drills of the 
regiment were resumed in earnest. 


1 tli. The regiment received ordei • to p ■•' , :■■ , and itore it at Alex- 

andria, in anticipation of a march. 

16th. The knapsacks were packed and left in camp. With three days' ration* and 
a blanket slung in a toll across the shoui ler, the ri .on.- • t, in " light mar< ' 
crossed Shutcr's Hill, and, witlv the- other r« ins ntsoftl division took upM 
march for Ccntreville. The Fifth, in Col Prai in's i' ide> haying ■• :■ 
with the right of the division, was at the head of 1 1? c column, under Co!, lleintj 
Companies; I) and E were deployed as slur nvishers during the day. At 7 
regiment halted, and prepared to bivouac during the night. At 8£ o'chv' 
was given, and soon after three prisoners and two horsed were brought in by the g I. 

17th. Themarch was resumed at 7 o'clock,, a.m., with C A and E 

as skirmishers. Fifty from the Fifth Regiment, together with fifty from the I :: it Min- 
nesota Regiment, detailed at Alexandria as pioneers, with an axe pi< :e, and tin 
slung across their backs, closely followed the skirmishers. The troops \ roci eded cau- 
tiously, the pioneers cutting away large trees which had been felled in the road t<> '. ; I . | 
the progress of the troops, and in s.'me instane* 3 i p nil ; . n entire new roa I t] 
the woods. At noon. Company C was sent in advance as skirmishers to reli s\ ■■ C 
K. The skirmishers had a severe task In finding theii way through swan | 
woo'i s. The men spread out in a line each side of the road, sometimes ■.'■•■ 
ton paces ap.trr. Rebels were occasionally seen in advance, but mostly out of i 
The people had had no notice of the approach, as the troops had come by .t circu 
route. The secession pickets now spread the alarm, and the whole countrj 
aroused. On every hand the scouts found evids nee of the re. ent presence of the . i 
who, on the approach of the r.r.m { :.:, ran like frigl tened sheep, The feto i • utrine Union 
men, who h-.d so loag been ©$>pi seel by *,the r.i'/» ut m, \ a •, fani j thi ' if J 

regular 17tl\ of. June ? aoid-were rejoiced lu find themselves on;ce i on ,<■'., tl 
tection of the glorious "stars and stripes;'" The ro ids became more pbstrucl : ' ;. trees 
felled by them. At one point the advance guard was fired upon by the enemy, who 
immediately ran, leaving their knapsacks, blanket*, &c, as mementoes foi our men. 
Near by a battery of earthwork, had been erected, but no movement was made in its 
defence. About two hundred rebels, encamped a short distance ahead, fled precipi- 
tately, leaving their camp equipage and a large amount of stores behind, to< ethc 
their dinners half eaten. At 5 o'clock, i\ :.i., the troops reached Sangster's Station on 
the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, where the regiment hoped to intercept the I i 
the enemy from Fairfax ; but the bird had flown about an hour before, burain 
bridges to cover the retreat. An hour sooner and our column would have been able 
to cut them into pieces, arid with tufting loss. Col. Lawrence rode all day at the head 
with the skirmishers and pioneers, as he did the day previous, gallantly conducting the 
advance. To-day's inarch was twelve miles. The regiment bivouacked in am 
•field, on the edge of a magnificent wood-, near the railroad, and enjoyed a sound slee] 
which they much needed, for the march was quite exhausting. 

18th. A scouting party of forty, under Capt. Messer, of Company I), left camp at 
half-past nine o'clock, a.m., and reconnoitered by a circuitous route in a southerly 
direction, toward the Qccoquan River, on the opposite side of the railroad from Ccntre- 
ville, They engaged the enemy's pickets, fifteen in number, whose roll they captured 
at Wolf Run Shoals, eight nobs from Sangster's Station. One of the rebels was ; 
On their return, the) overtook the regiment et Cent] ville at h'ftlf-pasl nine o'ci : i 
th« evening. The regiment itself started for Centreville at. a o'clock, f.M., with a 
tli'undet show* for a companion, whore cm Lbocil nhie o'clock" t'liey halted in ; - 
field and bivouacked for the night. The lights of the different regiments of tie sri 
army of thirty thousand were to be seen on every side. During the night alight ra 

19th. Many o r the officers ami soldiers erected brush tents. News of the di -c 
result of the skirmish of yesterday, in which the Massachusetts First bor< a proi 
part, was the exciting topic, together with the probabilities of the morrow. At ..> ^ . 
p.m., divine seivice was held. 

20th. At half-past two o'clock, p.m., orders were received to prepare for an a - 
vauce, ami three days' rations Were distributed. The order to march at sis o'c! i . •■ - 
changed into an order to start soon after midnight. 

21st. A: quarter-past (me o'clock, a.m., the command came to " fall in lively,' ■ •■ I 
the line was promptly formed. At half-past two the regiment, in its turn, start* I, but 
soon baited until h.-.f-pa.,: four o'clock, when toe whole division took up it \ m 
BaH Run, just three months to the day and hour since the regiment marched out of 
Faneuil Llall. The. larger part of the route lay through the woods, whose shade mit- 
igated theatmost intolerable heat, The se rcity of v ater, howevi r, was severely :• It by 
the troops. The Fifth, after marching about ten miles, of which the last mile or two was at 
d'juhlc-quk-k, halted at about eleven o'clock. The general ■:.• jagement had already 
b< gun, a; ■': in ■• few minutes this? order was given to cro • •• the ford, md Lh« r< glmi ..* n 1- 
*anced for the scene of action on the double- cpaick, halting a mom< ut on the v, iy to deposit 
for a time their 11 in-kets, fee. came trie order, " L'hfth of Massachusetts, ior> i I, 
; - rt 1 ■■- pun k, march ! " Aw iy they went past the d.< • 1 and h iuii . ' ; . friend and 
fue, who lay where tbey-feil, and, in trie midst of shot and b trsti tg shell, took th< 
t»on on the brow of a hill, directly in front of the rel el batteries, and fired at their i 
>ng infantry. The enemy's artillery getting their range, the regiment was ordered in 
/ ;i -^, and to mil on their faces, while a" shot from th rel Lbafefcesiss i ■■■ stly ;'•>- ?d 
just over their Lead-?. "A Looker On" Rives the P Slowing description of the Fifth on 
the field; — ° . 


"Ivavi the Massachusetts! Fifth in their dark uniforms and their steady advi 
under the enemy's tiro of shot and shell; I noticed them some distance off; they came 
into the field by a flank movement, and then into column, with as much co i • 
khay. had, been on an. ordinary muster-field. They then hud I i geld, 

exposed to the full foree of the rebel batteries, but they did not wav t m the 
; _ were ordered by Goh Eranklin to take and hold a position on the br iw of • h 
front of the enemy's batteries. Here 1 first saw their Colonel (Lawrei ■• | a» 
head. lie is tali and slim, with dark hair. He is quite young, not more than twenty- 
five. [The roster says twenty-eight years.] They took' iheir place, in perfect i 
and fought bravely." 

Another says : — 

'•The boys were no way abashed by this hot reception, bul took the whole I 
coolly, waiting patiently to 'pitch in' again. The firing was now p 
and at times it seemed as if the heaven-, would burst a'sunde* with the concussion. 
Colonel Lawrence, standing most of the time in the middle of the regiment, used his 
utmost efforts to keep the men calm, in their places, close to the grow d out o ' th< i 
of the shot, which went singing their peculiar death -song three or four feet above the 

Several of the men were wounded by the bursting of shell ; and private Angier was 
struck by a si:: pound shot in his leg. This rest afforded great relief to the men, whose 
mouths were parr lied with thirst ; the scarcity of water, the rapid marching, and double- 
quick movements having well-nigh exhausted them. A field officer rode up and in- 
quired, " What regimens of regulars is this ? '' The men answi red, " We are not regu- 
lars; we aTe the Fifth of Massachusetts." He replied, '-Is it possible! I thought you 
were regulars, you are in such perfect order under tire." 

The Massachusetts Eleventh took a position on the left. Another regiment adva 
ki line on the right, but broke with the utmost disorder, the men firing recklessly 
and flying, with injury to their friends and none to the enemy. 

Col. Franklin, commanding the brigade, ordered the regiment to take a position for- 
ward to charge with the bayonet. The order was promptly obeyed, and away went the 
regiment, on the double-quick, towards the position designated. The snot and shell 
came thicker and faster, whizzing mostly just over their heads. A change of orcl rs 
came to the Fifth ; <; The Zouaves are going to charge ; support them ! " The regiment, 
splashing through a brook, hastened towards the Zouaves. On the way. a battery of 
artillery drove at full speed through the centre of the regiment, completely breaking 
up the ranks of the color company and another. " Rally, rally," shouted the officers; 
and under that fierce fire the two companies rallied, and again came the command to 
the regiment, " Forward, double-quick." A. position was taken on the left of the Zou- 
aves and about one hundred fee t to the rear,, and the firing commenced on the right. 
A most murderous fire was here kept up by the rebels. 

The United States Artillery was doing good exe< ution on the left and front, but wi re 
obliged to retreat, over half their number be ing killed or wounded. The attached 
to the gun-carriages and caissons, rendere 1 utterly unmanageable by some of the drivers 
being killed and themselves wounded, earn -;• thundering down the line of the Fifth, 
knocking down men and scattering the ranks of the left wing in every direction. The 
companies rallied again, promptly forward. em the colors, the colonel and officers every- 
where directing, and the men pouring a dea ily fire into the enemy. 

Fh.-tlie advance the .color-bearer, Lawrence, bravely waving the national colors, was. 
shot dead, by a musket bail in his breast. Sergeant Wallace, himself wounded, seized 
the national flag as it fell from Lawrence's hands, and raised it gallantly. Sergeant 
Major Quincy receiving from Sergeant Wallace the Massachusetts flag, bore it bravely. 
Col. Lawrence, wounded, was borne to the rear as the retreat commenced. Th 
ment retreated from the field in some confusion, mostly by companies, but was soon 
well together again, and, under command of Maj. Boyd, (Lieut. Col. Pierson at this 
time left to render assistance to Col. Lawrence), marched to their bivouac in Centre- 
ville, where the regimental line was formed, muskets stacked, and with a guard set the 
regiment lay down for a night's rest. 

In about an hour, an order came to march to Washington. The regiment rising at 
half-past one o'clock, a. m., had inarched a full day's journey before reaching the battle- 
field, had fought on the field about five hours, had retreated over the route marched in 
the morning, and were now ordered to march about twenty-five miles to Washington, — 
a truly hard day's task ! A couple of the men, accidently left behind at the bivouac in 
Centreville, slept soundly on the ground until nine o'clock the next morning, and then 
travelled leisurely to Alexandria, without seeing an enemy. 

22d. 1 arly in the forenoon it began to rain, and by n< on it poured. About ten o'clock, 
the regiment arrived 'at Camp Massachusetts, and at half-past eleven o'clock, orders 
were received for the regiment to march to Washington; and packing their knap- 
sacks, tl.ey started for the Capital, under M tjpr Boyd, where, after a march of about 
nine miles thrni gh the mud and rain, they arrived at about four o'clock, P. M., hungry, 
wvt to the skin, and covered with :m>h\. Many being wound 1, tin y presented a truly 
pitiable appearance. They bore the fatigue tn mfuliy, and not a murmur escaped them. 
They were quartered in several different buildings, < hi! the sick and wounded wer€ 
generously cared for by the citizens, who took them to their own houses and provided 
them with dry clothing, food, and ;/oud beds. Hundreds of troops arrived that night, 
many of them suffering from wounds', and, for want of accommodation, were obliged to 
ie on the sidewalk. 


The Fifth remained in 'Washington ihe next five days. 

28th. On Sunday, the 2Sth, at 9 o'clock, a.m.. the regiment formed lino on Pennsyl- 
vania Avenue, near Willard's Hotel, under comm ind of Lieut. Col. Pierson, and 
Rddre*se<.k by Col. La"wve.nce r whf>, though still sufferin from his ■ ■•; I «va d \ r- 
rriined! to see bis regiment saTely'home. The Fifth left ■• 

A. m., amved at ; Baltimore -at 2'O'cloek, v. M., and left foi Philadelphia at I \ ' -. 
i\ si.:, where they arrived at oj o'clock on Monday morning, 29th. 

29th. After a substantial collation, the regiment started for New York, arriving 
there at 4£ o'clock, p. M.., and meeting with a most hearty and enthusiastic rcc< 
The o Ecers were entertained at the Astor House, and the rank and file were provided 
with a bountiful supply of refreshments at the Park Barracks. The regiment l< '". 
York at 1h o'clock, p.m., arriving at Groton, Conn., at 6£ o'clock, a. m., the next 

30th. The regiment left Groton for Boston at 7-i o'clock, and arrived at 
latter place at 3] o'clock, p. w. 

The regiment was met at the railway station by the Second Batt ilion of Infai try, 
which volunteered an escort. An immense concourse of people throng id the ra 
buildings, and the neighboring streets. The regiment disembarked a.« po sible, 

find formed line. At half-past one o'cloek the column moved into Boylston street, '-There 
the Second Battalion* with Gilmore's Band, were drawn up to receive thi m. After the 
usual formalities, the escort, with a carriage containing His Honor Mayor \\ ightman, 
and several members of the Governor's staff, took the lead, and the pro-* 
proceeded through Tremont, Court, and State streets, and returning, proceeded 
through Washington, School, and Beacon streets, to the Common. The streets through 
which me regiment passed were lined with people, and from sidewalk, from door, 
wJadow, and house top, the plaudits of the assembled thousands welcomed back I 
gallant rioops. The whole niarcri was one continued ovation. The Boston Jour i .1 • ■" 
that evening says of the scene on the Common : — 

"People began to flock to the Common at an early hour, and on the arrival ol 
escort, an hour previous to the arrival of the regiment, the crowd had become v< rylarj 
After several hours of anxious waiting, the commotion in the neighborhood of t Im- 
providence Railway Station plainly indicated the arrival of the train, and hun h 
bent their steps in that direction. Most, however, remained on the Common, sup] o»iug, 
of course, that the troops, who had had nothing whatever to eat since their departure 
from New York or Monday evening, would first partake of the collation which I i 1 
been spread for some hours on the Beacon Street mall. The regiment, however, pro- 
ceeded through the streets of the city before arriving on the Common. Their approach 
was the signal for a grand rush. Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and friends, 
the hands or clung about the necks of the soldiers as they came upon the parade 
ground. The strict order 'not to meddle with the boys on the march' was only 
partially heeded, and the detour or* the parade ground was accomplished by the tr i •; I 
at the sound of familiar music, with their glorious colors still flying, and with numerous 
accessions to their ranks. No sooner had the regiment been formed in line p 
with the Charles Street mall, than from all quarters of the parade ground - i 
throngs of people to greet them. The orders to stack arms,&c, were obeyed 
great disadvant ges, as at this time the ranks were much broken by the influ s of ii - 
numerable friends. Then followed the greetings. The Colonel rode.down the ] 
ground on his splendid horse, receiving the hearty congratulations of his friends on ■ 
sides. The civil and military authorities present, including several United States 
officers, repaired to the marquee at the north end of theground, where a repast was laid, 
and where many friends had been gathered. In the scenes of welcome and heart-felt 
congratulation, the repast was at first well-nigh neglected. 

"Many an affecting incident occurred, and many tears of welcome were shed within 
the tent and all along the ranks. The troops were conducted to their collation, 
were for a couple of hours allowed the full enjoyment of the meeting. On< 
failed of inter; st in walking among them. Here a hardy young soldier was ex!.. 
a shattered musket, or a few clean builet-holes in his garments; another was the 
centre of an eager crowd, who were listening intently to the last authentic account of 
the battle oi' Bull Run, from an 'eye witness.' Outside the lines, little knots, of 
people listened to new incidents of the fight, and none enjoyed the scene better than 
the returned volunteers. 

"To drink from a soldier's canteen that bad been often filled from the puddles of Fair- 
fa:, and Centrevillej was the especial delight of many, while trophies of the field were 
liberally dispersed en all hands." In scene's like these" two happy hours of the afternoon 
passed away, and we heard it from the lips of many of the regiment, that it was a 
source of espc< ial delight that their first reception at heme was beneath the green trees 
of Boston Common." 

A special order was issued from head-quarters, dated July 30, substantially stating 
that after three mouths' service in the cause of government, the Fifth Regiment of 
Massachusetts Volunteer -Militia, which Col. Lawrence had so well commanded, was 
returned to the old Commonwealth, whose »o>id name and unsullied honor the regiment 
had so nobly upheld. The people of Massachusetts welcome the regiment, and will 
fver cherish, with gratitude, its patriotic services. The memories of the men of the 
I iftU who have fallen in the great cause.aad whose bodies lie tnoulderingin the soil of "V ir- 
{•mi.\, Massachusetts will ever hold in grateful rememl ranee. At ten minutes past four 
the regimental line was formed, when Capt. Aruory commenced the formal proceeding of 


mustering the troops out of the service of the CJuited States. This ceTeraonj '■ 

q hour, and after the different companies were mustered oat, their respective Cap- 
tains assumed the command, and inarched homeward. On their . til f 
. . : - . Col. Lawrcncfl addi ■ ■ i • .. e.i e '< , . 

ii:u' men toi Unit -nob-le efforts md heart; n , .-,'■■,■ them i eh h ppii 

their hom< s» .and rem ■ •■• " ''■ d he h n i ■ - • iss.uei an nnkr wh tot been 

cheerfully responded to. He then bade th n farewell uni houid meet i 

Committees of citiz< nsfrwra the various towns were present, to welcome their i 
tive companies ; and in Charlestown, Med ford, and other places, ovations, second .in 
point of numbers only to that which marked the entry of the troops into Boston, •• l- 
coraed them home. But the honors did not end here. ,\ m i i >u < un] my recepti >ns 
took place on succeedi • days, and counties s marks of approval showed in some degree 
the public appr< ( : ; '■ ion of the no! le laboi s of the soldiers of the i ifth. On the < ■. 
of Saturday, August 31st, Col. Lawrence- received from hi ■ c dh 

1S55) an elegant sword, a fitting testimonial for services such as nave been recorded. 
The occasion of the presentation, in view of the arduous < tn ; igu which had just 
closed for the Fifth, was>one of peculiar interest. 

Thus ended a campaign, begun in the. hour of the nation's sorest trials, when her all 
was entrusted to brave and loyal hearts, and when »he found her truest supporters in 
the ranks from Massachusetts. Among the few regiments, who, for three month.-, left 
their common callings, and girded on the armor for their country's defence, hone can 
boa.- 1 a fairer record than the M'assa'chUss tt - fifth. The varied and somewhat irn 
duties incident to the opening of the war and to the imperfect organization of the 
volunteer army, found able hands and willing hearts among her number, while the 
mutt; .-! g Ma! fe« ling bf ■■ •••-.• m ■■rl". va and mon.vaiid between tfe naei th i selves, and 
the genuine and in tik a :- speet which was always shown the commanding officer, dis- 
tinguished the Fifth Begiment.. Its services in the trying times of the nation, and its 
welt-wrought deeds, will be its most enduring monument. 

Field and Staff, 5th Reg. 

Colonel SA3JCUEL C. LAWRENCE, Medford. 

fj. DUREfcL GREENE Cambridge. 

LieuL-ColonvL . . J Appoinu-dJLwut.CV.oi.clin U.S. A., Jura 25,1861. 

1 GEORGE li. PEJRSQX, • Salem. 

I. Served as Cai»'.iuij Cmiiiway A, ontd Jwiv 5 1-301. 

Major. . 

i'liA.MI.IN \V. KEYE*,. Boston. 

J Ai-y. ■iiiU-l Cai>t-.iin i; V. S. A.,Jur.c :■', J Gl. 

1 JOHN T. 5J0YD, . . Charlestown. 

I. Served as Captain C mpany K, mlii July 5, 1SG1. 

( THOMAS O. BAERI Curnbridgcport. 

I Appointed Car-taifi in 17. S. A„ July .•?, M31. 

Adjutant j jQHN G. CHAMBERS, . .... . . . Medford. 

i Served as 1st licit. in > ■ '• July \ :-a;. 

[ Appointed Adjutaui L'Ul K> T. Oct. ■"■, i -".;. 

Quartermaster... .JOSEPH E. HiLLCVGS Boston. 

Faymastet G. FOSTER ROUGES Roxjtmry. 

Appointed Ad.i. '.-uli K ''t, i. - •■■', 1 -:i. Di -•<! J m. •' 1. 1-';.'. 

Sammn ....... SAMUEL Ft. IIL i: 

Surgeon's Matt 

PiEN-rn tr. ;. ' ] ■ 

Transferred to X. V. Fire /.. 

. . ( ibarlestown. 

. East Bridjrewa :•:■: 

' •' 

c»,July 1, 1 

. . Philadelphia, Pa. 

° u ' 

., D. C. 

. . Charlestown. 

t, I. 

. . Charlestown. 
. . Chelsea. 
. . Charlestown. 
. . Charlestown. 
. . Heading. 

: W.\I. W. KEEN, .lit.. 

I Appointed July I, at v.,., 

Chaplain BEX J. F. Pi-COSTA, . 

Appointed cli ,■■ r. IMl K 
Sergeant Major . . . HEXItT A QUFXCY 
Q'rnKisier'* 6'er^'« . . SA3ti:i'L C. Hi* XT, Ju. 
/;,->/./< mijur.. . • .CHARLES FOSTEK, 

Jr"'i/« Major Fi!':KM VX FIELlV- 

Hospital Steward; .XA'J'iiAX ]>. L*AltK£l! 

Company .A. (Mechanic Light Infantry '. Salom. — 5th Keg. 
Orgajiixed Feb. •>■■'<. \&'H, and made; their flrsi parade July K of tin same year, Porley 

From'th« abovo flute to the present time this company has never been re-organized, and 
the Rmullest number that ever paraded ^ twenty-(ive non-commissioned "officers and 

Orders were receive \ from Cal. r.awren ■•• <>r the 5th Kr^ment, M . A'. *l., April 10, ISi ' 
at :; o'clock, i-. Si., to r 'port ■<'■ Faueuil flail, Boston, on tiie L'Oth, at 10 o'clock, A. m. At 
7 o'cinek the next morniuir, \ ■:'■■: tliu rompany a-isemblfd Jit the armory, and om 
li - .; ftjiil t-« i »t ■ m -ii. im ; ,; •;■•_: three ( nam • io'ned oiiic r> un eml to roll-call ; 
which lh . were fmned into Inn u\d in reh< i u> rhe oity h " ' ■ Col. Perlej 1 
the first command r in - •: ilf •;' I lie ladies, ] h vm - 1 ro th.-m a bea tiful silk *'.Vmeki- 
( .:, r'LAd " Th»! city did th"m honor ; "the » ; : • ■ '■ -" : - "> i rlvm as they inarched 1 ' ; 
depot; friends guv< tln-m their kind {iirewell, and the whi>l< commuulty viewed their 

"' At ! » oVI »ck T»r. ':-' '*.-. t'le.'v repnrt d !"<r rlnty at Fanenil Hall, Boston. There 
cms hundred ami twenty mem the yurfdus over the numbei r q.uired were dismissed and 
n<--nt home, much to their disappointment. 


On their return to Salem, August I, t> ■ ■>■ tv< ic'rcceh >d by the old mi 
ovur oao hundred men, organized into a b.i tulion, under command oi pu I • 
Wm. K. Brown; also Salem Cadets, Major Marks; L"ni« i IJ 

/"ii,vi' Drill ( in!). (. -pr. Woodbury, v. ho I id (J til manes • . Tl n :■. i . 

the City If dl by the City i \o\ orwuent, anil welcomed ] 

)•. VV< bb. ii. lv half of Hi citi sens, after w i« ' , ■'. p w ■■ H : to • I 

ful dinner, pro \ idc I by tlic cit v. Thus ended the* t hi c? awl 

Tli ■ company, previous to its being aUaehiul to th h K ;nt, for the three 

Bervice, was known as Company J.'», ?th Regiment, and since i1 return baa again La 
old position In the 11. \. 31. 

There are now fifty-eight members in this company who were al the battle of Bull Run. 
July 21. 


Captain, GEO. Tl. PEIRSON, Salem, promoted licut.-col. of 5th Regiment, July 5, l?Gl. 
l*f Lieut., Edward 11. Statkn, Saleni, promot< : - ip Lin, Jul] '. 1861, at Cai 

chu setts, Alexandria, Va.; 3d- Limit., *'Lewis E. VTextwohtit, Galena, promol 

licut,, July 6, 1S6J, afterwards captain of Sharpshooters, 'Old I: . . uent. 
Sergeants, * Charles D. Stiles, Salem, promoted 3d li 'ui . ! I G, 1S.11; James EL E< - 

South Danvevs, promoted 1st sergeant, -July 6, lr>ol j *I$. lv. [Jrtn n, Salem ; rom I ' 

2d sergeant, July 6, 1861 ; * David N. Jeffrey, South Danvers, promoted 3d 

July <-., 1861. 
Corporals, Albert J. Lowd, Salem, promoted 1th sergeant, July r >. lSfii ; John W. ETarl -' . 

Danvers, promoted 1st corporal, Jul j i'>, 1BG.T : James rl! Sleeper, Danvers, pronn '. 

2d corporal, July 6, 1861 ; Joseph M. Parsons, promoted :; ■! corporal, .July G,1S01. 

Adams Cha 

-les P. Sal tw 


Giles Charles U... Salem 

ai i ci : 

•a ',■> ,-JQ ,'.. eers 

■ » - i ; - '■.':•'.' i ; - • - 

).-. tie Ei ■- 

Gli den Jo3< ph II., Sai.rn-1 

!.V.;'"- lion 

.- T., S 1 : ru, taken 55 


G .--:.. Churl . i':.. '■ iUlm 

!•■ battle . r Hr,n Ri 

*II-.: :.-> ti K ;.•'_• T, . S >. Danvers 

July L>lst 

and carried to Ei 


Hll! .laon , D :! v 


B iv-ard John II., Danvers 

Burrows W 

Uiara, Danver* 

Hurd WlUinni 1:1 . Salem 


b Danvers 

*Kehew John II., Salem 

Brixton Ge< 

. B., Salem, discharged 

Leonard J arm ?, S ■■'■> m 


tj and sent !iome,Jnne 

♦J.eavittl*'-:.! I]'.,S di Ti. -'. -charged 

12, 1: ;i 

tor flls-iliilif.-, JiuiL- s. !-■ ) 

Buxton Ge 

»rge F„ Salem 

LibhvlIcTi:-v*. Salem 

Buxton Sai 

mel £1 . Salem 

Lurtk-in * i:liai 1. Danvers 

due Samu 

•1 A.. Salem, taken p 


Mansfield John R., salt in 

oner at t 

.(' b.Utit « i' Bull K 


Maxiield James, jr., Salem 

July •.!, i 


•ilclcher Devi 1."., Sa'.em 

•ChiDman <. 

■ tries G. S m 

Moore Denison P., South Dartvcrs, 

Clark John 

fcVSalem, promoted 


wns wounded i.-. the hip by a 

corporal • 

Minnie rifle ball at the battle of 

Cleinons V\ 

itliam If., Salem 

Bull Run.Julv 21 

•Crane Alb 

irt J-, So. Danvers 

Morse Ci or. • V.. S:)!?ui 

Crosby Lvi 

mn D., Danvers 

*Moser.Iob.n 11., Salem 

(.>:'. V 

>:■_ . M., f.)i nvers 

*Moses James?, S: lem 

Da .:-.■ Jo! 

n J., Salem 

Monltoii II rj V- .. Sr.. Delivers 


David, Sali m 

Munroe Stephen X.. Salem 

Drown Wi 

lenry, Salem 

Munsey Joseph C, Danveis 
Kimblet Benjamin F., Salem 

•Davis Cha 

'• i W., Sal »m 

Nortli James'D., l>aiivtts 

lv :.-. i |, . 

lea W,, Salem 

*Oi "•'-• J"' : ': H.j-S sletr. 

• f>l <l st Jos 

tTta W.', S 'l. m 

!:■-: V '.' :' / I 

> , 1 Jo m 

Pf.rten )m. M., Sul-.-m, was -wound- 

Gardner f ! 


ed in the, ihov, !•.- ■ u-.u.-k •; di. 
at the ba'.tii at lilW K'.r.;, Jul, -i 
! *Peubodj Willi t 1 :■!., talem 

Gardner V, 

uliamlL, Salem 

1 Perry Henry _, vV., Salem 

• PI ippeu Charles IT., Salem 

j 1' ■ 1 j-.tVii 11.". <.'•!. m 

•Prate C.-ilvin I,.. S 1. 

Pratt l/v, R., Sn.-.n 
! Kicker Ciwies \V*.. l^anvers 

•Ris Asa U'. s„ Salem 
i Sem< tis Francis .-.. Salem 

Sloper Henry, D awn 
i Sloj r William A., ^.u-cin 

>- uith Ui ■ ry J., Sal m 

'••••1 ir'.i );■■). rvt, !)'duvers 

Stiles Wi i tm '•''., Si tth Danvers 
' x : ; th tnie.l .'v., S 

Tufts Rut'us \V., 5alem 

\'. arn n Edward J., Sali m 

Webber Mendall S., Da 

We( ;.- Williarn ti.. - di 
ty{ hi id fever at Salem, Sept.'3, 
lVjl,and buried undei arms bj 
the eompanv 

West Cit.-.r- 'S-.lem 

^^ , : 1 ' ■. n:.:;ii! H.. Silent 

WiUi-.'.ms Cliarl.--s A.. Salem 

- 1 .. : 11 ... . Tl , ' • I 

Edward A. Currier w as il 
at Annapolis, while on tlie way t ■ 
W 1 ' n^ton, ovj account of s - 
1 , soon aftei retti rni 1! to Sal. m, 
v ii re ''■■. died, A,»g. ' . ■ tieart dis- 

2d Lieut. I°aac - ; . S >v( i w ts 1 i>- 
tblc to ffo'to tl 

th ■ 1 oirij an}, while tin y wer 
at Alexandria, 1* w ts -h-. • 

Company IB (Richardson Light Guard), South Reading'. — 5th Beg. 

Organized Oct. 2, 1S51. This coiiipany, belon«rinj? to the rthliegiment, M. V. M . 
Company E, was attached to the 5th llemment. and was known in the l".>. service .- 
Company 1, 

Orders were received from Col. Lawrence Ajjril 30th, 1801 „at 1 o'clock, to report at '' 
The company march ■■!. at 3 o'clock, from their armory to the common-, where tin 3 
of ;i collaiiou, [vrovided bv their townsmen, after s^ htcli they v urc e? -ort 
uearly the whole town where speeches were made, and the company Loll for J 
accompanied by the M.i! len Hand, who volunteered their services. 

On returninsr-to South Reading-, July 30, the company were welcomed by a speech fr-">ni 
E. Mansfield, Esq., aud e&cbrtea by several military companies, engine com] inios, and 
citizen* generallv, under the marsh'alship of Lieut. X. S. Dear! orn, to the common, 
3 dinner was furiiishcd, after which speeches were made by several gentk-meu. Of th< 
eighty members in this company, forty-two have re-enlisted. Every oue oJ these, it :. 
reported, has a pc sition as good as that of sergeant. 


Captain, JOF1X W. LOC KE, South Reading. 
1st L;rnt. y Hknuv D. Dkokx, discTiar^ed at Annapolis, on account of sickness ; erf Lie '■ 
Chas. H. SifKPAUD, South Iteadiuir, promoted to 1st lient. about May 1st; M 

/./•«?..,!am!S h. Dravkr, Soutli Keading. pr I •■! to 20 Heut. about May 1st ; 

ith titevt. t i : '. \ Hi,. 1 i ■;.'•.;-■;..:„. ■: ui A^uutipidis, on account Of sickness. 
Sergeants, ►George \\*. Town-send, South Reading : Ja n 11 Kb .:*-. South l\ 

' Il( i'j.tniiu !■'. i'.-.t .;..•-.!,-,, ith Readin -<;,!.:.• v 1 Vboru, South 1! id ip tak 11 

onor at battle of Hull Kim, and carried to Kichmond; from thence to New Orleans. 

Corporis i+Vfm. B. itansom, South Reading; .fames M. Sweetser, South Readings Geo 

II. Green, South Iteadiag ; James A. LJurditt, South lieadin ■;. 

Musicians, "AlviuM. Drake, South Reading; William Vaux, South Reading. 




Abbott O. G,R 'vlfn<; 
'Adams < diver S., K* :ad n : 

• ■.. idi ... ■ "■ i - '■ S. Reading 
Ander.«un J. H., S. Rei li ■, 

♦ fi ichelder G'jo. VV., 'i. 
»B '. - Vi lover 
•Beckwith R"bt. S., S ». Run ■! in r 
Bbcbj Llii • m, So: Reudiog 
•Burditi Geo. A., So. Reu ling 
Conpi John S., No th Ilea ling 
•< ool Jonathan J., N'orih Reading 
Dix Joseph i '.. So. Reading 
♦Eaton A., Reading 
Eustis Henry W., So. Reading 
Eustis Joseph -.. So. Reading, wa? 

PRIV V7! S. 

Hartwill Alberl A.. R.-ad , ■ 
•il.. . ten i rank VV., So. ] 

• . ;•• 
lei X.. 1 • 


Rayncr Ozia*, s,, u th Readb / 

. II.. H 


. ' 
. I 

. ■ 

; • u CI ' • So. i: ading 
• T ho tit ] n J .' 
'J bbetl Chi . II., i: 

cli ii _■• .1 .1 ui •■ 2 

. ■ ' l... Readi • I I , 
i . Bui i. a 

ami I 

Twiss Ai '..-■... 

•!'■ li r l\ m. •■ . 

eaumg i 'j/anser N. 1)., Reading, Hospital i -Walker Win. ii , So. i' 

ng I Steward ; Wnnlwell •-.;.,.. 

th Reading, •Parker VVm. D., South Ridding •Wiim.-n II..: •" M.. - .. ' 

wound. I in elbow and prisons j -Pai^,,, men. VV., So. leading, 'Weston H bert II., R • • 

ot Battle of Bull . lun, and taken discharged June ti, lsoi , Wjl. , :> ■ South R. iding 

to Richmond, thence to New *P L -ter-.-ou Leonard. i;,--.vUn^ i *Wii. Win., So. R I 

Orleans | Pratt Kilwiu. So. R. | »Will in Edw I . - R 

Hairingtou Charles, So. Reading i 'liaha ChriiUau £i, Reading I Wym&u \ m., S . 1 

Run; • 
"Foster I 

:, -.•. ... 

U., So. Ken Ling 
, B. ton 
I., So. B-adin » 
so. Keadii 
V., Ilea !. ..• 
South t'i 

Company O ( Olulrlesiowii Artillery), Ctoari 

>wn. — 5th Reg, 

The company is known as tlie Charlestown Artillery, and was formerly Co. P, 1st Eeg. 
of Artillery; but, several yours ago, was changed, with several other companies ; to 
Safantry, and has since been k> ov » as Co. D, oth e- e. lufaa! •/ M. V. 51. '\Ti, > !o the 5th 
JSegknent vi as in Washington, in 5fay last, the coinp mies were re-letlercd, and the Gh ir- 
lestown Artillery became Co. C; but, since the return of the regiment, the old com] 
have received their former letters. The Charlestown Artillery was organized ."•• ■ .• 
1786, and was the first company to celebrate the au*nv:er*ary of the Buttle of Bunker Hill, 
June 17. ir~ i. Sometime in 1830, the company disbanded,* but was re-organized Nov. I . 
1831, and has continued to pro >per ever since. 

William 11. Swan, Captain of the Charlestown Artillery, received orders t i assemble his 
command at their armory, at 12 o'clock;, :•?., Wednos lay, April 17, and by noon of the i i 
day they were ready to march. But orders came for the company to bold themselves in 
readiness, at their armory, to march -it any monmnt. On Friday, April It), the Fifth Kegi- 
ment was ordered to rendezvous at Fauci! il ii il! , md lla Artillery, in company n ith the 
City Guards, of Charlestown, inarched over to i'.-- ■' >n to the half, where they remained 
until the. regiment departed for Washington, kfco o'clock Sunday morning, April 21. This 
company, on leaving Chariestowu. had abundant evidence- of the aff • tioi an 1 high esteem 
with which their fellow-citizens regard themj and, on their return from the war, another 
demonstration was made iu honor of their patriotic devotion. [See notice on pagt: 189, 
under Company K. ] 

In just shr«e moutlts from the day they left Boston, July 21, the Fifth Regiment, num- 
bering between 700 and 800 fighting men, among whom wore the Charlestown Artillery, 
left Centreville. Va., for BulfBuu. On that day the Charlestown Artillery, Co. C, was 
ordi red, with the regim -;.t, r i the bv iw, of tin aim or< • directly is, front of the main 
battery of ; iie t nemy, and were there exposed to a galling iire from the b ittery for nearly 
thirty tive uiumtes, an 1 hut for the orders ami ei oln-- ■- oi'{ !. Lawr •• co. who eommandetl 
the rompany I i fall !f:U on i]u-\v face*, they would lt».v-. bt-en most terribly eui up by the 
shower o! si] .it an i dieli that wtts poured up u ''. •"- : .' turning' iu fuc a : i th ■ eve 
of their I .;; of - . vice, Jury :;■ , i •.■!, they were warmly welcomed, the pei pie turning oul 
en mcujse to receive them. 


Captain, *W1LL1AM U- SWAN. Chelsea. 
as !T. Tli'.BKTTS. Charlestown ; 2«/ Lieut., ,7ohx W. Cos;:, South Boston ; 

1st Lit 



!., Han.s; 

tAt. 1 

>. N 

Thomas F 



in. Chelsea ; 4;'ii Lieut., Gicorgk 11. MABDKN, Jr., 


rlesitowft-'; Charles W. Strout, South Dedham; Jatacs 

ith Boston ; (. liarles 1'. vVhittle, Charlestown. 

Corpora's, Samuel E. Ilolbrook, Jr., Charb -:town ; M nrj W.Copps, Chariestowu j Joseph 

Bell, Boston; Valentino Wall'burg, Somerville. 

Mus-tciaiu *Geor<re Oakley, Boston. 

it. ii 

A ih Wm, G., C 
Blood Hiram, ■ 
UriUir 1 : he-.-. 
ChBmherlin Jo! 
Chase Cba*. 1... 

C il <=. ! 


is Gj o. W. C, Chariest 

: J. Jin. South BOSU'U 

■ v N..,! S.. B -: • 

. Wm. j.. Charlestown 

■ htjiMt-pi! i., t- . ■- •; 

!,..-■ : ':.. w 

•fi nnt Melville C, Chelsea 
: James, ' harl. -town 
Haynes VVm . Waltliara 
Herman Conrad, ir., Boston 

Davis Gov. VV ., Charlestown 

, ru-rman L-onrau, ir., li.iion 

II • • Oeorg VV.. CharlestcCflm, 

. »Ii: : t| V w .,r: !,•,: JulV 'J 

k I'hos. ii. N'., So. ':'■ *i' ■■■ J"' « SI .ill !)., e.. »w, N. !i. 

Edwanl Charlestown. Kill . All rt, !?ali'sburv, ST. II. 

d in ! L>ad ■■-.. at Kill u G VV., C r! Uo i 

Bui! Pun, iu: •■■ -'!. i- I. « '■•• '- ■ \ ' ! Jtown 

,.,,.,; I.. - : . • ■.!. \V., Ciw.rl.stMWl . 
lr d, Charlestown - i ■: July ^l 

.,, C Sni 1 1 e,.ef it. •].•-.; . . . . VV . ... ■'. 

r n». !■:'.'- ..; ■ • l-in i Joshua VV 

■f" \ Chnr!'.*stov.n ! *1**tiI Chas. L., Charlestown 

.., .'■ 1 1 , -■' ,-' ' , ■ ■ v.V ' M<:Cl I..! n. C larlestown 

::•.'.. vh li., (. o..rie'«t»>wn i •iiclntire Johu L., Boston 

•Re-en listed. 



•. ;.■, Euccne ./.. Cambrid •• p< rt Pre I J 

i/ inii ; P , galislnii ■ . \.U. v undeil in i I). 

S'ichuls CJ us. II.. Boston •Qninii M iur>cc, Chn 

N'.. .-[..(. fJ. '■:.-•■. I ivirlt-stown R< i 'I F. 1 1 a ■ • 

Uakhaw Window 3., Chart ftnnr, Richardson M all v 1 

wounded ,It<ly 21 'Robertson Jo] r.,$untl \i 

■■ ,;.:.-- : Ronton 1 • ■ ■ ■ • 

. Chas. H., 2f. rth Belgrade, Sel' ej Wn , - u h I „ ■ ■■ 

Me. Smitl L< is, So. ] ud< .1 

Perham Albion !:., Charleston a sevefelj in knee, Ji|l\ 21 

Pfaff Francis W., South Boston, Stone Horace P., jr., 'vVouurn,dh 

wounded in ankle July 21 

toi e Horace P., jr.,' 
charged June 'i, l • <i 

Mr., Choi • < : i 1 . , lr„ Chsil - 

• ■ I 
Wilton '{•■■■ -••.mi 

Worrhen I 
V ■ 

: .. 
to. J 

■ . • 
ZollerOco. il.. I 

Company ID (Haverhill Light Infantry), Haverhill.— • 6th Reg, 
Organized I-.".::. Known as Company (j in the rth Ltcghnent ; detaili '■ from It A] 
and annexed to the 5th. Their orders were received at n ion, April 19, 1801, and, ae 
had been drilling daily, preparatory to the call, they were ready tu rush 1 tlto re sen <•'• 
Washington and their country. The reception of thcord< r tired the tow u v. , li enthusiasm, 
and the citizens turned out en masse; a meeting was held, at which spe :hes weri mad ; 
a purse and a flag were presented ; also a Testament to each membei of tin 
The peopl theu escorted then] to the railroad station, and they loft the si • u tl y at 5, p.m. 
Their return to Haverhill, in July, was the occasion for a- similar demonstration i 
Which was given them attheir departure in April. A large number of this company i 
after re-enlisted. The town arid the citizens contributed about $2,100 ii ea h, clothin; 
and other articles fur the company. 


Captain, CAELOS P. SIJ2S3ER, Haverhill. 
1st Lieut., George J. Dean, Haverhill ; 2rf Lieu?.. DanteE V Smith, Haverhill; :;■/ 

Lieut., Chas. 11. P. Palmer, Haverhill; ilh Limt.., *Tnos. r >'- Salter, Haverhill. 
Sergeants, '"John J. Thompson, Haverhill; George \T. ICdwards, Haverhill; James M. 

PMmer, Haverhill; John 1'. 'mil*, Haverhill. 
Corporals *Williara Salter, Haverhill ; George W. Wallace, Haverhill ; Van Burcn II< si 

Haverhill; *DanielJ. ilaynea, Haverhill. 
Musicians, John E. Mills, Bradford ; Leonard Sawyer, Haverhill .; Orlando S. Wright, 


Bickford Kbeu B., Haverhill 
•Bowen Charles, Haverhill 
Bromley Lyman P., Haverhill 
Bromley Orrin, Haverhill 
Butruhain Charles, Haverliill 


, Foster Geo. B., Haverhill r Osgood Joseph 1!.. Haverhill 

| "Fowler Sarruu-l W., Huv< ; rhiU ! Partnolee H. il.. 1 ■ •.>■ «! I 

I Frost James, Htiverhill I Pecker John B.. Haverhill 

| Gould Albert Ii., Haverhill I Phillip ! . ■ il 

: Go! t Royal D., Haverhill ! 'PhULnT.k Iiuvi ' T., 1! 

I j *Rav Albert 1 .. Haverhill 
•Richards ; it/ -I. II • ...;.. 

I: ig< r. Ti -:■; . . i, . : - 

Sh ■' J ■■ • A.. I il, v. ■•: 

i a in Ii L . .\. ' :.. '. : 
: 1'.. tt.f ■•! la-. 1 , linn, u - - 

to -Richmond 
! *Shut* All 020 51.. Ha- 
' 'Smith Hi . -v .;.. 11 ,. Iii!] 
S- ' Sim;!, Xi.huh' !•'., ! !.. v,-:\M\ 
j St:, :,i: , l.-::--.l .' I! !■■ 

Buswell U 

-... 1'.. -V:, ... i;:<v. X. Ii. 

►Grei . lafMatlh i\v N., Haverhii 

Caswell J, 

•Chan, r 

3 • ;•. | \ .. i , id n 'ewater 

: ■' . : - ' l, jr., Ua il 

Cole, rho 

•-. .'.. •; ■ ■ rhill 

Collins in 

-..= ...•■ ill 

Collins Hi 

■am S., li-.v . rhill. killed 

Ja k ' . Hiram II.. ii ivi rhill 

:'t the ! ; 

ciieoi Dull Ruii..luiv 21 

•: . • Ch is. W., Ii LverhiU 

C '-i')' ••'" 

a, jr., Haverhill, di*- 

*K... . Cornelius, Bradford 

charge I 

.lune •_' 

♦Kief Thomas, Haverhill 

Qook VVil 

iam P., Haverhill, dis- 

Kienvan Frank T., Ii iv.rhili, di 

Oli-.r.., 1 

charged June 2 

•Davis Sti 

phei ii.. Haverhill ■ 

♦Knowles Chas. K.. Haverhill 

• ■ 1 1 

rank Haverhill 

"! ivin --•■ti Murry V., Haverhill 


-.. , -.:.■ i 

M ■ ve ; •• •■■■ •■ r . i iverhill 

- r , . , ,g 

■ !.. Hin-irhill 

Mi Is < ■ • 1 -. Bnuff : 1 


'.: iliai i ! M . M ■ •.- hill 

Mi !s Wt». \ l ., II . rhil! 

Eilistm U. 

race, Exeter, X. tl. 

Murch Charles, 11 ivi .-. !l 


..)'.'.•: 1 ii., Hiv t rI;iLl 

Koyes Ariel »., Huverhlli 

••Watl in CI . - - 
V.- ■!.'■• r W '::..- 
•Fogg Geu. K , Haverhill ! Wyinau Goo. 1'., UavcrliiU 

Company- 23 CZawrence Light Guard j, Medford.— 5th Reg. 

Organized Feb. i:. 1S31. The call forth is gallant eorpsfto aid ie ' : > ■ di fen; «• <>r th I 
met a hearty response from all its members, and the inhabitants of Slc< lbs E vxhil •• . 
8eepei?t interest in their behalf and the glorious cause. L'pou thoir 1 iviujr homo, \\ . 
19, uu impressive prayer was offered by llev. 51 r. Ames, in the Squ ire, ami - '. erul liuudn d 
eitiiseiis escorted them to Boston. At an enthusiastic meetiuir of the tltizens, over s s 
thonsund dollars were quickly raised for the purpose of providing the ■•■ : : . rs with i 
uniform] and for the relief of their families during their abseuce. 

O.) the return of the 5th Regiment to Boston, July ;10, 1S01, the comii j kvas pi 
home by an escort of the eitizens of Medford ; and, as they entered the tow u, the b 
rung, salutes fired, and music discoursed its welcome eloquently. At the Town 11 
eloquent and patriotic speech of welcome was made bv Thomas t>. Harlow, Ls>q., iud i - 
ponded to by Capt. Hutehins. Loud cheers were givun. and manv a Ii "■ ting ex- 

changed. The citizens of Medford, proud of their well-drilled corps, had fur years ^'i '- 
it their hearty Bupport,aud when it had been tried and found not wanting - - ' .• 1 1- .■ • Iwiti 
sati: ; i'.a!ory pride their honorable return from the war. 

' ' 01?.PtCK'RS. 

Captain, JOHN ill TCH'INS, Jledford. 
\M Li< ut., *JOl!N O. CiiAMr.ER-s, Medford, apj oitited adjutant, July 8; 2d Lieut., Peuk^ 

CuL.v \\„ M< tltord ; 3d ' ieui,, Wtli.iw U. V.\ n i:k, West Cambridge. 

S> raeanis, I, iwc V- K. Ho^earitedford ; Sanm -\ M. Ste\ ens, M dford ; Jami s A. Rail 

\Vest Cambridge ; Wm. Ii. [.aw seuee, lloston, coloi bearer, killed al llatt ''.'.- 

Corporal*, Sauford Booker, Medford; Win. J.. Crooker, Medford, wounded at the Jiatl! • • 

Bull Kuu ; Besijamin Moore, Bedford ; Luther !•'. Brooks, >L dibrd. 

Musician, Itiehard Pitts, 5ledford, joined July 5. 

•Re-en listed. 



a: i nW i. : . •■" I 

Aldridpo Wm. H. H. H i n 

• : CI ■ ' I Iph 

•Barri -M irtin V. FL.l'a t; ". 

in l>uuifel, V 

■ ■ ■ ■■. : '.- it .. 


: . n >w 

li< 'it.-<M M.ii , .- . . 

<h . [edfu ! 
Booker Geo. L>.. \l ' J 
•Brad, n Vnjus, M >dford 
Bragde.n Stephen XL, KB cstontN - . j 

Bur'bank Wm. TI.. M Ii . t I 

•Can •' Jin P., >l 

Carr Royal 8., Mi ill • ■■: 

•(.': i-ih ■• I':.'.' : S.. M -lford 

Clapu Meltiah O.. M< Ifoid 

Currier Si l;icv, Mrdtord 

Curtis Frank X. Med! rd 

i i 

1; lie Wi 
at Battl 
Da i ■' 
■Davis W 
Deile li 

ii. I).. Medford 
M- lford 
lford, wounded 

) ... m i i a 

. ■..:.? .dford 
Dow Albert F., Mcdfor !. wounded 
at the Battle of Bud Run 

Duel ell Win. ' I Ii >1* a 
Futne*J. Henry. M diorrt 

■ ■ ■■ . i .. ■•■ t'C« ■- 

; . . Joel M., M lford 
►1 . ■ I rSt. pi ii -.7 . M 
F< In Stew , i I).. Chelsea 

fi . .; . .,• f . v -• m ,u . i 

i. Chas. K . M d 

Haskell Alfred, M 

li iwkins Henry XL, i'.-; >n 

II iliiuin Herbert A., Me Hi rd, n iw 

i .:. m i iter'n clerl 
HovtJohn IL.Medl •■ 1, prisoi ■ - ' 

Sev Orleans 
In In ■■ . ! I enrv A., ir., M if rd 
Jai ; > Hen v B., . I rd 
K-.*enc Lewis EL, Medford 
Ki an Chas. 1!., i' it in 
Lawrence Letnu ! ;'.. M, dl »rd 
I. iwis An rnstus B., Medi • 1 
•Lo d Louis O.. West Mi rlford 
Loring Freeman a., Medford 
Mauiitn; James, B >stc«n 
Mill " Pidi mon < '., \\ atertown 
Morr: - n Isaac T., M di .rd 
Palmer K Iward J., Boxbury 
1. k Geo. K., Me lfor.1, wounded 

at the Battle of Bull Bun 
•Pearson's Jona.* M., Newton 

Pier -• El una ."■ 1 ■ ■ Me if -rd 

•Proutj W .. l. . •• 

!' I , '. . M 

rum H '. 

•i' rl i I . ., joined 


)'., was 
in I t at I : 

of Ball Km 

in Xledfor I. ■ 
Kiehardj-on Caleb 1 ! 
Ji-ibin- .il.'. ' I I ■ ,:imi 

. .1 I 

v .4111 .:• rd 

•Sawyi -*.-.." 
Sherman GilbeT 
•Smith Jonas L., Wo 

• - :. '.. 1 • 

* L'n lor Jai .-!!.': 

•Tei 1 Geo. ' arged 

Alfn 1 M.. W. Cambridge 
Tufts August is, ■: '--.rd 

1 ; p] r I l>. F., < 

•Turner Jt -. H I ' 

Turner - .• I IL joinc 

Ma'.- 21; was wounded at Uie L'dt - 
tleof Bull Bun 

Usher Jarm s I •'., Medford, was dis- 
charged May 13. 

Coray^.ny IF (Wardicell Tigers), Boston.— 5th Beg . 

G tpt. I>avid K. WaVd.wci] received permission from the Governor, April hi, lffil, to raise 
p. ecrrftpafty for trie three mouths' service. He very soon reported iii> company ready for 
active duty. Through the liberality of Oliver Stevens, Esq., thoy wereat once fura 
with a uniform. The eitv of Bos-Sou also furnished them with a fatigue uniform and rubber 
blankets. When the 3th Regiment was nearly ready to leave for the seat of war. it was 
decided to add to their numbers this company, then known as the ' : Boston Volunteers." 


Captain, *DAVID K. WARD/WELL, Boston. 

1st Lieut., *Jacob 11. Sleeper, Boston; 2d XieML, *Geouge'.G. Stoddard, Brbokline; 

"•J Li::..; ., ^Horace V. Williams, Brookliiie ; -ith Lieut., *I£oratio I. H -.: ^oe, 

Sergeants, *Frederic K. Field, North n< 1,1, * James W/R. Hill, Boston ; *Galvin'S. Alixter, 

Boston, served as corporal until June 2d, when appointed sergeant. 

Corporal-, Saniae] Eichayds, Stoneham ; *Solomon Low, Boston; * Samuel W. Tuck, 

Boston; Stephen Brcndel, Boston. 

Musicians, Wm. S. Bean, Boston ; James li. Newel], Lowell. 


•Hill Joseph C, Bosl m i Snow Henrv, Boston 

•Hovt David W., West Amesbury J Spinnej Bobert XL. Boston 

•Lames Cha=>. T.. Bos'on " ; ».-:• tson J iseph, J 

Leirhton Xehemiah, Bi ■' :. 1 '•■■ *or1 C!i i ' c VV„ Qov •:. ■' - 

1.: * Isaac XL, li : • . « und 1 : chi v- I Jui • ; .. rk wiih 
ta! i ■■ i risi :.. .- a LSati Bail typj df 

K;-n: nott at Xew Orleans j *Su\\ \. ■ • .■ '. - h . 

■•',• W xv. O., i ■ ■: n ! •Taylor Ov\-e i, Fell mville 

XlcOevitt Wm., □ | Wait J. XL, deserted 

MvSwcenev Bernard, East Cam- Wallace Uenrv D., Stoneham 

BealJarfes A., Boston 
"Brady John < ... I... .-.•'! 
Cassftbourni Charles W., Boston, 
rerfeaiit, k .. at - ;i . of Lu)i 

■ "ios. 

bri hre, '* ■ : led a-,.1 taken 
prisoi er at B. tth of Bull Run 

*I.>oney Jami i, : : verhill 

Morris '.. . ■.. Bi t a 

M r- i... i3 - n 

.bert F., Host. 

Cook John. St n 

Courti -v !».,.., 

>. rov .• . !> in : 

•Danforth.1 is, . 

•D, dse (■■■■■ - >) 

"Dod« i ■■ ?. 

'Emerson ■ i 

•1 rgurson Drv 

•Fitzpatrick \> 

Foley Patrii k V 

I ord Uenrv V 

Forest Moid. - 

Uatelv !• n 

•Gde'X, lsonp',,1 losi a,discharged Kichardxon Wm. Ii.. Stoneham, 
June j. ;- ;, i ■ B ^u:k, and j died Julv i\ from accidental d'm- 
bro„ ? ht to hospital I eharg.- o'f pl-itol 

l; ■'■■•'•" '" : - v . ' •■ ■ ; "•:;.:•. iiuah : .. v.^'Um 

Haahant Win. C, Boston < • Rob v Geo. W.. Ld well 

Harvey James A., Boston j •Rogers James, Boston 

Hatch Edward K., [lost n l »Rv«n Wm. P.. I'.-: ^:: 

}{< * 1' • i '■ '... Boston . Si-i .: . :■■'.!.. .'•. II xbury 

llevtier rhom,^-, B,-a.m. ki'u-d a: ' >:.! '. i ~ .:. .r-i A.. <; nra, di«- 

Battle'Of Bull Run, July 21 » charged June 8, l«il, sick 

kVard' i . Cyi us T-, Si ■ ham, 

onnd l;-j risop.erat M a 

Wardwcll Domini .' - • • 

ili ?. r. :.. di -.; u led J m o ^, 
1-Stil; \\i-:,k ankle 
' •Warren Joscj ! , G., Charlestown 
O'Hara Steph., Stoneham, wonnd- 'Warren ! \ 5. A., Chi '. ■ : «'n 
id and taken i i >n •' •" White Wallace 1'., Morton, d:s- 

';• '! Bun; sine ! rv. i : - I ; -. ill 

i Be.!! Iliin; •'■:■' ' : - : ■ • , •. . ! .. : 

| ;. rmanentiv ■:.. ibled i *^ II.. B. stc-n 

•K edJ ... s IL. * I ill bto- n Will utt W.C.d • I I 

\\ . ins Edwi : j., Roxbnry, 

wounded in Uie '.-.-■. and t.:kv'i! 

pri men ii d homa 

*\ .-.- . I has. tl . \:- stou 
•Wil .. v. in. IL, Boston 

Company G- (Concord Artillery), Concord.— 5th Keg. 

w" is Company A. Concord Art:'; ■:-. . The letter wa* • ban ed while at W shins ton, but 
a known u.s (?ompanv A, even when it belonged to the First iiegiment of 
Artillery. I'ln ■ unpanv was incorpariil d,on potition»o1 ■ irl - Hammond and others, 
Feb. 2$, l- .(. )• iid held th. ir lir^t public parade on the ith of July following. The charter 
says, — "Whereas, Major John Buttrick and CapL Isaac Davis, with & party of armed 
yeomanry, did, on the birthday of our devolution, attack and d<.fci^ a superior number of 

* Re-en Hated. 



the Invaders of our country, who were most advantageouslv posted at the North Bridge of 

CuncuM, it ir- or !• t -d thai the pruyei of thepetitiou bo grind l.andtli 

pieces, with proper apparatus, be provided for said company, 

lo commemorate and render honor to th< tcfion vvhieb led to the victor} oftl 

to yei petuute th names; of the pill ml Buttriel ind llosmer, and al o to auiniati\in li 

trdor ai b ■ • r of the defenders of our country." In tin war of 1812, the artillery 
were ordered r<: S tutli [5oston, where tli< y n rmrincd in camp thr. moui U.«. Tl man In <i 
to Boston with the Concord JLjjyJil Infantry and the Wton Ulu ;, " ai I, 
through Boston," as au'pbserver said, ." they were cheered throi 
crossed orcr to South Boston on scows. 53 (South Boston Bridge then w • 

Orders were received long before light, on the 10th of April, 1801. to reporl on Bos- 
tonComruon, and at noon of that day, the anniversary of tin Battle of Concord, 1 . 
C mcord, under the command of Capt. Geo. L. Present t. The whole people tm 
witness their departnre, and fhej were addressed i>> Judge Hoar, and prayers wer< . 
for their well-being jiud safe return. They i eft Boston on tin 21st, and" sail I I 
morning froni New York for Annapolis and. from thence marched to VTi 
a country filial with disloyalists. The company was in the Battle of Bull lluri re live 

of them were taken prisoners. On (heir return to Concord, tin inhabitants I 
masse, and gave them n most cordial reception. The company has always taken 
stand ms a well-drilled company, and the most respectable citizens of the "town ha. 
members, and have always given tin", company their influence and assi tance. 


Captain, *GEO. L. PRESCOTT, Concord, re-enlisted as Capt. Co. B, Fort Warren. 
1st ZieuL, Joseph Dekby, Jr.. Concord ■ 2d Lieut., Humphrey IT. Bui n:n k, Concord ; 

M Lieut., Charles Bowers, Concord. 
Sergeants, YV'm. S. Rice, Com or.], prisoner at New Orleans ; Geo. V. Hall, ( oni rn I ; Cyrus 

ilesiur-v. Concord, prisoner at New Orleans ; Geo. W. Lanfiat, i one >rd. • 
(,n-j,ercl<, Stegfeea II. Ri yn olds, "Concord ; Francis M. Gregory, Conco^ d; Geo. Buti rick 
'Concord ; Samuel S. Wood, Concord. 

Ball Geo. U. t Co- 
Bail Warren B., ( 
Bates Wm.C, B 

New Orleans 
Brackett F-Mward 
Bovew \v tlllei i. 



Jonathan F., Wob 

I 8n '■<■• -r. Lewis T., Cj ■■■ nl 
i Sicv> ;isou 'I :; :a. (.. C irl . • 

isoncr at Johnson Henry, Concord i discharged June s 

■! n " .i i.l' is. A.. Waltham ; SI rraan Geo. F., Lincoln 

Johnson Albert N., Lincoln, dis- [ Smith John \V., Woburn, 

ciiuru'tfl June K j June '£1 

Leiithe .7oii.i]i, jr., "Waltham, joined . Souther Geo. E., Qui 

June 23' - n : *TU1d John E., Wobui , j '• . I 

Livingston BenjaminF., Waltham, ! June 23 

Concord joined Jnne :# ] *Tuylor Warren F.,W bum,, 

..Concord I Loring Benjamin, jr., Weymouth | June 23 

Concord I *Lyons John E., Lunenburg 1 Ware George, Boston, was dis- 

R., i "••.cl j Maxfield John M., Woburn, joined I charged June *.) 

r., Woburn June'Lfl ■ Warland Thos.F., Wobnrn, joined 

'■'.. jr.. E. Braintree ; Melvin Asa, Concord j .TuneiS 

.Concord ! Messer George E., Concord Watts Horatio C. C 

H., Lincoln i Mulliken Chas.F., Woburn, joined »Webb Edward F.. tVeynionth 

I on .rd June 2:3 ' *WeMn2ti>n Low. !l. • .. V i . . n 

•• ■•,.-..] Nealcy Charles, Concord : Wheeler Caleb II.. < : rd 

Concord j Osborne Ira J.. Ashby j Wheeler Edward S., ( 

cisN., Boston i 'Femberton Kolu., Woburn, joined i pri>o:ivr at N .-■ i'-'-ur:.; 

meord • j .!'■■<■.■ •-"'. v .n;., ■,.-.] in shoulder at ■ Wheeler Henrv 1... Concord, pns- 
W., Woburn Battle t Bull Run oner nt New Orleans 

So. Acton, joined 1 1*1 ' s Edward F., Concord ; W! eler Joseph, l^incoln 

Putfci ' harle?. Concord i »Whitney Geo. T., Harvard 

.,V.*althani , "I'liil r.I hn S., Concord i *WhU;";or William P., S^nbornt .1 
F., Concord, be- RQ-ynolds Edward W., Concord ^i.i.N.i 1 - 

! K eers John S., Woburn, joined ! Winn Joseph 1"... 1 

C, Woburn, joined June to w r i<rhi .Fuji no, iu 

rJune23 ; Bobbins Elbridge.jr,, Concord I iWyiuaa Joseph L., 
.'., Woburn. j >::u.d I liobbins Joseph X., Acton 

Coj-npany ~E£ (Salem City Guards), Salem— 5th Beg. 
City Guards was organized N"ov. 14, LS4(.5. Thi 



An of« 

I* M ' \i 

• r < a 


th<- Sa 


! Ha 

(Ml t 



itc 1. 

tis company belomrs' to tin ." 
ass. ■Volunteer 31ilitia. A. dispatch was received "from Col Lawn 
forenoon of the Jyth of April, to sc« if they wouhl like to h 
a; and if eo, how many they could muster. An au wrer was 
it they were readv to g-o, and would b: ; :-^ at !■ isl for) e men. 
An Ord«T came al l,F.>r., for the eompauy to report themseJve on lio.^t >u •' omnimi ..r -1. 
r.M.; but, for some cause, thev wore unable to leave Salem until the next <i lv - - I 
), a.m. — when they' left, with seventy -four men and ..-filer.-, in com 
Mechanic Light Infantry, and 'on arriving in Boston, went immediately to 

return from "Washington, thev arrived in Salem, in company with the Salem 
ight -Infautrv, on tho:ilst of Julv, at about 10 o'clock, A.M. A ■ irvd, 

the bells were rung, anil thf-V marched through the prin ipal street*, escorted by tl 
members' of eacb company, trie Salem Divisionary < orps Independont Padets T and the drill 
Clubs of tltr city. When they arrived in front of the City Hall, they were welcomed 
home by rhe.mayor, tu behalf of the citizens, al'ui- which they part .-.'. of a e ubst ,• 
ner at Mechanic llali. 


Captain, HKNl.-Y K. DAXFHKTir, Salem. 

Ut Litnt., *Ktuk Staf.k, South Danvcrs ; id LUut., Wm. F. SniXF.n, Soutb Danvei 

MLieut., Geo. ii. Wilis v; South Danvers ; W\ i.< ■ /., John E. Stone, So. Dai rcra. 

Sergeants, *George S. Peach, &alem ; Benjamin >'• Pickering, Salem. 

• Re-cnlisted. 



Corporals, "Joseph B. Nay, Salem, prom* :--'l sergeant, July 1; .T'.:v. a. SdinDcr, South 

punvers ; *Wm. Yobey, Salem ; Johu Pollock, Salem, promoted sergeant, July 1. 

Musician, 'Joseph Anthouy, Salem. 

Bickford Win. :-..■•• 
Bro« i •■ Geo. ' ■. ■ 

Bulge) J:.:.,- 5, Si em 

•Berg Wra. R.. Sahm 

Chase Cias. \v., j ali m 

Clark Edward A.. Danrer'sport 

•Clark Sylvesl >r, Sal m 


• •UoytJohn A., Sail m 

j J..:i«"j Samuel. Gloueesb r 

; 'Ki hew FrimcJa A., Salem 

j *Kehew George, Salem 

I "Kelley Edward, Danvi s 

i •Kellej James VV"., So. Dai vers 

I 'Kelley Thos. 1(., So. Daaveru 

Dow Geort'e 

prison.:- al 


Salem, t ikon 
e of Bull Kuj , 


bail Wm. Li, Sal m 
!, Har is, S le n 

and curri d 
•Eaton Alnhi 
•Estes Jo i i i 
Farrell WilJh 


iim ...a. \'a. 
h th 

ith Danvera 
item, wounded 


John W., South Danvera, dis- 
r.-.l Ma : ' 
ehnn Dennis, Salem 
. J lines \\ ., Danvera 

dudl (. h a . (J 1 S >. I'a.r. era, 

•Fer-ivu a 5s 
♦Gilford Dav 

•Gilford i 

Gtlf rd Win. 

l 4.., 

L, S lem 

I , So. Danvera 
... Danvera, i m- 

Mi t 
Sic I 

ai i ind Cha* .. bull m, ; '■■ onudod 
y L-l 

uflie Hujdi, Salem, served as 
_•:. until June 1, when he re- 

moted to ci 

1, July Hi died 

n •! to do Uity as private 

Sept. ---, Ifs 
Grover Jamt 

V. " "i 

., Ui Salem, dis- 


■ 11 Henrj 0., So. D oivers 
L-tt Hai A . So. Danvers 

charged Ju 
Hackett Liar; 


ihy L'l 03. G., So. Danvera 
ter Oliver, So. Dauvexs 

••Hart Geo. <> 
Hibbard Gui-t 
Hinds John > 


: 1 >. avers 


n» Cyrus, Salem 

Peach Wj ■ si rved ss 

si r ■ •.. .!•.. . he n - 

.' ■ . : 

Perkins Jus 

fii n David H., So. ! ■■■ era 

'Quia n John. Su em 

Itamsdell l'' Icr A . Salem, pro- 
moted to eon >ral Jul • ) 

•Ri hn . Danveraport 

ilson Henri U., Do iver | ■■tl 

!'•-!. |) mvera 

. v. ni.. I n pris- 

ini i at Battli ■■ Bull Ki 

21, and i nrri ' Ui Ricbiuoi • . 

] • i VVm . . Salem 

Thompson G«o dera, killed 

at Battle of Bull Run, July 21 

• it J ■ M , Dangers 

•Trask Henry , - 

> Very Herbert V , So. D 

•Webster George, Danvera 

w bite Henry P.. 

White Thorn , 

- w ile ■• San .. :1, - nth Danvera 

■V, illiam - miu •'."., So. Danvers 

•Williams W'm, D . Sal ■■ 

Wilson Jacob fcl., Salem 

Company X fSmmrrille Light Infantry), Somerville.— 5th ]3leg. 
The members of this couapaay aaswerefl >vith alaenty the summons of tbe government 

to meet and re 
!63 )tt ci b< . - 
tlic\v arrived ab 
leaving Somorv 
and over (bur t3 
speecires made, 
July 30, ISC I, 
townsmen testi 

traitor^. April •-'>. 1801, tin company left their armory, under an 
sand citizens, with a baud of music, and marches! to Hoston, where 
n, and were quartered with their regiment in Kaneuil Hall. Before 
teeting was held by the -citizens to aid the families of the company, 
I dollars obtained; and on their leaving, a prayer was oixcred_, and 
Eest anient presented to every member of the company, 
mpany, having served it-; term, returned to Somervilie, and their 
Lr- appreciation- of- -ttieir patriotism and bvavx-ry bv joiningio large 
numbers to do escort duty, and giving the returned soidiery a warm \ clcome and a sub- 
stantial collation. A bouquet was presented to each member of the company by the ladies ; 
a prayer was oll'erecl by the Kev. G. G. Fairbanks, after which a spe ch o"f ivelcome was 
made by Joseph 1>. Proctor, Esq., and responded to by Capt. Brastow. 1 be Home Guard 
ami the SremoB joined in tlie reception, and a salute of one hundred guns was fired on i'k 


Captain, GEORGE O. BBASTOW, Somervilie. 
1st Lieut., Wsi. E. KOBLN'sosf, Somervilie ; 2d Lieut,, Frudeuick K. Kixsley-, Somervilie. 
Sergeants, 'Walter C. Bailey, Somervilie ; Joint Harrington, Somervilie j *Wm. K. Corlew, 

Somervilie ; ,VA\u C. Watson, Somervilie. 
Corporidt, lir'.ivy 11. Eobiuson, Somervilie; James E. Paul, Somervilie ; Isaac Barker, 

Jr., Somervilie. 
Musician, *Syduey S. Whiting, Boston. 


Giles Jno.IVank, Somervilie ! Parker Joseph A., jr., Wobtim. 

Gitej J.Hv'ph J.. S.-)inervi!le j.-.ini-d jX V- -..-I. ii _t-u. Ju;u- 13 

Or. -::n 'J'::o;r.:'s, S nnrrvi!;.', j* ined 1 .rlcr Ji-scph i!.. Wubura, joined 

a! W:- s ::in'j-f..ii. ,l..i .- l\ ■ a: Wa-hiiu'li a. Jim 

Grandv Henry £., llallr.rd^ »!e Parker Warn n F., Wi burnjomed 
" 1 !:.'.. J .i> \,l. '. |r.. >....■-. i . ■';•_■ ; lit Washin j - ■ ■■•. .i Mtiv i ■ 

•i'.iunmoinl HL-nry C, <oiii.-rvi!le Pers..:^ U- h ^V 1 l•;^ u 

Hanafurd 1. Frank. ^.•m-.-.-viiU-, Powers Cha.-. U., Somervilie 

= ! .. • in '■ :i -ea : at l:.-.i lie i I' "■ nil 'Quimbj t bas. (.'.. Somervilie 

>;■.-.", t. idilied a pri • i rut -V i- \\ j. : ^ < > '.■■ .-. W'.,S ■,. rvill .joined 

;:■-■- n rl t i :' Julv :i j; Wjsl ■;-:. ii, June I:: 

H -.-!-^(,. ,. p., Si.riierville I Scbillinper Benj. F-, Chorlestowu 

i'-: :•■:■ J Jm K.. Som rviile '.Shatcu k U. Lucius, Marlboro', 
'>:■ .. .,■-<■ o. A >.. C! irli stewn N. If. 

•ii isdon Alfred. Cambridge I Shaw Wra. F... Portland. Me. 

•Hopkins James K., £ uervLSJe Simonda Nathan A.. Sfsnerville, 
•Howe Piinj i;.. > :-.rvi ; !i: ( discharged on nccoujit fsicknesa 

Ilvde Kichan} J., S'-nu-erviUe > Sweenev t -iMri.-s -*-! .. Somervilie, 

Jei ... is Hi.niti • N., jr.. CI, :•■ 3 • ■ -.'... - .- m, May 15 

JobiiS'in J. -.:•: . Ci.'. L-ea.j lined at A an l)e - -.:..! J dm, So:m rviile 

WushiurJ m.Juiielii Walker Edward M., Sottu rviile 

•K'.ll.nrn i hi.-!, s Lunenburg j Wallace Kins] v, Somervilie 

Ktasfc-y Will ird, S imerville ! Watson Wm. \V., Somervilie 

•Mnonvv Hiaa. A., 11 don Weste. -.<'. hi. . .•-.> •• >-r. iile.jcin- 
M ■ v>. ! : uk, S. ;. rvill. . died e.l a! Washin rtw . I ue 13 

. : V. u , ,t. ;t ... ,;., ■ I, |N,i ".. Iiitei . ::. (. >■ !'., U «t..n 

*-*.-i» >i <. i..:-- 'A., jr.. Franklin, Wyer Edwin P., Sunierviile, joined 

w, indfd sli-bMv.Julv .1 al W mb inet. in, June l'l 

*:; : n Flo: • - S . -. ." ■• • i ie \'- ■ - .- Ei l!» r • . - •■ en-ill . 
n .--.!.:. i W., -■..: , |oi; .j ai; ! i. Ji uu I ■ 

Paine Joseph W., Somervilie . l'oiing Joseph, SomervUlo 

•Adams Albi ->n. Sc 

Atw I Hav ••, 

•Bennett Edwin i 
•Binuey 11. .'-f- 

I - v .."." \v] ''" . 'I . 
Bouaer Cha*. D., 
Brown SVt i. !(., 

at Washinston, 
•Brackett Edwar, 
•JBuckinshani Li 

villi , sen e i i 


Carr Wm. M., 
Caswell ilberl 
( : shy Elkai a 
•OavisJ A i ! . 
•1 aton Wm. j: 

•Km -v :..:.■■ 

►Eustis Hump! 

Eustis Wm. -J 

mated te.cori 

Gibsoi Wi 

i t ajabriuc* 

Conrpacy J51 fCharlestown City Guards), Charlestowti.— 5th lvep. 
Tbia bo4y of citizen-soldiery was organized in 1S00, and celebratfexl its first anniversary 
oo the l*ta of June. 1S5I. Its first cemmauder was Hon. George V. Sa.uger,^NvUo was 

• Re-enlisted. 



Followed ssuwessively by Captains VY". W. rierce, Chas. B. Rogers, Coo. 1*. Kettell, and 
,i .i !M ;'. L?oyd. ';'!/•• corps haw always i i joj . ;... h state or pro perit; , froiu i»n or- 
ganization to tbe present thni?, — its rolls ?><••., i uumbering ' • ight 
active, and three hundn I and fifty civil members. A.1 the call of the t'resid •. 
United State? for troops in April, iv>l, tin corupau) innnediatelj jet aboul perl 

Ivi.'.s in diseiplino and drill, and were ready to n>sp(»ud promptly to Khi call. April 
i.-, tii ■..''• ' ived oi k» i . . •! ^\; for Boston to join their regiment. Before 1. tying the 
■irmbrv, patriotic addresses- were, made by -several | ■ominenl citiz u 
prayer otfe red b j Hi tt«v. Mr. Kittredge, of Green Str et I luirch. 'I eutleman 

also presented a pocket Jiible to each member of the company. Thej i fl -, amid 

the cheers and u G'>d-*peeds " of a thousand anxious heart and were escorted to i;<»~t>» :i by 
an immense concourse of citizens, whore they remained until Sunday morning, tl 
when thev left for Washington. 

The story of the camp lite of this company is similar to that of every company al the 
sent of war. Every attention was paid to the wants of tlic company by U> frieu Is at 
home, n ml every mail brought some memento to remiml the members ol the ■'• 
left behind. One particularly interesting feature of -tin campaign was tin celebration, of 
their wmiversarj on the soil of Virginia, by a parade and dinner ou the 17th of June. 
The health of the company was exceedingly good, and the men bore with indomitable 
firmness the privations and hardships they were called upon to endure. Five mi 
were tofl In-hind. Samuel E. Chandler, Henry A. Angier, and Converse A. Hal :oi c, 
wore wounded at the Battle of Manassas, and are prisoners, together with G orgc I 1 . 
Childs, ut Sew Orleans. Sumner Fish is supposed to have been killed, ■- nothing has 
been heard from him since the day of the battle. They -were-bravt and generous fellows, 
and have the warmest sympathies of their more fortunate companion! in arms 
host of a Imiriug friends. 

July ;;>i, the company returned home, and its reception, in common with the diaries- 
town Artillery, was one of the grandest demonstrations that has been witnessed in 
Chi rlestowu for manyyears. Quitea number of the members have re-enli ted in other 

r.-.;;i. •..■:;■.>. 


1st L 


X T. 110VD, Charlestown, promoted to Major of 5th Regiment, July 7. 1861. 
!> )). XoiaoN, Charlestown, promoted to Captain, July ,. [SGI j 'Id Lieut.. 

Cai ten Dti&w, Charlestown. promoted to 1st Lieut., July ?, 13C1 ; :,<> Lieut, Waltku 
E\ skett, Charles town, promoted xo 2d Lieut., July 7, 1SG1. 
Sergeants. Albert Frescott, Charlestown ; D. Webster Davis, Charlestown; Samuel A 

Wright, Charlestown; George A. Bird, Charlestown. 

Corporate, Wjliirun TV". Davis, Charlestown ; Enoch J. Clark, Charlestown ; Joseph Boyd, 

Charlestown ; George F. Braekett, Charlestown. 

Musician, Joshua T. Simpson, Charlestown. 

! Ilil ton Amos S., Charlestown 
Holmes Peter M., Charlestown, 
j- Sued at Washington, Y .. 15, 

'K ..' e w. H.. East C: 
] ane (.!'.:i-. ] >. u\, (.hurl •■ - n 
Lorinsjjohn if.. Charlestown 
Melvin Win, W.. gtou 
Merrill Alfred K.. Char! 
Moulton J. - •;■'•.. Chai -' •--• . 
joined a: Washington, May J.", 

Ncwharl 151 i.'n'. Churtestown 

N r ?chol ■■.••■■■• : . Chariest 

Ni!< I : .- < ■ ■ . own 

Palmer 1.1 vd •'... Cliarl< stown, 

■-\.\-: ■■:.:■ a 
Patti n Gen. \V..CJuii ■ .row : 
Perkins Cha . If., Cii irlestown 
*Q .:'..■'■.'. -t ,wn 

Rums ■•. r ■• . i .. 

H ■ ■ •■ ' . . 


East Cambridge 


Samuel E., Lexington, | 


WQ.3 '": 

11 y •■■ tnded in the arm, | 

A., Charlestown, 


prisom r, and c ii ncd :■ ; 

by. n nor ball, 


md, wl ere ho remained j 
ix months, when hi ■• is 

•' ; " '• l hmond 

n lease 

;. ret imed home, and 

A. i harkstown 

Vii-> Wi 

loomed with macy public 

J ; tl:^i'S: 

cob 13.. Charlestown ■ 
pnjamin, Charlestown 

i Cha L 1, .,? wu 

:dward K., Charlestown, 
gcd for disability, June 

.■.-■ >wa 

K5. IW1 
Devon u 

arews M.. Charlestown 
,,-t ;; ( '■ iri ;tow n 

I, . | pi l .. "'. i 
K (.1. :. .V.. ' . :•. town 

Dow J a) 

. S A., (.': -' -"A 11 


..•-,( . • : • : ••■■!. niissin r 

. ■ i... •• ■ U'Ca 

r:r ' 

,,. fJ|uttlto, f J ul,Sl, 

Floyd 1) 

ivid 0., Boston 

,.-..•. iwn 


ham Frank E., Charles- 

Ch ,..;. 
Clark ■'• 
Clark J v 

CtiarU stown 
•Jd, CUari-..--.r.jv. n 

Fr »thin«h»m John B., Charlestown 

! Harding Will nr . !'.. J.- scington, 

diseharcetlJune 2, lcW! 

ir,;.i.H Itenry \V„ Ciiarlestown , 

joined at Washington, May !.■ 

i ISGl 

- 1 .. ( 
I .-..:' us ! . . t . ' 
npwn tie. . •-■ .. :: ■• • 
■ • vlbi >■■ v- .. :: >st4>a 

■ ..." 

-Sixth Regiment, Infantry. 

This regiment, though widely scattered in the counties of Middlesex and Essex, 
mustered in force at" Lowell, April 16th, 1861, at nine o'clock in th« m rrriiig, \ t i ; * -•■■■ 
<■{ ;.' m having had mor« than twelve hours' notice, and some -\ great deal less. Bt-fore 
leaving JUowell, they were addressed by the Mayor and others, and. wen cheei 
crowds of enthusiastic citizens. Arriving in Boston at one-o'clock the same day, they 
met with another warm reception, and were escorted by crowds of citizens to Fai 
'1a!1 an I from thence to Boylston Hall. 




April 1 7th, at eleven o'cl art th • [iment marched to the State House, n exchange 
their old muskets for the rifled arm's. Here the Governor them in the 

nentary manner, giving utteranw to sentim nts of the hi ism', and 

r A j'i'< - •'.! •.; ! : their devotion, courage, and efficiency in the causi 

h id ■■!)■•■'"['. ralli >'. to tip] rt. Ihe Governor then presented the i loi 
q ot to Col ad J< ' so re ponded with much feeling, plei g I 

: to them. Before .leaving Boston, as a mark of respect to Colonel Joi ,itwas 
de< ided to adopt, as the "'Ban', htei of the Regiment," his daughter, an intelligent and 
interesting girlof twelve years. She was presented by Major Watson, and i 
the strongest demonstrations of joy. At seven in the ( vening the regiment man 
the Worcester depot, and too!; the cars for Washington, Along the i lute thi 
greeted by the people, and saluted by the discharge of cannon and tin ringing of be 
At Worcester, an immense crowd met them with patriotic den 
Springfield, where they arrived at a late hour, they were received by the n 
fir," d< nartments, and by thousands who manifested a deep in ten 5t in t! em. Arriving 
at New York about sunrise, April 18th, they received a splendid ovation from the 
soldiers and citizens of that city. While passing down Broadway, a venerable gentle- 
man, formerly o: Ipswich, Mass., said, with much emotion, " These boys won't run : 
I conn anded a regiment of them in the last war.'" At twelve o'clock, they left 
;:,( c ':■ by the Jersey Ferry. 

Crossing the river, the troops entered the spurious depot of the N. J. Railroad Co., 
which was crowded with patriotic Jerseymen and women. From the balcony around 
the building, the bright eyes of mam a fair one looked down in sparkling delight at the 
prompt match r>f the brave Massachusetts boys to their cou p.'- deferree. Flags were 
warm by kendo ds of fa-jr hands,. and while the volunteers wen , titii 
nut a few of the miniature copies of the national emblem were sjnii i:> l- : . tran fern d to 
thi ir keeping. After considerable delay, the ears moved on amidst a pe'rfect avalanche 
of cheers. 

The N. Y. Eve. Post said: "As the firs: detachment cf the army which A. Eng- 
land will speedily supply, the government, =the regiment made a highly credit.abl 
pearance, and was .shown no more attention than its promptness and patriotism rightly 
des< tved at the h mds of the peoph of New York." 

All along the route through New Jersey, the people gathered at. every station to wel- 
come them. They reach* d Philadelphia at seven -p. m., and so densely filled- were the 
streets with people who came forth to receive them, that it was with much difficulty the 
eoluum could, pm*! its way through. A member of the regiment states: "So enthusi- 
astic were our friends, that they rushed into our ranks,"threw their arm- about the 
necks of our soldiers, and emptying their own pockets for our benefit, seemed fairly 
beside themselves with joy. I doubt whether old Massachusetts ever befon or since 
received such encomiums, or her sons such a generous welcome, as on that night h tl e 
city of brotherly love." 

After partaking of supper at the Continental, the troops were quartered at. the Girard 
House. ij> ; t hardly had they sought the repose so much needed, after their hurried and 
exciting journey of the day and previous night, when they were aroused by tin i . 
roll calling i! em to arms, in consequence of information brought by Col. Phillips, of 
Woi ;ester,to the effect that arrangements were being made to dispute their passage 
throng! Baltimore, and that, to save : the capital, it was necessary to reach there ef e 
another ni; r. Colonel Jones immediately, resumed the march, and took the ears for 
Baltimore, tt em. o'clock on tin- mqrnii g ef the 19th of April. 

the following report by Colonel Jones, in regard to the passage through Baltimore, 
General Butler's adjutant, April 22d, after the regiment had arrived in 

jor William II. Cltjmence : — 

ai • e with Special Order No. 0, I proceeded' with my command toward the 
ii :■ >n, [■ tving Boston on the evening or* the 17th April, arrived in New 
[jori inj of the 18th, and proceeded to Philadelphia, reaching that place 
<v uing. On our way John Brady, of Company li, Lowell, a as taken 
iei ti ing ir unsafe to have him accompany the regiment, 1 left him at De- 
prsey, with I.'C. Buck, with directions that he should telegraph Mayor 
Lowell, as ; • the disposition of him ; and we proceeded thence to Bal ti- 
ll it pi u e ■■• :, >on on the 19th. After leaving Philadt lphia, 1 received 
tt our pa -sage through the city of Baltimore would be resisted. I caused 
u te distributed and anus loaded, and went personally through ihe ears 
: following order, vi*. : — 

imeht wili'march through Baltimore in column of sections, arms at will. 
oubt< illy be in ;ulted, abused, a?-. ri perh ips i uilte I, to whi mi •". 
ion whatever, but march with your faces square to ihe front, and pay no 
» mub, even if thev throw stones, 'bricks, 'or. other mi sib \l if you are 
! •• y ie o'f you (s hit, your officers wilt order you to fire" D not fii 
into any pro? isi •■;-. rowds, but select any man whom you may see aiming at you, and 
i. • sure foi tiro] him.' 

".Reaching Baltimore, horses were attached the instant that the locomotive was de- 
tached., ai i the cars were driven at a rapid pace across the city. After th< cms con- 
taining seven companies had reached the sVashington depot, the track behind them 
was barricaded, and the cars containing band and the following companies, viz., Com- 

was m 

\\ ashi 

, o t 







city of 


"i Oik ( 




Sar£ ea 


mure, i 




aim : - 

M * 'i. 
You \- 

paj i.o 

att. titi 
1 .. : :: 


of Lowell, Captain Pollansbee; Company D, of Lowell, Captain Hart; Coni- 

, ! ,. oi Lawrence, Captain t'ickering; and Company C, of Stonehara, Captain Dike. 

by tl i baud, nd they proceeded to mar< b in accordance with orders, and 

...;■. but a '■■:" •' tee before they were furiously attacked by a shower of 
tra , ter as fchey advanced.. They increased their step to d 

... t, •■ . ■ ■::• 'd to infuriate the mob, as it evidently impressed the mob with the 
_'.,,•.••■•• joldivrs Ui ?d nol fire or had no ammunii ion, and j istol-shots were nuraer- 
, ,...-,• .;.-. .. into th • ranks, and one soldier fell dead. The order, Fire, was ( ivi n, and it 
tr«a executed ; in comequcn :e, several of the mob fell, aud the soldiers ag tin adv 

. ; .;:•.. rhe Mayoi of Baltimore placed himself at the head of the column, bi 
( k pi i'iti .-.''. and proceeded with them a short distance, assurh v him that b 

u /•:'. . : •■ •: ihe-Bi, and begging him not to let the men tire; but the Mayor's patience 
. . . ■ .-. i,.and be seized a musket from the hands of one of the men and 
killed a •-. in Lh« rcwith, and a policeman, who was in advance of the column also shot a 
ma ' ■ ~ ■ • volver. 
■ : i»st reached the cars, and they started immediately for Washington. On 

• >•;.,. ■ t .'■ th< train, found there were- about one hundred and thirty mi 
,.,;. .•• • ., i .:.- ; and field music. Our baggage was seized, and we have not as 

! . . . :• rover any of it. I have found it very difficult to get reliable information 

I- r< : i • j the killed and wounded/' 

. ' ■ i : fallows a list of the killed and wounded, as accurate as it could be made at the 
li - e.j 

■» ', the men, went into the cars, I caused the blinds of the cars to be closed, and 
;:. [ju'tion to prevent any shadow of offence to the people of Baltimore; but 
i ' ' - . Sew thick and fast into the train, and it was* with fche-ufra itdUSi 

- . . ' • ■■• pi ■vent the troops from leaving the ears and revenging the death of tv : 
i '.'.-. After a volley of stones, some one of the soldier's fired and kill d a Mr. 
I i ■ . ■• ■-. I have since ascertained by reliable witnesses, threw a. stone into. the car. 
j ' ■ L did not justify the firing at him, but the men were infuriated beyond contj il. 
', . • . . : Was! ington we were quartered at the Capitol in the Senate Chamber, and 
s : • . od health and spirits. 

" '• I . made every 6 ffort to get possession of the bodies of our comrades, but have not 
r«i ■-' j. Should I succeed, I shall forward them to Boston if practicable, other - 

• :'■ dl myself of a kind offer of Geoiqc W >ods,*Esq., who fas offered- me a 
;- r*i i t in the Congressional Burying Ground for the purpose of interment. 

' "■ • re thif day mustered into the United States service, and will forward the rolls 

• - •. : lipportunity after veriiication. 

Colonel Sixth Regiment, 21. V, M., in service of iJtt>^' r ' States." 

At ■■':'■ -r statement, from a member of the regiment, gives some additional facts in 

• ■ ' ) the order in which the regimentwent " through Baltimore/' It states: — 

" '•• : • ■; we \i ft Philadelphia, which was about 1 o'clock on the morning of April 19th, 

■" ■■ ; " ipp iTent to the regimental officers that difficulties would attend our passage 

' ■' I itimnre, aad orders were issued by the Colonel for the arms to be loaded. On 

I ■■■■■ !? tsquehanna, our train was greatly. augmented by the addition of car3 

' ■ • "• .tinned eorps of .young men, apparently from 16 to 22 years of age, nram- 

' •■ •; ' d, about LOGO, and calling themselves Small's Brigade. I am unawi i . 

' ! r ' sreitioo took place between the two corps at any time. In r. - 

* tain on the south side of the Susquehanna, it being night-time, some of 

• . '. ■■•■ ere b portion of the Sixth Kegiment, were misplaced, separatii 

■ •••■< : comp tme ■ of the regiment, and breaking the order in which it v \.a 

the ears n Philadelphia, namely, in regular order from right to left, each 

• ; ■:■■• ! a sii ■'. ■-■ car, the last and 'left' company being Co. K, Capt. 

*■■ »*» Boston. This disarrangement of the line was not discovered by the 

icer*, and was afterwards the oc"- ; .>n of unhappy results. The great 

'"•■"•• : • ■ train so retarded its speed that we did not arrive in Baltimoi uetil nearly 

" fore ar'rivin - thi re, Col. Jones promulgated an order in the forward car, 

i " *i«cd the held and staff officers, that if interfered with in Baltimore, or in- 

•'■'"••. no notice should be taken of if. But if fired upon, the regiment was 

- ■■ Also that the regiment would form in column of sections and m r 

'v- This order was probably promulgated through the entire regiment, 

■ red Major Watson, his second hi command, to repair, upon the st p- 

' '■ : '- ' • the ! ft company, Capt. Sampson, to remain in the car with that 

rdered to file out into place in column, and charged him to see the rear 

"*'"•* - - i the city. When the train arrived and stopped. Major Watson 

' ' this order, through the gathering and excit< I crowd, from the 

one c fhtaining Capt. Sampson's command. No orders came to file 

' ' ■ ' ''"' - "■ tea' time all of the cars forward of the one occupied by Capt. 

■ '■ * ' ■•' the larger portion of that company, Hisappe red, and horses 

r - ' •' " ■ - : ''-^. We knew nothing Of the movements of the balance of the 

• ■• ' '_ ' •'• ' '• •• •' '■■ ■■ i ! been transmitted to us of a char..-.' 171 the orders. ( r 

'' lMF " I j :.' r*i s t:n til it came to the iirst turn in the street, when, owing to 

' • *• ; * '■' , ls "' '■' ,r - from the track. Major Watson ordered Capt. Sampson to 

«***B1 hi* men fr >m tenring the car, while he, with the aid of a passing team, sue 

T**is ..:-! t-v'i vaun 1*4, u >.=. m corrected, are noted in the company rolls on the following page*. 



cceded in replacing the car upon the track. At this tirin tbei ir< much excited, 

and many missiles were- thrown at and into the car. We proceedi : 01 to ] rati Jti et, 

nearly opposite the dock, when the mob surrounded the- <:-<.v, and, detwbing the h( 
stopped the car in suspicious proximity to a large pile i ;" pavrn - - tone ■. ! f ere a most 
furious and determined attack was made with s.ton< • and ot! 
wounding several in the c ^r, and makii tg ( . it aim 03 1 a complete ^ reek. ^ 
fired upon, the fire was returned from the cur. Major Wats i i ord< n the command to 
shelter themselves, so far as was possible, by lying upon the floor 
went out into the crowd and by threats, enforced by the formidable appear mce of his 
revolver, compelled the driver to reattach the horses, end, amid a fresh volley, ir went 
forward a short distance, when the horses were again detached. Hero the crowd wan 
less numerous, and Major Watson succeeded in again getting the hoi d, and 

the car was drawn to the Washington depot without furtl •' IS ulty, oth< i han an 
occasional stray shot or brickbat and torrents of imprecations and threats. Arrivi : t 
the depot, we found Col, Jones and start', and the entire portion of the regiment that 
had prrceded us, and ascertained thai, they had made the passage wit;,'-.-. ith< i moles- 
tation than insulting language from the rioters, and also learned that the orderof march 
had not been c rried but because the horses were attached to the front car so rapidly, a d 
for the same reason, as the Colonel alleged, there was not time for him to countermand 
his order to march. We also then learned further that another portion of the regiment 
had not arrived, consisting of Company C, of Lowell, Capt. Poliansbee, Company I, of 
Lawrence, Capt. Pickering, Company L, of Stoneham, Capt. Dike, and a part of Com- 
pany D, of Lowell, Cape. Hart. These companies were the ones separated from to 
in trie making up of the train at the crossing of the Susquehanna. The mob so tore Tip 
and obstructed the track, that they were compelled to march through the city, and it 
was their march which lias been so generally des< ribed in the published acc< unto, 

"•'While Major "W. and Capt. Sampsons eompauj were engaged with the mob,, as 
before related, it was not known to them that any of the regiment were left behind, nor 
sF : as it known what had become of that peri-ion of the regiment undei immi diate 
inand of Col. Jones. After the entire regiment had arrived at. the Washington depot, 
v e wore further delayed some time by obstructions upon the track. During al 
time the car* were surrounded by the furious crowd, and occasional shots were exehanj ed 
between them and the soldiers. Here for the first time the police appeared, and seemed 
to work earnestly in keeping the crowd from contact with the regiment. The police 
force accompanied the train, as far as the Relay House. The whole passage through 
Baltimore must have occupied over two hours." 

Another member, who was with the first companies who passed safely through the 
city, says : 4i Unknown to the officers of the regiment, a change was made in the forma- 
tion of our line, by which three companies, who should have been first through thecity, 
-'.•ore made to bear the brunt of the fight in Baltimore, a few hours later, and thus 
those companies to whom the fight justly belonged, much to their regret, passed through 
the city without sharing it." 

From the foregoing statements it appears that most of the regimental officers, with 
the following companies, — A of Lowell, B of Groton, E of Acton, F of Lawrence, 
II of Lowell, and B of Worcester, with a part of Company k of Boston, passed 
through the streets to the Washington depot, without serious in jury, but not without 
grtMs insults and "danger from the assaults of the mob! The last ear, however, convey- 
ing these companies and one containing a portion of Com] my K_ r with. G&pi. Samp- 
so;i and Lieut. -Cot. Wmsoq, ermounte.vd a serious charge from the -. ' oists, who 
were, however, successfully repulsed, and the car passed on ; only a few of the members 
receiving wounds or bruises from, the stones and missiles which broke in the car win- 

As soon as these cars had passed, the rebels, *«we ten thousand strong, and com- 
posed mainly of toe >; roughs," which distinguish to. t city, made preparations to more 
effectually prevent the passage of the remaining troops. They barricaded the streets 
and removed the rails from the track, rendering the passage bv the cars impossible, and 
Companies and Dof Lowell, I of Lawrence, and L of Stoneham, found that thej 
should be compelled either t.. force their way on foot through the hostile ranks, or 
return. The latter alternative never occurred to gallant men, for on to Wash- 
ington was their inspiring thought. Knowing the righteousness of their cause, they 
believed that " the gates of hell could not prevail against then;." Leaving the cars, 
they formed in order, and heroically breasted the storm which so fearfully raged around 
them. As they left the cars, their ears were saluted with cheers for Jed'. Davis and 
South Carolina, and their eyes were offended by the waving of secession flags, and they 
were told to " dig their graves," and, informed that •• thirty of us can whip the whole of 
you," "Massachusetts men are good for praying, but not for fighting," with other gross 
and insulting language; But the soldiers heed 'd it not? they were bound on a holy 
mission, and proceed* rl to execute it a ..or Hess of ai tacks or ins ults. 

Capt. Follansbee, being the senior officer present, took the j t < f honor, and the 
•mm; anie 3 started at one? to rejoin the' regimen 1 . The rabble which had foil iwed an 1 
assailed them, now increased rapidly ; andperceivi g lh< -. 11 number cf troops — less 
than two hundred — they became embolden I, and increased t) 1 ii rii ', m . .- me brave 
soldiers marshalled themselves for the contest, amidst the thousands who had sur- 
rounded them, and who were intent on their destruction, An eyi -witness writes : — 

"The Massachusetts men formed in line and wheeled into open column of sections 
and marched some distance at ouick time and then at double-quick, all the- while sur- 


rounded by tl mob— to the 'mil housa id — yelling 

and hooting. The military behaved admirably, and stil 
assailants. The mob now began tin. wing a perfecl 

vaiied by^ Random shots from jcevoh .... . - . 

the i'mmer -•■ quantity u" Rt >ues, oj ■. -, • pavii 

alao -••• unded set ;ral, When two of the s d been kiilcd. tl 

been eonveyed,to places of safety, the ti op last, • 

treatment they bad received, commenced n rnius t! fin singly, killing -•• 

wounding a large number of the rioters; but at no one ti tic I I 

a volley. The volunteers, after a protracted and severe struggle, at last - 

reaching the station, bearing with them b triumph many -of th 

courage and. heroic bearin-g of the troops spoke volumes fo 'Ma 

who, though marching under a fire of the cm I embarrassing descripl 

to overwhelming odds* nevertheless succeeded in accompli bins theii purp 

effected a passage through crowded streets a distance of over a mile and ;•• I 

not easily accomplished by so small a body of men when opposed to such t< - 

A member of one of the companies, after describing th • I est attack on lai ing from 
the cars, states: — 

"Jtexfc eaxne a salute of bullets, which whistled about cur ears like hail — m 
music more pleasant at a distance than close at one's ear. We did not fire even tl 
but waited until a second volley, which shot down two of Company D. Then Capf. 
Follansbee gave the order to fire on any cue that was in any wa) resisting • m : 
We did so, not promiscuously, however, but only on such as were- seen in the act of 
fifing on us, as we did not wish to injure innocent men, The itory.intl • . thai 
we fired on them by platoons is a fyb - '.:• ■■■■ trt,a*sis the one- that t! ' i red the 

first gun. Mayor Brown did shoot a man, however, under the following circum 
While walling beside Capt. Follansbee, he saw one of the mob strike down one 
men with a brickbat; as befell, the Mayor sprang, and taking the gun from :!■ 
of the fallen man, shot the scoundrel on' the spot. This was aftei several of the i 
had felt Massachusetts lead. They fired down on tts from the windows, hou 
from almost every direction. A "leader of tire mob told us we should not leav< ■ ■ 
alive. The fellow' soon after fell, pierced by several bullets, which caused m ny his 
comrades to leave with considerable haste." 

The scene of this terrific and murderous fight was on Pratt Street, a place ever 
infamous in history, unless the repentant tears of loyal Baltimoreans shal - i 
dan rung stain from its pavements. 

Many -of the brave men, who here met the myrmidons of oppression, were the de- 
scendants of patriots, whose blood was the first shed in the Revolutionary c i 
ever memorable of April, 1775. and now, on the anniversary of that glorious day, 
the sons of such "illustrious sires "were at the post of danger, and the firet to 
their blood and consecrate a still nobler cause. ■ 

All honor to tire glorious dead who here fell, the first martyrs to their c mtry's 
cause ; their names will be remembered and cherished as household words, while thei 
countryman will eulogize their memory in speech and in song. And you «*\vhi - 
live," and bear honorable marks and" scars, gained on that eventful day, will r 
o.bjects..of ceaseless interest, and, with yo-ur comrades who < --a: ; I'hurt, 1 ili 
regarded with grateful aifection In ail who admire, heroism and patriotic fidi iity. . 
manly bearing, your patient endurance, and forbearance in those trying '.- rurs, t 
the majesty of your New England character. Gallantly you peisevered ii the 
of duty, and bravely repulsed the foe, at d victoriously entered and saved thi ( ; , 
of your couptry. Proudly does Massachusetts point to the "Glorious Sixth," and 
gather fresh 1 tureis from new deeds achieved ou the 19th of April. 

But from the pleasing contemplations of such achievements we must turn an I foil 
the noble troops through still other dangers. 

Arriving at the Washington depot and placing themselves with th ■ i ■• : tit I y 
shared with them the concentrated vengeance of trait ors, who, m idden d 
< death in their ranks, had here gathered in full force. The scene her., as I i fore, i i - 
' indescribably fearful. 

Taunts, clothed in the most horrid language, were hurled at them by th< 
crowd, who, almost breathless with running, passed up to the car wind wa, tl 
the soldiers with knives and revolvers, and cursing op into their faces. The j alii 
thrown iu between the cars, and forming a barrier, the troops changed cars, many 
of ihem cocking their muskets as they stepped on the platform. 

After embarking, the assemblage expected to see the train move off, but its dep; 
was evidently delayed, in the vain hope that the crowd would disperse; but i ■, . : . 
swelled, and the troops expressed, to the officers of the road, their determination to go 
ar once, or they would leave the ears and make their v\ t) to- '■'•■ ashington. 

• increasing the excitement, a wild cry wis raised i ts the rl tf 
. d >wa the platform and out ti e i tilroad track tow ir J- ti • : 
k for a mile was black with m excited rushing mass. L'he 
c< I destructions oJ ■•■■ ry desi ption on the track. Great! 
e-quiri tg a dozen or moi c men to move them, were laid aci 
d from the embankment, 
"allowed after the crowd, in a full run, an i remov< I ■ 

thej were placed on th track. Various attempts wer« ■ 
i logs ci wood and pieces of timber, and there was a great ■- . : •/ 


e the d 


s was 


a a d 

nse cr 


l rat 


1 tel 



, pla 


Is, at 

id stoi 



I bo 

iy of 


ice i 



tions a 

st as 


r up 

the lr: 





fi :;...:•: s'aad handspike vbtit only o»< ' two could be fottnd Many of the 

ision ; but v.. crowd, | twin I • • i L mi 
dash off at a break-neel run for anothei • te county line wan 

Th« followed, running, until forced to st p fron i n. A1 ti. : 

I int, i Q,f •' • i do also gave h ti] I - ■• ■ exhaustion ; i j 

r| i - : ■! oi ;'-. nearly -a mile further, ni ■■ ■ I • 

obsti action upon them. They con i ol n > 

the track, where it inuJces a bend at the 'Washington road bridge, 
went out, the mass of people had almost returned to the depot. Shots i I ston • 
exchanged between th ■ military and citizens at several poii '■- n, in it 

run to V 1 ashington, was stopped at t\i<? Jackson Bridge, near Chinquepin Hill, by the 
removal of several rails. Disembarking, the rails wore relaid, under the protection of 
the troops. An >nal shot was fired at the troops from the hills and w©ods along 
the route, but the range was too long for an\ etl t. 

The news oi this fight was at once flashed over the telegraphic wires, ere iting a most ■ 
intense excitement throughout the country. In Massachusetts, especially, the feelin 
was not Only strong and deep-, but indignant towards the assailants, and sympathetic 
towards the victims, who had but?-, few hours b fi r< pone forth from pleasant home; 
and pe iceful pursuits to defend their country. The Executive of the State keenly felt 
the blow, and the Governor, who had just befon exchanged kind farewells with the 
regiment, immediately dispatched the following letter to the Mayor of Baltimore: — 

" To His Honor the Mayor '.; I pray you to cause the bodies of our Massaehu 
soldiers dead in Baltimore to be immediately laid out. preserved with ice, and tenderly 
sent forward by express to me. All expenses will be paid by this Commonwealth. 

John A. Andrew, 

Governor cf Massachusetts."- 

A correspondence: took place also between the G ivernor and Messrs. Gardner Bn vver 
&-'Co. of Boston, whieh reflects honor on the intelligent benevolence of that ftnij. 
They sent the following dispatch to their correspondents in Baltimore : — 

<• Messrs. Mills, Mayttew, %'Co., Baltimore; — 

'• Wp telegraph you it the request and in behalf of Governor Andrew of this State. 
Will yo.u co-operate with the Mayor of Baltimore in securing respectful treatment to 
the eorpsea of our dead soldiers, and their being carefully forwarded, packed in ice ? 
and i articularly do we wish you to secure the very best medical attendance and careful 
nursing, to our wounded, fte will be responsible to you for all expenses. Nurses can 
be sent from here if desired. , 

Gardner Brewer & Co." 

The heartfelt sympathy here expressed, consoled and relieved the public mind. All 
saw that proper measures to honor the dead and comfort the wounded would not be 

Arriving in Washington at 5 o'clock on the evening of the 10th, they were joyfully 
recciv d by the '.oval inhabitants, who viewed with great sa.tlsf action and relief their. 
]!-■■:>.■-■, asan immediate' attack from the rebelswas apprehended. Soon afterleaving 
the car--, th> r< ginient matched to the Capitol, and were qu -.rtered in the Sei te CI am- 
i er C : . B, ot Worcester, and Co. C, of Low h, occupied the floor of the Senate, and 
the rvthei corn panics were placed in the gv~H?'Tics and adj icent rooms, where tha trot ;■ 
enjoyed the il st night's sleep since leaving home. Besides a hurried journey of some 
fi v • h sndred miles, they hid, for the last three days and three night;;, been cheered or, 
©ar< ssed, and fi LRted by friends and patriots, as well as insult! d mobbed, and wounded 
by infamous rebels. Leaving their glorious dead behind, they had gallantly pressed 
on, giving no U ep to their eyes, nor slumber to their eyelids, until they were posted at 
the point ©f danger to give "their lives, if necessary, in the defence 'of the nation's 

Their orders were to hold the Capital, and they remained in the building, as a close 
garnson, one week not being allowed outside, except for special service. 

For several days, all communication with loyai States was cut off, so that reinforee- 
m« nts could not reach them, anrl, as the enemy was t; ought to be within a few miles 
of Washington, their position was somewhat critical. 

While stationed here, the troops were busily engaged in drilling, and other regular 
duties. They also built ovens, filled water-tanks, and stored 16,0 ! I ! irrels of flour and 
Otl ■ r provisions in the vaults of the Capitol, in pre] a ujois for a sl< ■. 

May 'i\ Gen. Butler vi-o r <ii arid addressed the regiment, and on the -5th they were 
also visited by the Hon. John A. Goodwin, of Lowell, and during their brief stay at 
Washington 'they Were the special objects of interest and respect, no I only from the 
poremTuent officials, hut the residents, who experienced in their presence that feeling 
of protection which true hi roism always inspires. 

Ma; 6, the urgent necessity for their eon tiuu wee in the city nc I nger exi I i 

or red back to t ■ h, | -, Elouse— another I r.gerous- post, fhey left in the 
afternoon, and bivouacked then on Elk Iiidg- Heights., 10 miles from Baltimore, 
regretting onlj that they could not goon ti that cityj ••aid fight their battles o'ei 
again," and avenge the death of theii comrades in arms. 

£11 the miiht of a cold rainstorm, the men (having no tents) constructed huts of 
bougi s and leaves, and ;a each one built after his own design, the camp presented, the 


-..;■«.* morning, tome rate specimens oft chitectuTe. 1 Itei 

I .y- d iyi ' s( inn. Nothing < ■ resl til May 12 

(eft for Baltim ire, at.5, p.m , in si ite of the threats of -.-: that the '•' • 6tt 

should not again enter that city. They reached the city in 1 

r-storm, and took possession of^edora) Elill, i I i I ■• used tfa 
intense darkness, ah m illy brilli i h ■ ■ i ■• ■ 

to astonish au angry Baltimore, tin I) -•;, were up, ai L to st . 

troops who ertood under arras all night in a drenching rain. May 14,1 . . 
lot of arms stored by the rebels ; the tents of the regiment arrived, and 
May 16, returned to the Relay House. May 24, flags placed at half-mas't, 1 
received the sad news of the death of Col. Ellsworth. May 25, while a train ;■ i 
bearing the body of Col. Ellsworth, the regiment was drawn up in line, •••' 
reversed, as a mark of respect. May 2&, colors were presented the regiment by gi 
men from New Jersey. 

June 5, at 10, p.m., received orders to be ready for an attack, as one v. 
headed from Baltimore, but the alarm proved falser June 13, ordered to B I 
protect the polls and maintain order during the election; took a posuion on Mt. 
and were joined by the l'3th X. Y, Regiment. The presence of this force, wit] 
Cook's Battery, held the lawless in check, who had declared that Uni 
should not vote. The double-quick movement of the troop3, and th« r grea 
seemed to overawe the traitors, and the next day they returned to the 1 
June 17, reviewed by Major Morse* and marched to the depot to welcome th i . 
1st Regiment as they passed to Washington. June 21, a banner was p. 
ladies of New York- Jane 20, ordered^ to Baltimore, and encamped at M . Cl re; 
afterwards encamped in a grove owned by a noted Secessionist. June 30, at 10 
o'clock, P.M., they were ordered to beready to ■fall- in to line it roll of t 
2 o'clock next morning, summoned, and Look up line o? march through the cit\ 
hatted at th-e residence of Charles Howard, President of the Board of Police i 
signers, and arre ;ted and took him to Fort McHenry. Next day. returned t i th 
House without accident. . As threats had been made to destroy the railr< 1 track, 
a part of the regiment were detailed to guard the tracks, 

July 4. Loyal citizens of Baltimore presented the regiment with a spl n id silk 
banner, bearing the inscription. — "Loyal citizens of Baltimore to the Sixth 
XL S. V. Pratt Street, Anvil 19, 1861;" 

July 29. After regimen-tad drill, Col. Jones stated that, as no order h. 1 ■ . - 
ceived to return home, the regiment might bo requested to remain a sh rt 
longer. 21s.t, they were informed thai the regiment would leave for home on the 
24th Inst. July 22. An alarm at 1 o'clock in the morning; ammunition was - 
out, and the regiment was formed in lane. A dispatch had been received from Gen. - 
Hanks, requiring them to be ready for instant action, news having been re • I 
that our forces were retreating from Manassas Junction. 

July 23. A strong Feeling to return home was manifested by a few, os the time 
of their enlistment had expired, but others felt that, in the threatening erne gency, 
their services should be continued. To settle the matter, the principal ofnc 
to Baltimore to consult with Gen. Banks, who immediately visited the regim 
addressed the soldiers, exhorting them to remain, and stating that they w< \ 
ngeri The regiment then voted to mvido. C< ; . 3 • 
ion, to those who wished to return home immedia , I 
mi.y twenty-one left. July 26th. ordered td pack . 
nt home the next day. 
amp at 8 o'clock in the morning, and started for Massacl 
3 at nine, and left at five, ?. 51,, for Philadelphia. Left that) 
t day, and arriving in New York that afternoon, left f» r fJ 
evening. At Philadelphia, New York